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*** From the creators of GyroSphere ***

A road full of unexpected obstacles lies ahead in this challenging rolling ball platformer!

Ready for a fun ride?


• Easy, one-finger swipe ball control
• A funny collection of balls to play with
• Inventive and more treacherous tasks at every turn
• Remove unsolicited ads available

Going Balls App Comments & Reviews

Going Balls Positive Reviews

Download this game now!!!First of all, I want to say that whoever invented this game was a genius. I have enough coins to buy everything and am on level 460. This game is sooo fun and addicting!! The levels are all really creative and the different ball designs are cool. The ads are not bad at all! There is an ad if you fail once, which is fine, but if you fail again u don’t have to watch one. There is also an ad at the end of every level, which gets slightly annoying, but it’s not that bad. I do have a few suggestions for how to make it better though! So to start off, please make some more obstacles! The ones that u do have are fun, but I repeat them a lot, even if they are in different orders. This is also annoying because sometimes I’ll play a challenging level, and then want to play a spinning wheel game. Sometimes if I land on challenge, it just makes me do the EXACT SAME LEVEL which is incredibly irritating! Please fix that. Also, just get rid of the blue bonus levels. They’re boring and I don’t need any coins. All in all I love this game, it’s awesome. Thanks for creating such a spectacular game!!!.Version: 1.1.63

Super fun, except for the penalty…?It’s just as fun as it is in the ads, and i want to let any newcomers know that this isn’t a false advertising game, it’s exactly like in the ads. But there’s just one thing. As usual, some people reported the amount of ads. Not to complain or anything, but every single time my ball falls off the track I have to watch an ad. Well, not really EVERY single time, it’s a pattern. If I fail again in the same level I don’t have to watch an ad. It goes ad, no ad, ad, no ad, ad… you get it. But really, it’s almost as if the developers are punishing us for failing, like this is a school. Like the video ads are a penalty we have to pay whenever we accidentally fall off the track. I just wanted to make sure any newcomers understood this before downloading, and I don’t really have any complaints. And it’s not like the ad pattern is driving me crazy, it’s only annoying when the ads do come on. It’s only annoying in the moment, kinda like Deja vu. 5/5 stars from me ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ if only I could give more than that.Version: 1.1.104

Overall review for complete gameI have been playing this game for about a year now. I have gotten the most expensive map and skin, and even though you can beat the game, I’ve pretty much gotten every achievement possible. That being said, one of the crucial problems with this game is the racing feature you can use your blue tickets to race against other “players” (even though there just NPCs) and you try to get the top global rank. Although all of that is fake and done by robots as far as the leaderboards and actual races go, the most disappointing part is the fact that, if you to get first globally, your promised to get a brand new skin, a trophy, and other things like that. I made it my goal to get these and tryharded on the game for a long time. Except, when I finally got 1st…it didn’t give me the skin. This was disappointing to me because how hard I had worked to get it, and I can imagine that would be even more disappointing to someone who had spent all of their blue tickets only to be disappointed with the fact there is no reward. Overall, decent game, but please fix this bug..Version: 1.1.90

Awesome game but just things that you can add.I love the game and had it for a while now. It’s very and oddly addictive and I’m already at level 500. But, there are two things that would make the game super fun! First, when you go into the race section (The place where you pay ten tickets to enter) and go in, it’s a fun little thing and a clever idea to add. But, because I’ve had this game for probably half a year now, it’s pretty obvious that the other balls are NPCs. For example, if you hit the checkpoint and are in first and look at the progress bar at the top, every NPC will teleport there. When you win, the game already knows what place everybody’s in even for the NPCs who haven’t finished. So just if you can try to make them real people to make it more challenging. Second, the game title says that you can build levels. But, you can’t in the game. I’d really like to have that in. I know that my ideas would be hard for you to make and you just don’t want to, but just ideas for you. 5 stars still. Very fun. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.1.68

Best mobile game ever!Hi thanks for reading my article! so lets say your bored and browsing through the app store to look for the best mobile game ever, and you happen to stumble on this post and decide to check it out! heres why you should download and play this game! first of all, mostly all ads are optional! that means NO ad breaks during levels! second of all, the physics! omg the physics are so good! especially for a mobile game with a limited budget! if you miss a collectible or two, you can just turn around and grab them! what a cool mechanic! speaking of mechanics! the mechanics in this game are PHENOMENAL!!! omgarsh i just love the little parts where you go down the bowl onto a ramp and go WHOOOOOSH! now finally last but not least, the content! there are so many skins you can buy without even spending a p e n n y !! speaking of which! if you collect all three keys you can get a free skin by chance! how cool is that! there is so much more being added! come and check this phenomenon of a game with me! see you on the flipside! - dane g..Version: 1.1.50

