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There are 200+ audio points that play automatically along the scenic drive, featuring the best things to see and do, stories, tips and driving directions.

Professional tour guides share advice on how to prioritize your time at recommended “not to be missed” viewpoints, suggested side-trips and places of interest.

Tours work offline, using free GPS signal and location services, so no data roaming, network, or wifi is required while touring.

It’s Just Like Having a Tour Guide in Your Car™

The Road to Hana is one of the world’s most scenic drives and a popular sightseeing activity to see Maui’s spectacular waterfalls, black sand beaches, bamboo forests, lava rock formations and amazing ocean views as you wind your way through 620 curves and 59 bridges.

If you prefer travelling independently, at your own pace, GyPSy Guide provides the best Road to Hana tour experience, along with the freedom to choose what you enjoy; squishing the black sand between your toes at Wai’anapanapa, hiking the Pipiwai Bamboo Trail, or maybe time to enjoy an extra slice of banana bread.

You can’t help but cheer on the world class windsurfers at Ho’okipa. And you won’t need to worry about photoshopping the Rainbow Eucalyptus at the Ke’anae Arboretum or the stunning contrast between blue water and black lava rock at Ke’anae Peninsular.

Take a moment to cool off with a quick swim at the pristine Hamoa Beach and see where Haleakala National Park descends from the summit to the sea and the “Seven Sacred Pools” of Oheo at the end of the drive.

With such a long day of exploring (expect 8-12 hours), it’s important to know the 5 “not to be missed” stops, and the many more suggestions if you have time. Part of the secret to enjoying the journey is knowing how not to waste your time, and we have tips for that as well.

On the return drive from Hana, we’ll point out the not to be missed stops again as well as tell you stories about Hawaii’s fascinating history and rich culture.

Please note Highway #31 ‘backside route’ is not recommended for driving. Rental car insurance void. Road can be closed for repairs, mudslides and flash floods.


Some of the highlights along the route include;

• Ho’okipa Beach Park
• Paia
• Ke’anae Peninsular
• Wai’anapanapa Park, Black Sand Beach
• Hana
• Hamoa Beach
• Wailua Falls
• Twin Falls
• Upper Waikanai Falls (3 Bears)
• Pools of O’heo (Seven Sacred Pools)
• Pipiwai Bamboo Trail

**Reservations to visit Wai'anapanapa State Park and black sand beach are now mandatory**

++ Continued use of GPS/Location Services in the background increases battery usage. We strongly recommend taking a cigarette style (DC outlet) car charger. Avoid using a direct connection to the USB port of a rental vehicle.

** iPad models must include a GPS chip. Please note that Apple only install these on the iPad Wifi + Cellular models. Wifi only iPad models have limited location service capabilities and are unable to play commentary automatically.

The apps are larger in size in order to work offline. You must be on wifi to download as the store may block the download over cellular networks.


GuideAlong - formerly GyPSy Guide - produces award winning narrated audio tours along scenic drives and road trips around the world.

Enjoyed by travelers who prefer to set their own pace and itinerary on vacation, but enjoy a fun, informative and educational guided experience while driving themselves.

Our goal is to provide a great introduction to the region and inspire you to learn more and return.

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Road to Hana Maui GyPSy Guide App Comments & Reviews

Road to Hana Maui GyPSy Guide Positive Reviews

The guide to Road to HanaWell first of all…….. The narrator was ABSOLUTELY AWWWEESOME! The man had a very soothing voice as well as the most on point informative aspect of the entire trip. I actually wanted to seek him out and be his real life friend. Lol. But seriously he didn’t miss a beat. Every single pin point was exact and if my wife and child had not had him on our journey it wouldn’t have been nearly anything we had expected. Literally within 30 seconds on the point of every stop or what to do on the road was almost exact! Oh and he had jokes too! That alone with his wisdom of the island made the trip absolutely spectacular! I would have never expected it to be like it was. This trip was a trip of a lifetime and he definitely was a huge part of the entire experience! We learned SO much about the history of Maui and Hawaii itself! Even on the way back we learned so many things we did not know. I will say this. I’m glad I was never a king of Hawaii because the life expectancy was very short. The road to Hana was superb to say the least. The memories my wife and child and i had will be engrained in us forever and the guide will always be a part of that. The views, the food and the people as well. Can’t say enough about Gypsy guide and like the person that recommended it to me before we came here I will pay it forward for many more people to do the same. LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT!! Much love! And thank you!.Version: 3.6.0

Don’t miss!!!This was hands down the highlight of our trip to Maui. Read about GyPSy on several blogs and the $5 we paid for this particular tour was worth 10x that. We started the day before the sunrise and I can’t tell you enough to start early. We felt like we were the only car on the road for pretty much the entire way up. We took our time and enjoyed all the stops and scenery. There are a ton on blogs out there to tell you all about the stops so I’m not going to bore you now but really appreciated the guide in the app telling us about all the best places and when not to waste our time. Found my coconut on the beach exactly where the guide said I would and cracked it open on a sharp lava rock. I drank that sweet coconut water while the surf crashed around my feet. Amazing!!! We went beyond Hana all the way to Oheo Gulch and walked the trail to see the seven sacred pools. After we spent half the day driving up to Oheo Gulch we thought the ride back would be a let down. Let me tell you, IT WAS NOT!! The historical accounting of the human history of Maui was awesome. Our primary takeaway was that it just didn’t pay to be royalty on Maui. Lol. We stopped at so many places on the way to Hana including the black sand beach that took our breath away. The day we spend with GyPSY was the highlight of our once in a lifetime trip. Don’t miss the opportunity to take this drive and definitely don’t do it without GyPSy. Thanks for a great day!!!!.Version: 2.5.2

