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*** From the creators of GyroSphere ***

A road full of unexpected obstacles lies ahead in this challenging rolling ball platformer!

Ready for a fun ride?


• Easy, one-finger swipe ball control
• A funny collection of balls to play with
• Inventive and more treacherous tasks at every turn
• Remove unsolicited ads available

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Going Balls Positive Reviews

Download this game now!!!First of all, I want to say that whoever invented this game was a genius. I have enough coins to buy everything and am on level 460. This game is sooo fun and addicting!! The levels are all really creative and the different ball designs are cool. The ads are not bad at all! There is an ad if you fail once, which is fine, but if you fail again u don’t have to watch one. There is also an ad at the end of every level, which gets slightly annoying, but it’s not that bad. I do have a few suggestions for how to make it better though! So to start off, please make some more obstacles! The ones that u do have are fun, but I repeat them a lot, even if they are in different orders. This is also annoying because sometimes I’ll play a challenging level, and then want to play a spinning wheel game. Sometimes if I land on challenge, it just makes me do the EXACT SAME LEVEL which is incredibly irritating! Please fix that. Also, just get rid of the blue bonus levels. They’re boring and I don’t need any coins. All in all I love this game, it’s awesome. Thanks for creating such a spectacular game!!!.Version: 1.1.63

Awesome! Just a little recommendationThe game is pretty much the most used game for me, it is actually my number 1/2 favorite games(having Friday Night Funkin as my other 1/2)! I just have other recommendations, although I haven’t updated to the latest update yet, but still, most of them isn’t in them(probably). One recommendation is having a level creator, were people make their own levels, and when they’re done, it uploads onto the game! Another is online play, were people make or join a group and when the group maker starts the game, it plays a random level and makes it a race level, and it includes names, the maker can choose the world, while the player chooses a random ball, the maker gets the boss ball! I have lots more recommendations, but I’m about to board an airplane, so I’ll stop now, again, it’s just a little recommendation, nothing bad, and also, please remove ads, other than that, it’s a really good game, if I’d have to rate this game 100 out of 1, I’d rate it 💯! but since it’s only 5 out of 1, I’ll do 5👍!.Version: 1.1.50

Amazing 🤩!So I had seen the ads for this game, and me being me I immediately download any game that looks fun. So of course I downloaded it, and it is just like the ad showed I was impressed!! I just have a couple recommendations. First off, I think their should be more options for the balls because there’s only a few options to choose and there is like five of them that are OK prices and then the rest cost $100,000+ which is totally not worth it. Secondly, I wish the levels were bigger because each level you don't really do much it's pretty simple. But overall this is an amazing fun game! Normally when I lose games I get a bit annoyed, but this game is so fun I don’t even get mad I just laugh! And I see almost every review saying “Too many ads!” An ad after almost every level is not that bad especially considering the longest those ads are is 15 seconds? I understand I don’t love ads either but they are just trying to boost their game revenue every game does the same. I suggest downloading this game..Version: 1.1.66

Best mobile game ever!Hi thanks for reading my article! so lets say your bored and browsing through the app store to look for the best mobile game ever, and you happen to stumble on this post and decide to check it out! heres why you should download and play this game! first of all, mostly all ads are optional! that means NO ad breaks during levels! second of all, the physics! omg the physics are so good! especially for a mobile game with a limited budget! if you miss a collectible or two, you can just turn around and grab them! what a cool mechanic! speaking of mechanics! the mechanics in this game are PHENOMENAL!!! omgarsh i just love the little parts where you go down the bowl onto a ramp and go WHOOOOOSH! now finally last but not least, the content! there are so many skins you can buy without even spending a p e n n y !! speaking of which! if you collect all three keys you can get a free skin by chance! how cool is that! there is so much more being added! come and check this phenomenon of a game with me! see you on the flipside! - dane g..Version: 1.1.50

