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VizRef for iPad enables creatives to finally take their inspiration anywhere. It becomes the perfect companion app for Procreate® or paired with your favorite drawing/animation application by utilizing iPad IOS multitasking features. Clear up your hard to find hidden layers in your drawing app and easily organize your inspiration on the go. Make visual reference boards with any images or gifs from web browsers, cloud storage, photos, screen captures and more. The first mood board creation app made by artists for artists, that brings comprehensive referencing tools to animators and visual artists/en. We are dedicated to bringing creatives what they need most in being inspired everywhere they go.

-Perfect companion app paired with Procreate® Adobe Fresco ® Clip Studio Paint® Infinite Painter® etc. by utilizing iPad IOS multitasking features
-Supports many image types including GIF
-Drag and drop from web
-Batch Import from Photos app
-Batch Export images from boards to cloud storage using Files app
- *Multi-Select and auto pack images for a quicker workflow *
-Import High-Resolution images with HD toggle
_*Focus on whats importing with Focus mode. ( rotate imageboard )
-Batch Import from iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive with split-screen
-Quick and responsive visual reference board experience
-Easy to use/ minimal UI
-Light mode and Dark mode
-Set thumbnails for reference boards to visually organize your inspiration

-Reference your favorite animated gifs
-Pause animation and play frame by frame to better understand referenced animations
-Advanced animation timeline gives you an interactive visual breakdown of all frames

-Crop images to optimize screen space and view more references
-Greyscale toggle for images for value reference
-Flip horizontally and vertically
-Rotate Images
-Copy-paste images into other apps

Artwork and animation credits


VizRef was created by Max Gonzalez and RoboWorld Entertainment with supporting development from Valere Labs

VizRef App Comments & Reviews

VizRef Positive Reviews

Love it!!I don’t typically leave reviews, but this app certainly warrants my compliments. It’s simplistic, effective, and I’m so glad to finally have a space to organize my reference images. I saw a Youtuber using the beta and his recommendation sold me instantly. There’s two things that I feel would enhance my experience, and those would be the ability to rotate my entire ref board, and to be able to add notes with my Apple Pencil/typing (esp the ability to add links for where I got my reference images from). Overall, it’s a beautiful app, and I’m super happy with my purchase:) highly recommend buying it if you’re considering..Version: 1.1

Simply Fantastic, Fantastically SimpleI’ve been really enjoying using VizRef. I’m a comic creator and when I use writing apps I always delight in a nice virtual free form cork board filled with index cards, and now VizRef has provided me with that feature for visuals. As much as I’m using it to pull up specific references and look at them while drawing, I’m also using it as much or more to build inspiration and idea boards. I’d like to see the addition of some form of cloud backup & sync. I like cleaning out my overburdened camera roll and pushing all those materials to VizRef but worry about the risk of losing a large reference collection. I also use an old iPad for reference while at my drafting table so that I can keep all the screen real estate for drawing on the primary iPad, yet when on the go, split screen is the way to go... hence the desire to sync VizRef boards in the cloud for multi device use. A very simple markup tool would also be of interest. I frequently want to drop a reminder note or a quick circle on areas of interest from a reference. It’s doable now by copy pasting into Notes, marking up & re-importing, but it would be nice within the app. It’s a fine line to not over clutter a streamlined and conceptually simple app, but I wonder if these are already on the roadmap or if others have interest in such features. Either way, keep up the great work!.Version: 1.1

Nice but not even close to a cigarDon’t get me wrong. This app is really useful when it comes to pulling up references for drawing, piecing together pictures, and helped me out in class one time. It’s simple and easy to use, however that’s the app’s downside. You are very limited when it comes to how you mess with your boards. I couldn’t even draw on the boards when I was presetting pictures in a group forcing me to open up Procreate. There is a lack of transform tools to mess with your image forcing you to edit in a photo editing app even if it’s minor. The rotation tool only rotates the image 90 degrees one way and that’s all you can do and why is it in a briefcase icon with the flip-vertically tool while the rest of the tools are out on the small bar? The flip-horizontally tool is on there so why can’t the rest as well? You can’t even drag them out. Another thing that annoys me is there is no way to auto-sort your boards or put them in folders. You can drag them in between each other one by one while the board doesn’t tell you if it’s going to do so cause it flickers like crazy. I think app has potential but it’s not there yet. It’s hard to recommend this $3 app when your paint app can do better on the side of the canvas in a folder with layers. Hope the app gets the improvements it needs..Version: 1.1.6