Made our dayWe happened to talk to a couple the night before leaving for The Road to Hana and they recommended this app. Throughout the trip we constantly said to eachother “aren’t you so glad we have this app?” My wife and I are already fairly indecisive and when driving it’s compounded. Had we not had prior warning to upcoming attractions we would have been constantly turning around (no easy feat on this road!) and circling back or arguing about whether it was necessary. So much good info and guidance about when to stop and what we could miss. We left the resort area at 6:15 AM and returned to our condo at 11:00 PM! Included was a 2 hour Pīpīwei hike at the end of the day. We stopped a lot, based on the recommendations, and we didn’t feel that we wasted one second of our almost 17 hour day!! The only stop we made that we didn’t feel lived up to the hype on which Greg (we named the guide Greg) bestowed it was the Waikamoi Ridge Trail. It’s early on the road and we were eager to hike. It was .8 miles, hard to park for, muddy and offered basically no views due to vegetation growth. The view from the roadside park was excellent, no need to hike, it just wastes time. Other than that, we were never steered wrong, and maybe the vegetation gets cut back regularly. Overall I would recommend this app to anyone making this trek, I can’t imagine what it would have been without Greg’s help!.Version: 3.6.0

Well worth the $$$App provides a great narrated/guided journey to Hana. It took all the stress and confusion out of the trip and allowed us to focus on the journey and easily pick the stops we wanted to make. Some suggestions: subtle Hawaiian music during times he’s not talking. If you’re syncing to your car audio you can’t follow app and play music at same time. Would make a more immersive experience. Though I liked the ride home Hawaii history narration, it would have been nice to re pepper in some point of interest call outs as you pass them - kind of as a reminder. Something like: “passing once again such ‘n such falls on your left.” The history telling just became a little monotonous and the little ones in the car were a little taken by all the graphic accounts from the story. Mommy, why did that king stab his wife...??? What’s polygamy daddy? Would you like to have 10 wives? Sure thing kiddo... isn’t Hawai’i great! For those making this trip, one regret I had was bringing food. Wish I could have hit the roadside food stands on an empty stomach. Also, if I had to do again I would skip every stop and do his last “must-see” points of interest first (at the end of the road) and work my way backwards picking places to stop based on what time I wanted to get home. On our way out, most all the falls were nearly empty whereas when we were going TO Hana everything was crazy full..Version: 2.7.0

Exceeded expectations!I have never wrote an app review but I had to take the time to write this one! We were blow away how nice it was to have commentary exactly timed for when you drive by. We named the guy, “Mac” and he just became apart of our trip like a real personal tour guide would! He isn’t stuffy or boring and sounds like a guide you would here at Disney World. Light and fun! The part we loved was on our way back when it was dark and all you wanted to do was be done and out of the car and the awfultwists and turns, but having “Mac” kept us distracted with stories and history. History that didn’t bore my kids either! It was fascinating actually! One more thing we loved was that at each stopping place he would tell us not just what was there but tell us honestly if it was really worth stopping or not to save us time. We didn’t listen once and went on a hike that was uneventful and just okay after he warned us, we got back in the car and said, “we should of listened to you Mac!”😂 He also lets us know approximately how much time to spend at each place, which we loved so we could get to it all! Loved the app! Will buy any other apps they make so we can here from Mac again! Thank you! Well done!!!.Version: 2.5.2

** ROAD TO HANA - ABSOLUTELY PERFECT GUIDED TOUR!!**I didn’t know what to expect. My wife and I drove the road to Hana 21 years ago and are now back in Maui with our 20 year old son and 17 year old daughter. The tape (cassette) that we bought in 2001 was good. Gave us points to stop and we were able to follow along, but this? Fantastic!! I drove the entire way. I downloaded the Gypsy Guide Road to Hana and didn’t know what to do, so just hit play. It automatically synced up with a map and all I had to do was follow. I could stop, get out of the car, close the app and re-open it and it would use my location and not skip a beat. The guide was like having someone in your car with you and he had personality to match! He made it very easy and pointed out the must stops, the you can stop but not necessary and the just skip those. Even added in some interesting knowledge to the trip with dad jokes and all. When we returned back from our trip to Hana it felt like we lost a friend! Great job Gypsy Guide! Will use you again for other trips and actually looking forward to telling all of our friends!!.Version: 3.6.0

The most important thing to packI’d read good things about the app but I was still skeptical, especially since our rental Jeep didn’t have Bluetooth so I was concerned about sound quality/volume. I also had no frame of reference for the drive except that it is either tremendously dangerous or a total breeze. This app made the experience. It would have no doubt been a beautiful drive without it, but it would have been STRESSFUL. How to know where or when to pull over. Or if you’ll have a better view on the return. How can you expect to remember all the trivia as you drive even if you researched thoroughly beforehand. The guide was great. The volume through the phone speakers more than sufficient even with windows down. I honestly think the drive would have been a let down in some respects without this app. We would have felt like we must have missed some spots. Or run out of time. The whole family loved the narrator and the trip was spectacular. Only note: make certain you have means of keeping the phone charged throughout the drive. This will eat your battery even without using any data..Version: 2.5.2

Road to HanaThis app was amazing! We had been on the road before 19 years ago but we wanted to retrace our steps. However, the Road to Hana has always been know to be dangerous and unpredictable (just like life). So we saw the ad and looked at reviews. They all seemed good and for $7 seemed like a fair price especially when tours can go up to $120 per person! So we went on the tour and it was amazing! I had read that the app goes on low power mode when it hasn’t been used in a while so when we stopped I exited the app to save battery and turned it back on when we were off again, it would restart the sound check and it would take a bit to track the current location. I could see how that’s annoying but I honestly it wasn’t a bother to us. There are various stops they suggest and on the return the guide tells you history about the Hawaiian islands which was really cool. We were driving back at night so it was nice. One detail that would have been nice is if it was narrated by a native Hawaiian..Version: 3.0.1

Best $7 you’ll spendOur hotel concierge service recommended this app, stating that it will save a few hundred bucks over a guided tour company. Was skeptical but downloaded it and drove to Hana from Lahaina. I had Google maps running in the foreground, music app and this guide in the background. As soon as we started approaching the town of Paia, the guide (we called him Hanatard 😀) came on, and was with us for nearly 11 hours on the way to and return from Hana. We even went past Hana to the Sacred Pools and Hannatard walked us through that section as well. In addition to the the top 5 (there are a lot more) stops that he recommended, he walked us step by step on all the turns, parking spots, even some of the snack and dining areas. On our return from Hana, he gave a fascinating history lesson about Hawaii. The only small complaint that we have is that the music will not pause when he comes on which can be a bit annoying. Overall we HIGHLY RECOMMEND this app for those taking the Road to Hana! Well done indeed!!.Version: 2.7.0

