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Welcome to Dice Dreams!
Roll the dice, attack your friends, steal coins, build your MAGICAL kingdom and become the Dice King!
Join your friends and players around the world!
Begin your board game adventure and team up with friends on this thrilling dice quest. With every roll, earn free coins to build and expand your kingdom.

Each dice roll unveils a new adventure, filled with fun and excitement! Explore diverse kingdoms with amazing themes, from bustling cities to enchanting royal lands.
Enjoy the classic gameplay of dice rolling fun! Take on challenging quests, collect fantastic stickers, earn dice, care for your pet, and construct your kingdom!

Team up with your friends, sending them gifts, or take a daring move by stealing from friends and other players to enhance your collection!
Join Dice Dreams community to trade stickers and boost your gaming experience.

Join Dice Dreams and get:

Attack your friends, steal their coins, and expand your kingdom! Now you have the thrilling opportunity to take on your friends in friendly competition.
Just aim your slingshot, loot and fire at their kingdoms, raiding them for their precious coins!
Your kingdom got attacked? Get revenge on those who attacked your Kingdom and loot their empire back!

Play for FREE with your friends and family! Invite your Facebook friends to join the epic fun and embark on a thrilling dice-filled journey together.
Gather your loved ones, challenge each other in tournaments, and compete for the title of the best kingdom.

Every roll can bring you an interesting card that has lots of surprises! In Dice Dreams, the excitement doesn't end with just rolling the dice.
Collect exciting stickers with every roll, revealing surprises and rewards.
Watch your rewards increase in value, making your journey even more enjoyable.

Always dreamed about an adorable pet that you can feed? Uncover a delightful selection of cute pets that will capture your heart and become your loyal companions.
Feed them cookies for amazing rewards!

NEW CHALLENGES EVERYDAY Play Tournaments, earn Free rolls and compete in Peon's battle!
With new events running every hour, there are new ways to play every day!

Get ready for an epic time on Dice Dreams: the multiplayer social dice game that allows you to build boards, attack your friends and brag about your victories!

Dice Dreams is free on all devices with in-app purchases.

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Dice Dreams™ App Comments & Reviews

Dice Dreams™ Positive Reviews

So many pop upsMost games of this type have slowed down with the pop ups. This game has increased them. It doesn’t entice me to buy anything it entices me to never want to click into the game until I have the patience to click X exit on 20+ deal pop ups that also lag. They also go through the round of 20+ pop ups AGAIN every time you run out of dice. Keep it to once - twice a day and I am sure people would be happier. The X also switches sides so you can’t just easily exit out. When I want to buy something I go to the store and browse deals. Never once got something from a pop up. Other than that it is a wonderful game! After the start you slow down dramatically with receiving dice rewards which gets boring but that’s to be expected, they have to earn money somehow. I can’t deny it does make me stop going into the game for awhile usually. But it’s not due to quality the graphics and events are super cute and creative! Sorry for the long review 😂 TLDR - less pop ups more dice rewards. There is a balance that would keep people playing but also gain money for the company. It doesn’t have to be the negative extreme!.Version: 1.71.1

DecentIt’s a great game, but the only issue I have are the popups. They always have a ton of events going on which in turn makes the game pop them up everytime you open the game and whenever you run out of rolls. As an example, I opened the game today and spent near 5 min waiting for the game to load properly cause it was trying to load all the events. This time also included me clicking out of all of them. If you’re like me, most of the time you’ll just auto roll until you’re out then go and build what you need to build with your racked up coins. When you finish a building in this game you get 5 more rolls. Go and do those 5 rolls more popups. Finish another building and the same thing. At first I didn’t mind, but now it’s just become excessive to the point where I don’t even want to play. I shouldn’t spend more time clearing out the event popups than actually playing the game. I feel like it’s better to just have everything come up when you first open the game and the roll popups when you run out of money. I also think the fight cards are the most useless thing in this game considering all the prizes (even if you have a high bet) are only good for lower level kingdoms. I’m on kingdom 18 and everything cost over $1 mil. That’s also just the first out of 5 stages in the buildings. Overall this game is decent and I would continue playing. Only real issue I have once again is the popups..Version: 1.69.2

