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More than 330+ delicious and inspiring recipes created by Manuela Kjeilen @passionforbaking

- Updated regularly
- One-time fee
- Recipes are in English
- Each recipe has four high-quality photos plus exclusive access to all step-by-step pictures

The app is created as an alternative to a new baking book; only it's a book that is updated regularly.

All the recipes in this app are written in English, with detailed, yet easy-to-follow instructions.

The recipes are created by Manuela Kjeilen from Norway, who runs her social media channels under the name @passionforbaking, where she has shared her love for baking for more than ten years, both as a baking blogger and book author with more than 1.2 million followers on Instagram.

My number one focus when I create recipes, is good and delicious taste; everything else is a bonus and a cherry on top.

Most recipes are typical Scandinavian, featuring light cakes with fresh fillings; you will also find a lot of old-fashioned styles of cakes where you just want to grab your fork and dig in.

If you love homestyle cakes, delicious frosting, cupcakes, cookies, and so much more, you are going to love my baking app.

Happy Baking!

XO; Love, Manuela

Love, Manuela App Comments & Reviews

Love, Manuela Positive Reviews

Beautiful App but...I love Manuela’s creations, which is why I was so excited to download this app. I’m excited to dive in and test out some recipes. My only complaint so far is that the screen does not fit an iPad, which is what I like to read the recipes off of. If the display would fill the entire screen I’d be much happier..Version: 1.3

The most amazing baking app !!I am so happy that Manuela developed this app. It is amazing!!! So easy to navigate, each recipe is well explained starting with an introduction, and following with the ingredients, directions, notes and even a video!! The 3D pictures are wonderful, they make you feel like you are already eating the desserts. I love the facts that I can even write notes for each recipe, it’s like having a baking book on my hand and open it with the magic of a click 😊. If you love baking as much as I do, I recommend this app. It is worth it 💯 per cent. A beautiful baking experience!!.Version: 1.2

Amazing!This app is amazing, all the recipes are absolutely perfect, the pics are beautiful and the directions couldn’t be more clear. I’ve made many desserts from Manuela’s app and everybody has loved them all. The extra pics included in the “Notes” area are really helpful when you want to make sure what you’re doing is like it’s supposed to be. You’ll never regret getting this app, it’s just a one-time payment and you get all the recipes and a new one every week. It’s a great app made by a great woman..Version: 1.3

Delicious Recipes!I love how beautiful and detailed the app is with the recipes. It also helps that the ingredients are listed in grams vs cups. If you ever have questions or get stuck on something, you can message her and she’s responsive, which I love! Tried one of her cake recipes and really loved everything about it! Can’t wait to delve into some of the other recipes! I can tell that she’s put her heart and soul into making this app and her recipes amazing!.Version: 1.6

LOVE the App! Amazing recipes!I started a home bakery a few months ago, and I couldn’t find a better way to improve my products! Maluela’s recipes are incredible delicious, very well explained and if you still have a doubt, you can contact her and she will answer your questions and give you solutions and advices. The app is also beautiful and very cute, as everything she makes. I really recommend the app. The best $11 I have spent. Manuela is the best 💜.Version: 1.3

Very Pretty and Delicious Desserts!!I can honestly say that I’ve had several of Manuela’s desserts and they are truly heavenly. I was very excited when she launched her cookbook but I am ecstatic about this app. I’ve been playing with it and it’s easy to navigate and the recipes are well thought out and written. I can’t wait to share my versions of her amazing sweets. Thank you Manuela! Please come back to Atlanta for a visit!! Love you!!.Version: 1.2

Love ManuelaLove Manuela’s app, it’s a baking app that’s full of amazing dessert recipes and is visually stunning and easy to use. Her detailed instructions are full of tips that guarantee a yummy and outstanding outcome. I can’t believe this app has over 100 recipes and more recipes get added weekly for a one time fee only. It’s like having a cookbook app that keeps growing with more and more delicious recipes from the very talented Manuela!.Version: 1.3

Love this app.Manuela’s recipes never fail me. They are easy to follow and everything tastes so delicious. She also answers your questions promptly. I know that when I follow her recipes what ever I am making will turn out amazing. I highly recommend this app. The app is also very easy to use, the photos and videos are great..Version: 1.6

Why?In the old app, before “improvements”, you could highlight ingredients to transfer the recipes to whatever cooking/shopping platform you use. But now that is not possible. I like the app, but it doesn’t give me the ability to store my own recipes on it or the ability to transfer recipes to a program that you use. You can’t even print the recipes..Version: 1.7

LOVE ITI have been a big fan of Manuela’s cooking. I love how easy she makes things esp for me... im not a good cook but the way she puts things makes it sooo interesting and encouraging. I love how easy it is to go through the app and i prefer it to the book cuz we have our phones always and they dont get dirty or better say easy to clean lol. And there are some videos 😍😍😍im just in love ♥️♥️♥️.Version: 1.2

Best baking app i have!!The most amazing recipes are located in this app! The recipes are easy to follow and the cakes in here are so unique. I am so thankful that I bought this app. I am inspired to bake and make treats from here. My family absolutely loved the cake I made from This app. I will definitely be trying more recipes out!.Version: 1.6

