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SkySafari is a powerful planetarium that fits in your pocket, puts the universe at your fingertips, and is incredibly easy to use!

Simply hold your device to the sky and quickly locate planets, constellations, satellites, and millions of stars and deep sky objects. Use Augmented Reality (AR) mode to blend a simulated sky chart with a real view of your surroundings.

Packed with interactive information and rich graphics, discover why SkySafari 6 is your perfect stargazing companion under the night sky.

Here's what's new in version 6:

1) Complete support for iOS 13 and iPhone 11. We got you covered and release regular updates.

2) Clouds and Astronomy. Two words that rarely go together. Rewritten from the ground up, SkySafari 6 will (optionally) back up all your settings files and make it easily accessible to multiple devices as well as from our new web interface,

3) Say It. Ever just wanted to just yell at your device and tell it what to do!? SkySafari 6 adds basic voice control for a wide range of operations. Say “select Jupiter,” “search for Titan,” “center on Polaris” and SkySafari will do the work for you. Yelling optional. 

4) Redesigned toolbar with ability to hide

5) Configurable font sizes

6) Better control of magnitude limits

7) Improved databases

8) Better updating of Comets and Asteroids  (more recent data)

9) Better Moon display when zoomed out

If you haven't used SkySafari 6 before, here's what you can do with it:

• Hold your device up, and SkySafari will find stars, constellations, planets, and more! The star chart updates automatically with your real time movements for the ultimate stargazing experience.

• See an eclipse now, in the past or in the future! Simulate the night sky from anywhere on Earth many years in the past or in the future! Animate meteor showers, comet approaches, transits, conjunctions, and other celestial events with SkySafari’s Time Flow.

• Locate the Sun, Moon, or Mars from our extensive database and track the arrow to be directed to their exact locations in the sky before you. See spectacular views of Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, and other planets!

• Learn about the history, mythology, and science of the heavens! Browse from hundreds of object descriptions, astronomical photographs, and NASA spacecraft images in SkySafari. Explore tons of NASA Space Missions! Stay up-to-date with SkyWeek, for all major sky events every day – miss nothing!

• 120,000 stars; over 200 star clusters, nebulae, and galaxies; all major planets and moons, and dozens of asteroids, comets, and satellites including the International Space Station (ISS).

• Animated meteor showers with complete viewing information & spectacular graphics.

• Orbit Mode – Leave the Earth’s surface behind, and fly like a NASA space probe through the solar system. Requires in-app purchase.

• Night Vision – Preserves your eyesight after dark.

• Apple Maps Integration – Choose your location from a built-in Maps view.

• Horizon Panoramas – choose from beautiful built-in vistas, or customize your own!

• Much more!

Optional Features:

Cosmos Collection: In-app purchase allows you to travel to other planets and stars, visualize the 3-D location of deepsky objects in our galaxy, and listen to hours of audio guided tours of the heavens. The Cosmos Collection includes:

Orbit Mode
Lift off from the Earth and travel to the planets, moons and stars.

Guided Audio Tours
Listen to more than four hours of audio narration to learn the history, mythology, and science of the heavens.

Galaxy View
Visualize the 3-D location of stars and deep sky objects in our Galaxy the Milky Way.

“Yoor-a- nus”, not “Your-anus”? The pronunciation guide in SkySafari will help you learn how to correctly pronounce the names of hundreds of celestial objects from different categories such as stars, constellations and planets.

For even more features, and telescope control check out SkySafari 6 Plus and SkySafari 6 Pro!

SkySafari App Comments & Reviews

SkySafari Positive Reviews

AmazingThis APP is truly amazing. At 67 years old I have never really looked up until the pandemic has given me time to do so. I luckily just stumbled across this APP and instantly was amazed at how much is out there, how much I’ve missed all my life and how wonderful the cosmos is. I’ve found the APP simple to use. I live in town with too many city lights so I’ve focused only on stars and planets visible to the eye, the 20 brightest and found the basic information to be fascinating. The he APP tells the details such as size, distance, makeup, life span and how the object has been viewed in human history. The only flaw I experience each day is the compass. Very frequently I find the APP to be many degrees, sometimes even 180 off. Makes identifying objects difficult. I don’t know if that is due to my iPhones internal compass being off or if the APP has its own compass, but it does require recalibrating the compass by spinning it around in circles or sometimes shutting the phone down. It would be nice to know how to eliminate this issue. But, for the money, are you kidding, this APP is so amazing it’s truly incredible. Thank you to the developer!.Version: 6.8.0

