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Are you ready to bring the thunder with you wherever you go? Charge into Lightning Link Casino and claim your 10,000,000 virtual free coins today!

You must be 18+ to access this game. This game does not offer gambling or an opportunity to win real money or prizes. Practice or success at social gaming does not imply future success at gambling.

The creators of Heart of Vegas and Cashman Casino bring you a thundering new free social slots casino experience, straight to your phone. Begin your own slots adventure complete with exciting and challenging daily Missions, amazing Rewards, and an Upgradeable Lightning Bonus for free virtual coins every three hours!

Download Lightning Link Casino in a flash to begin your journey and jolt your phone with the thunderous thrill of Las Vegas-style slots!

A stunning new virtual slot-style game, Lightning Link Casino includes an assortment of fantastic new and classic virtual Aristocrat social casino-style slots for an electric free slots experience like no other:

- Watch the big wins erupt in Lightning Link: Tiki Fire
- Fall in love with the striking Lightning Link: Heart Throb
- Catch a ride with More Chilli and Whales of Cash in Cash Express: Gold Class
- Go back to the good old days with Buffalo Deluxe and Sun & Moon Deluxe
- Decipher the pyramid mysteries with the King of the Nile
- More world-class virtual Aristocrat slots added regularly

Are you ready to bring the thunder with you wherever you go? Charge into Lightning Link Casino and claim your 10,000,000 virtual free coins today!


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Lightning Link Casino Slots App Comments & Reviews

Lightning Link Casino Slots Positive Reviews

BeautifulExtremely well executed, and loaded with some of my favorite games. I will continue to play this one. The trouble exists in the psychology of asking the player to purchase more coins after he or she has lost considerable amounts in a relatively short period of time. I mean, in real life, if i were to put $100 into a buffalo machine, spin 40 times at $2.50 a spin and I have $36 remaining, i assume this is not my machine tonight, and I walk away. Big picture, no one can fault the developers efforts to generate a profit with small dollar transactions for play money in slot game... its genius. I am simply saying that I will never be in the mood to throw my actual money at a game that Is so darn adept at keeping consistent wins out of reach. Once again, of the 8 or 9 games like this that I’ve played, this one is my favorite. Product Madness games will not disappoint the slot machine fanatic whos counting the hours until they reopen the casinos. *Side note: I can only imagine the laughs you have in reading some of these scathing reviews, and then coming up with warm, empathetic responses. No reply required for this review ;-).Version: 5.5

Lousy payoutsFirst let me say, this is my favorite slots game. However! The payouts are horrible and the cost of coin packages is extremely high! The bonus coins are given every three hours and are so low that I can play for only a few minutes. I purchased $20 worth today and it lasted not even five minutes with minimum bets! I have written customer service twice about other issues and they have never responded. Very disappointing because I love these games! Customer service: you appear to read these reviews, but I have never had a reply to any of my emails. You really should improve your 3-hour bonuses. I waited three hours to only receive 150 credits. Not even enough to play. Very disappointed on these bonuses, when many other APPS give hourly bonuses and they are ten times the amount that you give. You obviously want us to spend money, instead of keeping happy players, who are on fixed income, or at the moment many of us have NO income. We can’t even play the daily mission games because the minimum bets are extremely high! Love the games, but disappointed in your game tactics!.Version: 6.4.4

Lightning casinoLove, love this game - my only negative comments are that the charms are confusing and haven’t seen any benefit to them but the diamonds are something else, Would be nice to be able to play for free diamonds either on a mission or side game. My only other comment is the missions don’t seem to change especially when starting a new season, hard to bet 18 times at $100k when you get maybe $75 K on a bonus ready. Could be a few lesser missions until you get to at least 10k and can start collecting bigger bonuses. I find myself not playing unless there is an achievable level the day before the season changes, I just collect the bonuses every 3 hours to have enough to start new season. Otherwise , greatest game I’ve played..Version: 8.2.0

DisappointedWhen I first found this slot app, I was really excited about it getting quite a few wins and good bonus ready coins from them; however, that all changed. I spent quite a bit of money buying coins after awhile.. like almost every day because I enjoyed the lightning games they offered. But after awhile .. especially now.. I rarely get good play on it AND the bonus ready coins you get after you wait! for a whole 3 hours! Is extremely chintzy! Not at all like in the beginning when I first was playing in here. I had been telling my friends about the app and how great it was, but not now. And do not bother saying that this is how it is at real casinos because I frequent casinos.. I have won more than I have lost and at least you get play on your $$. I hope it improves in here like it was in the beginning because I will no longer be referring friends to it nor making any more purchases unless it reverts back to how good it was when I first found this app. Rarely do the 6 coins come up now either. You can spend $10 in here and be lucky to get 1-2 times with the 6 coins!!!.Version: 4.4.1

