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Bird gives you access to shared electric scooters and personal electric vehicles in 100+ locations worldwide. Whether you’re headed to work, class, or just need a breath of fresh air, Bird gets you to your destination with ease. No traffic, no pollution—just you, the open road, and a sustainable way to travel around the neighborhood. Be free. Enjoy the ride.

Use the Bird app to ride with our partners: Brum, Wolf, YoYoWay, Scroll, Skootel, Sherpa, EVIKES, Glow, and Lava.


Download the app, load up your account, and get ready to fly. You can also pay with your Bird app at local businesses in select locations.

• Create your account
• Find and scan a vehicle’s QR code
• Fly responsibly
• Park with care
• Keep the public right-of-way clear
• End your ride


Bird works with cities, universities, and partners across the globe to provide a sustainable transportation option that complements existing transit systems and reduces our reliance on cars. Powered by electricity, our fleet of personal electric scooters and vehicles helps reduce pollution and traffic, making cities more livable for everyone.


• Avoid riding on sidewalks, unless local law requires or permits.
• Wear a helmet when you ride.
• Park clear of walkways, driveways, and access ramps.
• Visit to learn the rules of the road.


Make money in your spare time by keeping our electric scooters and vehicles charged and ready to ride. Become a Bird Flyer at


Bird is currently available in 100+ cities and universities worldwide. Find Birds near you at

Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride App Comments & Reviews

Bird - Be Free, Enjoy the Ride Positive Reviews

Never A Bird When You Need OneBird is fine when you find one that works. I walk to work in DC from 17th and R NW in to L and 15th NW. this is a fairly major route for people walk to work in the AM, and home in the PM. There are never any Bird’s along this route, because of it being a major walking commuter route to downtown. And when there is a random Bird along that route, it is either out of juice or off-lime due to damage. I am sure it is a never ending struggle to keep repositioning Birds around a city. That said, it would be nice if there were more of them on 17th between U Street NW and Mass Ave NW at the other end for the morning commute. And those that are there are working / have juice to be operable. I keep looking at other people riding Birds and wonder to myself, where the hell did the fund theirs? And where did they find one that works. In closing, full disclosure: I did just rented one at about 7:45 pm, with no problem. Had a nice ride. However that is the exception in my experience, and not the norm..Version: 4.3.0

Community service.Bird does more than rent customers scooters out, they help people out. Offer discount program for commuters. Customers service is over the standard reputable, they respond as fast as they can and that’s not an hour or so. It’s under 30 mins or less. Average for me it’s 3-7 minute they respond with concern, check to make sure I’m ok, offer what they can do for me. Beyond corporation metaphor image, they take humanity actions. They help out. Scooters always get maintained, spite of sour lime, I have almost gotten run over by cars and bus few times, almost crash into wall because lime is behind with maintenance. I am proud of their company spread across the world. But maintenance here in America....I don’t know. I never had problem with bird. I wonder why I love birds now? Sign up with bird. You won’t regret it. Make sure you got something in your pocket and they will provide you excellent service you need..Version: 4.42.0

Great pricing, even when you mess upSo first off, I’ve had around 20 rides and loved all but one (the scooter was damaged but you can report things like that easily in the app). It’s FAST, FUN, and so convenient! Best of all? The price. Phenomenally low costs, I joy-rode around a park with my mother one day for over an hour, and we each paid less than $9. That system was put to the test today when I took an emergency Bird and made it to my meeting just in time—naturally, I forgot to lock it and presumably left the meter running so to speak. I realized this an hour later and checked the app ready to be disappointed, but it recognized that 40 of the minutes it had been unlocked were spent immobile and I was only charged for the time I actually used it. Incredible system!! It’s how things should be, but how they so rarely are; keep it up Bird, and don’t mind the bad press, you are loved..Version: 4.5.1

A Bird Charger’s ReviewThis is a fun side gig, and I love riding the scooters. The app is fast on iOS 12 and it seems like this has really good potential! However: People are straight up stealing them. Just 2 days ago I saw a delivery kid with a U-lock on the bird he was using. People are hoarding them on private property and using them like personal scooters, which makes collecting them to charge really hard or almost impossible. Or, maybe they’re hoarding them to wait until they lose battery to get a higher price for charging them? Either way....I think you all should figure out a way to combat this. Maybe do what the grocery stores do and lock the wheels outside a certain radius or after a certain time. OR maybe impose fines for keeping a bird past a certain time once unlocked, or make the alarms a lot louder. This would make things a lot easier for you and us!.Version: 4.5.4

A few issues but a great experienceSo I’ve used bird a few times before around different cities and they recently moved to my city. Due to the convenience amid the scooters I decided to ride them here as well. A few rides went perfectly! My advice grab a fully charged scooter if you are going far I did have a scooter turn off miles from my home, the scooter than started up (charging me the 3$ payment to start) and took me a few blocks. From there I managed to find another scooter but as I went to unlock it my phone died(the ride did start but for some reason I couldn’t use the scooter). Once I returned home i realized the meter was still running, I called technical support and they refunded all of the rides I had difficulty with I will continue to use their service and advocate them!.Version: 4.138.0