Fun GameThis is a fun game anyone can play. My biggest gripes are 1. As one gets into the 80’s levels the game becomes very challenging. It’s hard to get enough dice to complete villages. One has to roll high at this level. So, if one has 100 dice count then they have to roll at least 25 per roll or one cannot progress. 2. On the fight sequences it is next to impossible to get dice. 3. I don’t like how dice packages are more expensive at these levels. When I started playing I could break my piggy bank for $2-$5 and I could buy packages at that price too. Now my piggy bank is $40 to break and the dice packages are $6-$15! I don’t mind paying a few dollars for entertainment but I will NEVER pay $40 to break my piggy bank! That’s ridiculous! 4. I’m not thrilled with the sticker album either. I play a lot and as much as I play I cannot get past 88% completion because I get the same stickers over and over. The ones I need I cannot trade for and I cannot get, which leads to a certain amount of frustration. I roll at 10, 25, 50 and 100 and I get the same stickers over and over and I feel that’s not very fair. As a result of these issues I won’t be playing anymore after this sticker album. The game is not fun if one can’t get enough dice and stickers without breaking the bank, literally! Not to mention there’s a lot of satanic symbolism within the game. What’s up with all the pizza, pyramid, one eye and bull symbolism?.Version: 1.54.0

Love this game except for…..This is a really cute game I came across on accident. It’s pretty fun! I would highly recommend it except for the following, which some may find to not be an annoyance to them but for me it is: The amount of pop-ups to buy is insane. It doesn’t happen too much when first joining but the further you go, the more you get. And it’s just not like a page of offers. Every time you close one another pops up. I know the developers are just trying to make money and give players more rolls or coins etc to keep playing. But, not everyone has a need to finish the level RIGHT NOW and drop $10 or more. I just wait til everything is reloaded. Another thought is if you’re spending money to buy coins then another user “steals” them - you just wasted that money cause now you have to repurchase to do whatever it was you’re doing. As a free game I love it and play it daily. I love they give you the option to buy stuff but not 10 pop ups in my face every single time I play. I think a better idea is maybe first log on of the day throw all the pop ups at you. But after that, have them saved somewhere for rest of that day and if I want to buy I can go to that spot. Again, it’s a super cute, fun game and I recommend it to anyone that loves casual games. Except all the pop ups. Fix that and it’s a 5 star game..Version: 1.65.1

Fun games, but needs some updatesI usually don’t write reviews, this might be the 3rd one I have ever wrote. But I am writing in hopes that I can be heard and that some changes will take place is this game. I have read the many reviews all the way from last year and it seems that I am having the same issues they spoke about. The main issues that I have are not being able to add or delete friends in the app or in game! Please change this!!! It’s a COMPLETE hassle to have to go through Facebook all the time. Also as you get to higher levels the prices skyrocket and the rolls and coins don’t increase in comparison. Please change this!! Also the side games are either to short or to difficult to complete without having to purchase coins or rolls. And the trading cards!!! I can never get the one gold card that I need and I have to wait until I can trade gold cards and then I have to go back and forth between Facebook to do it!!! I mean are you dizzy yet??? Please find a different solution!!! I really enjoy the game and I understand the “challenge” but I also know that when things are too “challenging” most people walk away… and also people steal millions from me while I’m in the game trying to earn enough coins to finish a building, but when I steal from others I am only allowed up to $750K. Why can’t I steal as much as they stole from me from other people???? Please fix that!!.Version: 1.43.0

Less ads please and card trading in app only without friending someone on FacebookI’m giving this 4 stars. It’s not perfect, but enjoyable for the most part. A few things would make it better. First and foremost, the ads for buying packs and things, take too long to close out. I am willing to spend a dollar or two every now and then, but it’s not because these ads pop up. I go looking when I want something, but I don’t like that I have to click on several things to find the one I’m looking for. Have one place for a marketplace to buy the packs or deals. Don’t make me spend my time closing out the ads before I can even play. Second, the card trading being on Facebook is very annoying. I would love to see it be moved to only in the game. It has to be possible to make it so that we can trade cards in the game without “friending” someone. With how well the design on this game is and the quality of the illustrations, the developers should be able to come up with a better solution than friending people on Facebook. It takes way too much time, and I don’t like adding people I don’t know to my Facebook. If these problems were fixed, I would rate this 5 stars. I already improved my rating from a 3 to 4 because bugs were fixed..Version: 1.66.0