RatingsI wrote a review and don’t see it posted. I complained about your payouts and how you rip people off and the response I received was trying to compare your sorry games to casinos that payout real money. How insulting for your tech team to think people are that crazy to compare your payouts to casinos when we are giving you real money verses the coins you give and take away. REALLY. Lightening Links is by far one of the biggest rip off slot games I’ve ever played and it’s good to see that others agree. I also see the big rig. If you rate 5 star your review get posted anything less it don’t so in order to post your sucky rating I’m giving you 5 stars in hopes that people will see the true ratings of your rip off games and the note I’m putting that state you are absolutely positively a 1 star. If I could give you less I would. Good luck to your sorry tech team figuring out another way to avoid your sucky ratings😜😜.Version: 7.12.1

Thank you to the developers 😁😁😁I love this game in the casino and at home. I play both, and can say they play exactly like the casino version. My only complaint is the coin packages are outrageous for a few coins. I like to play at home and would not mind paying but the packages are too high. This supports the app developer, and for a good app I don’t mind shelling out some money but the package offers stink. Other than that I love Aristocrat games, they are above all others for sure. For those who say the play is horrible, remember this mirrors the actual casino games, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, but overall I am happy I get to play my faves at home. So cool. It seems allot of people feel the same over coin packages, what happened to the daily deal? I think the developer should listen to the players, we want to play but who can afford it the way it is now. I have won jackpots in the casino and here and want to thank the developers, hats off!!.Version: 4.9

I love this game but way to expensiveI play this game a lot. More than I should considering how much money I have to spend on coins. 100 million goes so fast, it’s ridiculous. I use to be able to play for a long time on that amount of coins but not lately. It’s terrible. It makes me sad bc I really love it but I will have to delete the game bc it’s costing me a fortune just to enjoy play time for 20-30 minutes. To top it off, I just noticed on my 2 favorite games that the bonuses have been reduced. On twilight tundra and sunset aces the mini & minor bonus were 3 mil and 6 mil on a bet of 300 thousand. Now I noticed today it’s down to 2.4 mil for the mini and 4.5 mil for the minor. That’s a big difference when you barely get the bonuses anyway. I wish it was like it was before and you could have a decent amount of playtime. It cost as much as a real casino, at least I would get something in return from a real slot. Please fix this, I really don’t want to have to delete it🙏🏼.Version: 7.12.1

Great way to lose IRL money!!😁Do you like to play slot games? Like the adrenaline rush when you see bonuses, lights and sounds? Are you the type of person to fall for purchasing IGC(in game currency) with real money? Love watching the 20 bucks you just used to buy 10,000,000 coins turn into absolutely nothing? Then this game is for you!!😃 With this waste of space on your device you too can have as much fun as I did. Just watching all of the 20 MILLION coins(10mil of that being free) turn to dust really boosted the dopamine in me! I believe with all those coins including the others you get for blowing through that many, I got 4-6 bonuses on several “slots”. That sort of experience is rare, so if you really want to be like me. Don’t waste anymore time and download this app!!! GG to the developers for making this great game!🎰🤑💰💵💸💸💸💸.Version: 6.4.4

Great appI read all the other comments on here and I wish they’d tell me where they gamble IRL because they comment here like they never have losing streaks. These games are very similar to the actual casino ones. I have both winning and losing streaks at the casino and on this app. I do notice the lag in spins sometimes and it does seem to be losing spins when it does that. I also notice it wants an Internet connection between every spin (long lags before spin button highlights when have spotty cell service). So not sure if results are because of an algorithm or because it was what was communicated from app and server between spins. My only complaint is the coin offers. I bought like 20 million for under $5 and now all the offers are like 3 million for $10-15. I’d buy them every day if the offers where the same as the first one I bought..Version: 4.3

Rio offI’ve been a fan and supporter of this app by spending thousands of dollars playing for few years. It has many games that I loved playing at the real casinos. I’ve never liked that the max play button is so closed to the play button. When I’m playing on my phone, it doesn’t give me a lot of space for pushing the button. I had made mistakes in the past pressing max and losing $2,000,000 in one spin. Well, other day I had over $100,000,000 in my bank that I had just purchased. I must have press the max button and lost my $100,000,000 in ONE spin. They had changed the max to $200,000,000. Since I only had little over 100,000,000 in the bank, it just took that. I’m not blaming huge app 100% but I should have been warned about these updates. This is just for fun. Why do they need to make it so expensive to these games other than they want to Rip off consumers. I wrote to them and pretty much what I got was oops sorry..Version: 6.4.1