Too much unclearLooks like a good app, and I was trying to decide whether to upgrade to Plus while the discount was available (or possibly even Pro)—but there are Help files that are unclear, graphic glitches with the Apollo addition, and the voice control (though I understand it’s in “progress”) doesn’t work even with the example commands listed. It’s less than clear what new features are available in the upgrade version, other than the free Apollo add-in—which I already purchased. So I don’t have enough reason (at least not enough clear reason) to upgrade, especially when I’m having trouble with features already available. I’ll definitely keep the app on my phone and use it. Perhaps it’s just me; but, regardless, if I’m already having trouble, there’s little point inviting more. All the basic features seem to work fine, and I’d still recommend the basic app for others—perhaps those who might have better luck (or even sufficient skill) to use it more effectively..Version: 6.5.0

OUTSTANDINGHi!!! I’m a kid (nine years of age) but I LOVE zodiacs and constellations! I’m a prodigy, (and I know I am because I can name the zodiacs frontwards and backwards) But sky safari helps me identify what constellations are in the night. I can see Virgo (my zodiac) Cancer Scorpio Taurus Gemini Capricorn Aquarius Pisces Leo and so much more!!! I rely on sky safari but there’s one little problem that needs to be fixed. So basically I turned on all the labels and it was a little bit laggy but when I went to turn it back off, it wouldn’t turn back off because the button just disappeared. Please fix this!!! I love sky safari but I can’t use it with all these labels! Kind regards, SkySafari user.Version: 6.8.4

All you need besides a telescopeThis App goes with me every time I take a telescope out (which is every clear night). Whether in your own backyard or out on excursion companion, especially when installed on a mobile device with a larger display, as long as you have the built-in GPS of your device (and assuming you have some sort of signal) you can literally swing your tablet/device around and get a map of the sky. Then you can program the GoTo of your telescope, slew to either Alt/Az coordinates or RA/Dec, or just swing a pair of binoculars. The dynamic clock feature, and several features whether built in or the optional subscriptions are good for short and long term planning. The Search with a representative image with "Locate" feature is a plus for determining if you can swing your telescope to a point before you decide to try. I believe premium versions of this App integrate with the desktop version. Maybe it would also import and export lists and logs. To make best use of this App, learn about the limits of your telescope and your night sky (light pollution) so that you can set magnitude (darkness) limits for stars and other objects in the Settings. Ok maybe you'll only have 10,000 objects that are visible, but it helps with screen clutter. I also set the Milky Way, horizon and Constellation features and the display becomes aesthetically pleasing..Version: 6.3.0

Sky Safari is the GOATThis app is so good that I keep my old sky atlas app around just for the sake of comparison. I use the two apps together as a tool to encourage others to upgrade. I tell them “Look here, I used to use this outdated app but now I cruise the skies with Sky Safari!” Once they see the difference, they are sold! If their Internet connection will bear it, they download this app on the spot. The feature suite and extras in Sky Safari are extraordinary! The display pops with vivid details and well layered information. This app is surely the Greatest Of All Time in its class..Version: 6.2.1

So much to do in the App, little overwhelming!Incredible App, I could spend days looking at everything, between what is in the App and all of the astronomy sites connected to it! So much to it/to learn that I do find it a little overwhelming (I began with another AR App before this one which may be attributing to why?)! Personally, for me I think pop ups of “how to” info and facts which could be shut off when you felt you could remember how to do everything would be great- it’s hard to remember or make sense of everything I read when I close out of the pages that tell you how to do everything. Great App 👏🏼 you can tell a lot of hard work went into creating it. Perfect for home astronomy.Version: 6.3.1

SkySafari vs SkySafari 5 ProI have both versions of the app and have been using SS5P for my scope/mount setup. All of a sudden my SS5P version stopped working with iOS 14.5 update. Now they require you to buy version 6 at full price with no update or upgrade option for version 5. Oddly the basic version of SS works just fine with the new iOS update. So it appears its possible to provide an update for SS5P even at a small fee, but the developer is getting greedy instead. SS6P provides no appreciable new features that I would use. This has left a bad taste in my mouth for this developer. Guess I’ll switch to other apps I have for viewing and imaging the night sky..Version: 6.8.4