Nate D.I enjoy to play this game, when I 1st started playing it I was like oh wow this game is really fun to play and it really helps pass the time. It was really addictive to say the least lol and I was even starting to spend a few dollars to buy more dice!! That’s when I realized that I was playing the game way to much, so I decided to play the game less. I would spend my money to buy more dice to be able to play more and when I FINALLY made it to a point in the game where I made it to 1st, 2nd or even 3rd place and when it was time for me to get my winnings…I NEVER DID! That was very frustrating and disappointing to me because, I spent a huge amount of time playing and I also spent a nice amount of money buying extra dice, just to be disappointed in the end!!! I felt extremely cheated , and when I reached out to you all about what happened I was NEVER reimbursed either time which was even more frustrating, because I felt as though you all didn’t care about what happened. I was so frustrated and upset about it I stop playing your game, because of it for at least 6-8 months!! I would like for you all to reimburse me for the dice I never received both times I reached out to you guys, but I’m more than certain that you guys WILL NOT suffice. Signed Very frustrated.Version: 1.68.1

Very good appThis app is the best out that I’ve ever played it gives you a whole bunch of coins super easy app and you get to play it with anyone around you even if you don’t know them and it’s a good app to know people as well if you have social problems like me I love this app as well as my 14-year-old and my 12-year-old they love it too I love this app so much and I think this app would be a good thing for kids to do even if they’re looking for other friends as well as adults or daughter very social problems especially if they’ve never been in a relationship or doesn’t have a good family life I don’t have a very good social life so this app has helped me a lot of the pastEight years I hope this app helps many others and you as well I know this is a long paragraph but let me tell you something this app is amazing and I think you would like it as much as I do give it a little bit a time I know it’s so good at this hour and never get harder and you can push yourself like me have a nice day.Version: 1.38.0

Improve gameI really love this game and I’ve been playing it for a while it’s fun to play I’ve had a few people that I invited join which I only got my rewards for my first one and not the other two. I agree with one of the other reviews that it’s hard to compete with some of them to win any prizes because they buy days they cheat there’s always a bunch of them on there that say they can get free days from somewhere so when they’re getting all those free days we don’t have a chance in the tournament I can hit a tournament when adjust starts get my first rolls and somebody’s already at the top with 1000 so not fair to some of us that don’t buy stuff. I’ve had a bunch of things that I haven’t gotten my rewards for and I’veSent emails and never got any of my rewards I got a couple of responses in my email but no rewards to make up for what I lost. There’s got to be someway to make it so that we can get more days quicker After spending 25 million coins today I got absolutely nothing nothing no new regular sticker no gold sticker no nothing it’s ridiculous that you have to spend that much and you get nothing you guys need to do something better to make this game a little better for some people.Version: 1.29.1

Fun but work in progressSo this is a game I’ve been playing for a few months and become addicted to. Unfortunately there seems to be a pro advantage to adding friends/having friends that play and I don’t nor will I add anyone on FB for that. There’s the game & then a ton of side games so you’re constantly collecting and busy. They recently patched a dice “bug” that I and others I’m sure were exploiting but it actually made the game more fun. Now it feels slow and progress is taking way longer. I wish there would be far less pop ups in this in regards to things you can buy, specials, news, etc. You open the app, pop ups. You open one of the side games, pop ups. Your roll amount gets low, pop ups. Every time they pop up there’s at least 3 screens you have to X out of. The pop ups especially upon opening the app can make the game glitch & you lose things you won from it. Example: pop ups are too slow, so you roll the dice, but add the reward loads so do the pop ups and you don’t get the reward or the app completely freezes. Support has been helpful in this however this is the first and only app game I’ve ever had to contact for something like this..Version: 1.51.0

It’s fun but…Let me start by saying I really do enjoy this game most of the time. BUT, there are many problems with it. The challenges are extremely hard, almost impossible unless you buy dice. On multiple occasions rewards for side challenges have not been rewarded to me. They just disappear or don’t acknowledge the fact that you completed it at all. Due to this I have missed out on many more rewards. For example I completed a mission that was supposed to reward me a couple thousand dice, I was going to use those dice to complete the other side challenge to get more dice. Since I was not rewarded the large prize, I could not finish anything else either and therefore I lost all prizes when time ran out. I reached out to support and they don’t get back to you until 4-5 days later so of course all those side challenges are now over and you have to start over. Then they give you a couple dice no where near what you would have had if the game didn’t mess up and they close the chat. The game is already hard enough to progress without being robbed of prizes and dice. I hope they can fix the glitches and make side challenges a bit less difficult to complete. Seems like these people just want your money..Version: 1.70.0