SuggestionAs someone who rides around sometimes with a charger for this company, I suggest you guys implement fines for bad parking. I live in Atlanta and there are a bunch of scooters parked inside parking garages and in residential buildings. It becomes a nightmare to go around looking for birds when they are at someone’s apartment or inside a building because she doesn’t trespass so she wastes time and gas driving around to find herself looking at a building and contemplating why do people park inside. Add fee for bad parking, make people park in the streets. In that way, you don’t take the chance of losing the scooter, easier for chargers to pick it up and have it ready in the morning 100% charged and also report more damaged scooters so the customers don’t pay for damaged scooters. As a customer that I am, I’m very happy with Bird!!!.Version: 4.5.4

The Time Has ComeI see a lot of people are actually reviewing the service and not just the app. So, I will do the same. The app itself, is fine. I have no issues with it. It finds the scooters, unlocks or locks them.. payment can be a CC or Apple Pay, which is a big plus for me. The scooters are great. They are better than the Santa Monica or LA bikes. Cheaper and you don’t have to find a frigging docking station to leave them at. In Venice. / Santa Monica, the scooters go where I go. And find them where I am. The only criticism I might offer, is that that folks who are being paid to charge them ( you can make $5.00 per battery) leave the units active In their garage or even in their car. So using the app, I find myself standing in front of a locked garage or at Someone’s van with 3 or 4 scooters inside. I.Version: 1.7.10

Hated itThis app will let you put any card information on ring or right instead of it determining that’s not correct try again like how Uber detects it lets you just enter whatever then it doesn’t even give you the option to delete the information you have to contact customer service who has me waiting for longer then 10 minutes all the while I’m standing in the sun pregnant then it’s 10 scooters in the red zone and one all the way down to the block not in the red zone like that’s so irritating to find a scooter you can actually ride then the free ride never showed up what a waste of 30 minutes in the baking sun I deleted the app I’m over it what a horrible experience NEVER AGAIN..Version: 4.42.0

WARNING: Cutting wires!First off this concept is amazing and I love their service. The problem is with the people who don’t. I just came across a whole flock of birds with the wire cut, leaving them useless. I have also gotten on a Bird with a cut wire and didn’t realize it and when I tried to ride it, well, it didn’t work. (And I was charged) this is more of a warning I guess to anyone who is out looking for one: if you see a cut wire, don’t use it! Also if it’s near the end of the day and you see a flock of them together on the app with 100% charge, best to steer clear. I don’t know what the company can do (protected wires? Idk) so like I said this is more of a warning. Other then that I love this service so much, it’s so much fun..Version: 3.0.1

Great Idea, surprisingly great executionHonestly, I thought these scooters were a silly idea. I didn’t think there was any way they would catch on. Now, I’m convinced that they’re a step towards the future of transportation. The scooters are surprisingly sturdy, well built, reliable, and quick. The app is great to deal with, despite a few tiny bumps in the road (pun intended). The customer service is top notch, and has been more than considerate, professional, and helpful. Considering this company and this product are quite young, I have great faith that Bird will continue to improve and grow. 5 stars for sure, would totally recommend for quick, cheap, convenient transportation as well as just for a fun time..Version: 4.41.0

Best for tourists and joyridersThis whole idea will work better for tourists, not commuters. This is because the scooters are most easily found by sight, due to their concentration in high foot traffic areas. Just unlock the one in front of you and you’re GTG. But don’t bother using the map to find an isolated one in a low-traffic area, because it isn’t likely to actually be there where it’s accessible, and low on juice if it is. You’ll end up walking more than if you’d just done that in the first place. There’s an option to take photos at the end of the ride to facilitate finding it, but I have yet to see such a photo or a “see photo” button when I’m trying to find it..Version: 3.3.0

A little glitchyI’ve been both a charger and a mechanic and both sides of the app have issues that seem to go away and then re-appear. 1. Starting the app initially always goes well, but occasionally the toggle to switch to charger/mechanic mode either does not appear or takes several seconds or a couple minutes to show up. This occurs on both my and my girlfriends phones. 2. On the charger side, Bird seems to waffle between wanting to use damaged-bird nests and not using them. This seems to change back and forth depending on (possibly) who did the update and what version they chose to build off of. This is easy! What will you do when you have a hard issue to resolve? 3. Also on the charger side, the option to mark a bird as damaged is currently not available (See last two sentences of item 2 above). 4. All of these issues have been reported to the charger help desk, but the info seems to go NOWHERE! Here is a typical example of the the response you get when asking a question - “Charge and release as normal” If the question were this simple, there would be no reason to send the question and no use for a “help desk”. Bird might be a great company someday. Right now, they have a tremendous amount of work to do..Version: 4.15.0

Amazing....but #TallpeopleproblemsI love riding birds through the city. It ads another level of excitement to any date. Unfortunately I am 6’6” 250lbs and the Bird Scooter, much like everything else in life was not mass produced for giant people. The handle bars are uncomfortably short forcing me to either ride in a half squat position or awkwardly leaning down and hunching my shoulders over. Also, my top speed is a good 1/2 of what my normal sized girlfriend gets. So what ends up happening is a nice Saturday morning ride on the BeltLine ends up looking like a girl speeding away from me while am yelling at her from an ever increasing distance to slow down while hunched down like I’m trying desperately to reduce drag..Version: 4.54.0