Argh.(I only gave this review five stars so it could be seen.) Hello. I’m Periwinkle, a girl who enjoys casual apps like this one. But when I was downloading the game, there was already a problem: it took forever to download. Maybe between twenty five to thirty minutes. When it was finally done, I was excited to try it out. So I entered the game. It was extremely laggy, and the levels were short and boring. But I decided to do the next. To my relief, no ad. The next level was boring as well, and then when I went to the third, there was a ‘…’ on the screen. A few seconds later, an X appeared below it, and I pressed the X. But three micro seconds later, an ad popped up out of nowhere. Seething, I deleted the app. Just like all possibly good games, it has no ads for levels one and two (reeling in the downloaders) then makes an ad pop up on the third and for all the other levels. I was furious. This game is laggy, takes forever to download, boring, greedy, lying, and and just overall awful..Version: 1.1.60

Please read!!Alright so I started playing this game about five months ago, and I love it! I do have one problem. I love the game, but I DO suggest having an endless mode, not even just a portal run, but ✨literally endless✨. I understand that it might be a hard thing, and a big ask, but if you were to make the levels more challenging on the endless rounds, people would never really get that far. Another thing (I lied there's two), is that the levels are sooooooooooo easy at this point. They started repeating at about level 35-50. They are so fun but now I can do these levels hanging upside down from my pinky toe from a rusty chain, because I have memorized all of the tricks to getting through. Other than my *two* things, this game is amazing! I don't know what people are talking about with too many ads, this is a game with the best ad control I've had in a LONG TIME. So I would like to thank to developers for making a great game.🙃🙃.Version: 1.1.51

Pretty good!As someone who has reached level 1123, I think I have a pretty good scope of this game overall. it is fun, and a good way to mindlessly distract yourself for a good 15 mins, but there are some things I would change. I opted to pay 2.99 for no ads, which I feel was a good move and made gameplay more enjoyable. after about level 20, the tracks/courses start repeating, so at this point I can basically do all of them with my eyes closed. there are also pointless “bonus” levels added in between every other course or so, where the whole point is to collect coins, which only count to buy new balls, which I will mention the faults of in a second. I hope that there will be new levels added in the future to make things more interesting, as well as different color courses and tracks. idk, just something to spice it up a bit. you can buy different balls like I mentioned before, but I’ve found that the more ornate a ball is the glitchier it makes the game. So sticking with the more basic ones is the best bet..Version: 1.1.33

Overall love this gameThis game is great and super relaxing. i’m on level 355 and the only thing that could use improvement is the repeating levels. for the past many many levels, they are the same as levels i have done in the beginning of the game. it’s just the same obstacles and stuff and it gets repetitive. i like how you can spice it up by buying new balls and worlds, and how they aren’t a rip off of your coins. i think other things in the game are amazing. like, i love when the cards shuffle and you get to choose an activity, personally my fav is banana frenzy. but, since there are only about 6 choices or so they do get repetitive. i also love spinning the wheel. so, although i am giving this game 5 stars (it deserves it) there are things that would make it way better!👍👍 in conclusion, here are my recommendations. as you know, the levels get quite repetitive so that could use some fixing if possible. for the card shuffle games, i would love for there to be more options. i get so excited when the cards come up since the mini games are so fun, but i’ve done them all a bunch of times. i also recommended another option on the home screen since spin the wheel. i saw someone else say this, a “endless” level option with high scores i would love. games are always more addicting when you wanna beat ur high score!.Version: 1.1.54

Super COOL!🤩Okay, Hi l am Sarah I just wanted to say this game is awesome because almost all the skins are awesome and I mean skins for the ball. There is so much skins on that it would take centuries to get all of the skins and guess what that is actually a good thing because all the adds you’ve watched is actually worth it and that is one of the reasons why I adore this game so much. Secondly, you get so much money in one day because the first day I played this game I got like 11,895 coin’s and in my forth day I got 44,398 awesome right. But the only thing is take away some adds but job t all of them because a LOT of my friends deleted the game going balls so please take away some of the adds please. Oh, and yes all the levels are the same but they are also very fun when you get used to them. I hope someone is reading this, have a wonderful day.😎🤩🤩.Version: 1.1.66

