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It’s hard to stay centered on God & His Word. That’s why the free YouVersion Bible App gives you tools to seek God’s heart daily: listen to audio Bibles, create Prayers, study with Friends, explore 2,000+ Bible versions, and much more. Download now!

On over 400 million devices around the world, people are reading, listening to, watching, and sharing the free YouVersion Bible App. 2,000+ Bible versions, in 1,300+ languages. Thousands of Reading Plans in 65+ languages. Add your own Prayers, Verse Images, Highlights, Bookmarks, and public or private Notes.

Customize your Bible App experience. Access everything when connected, or download specific versions to use offline.

Explore the Bible with your closest friends. Share honest conversations about Scripture with a trusted community. Grow together and share what you discover.

* Use Prayer cards to keep track of your Prayers in the Bible App
* Easily organize Prayer lists
* Make your Prayers private or share with Friends
* Celebrate answered Prayer requests with your Bible App Friends

* Easily select from thousands of Bible versions, in 1,300+ languages
* Over 60 languages to choose from for your Bible App interface
* Choose from popular versions like the NIV, NASB, ESV, NKJV, NLT, KJV, The Message, and more.
* Offline Bibles: Read without network access (available for select versions)
* Listen to audio Bibles and enjoy skip, playback speed, and timer controls. (Audio Bibles available for select versions and are not downloadable.)

* Center your friendships around Scripture in the Bible App
* See a stream of Bible activity that shows what you and your Friends are noting, bookmarking, and highlighting
* Comment to ask questions and enjoy meaningful conversations in the app as you study God’s Word together

* Thousands of Plans: Devotionals and Plans that lead you through specific topics, portions of the Bible, or the entire Bible in a year (both Bible in One Year and One Year® Bible)
* Watch and share video clips from The Bible Project, the “JESUS” film, “The Lumo Project,” and more
* Search the Bible using keywords

* Themes let you select a color palette for your entire Bible App experience
* Verse Images turn Bible verses into shareable art
* Highlight with custom colors—just like a paper Bible
* Bookmark passages: Share, memorize, or keep track of your favorites
* Share verses with friends using social networks, email, or SMS/text
* Add Notes: Keep them private so only you can see them, or make them public to share with friends
* Cloud syncing: With a free YouVersion account, see all your Notes, Highlights, Bookmarks, and Reading Plans on any supported device
* Easy Reading: Adjust settings like fonts, spacing, and text size, and even read in Dark Mode

* Contact Support from inside the Bible App
* Join the @youversion community on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok & Pinterest
* Catch up on the latest at
* Access the Bible online at

Download the world’s #1 Bible App and enjoy the Bible experience loved by millions!

Bible App Comments & Reviews

Bible Positive Reviews

Perfect reason to spend more time with God!This easy to navigate app is perfect for fitting God into everything you do! From the ability to quickly reference scripture to delving into many awesome devotionals this app is the best thing on my iPhone. There are hundreds upon hundreds of daily devotionals on any subject you can think of as well as plans to help you read through and understand the entire Bible in whatever timeframes you want or need! There is a cool feature that allows you to set reminders to spend time each day in the Word and getting closer to the Lord. You can even use your creativity to design verse images for yourself and share with others. One of the best features is that there are plenty of devotionals that you can either enjoy reading or use the audio feature to listen in your bed or car or on a walk! Some of the devotionals were written by famous Christian musicians and some even involve some of their songs. One of my two favorite highlights of the Bible App are the Daily story and the verse of the day. It’s something I look forward to reading and listening to each morning or evening and it changes each day. You can also use the application as social media and have “friends” to study and share with and communicate with them through. I have shared this app with so many people and everyone has loved it. There’s no reason not to download it today and get into God’s presence right where you are right now! I absolutely Love it!.Version: 8.23.1

Gods willI’ve had the Bible app for some time now and no matter what I was going through whether I deleted contacts or other applications I never considered deleting this one . But that also doesn’t mean I would always have been on it , sometimes I would see it’s there and just would choose not to go on at that moment . Thinking about it now it makes me realize whether I went on or not God was always there and never left . Now I’m not comparing God to this simple app but it just showed me that even now today when our phones is most used more than before we are able to grow more spiritually everyday by reading his word . There’s so many small things that your able to do such as start plans , learn how to pray in a way that brings you closer to God , as well as before praying learn to take a moment and separate yourself from your troubles and worries before coming to God . You may probably already do all those things and more and that’s beautiful but for me who never learned how to even pray ,God helped me through it .I’m so thankful for God for such a beautiful way of showing me his way. I just felt so strongly wanting to encourage someone because I myself needed that as well , sometimes still do but because of who God is just know that Gods will is far more than one can imagine . So if your considering whether or not to install this app take a leap of faith or for those whose faith can move mountains make it move Far greater things than a mountain. God Bless You.Version: 8.25.1

Finding my Faith (again)I downloaded this app for my journey into my finding my faith. It’s been 17 years since I prayed or read a Bible. Once I was a well versed Christian lady who attended church twice every Sunday, on Wednesdays and every time there was something going on at the church. Personal tragedy struck and I stepped away from my faith and God. I stepped away from myself. Over the last year I have felt an empty part of me that was wanting. I didn’t know what I was wanting. Then, when I found that I couldn’t even give inspiration to others anymore I hit my knees and that’s when I knew what I was missing. I began looking to God again and talking to him. I came across this app and it has helped me so much! Aside from the Bible which I can read or have it read to me, the Bible studies are very insightful. I love that I can pick from an ever growing list of Bible studies. Anything from depression to marriage and everything in between. The daily inspections and notifications have touched me so many times. It seems like there is always something that comes into notifications right when I need it. Like a text from a friend that just saying “Hey! I am here.” Some things are right on time and exactly what I need at that moment. I love being able to take a verse that moves me and make a pic of it and save to my phone or share on FB. You can connect with friends and family and contacts that also use the app and you can participate in group Bible studies. I love this app!.Version: 8.20.1

It works when we work!Guide for spiritual growth and manifestation of love, our real purpose is in us and it will wake you up as you start tapping into your relationship with our creator. The truth will set you free but it can only be seen when you surrender and give in with all your heart. We are here to light up our spirits and not the flesh as it will die and your spirit belongs to your creator but it’s your choice to get to know the truth, your flesh is dying everyday. Each day you live is a chance to know our creator with all our heart, Pray and speak no matter how long it takes for the answer, he is for you not against you, he knows all your sins but he cares more for your heart and your peace but it’s your free will to desire that for yourself and you do that by feeding your soul the word of truth, it will set you free and you will see your life on a different lense. It took me 35 years to figure out the truth. When you wake up don’t be afraid, keep praying, keep seeking him and you will rest. He loves you, he is with all of us waiting for us to reach out, we only get what we understand and when we don’t understand we ask for wisdom to understand the things the flesh mind doesn’t but I know now that our spirit does! Keep reading the word till he speaks to you even when you don’t understand it. Your spirit will understand and only you can do that. No one can do it for us, it is our free will. Live for your spirit not for your sinful desires on this earth..Version: 8.23.1

The Best App available, period!The youversion bible app has been instrumental in my faith. And it’s so much more than Gods most holy and infallible Word.. its a teacher in the palm of my hand and is always with me. It grants me access to the tools and teachings I so desperately want and need to get through life. God bless the entire staff at YouVersion and every hand that has made this application as amazing as it is. There will always be something to be said for opening and holding the physical book of the Bible in your hands as you read and study its passages and the endless knowledge and wisdom within its pages.. but there’s also something to be said to have access to your Bible at all times in a digital form such as this application. I could go on and on.. it’s just that great of a gift that an app like this is available. The primary focus and goal of us as believers is to share Gods word and to teach and reach as many people as we possibly can with the message of the gospel and to let the world see Jesus through us. And we can’t do that without his word guiding us. This app has changed the world! Thank you Jesus for the people who created this app!! Please consider donating to YouVersion, because they do all of this for free, because that’s what they’ve been called to do. And any financial gain goes right back into app development to keep this going so that it can truly be taken to every corner of the world!! Jesus is King, God bless you and thank you guys!!.Version: 8.23.1