What I’ve been searching forThis app is designed for one purpose, and it fulfills that purpose extremely well. Importing photos is a breeze, and the AUTO-PACK tool (!!!) is a lifesaver for anyone who’s spent way too much time trying to arrange refs into a neat grid in procreate or concepts. The only feature I’d like to request is a simple pen tool, so we can make notes on the “canvas” (sometimes we’re only interested in part of a reference photo, so it’d be helpful to circle it, jot down notes, etc.). Once you accumulate a lot of refs, it can be hard to remember why exactly you saved that one photo. And maybe a function to “attach” the note to the photo so it won’t get lost even if you move the photo (and maybe the auto pack takes the note into account when rearranging, to prevent overlap?). But even without all that, this app is phenomenal and has earned a permanent place in my digital toolset..Version: 1.1

Fantastic app!Love it but am still hoping for other features! This app came recommended to me by another artist and previously I was just organising my images in the photos app in albums and folders. This is SO much better! Very happy I bought the app and will definitely be using it in split screen with Procreate, and full screen for my traditional work. My main feature request would be some kind of info screen with metadata and tagging for the images. Often I want to save an image from an artist, and would like to save the artist and/or website I’ve saved it from— doesn’t have to be automatic, happy to enter it manually! Not as something visible all the time, because the main ui is great! But when an image is selected, if one of the icons in the bottom corner was to bring up an info screen with the metadata (esp useful for photos I’ve taken), one or two editable fields for artist/source, and maybe optional tags that could be searchable from the main screen. This is also a frustration of mine with my previous set up with the photos app. Before that, I tried to use Evernote for my reference, but that was extremely unwieldy. Overall, this is a fantastic and well thought out app. It’s so nice to use something clearly made with artists in mind! I’ve already recommended it to other artist friends!.Version: 1.1.2

SO GOODI sincerely love this app. It works so well, and fast. I was really worried there would be way too many editing tools of some kind and it would essentially be a way easier way for reposters to edit stolen art. I was so happy to be Proven wrong. It is literally just to doof around and put the images you need for a pose/ or piece down and i love it. The only things i do wish it included are very superficial like the ability to scale and transform an image a bit more, but i do understand this was not added to probably avoid people accidentally using the wrong arrows and making it frustrating as well as maintaining resolution. And the other is that i do wish you could move projects around to either order them in some way or makes files to group them. This is so amazing to use though thank you so much for making it..Version: 1.0

Lovely, but NEEDS text labelingThis is a great start and a handy tool for artists. But it desperately needs the ability to add text and label both individual photos, and groups of photos. It should also let’s us create a highlight box around photos to keep groups organized. For example, if I have 100 photos, each into 10 groups of 10, I would like the ability to create a color coded box behind each group of 10, label that group, and even label / caption individual photos in that group. Organization tools like these would be extremely helpful. This app is great to have though! My only other suggestion is perhaps more snapping tools, like a illustrator-esq smart snap, and the ability to drag photos from Pinterest (might not be within the control of the app developers). It might also be helpful to scribble on the ref board. Thanks for reading! I hope you consider these changes :-) great app!.Version: 1.1.5

Awesome digital art reference toolThe developer of this app is obviously an artist themselves, the functionality offers all the things you want to do with reference images in a digital art workflow on the iPad, especially with the multitasking capabilities of iPadOS. Easily place and non-destructively crop images, switch quickly between edit/view mode, resize and organize images intuitively. There are probably even more features and functionality I’ve not yet found, but even those mentioned are with the purchase price. If you use any graphics software on an iPad, and in particular an iPad Pro or an iPad that supports multitasking, do not hesitate buying this app like I did if you are on the fence — it’s exactly what you want..Version: 1.1.6