Game called:going ballsOMG this is honestly the best game I’ve ever had it’s so fun I do this when I’m bored and u get 5 tries and The game is so easy to play if you download I hope u have the time of ur like evert since I got this game I can’t get off my phone even when my tells me to go to bed because I have a bed time I still sneak my phone because this game is so fun I evne put all my friends on this game and they love it so much this is is for any age but ye like I’m saying it’s so fun I love this game so much I’ve never been in love with a game this much I hope I can play this forever I don’t even like getting off my phone when I’m going to eat or sleep or if I have work to do I play it 24/7 like omg it’s so fun love you game I’ll play u all the time thanks so much to who ever made this game I hope I can meet you in person and give you a reallly good hug because Jesus this game in amazing love the game I’m on it all the time ik I already said that but I’m honestly in love.Version: 1.1.78

Will not restore purchases!My daughter loves this game. I paid $2.99 to remove the adds. She got to the higher levels that were to advanced for her so we deleted the game and redownloaded in so she could start from the easier levels. I have tried for two days now to restore the purchases and have had absolutely no luck. I caved today when she kept crying (she’s 3) because of the adds and paid another $2.99 for some package that gives so many little tickets and I believe a “special ball.” After the circle going around and around for two minutes I closed the app down and restarted it. Now we have no adds, but no tickets, and no new balls. Very upset over this. Daughter loves the game, I just wish I could actually restore my purchases instead of having to pay again, then not even get all of what was paid for. Tried reaching out to app support but the options I was given to pick from didn’t seem to fit the issues at hand. If someone would like to contact me in hopes to resolve this, I would appreciate it. ***purchases restored this morning! Thank you! My daughter loves this game..Version: 1.1.90

Recommend!I really like playing this game and I find myself playing it whenever I’m bored. The levels aren’t too easy or too difficult. I only have a couple things I really don’t like. I understand pretty much every game has ads, but this one seems to have an outrageous amount of ads (in my opinion). I can get around them bejng between levels, but for me they are sometimes during levels if I don’t have enough balls. It’s gotten to the point where I turn airplane mode on to not have ads, but then there’s things I can’t get as a result. The second thing which is more annoying for me is that I’m at the point where every level I’ve already played at least three or four times. The levels are so repetitive and I don’t know if there are new ones or other options, so it’s starting to get a little boring, regardless of how much I enjoy playing it. If there were more levels and the same levels didn’t repeat over and over again, I’d find this game much more enjoyable..Version: 1.1.75

Please read!!Alright so I started playing this game about five months ago, and I love it! I do have one problem. I love the game, but I DO suggest having an endless mode, not even just a portal run, but ✨literally endless✨. I understand that it might be a hard thing, and a big ask, but if you were to make the levels more challenging on the endless rounds, people would never really get that far. Another thing (I lied there's two), is that the levels are sooooooooooo easy at this point. They started repeating at about level 35-50. They are so fun but now I can do these levels hanging upside down from my pinky toe from a rusty chain, because I have memorized all of the tricks to getting through. Other than my *two* things, this game is amazing! I don't know what people are talking about with too many ads, this is a game with the best ad control I've had in a LONG TIME. So I would like to thank to developers for making a great game.🙃🙃.Version: 1.1.51

Overall love this gameThis game is great and super relaxing. i’m on level 355 and the only thing that could use improvement is the repeating levels. for the past many many levels, they are the same as levels i have done in the beginning of the game. it’s just the same obstacles and stuff and it gets repetitive. i like how you can spice it up by buying new balls and worlds, and how they aren’t a rip off of your coins. i think other things in the game are amazing. like, i love when the cards shuffle and you get to choose an activity, personally my fav is banana frenzy. but, since there are only about 6 choices or so they do get repetitive. i also love spinning the wheel. so, although i am giving this game 5 stars (it deserves it) there are things that would make it way better!👍👍 in conclusion, here are my recommendations. as you know, the levels get quite repetitive so that could use some fixing if possible. for the card shuffle games, i would love for there to be more options. i get so excited when the cards come up since the mini games are so fun, but i’ve done them all a bunch of times. i also recommended another option on the home screen since spin the wheel. i saw someone else say this, a “endless” level option with high scores i would love. games are always more addicting when you wanna beat ur high score!.Version: 1.1.54

Pretty good!As someone who has reached level 1123, I think I have a pretty good scope of this game overall. it is fun, and a good way to mindlessly distract yourself for a good 15 mins, but there are some things I would change. I opted to pay 2.99 for no ads, which I feel was a good move and made gameplay more enjoyable. after about level 20, the tracks/courses start repeating, so at this point I can basically do all of them with my eyes closed. there are also pointless “bonus” levels added in between every other course or so, where the whole point is to collect coins, which only count to buy new balls, which I will mention the faults of in a second. I hope that there will be new levels added in the future to make things more interesting, as well as different color courses and tracks. idk, just something to spice it up a bit. you can buy different balls like I mentioned before, but I’ve found that the more ornate a ball is the glitchier it makes the game. So sticking with the more basic ones is the best bet..Version: 1.1.33