Best investment I made while in MauiI was hesitant at first about purchasing this app. I wanted to experience Maui and all it had to offer however I visited post covid April 2021 with my teenage daughter. Unfortunately all the excursions were completely sold out including all of the road to Hana excursions. I can easily fall asleep and get dizzy if the roads get to winding or boring ride unbeknownst to me this was perhaps the best investment I made and it was worth 100 times more than what I purchased for. It lead me directly to all of the best spots and it also read the history of Hawaii,,, I couldn’t wait for the app to continue to talk while driving. My biggest mistake was waiting for the last day to use the app as I heard there are other trips he navigates you too. The only issue that I did have was that he wasn’t specific as to what time the last park was opened til... we reached it at 430 however it closed at 5, we had no choice to bypass the last park due to it closing soon after ...You will not be disappointed!!!.Version: 3.0.3

Road to Hana Tour - Amazing!This was 10x better than doing a booked tour. The tour guide is fun to listen to and really informative. Tells you best places to stop and places you can skip over and even tells you how much time to spend at each place. Really informative and is as if you’re hearing it right from a local (I think he is local). They track your location so it automatically picks up where you are and tells you what’s coming up and where to park or pull off and knows when you start driving again. It’s literally like having a local in the car with you! Definitely download ahead of time before you lose service on the road. You don’t need to to do the back road home, it’s not worth it! He tells you the stops on the way up Hana and gives you the history on the way home which is awesome to hear. Definitely should rent a car and listen to this over paying for an in person guided tour. 100% recommend!.Version: 3.6.0

AMAZING!!!This app was recommended by a friend that visited Hawaii. This app is a must have on the road to Hana. It gives detailed directions and information about the key stops to make in order to see the key attractions along to road. It was amazing to me that the virtual tour guide seemed to know exactly where we were EVEN THOUGH we had NO cell service!!! The tour guide gave us A LOT of history about Hawaii and how things have been developed on the islands since before they were discovered by the Europeans. I would suggest that perhaps the stops and highlights be pointed out when people make the journey from the rougher side of the mountain. My group did this intending to stop at some spots that we had missed the previous day journeying to Hana up the narrated side but missed them because they were not mentioned when traveling the road in reverse. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS APP if you want to get a REAL HAWAII experience!!! It is WELL WORTH whatever fee they are charging for it..Version: 3.6.0

Saved my life!!Okaaaay! I might be a tiny bit dramatic; but not really. I am so incredibly grateful to have downloaded this app. I ended up doing the trip solo but I was okay with that! I am an adventurous soul. I ended up finishing a long drive (that started at 6:30 am) around 3.15 pm at Haleakala doing the Oheo pools and the epic waterfall hike. Anyway; scarfing down food in the parking lot at 6:15 pm I knew I’d be heading home in the dark. I had no idea how treacherous and dangerous it would be. I was facing a 3.5 hour drive back. A few close calls as the rain poured down. I was comforted only by the stories he told on my entire ride back. I was distracted from my fear of plunging to my death, crashing head on with people driving the opposite direction and getting lost which I somehow find myself doing more than I’d like to admit. I felt like I had a co pilot and friend with me. Thank you for this wonderful experience and helping me through the long drive back home!!!.Version: 3.6.0

So Glad We Used this App!I found this app through a recommendation from a blog post about the Road to Hana and I am so glad that we used it! It was so helpful and really allowed us to enjoy the journey much more than if we would have had to follow a map and watch for the best points of interest ourselves. We were truly amazed by how great of an app this was - it worked wonderfully without cell service (which is a majority of the drive), told us what we could skip and recommended must see stops, and even had a sense of humor- which gave the app a much more human feel. Like others have said, a couple things do need to be updated like the caves being closed and we weren't able to find the vanilla bourbon toasted coconut it recommended (it would have made a great souvenir for someone back home). But overall, superior app - I'll actually be sharing this app with our travel agent so she can recommend it to future Maui travelers!.Version: 2.0.6

Must get this app if you are going to MauiI seriously did not expect this app to be this good. Beach hats off to the developer as it couldn’t been better. We felt like we had a tour guide in the vehicle as the guide was spot on as we drove from one mile marker to the next. If you are concerned where to stop or if you have time to stop at certain locations no need to worry about it as the guide would let you know how you are doing on time. It felt like app was listening to our conversation as we would ask each other questions and the app would cover it for example we wanted to know what was the squirrel like animal we kept seeing around and it was answered during the audio tour. This seems to like the way to go I would like to see more of this in other parts of the world. I highly recommend it. Not only I but my husband that doesn’t typically give compliments..Version: 3.5.2

The PERFECT Tour Guide / BRILLIANTOkay, I never do reviews unless something went drastically wrong. 🤷🏾‍♂️ This app is amazing. We just used it today and"George" (that's what we named the voice) was incredible. I saw so impressed by the locational accuracy even we weren't using data. His suggestions were PERFECT. We made it to three of the five places on his"must see" list and they were ABSOLUTELY must see. Plugged him into the car audio. Music automatically lowers when he speaks. LOVED the commentary and Island history strategically placed on the return drive. He tried just enough--not too much. Safety suggestions were extremely helpful. The app is well priced. 6 bucks for your own periodical your guide?! Guys, if you are making the drive, this app is A NO BRAINER. do everything he suggests and you'll make the best memories and see the BEST sites without wasting your time! Even his food reconnections were awesome! Well done to the creators. Thks for an awesome time!.Version: 2.5.2

Buy this app for an unforgettable experienceMy husband and I are still in Maui- we literally just got back from driving the Road to Hana - and I had to leave this review! Amazing narration, direction and motivation to keep going on the Road to Hana. Mahalo Mike as we named the magical voice that told us stories, gave us perfect and precise turn by turn directions and just simply added so much value to what could have been a very complicated and frustrating day of trying to figure out a map and not missing turns. PS: it’s not like it’s a quick uturn when you miss it, either. Hello, one lane bridges! There is no cell service for many parts of the drive and as a passenger who gets really motion sick (this is not an easy drive- but worth the rally!) it would have been impossible to navigate successfully. Plus, who doesn’t want the feeling of a personal tour guide- who seemed to know exactly what you wanted!!.Version: 2.1.4