Love it!I’m not an artist and do not use this for the intended purpose; however, it makes a great all-purpose “pasteboard” for any sort of reference material. The feature I love is the ability to save and arrange animated gifs. Also useful for collecting gifs for reference (example: fitness gifs). I’m sure I’ll find many other uses for VizRef in the future. So worth the inexpensive cost, as well. Only one thing: please allow the ability to back up our boards to iCloud. What if I want to see my boards on other iOS devices, or if the app gets deleted? All my boards will be gone. Please make backup your next update priority. Thanks!.Version: 1.1.2

Great app for artistsI love this app. It has been really useful as an artist but it did crash once and erase my board. I would really love these features eventually. - The ability to lock image sizes! I want to be able to move things around from a zoomed-out view without dealing with accidentally resizing the image I'm trying to move. - Some sort of backup? I had a board crash and I lost all the pictures. - The ability to select a group of photos and automatically scramble/rearrange them and the ability to automatic change the grid (ex. From 2x10 to 5x4) - The ability to add some text or basic shapes..Version: 1.1.5

An artists dream come trueSeriously, The first thing you want to do is open this app and press the little video camera icon in the top left and watch the 4 minute tutorial. Not only is this app going to teach beginners about their iPad in that 4 minutes but the real gems of Viz Ref. 4 minutes of your life and you’re off. The ability to quickly drag and drop images right from google and other applications, directly to the side of my screen is one of the most convenient things when working on a project. Honestly, get this application..Version: 1.1

Extremely useful tool for any iPad artistI’ve just been using PureRef on my desktop and exporting images to icloud drive, and then dragging them over to procreate. Extremely glad to be able to shorten that process! With auto pack, the only thing i’d want is being able to pan while locked. I thought it would just keep images in place but it doesn’t like you pan through a filled board.Version: 1.1

More artists need to have this appI saw someone talking about this app on twitter and bought it. I really like it. I used to print my references and tape them to my drafting table just because having references open on multiple chrome tabs on my ipad was a major pain. The interface is intuitive and it only has enough features focused on reference pic organization. I now have multiple boards for things that I draw often saved on this app and just need to add more if I find more pics of the same subject..Version: 1.1.6

Absolute must have!I started using this app alongside drawing in procreate and now I can't imagine going without it! One recommendation I have is to add the ability to rotate individual images within the board to match the angle/perspective of what I am trying to draw. Currently can only rotate in 90 degree increments. Adding a different color circle above each image (in addition to the resize circles) that allows for rotation around the center point of the picture would be very helpful. If this function is included I’d give it a 6/5 if I could!.Version: 1.1.5

Nice app for basic gathering of ideas.Works very well for its intended purpose of creating a basic mood board with images. It’s kinda like a pinterest board without pinterest. The UI is very native iOS-like, polished, and very well done. now I do wish it allowed you to use the markup tool or pencil on your boards in order to jot down corrections or mark up ideas, that seems like a no-brainer on a device like the iPad, but unfortunately it’s very absent. same with the lack of any keyboard shortcuts as well. Functionality is very basic, but if you only need to copy/paste images onto a board to wrangle ideas, it does that very well..Version: 1.1.5

Amazing App! Theres so much potential here.As a freelance artist, this is an absolutely NEEDED app for me as i have a whole lot of references in Pinterest and Twitter. I dont download my references, but I tend to just retweet them or pin them in my account as an archive, but i ALWAYS hated switching between references. I dont download images for the sake of storage and keeping my photo gallery free of clutter. If I were to make a recommendation; I would ask to include the drag and drop feature from not just the web, but from different app sources like Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter etc. This would really help us artists with a complete digital presence online!.Version: 1.0

Great Companion App for CreativesI’ve done the old fashion manual assembly of references in a Procreate canvas and export them as one jpeg method for a while, which is so tedious. If you’re familiar with PureRef on desktop then this app is similar. My only request would be a way to rotate images on the board fluidly, which might interfere with pinch zoom but might be possible with a lock or snap system? However the features are already great from the start and I’ve immediately started using it on my current projects..Version: 1.0