Thank you for inventing this gameI gave it four stars because the ones really just go up and down and get coins and then like do the circle with a bunch of coins that one is like no fun and I want like challenging levels. I’m really a person who likes to get challenged and if I don’t get challenged, I think it’s really boring and I don’t want to think that because this game is fun except the easy ones, so can you like make it like harder I would say? Can you guys also add like a better like backgrounds and more cool balls I have all the balls and I want more I’m a girl, so can you guys like invent cheerleading balls if that’s possible also, can you guys have cheerleading backgrounds? If so, please do and can you guys also get rid of like the ads? I really don’t like that because then I don’t get to play the fun levels that I like to play other than that, I think the game is really fun and I love it all my siblings love it and I agree with him because it’s so much fun. Thank you so much for inventing it. You are awesome. Please invent more games like that if you can..Version: 1.1.66

Ads…First of all, I love this game, and whoever made this game did an amazing job, but the ads and ads and ads and ads are horrible! I don’t know if I’m just bad at the game or there are way too many ads, but it’s killing me! I feel like I can’t play this game without getting plummeted into a Valley of ads. If this was a no ad game, I would love it. And I would’ve given it a five star rating. But just because they were loads and loads of ads, I’m giving it a three. It wouldn’t bother me if there was only like one add every five rounds but there is at least two ads every two rounds and it kills me because I hate ads and I hate not being able to play a game I downloaded. it would be good if the game had no ads but if there was like an ad every five rounds, that would be OK. Because at least I’m not getting add after ad after ad after ad. And the rounds aren’t that long so it take at least like three minutes for most people to finish a round. Anyways, if the developer sees this, please make less ads if you can! Thank you!.Version: 1.1.96

It is okOk I have been playing this game for a while but I have noticed something I have already written 1 review on this game and I said that the game was really amazing and I rated it 5 stars but there is a lot more issues that is why I rated it 3 stars so the first thing that I hate the most is of course the ads they are just horrible and the graphics to they not great and the glitches and I have also noticed that it is just the same thing over again sometimes there might be different things but have saw the same things which is very boring like for example I was like on level 72 and I saw the same thing on level 178 and that is not ok and I feel like the creator should have been a little bit more creative with this game😬so the game is okay but not great but I still do play the game because it is just not horrible but it is okay it is not the best thing in the world and people don’t pay attention to the things that I said in this review I really hope some who is about download the games reads this review.!.Version: 1.1.84

Actually sick gameSo I’m a pretty picky person when it comes to no-wifi games. this game has gotten me ADDICTED. the levels do end up repeating, which can get a bit boring, but honestly it’s a lot more fun when you have to do extra challenges to get skip-its (ad-skippers) which are also really nice to use. you can turn volume, sound, and haptics on/off, which is really nice if you’re playing music loud into your ears and you don’t have to hear the rolling sound loud too. (i had a problem with this with a previous game where i couldn’t play it with music because the sfx were too loud because of the volume i had my music at). i also like the haptics because the buzzing is actually satisfying. you can play it anytime, anywhere, and it’s pretty relaxing and fun to play. i would 100% recommend this game for anyone to try. have a nice day yall :).Version: 1.1.90

Fun but plenty of problems. Read thisI got this game thinking that there couldn’t be that many ads. I was 100% wrong. If you fall of the track 50% of the time you have to watch an ad. And in this game they repeat the levels. The developers need to make the levels differently. NO REPEATS. Even at challenge levels. The game is fun but to many problems. And when I try to watch an ad to skip to the next checkpoint when my ball is falling it doesn’t work and I end up watching the checkpoint skipper ad anyways😡. When you are doing a race you aren’t even racing against real people. This game is NOT a stress remover. Opps I fall of. Now I have to watch a FREAKING AD! Most of the time this game is fun but way to many problems to make it a 4 or 5 star game. Fix this. Yes I know you need ads to keep the game free but the in app purchases are enough. Just take away all the ads. And last it is way to much real money to buy a new look for your ball. I expect more. I know you are trying though. Thank you..Version: 1.1.96

Ok, I guess.This game would be 5 stars, but it has a few problems. 1 it glitches. It will just freeze for like a second and then when it unfreezes it’s like it never froze and often i have to save my ball from falling off the edge. 2 you need skip’its for EVERYTHING! like, it’s crazy. And what annoys me is that you can’t even purchase them with the tokens you earn. Like say I fall off an edge. I have no balls. There is no option to purchase a skip’it. You are forced to undo all your hard work and do it again. And restarting doesn’t even refill your balls! It’s super annoying and I would like if you could change this. 3 when you start a level you HAVE TO FINISH! why can’t you just go and like race or something!? These may be small problems. I don’t like to spend real money on games, so I don’t even get to purchase anything THAT way. So other than a few small things, this is an awesome game that I recommend..Version: 1.1.104

I’m surprisedThis is a great game by the picture of it I thought it would be another cheap game but this game is really bight quality but I do have one problem. And that is the ads I understand u gat paid for people watching ads but their is to many for my liking one or two or even 5 in an hours worth of playing time but within an hour i had at least 20 ads ( yes i counted) and it was almost every time i fell off the track i read a lot of reviews and was surprised i was the only one with this problem but overall this is one of the best game i have on my phone and another thing try pitting more worlds and skins the expensive skins are cool but their isn't a lot of them and this is a problem i have with a lot of games but when i finish a level and a prize pops up i don’t want to watch a video on something I earned but overall I would recommend getting this game it is super fun and addicting.Version: 1.1.51