I’m surprisedThis is a great game by the picture of it I thought it would be another cheap game but this game is really bight quality but I do have one problem. And that is the ads I understand u gat paid for people watching ads but their is to many for my liking one or two or even 5 in an hours worth of playing time but within an hour i had at least 20 ads ( yes i counted) and it was almost every time i fell off the track i read a lot of reviews and was surprised i was the only one with this problem but overall this is one of the best game i have on my phone and another thing try pitting more worlds and skins the expensive skins are cool but their isn't a lot of them and this is a problem i have with a lot of games but when i finish a level and a prize pops up i don’t want to watch a video on something I earned but overall I would recommend getting this game it is super fun and addicting.Version: 1.1.51

Great game, but could use improvementsMost of the time I am here complaining how bad a game is. However, this game is actually not bad. I think the game does need some improvements to make the game more interesting and more worth while. I think the game needs game modes. This will give the player more variety on what to do. I also would like to see the different balls you unlock in the game actually provide some upgrades for the player. I also think that maps need to be twice as long. For me I seem to finish them to quickly and need a bit more of a challenge. However, the game seems to provide some good challenges and I really hope this game will be updated and get some new and better improvements overall. Again I’m quite surprised that a free game is actually good, and I hope it gets better will little to no ads as possible. Hope you have a blessed day and God bless. ✝️.Version: 1.1.31

Riddled with adsThere are so many ads incorporated into this one game. First it is an ad every time you complete a level. You get enough coins as is from completing the levels. Second is the gift box. Its a gift box, its supposed to be a gift to you, but instead it is behind ads. Either watch an ad or lose it? Seriously? And forced ads after completing the levels, not needed. The advertisements are just everywhere. Maybe put them on the side instead of forcing me to watch an ad. And the level size, you can complete each in 20 seconds, way to short. And with the ad that happens after completing the level increases the frequency for ads. I could give this a five star but the ads are heavy and just bringing the game down with them. Its a good game. But increase level length and get rid of the ads. Like remove ad locked gift boxes and have an ad after some levels that are longer and then this game will get a five star from me..Version: 1.1.38

Great game. Couple recommendations.Honestly, this is probably one of my favorite mobile games. It’s perfect for arcade fun. But what would make this even better than it already is, in my opinion, is if you added more complex levels to the standard gameplay. The new races feature where you get 10 tickets for a race against 10 other players is a excellent example of the level of creativity that the team can have. Other than a couple of other small things like adding a leaderboard or a player record that keeps track of your mini game wins (I just want to see how many times I’ve curbstomped people at goal ball. lol), this game is perfect. A lot of the other complaints I’ve had have been fixed by the continued updates and ingenuity of the team behind this game. 😃 👍.Version: 1.1.60

Best Passive Game on iOSI downloaded this game about a week ago ago and have reached level 119. For a free iOS game the quality is fantastic. I have been playing by turning off celular data the entire time as the ads are very intrusive, but I finally decided to pay the $2.99 to get rid of the advertisements. In both modes (no cell data and no ads), the game features fantastic complexity and great short term entertainment. While the levels so far have not been very difficult at all, the portal mode is a fun challenge to the end and regardless the game has provided good entertainment. With ads the game is not worth it as ads will intrude each time you fail, but overall I have found it to be my favorite game to play passively in recent times..Version: 1.1.51

Love it! Yet repetitive...First of all, I LOVE this game! Brings me back to growing up, there was a game very similar to this on a kids gaming website back on "desktops" ya know, before smart devices existed? Anyway, it was one of my favorite games and I kept hoping at some point it could transition to an app and it did! I love all the added perks to this as well, like the different types of balls and the "bonus" or "epic" levels you can play. However, only down side; you're repeating levels just in different numbers. For example level 12 could be the same level as level 42, just a different number. And for someone like me who is pretty darn close to a photo-graphic memory; that kinda gets boring after awhile because it isn't challenging anymore. That's the only reason it gets 4 instead of 5 stars but overall I still play it & would recommend it! :-).Version: 1.1.39