Couldn’t be better!This app is amazing! I’ve been using Star Chart for the longest time, drooling to get my hands on this. Now it’s free! However, it might be a little difficult for first time stargazers because it can have a lot of distractions. I love the voice control, it really helps free up my hands. Forty dollars is a lot for an app, but I love this so much, I think Pro will definitely be worth it. I was surprised to find that it has little to no lag even with all of the items to display. It is a high quality app and I thank Simulation Curriculum..Version: 6.1.1

I can spend hours . . .What a app for astronomy buffs! Locate (within a reasonable proximity) that dot of light you see, find out what is known about it, follow its path, past or future, and get updates on upcoming astronomical events! I used it to observe the recent blue (accurately, Orange) super moon eclipse at totality just before dawn, knowing that since it calculates the viewing perspective from my exact location, I could get the eclipse right in the stage I wanted and know exactly where in the sky it was going to be. I like the music, too, but it can be turned off and on..Version: 6.0.4

Sky SafariIf you had a great observatory with a camera that could WiFi straight to your smartphone and you could use it to observe day or night. If you had an astronomy library that would allow you to choose a constellation, a star, a planet, or a deep sky object and learn and see what objects it contained. If you planned a star party and based on what you read in Sky and Telescope Magazine everyone would know where to look and what they were expected to find. You would have seen a little of what Sky Safari is.Version: 6.5.0

Not worth the money!Was excited at first to try it, but was a bit of a let down once I paid the initial $2.99. Keeps trying to get you to pay even more for stuff that I thought would be included in the price I initially paid. It also doesn’t move around as you do, like apps such as SkyView do! It’s also not easy to maneuver the map and is very limited to what you can see without paying EVEN more. The plus is that when you do finally get the map to focus on what you want, there is a good amount of info on there, but but nothing that isn’t already made available for free on Google..Version: 6.8.0

Sky Safari is an excellent resource for both the beginner and veteran stargazerFirst and foremost, this app is very user friendly, even for an extreme neophyte. This is an amazing app that shows your location under the celestial sphere and allows you to zoom in on any object of interest, from constellation to deep sky object, at will. You are also able to see objects of interest below the horizon in anticipation of later viewing. This app keeps track of the sky 24/7 at your location, even during the day, reminding you that the stars are still there even when the Sun is shining. This helps the beginner learn the celestial seasons with the reassurance that in six months this same invisible daytime sky will become the nighttime sky yet again. This app will send you notifications of selected sightings of predicted events such as ISS (Zarya) crossings..Version: 6.5.1

Great app..I’ve downloaded several different star/constellation/gazing apps and I appears that this one has my heart..! It is truly a great way to spend time with your family It’s the best star finder simply because it it has the most cosomo info, everything is user friendly and has the capability to make me appear as though I am a genius. I Just downloaded it today and I’m already navigating the constellations like ima StarBoy!!!.Version: 6.2.0

Bought pro 2 minutes laterShould have just bought pro. Did 2 minutes later and wasted $3 on this version. Bummer. excited for pro though. Make sure you compare the different versions because these is no path to upgrade. I use my phone a lot when doing public events with my astronomy club and the pro is a much better fit..Version: 6.7.2

Most amazing....EVER! Hands down.You could spend the rest of your life exploring with skysafari6 and never have to see the same object twice. Pure GENIUS! George Jetson didn’t have it this good! NOW you really CAN tell your telescope where to go. We absolutely love all the people and products at simulation curriculum,they are so nice and Very helpful folks. THIS is what cutting edge technology...looks like. S.T.E.M. Is the future,here’s a path forward. With great respect. Dean Janson.Version: 6.1.2

Astrophotography go to for camera set-up.This is my go to app to set-up my camera on a clock mechanism to do astrophotography. It helps me locate objects to photograph and to check my photos for nebulosity's. The only issue is with stars set visually to maximum magnitude 12 on the app the app only reaches out to 9.6 magnitude and photos taken with a 300mm telephoto on a CANON EOS60D "sees" well beyond that. It is still the best "search" app for photography!.Version: 6.7.2