Really amazing and VERY helpfulThe convenience is simply amazing that you can just plug your phone and look up information at will. I really like how you can take notes and highlight what you read and it also keeps a log. I love the fact that I can select different versions of the Bible instantly. For some reason when your phone falls asleep and you open the Bible app again sometimes the app has to reload and loses your place. That iPad version allows me to take notes a little bit better than the iPhone version because it’s not very easy to switch back-and-forth from reading to creating notes on the iPhone version. I hope they address this in the future. I really love the reminder at a specific time each day for the word of the day. They have a new streak feature which counts the days each day you open up the Bible app which is great! However, if you miss one day it resets everything all the way back to day one. Somehow I wish they can use some support system that collects all of your days like you open the Bible and connected with God‘s word 360 times last year and only missed five days. I also like the social aspect of connecting with your friends and family as to what you were reading. However, there doesn’t seem to him much discussion from the social aspect, but maybe that’s me and my friends. Who is I totally recommend downloading this is in free app connecting with God each day. May the Lord bless you..Version: 8.0.8

This Bible App is GREAT!I was using another another Bible app, when my son saw me struggling one day during Church, and installed The YouVersion Bible for me. Wow! What a game changer for me!!! This app, and all the features it offers has been amazing to me! I have shared it and even installed it on many friends and family members' phones!!! It offers Bible versions of practically every kind, Bible reading & Bible study plans galore, Christian, Faith-building videos, Devotions of every kind, and even reminders and/or the ability to reset where you left off as your pick-up point, should you fall behind in your reading plan (kinda feels like forgiveness applied 😊)! I also greatly appreciate the fact that many of the Bible versions also have an audible component, which allows you to listen to it as well - especially in all of our busyness, if you don't have the time or ability to just sit and read, you can still get God's Word in you audibly ("Faith cometh by hearing...!" I also really LOVE the fact that in my Bible Reading plan, it not only tracks my progress, but I can control how much I read, and even come back to it, resuming where I left off. I LOVE THIS APP, AND THINK IT IS THE BEST, and have recommended it to a number of people already, as I recommend it to you!!! Try it! I don't believe you will be disappointed!!! AND, there is a Children's Version that my Grandkids just absolutely love, too!!! They go back to it time after time!!! Great job!!!.Version: 8.16.2

Pros/cons Only 1 complaint APP MAKERS READMy one and only major complaint is the streaks! When you long in every day you get a point for that day! Your streak points can get as high as you can go! 50, 300, or even 3000 as long as you've longed in for that many days! But the moment life happens and you can't long in for a day you lose all those points! It's very discouraging! I like the idea of a point system, but it should be replaced with a system where you get points for reading your verse of the day, more points for reading your lesson plan on time and then for completing it! Points for creating verse images, and points for creating a note etc... that would encourage users to do more within the app! If you want to do a streak then in addition to a point system allow users to go in and see stats if they choose to! A place that shows how many days in a row they've logged in, how many hours they've spent on the app. ETC... I love this app because I hate to read period, and when I start a lesson plan it doesn't feel overwhelming! The plans are laid out in a way that makes you want to come back for more! I love the notes feature, bookmarking, highlights, and the fact you can create images! I would like more options in the image creating part, where you can make different words a bigger font & different font within the same image! If these changes were made I would most definitely give 5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 7.7

Wonderful- can do several excellent things with one app!I use this app for church and small group. The scripture can be adjusted to fit any bible type. My small group reads out of NIV so it is helpful that my bible says the same thing as theirs. There is thousands of studies that you can choose from, many of them having helped me greatly, and a daily devotion from experienced pastors that know what they are talking about and know just the right things to say. It can show help you find bible verses using key words, and you can select an “emoji” and memory verses suited to help you overcome the emotion of the emoji you chose comes up. It allows you to highlight, bookmark, and note (etc) verses, and you can select a verse to put with a background and save to your camera roll and/or send to others via text. You can friend family or people you know and look at what they have highlighted, verse images they have made, and more, and comment on their creations. You can also do studies with them. It is a wonderful way to keep in touch while serving our Lord by studying his word and his good people’s wonderful Christian ideas. There are several things to do- these are just some of it- in one app, with no pre-app or in-app purchases. There should be a special place in heaven for the creators of this app, for it has helped me and thousands of others grow in spirit, faith, and happiness over the time period I have used it. Bless you all..Version: 8.24.3

AMAZING APPI NEVER write reviews for apps, however, this app is just too good for me not to write one. This app has brought me so close to God and the plans hit home. They literally change the way you see everything. With this app being in your life everyday, it definitely changes it for the good. There are all sorts of plans that you can choose from. It’s amazing how you can download a ton of different versions of Bibles too. It’s incredible how much you can learn in a matter of minutes. I recommend this to anyone that just wants to have a better relationship with God, it doesn’t matter how religious you are, it’s for everyone. As long as you are consistent, have an open heart and mind, your life will definitely change for the good because you are letting God into your life by having this app basically have all the information you need to do so. All the features like highlighting and creating images for bible verses just makes the app that much cooler. The streaks also really help with the motivation of at least analyzing the Bible verse of the day. I love how with the newest update you can have prayer requests. Oh and you can have things be played for you Incase you would like to multi task or just understand better with having it read to you. Another thing that I love is that you can add friends and do plans together which I have yet to do. I hope this review was helpful and motivated you to get the app. God bless 💕.Version: 8.15.1

It saved my lifeI was so broken, depressed and useless when I downloaded this app. Even though I had been saved when I was 13 and rededicated my life several times, I was lost. I was not reading God’s word, going to church or with other Christians. Satan had his way with me. He knew my weaknesses and I chased the desires of my flesh. As of today, 167 days in a row in this app, reading the daily devotionals, completed 39 plans, sharing prayer requests, and praying for others, God has changed me and renewed me like never before in my life. The miracles that I’ve witnessed in my own life and others have me in awe with God. My desires have changed completely. God did that, not me. I’m even starting to get persecuted verbally for sharing God’s word. Praise God. Thank you for this app. It will continue to be a part of my day, every day. I pray one person may read this and relate to where I was, and have no other choice like me, but to give it a try. It was either take a new step or eventually die a very slow, agonizing death. Take a step of faith and see what God does in your life. It didn’t happen over night for me, yet it happened a lot faster than I could imagine. God is abundant in grace and mercy. His love is beyond my imagination. It was never about me and what I thought I really deserved (Absolutely nothing but punishment), it’s about who God is, as my loving Father. God is right there waiting on you...fall into His arms. You can trust Him, I promise..Version: 8.25.1

Helped me in real life strugglesI was in doubt. I listened to the brilliant minds of our time who specialize in astrophysics, Biology, String Theory, Quantum Physics etc. How can so many smart people be wrong in saying that there is no God and science disproves religion. I was starting to believe the atheist agenda that is ever growing in these times. Then I hear Neil Deggrasse Tyson say admit that the best scientists admit just how ridiculously little ANY scientist understands about the universe as a whole. It’s true. With all of the advances in science there is still phenomenon that science cannot and will not explain. Just bc we understand Slightly more about space they think they can rule out how it was created and who took part in it? We can’t even see the edge of our universe with the most powerful modern telescope today. Yet, scientists claim they can rule out what is beyond what hasn’t been discovered. Sounds very foolish and very much an unscientifical way to arrive to that decision. How can you rule out something such as a God or creator with the virtually non-existent knowledge of how the universe(s) work and Literally NO Data on the Afterlife and how the soul interacts with it. Religious people are often seen as closed minded. I would like the science community to be more open- minded, analyze how little we actually know , and look at the number of times science has been and will continue to prove itself completely incorrect on so many theories. Thank You!.Version: 8.20.1