Absolutely AwesomeBuy it and stop searching! This will be the best money spent on your trip. We did the road to Hana on June 18, 2018 and the Gypsy Guide was awesome. We had done the trip 11 years earlier and there was no comparison. It gives a lot of very relevant advice based on where you are and also helps plan ahead by laying out choices down the road and helps pick where to stop and what to skip based on how early in the day it is. On the ride back you get a very interesting history of Maui that makes the long ride back actually enjoyable. Make sure you hook up sound to car stereo. Most rentals have Bluetooth you can pair with. Bring a charging cable and cigarette lighting adapter. battery will drain fast with this app. Our rental ford had a USB port but it created a conflict with bluetooth so sound wouldnt come out. I used the cigarette lighting adaptor for power instead of the usb port in the car to fix that..Version: 2.1.1

Fantastic guide with a history lesson to make the return trip fun too!The road is a bit stressful with tight turns, tourists with varying degrees of skill/courtesy and locals zipping through. This guide took a lot of stress and guesswork out of our trip. Not only does he tell you the best stop to make he also warned you when you need to really pay attention to the road. Suggested the option for music in the background like relaxing Hawaiian music would be perfect. That way when he’s not talking you don’t think you might have lost the audio which actually happened to us several times. So happy we downloaded this app and very much enjoyed the history lesson too! My only subjective comment is the pools(last stop) wasn’t worth the time/price compared to all the free splendor along the way. Not mad we did it but won’t do that pert again. MAHALO!!!.Version: 3.5.2

This app is a must if you’re going to Hana!Me and my family loved this app! Now I’m not the type of person to ever pay $6 for an app, but trust me it’s so worth it. It worked perfectly for us and we really felt like we made the most of our trip to Hana. Hana road seemed totally overwhelming, especially since it would be so easy to drive past something amazing without even noticing. This app did an awesome job of letting us know what we needed to see, what we could probably skip, and lots of awesome info about each place. There was so much we would have missed had it not been for our guide. Every side adventure is well worth a small detour. It was just like having a tour guide in our car but we were free to go at our own pace and did just what interested us. On the way back we got awesome commentary about the history of Hawaii. If I could give more stars I would..Version: 2.1.4

Very helpfulSo glad I found this app the night before we were going to drive the Road to Hana. I was a bit overwhelmed with where exactly the good stops along the road will be but this app helped a lot and made deciding a lot easier. It recommended the must-see sights and the stops you can just pass on by. The beauty of it though is that it is still your choice whether or not you want to do or not do what the app says. It gave driving tips and ethics for the drive. I also liked that on the way back the app made the car ride more interesting by giving a bit of hawaiian history. Also for those who’s going to do the Road to Hana I suggest you start very early and don’t forget to pack a raincoat (even an umbrella maybe) the weather inside the rainforest is very unpredictable. There’s a lot of beautiful places to take pictures at but beware of the mosquitoes..Version: 2.1.4

Great app!I don’t usually write reviews for most of the apps I have but I had to make one for this app to say how great it was! It was a wonderful app, lots of tips and great advice for where to stop and things to see on the road to Hana. The drive and the trip up would not have been the same without this app. The stories about Maui going back from Hana were also great. My only comment would be that maybe it would be nice to have some background or lull music while the commentary is not going. Sometimes it would be quiet for a while and the voice would come back which can be a little surpassing at times, especially if the volume is turned up. Some very light, and quiet background music would be welcomed in those parts I think. But otherwise, the app is well worth it and it felt like I was on a more expensive paid tour for only 6.99!.Version: 3.0.1

The must-have app for Hana!This app was an absolute lifesaver. I downloaded it a night before we left on The Road to Hana and it might be the best $5.99 I’ve ever spent. Think of it as a guided tour, only so much cheaper than what you would pay an actual tour guide company to drive you down the road. The driving to Hana is not the hard part (some parts get tight, but nothing too sketchy), it’s picking the right spots to stop and see. This app does a great job of telling you about all the things you’re seeing on the road while also suggesting the things you should skip. It’s not that there are any bad stops on this road per se, but without this guide we probably just would have pulled off the road when we saw other cars doing the same and would have missed out on a lot of the biggest highlights of our drive. Can’t recommend this app enough..Version: 2.1.1

Must have!The road to Hana can be a little overwhelming. There are so many pull offs and places to look at waterfalls, scenic views, etc that time could easily get away from you. We loved this app because it gave us must do stops but also talked about the other things along the way and helped us prioritize. One of our favorite things were the rainbow eucalyptus trees and I think we would have totally missed little details like that without the app. We had friends that did the road to Hana the week before and they completely missed the black sand beaches along the way. Another favorite stop of ours thanks to the app leading us. In my opinion this is also better than a map or CD guide because it used GPS location and could tell us exactly when to turn our heads for the view. Hands down the best way to experience the drive..Version: 2.1.4

It’s about the journey!My husband and I drove the road to Hana yesterday using this amazing app as our guide. It was 100% worth the price of the app. We appreciated the top five do not miss sites, but the narrator did a great job of pointing out other spots and then giving you ideas as far as your time goes whether or not you had time to explore it. Our total round-trip was 14 hours and 9 miles of walking/hiking. The diverse beauty that we saw was just incredible and it will be long remembered as the highlight of our trip. I felt like we really fell in love with Hawaii yesterday. The road to Hana is more than the destination. It is about the journey and the experience is along the way. We also loved the history lesson for the drive back. This was our first trip to Hawaii but definitely this app helped to make the most out of a very important day..Version: 3.0.3

Road to Hana HappinessMy wife found this as we were researching our trip to Hana. Figured what the heck for $10. Best app and money I have ever spent. The commentary and history was worth it all by itself, but the list of spots were easy to find and helped us decide what was important to see, what could be skipped and what the must stops were. I truly believe this app made the road to Hana one of the best experiences of our life. It didn’t make the driving any less crazy, but it explained etiquette of the road and gave great heads up when you needed to pay extra attention to the road. Where to stop and when not to, areas ok to visit and those that were Kapu. Five stars isn’t enough. The road to Hana is worth driving yourself and makes for an amazing adventure with memories of a life time.Version: 3.6.0