Great App for artistsI use my iPad for art quite a bit and constantly use reference. VizRef is an amazing compliment to that. It’s a very useful companion to other art apps. However I have one feature I wish it had. I wish you had the ability to export your board to a file. I know you can do a screenshot but I feel the resolution suffers. If I could export it to a file I could import it into other art apps and work that way. Thanks again for the great app!.Version: 1.1.2

LOVE IT (but some suggestions)This app has been a lifesaver! The frame by frame gif scroller's helped me with doing animation studies. Also being able to just lay out all my references in one open spot (as opposing to scrolling through pinterest images or my camera roll one at a time) has noticeably improved my workflow. The only two things I'd want more from this app are: 1) Being able to make post-it like notes in my canvas 2) Being able to mass select multiple images in my open canvas. I like how I'm able add many images at once from my camera roll but I wish I could also do other things, like select a group of pics to drag to another spot on my canvas, or mass delete a group. Otherwise I'm super satisfied with this app! I've recommended it to all my artist friends.Version: 1.1.2

The app I didn’t realize I was missingI’m so used to just image-searching or using Pinterest to save photos to my files, importing them to each individual canvas and working from there, but this is the intuitive alternative I didn’t realize I needed until now. Super easy to use, no frills or bad interface getting in the way. Very pleasantly surprised so far. I’ll try out gifs and such later, but this is a great addition to my Procreate experience..Version: 1.0

Not enough space?So the first board I made had only 5 references. On my second board I only have 1 photo, just something I screenshot from Pinterest , but when I tried adding another reference it told me to “Delete photos to free up space” but I only have 6 photos in the whole entire app. Is something wrong? So far that’s my only issue, I don’t want to keep deleting photos to add more if I only had 6 in the first place. I totally don’t mind changing my review later, I’d just want to solve this issue so I can keep using the app.Version: 1.1

No iCloud supportI just wish there was cloud support for VisRef. This is where other platforms like Pinterest make more sense, because I can save boards across multiple devices independent from local storage. I wish I could save pinboards in the same way. Apart from that it’s good for building temporary collections arguably better than Pinterest as an example. I just wish it wasn’t tied to a device. When you get a new iPad/iPhone you lose your pinboards. Not very intuitive..Version: 1.1.5

Wonderfully Simplistic!Love using this app and dragging in inspiration from Safari. The only thing I wish that would improve this app for me is if they could implement the ability to also be able to draw on the boards! I would love to be able to write notes or circle certain things I like about the images..Version: 1.1.2

Everything I needed!I’ve been using three other gallery/file organizing apps just to substitute for everything this app is doing. Not having to search through my thousands of ref images for the couple I needed for a single project has been such a life saver. I’m happy to use an app that’s made by artists, who understand what other artists need and are looking for..Version: 1.1

Fantastic app, but one little thingI’ve had the app for a while and absolutely love it. I initially downloaded it for drawing, but found it useful for way more. Although, I can’t help but feel like it could be drastically improved with A. The ability to rotate the VizRef canvas and B. The ability to rotate individual images. Though small it would make a big difference..Version: 1.1.2

I Love this!!!!! :):):)!Found this on Twitter a couple of weeks ago and I gotta say it’s kinda a game changer! I used to use Pinterest boards or save hundreds of photos to my camera roll but now I can just everything on to this app! It’s literally so easy and so convenient! Recommend to any artists who usually use many references like me :)..Version: 1.1

Doesn’t let me add photosWon’t let me add photos at all to the app and keeps telling me to delete photos to free up space, even though i have well over 40GB of free space on my iPad. EDIT: Developer has stated that this is a bug and that there is a temporary workaround for it. Works great now! I’m glad that they are responsive and working hard to fix issues..Version: 1.0

Perfect tool for Pro and Studying Artists!This will finally allow us to more easily reference images as we create our artworks or study! The developer is working really hard on it and trying to get out improvements as well as listening to the art community for feedback. I love where the app is at and am excited for its future!.Version: 1.0