Best App on the App StoreThis app has changed my life. When I downloaded this app for my phone, I had faith that there was an Omniscient God. The only problem holding me back was that I did not have a personal relationship with Him. This YouVerse app changes that for God. I have been able to have the entire Bible, different versions of it, and plans to study it all on the palm of my hand. The Bible app is the first thing I open on my phone in the morning and the last thing I shut down at night. Without this app I think I would steal brim a struggle with finding and keeping a personal relationship with my God. I have told everyone I know that I highly recommend them to get this app. If you don’t have faith right now, that’s fine. Download this app if you want questions answered, are struggling with your faith, have little faith (even the size of a mustard seed), or are the most religious person ever. I highly recommend you to try to find it in your heart, because it is in there, to download this app and come closer to God. I wish you the best on your faith filled journey. To end this I just want to tell you one more thing, God loves you more than anyone else is even capable (Romas 8:38-39)and He is the only thing that can ever make you feel complete and recovery from whatever you are going through. Love and Prayer Always, Sophia 🥰🤩🥳.Version: 8.19.1

Great Collaborative capabilitiesThis is app has many features for studying the scripture by yourself, like verse searching, comparison, highlighting, and note-taking. There is even a screen that lets you see all the verses you have highlighted. Many plans are available from various organization and people to guide you through a series of readings pertaining to a certain topic, event, or arranged for a certain goal like reading through the whole Bible in a year. These plans can be very helpful when used by yourself, but I have found them to be as great when reading with a friend. When starting a plan, the app asks you if you would like to go through it with one or more of your in-app friends, and if you choose to invite someone, they receive a message asking them if they want to read the plan with you. Several plans include a free-response commenting section at the end of each day’s reading (which counts as part of the day’s reading for the purposes of completing the plan) which readers can use to share insights and thoughts on verses. You can copy-and-paste verses into the comments, and the app automatically includes quotation marks, a reference, and a link to the translation online when pasting the verse. The capability to read the same passages of scripture and share thoughts on it with one or more friends in an organized, accountable way is of my favorite features in the app..Version: 8.14.7

The Bible ApplicationI’m able to make goals for myself more efficient and effectively. I’m learning so much more from different aspects from different author’s perspectives to keep me on track with Christ Jesus. The Bible Application is so much more than just reading the Bible, helps me understand and give me all my answers needed to certain questions I have about everything I need to know. The Bible application helps me to keep myself together meeting my goals with Christ Jesus as well for my family, friends and myself. The Bible application is completely a blessing for me learning how to deal with difficulties in my life to resolving my every day issues and keeping myself together with Jesus for my family, friendships. How to be a testimonial for others leading them to Christ, too saving souls. The Bible application challenges me how to cope with sorrows too every day to day struggles keeping a sound mind and soul with Jesus! There’s so much to the Bible application for everyone who wants to have Jesus lead and guide themselves through life the way Jesus intended for all of us to live our lives in love for for each other. “ Love thy neighbor as you would love yourself,” I can go on and on about The Bible application, just know when you start your journey with Christ Jesus, your life will become more healthier from who you used to be. Your past is forgiven for you to start a life so wonderful with Christ Jesus. God bless you all so much! Thank you Jesus!.Version: 8.23.1

Brought me happiness and joyI am 12 and For a long time I have felt down in the dumps I have had some issues with my family other problems to I asked God to help I prayed to him every single day and nothing happened I can’t say I know why he didn’t help me but I just know that God is with me he will always be with me he will always help me and he knows everyone’s problems he knows what is best for people sometimes when God helps you he does it in a different way maybe not the The way that you wanted him to but I didn’t know that I did not know that then and I feel like a banded me and I hadn’t read the Bible in years but anyway I’m going to be a pastor Plus I’m only good at reading well I’m best at Reading📖 I think you should get this app plus there’s an Voice Play you can sit back and listen to the Bible I guess it just makes me feel good i’m definitely going to give this app a 5 Star because it has helped me a lot🙏🏻🙂 but there is one thing that I wan't the creators to fix when you use the voice play and you pause it in the middle if you exit out of the Tab and you get back on later it starts the whole thing over please fix that please read this creators plz plz plz🤝Ps if you don’t have a dog get one🐶 and if you want to why I am not putting commas and periods and stuff like that it is because my iPad won’t let me for some reason so don’t think I’m dumb🤐.Version: 8.23.1

The app is getting worse over the last several updatesI used to really love this app and gave it a 5 Star rating for years. Lately, the layout has become annoying and not user friendly at all. Sometimes the icon for my daily reading plan is on the home screen and sometimes it’s not. Sometimes it takes me to day one of the plan (super annoying for a year-long plan) & I have to scroll & scroll to get to today’s reading. There’s this big picture of a cell phone at the top of the screen that I can’t get rid of & that has been annoying me for months now. I prefer a more simplistic view. All I want to see on my screen is my record of how many days I’ve used the app in a row, how many weeks; the verse of the day; my current reading plan and that’s it. I don’t want to see some picture of a cell phone nor do I want to see some story (I feel like they’re trying to make it like FB with the annoying stories thing) & it’s just not necessary for a Bible reading app. This is supposed to be a simple tool & I want the ability to make it my simple tool again. If there’s people who like all that extra stuff, then make it optional for them & stop changing it all the time because it’s stressing me out and it is super annoying. We all have enough stress in our lives without an app increasing the stress level. If this pattern of getting worse continues, I will drop my rating down to 3 stars. Bring back the app I used to love a lot!.Version: 8.21.1

Great appOn the plus side, I like being able to highlight passages, save them and add notes, read different versions and do that side by side to compare translations. I like pretty much all the features and it has helped me gain a better understanding of the Bible simply by being able to read it. I’m on my second time through reading it. It’s extremely convenient being on my devices instead of having to carry an actual copy around. This way I can jump in any time of day and read a little more. I like being able to connect with other people through the app. I like how it keeps track of daily reading streaks. Sometimes that actually helps me remember to do daily reading when I don’t necessarily feel like it because don’t want to break my streak. The only thing that bugs me about the app is the way you phrase the question when you ask for a rating and review. “Do you love the Bible App?” I’m sure I’m getting into the weeds too much, but you have an app for THE BIBLE which is all about the source and definition of love. It’s about loving other people and loving God, not inanimate objects, not money, not animals and certainly not apps. I guess I just think it’s kind of stupid to have an app about the Bible and then ask if I “love” the app. Seems like the creator of the app didn’t connect all the dots or didn’t actually read the Bible. As apps go this is 1 minor thing compared to many great features, it just really bugs me for some reason..Version: 8.23.1

The Best Bible App to Read the Bible & Devotionals & PlansI cannot give enough good advice about having this app on your devices. I have already read the Bible in one year with a group and now I’m reading the entire Bible for the second time using another plan with another group and this one I hosted and invited people to. We are communicating along the way and taking this journey together and it’s amazing. In addition there are so many bible based reading plans that help support you through life’s ups and downs. There are daily reading sets which include videos from pastors which are completely incomparable to any other reading plan. I have downloaded many many bible apps over the years and by far this is the best and most rewarding. It has helped support my journey on being closer to God and learning more about Him. I’m sure it can do the same for you. It also has a personal prayer section with options to include updates and whether the prayer was answered. It’s an experience that is so amazing and fulfilling. Just think about it - I have hosted a Bible reading plan and invited family and friends to read the Bible some of which have never read the Bible before - imagine that? Talk about spreading the word of Christ!!!! Don’t waste anymore time. Let today be the day you take on a new beautiful life changing journey with this Bible App. By the way you can also select from multiple translations!.Version: 8.23.1