Great game, can be improvedFirst off, I love this game. It’s extremely fun, easy to learn, and overall, just a great game! I do have a couple of suggestions though. First off, add new levels. It’s interesting at first, but then you just know exactly what to do and it would be great to mix things up. Second, I feel like the keys are rigged. Either that or I’m just plain unlucky. I’ve done these who knows how many times and only got the big prize once, and that was on my first one. After that, the biggest prizes I’ve gotten were the 300 coins, but I want the new ball. I feel like the devs may have done this so you have to watch ads for more chances to get it for the ad revenue or whatever, but I’m not gonna point any fingers because I might just be unlucky. Besides these, I love it and it’s a near perfect game. Four stars easily..Version: 1.1.65

Gets boring after whileThe game is really fun!,but it gets boring after a while mainly because the game Reuses previous levels . I am on level 410,that’s right level four hundred and ten, am I have seen how almost all the levels look the challenges don’t even change in the challenge cards sure there might be a couple updates but nothing new in levels. I feel as if there were more interesting levels people would want to play on the game and not this phones rip offs to this game y’all just aren’t taking advantage of the game it is fun ti play ,yeah but you only use it when you are bored or just as a time saver. If you were yo read this because I know that many other people write reviews but I think that if you just create more fun levels it will go from this 🥱😒😐. To this:😘❤️‍🔥😁🫰🏾 just a word of advice that is what a review is for -Yours truly Morgan😁😇.Version: 1.1.57

Great but repeating??A month ago when I first got this game, I would have given it 5 stars, easy. But now, I’m not so sure. Don’t get me wrong, it’s an awesome game with different levels that DONT repeat themselves, that is until level 90. If you don’t plan to keep this game long term, I suggest it for you, but if you want to keep it long term, be prepared to have to do many levels over and over. There is about 10 levels I have done 5+ times and let me tell you, it has gotten very very boring. There are quite a few ads, but if you turn your phone to airplane mode, that fixes that. Note to the dev: Most times, when I’m ending a level, I’m usually at 3 or 2 balls left. I think it would be a good idea, at the end of the bonus section, did there to be 1-3 balls you could get freely without having to do any work to get them..Version: 1.1.31

Great Way to Find New Games (Please Read if Getting Game)I got this game because it seemed fun and different from those other games that always show up n adds and always have the same concept. But after I played one round I got two adds and then I realized this was pretty much the same thing if you’re looking at adds. So if you read the title you might be confused, so what I mean is that in one of my adds it was a game so I decided to get it because it seemed original and different. Also if your wondering it is better. Now I know they have to keep the adds so the game stays free but in a Developer Response it said you can remove them by the settings bar but did not mention that that costs money and I don’t even have to check to know. Anyway if your looking for a game to play get this game because you get a lot of adds so you can find a good game from those adds..Version: 1.1.26

Great game but needs a major update!!So you have created an awesome game but I’m on level 581 and f the past 450 levels have just been repeating which is really frustrating once your at like level 200! So could you please come up with some more levels and if you don’t have any ideas I have some ideas: do like a mega tree house with a ramp, obstacles and a few different ways to get to the finish line, also instead of the ball just being in a city or a forest, let the ball be able to explore the worlds, allow players to be able to change the road, allow players to create their own levels and be able to share them with other players. That’s all I have right now, God bless and good bye!.Version: 1.1.51

Try this game outThis game is so fun and so addicting I play this every night to fall asleep it’s awesome when I play it calms me down and makes me mad sometimes but it’s so fun and I really recommend it to people who have trouble falling asleep but it is not a sleeping game but it calms you down love it so much and so fun to play I always play this game it is awesome and absolutely great no regret getting it it is so good and so cool to make L O V E E E E I love it it calms me down and really do recommend if you have trouble with falling asleep and would not let you down get this game try it out and rate it I saw this app on tic tok and am in love I am so addicted to it totally recommend for 7and up try it out you will love it so so so so so so so so much try it out right now.Version: 1.1.50