FrustratingI love the game but it has started freezing up a lot here lately so I end up losing chances to get points due to having to exit out and start over again. Also why not make something that you can get coins or stars to use towards breaking your piggy bank, the price to break the bank is literally going to break my bank. In the beginning it was just a few $$ now it’s $20-$40 I’m not paying that much to break it. I don’t mind spending a lil here and there but I’m not spending what I could use in my gas tank to play! Y’all need another way like creating some collection of stars to break it. Another frustration I have is not having enough dice to complete enough rounds to accumulate points. The higher up you get the more you higher you have to go up for Dice throws which makes less rounds. 60 at 5x I’m done and achieved nothing in 12 rolls. The higher you get the more dice we should get. Come on now I know it’s gonna get tougher but you don’t have to make it not worth competing!! Make some changes but keep it challenging but not to the players expense and fix the bugs I’ll give it 5 stars and go back to playing every day!!.Version: 1.62.1

Hope you don’t need help!While this game is pretty easy, and admittedly quite cutesy/fun, the user support is non-existent when there are issues. Sure you can report stuff after it happens, but no one EVER returns your queries, and technical issue tickets are very often closed out without a single person addressing what happens. I’ve had several instances now (even moreso since the introduction of fireflies) of completing a sticker pack but not receiving the listed rewards, and either trying to refresh the game (thereby erasing the last received and completing sticker) in hopes of the game saying ‘oops, here’s your reward you forgot to claim’ but instead getting nothing (and sometimes the sticker pack is complete and I lose out altogether). I’ve had issues with the mini game trails; it seems this game is never without bugs, but it’s honestly a waste of time to report them because no one cares. The three stars alone are for cuteness, the nice details in the graphics, and the odds and prizes overall aren’t too bad for a dice game. That said, it would be more cohesive if the peons on your home board were colorful too, like those in the stickers and mini game cards..Version: 1.69.1

TOO MANY POP UPS!!When you open the game you are bombarded with probably 10-12 pop ups. I’m a F2P player and these are super annoying. When you think they’re done popping up more pop up! Then when you run out of dice there are more pop ups! When you complete a goal that they’re having more pop ups. I spend more time going through the pop ups than playing the game because I run out of dice real fast or the pop ups are a constant that I just loose my patience with them. I consider myself a very patient person and I’ll put up with a few at the start of a game but when I’m seeing pop ups for over half of my playing time I just close it. I get people want to make money but other game developers have found ways so it doesn’t annoy their players that aren’t interested in buying anything. Other than that the game can be fun but it also gets tiring when you’re spending days trying to accumulate money to restore your kingdoms since they become extremely costly and you don’t get an extra amount of coins as you level up either like other games that are similar to this..Version: 1.71.2

AidaThis is a fun game to play. However, I stopped playing it and deleted my account because I would win tournaments and somehow when the results were in it says I finished 4th place sometimes even as far as 36th place when you have been first place for the last 10 minutes of the tournament. This happened to me several times. I did contact them and was told that it’s due to the time zone differences. I feel that this is not fair to anyone who’s not only playing the game but also purchasing roles in order to advance your standing in the tournaments and be able to win 1st place. If this is the case then you will not ever win because of the time zone differences. The last time I was in first place when the time ran out I was able to take a screenshot to show them that I did finished in 1st place again and sent it to them as prove they never replied. I personally rather spend money in games that if a person finishes in first place you get the rewards for it..Version: 1.62.1

My review of Dice Dreams gameThis is truly the best game app that I have played ever since I started playing online games. They have great bonus features and not like in other games where the bonus features are bogus cause something happens that you get kicked out of game in the middle of the bonus game and end up loosing the bonus rewards, that doesn’t happen here. Plus graphic wise really great graphics overall a great game and I am sure you will enjoy very much like I do and the rest of the players that play this game. I recommend this game to everyone and to finish up here It’s also great because they have a great team of people working to help us with any questions or help resolve any issues you are having in the game and they are always going the extra mile to get us that help and issue resolved. I personally appreciate that very much cause you don’t find many games where they really care about their people like the Dice Dreams team. Keep up the great work Dice Dreams..Version: 1.45.0