Simply Wow!!Got a reference from an astronomy group when I accidentally spotted Mars and asked questions for it. Absolutely loved it from the day I installed it. The best part is there’s no annual subscription involved, makes sense as I am gonna use it that frequently. Just one addition that I would like to see is the visibility index, kinda recommendations that can say if a planet is visible to naked eye or needs a telescope..Version: 6.7.2

Best app in its classFantastic app! I’ve tried many and this is my favorite by far. You can even search for cosmic objects (stars, planets, etc.) and it will direct you to them with an arrow. This is the easiest to use star-gazing app I’ve found. An additional bonus is that it gives elaborate info on all the stars, comets, etc. my only criticism: You can’t turn off the sound..Version: 6.2.0

Superb!This terrific free app is designed with the serious amateur astronomer in mind. The app contains detailed star charts and a full catalog of all the celestial objects an amateur astronomer could hope to find, with detailed descriptions of these objects. I find the app to be very useful for finding deep sky objects as the charts are sufficiently detailed for star hopping. A nice touch is “tonight’s best”, which gives good ideas for objects to look for..Version: 6.2.1

VR is fantasticVR is Fantastic, its a bit hard to hold the ipad and put buttons to take the photo(s) while composing the photo but it is do-able. My subject had to stand up on a box and I had to sit very low to compose the photo but the results are truly amazing. Suggestion: put the ‘shutter button’ somewhere easy to push or use voice commands..Version: 6.3.0

Confusing Multiple AppsThe app does work, even though the user interface is a bit outdated. There’s a lot of info available, but it’s all cramped and cluttered. There are multiple apps from this developer with the same/similar name at varying costs. Since there are warnings to choose the app version carefully and after much confusion I just went with the NiteSky app and their $9.99 subscription for a year. Your warning caused me to go with your competitor..Version: 6.3.1

Sky SafariWe really enjoy this app. We have learned so much. It’s fascinating to look at the sky and identify the stars. We live in a rural area where the sky isn’t washed out by urban lights. We are going to invest in a more sophisticated telescope so that the experience of star gazing will be even better. It kind of scary though to know that the universe is so large..Version: 6.6.4

Best astronomy app everThe developer deserves 5 stars for developing such a great app and for listening to users! I'm impressed by the fact that the developer actually took time to reply and develop features that users want. I think that's what makes the app so fantastic! A huge thank you for making such a wonderful thing!.Version: 6.5.0

Great App - User friendlyI find ths very easy to use. And, if you want to change settings - you can add contellation drawings, etc. I really like the ease of rolling the date and time forward, and changing location, to see what sky will be like next month when I am on vacation somewhere else..Version: 6.6.4

Kilometers to milesThis is really an amazing app I really enjoy star gazing and this app helps me to do so but I was wondering if there’s a way to change from kilometers to miles for the distance of an object I have no idea how to read kilometers so having it changed to miles would really help. Thanks again for this amazing app!.Version: 6.2.0

Experienced userI have used SkySafari Pro for many years. I use it to control three telescopes I own. This SkySafari program is more basic and is excellent for people who are more casual observers and not using telescopes. It provides a very good sky map and a wealth of information..Version: 6.7.6

Where is IC 434 HorseheadOne of the better star charts out there but has a few quirks. Love the AR compass feature. Was using last night latest version for about 1.5 hours and the app locked up on my iPhone 8 about 10 times. Screen gets stretched and app gets completely locked up. Have to unload and reload each time. Looking for a better app. Also IC 434 is missing from Orion..Version: 6.3.1

I can feel myself getting smarterI’m in love with it. If you mess around with the settings you can make the experience both as scientific and as spiritual / healing as you want. In the right hands this is only a tool for good. Just get it..Version: 6.7.2

SkySafari AR is best Free Astronomy AppThere are still many issues with Skysafari Astronomy Apps, for example SkySafari Pro, SkySafari Plus and SkySafari AR (Free) all mix small Greek letters with small Latin letters to name stars, the small Latin Letters have long ago been abandoned by IAU (International Asttonomical Union) So there is identity conflict when comparing SkySafari AR to paper star atlas..Version: 6.2.0

La Superba!Most helpful in planning dawn and dusk Nightscape photography outings. Positioned the view to the eastern or western horizon and fast forwarded program to identify objects that will be rising or setting just before or just after the sun, at which times the light is optimal for Nightscape photography..Version: 6.6.4