So usefulAny artist will appreciate this app. Easy and intuitive. Drew something real quick using it and I just enjoyed it so much. I usually limit myself to one reference when I draw because it’s all I can display without cluttering my screen. Being able to see so many at once has made a clear impact in my work. :3.Version: 1.1

Favorite reference app for iPad!!As someone who uses their iPad mainly for digital art, this app is amazing! You add images so easily, by dragging and dropping or through the app itself. And you can add so MANY per folder. I also love the new feature of being able to ROTATE!!!!!! Lol its so convenient. Can't wait to see what more will come of this app. You guys are doing great!.Version: 1.1.2

Nice appIt's a great application, but I hope to continue to resize after locking. In addition, I also want to be able to swipe to select pictures when importing pictures. After the pictures are imported successfully, the pictures can be typeset automatically, instead of being stacked together.Version: 1.0

What I’ve dreamed of!This is the reference app I’ve been dreaming of. I would usually have to create a reference canvas in CSP or procreate and save it out as a JPG, which was always a pain. This not only lets me build and rearrange on the fly, but has zooming, organizing, and lock support too?! Incredible! If you use references with your art (and you should!) this app is perfect!.Version: 1.0

Amazing appI must admit, the ads that i kept seeing for this worked and i dont regret my purchase. its almost exactly what i am looking for. i always found myself switching between photos/pinterest/files and this app is just really nice at aggregating everything i need in one place. it does exactly as advertised. i love the lock screen function, i love being able to flip my images quickly. great app. one thing i wish they would add is the ability to rotate the angle of the pictures and i think that would make the app even better than it already is. great purchase..Version: 1.1.2

Perfect CompanionThis is a perfect companion for Procreate. It’s so nice to collect reference images and not use Pinterest or have extra layers to hold them in Procreate. I’d like the ability to lock images and still zoom in and out because I sometimes end up dragging my images by accident. But I’m loving it and using it every time I draw 🙂.Version: 1.1

Perfect! (Now with multiple export option)This app was excellent before, but with the latest update you can now export multiple images into something like Files app or Documents app (which is 100x better than Files app). Apps like these make iPad a much more pleasant platform than a laptop!.Version: 1.1.6

Pretty dang handySaving my 5th star for ability to share created boards with my other iPad. Save boards to iCloud, etc. so when I upgrade my older iPad [this year or next] my boards are saved and don’t have to be recreated on each device . Basically, just make these things available and easy to do. I challenge you! ✌🏻❤️👌🏻.Version: 1.1

Ok startThis is a useful app if you need it. It’s missing touch controls like 2 and 3 finger tap to undo/redo. Drag and drop pictures from the app is also strangely missing. A gesture to get to get to a quick menu would be great to see as well. Exporting a set of reference with airdrop is another. Lastly, charging separately for the iPad and iPhone apps is a money grab. Don’t do that..Version: 1.1

Works great!Love the app and see how it will be useful while doing my own artwork. I also am an art director, working with artists and photographers, and would like to be able to export the board as a single JPEG to share with my project team members. I also agree, that having a back-up option would be a great add..Version: 1.1.5

Powerful, a worthy part of any artists kit.Straightforward and super useful for anyone who's used to tools like PureRef! This is indispensable when you're trying to learn to learn and grow as an artist! Only issue is with the inability to add images from albums that are in folders. (I've been assured this is a bug, and the devs seem dedicated to fixing stuff and adding cool features for their users! I'll update the review if this does end up getting fixed!) Other than those? Amazing tool with no real compromises. If you're searching for a tool similar to PureRef but for iOS and with a few more useful features, this is it..Version: 1.1

Problems with resizing an imageI’ve been having an issue where pictures won’t let me resize them, there is a zoom option but sometimes the images will go in small and need to be resized to be a clearer image. Other than that this app has been absolutely outstanding and I can’t wait to see it grow more!.Version: 1.1

Genius!Just discovered this app and it’s exactly what I’ve been needing! Great idea, executed flawlessly, and priced to move! I use it as a reference tool for drawing in Procreate. Takes about 30 seconds to learn, and is very intuitive. Super easy to add photos from Files, Safari, Apple’s native Photos app, or even the Google Photos app!.Version: 1.0