Great drive companionWe had (as it turned out justified) reservations about the road to Hana. Stumbled across the app and took a chance on it — absolutely love the app!! The suggestions are very helpful and the history on the return trip is actually interesting. One thing I wish I had known or been told was how aggressive the locals drive the road. I live and drive in Colorado and narrow mountain roads are fun for me, plus I drive a lot for work (75 thousand miles a year). Even with all that experience, I was unprepared for the aggressiveness of the locals. They think nothing of passing 3 cars on blind corners. Ignoring the one lane bridge etiquette ( on such bridge even though I was on first and half way across was forced to back up or be hit—) I really hope the state starts limiting the cars per hour on the road and installs traffic control on those bridges—.Version: 3.0.1

Don’t do the Road To Hana without buying this app!This app made our long day trip to Hana so much better. It gave us amazing recommendations on where to stop and what attractions may not be worth a stop if you’re on a time crunch. It gave us amazing history into the island of Maui and Hawaii as a whole. Also, it showed us on a map where we where at all times and worked the entire time without having to worry about cell service on google maps. Make sure to have some music downloaded on your phone because there can be some gaps between commentary. We had iTunes playing and the app going and when we reached a spot of interest, the app lowered the iTunes music and the commentator talked right over it. Everything worked flawlessly. Great app and would on recommend doing the trip with this app..Version: 2.1.1

Informative but unrealistic on timeWe started at 0730 and were on track to make great timing but honestly some of the stops (like twin falls) catch your attention more than others. So when the narrator says you may spend 30-45 minutes at a place it’s not really taking into account all the relaxing you’d want to do at such amazing swim spots. That being said the variety of options is nice and the narrator does an amazing job giving you information about Hana. Love the history of Hawaii on the way back. You really have to map out the places you’d like to see on the way instead of following the guide because you have to be selective due to time constraints. That’s my fault really, but overall great app and I’d definitely get his other stuff.Version: 3.6.0

Could be so much betterI’ll start out by saying that we weren’t planning to do the entire trip to Hana. We had done the full loop on a previous trip. But this app didn’t even mention Twin Falls which was the highlight of our trip. If you hike in about half a mile past Twin Falls there’s another fall with a beautiful pool to swim in. Then we went to the first of the five top recommended spots by the app - the Arboretum. It was pleasant but by no means would my wife or I consider that a top-five must see unless you’re really into trees. The second of the top five stops was the peninsula right past the Arboretum. That was beautiful and I would say that is a must see stop. I think the biggest problem with the app is there was no way to visually see the mile markers on the map or the names of the stops. You had to click on the little audio icons and listen to find out what each thing was. It would’ve been way better if the app had a written description of all the stops that you could refer to to help plan your trip. We had the book Maui revealed which was probably more helpful than the app. A more useful app would be to allow you to totally plan your trip in advance And then guide you to your stops with the audio. That could be based on the distance you’re planning on going and the things that interest you..Version: 2.5.2

Was well worth it! So pleased!!Gave us detailed point by point information about stops on road to Hana. I think it must use satellite or gps because most of the time we didn’t have cell service. Have historical and cultural information and data on the places. Gave the top recommendations of places to go and was so beautiful! It was like have our own personal tour guide! If you are going to do the drive - start early - before sun up and try to hit the points at the end of the road to Hana earlier like say late morning and then work your way back. Be patient and expect delays as there are several parts of the road that are just narrow one lane portions. Was just an awesome day. Try to plan on a day that is not already forecast for rain.Version: 3.6.0

Well worth every centThe concierge team at our hotel recommended that we buy this app before we drove down to Hana and back. While at first a bit skeptical about the cost, I found the tour to be super helpful and entertaining! It obviously helped that he was spot-on because of GPS in terms of pointing out every landmark and giving us a good amount of warning before relevant landmarks or turns off the road. My only advice would be to resist the urge to click on any audio icons if it looked like they were 'skipped' - my wife had understandably done this at first, but we only realized later that it was because the narrator was saving some commentary (particularly historical commentary) for the ride back. As such, definitely a well-designed app that worked even better than we expected!.Version: 2.1.1

Beyond 5 stars!!!This is the single best $6 I have ever spent in my lifetime. Honestly, for how succinct, informative, and helpful it is, I'm surprised that they are only charging $6. This app was a lifesaver. I didn't have that much time to plan my trip to Hana and Gypsy Guide totally saved the day. It not only described the different attractions along the way, but also pointed them out ahead of time so you had time to decide whether that stop was for you. Additionally, it ranked the stops. So, if you have to budget your time, you can get the "most bang for your buck" as far as the overall Hana experience goes. AND, it gave a little history of Maui to listen to on the return trip. Pretty much, this app was a little tour guide that I could bring along with me. Very very well done..Version: 2.1.1

Check hours when planning trip!We LOVED this tour! He does such a good job of keeping your attention and weeding out boring details. But *BEWARE* the pools of Ohe’o lie within a National Park. We left a little late and started our journey on the road to Hana at about 11:00 AM. We made a few stops on the way and got to the pools at 4:30...just as they were closing the gates. The park closes at 5:00, but they close the gates at 4:30. Here’s my advice: If you aren’t early risers or just take longer to get out of the house like we do, drive straight through on your way there and make note of the stops you would like to make on your way back. Google the hours before you leave since you will most likely loose reception for most of the drive. OR get up early and get on the road since this is something that could possibly take 14+ hours..Version: 3.0.3

First time tour app userThis was amazing!!!! We have never used a tour app before and were so pleasantly surprised at the natural easy flow of the narrator and interesting historical stories along the way. It really was like having a guide in the car! He gave plenty of warning before turn offs and often listed pros and cons of the stop. He also gave time recommendations like....”if it’s 11:00am or earlier you are making great time and I’d recommend this stop. If it’s after lunch you may want to keep moving if you’d like to make it to the oheo pools”. On the way home he added a few stops if we wanted as well as an awesome cultural history of Hawaii in general. The story was broken up into sections so he’d take a break the resume the story down the road. Awesome app..Version: 2.5.1