Review on dicedreamsI find the game very fun. I have the game download it on two separate phones. After playing for sometime you do start to notice a pattern. I can literally go on both devices and right behind each other. The dice will roll the same exact way for each device. the game will also give you rock paper scissors or attack or steal in the same order on two separate devices. I would recommend this game at the same time there has to be some type of bot on the other end, because if it was truly rolling, the dice, the same on two separate devices I find it too much of a coincidence that it also chooses what’s going to come first the fight the attack for the steel. In that case, I would probably attempt to at least make some type of difference so that it seems that it’s more fair, as opposed to set up a certain way..Version: 1.51.0

MehLong Story Short: Dont get this game if you want something to continuously play and dont want to make in-purchases. I am not much for games but downloaded this to play because I was sent an email that gave info to yields funds at certain levels completed within a certain amount of days. I completed the first portion and receive money my paypal account. It is a fun game but in order to advance continuously and play regularly you will have to make in-app purchases. The increase on cost of the purchases as the levels advance is like a $20 gap and then like a $40 gap. You will see these increases whether you make purchases or not because as the levels increase the costs do as well regardless of the fact that yield of purchase doesnt increase. Piggy bank accumulates dice which are a necessity in the game and they make you pay to get the dice that YOU ALREADY EARNED! They increase due to how well you doing during each turn. The game is cool but dont get it if you dont have impulse control because you will wrack up charges on the in-app purchases..Version: 1.65.0

The unimaginable happened! What went wrong?I’ve been playing dice dreams for over a year and invested heavily into my account. A few days ago something happened and I was logged out of my Facebook on the dice dreams app but not my actual Facebook application. The game after that will refuse to load in my Facebook progress via my dice dreams account. It loaded a different Facebook account that isn’t even connected on my fb app I tried uninstalling multiple times and reinstalling. I have over 30k rolls and losing out on whatever events are happening. I tried to contact support but I am getting nowhere and it’s extremely frustrating that no one has gotten back to me at all, day after day and nothing! This is ridiculous there needs to be an update with the ability to switch your Facebook account through the game by entering your email and password to avoid this happening in the future. I still like the game but what’s the point of putting your time and spending money in game just to lose it all to a bug or hack?.Version: 1.69.1

If you have an addictive personality, do not play this gameThis game is one of the cutest, most fun mobile games around. The graphics are nice, the characters are cute (especially if you tap them on the Home Screen), it’s colorful, and there are no ads. Rolling the dice is so satisfying, especially when you receive rewards. Since there are no ads, they offer bundles and packages for money so you can play longer and get more rewards. I don’t like how they push the offers on you multiple times in a day. I have spent way too much money on this game trying to get top rewards. If you’re fine being a casual player and you have the patience to play intermittently, this is the game for you. If you are competitive and “need” to get the top rewards, your poor wallet will suffer. Also, after the past couple updates, the prices of the offers have increased a good amount. They make this game addicting for a purpose. Buyer beware. But all in all, a very fun and exciting game to play..Version: 1.66.0

Great… butI love this game but… As you start completing more kingdoms, the price for other kingdoms increases… As they should but how can we complete these kingdoms when we don’t get a coin or dice increase… It takes to long to get more dice and too much money to buy more dice… Even when buying dice they go so quickly and puts you back at square one… No bueno… The little side games helps sometimes but it’s always impossible to finish… Out of 100 dice you may hit the side items maybe 1-2 times depending on how many dice you are using… The higher your dice are the lesser your chances are… It takes away the fun out of a great game… But my BIGGEST pet peeve with game is the sticker album… It’s so hard to get new stickers, it always gives the same stickers and unless you pay a ton of money you won’t be getting the stickers you need… one time I paid for a new sticker pack and still got an old sticker… Great game but I can’t afford to put more money into this game so I’m going to call it quits.Version: 1.63.1

That one gameI love this game and I see a lot of people play it like my friends I love this game and we play together in the destroyer each other‘s kingdom but the thing that I don’t like about it is probably that there’s a lot of bugs and you have to wait to get more dice rolls and I think that’s kind of annoying and you have to pay to get more dinosaurs if you want to I want to Slee don’t think that you should spend all of your money on this game like real money but I do think it’s that one game where you would play but you don’t really play a lot it’s just a game that sits there but you don’t like it but you don’t but you love it but you don’t hate it and it’s a game that I really highly recommend but it’s one of those games that you just sit there and leave and you don’t delete it ever you notice it but you don’t wanna delete it honestly I think I would probably give us a four because it’s kind oh good but I think it needs a few twists and turns through it🙃.Version: 1.53.2