Plays nicely with art studio proVery well designed a an art studio pro user ive had no real issues with integration...needs a few more features but im sure theyll come in future updates...ive found this app to also be useful if you want a place to stack sketches for future use....Version: 1.1.5

Becomes unresponsive for some reasonAfter a while, I found that it will not respond to pinch to zoom or let me pan around to look at any refs even after restarting. it was fine for the first couple months I had it, so I can only assume it is a software update issue. I actually do not know how to troubleshoot this or get in touch with the creator so I am posting this here. 5 stars cuz i feel bad for complaining...though it kinda breaks the purpose of the app? Please fix guys! i hope you see this. otherwise great app! (i really hope this gets fixed! it is too valuable to me).Version: 1.1.2

Hell yeahAmazing. what I always wanted but never knew I wanted. One feature this app doesn’t have that I would LOVE- a pencil tool to draw over the images or make notes with. Sometimes I make layer notes in procreate, such as what brush I’m using for lineart, or a future idea- would be cool to do that in Vizref instead..Version: 1.1

I love this! Just what I need for reference!I love this app so much it helps me when I’m struggling the most when I’m drawing! I use procreate Another feature I would add is the ability to write little notes for when your learning something new or just for reference.Version: 1.0

WowI was hesitant to purchase this app, but I am so glad I did. Saves me from having 30 tabs open on chrome and so much more convenient to have them stored in one viewing folder which by the way such a fantastic idea. Top 5 best apps I’ve purchased..Version: 1.1

Great app!I’ve been looking for something like this for so long! Love the in-app photo editing options; they really speed stuff up. I used to make ref boards in procreate and they took so long and the images always lost a lot of quality so this app is perfect :).Version: 1.0

Exactly what I neededWas recommended this by several artists and it’s exactly what I needed as an IPad pureref counterpart <3 keep up the amazing work Beezul!.Version: 1.1.6

AmazingThe only thing I wish it could do is allow us to add text. I’d like to make notes next to the reference images. Otherwise, love the app!.Version: 1.1.6

Amazing app, add a penLove the app, glad I bought it. Devs, please consider adding a pen tool, so we can annotate, connect, emphasize. Greta app!.Version: 1.1.5

Please add annotation/pen supportSo much faster and easier 4 stars! but for the time being I’ll still stick to using OneNote since it has a pen/annotation feature. I’ll fully transition to VizRef as soon as pen support will be available..Version: 1.1.5

Keep CrashingI love the app! However it keeps crashing for random reason. Be it while I touch it after a bit when multi tasking or when I’m trying to do a multi image select. Would give a 5 star otherwise. Edit: After the new update I no longer crash when doing a multi image select. Will Update if anything else comes up. To add to my review: I simply love having a visual “board” where I can keep multiple reference and divide them in multiple group. The fact that you can use it in side-by-side with other app is also a must for this kind of app. I’ll also add that being able to easily copy an image made it easier for me to do art studies..Version: 1.1.2

Essential ToolLooking forward to more features..Version: 1.1

Super helpful!As a full time artist that prefers to do her work on an iPad, this has helped a TON! I love having references up constantly, and easy to move around. One suggestion I do have though, is maybe have a folder function of some sort in the main menu, so I can stay organized since I plan to use it A LOT. Thanks!.Version: 1.0

Bugged first board but second board and onward working fineWas frustrated because my first board would only let me add two images. Contacted support who messaged me back promptly that this is a bug with the first board created after downloading the app. Working fine now..Version: 1.0

Perfect accessory app for any drawing app!This is what I’ve been looking for for the iPad for SUCH a long time. I have the PC equivalent of this (Pureref) and it is such a Necessary part of my reference taking process I thought I would never be able to find something like this for the iPad.using this app in the multitask window is the best! Probably my favourite part is just dragging procreate files directly into it. So any character references or colour references you can keep easily accessible at all times without having to leave your canvas. This is a necessary recommendation for any iPad related artist!.Version: 1.0

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