🙏🏽🙏🏽this brought me truth from all the liesI promise if you are hurting, and don’t know what to do and why. This will teach you how to gain your peace back, even battles . Because there are battles and blessings🤍🤍🔐🔑BE A SHEEP NOT A GOAT🐑Be soft as cotton and ask god to take all your pride away . Come to him with a broken heart ready to repent anything on your mind he chooses for you to repent for which is EVERYTHING THAT YOU HAVE DONE WRONG🤝🥲I believe in you he will save you and see you and watch over you because he dearly loves you but wants you to fear him and tremble In his presence and name. THE ONLY WAY TO UNLOCK TRUE BLESSING AND STAY IN IT IS. Stay in that denying flesh and fleeing from temptation it is within that god will see your true heart . But he also wants you to know he will forever forgive but not tempt him and use him to your own use. That is not love it is manipulative SO BE AWARE .‼️ EVIL STAY AWAY. Unless you are ready to really make a change and life style because In that he will send the Holy Spirit INSIDE OF YOU✍️✍️✅✅ stay blessed😌🙌🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🤞🏽💯💯🐑🐑🐑💍He is your first focus and then everything else is next REMEMBER THAT. Because you can not serve two gods. And this is the key to entering the narrow Gate of HEAVEN his celestial kingdom😭💯which we all truly crave for. And know that, that sin you did was not you but we are all wicked in heart from child birth because god put it there to TEST YOU. Don’t test him💯🤝🔐.Version: 8.23

Love this app!I have to open this app every day because it offers so much to help me with my Christian walk. If I don’t open it and read my plan, the Story, or anything else that catches my eye, I feel like I am “off my game” all day! So much to say... First, I would like to say that I LOVE the Story that You Version publishes every day that not only has a devotion to read, but has a man or woman of God to present a 2-3 minute message further explaining the verse of the day, giving you more insight into the Word. It also begins with a reminder to pause and get prepared to receive what God has to say to you each time you open the Story. Then it reminds you to pray at the end and gives you some links to add some things to pray for! Thank you, You Version for going the extra mile to help us all draw closer to our Creator and strengthen our relationship with Him! I look forward to the Story each day! It always seems to be what I need in my life! Also, there are so many devotional plans that cover just about any topic you might need to study. Additionally, there are many reading plans so that you can read through the gospels, the New Testament, the Old Testament, the whole Bible, and more! You can bookmark, highlight, or takes notes through the app. I still haven’t mentioned all the different options available in this app! It is my “go-to” app every day!.Version: 8.22.3

The Helping Hand of GodI love this app. I have recently gone through some very difficult things events in my life, and this app has given me the plans to get through these things. I struggle with depression and anxiety, so it is a challenge for me to get out of the slumps I have in life. This app not only made it easier to read the Bible, but easier to understand the important messages and words of God. I love that I can share these plans to take on with others. I have so many plans on my list! There’s one for anything and everything! The wisdom in them is so raw and true. As a Catholic, I have been raised that my relationship with Christ takes choosing Him every day. Choosing His word and love every day. This app makes it so much easier to do just that. I’m taking the teachings and utilizing them in my own life which is helping me grow close to God, make God the center of my relationships and life, and helping me through my every day pains and obstacles that life throws. Love this app, please get it and share with others for a life of happiness and inner peace with Our Father! The only thing that I would say it could improve upon is having more plans having to do with Mary or the saints. That would be a really cool aspect to add. (And side note: Yes, I’m Catholic and No, I don’t WORSHIP Mary or the saints nor do I think they’re God or as powerful as Him). Other than that, I love this app! God Bless!.Version: 8.10.1

Life changing and helpful!I love the Bible app and the many components it has to help me learn the word of God and share it with others. The design and layout has improved so much over the last two years! I love the videos that come with the scripture of the day and the story line we can click on to view the videos, the prayer , and the attached devotional. I love that you can add prayers , notes, comments, share bible plans with friends or read by yourself, earn badges to encourage you, and set reminders so you don’t miss the scripture of the day. I love the scripture of the day can now be a widget on your iPhone, I love that you can highlight scriptures and look at different translations, etc.., I also love that there is a search option so if you want to look up a word or parts of a scripture you can see all the scriptures related to your search, I love the new section for the videos , much easier to find now (set up is like the Instagram reels section which is helpful). My only suggestion is that there is an option to share the verse of the day story line (including the video) to outside sources like to Instagram or to your friends who may not have the app or may not be saved but could use that mini devotional. In other words, I wish there was a way to download that story we get with the scriptures of the day (video included) so we can share it easily with others..Version: 8.25.1

Must have app!I’ve never written a review but Ive finally decided to write one for this app and this app only. I’ve clicked on the “do you love this app” so many times and always hit the “remind me late” to review it. However, I heard something in my head say “you will do it today!” I’ve been using this app for years and it never occurred to me that so many people deserves to know just how great this app is. It truly helps me get through my day. Most of the time I feel as though the daily verses are speaking directly to me, and I ask “how does this app know what I’m going thru?” But it’s just the way it works. I believe God has a way to speak to all of us and I truly believe at times he speaks to me through this app, because this app contains his word. Some may call it crazy but I believe it to be true. It is a must have. I like to compare versions, take notes, and highlight verses for memory. I enjoy the plans and options available thru this app and feel that it is necessary when a person can not physically reach for their bible. I also enjoy the fact that when I’m tired and don’t feel like reading, it’s audio version is at your finger tips. This is an awesome app and each morning before I dare to look at anything on my phone I open this app for inspiration seeking the word of God. Thank you to all of those who made this app possible! God bless you all!.Version: 8.0.6

This app is amazing, convenient, and I LOVE it.This app is honestly amazing. I love the huge selection of bible plans that you can read, and I love that you are able to share your prayer requests with anyone you want that you may have not shared with before. It’s also a great way to pray for people you would have never prayed for. It’s just such a great way to come close to God, and to also share the word with all of your friends. The app has a daily bible verse, and you can also share any bible verse image you want to spread the word. You can also highlight things that you find while reading the Bible, and share that as well. There's also a space where you can take a note, like if you want to tell somebody about something you are going through and for them to pray for you, or to just explain to friends what a scripture means to you. This app is very convenient, and honestly there is nothing wrong with it. If you feel that the bible plan you are reading isn’t for you, you can easily leave it without notifying the host. You can too set up a reminder for a bible plan you are reading so that it will remind you to read it. This app is just such a great way to connect with God, especially in modern times where we can just pull out our phone and read a plan, share a verse image, and or see what the verse of the day is. I HIGHLY recommend it. :)).Version: 8.17.1

Love love LOVE this app!I don’t even know where to begin. This app is amazing. It keeps me going especially with this pandemic happening, because it is really hard right now to go out and buy devotionals and selected books without knowing a lot about them, say, if you tried to order one online. I love that you can find any type of devotion based on your previous devotions, or just based on how you are feeling. I also really like the daily verse and video and devotional excerpt. I really like making my own images for the daily verses, and the default pictures are breathtaking and I love how you can take your own pictures or use your own pictures, and the editing is really amazing. I love being able to friend people and keep up with what they are doing. And I like that you can get awards for different accomplishments on the app. And of course the most important thing of all- you can still read the Bible normally and highlight different scriptures. Love this app, it’s amazing. I don’t really like that sometimes the app will just shut off and kick me out and then I have to retry getting on the app again, but I don’t think that is that big of an issue. It’s probably just my phone itself. Would definitely recommend this app for those of you looking for an easy reading, watching, and listening experience that takes you through the Bible piece by piece..Version: 8.23.1