Going balls ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️I love this game it is so fun and I play it every day. I like the all the ball skins, and how it lets you choose the challenge after a couple rounds of the game. There’s races or one called portal run where you try to get though all the portals and each one give you 100 coins etc… the only thing that I get tired of is that I’m on level 275 but after so many levels there basically the same levels you play before, and to me it gets tiring playing same levels over again. So I think if there where new levels added so I’m not playing the same ones over again that would be better. But overall this game deserves 5 stars, and I recommend you playing..Version: 1.1.54

A few little problemsHi I absolutely love this game and play it all the time, but there is two problems. First there are a lot of ads and I’m sure that a lot of people say this but recently there has been a lot. Next when I finish a level sometimes I go off the app to check something or text someone back I will get back on and I will have to re-do the level and it gets aggravating. I looked and I can’t find someone to tell so I decided to write it in the review. I really hope this helps and you can fix it. It might just be something with my phone or something like that but I hope this can make it back to the founder or whatever of the game..Version: 1.1.66

A couple of suggestionsI really enjoy this game. It’s fun to play and the physics are nice. I like the background, it’s not just basic and you can tell effort was put into it. I would like less ads, but there’s not an unbearable amount. They’re pretty reasonable and I understand you need them. This is a game I might pay to remove the ads. I would like to see an endless option. I like the bonus extra levels that are longer but I want a form of that that continues until you die a certain amount of times. Another comment I have is that it takes a while to restart if you fall of the edge. I wouldn’t be against decreasing the respawn time. A few new obstacles would also be nice. A very nice game overall and a lot of fun. Keep up the good work!.Version: 1.1.33

This is super duper coool!!!This is surely the best game ever! There are so many different levels in this awesome game! you can pick your world and pick your ball too and so pick your name as well! This is sooo good! You can also pick what you want in settings! There can be rail tracks,target bounces, boxes to knock down and more! just swipe to move your ball or swipe faster to make your ball go faster! I love this amazing game!!! but you should watch out for other balls in your way! there are even games too! racing, a challenge, target game and goal ball! This is a very awesome game! on the top right of the game screen, you see 5 ball lives! If you fall, you lose a ball live so, better be careful about that! Good Luck!!!.Version: 1.1.55

Pretty good game few things thoughSo the first time I got the game it seemed pretty easy but then the levels kept getting harder so I don't recommend this game for people who get mad easily. So my first problem was the lag I the game was lagging so hard that I had to reset my phone one time. My second thing was some of the levels were repeating a few times and I was ok with it I just know that some people won't be ok with it. And the last problem that I had was the difficulty you had to swipe to go faster and swipe backward to slow down and maybe instead of swiping you could put a toggle it would help a lot and also maybe keep the camera in the same place like so we can move the camera angle the way we want it those were my concerns for this app I like it though..Version: 1.1.37

Two major problemsThis game is actually kinda fun, but I hate on how it’s another game where it’s just like “WaTcH tHiS aD tO DoUbLe YoUr ScOrE!🤪” but that’s one of the small problems there are two majors. The first, which everyone knows.. ADS. ADS AND ADS AND MORE ADS. You see them everywhere. The second, LET ME CONTROL THE CAMERA. I can never move smoothly unless it’s a straight line. It’s like they just didn’t think that people can’t move and control the camera at once! Some literal four year olds can play Minecraft on mobile while moving AND moving the camera! So if you took your time to read this, thank you. Have a good day. (Also, I put this a 5 star so people can see this.).Version: 1.1.40

Fun at the startI was absolutely obsessed with this game (turn off wifi and u won’t get ads) i had so much fun but once you get to around level 100 it’s repeats levels and it isn’t as much fun and they add something a little new but i do recommend but it might eventually get boring or annoying. things they could add or change 1. when you get those blue things, make it so you can buy stuff with them instead of just using them to race and when you win at least get 11 blue things and not just getting them back. 2. once you get past at least 100 change up the levels so they aren’t boring. 3. change up the cards that have races and goal ball and that stuff 4. for the spinning wheel take off the levels and make the challenges more challenging,.Version: 1.1.65