Best offline game but never play the tournament😡Ok I have got to say this game is AWSOME! But the tournament is trash! The tournament is fun and when I saw the 1st place prize which is 5 skip it’s and a lot of gold and definitely the mystery ball! But when it took me soooooooooo long to get 1st place and I thought by tomorrow someone will take my place but it’s been 4 days yet I’m still in 1st place LETS GO!!! But 1 day left I knew no one would take my place but the next day I was excited to get my prize after all I did but it did not give me a prize and a new tournament started!😡😡😡😡😡😡 what the heck! So definitely play this game but NEVER PLAY THE TOURNAMENT!!! ITS RIGGED! And also if the developer is listening then please answer to this because I want to know why it’s rigged. 3 days later. Ok I don’t know how to delete a review but ignore this! It’s now working just win 2 times.Version: 1.1.95

Great but…Hey I really love this game! But I hate the pop-up ads in this game! It’s just not fair while you’re about to beat the level then to get an ad and then to have to restart the whole level! Also I don’t like that everything is overpriced I mean it cost a fortune to get rid of the pop-up ads and I’m not allowed to spend on games! And there are a lot of glitches that make you fail even if it’s not your fault!!! Otherwise this game is really great because it gets rid of boredom. and it’s really great to play with friends!!! so if you get rid of The pop-up ads I mean the ones after a level or the ones to get things are totally fine but the ones in mid-level are terrible! So if you get rid of those and try to get rid of the glitches this will be the best game! So if you want five stars then get rid of those two things and dear developer thank you for making such an amazing game!👍byeee😉☺️.Version: 1.1.76

Super COOL!🤩Okay, Hi l am Sarah I just wanted to say this game is awesome because almost all the skins are awesome and I mean skins for the ball. There is so much skins on that it would take centuries to get all of the skins and guess what that is actually a good thing because all the adds you’ve watched is actually worth it and that is one of the reasons why I adore this game so much. Secondly, you get so much money in one day because the first day I played this game I got like 11,895 coin’s and in my forth day I got 44,398 awesome right. But the only thing is take away some adds but job t all of them because a LOT of my friends deleted the game going balls so please take away some of the adds please. Oh, and yes all the levels are the same but they are also very fun when you get used to them. I hope someone is reading this, have a wonderful day.😎🤩🤩.Version: 1.1.66

Great game, but could use improvementsMost of the time I am here complaining how bad a game is. However, this game is actually not bad. I think the game does need some improvements to make the game more interesting and more worth while. I think the game needs game modes. This will give the player more variety on what to do. I also would like to see the different balls you unlock in the game actually provide some upgrades for the player. I also think that maps need to be twice as long. For me I seem to finish them to quickly and need a bit more of a challenge. However, the game seems to provide some good challenges and I really hope this game will be updated and get some new and better improvements overall. Again I’m quite surprised that a free game is actually good, and I hope it gets better will little to no ads as possible. Hope you have a blessed day and God bless. ✝️.Version: 1.1.31

Riddled with adsThere are so many ads incorporated into this one game. First it is an ad every time you complete a level. You get enough coins as is from completing the levels. Second is the gift box. Its a gift box, its supposed to be a gift to you, but instead it is behind ads. Either watch an ad or lose it? Seriously? And forced ads after completing the levels, not needed. The advertisements are just everywhere. Maybe put them on the side instead of forcing me to watch an ad. And the level size, you can complete each in 20 seconds, way to short. And with the ad that happens after completing the level increases the frequency for ads. I could give this a five star but the ads are heavy and just bringing the game down with them. Its a good game. But increase level length and get rid of the ads. Like remove ad locked gift boxes and have an ad after some levels that are longer and then this game will get a five star from me..Version: 1.1.38

Super fun gameWhat a great game for my 4 year old! I bought the no adds for 3.99 because he has autism and just kept clicking on watch lol. Once we got to the levels in the 50’s it became a little to hard for him, so i deleted and redownloaded the app so he could start at level 1 again. However all the balls we had used coins for were gone. I read about this in another review and saw restoring purchases would bring them back…. but it just gives me 20k coins…. so i clicked that a bunch of times and bought the balls again. I’m a little confused at how that works but as long as I don’t get charged multiple times its fine with me! That would be the only suggestion would be to be able to start over again from the beginning! what a fun game tho….. got me playing it now 🤣.Version: 1.1.99