EhhhOkay, so this game is a fun little game to play. They have lots of little side missions that help make the game, but like other reviews here, IF YOU DONT PAY, you won’t ever finish the sticker sets, will hardly ever finish the winter trails, and you will wait longer just for the dice to reload in the game. They always give out the same stickers and unless you pay, it’s hard to near impossible to get the gold stickers you are missing. Then the stickers you do need, you have to add random people to your Facebook just to have them as friends so they can send stickers. Also the prices go up on the the kingdoms to rebuild but the dice and coins you make don’t. After this last update as well, my game is constantly freezing. I have to close out on the game and miss out on attacks and steals and fights just because the game is constantly freezing. It would be a great help if they could look into this. Otherwise this game is overall great. Very addicting..Version: 1.52.4

Greedy developers cool gameThe game is cool, like most of the reviews say, it’s fun and creative however the pop ups are ridiculous. And as well as the game has wayyy too many glitches for the prices for rolls and coins. The more you spend and You win tournaments and finish challenges and then the game magically glitches and you don’t get your rewards and support may give you something but it won’t be close to what you earned before the glitch. It happens almost every single time as well as if you join the fb group you can see majority of players have this same issue so it’s not a phone thing it’s the developer. Also for free rolls you only get a few per hour (depending on board level) either the wait time should be shortened or the rolls should be increased. Also when you don’t spend money they give you crappy rolls, but as soon as you buy, you get great rolls to advance so far in the game. This is why i say the developers are greedy. But over all it’s a great way for me to disassociate..Version: 1.68.1

Good gameGood game but to be honest I feel like it’s rigged when it comes to the challenges especially the missions challenges it’s impossible to ever complete the missions for the pot of dice that rewards 200,000 dice in order to complete that it would take a person to spend atleast $1,000 dollars i understand it’s supposed to be some difficulty for prizes but Not to the point where the risk of the reward could be equivalent to a person purchasing a vehicle it’s just a game give your customers more chances to win the challenges that would help the business in the long run. Meaning money would be spent more by the customers if knowing our purchases won’t go in vain. Hope this gets considered because it’s a great game im addicted to playing but I have my days when I feel like deleting due to feeling cheated on my rolls or when having spent money on thousands of dice and the outcome doesn’t satisfy me and I spend a lot few times a week !.Version: 1.69.1

Fun game but not worth it and pop ups are so annoyingIt started out fun but I noticed that as I progressed it became impossible to keep going without paying and then the pop ups that keeps coming up one page after another whenever you finish your rolls or open the app drove me insane!!! I deleted the app because it just just so not worth my money not my time as it wasn’t even entertaining me and instead started to stress me out about what if someone steals my coins as I’m closing all this pop ups? Which has happened to me where I spent my money or I’m still rolling to get enough and somehow I’m down to 0 or at least half gone and that is when I just spent money to get some dices so I could keep going because hey! Guess what? After you get to certain level 1m to level up or construct build 1 is what’ll be needed but it’s not like they give you any more that 6 every hour. I used to play this in my downtime but not worth it as I just end up in a bad mood after..Version: 1.70.1

TornI actually really enjoy playing this game, but I would have to say my biggest complaint is all the ads to buy stuff within the game. Like 4-5 ads for different packs you can buy pop up one after another as soon as you get on the game, then when you get to a low amount in your rolls, or when you come back to the main game from trails, boom there’s ad after ad after ad. Also, at times the game flows really well, you get rolls, you earn coins to build the kingdoms and feed your pet quickly and then times like now you barely get any free rolls, and the little bit you get from your rolls isn’t enough to build anything and you never get food to feed your pet. How can we feed the pet in the allotted time frame if the game literally lands on dice that give us nothing and never gives food either. I’ve used my spins in 5s today as I usually do any other day and I’ve literally ran out of rolls and made no coins or food. Please fix this cause I do love to play this game..Version: 1.66.0