Love it!!!!!I believe a Bible is important. This app though has kept me in the word of God pretty much daily. The devotional a are awesome. If I could recommend the best one I’ve read so far it would be, “fast from wrong thinking”. The devotional is 40 days. Everyday I read it it’s exactly what I need to hear that day, Gods pretty awesome like that! I also read the daily verse and set a reminder. Also the devotional a you can invite people, family, church members or people your trying to win over to Christ! This app has helped better my walk and being in the word more! I love it! I would recommend it to anyone. Especially with people on their phones a lot we all as Christians should at least be able to read the verse of the day! Always makes me feel closer to The Lord when I’m in the word as he tells us we will be. I can’t say enough good about this app and how it’s kept me stay more dedicated to being in the word. Like I said I like and think it’s important to read from the Bible. I don’t think anything is bad about just using the app though. At church I turn my phone on airplane mode take notes, highlight the message and take notes on it and the app saves it. It’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!! I’d rate it 10 out of 5 if I could!!! I love it! You can download differed what ever version of the Bible you like to read from niv and king James to other ones. Those are just the two I read..Version: 8.23.1

In a word.... LIFE CHANGING!This Bible app has changed my life!! It's so convenient, my teenager uses it as well. We use the plans, highlights and audio features. Aside from reading daily, I find that I read it during waits, take notes, use the highlights, and share a lot of verses with others as well as send inspiring verses to my email and text to review again. GOD, - GOD'S WORD And the SPIRIT OF GOD, clearly has the power to literally change your life, the convenience of having it with you at all Times makes it that much sweeter . I love the Audio versions!! It has been like HEARING THE MESSAGES FROM THE MOUTH OF KING JESUS - OR the APOSTLE PAUL, ... I Prayed for this.. Thank you LORD... THe WORD OF GOD SPEAKs! Thanks so much for your commitment to promoting the GOSPEL .. GOD BLESS you all! One of my prayers was for strength to manage how we use technology. The constant texting and using the phone. While I don't use social media- having a phone with access to the Internet requires discipline and prayer to ensure that the enemy doesn't rob / steal valuable time from your life. This app is a Great solution - instead of surfing the Internet - it's so convenient to just review a verse and meditate on it or review notes etc.. Having the bible app on my phone has been one of the ways I've used in facilitating an awareness of GOD's holy presence. Home run for the Kingdom!! Thank you, thank you! Zina Stevenson.Version: 8.0

GratefulI'm so thankful for this app. I can literally open "my Bible" and read it anytime, anywhere. I love the fact that I have a variety of translations at my disposal. It's very useful to have the word of God at your fingertips at any moment as this is our sword. Given the culture of our world, everything is on the go and everybody's in a rush, but with this app you can pause for just a second and read the verse of the day or do a quick 3 day plan on your Uber or Lyft ride to work or a party (pre-COVID-19 of course), or on lunch or a break (instead of going on IG, Twitter, FB, etc.). We make time for what's important to us and this app makes it easier to make time for God. Definitely one of my favorite apps. No slight to the other Bible apps but this is my fave. I like the design of it and I like that I can connect with other like-minded individuals and see what they are reading and the goals they accomplish. It's a social media network in itself. I love the VOTD (verse of the day) and the daily stories with a quick little devotion. The search function is amazing. I can search one word and it brings up every verse with that word in it. Definitely makes for an easy studying tool to look for verses pertaining a certain subject. Absolutely recommend this app for anyone who would want to experience any of what I just mentioned while learning who God is and what's available for us in him..Version: 8.20.1

Faithful father I’m gratefulGod surpasses us although he may be amongst us, he is outside of time, he sees all we do and observes us he is just towards reasoning and is reasonable towards his reasoning. His son Jesus was there with him since the beginning and he sent Jesus as an ultimate sacrifice so that he could pass the throne down towards Jesus and Jesus could save us so that we may be his people and have the chance to live amongst him. I tell you not do not be a fool don’t pass an opportunity to accept this faithful gift that we may inherit his kingdom but accept it so that you shall enter. To do so all you must do is believe Jesus was sent by the father(God), and that you are in guilt of committing sin everyone is, I am in guilt of it as well, but also you must to accept him as who he says he is. He is Jesus the one whom died upon the cross, and rised on the 3rd day, The one whom gave his life so that we may have a gift of salvation to inherit his kingdom. The one who lived a non-sinful life. You must accept your a sinner and ask for forgiveness and repent for he is waiting for you to receive his gift that you may abide his kingdom. Our father who art, in heaven hallowed be by name. The kingdom come as it will be done on earth as it is done in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread, as we forgive those who trespass against us. Lead us not to temptation but deliver us from evil. For thy is the kingdom forever and ever, Amen..Version: 8.24.3

Changed my LifeThis app helped me grow in my walk because it made the Bible relatable and truly enjoyable. The various plans allowed me to read and understand what my spirit thirsted for at different points in my life. I have been a daily user of this app for over 10 years. What I have enjoyed the most is the ability to take specific readings in the Bible that I may have had questions about and read notes from other people around the world. It is literally like having a Bible study with people from everywhere. To see how others interpreted a verse or specific reading. Your walk is always personal; but sometimes there are certain subjects you just wonder another point of view and it’s amazing how reading others thoughts can minister to you. This app has brought me closer to God, more than any Church I’ve attended. I am still supportive of Church and being surrounded by others who share your faith, but having used this app for so many years, I learnt my walk with God never stops because I can’t make it to church (the building) so when the pandemic hit, and we were isolated, I never felt like my walk had changed. I knew that the church was always Gods people. NOT a building! Where there are people who read and minister and worship and honor, there is Gods church! If I could only hove 1 app. This is the app I would choose..Version: 8.23.1

Most used app- more than social media 😱I have physical bibles everywhere, but until the Bible app, I never felt like I could connect or find what I needed. This app has made the Bible more accessible and engaging than ever. I can pick bible plans based on my mood or current struggle or goal. The passages I find now never fail to calm me down when I’m feeling stressed. I love that I have so many bible versions at my fingertips and can flip back and forth between them. The NIV version can even be read aloud to you when you don’t have the energy to read whole chapters. My new fave is definitely the prayer feature where I can jot down prayers, how I’m feeling, and can keep track of testimonies when the prayer is answered! The only thing keeping me from giving it 5 stars is I do not like that the app tries to force you to connect with community and add friends to join you. I personally prefer for my Bible and prayer time as quiet, personal time. It’s the one place I shouldn’t have to try to impress others, but the developers are trying to make it into another social media platform. PLEASE allow us to turn off the community feature and friends suggestions, for those who don’t want them. They are really persistent with the the white dot to make sure you see what your community posts. I just want the Bible feature, and we should be able to remove the sections we don’t want to see. Anyways, yep! Pretty great app!.Version: 8.21.3

Praise GODPraise GOD for the miracle and blessing and privelege to have His Wors available to us in many languages, different translations, and right here in our electronic devices that we can take and share everywhere! All Glory to GOD! If you do not have the Bible app, I beg you please to download it, and ask God to open your eyes and heart, ask Him to give you wisdom, and if you haven’t yet recieved Jesus Christ as Your Lord and Savior, please know, HE loves you, He took your place on the Cross and died for you that you may inherit communion(intimate relationship) with God our Heavenly Father, and He prepared a home for His people in Heaven, for all eternity. This world, our lives, all of it will soon come to pass. The only thing that will matter on that day is if we truly knew Jesus, and we put our trust in Him. What a crucial yet amazing time we live in, where we have access to all the resources we need. Please, trust your life into the hands of the Only one who can truly save. The One who didn't just die, but ROSE from the grave, claiming power over death and the grave. And the most beautiful and crazy thing, He’d go through it all over again, if it meant just saving you! JESUS loves you brothers and sisters, we who know Him, lets stop living as our hope is in this world, but lets start living as ambassadors and representatives of Christ! The salt and light of the Earth! GOD bless you.Version: 8.16.2