It’s a very fun game BUT…My goodness does it have a ton of Ads! I mean every round you play there’s an ad! You want to jump a portal? Ad! You want to just play a few boards to by time…you’ll spend majority of your time watching ads! I want to kill 30mins on my lunch break and I fell asleep watching ads! I only was able to play 3 rounds at the most for 30mins! Not good! Now if you pay $3 you can play without ads…but my thing is …why would I pay $3 where as I can just continue on with my life without this game?? Subway Surfers can by pass the time and your not bombarded with ads and I don’t have to shove out $3. To the developer…you have a good fun game…but you destroyed it with ads. I understand you have to make some money but your killing any customer support you would get. I would have given it a 1 star but the game is actually fun. So they get a little bump for that. But I’m uninstalling this game literally after I upload this review.Version: 1.1.84

My opinion on the appThe game is great and I recommend it but when I first bought it I didn’t see that many ads and I was very happy! But when I got higher in the game more and more ads came on and on. So please minimize the ads they get really annoying seeing the same one over and over but overall the game is kid and adult friendly so I would recommend it 4+ it’s not too easy and not too hard so go ahead and try it it’s good for making time go by it’s the perfect game(I just wish you didn’t need internet) Recommends-I would recommend less ads and more levels! I got too level like 500 idk how much there were but I need more levels ! I keep deleting the game and getting it back to do the levels so please please please make more levels and please minimize the ads ( thank you for making this amazing app I would recommend it for sure!).Version: 1.1.103

Loved this but could make some arrangementsFirst of all this game is so fun. The levels are so creative and the ball designs are so versatile so everybody can find one they like. One thing I wish though was that the game offers were more clear to understand. I just saw an offer for a ball and I thought it meant I could see an ad and get the ball. The second I got back from the add I had realised all of my coins that took me so long to collect had been gone. And now I don’t know how to get them back and not have the ball. Because I don’t even like the ball. Now I have to start from scratch. I’ve been trying to collect for the 1 mil coin ball. And I’m devastated. I love this game and I totally recommend it. I told all my friends about it, and they all enjoy it as well. But I hope in the future I, and hopefully all the other players can keep an eye out and be careful of what they buy..Version: 1.1.84

Great game. Couple recommendations.Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite mobile games. It’s perfect for arcade fun. But what would make this even better than it already is, in my opinion, is if you added more complex levels to the standard gameplay. The new races feature where you get 10 tickets for a race against 10 other players is a excellent example of the level of creativity that the team can have. Other than a couple of other small things like adding a leaderboard or a player record that keeps track of your mini game wins (I just want to see how many times I’ve curbstomped people at goal ball. lol), this game is perfect. A lot of the other complaints I’ve had have been fixed by the continued updates and ingenuity of the team behind this game. 😃 👍.Version: 1.1.60

I LUV GOING BALLZ❤️😋🏳️‍🌈👾I spent like 2 hours trying to find this game bc I saw it under some family guy clips so I was literally FUMING trying to find this app and when I did I was only disappointed by 2 things. 1) it’s laggy. I excused this at first because of how happy I was to have found it, but it got annoying because I had come to the realization that it’s not as fun as it looks whilst just watching the sensation. 2) I don’t like the way you have to swipe up to make it go fast. This is in total just an annoying asset to the game, that makes it less enjoyable compared to just watching it, which makes me break into tears of jealousy because as I mentioned I spent a WHOPPING 2 HOURS just in an attempt to find this game.😭😭 but in the end I enjoy it, but some moderation COULD take place to make this as enjoyable as it looks (I spent 2 hours looking for this) thank you!💕💕.Version: 1.1.68

Why not?So, I’ve been playing this game for a LONG time. I have learned a lot about it, it is pretty fun in the beginning, seeing new levels, getting backgrounds and different types of balls to choose what you look like. But the downsides are that once you finish a certain amount of levels is that the developers run out of level ideas, leading to doing the same levels. But also an upside is that you can do races, spin a wheel (infinitely), and a bunch of other activities. Another downside is how many adds there are,I learned to just deal with them but if your impatient then this game is NOT for you, otherwise I would totally recommend this to absolutely anyone! Of course it’s free and you don’t need internet, so if your bored, than you can do this game!.Version: 1.1.96

Good Game, but small problemOkay, this game is SO much fun! I probably play it like 25 times a day when i’m bored and it is so fun! But my only issue is that after a certain amount of levels, the levels start to become a pattern with the same levels continuing to repeat. I’ve gotten to the point to where there are no new levels and there is just the same levels, repeating and repeating over and over again. Also, If you are wondering about ads, there are a lot. But, for some reason, this is the only game that I don’t really mind the amount of ads and it’s almost like I just don’t even notice them. But I do recommend this game for sure, it’s just that i believe that there should be A LOT of new levels. I think new levels stopped at around level 30. I hope that you found this review helpful! Again, I RECOMMEND THE APP!.Version: 1.1.78

Love it! Yet repetitive...First of all, I LOVE this game! Brings me back to growing up, there was a game very similar to this on a kids gaming website back on "desktops" ya know, before smart devices existed? Anyway, it was one of my favorite games and I kept hoping at some point it could transition to an app and it did! I love all the added perks to this as well, like the different types of balls and the "bonus" or "epic" levels you can play. However, only down side; you're repeating levels just in different numbers. For example level 12 could be the same level as level 42, just a different number. And for someone like me who is pretty darn close to a photo-graphic memory; that kinda gets boring after awhile because it isn't challenging anymore. That's the only reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars but overall I still play it & would recommend it! :-).Version: 1.1.39