100% Recommend.This app made our drive go so smoothly. Not only does he tell you his favorite and recommended spots - but he’ll tell you based on how much time you have what’s okay to skip. He tells you in advance what’s coming up, and then reminds you again when it’s closer. He keeps the drive light and full of fun facts about each stop, and then on the way back tells you a brief but rich history on the islands and how they came to be. I don’t think I would ever do Hana again without this app. It made it so easy to navigate and he even gives tips on how to best handle the extremely curvy roads. I don’t often leave reviews but thought this one was worth coming back with a positive review! Definitely recommend..Version: 2.1.1

Great app!!We use this app every time we travel on the road to Hana. It had been a few years since we had been to Hana and did not realize that reservations were required to visit waianapanapa state park. Had the app not warned us we would have been very disappointed. Appreciate the updates and love the history of the area. We would have never stopped at the roadside stand had it not been recommended and it is one of our must do stops. Unfortunately we missed the coconut chip vendor which is a family favorite. We always find something to buy at the art shop and the prices seem to be cheaper than some other shops. Food is fantastic as well. Thank you!.Version: 3.6.0

A personal tour guide in your car. Must buy!!We are so glad we made the purchase for this tour. It was excellent!!! The tour guide is informative, funny and has a great voice to listen to. By the end we were sad it was over. We enjoyed all the stops. We did pay to do the tour of the Garden of Eden and were so glad we did as the “must see stop” of the arboretum was very lack luster. All other must see stops and side trips were worth it. We decided to follow all the way to the end and see the sacred pools how ever we arrived right at close,5pm. Our only feed back is we did not know we needed to be there by a certain time and wished that info had been given in the beginning..Version: 3.5.2

AmazingWe found Gypsy Guide inMaui’s Favorites Island Directory. We followed the Road to Hana trip. The guide was amazing. The information came up at exactly the right time—even though cell reception was spotty, the GPS tracked and came up at exactly the right time. The recommendations we spot on. My only criticism is about the 7 pools. There is a $25 entrance fee to the State Park that we weren’t expecting AND there was no swimming the day we were there. I wouldn’t have gone that extra distance if there’d been no swimming. The drive between Hana and the 7 pools is a bit rough and dangerous. Wouldn’t do that again. The waterfall just after Hana was the best on the entire road. If I could do it again, I’d go to the waterfall and turn back. The app was a great guide..Version: 2.7.0

A *must* buy for Road to Hana self driving!!I cannot overstate how helpful this app is. Considering there’s no cell service for most of the road to Hana, this app was our guide to know where to stop and was incredibly accurate. It was helpful not only in terms of preparation at the start of our trip but the instructions re: turns gave us ample time to not miss anything. Aside from the practical use to drive out to Hana, the history lessons on the return trip were a nice touch and kept us entertained for the long drive home. This app is beyond essential for anyone self-driving the Road to Hana and certainly cheaper than booking a tour through a separate company..Version: 3.6.0

Stop what you’re doing and buy this app!!!!!!!This app hands down is a precious gem! Last minute we downloaded the app, overwhelmed with our late start on the day for Hana. We named the tour guide voice Hank (we still don’t know his name haha) and boy did he ease our fears! We absolutely loved and respected him immediately on his advice on food, traffic, time saver stops but most importantly his 5 must see things to keep us focused. Also his voice is so soothing that we listened and did everything he said haha! We happily put our day in his hands. We jokingly say he saved our relationship for the day due to his fun dialogue and small gaps in silence for boring chit chat on the long drive. He made our Hana day trip incredible!!!! #Obsessed.Version: 2.7.0

Definitely must follow!!!!!This is my second trip to the road to Hana, first using this app, and I would highly recommend. It took us to places I had no idea about. However, plan to get up at dawn to head out so you can truly enJOY the sites. Some you will want to spend longer at than others, and you want to be back before dark (due to hazardous driving). AND YOU must go past Hana to the first stop this was truly the best spot of all. The Seven Sacred Pools which is the second spot after isn’t really all that and I wouldn’t do it again. The only suggestion I would have to make the narrative tour better, is to add Hawaiian music during the parts in which the narrator is not speaking..Version: 3.0.1

Good buyOverall, this was a good purchase as are the other guides we’ve bought. It is so helpful to have someone guiding you in real time instead of fumbling for a guide book to make sure you don’t miss the turn, especially on a road like the road to Hana. That said, I will say the narrator overhyped the Oheo Gulch and the seven pools at the end of the road. The road deteriorates quickly after Hana and it’s not worth the effort and money to get into the park to see these sites. We got there and barely spent any time since we had the stressful drive back to do. Also, beware, many people do not know how to drive here, taking turn across the bridge and going as far to their right as they can. It can be a treacherous drive!.Version: 3.6.0

Like a private tour guide in your car with youI purchased this app several years ago on a trip to Maui with my family. We thoroughly enjoyed the app on our drive to Hana and back. I planned a 2nd trip to Maui with my mom this month, who has never been to Maui. I was able to use the app a 2nd time and enjoyed it as much as the first on our drive to Hana during this trip. Best travel app ever! Looking forward to searching for more Gypsy apps for other locations. The app tracks your location using GPS and automatically points out points of interest as you drive, makes suggestions for food, etc. all spoken in a calm soothing voice. They’ve thought of everything..Version: 3.0.1

Must Have for your Trip to Hana! 👍🏻👍🏻I never take the time to review apps but this one is worth it!! Best money we’ve spent on our trip to Hawaii so far. This app made the Road to Hana more manageable and less overwhelming and is very well done. Instead of feeling the need to stop at every single overlook, we hit the highlights the app recommended and felt like we had a very thorough Road to Hana experience. Loved the commentary, especially hearing more about Hawaiian history on the drive back. At that point, we were tired and needed the entertainment to get us through all those one way bridges and hairpin turns! If you’re debating tour bus vs app - spend the $7 on the app and do Hana at your own pace..Version: 3.0.1

An absolute must!!My husband and I did not want to do the tour with other people on tour time nor did we want to pay the $200 and some odd dollars per person. So we read up on this app and just crossed our fingers. Let me just say it’s the best decision we could have made to do this tour, on our own, on our own pace and for a whole lot less than $200 (if you have a rental vehicle). This didn’t disappoint at all. It was the best. I highly recommend it and I would do it all over again. Best advice I could give anyone, is to make sure you take a phone charger, snacks, drinks and tissues (just in case you don’t make it to a bathroom) lol..Version: 3.6.0