Sky Safari ARI’m an amateur astronomer, using both telescopes and APPs. The Sky Safari AR is by far one of the best apps around to learn and gather more information about our Universe! Way to go what a great APP. My sincere appreciation for your outstanding job!.Version: 6.2.1

The compass is what I was looking forI just wanna know where to look for the most popular areas. You should include a section with astronomers favorites stars as suggestions for beginners.Version: 6.7.6

It works wellI had another app I used but with an Iphone update it quite working. I wish I would have found this years ago..Version: 6.1.2

🥇🥇best sky app ever🥇🥇WoW ⭐️💫🌟⚡️✨ ♥️ i tried lots of apps with a similar purpose but this is absolutely the best. Easy to use, highly informative, and beautiful graphics. Nothing compares 2 U. piece of art Thank you 🙏 so much.Version: 6.8.5

Amazing fantastic game for all ages and a good time toThis app is soooooooooo good it can show you all the constellations and all the planets and you can zoom in on all the different things I’m sure you will l❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ve this game.Version: 6.6.4

Great iPhone appThe perfect companion to ID the stars and planets. The iPad doesn’t have the same level of gps location so everything is off by 30 degrees or so it seems..Version: 6.1.2

Purchased cosmos collection but cannot accessGood so far in the past few hours since purchase, however not able to see how/ where cosmos collection can be accessed.Version: 6.3.0

Great AppIt has a lot of information. I was very pleased when I found out it actually had the Bubble Nebula(NGC 7635) because the other app I bought did not..Version: 6.1.2

Sky SafariExcellent! We need such programs to help us explore and understand the Cosmos’s. The Universe, constantly expanding, is our last domain. Man’s thirst for knowledge will never end in this quantum's of space. Cudo’s.....Version: 6.6.4

The Heavens just got Personal!!How wonderful it is to finally look up at the night sky and know the heavens and constellations by name... I can finally see the forest for the trees! What a Wonderful App!.Version: 6.8.2

Umm I don’t knowFirst of all, are you kidding with the cheesy zen music? ... that you can’t turn off? This app is bs to get you to spend $4 on the real app. Don’t waste your time. Too bad the original app doesn’t work anymore..Version: 6.1.2

Awesome program.Easy to use app, great for quick info..Version: 6.6.4

One little request!This app is so intuitive and clear. If I could have one wish fulfilled, it would be to give me the option to hide the permanent top bar with time and location. In night time lighting, that thing is so darn bright, and without it, the view would be so much more immersive. Besides, I know my location!.Version: 6.7.6

CompassHello there anyone knows why the compass doesn’t work it says can’t find true north or something it’s iPhone 11.Version: 6.8.0

3etangsGénial.Version: 6.7.2

Perfect fun old school , with idiot proof technology.Try it , its worth 3 bucks..Version: 6.7.2

Not bad but not goodThe app itself is pretty decent. Shows all of the deep sly and solar system objects pretty well. The issue is when using the app, it will randomly delete objects that you were once looking at and when you try to search it again it says it doesn’t exist. All-in-all 3 stars..Version: 6.7.2

WillMy dad made this app.Version: 6.7.0

Great for astrophotographyI use this app for my astrophtography setup with my Celestron AVX mount and the ASIAIR astrocomputer. This allows controlling my telescope mount remotely using the GoTo function. It works perfectly. I also use it to prepare my nights and choose my targets. Given the sky pollution and the large obstruction of the field of view in my backyard, this allows me to scroll to the bit of sky which is visible at a given point in time. I also use it when aligning my telescope. Since Celestron is asking to point the telescope at specific named stars, I can quickly search for them and use the locate function: it draws an arrow giving you the direction to orient your phone/tablet. Very convenient when you only know some major star names..Version: 6.3.1

Excellent!Très bonne application, facile d’utilisation et bien complète. La réalité augmentée est bien intéressante mais pas toujours facile à synchroniser. Mais les détails des éléments du ciel sont bien documentés..Version: 6.2.1

Family HobbyThis app works with or without a telescope. Find stars, constellations, planets and comets, etc. Accurate and precise. Informative and exploratory. Goes where we go and keeps us looking up..Version: 6.2.0

GorgeousSimply beautiful!.Version: 6.2.0

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