Love it but annoyingHi, First off I wanted to say that this game is really fun and addicting. I play it a lot in my free time and I truly enjoy it. However, I am already on level 113 and I feel like I keep doing the same few levels over and over again which is INCREDIBLY annoying. Why aren’t they all different? At least make different obstacles or SOMETHING. It is so annoying that sometimes I think about deleting the app. Also sometimes when I complete a level and get to chose a card, if I pick the Challenge one, sometimes it is the same level I literally JUST did. Another thing is that I get that you use the red tickets for advantages/more coins, etc, but I really don’t understand how to get them and the point of them in general. They just don’t really make a lot of sense and it is never explained. I hope that you take into consideration what I said because it will make the game better..Version: 1.1.70

This game is sooo fun🤩! [PARENTS READ]I definitely suggest this game. It is so fun and I don’t get why it is 12+. I agree with the other review and I think it should be 7+. Also, I think there should be harder races because I get 1st place almost every single time. I love doing this game in my free time and it is so fun and addicting. I really suggest this game to everyone and I don’t get why people don’t like it. I do have another suggestion though. THE SAME ADS PLAY. I keep getting township ads and royal match. I already know royal match is not like the ads at all but they also play the same puzzle games over and over. It keeps feeling like I am losing my smarts. Once I get back to the game, I feel relieved😅. Thank you for bringing this game to the world and goodbye 👋 I am going back to play the game!.Version: 1.1.79

Help, Great GameHello! My son (3) download this game on my iPad. So far about three months whenever we’re driving or we’re on downtime he plays this game and is completely in love with it. I bought him the no ads and has a mass collection of really cool decorative balls and is level 350 now. he really likes this game so now that I bought him his own iPad I want to transfer all of his progress to his since I created his own profile for iOS. How am I able to transfer his whole account from my iPad to his new iPad? The last thing I want is for him to go through all the levels again and collect all the balls that he’s already bought…. Please help.🚨🚨🚨 Overall, all the stars from me, and more to come if I’m able to transfer his account from my iPad to his new iPad...Version: 1.1.104

Fat cat is one, fat cat is allFat cat skin is so funny, and that’s the only ball skin I’ll do from now on Other than skins, the game has improved a lot over time, and some challenges require an immense amount of skill to finish, mainly the branching challenge paths that show up occasionally. Ads can be avoided with airplane mode, and getting coins for skins is for the most part not too grindy. It used to be one mode, but now they’ve added so many more to keep things interesting. There’s only one skin that requires real money to purchase, so that’s nice. As for the cons, there is one thing: repetitiveness. For the first 100 or 200 levels or so, there are many unique challenges to face, each getting higher in difficulty. After that, I started to notice something: the levels are procedurally generated. You start to see certain segments reappear, and after a whole, you’ll only see repeats. On the bright side, you’ll learn optimal strats over time and have the other game modes to keep you busy. In summary, just get it and play it until you get bored (which will be a while), and use airplane mode at all times to avoid the numerous ads that occur just like most mobile games..Version: 1.1.102

My going balls review…Recently, l downloaded this game called going balls, it’s not one of my favorites though. There are lots of ads. And sometimes I even have to restart my iPad because something was wrong with the game! But l do know that almost every game has ads. 🙄 but you do get to earn coins and unlock backgrounds, and different balls, but some of the balls are really expensive. There also is this thing in the game called ‘’ skip it’’. It means you don’t have to watch an ad, which is nice, but doesn’t work all the time, it’s really hard to get them!! And also, during the game, there is annoying music! (You can turn it off though) so l would give this game a 8.1 out of ten!! 😞and, it’s easy to get bored of.. there is also reminders from the game that want you to play or buy a new ball sometimes..Version: 1.1.106

Good, but some glitchesI love this game!! It says it’s 12+ but I think it should be 6+. In this game, you use a ball of your choice and you complete challenging courses. I’ve set a goal to get every single ball, so you need LOTS of money. When I get to a bonus level, I get the pot of coins and double it to get about 50,000 coins, but sometimes it won’t even let me watch the add! And that works for anything that you watch adds for. So then I have to wait about 10 days to finally watch an add, then I log off, get back on in an hour, and it won’t let me watch an add! Then I have to repeat the process over and over again which is so annoying! Can you maybe fix this in a future update please? Overall though, it’s an awesome game!.Version: 1.1.95

Great game, can be improvedFirst off, I love this game. It’s extremely fun, easy to learn, and overall, just a great game! I do have a couple of suggestions though. First off, add new levels. It’s interesting at first, but then you just know exactly what to do and it would be great to mix things up. Second, I feel like the keys are rigged. Either that or I’m just plain unlucky. I’ve done these who knows how many times and only got the big prize once, and that was on my first one. After that, the biggest prizes I’ve gotten were the 300 coins, but I want the new ball. I feel like the devs may have done this so you have to watch ads for more chances to get it for the ad revenue or whatever, but I’m not gonna point any fingers because I might just be unlucky. Besides these, I love it and it’s a near perfect game. Four stars easily..Version: 1.1.65