Used to be goodLet me say, when I first downloaded and played it over a year ago, it was great! Good challenges and good games. Didn’t feel like it was just taking my money and running like others. Yes I won and lost , ok mostly lost like any slot but now it’s become just annoying with too many “watch this video for coins” they pop up way too often, sometime one right after another and it’s gotten down right ridiculous. To make it worse they make you watch a 20 second video (which is a long time) for a lousy 100k of coins. Oh and if you’re not careful if you touch anywhere on the screen other than the tiny X when an annoying pop up happens, where of course your finger will never be, the video “for another slot game, surprise surprise” you’re stuck watching it again for 20 seconds! So I’ve since deleted this once great slot app completely annoyed with it..Version: 5.25.0

Player bewareThis is a fun game and can be somewhat time consuming. It is easy to hit a purchase button accidentally. There has been more than one occasion when I have canceled the purchase and been charged for the purchase and not receive the product. In order to prevent this from happening I turned off the payment method on my phone. Here again on more than one occasion even though a payment was canceled with no payment method in the phone, I was still charged when I added the payment method back and did not receive the product. Yes you can go to them and ask for a refund which is spotty at best. It is your word against theirs. I tracked down the corporate headquarters and sent a communication regarding these issues and have received no reply. So have fun with the game BUT make sure you watch those “accidental purchases” charges..Version: 6.5.1

My 3 star reasonOk, I just downloaded this app, because it has a lot of games I play at the real casino. Buffalo, Tiki Fire etc. started off with 10 mil (guess cause I’m a newbie) played my fav game Buffalo at 365k a spin. Not once did I get a bonus. Now I’ve played “Buffalo” on the real life machine, and I know it can be pretty difficult getting the 3 coin bonus, but not that difficult. You have to think at 10 mil, 365k a spin, that’s a lot of spins to not get a big hit once (yawn) yeah, another one of those rip off apps. Who plays on the emotions of people hoping they’ll dish out there hard earned money to play their fav (real life) machines. Not this guy tho. Makes no sense to give real money for fake money, never thought it did. So I’ll just do like all the other rip off apps I play. Wait till my free money come back around. That’s why I have more than one casino app 😉.Version: 5.25.0

This was a 5 star app, not now!I have been playing for over 2 years and have completely enjoyed the slots. Now as the last few weeks when it is time for bonus spins they are extremely low, then for the green points it does not show up! Well it is hard to get the green point for the constellations. When I need 40,000 or more to use them. The special balls are so rare now, I am lucky if I get one a day! Stop changing this app! It makes me want to find one I like better!!! Bonuses in games are very low and so far between it is hard to keep a million points! Especially when you have 200,000 to spin to get the blue points to level up! I never write reviews but here I am and it is not nice!.Version: 7.14.0

What happened to this game site??!!I have been playing on this game site for more then 5 years and I have to say “YOU CANT WIN ANYTHING ANYMORE!” Now you have all these random ad’s that pop up and they are long and take forever, it’s annoying! I’m assuming they are losing money because every is leaving ( including myself) before you use to win here and there and the bonuses? Oh my god don’t let me get started, just awful! When you buy in it doesn’t last more then an hour, why, because you spin 50 times before you can hit one and then when you do, it pays nothing! So if your thinking about downloading, don’t say I didn’t worn you! In a nice way :) NOT COMING BACK! Lost a customer boo :( and no stars ty.Version: 7.10.0

Fun but a money wasterThis game is definitely better than Cashman Casino. They give more opportunities to earn free coins which I like. However if you really want to play this game often you’ll be wasting your money. All of the popular link games are expensive to play meaning you have to bet 200,000 coins to even have a chance at the grand. Want some advice? Do NOT waste your money on this game.. just go to an actual casino. You will eventually lose all the coins you just bought. It’s how the developers earn money. They make it to where you lose your coins that you just bought just so you can buy more. I honestly win more at an actual casino than I do on any of these casino apps. Developers don’t even write me back it’s a waste of your time. Just make your game better!.Version: 6.11

Terrible gameLow payouts and very expensive coin packages!.Version: 7.11.1

New and fun to play niceI simply Love It.Version: 4.6.2

WowFun game. Completely got me addicted within 3 days. Goal was a billion, ended up getting lucky and getting up to 35 billion in 4 days. Deleted but great experience..Version: 8.5.2

So much funSo much fun playing for about 3 months now and haven’t spent any of my own cash.Version: 8.4.0

Great gamesEnjoy this game, best one I have ever played. The missions keep you playing.Version: 8.2.0

Great and funHard to level up tho but it’s still fun.Version: 7.20.1

GodGood ole game.Version: 7.18.2

Need better payoutsYou make money on advertising but can’t give a person better payouts once in a while.Version: 7.15.0

WinI love it when I’m winning but hate when I’m losing. I don’t like the tier system. Dumb..Version: 7.10.0

FrustratingI used to really like this game; now not so much. Every time you go to put your finger on to spin, it seems that an ad comes up because it asks you if you want to earn more coins by watching an ad just at the time you are going to spin. This is ridiculous and so very frustrating. And now the ads take forever to get out of. Unless this changes for the better I will no longer be using this ap..Version: 7.10.0

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