The great recovery!Well I must say this is a great form of the Bible! It presents a verse everyday just in case I open it just to “check it off my list!” The verses are presented as if someone’s reading my mind and feeding me what is needed! I’m stating recovery and Bible hand in hand because I am recovering from a Traumatic Brain Injury... my brain needs to be busy with something useful to strengthen my mind! The Bible is a great “exercise” for the brain to successfully overcome damage, build new knowledge, followed by presenting it through the gift of wisdom! I was advised to read a verse (Mark 11:24)from the Bible by the app and then asked shortly after asked if I wanted to rate the app... I thought it would just simply ask for some stars (which it earned all 5/5) but it asked me to write something! I chose to write the truth about what I was given by this Bible in an app which is accessible just about anywhere any time! This also checks my ability to read and comprehend what was written! On top of that, it checked my ability of presenting my opinion! It maybe not as inspiring as can be but truth isn’t within my opinion but within “yours!” So overall I say “GIVE IT A CHANCE!” One more thing that makes it a valuable app in my life is I can highlight verses that I enjoy to read right now so I can revisit them to see what they reveal to me later! THANK YOU GOD for this awesome gift!.Version: 8.1

BEST BIBLE APP!3 years ago I was looking for a good bible app to use while at my church’s mens group study. Before being led back into church, I was an agnostic person. But glory be to God for pursuing me and never giving up. I opened my life to Jesus those 3 years ago. The challenging parts came afterwards. I honestly didn’t know how to read a bible or knew much about it. Brothers and Sisters would quote and refer to scripture in versus and chapters that were unknown to me in how to find them. At the time I was using a different app that didn’t have the verses numbered and well, you could imagine how difficult it was to keep up in a group without it. But thanks to the help of a brother in class who pointed me to YouVersion’s App because it was so much easier to understand and has SO MANY OPTIONS! It has may different translations of choice available. It offers daily devotionals with pictures. Audio version which has been a blessing for those days I’m driving. It now even has videos and short clips to better understand the Bible if you’re a visual person with all sorts of challenges to help commit you into reading more than you’d be normally used to. All in all, it is a beautiful app and I thank God for the people (my brothers and sisters in Christ) who have made this app possible. Give it a download and open it up. He will use this tool to change your life!.Version: 7.6

JesusIf you are reading this right now lm just letting you know that Jesus loves you. He died on the cross for not only your sins, but for our sins. He loves you so much that he sacrificed himself to get whipped, stabbed, beat up, and had to carry his cross up the hill and get nailed to it. That was a very sad day, but he rose again. Anyways, I would like to say this is the perfect app to have on the go. She l forget my Holy Bible I use this app. For instance, you are going on vacation. You forgot your Bible, just use this app it is just the same but on a phone! What I usually do is do the stories. It helps me come closer to God. I am only 11 years old. God has done a lot in my life. I get bullied at school, but God helps me get through it. Why I got bullied is because I went against girls that have been on pageants there whole life’s! Of corse it was my first one, and l actually turned out to win! Then the girl who got jealous of me started rumors about me saying that I shouldn’t of won that she should of. I did not let that stop me though I kept fighting and trying because Jesus was with me the whole time. I just want all of you to know that you are loved even if you don’t believe. He still loves you, even the people that beat him and hurt him. He still loves you very much! And J hope you love him too. I hope y’all have a great day and make sure to download this wonderful app! -Nicole.Version: 8.25.1

The Bible App is awesome!Loving all this app has to offer! The different translations is only the beginning. You can keep notes, bookmarks, hi-light areas and cross reference. Reading the Bible has never been so easy! Looking for others to share biblical interests has never been so easy! If you have questions about the Bible, this app will certainly have several resources at your fingertips once you start learning the many different aspects the app has to offer! And it is all very easy! You can have Bible verses sent to you daily through text and many other benefits through texting options. You have the option to go to the web for study notes from scholars around the world with the translations. You can join unlimited study groups with friends or just by yourself! The boundaries seem bottomless in ways you can grow close in your relationship with Our Heavenly Father! I also feel that while using this app my relationship will be nurtured with Jesus Christ and feel I will be learning to feel the inspiration of the Holy Spirit which can be nurtured as well with all it has to offer. I really enjoy the study notes from scholars and feel very enlightened by the information they lay out as well as all the sources they reference for one for information on their resources. Definitely enjoying the Bible App! I think you should try it too!.Version: 8.23.1

Great appI am 11 years old and I love this app so much I love how the Apple when you’re sleeping the app is still playing for you and right now I’m at my sister I was just about to make her because I have a listen to the Bible but she has not been doing that so she’s well I don’t have an excuse doesn’t matter how young how old you are and you should never be Young or to o old to worship and have a relationship with God just yesterday I was doing everything that you needed to do I felt like I didn’t have a connection so I was just so sad I couldn’t even smile When I was watching some Christian TikTok’s or listening to worship music what is this a sad I don’t even feel until that night I ended up sining And cursing and just in this morning it was about 6 AM in the morning cuzI wasn’t asleep my family on Waze that worship music when you go to sleep so I got a look into nothing so I got up I took my snacksOpening them up and eating them and Like I said at night Play worship music so when the worship music finishes some other worship music comes on or à payer and it was a prayer that came on I didn’t even want to hear that but then for some reason a part of it was in French by the way I couldn’t understand that much but a part of the payer that he said just hit like really hit me! And kind of you can say but that’s my relationship with god and Jesus!.Version: 8.26.2

The only book you need to read!This app is fantastic. Been using for years. I am a purist for printed Bibles but love to use this as an amazing addition to my Bible study and more. The verse of the day feature ensures I always get into scripture each day and has helped me immensely with my memorizing of verses. I also LOVE the audio feature. I have gained SO MUCH by reading along in my paper printed Bible while listening to the audio simultaneously. It is also awesome for road trips—nothing beats driving while hearing God’s word and having the ability to learn the most important truths about this journey we call life, about God’s incredible creation we call our universe, about the real nature of our existence, and about the greatest gift any of us will ever be offered, salvation by grace through faith in our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, from the only source of ABSOLUTE TRUTH, The Holy Bible—aka God’s Word. This app has amazing photo features too so you can make pretty advanced and beautiful image art with God’s word and different verses that speak to your heart! Between the different translations and language options as well as the seemingly infinite bible study plans, sermons etc. this is definitely my favorite app in the app store and on my phone. Thank you to the team who makes this app and all the amazing elements within it possible. God bless you all and keep spreading the Love!.Version: 8.25.1

All Version/TranslationsI love this app for the simple fact that it holds other Bible translations for the student of the Word to Study and it is all FREE! Praise the name of The Lord for this blessing. It has a notification that will allow you to receive daily scriptures to read. So if you are new to the Bible and always feel you do not “Know where to start” then this is a great guide. This app also has amazing reading plans to help with a range of topics of life. The only reason I did not give it 5 Stars is simply for allll the bells and whistles this app provides (again ALL for free) you would think it would have a better “search function” when attempting to find scripture. They have this magnifying glass icon to tap to “search” but that is only if you know the actual Scripture , i.e. typing Romans 8:28, but lets say you may have heard it before and want to look it up BECAUSE you want to know what Chapter and Verse it is, i.e. “I remember something like ‘He will work together the good for those who love Him’ and want to search for where I find those words or combination of words” I have to go to GOOGLE for that. Which has me going in and out of this app. Install a “Google” like search engine on this app and you’ll have 5 stars from me. Update 3/21 : They have now added a Search Engine, but I still find Google gives me exactly what I am looking for.Version: 8.23.1