Gets boring after whileThe game is really fun!,but it gets boring after a while mainly because the game Reuses previous levels . I am on level 410,that’s right level four hundred and ten, am I have seen how almost all the levels look the challenges don’t even change in the challenge cards sure there might be a couple updates but nothing new in levels. I feel as if there were more interesting levels people would want to play on the game and not this phones rip offs to this game y’all just aren’t taking advantage of the game it is fun ti play ,yeah but you only use it when you are bored or just as a time saver. If you were yo read this because I know that many other people write reviews but I think that if you just create more fun levels it will go from this 🥱😒😐. To this:😘❤️‍🔥😁🫰🏾 just a word of advice that is what a review is for -Yours truly Morgan😁😇.Version: 1.1.57

This game really makes me addicted 🤪🤞🏻😭🫵🏻🍆🎼🤭I just love this game so much and on TikTok I always see it with the story times. It doesn’t matter if it’s South Park or even just some weird dar Mann video and it’s so fun to watch while I’m watching a movie it’s really addicting and I just love playing it I download it just to see if it was gonna be fun and stuff and I’m already on level 25 🤭 again it’s just so addicting and I feel like it’s just so fun to play. I can’t describe it but you know I will put this all day in house and get off of TikTok for a little bit cause my step two so if I just had time to wind down, I watch some thing that I just don’t wanna watch it again I can just watch this. Play. This is the day when I’m saying for live laugh love going balls.Version: 1.1.71

Awesome!!!🤩 you must download!!!Okay all I have to say is that this game is amazing!!! The graphics are great and the sound effects are perfect and it’s very addicting. I’ve been on the search for a fun and challenging game and I think I’ve found it. I know the app says 12+ for fantasy violence but there is literally 0% violence except for the fact that you shove into other balls and hit them off the edge. Anyway I love this game and I know you may be thinking “then why did you give it only 4 stars?” I gave it four stars because the other racers are npcs they aren’t real people and that kinda makes it too easy to win. Please just make it so there’s an online mode, that would make the game ten times better and then I will give it 5 stars. Anyway it’s a great game and everyone please download it!!!.Version: 1.1.84

Fun game but boring after a whileThis is a really good way to pass the time. My friend had this game and I tried it and later downloaded it on my phone bc I liked it. It is super fun and doesn’t require a lot of skill (the perfect game for me). The only problem I have is that after you’ve finished all of the levels ( which by the way there is only like 100, and they’re all super easy) it just starts to replay them all. This made me delete the app, bc why take up this space if the games not even fun anymore? I would appreciate it if you would make this game more entertaining (more tracks, more balls, more areas, events, basically add more of everything). Otherwise I loved this game for the short time where it entertained me. I would definitely recommend it for people who don’t get easily bored. Please fix this. Otherwise, great game 😁.Version: 1.1.98

It took all my ball that I bought 🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬Ok y’all this thing took all my balls away even though I play it all the time it is so annoying I saved up and saved up and saved up just to get a lot of balls and then they took them all away and I only had like three and it said that I could get a ball that I had already bought with an ad and I had the exact amount of money that was on the price tag for the ball so I press the add and when the ad was finished it completely took every bit of my money away and I still have to watch a stupid ad it’s just so annoying unless you want to get all your balls taken away in the belt a year then you don’t get this game and if you don’t want to watch a stupid ad and get all your money taken away at the same time then don’t download this game🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬😡😡😡😡😡🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬🤬.Version: 1.1.103

BallsBalls balls.Version: 1.1.96

The ads don't lie!It's a really fun game, exactly like the ads which is always good. Just turn off wifi to stop the ads..Version: 1.1.48

It’s amazingI am a pro.Version: 1.1.32

AmazingThis is fun and free and needs no WiFi!!! 😀.Version: 1.1.101

Best freaking game everI just love this game SO MUCH THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS GAME I love you guys.Version: 1.1.93