Great ConceptMy review is 4 and not 5 stars for a few reasons. First one being the new “balance” feature; I think paying for individual rides is more practical than having to add $10, $20, or $50 onto the account when my average ride costs less than three dollars. I wish there was an option to still pay for single rides one at a time. Second, the fact that the scooter unlocks and starts charging me money, yet doesn’t want to “connect” to my device, so therefore the scooter doesn’t start. But is somehow still unlocked.. I’ve had to call at least 5 times for refunds due to these errors. Props to customer service though, they’re always helpful. Overall I love riding these scooters but there could be a few minor improvements..Version: 4.14.1

Charger life is toughThere’s lots of competition and my mind is kind of blown by the amount of cheating and hoarding. The only thing that surprises me more is that bird doesn’t really seem to do anything about it. I forgot to scan one of my Birds and immediately got put on a 4 day suspension where I could not charge, so I’m not sure how these cheaters pull off 10 or 12 birds in a garage for a week. Bird also won’t release more chargers, so charging more than 8 or 9 birds a night is tough and at $5 a piece (which is pretty normal, the higher priced ones are usually dead markers) it’s hard to get the right time/money ratio. Over the weekend I usually get crazy and spend 3 or 4 hours each day collecting and sorting birds. I usually charge 12 or 13. One day I did 25, that was a long one..Version: 4.1.2

Best app ever inventedI’m usually a very harsh critic and give very few positive reviews. But I have to say that the bird app is the greatest software ever invented. Facebook doesn’t stand a chance. But I have to say it didn’t always start this way. This app used to be really terrible and very buggy. It was basically unusable. But all of a sudden the bugs just started disappearing and underneath blossomed a beautiful flower. I called Bird headquarters to find out what it was they did. They told me that they hired a modest, humble, but good looking programmer, named Edgar. I was awestruck. Now my life will never be the same. Thank you Edgar. You are my salvation. You have made the bird a better safer place because in this mad world..Version: 4.5.2

So much funVisiting Calgary and was intrigued. Had so much fun..Version: 4.139.0

Best serviceThe guys who helped us were extremely polite, professional and explained every step of how everything works. We had a blast!!!! Will be doing this more often for sure.Version: 4.136.0

Good timesBattery died on us, either then that it was super fun.Version: 4.139.0

Interactive App neededDisappointed too many times trying to track down the scooters and get to a location and they’re either drained or in use. This app is frustrating because it doesn’t show which scooters are actually available at the time. Use different colours - red for drained battery, green powered up and available, blue for scooters in use atm. Seems simple enough..Version: 4.137.0

NiceNice.Version: 4.101.0

Miss Frequent Flyer ProgramBird is my favourite scooter brand and I really loved the frequent flyer program. I am sad to see it go! No reason to choose bird over any other scooter brand now. Especially with Lime eliminating unlock fees here in Edmonton!.Version: 4.134.0

Wouldn’t let me parkKept saying “no parking zone” which was frustrating. Overall, ran smoother than other scooters..Version: 4.104.0

ShowAmazing!! Loved time I had.Version: 4.101.0

GreatLove the bird scooters.Version: 4.101.0

AmazingWonderful product affordable pricing... looks like you have yourself a slam Dunk minus seasonality .... scooter snowmobiles next ;).Version: 4.98.0

App works greatYou should be able to report a scooter as broken. It is not fun to walk a km to get to a broken scooter.Version: 4.100.0

First timeMy first time on a scooter ride was excellent fast and felt safe. What a great way to explore a city..Version: 4.98.0

Good appFun 😝😝😝😝.Version: 4.97.0

ToesMy toe letues hurts.Version: 4.96.0

How to ride needs to be clearerEnjoyed my first ride. Couldn’t get it to work yesterday because it wasn’t clear you had to take a pic of the barcode. I didn’t understand that from the how to ride tab..Version: 4.97.0

Works but is far too expensiveI had no technical issues with using this to ride a scooter. However the price point seems very inflated as the cost per minute is comparable to renting a car with Car2Go and they start charging you the second you reserve a scooter. In addition the scooters are limited to 20kph (regardless of where they’re being ridden) which makes the price even more unreasonable. Using these scooters to go any distance worth using them for ends up being more than four times the cost of taking public transit and not much faster..Version: 4.96.0

Bird is grrreatBird>Lime.Version: 4.95.0

Every city needs this!!I have had such a great time using this app and the scooters. I think every city should have this as an option. The app works pretty seamlessly with little to no technical error. Highly recommend using this if available in your city!!.Version: 4.91.0

Too longWe were charged more than we hoped because we couldn’t stop where our final destination was we had to take it back which took longer.Version: 4.93.0

Awesome bikeThe speed is so good and the balance is so perfect even though is small compare to other bikes out there..Version: 4.91.0

Covid RideFantastic.Version: 4.90.0

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