Forever gratefulAlthough I know it was by the Grace of God working through the Holy Spirit and Godly people. This app was a significant part of why my marriage still stands. Why I’m still here and my family is still together. Through it and His word it opened my eyes to the love of God again. I still don’t remember why I downloaded the “day by Day with Billy Graham” devotional or when. I know I had a couple time where I’d kind of feel convicted to deal with many of the sins in my life but would quickly suppress them and rarely respond. But when It all hit the fan and I hit bottom, all seemed lost. I prayed and opened this app again. I seen the devotional that was in my plans and opened it. Selected catch me up and I just melted, broke down and cried. Nearly every day from the point forward over a matter of weeks, it was exactly what I needed to hear and it continued tearing down the hardened walls that had been built over the years. I’m forever grateful for God Grace and this app. Saving what seemed unsavable and healing my marriage and me. It provided me clarity to see my sins for what they were, yet gave me hope and comfort that I was not too far gone and He’s been there all along waiting. God is so good and I’m so thankful He has used such tools to touch us exactly when we need it. Blessings to you all for listening to His calling and developing this app. 🙏🏼❤️.Version: 8.20.1

Love this app!! been using for 4 years and still love it :)The Bible app is one of my favorite resources. i know i always have a Bible on me no matter where i am! it is a little bit like a social media account, which i have a love hate relationship with. i can connect with people in my church and see what they are reading and which verses stood out to them, but the like/love options and the commenting capability make it seem like a Bible-centered facebook app. even so, that doesnt make it all bad. the prayer option is great, although i have seen it misused. you can post a prayer to your profile and invite others to view it. this provides a community of prayer that is purely amazing! however, when posting a prayer to your profile where almost anyone can see it, please PLEASE do not use names. using a persons name (both first and/or last) can “throw” them “under the bus”. i saw a prayer once where someone was asking me to pray for a friend who was stuck in sin. this person gave me all of their friend’s personal information. DON’T do that. i don’t need to know exactly who it is to be able to pray for them. in the end, this is a great app to have handy. age appropriate for any, as they have kids options and bible plans. i would recommend parental guidance for younger kids, but there is really no real trouble they can get into on the app. hope this helps!.Version: 8.23

Believing In the path that god has planned for meMe and my wife have had a very tough time this week we have been at the hospital because she’s pregnant and we found out some information about our baby that was not very good and we honestly didn’t know how to react to it but I told my wife to have faith and believe and to start praying more and we sat in bed praying and I was crying so much because of the information we found out about our baby and I didn’t believe for one minute because I know god has our baby in his hands when I was praying I could barley breathe because I was trying so hard to cry out to god and tell him to take control of our situation and it’s was so amazing because we had our baby the next day and everything has just been amazing because when you believe in god and trust him you have this feeling in your body that you can never explain to anyone because it’s so amazing to feel the love that god has given us what I’m really trying to say is that my thoughts and my vision of life are so different because of the god above and I just wanted to share this because this app really helps me out when I’m going through a hard time and makes me remember whats really important in life because honestly whenever you leave this earth the only thing that matters is how much you love you have for god.Version: 8.8.4

Awesome ResourceWhen a scripture popped in my head July 24th, 2019, I looked it up on the Bible app and found out it was Matthew 5:16. Let your light shine before men so the may see your good works and glorify your Father in heaven. 30 days later my dad had just come home with hospice care. I got him settled in around midnight and went home exhausted thinking maybe I could sleep in. Nope...the Lord woke me up early and put the same scripture in my mind...this time with an image from the Bible app with a little c for copyright which I didn’t notice at the time. God had started giving me ideas for tee shirts in June and I was writing them down but not doing anything with them. I felt like the Lord was saying, “I’ve been giving you ideas and you haven’t done anything, start with this one. I later realized after we started making the shirts that the image was copyrighted and asked for prayer. I thankfully discovered that it’s okay to use the images that the Bible app provides. The ones that have a persons name underneath them, you’ll need to ask permission. I say all this to encourage others to make tee shirts or other items with those designs to encourage holy boldness and be a resource to hurting people as they feel led to talk with you and you can plant seeds and encourage others in the faith. Let your light shine before others y’all!!! All the glory be to God...not men!.Version: 8.23.1

Update- parents bewareUpdate- I used to love this app. So much that i allowed my teen daughter to download it. And then youversion added the feature of commenting and discussing bible plans. The issue with teens is they tend to accept friend requests from anyone who’s friends with their friends. And so on and so forth until you have 20-30 teens all friends with the same person that they’ve never met. So we now have had an issue with a random stranger contacting my daughter through comments on the Bible reading plan looking for her contact info. She didn’t even add him to the Bible plan. Someone else did! This is grossly concerning for parents! There are a million little pockets in this app where comments and conversations can occur. So your going to have to really be monitoring heavy to catch them all. I really wish you version would update and delete the conversation features on this app. I love this app! I especially enjoy the reading plans and search option. My only complaint is that I wish it had a dictionary option where I could highlight a word and find the definition. Also there are way to many steps involved to save a verse under notes. I just want to highlight and save a verse which spoke to me for future reference. I live that I can download different versions to use when I am offline also! Great app!.Version: 8.9

Easy to read and navigate!I’m using English version of this app even though that the English language is my second language. I have been reading my Russian Bible during my entire life, but this English version of the Bible is easy to use and read! It’s easy to select Bible’s book from multi-translations; easy to find many plans and finished them sometimes in one sitting. These plans were so powerful that I felt that God was talking to me. I learned English version of the God’s words, and I felt to be empowered spiritually! The only small thing that I found there is that a barely small amount of plans were just theories. I finished 31 plans in 1.5 months and cancelled for about 3-5 plans. It seams that thier authors had no spiritual experiences. When I was reading those plans and the authors’s advices I got upset for some future readers who might follow these suggestions but it will be just wasting their time because those advices will not work. I know this. I have my 49-years experience as a christian and I was a member of an underground church in another country for decades when we faced severe persecution as a Christian believers during many years. I hope that some serious topics in this app will be reviewed in a serious manner and those plans will not mislead readers or disappointed them.I love this app and will recommend it to others!.Version: 8.23

The new prayer tab is indispensable additionI love the Bible app. I can annotate, create image& notes and share too . I keep all my church notes prayers, thoughts and reflections in my notes. The variety topic plans are incredible. I completed ‘the Bible in one yr 2019 by Nicky Gumbel’. and It was daily spiritual food. I really encourage everyone not to miss this plan. The Bible app is improving since I know it and the new addition of prayer tab is quite Indispensable. Often times we pray & pray and we forgot what we prayed about and we don’t thank God when answered because we have no record of it. Now I am praying on verses which touched my heart and save it. I can follow up and track it and give thanks to God. One thing I ask the developers is to make parallel reading of the Bible possible with the plans so that we don’t have to go and forth to check the verses and the plan notes. Other option is to use hyperlink of verses mentioned in the plan. Also in the devotions, the order should be first the verses then the devotional notes. Thank you and God bless everyone who are working behind this incredible app. I thank God about the people who made it possible to get this treasure resource free of charge. My prayer is for all the peoples of the world to have the word of God to their reach in their preferred languages. I am happy to see the new Amharic bible audio. God bless..Version: 8.21.1