Going balls"Going Balls" is a delightful mobile game that revolves around a straightforward yet highly addictive concept, making it an excellent choice for gamers of all ages. This game boasts simplicity as one of its major strengths, keeping players engaged for extended periods. The gameplay in "Going Balls" is easy to grasp, as it involves a straightforward mechanic where you swipe your finger to guide your ball through various obstacle courses. The initial levels serve as an introduction to the game's mechanics, gradually increasing in complexity as you progress. This smooth learning curve makes it accessible to both casual gamers and those seeking a challenge. The graphics and visual design of "Going Balls" are vibrant and colorful, enhancing the overall gaming experience. The different worlds and courses are creatively designed with a variety of obstacles, each presenting a unique challenge. The game's quirky characters, which are essentially animated balls, add a whimsical and entertaining element to the overall aesthetics. One of the key aspects that sets "Going Balls" apart from other mobile games is its competitive nature. The game offers multiplayer modes that allow you to compete against other players worldwide. This adds an exciting social dimension, and the fast-paced races create a sense of exhilaration and achievement when you outmaneuver your opponents. The in-game customization options are also worth mentioning. You can unlock and choose from various skins and accessories for your ball, allowing you to personalize your gameplay experience. "Going Balls" does include ads and in-app purchases, which is a common monetization strategy for free mobile games. However, these interruptions are not overly intrusive, and the in-app purchases are optional, so you can enjoy the game without spending money. In conclusion, "Going Balls" is a genuinely entertaining and addicting mobile game. Its combination of accessible gameplay, engaging graphics, competitive multiplayer modes, and customization options make it a must-try for mobile gamers. Whether you're looking for a quick gaming fix or a longer gaming session, "Going Balls" offers a fantastic experience that's sure to keep you entertained for hours on end..Version: 1.1.94

Balls.After connecting the aspect of balls moving in different motions we have came to the conclusion of going balls. The balls have to slide around trying not to fall off and get roasted by the game saying you have no balls. If you slide too much this could become a form of steel ball training and hurt your balls but upgrade the defence to create the strongest balls to ever ball. This game is a form of art with different shapes of balls that roll. After enough sliding your balls will become balling and could upgrade into an even more balling ball. Keep balling and keep enjoying this amazing game as we explore the ideology of balls together..Version: 1.1.88

Dumb idiotsAll of you are idiots off your WiFi.Version: 1.1.90

App suggestion 😌I am on level 810 now and to be honest the levels all seem the same. My suggestion to your app is that you let us create our own levels to make it more challenging and mentally stimulating. You could even let us try out other users levels that would be cool. You could make us pay for the levels through the coins we earn. & also let us make the background photos from our phones. Otherwise, this is a cool app with good graphics, and I enjoy playing it on long car rides as it doesn’t require wifi.Version: 1.1.88

AddsI love the game soooo much but there are sooooo many adds but it’s still awesome.Version: 1.1.39

TURN OFF THE WIFITurn off your wifi so you will not get annoyed by ads.Version: 1.1.88

I like turtlesI like them because they are green and pretty.Version: 1.1.106

Fun gameIt is fun but it has to many ads.Version: 1.1.106

Just like the addsThe game is really fun and there is lots of levels just turn off your wifi to get rid of adds!.Version: 1.1.106

Yasss😏😏😏😏Slay all day yass queen 👸 it supes fun just fyi the things cost adds and completly frree.Version: 1.1.106

Not disappointedAlmost no adds.haters play this game and you’ll never be mean again.love it.nice sound effects..Version: 1.1.106

It's a blast from the start of the game.From the moment I started playing, each new level has been a fresh challenge, giving me a real kick to keep going and reach new heights..Version: 1.1.104

My reviewIt is so fun to play but sometimes the same cores on a different level is not fun🙃😕.Version: 1.1.104

I ❤️ going ballsI love the building and they put moving stuff what I love.Version: 1.1.104

I would’ve rated this game of five star butI’ve played it before and I just deleted it because of the amount of ads I don’t mind the ads though cause I’m used to them by playing other mobile games and the main reason is because when I played a little bit ago, I got to a high level and it just looped back around to level one. I’m not sure if there’s more levels or not but I hope there is but I’m not downloading it again not right now..Version: 1.1.104

(:Good.Version: 1.1.104

AwesomeThis app is so fun it keeps me busy for hours.Version: 1.1.104

Going ballsThis game is really fun and really entertaining.Version: 1.1.103

BallsYummy.Version: 1.1.103

GameGood app but to many adds.Version: 1.1.103

The ads don’t show a fake version!I really love this game. It’s great if you’re bored and need to kill some time. 😍.Version: 1.1.103

I mean it’s good… I guessGreat game for the first 150 levels, I’m on level 349 and the levels just repeat and repeat. It’s a good game but really repetitive. Please fix this😭.Version: 1.1.103

Best game everMe and my friend are obsessed with this app it’s so much fun so many levels and the best offline game if I could I would rate this 1000/1000!!.Version: 1.1.103

AddsI was excited to try out this new game just to realize that there are adds after every single level. I feel like we spend more time on adds than playing the actual game itself. Other than that, this game is pretty addicting and I’ve been playing it for a while now. That’s all I wanted to say so that no one will be as disappointed as me. Thank you..Version: 1.1.103

It’s goodMy bee that I got disappeared after the bunny egg came and my world disappeared but it’s a good game but please fix it..Version: 1.1.103

It’s not terrible pretty relaxingThere are ads but it’s called turning off your internet on your phone or device I’ve had it for over a year and never had any problems with it very relaxing kinda hard at first then fun lots of money boosters and personal goals to try get -note for the app maker people on level 1170 there’s a glitch unless it was purposeful it seemed like it could’ve been purposeful.Version: 1.1.103

OkIs ok but to many ads and stuff going on so if you asked me to rate it out of ten I would say 6/10.Version: 1.1.102

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