Wow!! this game is actually really good!!I really love the concept of this game, and i enjoy the fact that some of the levels are genuinely hard and differ from one another!! with this, i don’t actually mind the ads, although they can be pretty excessive sometimes. i would love it if you guys added a multiplayer option or a level creator where you can create your own levels!! i think that would bring the quality of the game up to a whole new level, and it would make it more worthwhile to collect the coins. otherwise, great game, definitely refreshing to see after all of these other low budget no effort games coming out these days.Version: 1.1.60

AWSOMEI love this game so much but I hate the ads there is too many also you are probably not even reading this but I think you should a create your own ball level like when you get to a certain level you can create your own ball that would be epic. Also I realized that some levels reapeat and that’s ok bc there’s always more but maybe add new updates putting more and more levels and balls and more cool stuff also more worlds because all of them are cool but there is only a few and not very cool ones I love that game tho and epic leveled this are so fun but mabye you should add like pro levels or hacker levels when you get to certain levels but that’s alll I love your game so AWSOME.Version: 1.1.42

You have to play this gameI love this game because challenges you and you can unlock different balls with the coins that you earn there are know adds are at least the level I’m on there are know adds and once in a while they let you chose if you want to do a challenge or do a race sometimes the challenge is to hard so you tap exit it might let you do a race or continue the next level I can play this game all day it’s amazing when you play this game time flys there are know trackers the more you play the harder the levels get but by the time the levels are get to hard you will be so good at the game you will think it’s easy.Version: 1.1.54

Actually Very GoodIf you can’t tell by the title, I don’t write reviews often. This game is just to well written to not address. The game Is interesting enough for it to be a very nice “side game” and not be one of those games that requires grinding to have any fun. You can have fun without any grinding and still grind for levels and coins(my personal favorite) if you want. There’s no bugs I’ve noticed and the game is just written so well. The graphics match the physics body’s and nothing clips or glitches through objects. I don’t know how else to put it. The developers had a good idea and executed it perfectly in my opinion. Cringy “this app is so good” review is over..Version: 1.1.51

Getting betterI’ve literally just started, and the one thing the frustrates me is that I read a comment for no ads, that was obviously a lie, first thing that happened was an ad, and when I fully earned my first gift... it wouldn’t let me have an ad to redeem it, I tried spamming the ad button... nothing. I gave up on the gift next thing you know AN AD POPS UP, this had me TRIGGERED, I hope the developers can fix this, over all the levels are getting al little harder and fun, which I enjoy, but one thing that I don’t like about the controls, you can swipe up on your ball to go faster, but it slows down after you are done sliding your finger, I was kind of hoping for a continuous push, but it would be more enjoyable if it had this feature, overall great game so far.Version: 1.1.26

⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️One thing that really annoys me is that there is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many ads. At first i thought that the levels were kinda easy but now, ohhhh but now I’m on level 81 and i am watching just to skip to the next checkpoint. I think that the levels could be a little easier until you get to level 100 just because it gives the player time to get used to the controls and how the game works. One thing i thought was a pretty good idea was that there could be a button where the player could press and they could customize everything about their ball. The shape, the color. Any way this is a really cool. Sincerely, ❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥.Version: 1.1.48

Fantastic gameIt looks great and gives me a challenge. Great game to have your phone, absolutely. Note to devs: on lvl 94 i managed to jump the rails at the beginning and push a box in between the rails, one corner of it pointing downward. I tried bumping it hard up the hill, it didnt pop out. I pushed it to the end and almost rode up it, but fell back onto the rails. Then i fell, respawned, and the box blocked me from progressing. I lost three lives tryin to push it over, then thought to restart my app. After I restarted it, the level went smoothly. That said, I’ve never faced an obstacle that completely blocked my path in this game so I thought you might want to know..Version: 1.1.30