Great app. Lots of versions and Bible plans to help youThis is a super app. I have it on my phone and read it when I am commuting to work or even when I am sitting waiting for something. I’ve always got the Bible with me. I also really like all the Bible plans. They help me a lot and I understand the Bible much better. I also get help on lots of topics like anxiety or depression or addiction. The readings and the plans to help me walk through these topics have helped me better understand my issues and how God sees me and wants to help me. Also you can put the Bible on audible and just listen to it being read maybe if you are driving or if you are out for a walk. I love that function. I also like that I can check out all different versions of the Bible just in one simple app. Reading the Bible with this app has changed my life. I really feel much closer to God. I always heard if you spent more time reading the Bible that God would reveal himself more and more to you. I guess I never really did that until recently when I have been using this app. It really is true. The more time you spend reading the Bible and chatting with God the better your relationship with Him becomes. This app really helps you build that relationship. I advise you give it a try for at least 3 weeks. Read a little bit every day and use a plan..Version: 8.16.2

It’s the BibleHaving the Bible app is a very great thing to have, especially for a young kid like me. Having the Bible app is very useful, you see I’m a sinner just like everyone else. With having the Bible app I can read the Bible almost everywhere I go. Like many other people we carry our Phones around a LOT, I can relate to this because I’m kinda young and addicted to technology. In the past few weeks I have been scrolling on TikTok a lot. One year ago I saw a Christian video describing what the rapture would be like. I knew I was not prepared for that at all, but what I had known was God would always listen to me even when I don’t think he is. So I did the only thing that came to mind ; I prayed. Next thing you know I got in the car and my for you age on TikTok was filled with Christianity nonstop. Telling me I can get closer to God by reading the Bible and I would see a bunch of videos saying the Bible app was free! (I wasn’t that surprised I mean it’s the Bible the best book in the whole wide world) I’m now ready to get on fire for God. What I mean by that is like spreading gospel to my friends there two friends in particular that are actually willing to do Bible study’s with me and everytime I do one I feel a lot better about myself. All I’m saying is that the Bible app is really useful and thank you for creating it. 5 stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 8.23.1

ThankfulMy daughter was carrying guilt and fear this am due to hitting the side of my garage while pulling out. She came in crying so hard and all I could do was put my arms around her and explain it was a accident. To please know that I maybe frustrated but I have always told her she can tell me anything and nothing could ever make me love her any less. I said everything happens for a reason. She got in bed with me and I was reading a devotion and it was exactly what she needed to hear from God. It was the verse that God wants us to give him our burdens and he will give rest to the weary. He loves and cares for us. He is always working behind the scenes on our behalf. When I read it to her I said now that was the reason I believe it happened. It caused us to read the word of God together and I so needed to hear that as well. I said I know if I truly released my worries to him. This load I carry would it be weighing me down. It is a process but like me he loves us so much that nothing could change that, I am so thankful for our time together this am that I I got to hold and comfort her and and for us to hear that God wants to do the same. She is 17 now so of course it is hard to even get quality time together, but I got my wish, Thank you God for every little and big things you do to help me know you more and spend quality time with you, Joelle.Version: 8.23

You BibleNice options of version easy to follow.Version: 7.6

DailyI have been using the Bible App daily for almost a year and am so thankful for this tool for my daily reading and study. The convenience makes it easy to be in the Word everyday..Version: 8.7.2

God’s word is life!I’m so grateful for this app that have made it possible for us to enjoy the word of God with all of its different versions on our electronic devices. Because the word of God is life! We cannot love by bread alone, WE NEED THE WORD OF GOD TO SURVIVE THIS LIFE AND ENJOY THE LIFE TO COME!.Version: 8.23

Love this appGreat way to start my day 💕💕💕.Version: 8.17.2

The bestI like it, it make it easy to understand.Version: 7.6

Amazing AppI love the Bible app. It helps me keep my reading habits and have my devotionals with me all the time and wherever I go..Version: 8.17.1

Tebose5 stars.Version: 8.23.1

I love bibleI love bible.Version: 8.16.1

Hoping writing this makes it work again!Enjoy this app, but the notification asking me to rate it has frozen it up unless I'm in airplane mode! Hoping this fixes that! Also, plan data doesn't always sync first try..Version: 7.6

ExcelenteExcelente.Version: 8.23.1

ConvenientSimple Convenient..Version: 8.23.1

MmmSo sad I need Internet to read it.Version: 8.23.1

It’s goodTrust me.Version: 8.23.1

Pweedy_youngthingVery good and easy to use❤️.Version: 8.17.1

Well doneI like how easily I can highlight and share scriptures, but, I have one problem with this app. There are too many reading plans done by false teachers such as Joyce Meyer, somebody do something about that!.Version: 8.22.3

Michael DangerThis app is the best, it is my most used app. If you spend too much time in the app, God will equip you for great things. I have read the bible cover-to-cover five times on this app. I enjoy listening and following along. I am always in bible plans with friends. We keep each other accountable reading the bible daily. Is it working? My streak is 778 today..Version: 8.14.8

Amazing appI love it, have been a great blessings to my life ;) thank you.Version: 8.26.3

Amazing!!So good and easy to use.Version: 8.26.3

An essential app on my phone. I’m a huge fan of the daily verse feature!I love it so much and make sure to always read a verse every night.Version: 8.26.3

Love itGame changer for my life! I about Love this app and have shared it with friends and family... highly recommended it!.Version: 8.26.3

Good appSo helpful when I need the word of god at hand. I have years of devotionals covering every aspect of life..Version: 8.26.3

Great appGreat app.Version: 8.26.3

Excellent!Many available versions. Really enjoy the reading plans as well. Excellent app..Version: 8.26.3

Awesome appThis has been an amazing addition resource for furthering my bible reading and understanding. Fast and easy to use..Version: 8.26.2

The best appNo question about the best app in the world, it is the bible.Version: 8.26.3

Sis HuntingtonI love this bible app♥️ inspirational and fulfilling each day.Version: 8.26.3

Amazing Bible AppThis Bible App is amazing. It helps you Connect with God everyday. I love the devotionals and really recommend this app..Version: 8.26.3

Very Helpful!Every morning, I get notifications of verse of the day. There are so many versions and languages in the app. When I am Bored, there are notifications that makes me want to read. You can change fonts, white or black theme, and word sizes. You can watch videos of people like pastors explaining the word of God. You can also send videos of yourself. It helps me learn a lot of things about God. I recommend this app for reading the bible..Version: 8.26.3

Daily verse is really goodIt’s great to see how it can impact your day whenever you are feeling down or up..Version: 8.26.3

BibleThis bible app is awesome ❤️I love it.Version: 8.26.3

Bible plansTheir Bible plans are absolutely amazing.Version: 8.26.3

AmazingThis app is wonderful..Version: 8.26.3

One of the Best Apps out there today!Thank you for deliver such an in depth & true version of Gods word! The Lord has given me so much strength through this app & I am beyond thankful for it! Thank you & God Bless!.Version: 8.26.3

I love this appThis app is such a good resource for a Christian walk, I enjoy the devotionals they offer!.Version: 8.26.3

Love itI love having access to the lords word no matter where I am..Version: 8.26.3

Bible appsBest app ever I use it every day.Version: 8.26.3

Bible appEncourages my day first thing every morning. The Bible App has exactly the right scripture to hit the mark of what I am going through at those certain times. I actually look forward to the new verses I have yet to receive, plus, I often end up doing more studying after receiving scripture and info from the App. A true Blessing from God above..Version: 8.26.3

AmazingThe Word is alive and this app has allowed me to go deeper in my faith. Very interactive app..Version: 8.26.3

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What do you think Bible ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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