Bad Customer service but good gameI very much enjoy playing Dice Dreams, it’s passive and is relaxing with the tapping. I’ve also invested money buying rolls, etc., HOWEVER, the latest promo of “Guaranteed NEW STICKER” and rolls for purchase is false advertising. I spent $6.99 for guaranteed new sticker to complete a collection and I got all duplicates - nothing new. I reached out to their support team in the app and am fairly certain the response is automated. It directed me to report not getting credit for “invite friends” which has nothing to do with my issue. I replied back stating as such and haven’t heard anything in 24hrs. I’ve tried starting new convos and as soon as I hit send, the app “closes” my ticket. So now I can’t get in touch with support about my issue and I requested a refund based on false advertising. You guys have a great game here, but SERIOUSLY need to overhaul your customer service and make sure your purchase packs live up to your guarantee claims. I’d appreciate if someone from the dev team reached out. Thanks..Version: 1.52.1

Very fun gameThis game is great! However, like the other comments you have to pay to continue playing (getting more dice). I think this game is fun so I spend money on it, the purchases are pretty cheap! If the developers were to make a different version of the game such as having to spend $50 to buy the game then free game play and unlimited dice rolls, I would buy it! Another suggestion would be to make the buildings cheaper, sometimes I spend all my rolls and can only upgrade 1 building 1 time and then have to wait hours and hours to play the game again. Another suggestion is to have more “ad events” where you watch an x amount of ads and get free dice etc. Overall a fun, addicting, and interactive game! Cheap purchases add up over time so I’m not sure how much longer I will be playing or I may have to take a break for awhile! I hope developers can see this comment and maybe make some adjustments (: Thank you.Version: 1.29.1

Fun and addicting but it’s a money sink.First I have to say the game is really fun and the concept is greatly addicting and the developers are geniuses in getting people to spend money. unfortunately once you get the dice rolling (pun intended) the game becomes next to impossible for people who don’t spend money. I’ve spent somewhere between 50-80 dollars total, and I’m really ashamed of that. Because really I didn’t get anything out of it. My complaint comes really that I have been playing for upwards of a month and have never once been offered a video to watch to earn free dice, but my wife who has been playing the same amount of time gets videos daily. Customer support told me “ You are using a stable and strong internet connection(WIF|<->LTE/4G). No ad-blocker is installed on your device(jailbroken/rooted devices may automatically encounter some instability while playing). Please note that the same applies to special events involving videos: "Video Quest," "Video Mania," etc. These events may appear from time to time while playing, and as the game is tailored to ensure proper and fair play, as mentioned before, the game automatically unlocks it as you continue playing.” ” I find it funny my wife gets them daily but I get none so none of those reason make sense. I will be uninstalling this game as to save myself money and frustration. Save yourselves money and time and play something that is less cash grabby..Version: 1.55.1

AnnoyingSo when you first start playing, you find the graphics pleasing and the chances to win dice vast. I have two things that I don't like about this app. First, the amount of promotions that get displayed are tedious. I am tired of constantly having to exit them whenever I'm low on dice, coming into the game, or going back out to come back into more promotions. If you ask me, these promotions are worse than ads. We know the opportunity to buy products is there, so there is no need to bombard players with this throughout the game. Second, I've noticed that they will pretty much utilize all your rolls before you get a shield. However, once you get the shields, they then turn around and bombard the board with nothing but shields thereby wasting rolls. I am starting to prefer Board Kings over this game and may be deleting soon due to the constant pop ups and bad gaming algorithm..Version: 1.54.0

Fun game, but could use some updatesThis game is fun for sure, you could spend hours collecting coins to build your village while destroying friends villages and trying to prevent them from passing you up in building, lots of fun collecting sticker albums for rewards to continue playing and building your little kingdoms, HOWEVER, the sticker album really grinds my nerves. Once you reach a certain level you can basically forget about getting anything new or being able to continue. And the duplicates are worthless beyond trading with friends, but once you’re where I am, you literally have HUNDREDS of duplicates of EACH sticker and there’s NOTHING you can do with them. I wish they would make it to where you’re able to trade in your duplicates for extra dice , or have a shop that you can sell your duplicates to friends for coins to continue building…. Something!!!! Pleaseeeeee do something about the sticker albums and the thousands of duplicates ???? Please??.Version: 1.40.4