Good but TOOOOO many addsHi! So I love this game but at the same time it is kind of annoying. First the good news is, the levels are not that hard and also they are not boring. It also does not waste your time at all. The bad news is, TOOOOO many adds! Every single level there is an add and they take like 30 seconds until you can play again. So annoying. Also, when you get to a level about above 100 or 150, the levels start repeating. I would know because I am right now on level 367. I also already have like all the balls by playing and earning money. I would probably delete the game after like level 400. Over all, this is a great game but could use some improvements. Thank you 😊!.Version: 1.1.49

Best game everI gave this a 5 star because this game is awesome. I have been playing this game for about 2 years now. How I new this game was a thing is because I saw it on an add. When I looked at the add I was like “ Oh my goodness this game looks really fun I think I should try it” so I downloaded it. When I downloaded it it was really fun and as you get higher in the levels it starts getting harder. Example: the steep turns, the escalators and much more. I still give this game a 5 star but one thing is that their are some ads, like every 2 levels theirs an add and it just keeps on going on and on. But other than that this game is super fun!!.Version: 1.1.61

Fun but an outstanding amount of ads-I gave 5 so you could read but my actual rating would be a 2. This game is fun and has tons of levels, skins and maps but if you die u get an ad if u pass the level u get an ad. Every time u do 1 thing u get an ad and it’s annoying i’m on level 62 and it’s very challenging so every time i die i’m getting various amount of ads back to back, before a few months ago this game had probably 2 ads PER 5 levels now it’s just back to back. I don’t have much patience so if ur looking to play this game and ur like me i wouldn’t recommend this game for you..Version: 1.1.51

READ NOW SHORT MESSAGE Fun but kicks me outI just started playing and it’s addicting. But sometimes when I watch an ad, it randomly kicks me out which should be fixed. Also, the ad for this game is so confusing. First of all, I got a background before level 400 something. And the guy said he’s on level 200 something. I haven’t checked my levels yet, but I know I’m not on level 50 and I passed the level. It’s also easy to get new … balls. Coins are easy to get 10 minutes and I got the creeper skin. I doesn’t have to much going on and I appreciate that. But.. you can’t pause online games and I can pause the game. There’s races you can do with other people, so.. that’s fishy..Version: 1.1.52

AMAZING GAME !!I honestly love this game. It’s so addicting I’ve had this game for a week now and I’m already at level 270 it’s super fun and challenging. But the thing is that after every single level or every time you lose or your ball falls the ads just keep popping up. After a game AN AD. You lose AD. You need more balls AD. It’s sooooo annoying. But for all this I’m saying the game is still the best I’ve downloaded so it’s a win honestly recommend. And it’s for children because the ads are ok just a few pooped up that were a little weird and out of kids age zone but the weird ads don’t pop up Often. So 100% recommend and fun for all ages big, or small download it rnnnnnn!!! 😜😜😜.Version: 1.1.63

Pretty good game!This game is super fun! but my fingers often get sweaty for some reason but I don’t think that has anything to do with the game tbh. the only thing that is really annoying is that after every single level there is always the same question/gift or an ad which is kinda annoying when in the car if I have nothing else to do, and I play on an iPad so it is a little harder to play other games when I can only connect to WiFi or games that dont need WiFi and when I want to open a gift I can’t because u have to watch and ad. that is really the only “bad” thing on the game that I have found but overall a good game. have a good day!.Version: 1.1.57

The ads don't lie!It's a really fun game, exactly like the ads which is always good. Just turn off wifi to stop the ads..Version: 1.1.48

It’s amazingI am a pro.Version: 1.1.32

PortalLove the portals.Version: 1.1.66

No ads if u turn off Wi-FiTurn if Wi-Fi for no ads.Version: 1.1.54

I am literally going ballsGoing balls is a game which may be perceived in completely different ways. For some, it is a stupid mobile game with no meaning. But for people with higher intellect like me, it is obviously something much more. It combines the aspects of “going” and “balls” and although there are multiple advertisements, it is still able to highlight the usage of balls in our society. Balls are what our modern society is built upon and must be cherished by us. We may use balls for the right reasons and for the wrong but ultimately, we end up using balls. Maybe we’re all just tiny balls clumped together living on one large ball we call earth. We rely on the ball called the sun, and we watch the large ball that sometimes turns into a crescent at night. We are all balls and balls is we. Cherish balls while you still can..Version: 1.1.50