Very helpful with some very random funny scary storiesGreat app for Hana. Uses GPS so it knows where you are at all times with great detail. Points out all locations to stop and see with plenty of advance notice. Well worth it. Especially if you’ve never driven Hana before The one thing that my wife and I were laughing at is about every 30 minutes he’ll say some amazing beautiful feature then follow it with a horrible fact- “here is one of Maui's most beautiful waterfalls and on the other side was the town that was wiped away by a tsunami on 1947 killing many women and children” The best was this actual quote “the Beatles George Harrison had a home here to try to get privacy but people still found him. A woman was in his house eating pizza and doing laundry- Luckly George wasn’t home but he was stabbed in London and suffered a collapsed lung then later died of cancer” No idea why that there but after a few of these we were laughing but did have to explain some to the kids. Anyway. Great app. Highly highly recommended. You won’t be able to find the waterfalls and beaches without this.Version: 3.6.0

BrilliantPurchased the app for the Road to Hana tour....was like having you own personal tour guide. Informative and incredibly detailed even telling you exactly where to park. Would give a 10 star rating!! Highly recommend!!.Version: 2.0.6

EssentialThis tour guide for the road to Hana is a must! It is worth every penny. Due to limited cell service in most areas, the guide hits every stop along your journey. It is a must have and can’t travel the road to Hana without it..Version: 3.7.0

Road to HanaThis app is the best decision we made for our trip to Hana! Totally worth it! Great history and excellent tips for making stops along the way. Highly recommend it!.Version: 3.7.0

Fantastic!My Dad and I used this app yesterday to drive the Road to Hana and we loved the stories and how easy it was to use. It surpassed my expectations. The commentary gave us the quality experience of a guided tour without paying hundreds of dollars. We loved it..Version: 3.6.0

Awesome Hana tourAwesome Hana and back tour. We followed the recommendation for places to visit on the way out and simply enjoyed the historical notes on the way back. Great experience both ways..Version: 3.6.0

ExceptionalWhat an amazing tour provided on this APP. Well worth the money!! So informative and entertaining. You will NOT be disappointed..Version: 3.6.0

Best App purchase I have ever made!My husband and I literally just walked in the door from our day on the Road to Hana. Last night while getting ready and making our plans for the day, I made the last minute decision to buy this app. It was the best money I’ve spent on this vacation so far! We loved everything about it. We got exact locations of turnoffs, details about where to park, tips on what to do and what not to do. On the way home we listened to all the facts about Hawaii, the kings, explorers and we were back at home in no time! I will recommend this app to anyone and everyone!!.Version: 3.6.0

Best app out there for travelI downloaded this off of a recommendation and boy was I happy I did! The commentator was amazing, very funny and kept things super fun! I learned so much and would highly recommend this app to everyone! Thank you for the amazing day today!.Version: 3.6.0

Excellent commentary.Recommend this app, very informative on the sites to see and information on history and other facts.Version: 3.6.0

Worth every penny!!The best companion for our road to Hana. It was so helpful knowing which attractions we should stop at and which ones to avoid. We loved hearing all about the history as well. He kept it short and sweet. His voice was very animated, we enjoyed listening to him speak..Version: 3.6.0

FantasticReally enjoy this app. Very informative and made the experience even better..Version: 3.6.0

Road to Hana tourHighly recommend!!.Version: 3.6.0

A great purchaseWe named the narrator Barry and enjoyed the story telling and tips. This guided tour is thoughtful and considerate of the locals. I highly recommend!.Version: 3.6.0

1st time in HawaiiGypsy guide felt like we had an Hawaiian friend who knew everything about Island... fun at time and on point!!.Version: 3.0.1

Road to Hana Tour guideWe used this app today while driving to Hana. It was very informative and user friendly. I can’t imagine using a regular map on the windy road. It was nice to know where the stops were along the way. Five stars all around. Highly recommend..Version: 3.0.1

SO glad we had this! Will download more of their tours!We can’t say enough how much we enjoyed having this app with us on our Road to Hana. I’m not sure we would’ve caught half the places to see, or known which ones were worth it. And he made our drive back super interesting and made the drive go fast. My husband (who’s usually skeptical) loves the addition to our drive. Going to download more now for our Hawaii trip! Thank you! (ps: definitely buy a cigarette lighter phone charger for the drive. It does take lots of battery!).Version: 3.0.1

Reverse Road TripThe app was very informative, except we did the road in reverse and the app does not give the option of hearing the narrative if travelling the road in the opposite direction. The road to get to Hana the opposite way is not well travelled and is usually not recommended, but it is very scenic. It would have been nice to have the choice to listen to it while driving, instead I had to keep clicking on the arrows to hear what we were missing, as it would not play automatically. (Although we found the Venus Pool, which was one of the hi lights of our journey, thanks to the guide) Instead the return narrative would only play, which is the history of Maui. No points of interest given. Otherwise great information..Version: 3.0.1

Helpful and entertainingI download this on a last-minute recommendation from someone we met in Lahaina. It was a fantastic investment that greatly enhanced our road to Hana experience. This app left no question about when to stop and where to park... even giving advice about whether you have time based on what time you reach certain milestones. And I love how it has information on which property owners are okay with respectful visitors and which want tourists to stay out! Also enjoyed the high level Maui history on the way home when we were a bit tired from the days events. Understand this is is by no means a complete history, but the narration kept us going all the way home..Version: 3.0.1

Wonderful ExperienceWe downloaded this app for our road to Hana trip $10 compared to $170 each was more economical. Your app made our experience amazing. We enjoyed stopping at the various places you suggested & your recommendations if we should carry on. This was such an exciting drive for us & loved your history lesson on the ride back. I give you a 9 out of 10..Version: 2.7.0

Great appThis is app is definitely a must when doing the road to Hana. I almost didn’t get it because of the price, but decided to give it a try and I’m super glad I did. The only thing was it wouldn’t play through the car audio unless I was playing other music, but it would quiet the music down whenever it speaks so it worked great still..Version: 2.7.0

Road to HanaWhat an incredible app, don’t think we could do so much in one day. It’s a must have for all road trips. Love it so much, and will continue to buy everywhere I travel now!!!.Version: 2.7.0