So fun! But…This game is incredibly fun, and easy to get addicted to. It does have a heavy “play to win” presence, but it’s only a few dollars at a time for specific things and it’s possible to play the game completely free and still have fun! One of the biggest issues with the app (and the reasoning for a 3 star rating instead of 4-5), is the absolutely ANNOYING startup. As soon as the app is opened, it’s screen after screen of “one time offers” and “purchase packs,” if you close one you get 5 more right after it. It takes so long to simply open the app and play! Not to mention, even if you DO spend lots of money (…I’m guilty of that), the screens still pop up and it’s frustrating. Sometimes I’ll plan to open the app and play, but there’s so many different offers and screens and pay-to-play things that I just end up closing the app for the day! This getting fixed would probably increase my score, it’s just an unfortunate annoyance..Version: 1.61.0

Love itLove it.Version: 1.30

The best stratagy game everThis is one of the best stratagy games ever that you can steal and defend other kingdoms to make you stronger and rich. The art was so cute for everyobe to play.Version: 1.29.1

Love it but.....And it's a BIG but.... there are so many ads it's sometimes painful!!! The 5 little pop up ad things when you run out of dice take forever to go through and it's so very frustrating..Version: 1.60.0

Nice experienceIntresting.Version: 1.62.1

Decent time waster, but annoying ads.I understand the need for ads in mobile games, that’s normal. My issue is EVERYTIME you use all your rolls, even if you have like 3 rolls left but you are on the 8x roll, you’ll get the multiple ads to add more rolls. Then when you use the 3 rolls you have left? You guessed it. More of those multiple ads you need to X out. There should be a timer, it’s annoying..Version: 1.29.1

Literally so much fun!I love it!.Version: 1.38.0

Fun!!!It’s a blast! Easy to play!.Version: 1.31.0

Dice dreamsAbsolutely awesome game love it.Version: 1.30.2

To goodTo good I ts a m I S t play.Version: 1.51.0

Dice DreamsVery Addictive 🤦‍♀️😂.Version: 1.72.0

AnimadoSuper genial en verdad 😊.Version: 1.72.0

Fun!My 7 year old son will love this.Version: 1.72.0

Very goodLove this game would recommend to everyone.Version: 1.72.0

GreatFun and productive.Version: 1.72.0

Fun but…I don’t like that six or seven different pop-ups need to appear on your screen when you run out of dice. too many notifications per day. pretty impossible to win a tournament unless you get lucky with dice or you’re spending money on the app ...Version: 1.72.0

Awesome game!So fun never seen a game like this before!.Version: 1.72.0

Fun gameJust started but so far it’s pretty fun.Version: 1.72.0

Love itAwesome.Version: 1.72.0

MatthewI can tell this game is quick and highly addicting.Version: 1.72.0

Awesome AppAwesome Game.Version: 1.72.0

Mindless funI like this game because very little think about. The characters are fun.Version: 1.72.0

Great gameLoads to do, keep it coming!!.Version: 1.72.0

I will let my child play this game and recommend to everyone elseAwesome game complicated to use I will suggest for everyone else. Just roll the dice and win big.Version: 1.72.0

GameCoolest.Version: 1.72.0

I love the little peonsCute game, I play it everyday, usually around midnight to get my daily reward! The have cute little side games to play so there’s different opportunities to earn more rewards. They even have a pet you can grow and when you get to the last level of the pets level you actually can keep the pet and it runs around your “yards” lol I just wish they would give more dice!.Version: 1.72.0

Great gameI love it.Version: 1.72.0

Best game everLove the game I wish we didn’t have to wait so to get dice.Version: 1.72.0

Addictive but do not receive the rewards!!!I play this game for a few months now and I receive notifications for new players enrolled but do not receive the reward that comes with it! A little bit deceived for this… But the game is highly addictive but with way toooo much publicities to buy a bundle OMG!!!.Version: 1.72.0

The game is so coolSuper awesome, love the new kingdoms!.Version: 1.72.0

EnjoyableFun game.Version: 1.72.0

It’s fun and a good stress relief🙂 great.Version: 1.72.0

Fun!Board game come to life!.Version: 1.71.2

Overdoes pay for play pop upsIt’s a fun game, but they need to find a better system for their pay to play options, they pop up constantly which can be very very frustrating, genuine considering putting the game down because of it.Version: 1.72.0

SatisfaitC’est très amusant, bon jeux facile clair je recommande à 100%. Par contre le degré de difficulté n’est pas très élevé..Version: 1.72.0

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