AddsI love the game soooo much but there are sooooo many adds but it’s still awesome.Version: 1.1.39

Mobile ballanceGame.Version: 1.1.66

Pretty goodLove the game but ads after every level.Version: 1.1.65

Only one completeThis game is so fun and super addicting. Honestly I really really like it. I love to play it like all the time. I am one complete after a while for a long time of playing the games the level is just repeat themselves. It says you’re going up in them, but they just repeat, I get that like you can’t make infinity amount of levels and everything but I wish they could change it. The rest of the game is totally awesome..Version: 1.1.66

This game Is awesomeI love this game but the only thing I hate about it is that for me every time I finish a round I get a ad. But I still like the game.Version: 1.1.66

Decent game, tons of adsGame seems good, controls are strange. You have to swipe instead of just holding your finger in a specific direction. There’s ads after every level which is annoying..Version: 1.1.66

ObamaObama.Version: 1.1.66

Awesome!I an in love with this app,it is the best app ever!.Version: 1.1.65

Wow😆Im am loving this game! It’s super nice and when I turn of the wifi there’s no ads which is quite good! I love the fact that people have unlimited spins for the wheel of prices! And the fact that every level gets harder! I definitely recommend this game :D.Version: 1.1.65

New parkourIt’s a really game I really love it but not enough parkour we need new parkour not always the same.Version: 1.1.65

Fun!Super fun game and love playing! Just a little bummed after getting to higher levels it seems that the levels just repeat/are the same as earlier levels. This kinda makes it boring after awhile but I still enjoy it :).Version: 1.1.64

YesI’m better than all of you.Version: 1.1.65

FunSuper fun but there is a few ads and after a while the levels start to repeat.Version: 1.1.65

Fun but boring after a whileI really like the concept and it's so fun for the first maybe 60 levels. After that it's just the same levels repeated so it just gets boring after a while. The ads are also really frustrating but I get why they do it..Version: 1.1.64

>:(I personally enjoy the game but the thing I don’t like is that when you do the race mode using the tickets you would be far up ahead and next thing you know someone gets teleported to the checkpoint you just passed so when you die others go ahead of you and I don’t quite enjoy that I find that it sorta ruins that mode, so please fix that because it is quit infuriating. Best condolences : Moss.Version: 1.1.64

Took me less than two days to get every ballMake more balls!!!!.Version: 1.1.64

GhostYoungblood thinks there's always tomorrow I miss your touch on nights when I'm hollow I know you crossed a bridge that I can't follow Since the love that you left is all that I get I want you to know That if I can't be close to you I'll settle for the ghost of you I miss you more than life (more than life) And if you can't be next to me Your memory is ecstasy I miss you more than life I miss you more than life Youngblood thinks there's always tomorrow (woo) I need more time but time can't be borrowed I'd leave it all behind if I could follow Since the love that you left is all that I get I want you to know That if I can't be close to you I'll settle for the ghost of you I miss you more than life (more than life), yeah And if you can't be next to me Your memory is ecstasy (oh) I miss you more than life I miss you more than life Whoa Na, na-na More than life Oh So if I can't get close to you I'll settle for the ghost of you But I miss you more than life And if you can't be next to me Your memory is ecstasy I miss you more than life I miss you more than life.Version: 1.1.64

ReeheeheeheeheeKid named finger ——> 🧑‍💼.Version: 1.1.64

This game is good stop complainingThis games is so much fun and just turn if wifi for no ads or just play it on the plane or a long car ride I love this game also the game is the exact same as they say in the ads.Version: 1.1.64

Creative modeCan you make a mode that lets me make my own levels. Thanks.Version: 1.1.63

It’s fun but…Why do I feel like the levels repeat.Version: 1.1.63

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