Road to HanaThis personal guided tour was well worth it! Very well done and we especially enjoyed the Hawaiian history info. Very easy to listen to..Version: 2.7.0

Worth every penny!This is s great app. We just used it today. 2 cars that bought it... Not sure how people do the drive without it. I definitely recommend it. It is up to date and even had us laughing a few times. Great job to the narrators and developers..Version: 2.7.0

Road to Hana.Money well spent! It worked great on my cell phone. It explained so much on the way there and even more on the way back. I have no hesitation in recommending this app. I will look at other locations on future trips. Excellent! Doug Kearney Campbell River BC.Version: 2.7.0

AmazingI was also sceptical when I purchased the app at the last minute, I was sure it won’t work at one point, that was wrong, apps worked perfectly all the way, no interruption . All the places I wanted to stop (did my homework before as plan B) where all included. Nice job !!!!.Version: 2.5.2

FantasticWould not do the road trip without it. Felt like we had a private tour guid in our car. Leaning a lot on Maui and Hawaii going to Hana and also on the way back..Version: 2.5.2

Fantastic!I was a skeptic, however this guys really knows the ins and outs of the island of Maui. We followed his voice to some amazing beaches, views and forests. Although he talks a lot, he gives you ample notice prior to making any turns. I’m about to try it on Kauai. Great job on the app!.Version: 2.5.2

Best money I’ve ever spentJust did the Road to Hana today and can’t rave enough about this incredible app. Awesome narrator, blending travel tips, history, and explanations about points of interest. Added hugely to my trip..Version: 2.5.2

AlohaWe headed out from Paia and really enjoyed the commentary. Our only recommendation for the app is we would like commentary if we are the risk taking bad boys / girls and drove the back way home :) Honestly, we really missed the commentary on the ride home however the back way was really interesting and did have some amazing sites to see..Version: 2.5.2

Absolutely IncredibleWOW! If you do not buy this in-expensive app to have for your tour of the road to Hana, just go home, you’re an idiot. What an incredible guide. Perfect directional and informative guide. Outstanding ! Really no way to explain how fantastic this app is. One point Joe! The food suggestions should be made before you make the road split at Hana. It would help with getting to the food trucks. That being said, we stopped at the food Hana Fresh, next to health centre and the food/ smoothies were top notch! Authentic Hawaiian plate - very good! Thanks for a great guide!.Version: 2.5.1

Great Road to HanaGreat narration, insightful. Worth the price! You must have a car charger!! It eats your phone power like crazy! If you do this tour leave early! Highly recommend.Version: 2.5.1

Superb AppThis well organized and easy to use app is a must have for The Road to Hana trip. Goo tips and digestion and great history lesson on the return trip Harold Markle Jan 22 2019.Version: 2.1.4

An absolute mustTried to do Road to Hana on last trip but trying to read the guide book while my husband drove made me car and I’ve never been car sick. This was a most enjoyable way to get the best out of this experience..Version: 2.1.4

Great app!This is a fantastic app once it gets going and incredibly helpful highlighting what you’re looking at, what’s coming up, and where to stop. I took a star off because (at least in our vehicle) you had to play music in the background or else the connection cut out and it stopped playing over the speakers. Music with lyrics made it hard to hear the voice over, but I found an album of classical music that worked really well. So once that was sorted out, it worked brilliantly. I also noted afterwards that it didn’t point out the lava tubes (unless we just missed listening to the guide). We would have liked to stop for those, but ended up missing them. We’ve just downloaded the Haleakala drive app, so we’re looking forward to that one too!.Version: 2.1.4

Worth it!!Loved this app! The narrator is super personable and interesting. Feels like he’s sitting in the back seat. Although it doesn’t cover everything, and twice the notification came too late for us to stop, it’s definitely a worthwhile app. We’ll buy some of the others when we travel other places..Version: 2.1.4

Perfect alternative to an expensive paid tour!My husband and I loved using this app for our road to Hana road trip. The guide was great in helping us figure out where to stop, where to skip, and all in all made our trip as efficient but as enjoyable as could be..Version: 2.1.4

Couldn’t have done it withoutThis app made finding the stops so easy and so stress-free. The mile markers aren’t always easily visible and can be missed very easily, which would result in missing the beautiful stops! I was hesitant when I saw the price, but it was SO worth it. I would’ve paid double! The only thing I would improve is on the way down to give updates for how many miles you have left..Version: 2.1.4

Don’t leave without itHonestly we weren’t planning to do a guided tour but I would recommend this app to everyone for doing the road to Hanna, we learned a lot and the sights really aren’t well marked..Version: 2.1.1

Awesome appIt’s a great app. Was wonderful to listen to. One thing I’d suggest is to have the option to have the stops detailed on the way back since we drive the Road backwards.Version: 2.1.1

Super Helpful!I love how easy the app made it to drive Hana on my own to spot most sites! Wonderful! I did notice it missed some significant hot spots / off the beaten track gems that I have seen in the past though, so if you are with another person, it pays to go over other guides and bring notes. What I loved most is the fact that the app gave you enough notice in advance so you could be ready for the sights. My main critique would be that it would be nice if the app mentioned all the hotspots on the way back again without long commentaries. At least a heads up. It was mostly history lessons however visiting info would be more imperative in my book or at least a helpful addition. Thank- you for making this trip easier on my own! Donna from BC Canada.Version: 2.1.1

Well worth the purchaseThe app is very well designed, making it extremely easy to use and virtually foolproof. Most importantly, the narrator is very engaging and does a great job recommending certain stops over others and to give you options. Being able to go at our own pace (read: a lot faster than those slow tour groups) was amazing. I couldn't recommend this app more..Version: 2.1.1

March 16,2018 great drive to HanaWonderful app will tell everyone I know about it and mention it to the concierge at the Four Seasons where we are staying!!!! Mike and Susan Canada.Version: 2.1.1

Great !Wonderful app! Thank you!.Version: 2.1.1

LectureEngaging and somewhat interesting with good recommended stops but there is just too much talk about safety throughout. Also didn’t like the inflexibility of the route..Version: 2.1.1

Great tourThis is an amazing app! Was very useful to have. We listened to it while we drove and it helped the time go by as well as pointed out lots of interesting things to see! Would recommend this app to anyone taking any tour they provide guides for!.Version: 2.0.6

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