Simply beautiful and amazingManuela is one of the Best, Exceptionally Detailed self taught Bakers in the world . This app is so easy to use . Each recipe has a photo & step by step instructions . The detail is beautiful and extraordinary. Why not learn from the best , get this app. Every recipe is delightful . This is now my favorite app on my phone. Highly recommend it ! Happy Baking ! Deena.Version: 1.2

Love!So far I love the app! So many recipes I want to try. I have tried a few things that didn’t work out for me but I think it was user error (my fault) plus I have a finicky oven! But I would recommend! Love all the fluffy light recipes!.Version: 2.0

Love it!The app is so easy to follow and has very detailed instructions. You can also get pictures of every step of the baking process. I like that it was a one time purchase and the recipes keep coming. Love it!.Version: 2.0

Worth Every Penny!!!I love this app! Manuela gives good descriptions and very careful instructions for each recipe. I have made many of her cakes and frostings and I am never disappointed. Manuela is a kind and passionate baker and loves to help everyone be successful. The ONE TIME fee is a bargain for what you are getting!! Jump in and join the fun!!.Version: 1.3

Loving the App and the Gluten free recipes.I am so happy with this new app from Passion for baking. The recipes are so easy to follow and so delicious. I was ecstatic to see quite a few gluten free (almond flour) recipes on the app. You won’t be disappointed and you will learn so much like I have. This will step up your baking game for sure!.Version: 1.2

Best baking appI so excited with this app, I follow Manuela from Instagram and I couldn’t get her book but now with this app I’m sure that I will prepare the best desserts, all details on amounts on each recipe is perfect and easy to make, you get a lot for this price..Version: 1.2

Not gonna lieI’m not gonna lie, I was a little disappointed in the app. All the recipes are in grams which makes it a bit more complicated to have to figure out the right amounts..Version: 1.3

Crashes every timeBe sure to delete the old version and download the new. SO MANY terrific recipes. The frostings are far beyond the standard American buttercreams. I’ve loved the ones I’ve tried..Version: 1.6

Such a wonderful app!My daughter and I have been following Manuela for years! We have her cook book and the aprons she sold a few years back. Love them! This app is wonderful! I wish her much success and happiness. Love, Debbie and Lexy.Version: 1.4

Wonderful recipes!!I love the recipes posted in the app. I’ve tried many of her recipes and they are to die for!! I love her carrot cupcakes and the mascarpone/heavy cream frosting. I recently made her lemon cake with lemon syrup and lemon glaze!! Amazing. This app is filled with so many great ideas!!.Version: 1.3

Love this app!This is a great app that has wonderful recipes. The recipes are easy to follow and everything tastes great. The pictures are very helpful and Manuela is very responsive anytime a question comes up..Version: 1.6

Amazing recipes!This app has the most unique and yummy recipes. It’s different than anything I’ve seen before!.Version: 1.4

Amazing and easy to follow baking app!Clear and concise directions and explanations. Prompt responses to questions. Love the accuracy of weighing ingredients versus measuring. Amazing attention to detail!.Version: 2.0

Delicious Recipes! 😋Omg! Just made the strawberry and cream ganache!🍓🍓🍓 Just this recipe was worth buying this app! Thank you!! I’m eating leftovers out of the piping bag!! 😋😋 Can’t wait to try all the other ones!🎂🍰🧁 Recipe is very well explained, it has notes and tips, photos for step by step..Version: 2.0

The BEST!Manuela’s app is fantastic! Easy to navigate and the recipes are absolutely delicious 😋.Version: 1.6

I absolutely love this woman’s recipes!This is the best money I’ve ever spent!!! Her recipes produce THEE ABSOLUTE BOUGIEST desserts I’ve ever had! 🥰.Version: 1.4

Love it!A lovely app for everyone who likes to bake with perfect recipes..Version: 1.3

Amazing AppI love this app it has amazing recipes and instructions are very easy to follow.Thankyou so much for providing an access to your recipe in such a genuine price..Version: 1.6

Outstanding content!This app is full of beautiful recipes and the content is pure magic. I’ve have tried many with much success. Finally an app that’s worth the money! I hope everyone enjoys cause this is fantastic and there is new content/recipes each week. Thank you so much :).Version: 1.3

Top tier recipesFantastic app! Recipes are beautifully presented and well written. My only concern is certain recipes aren’t showing up the same on my iPhone as they do my iPad. So far I’ve noticed the app on my iPad shows: Vanilla Bean Fudge or Licorice & Cherry Delight sponge Cake. And is not on the app through my iPhone. I’ve searched through nearly all categories without any luck. Overall I would recommend this app to anyone with a desire in baking..Version: 2.0

I love this app!!!I am in love with the Aesthetics of this app and photography. The recipes are clear and easy to follow. Can’t wait to bake more this week!!!.Version: 1.3

I love this appAll the recipes are super well explain and they work perfect, I’ve done a lot of them and all my friends love my baking now ♥️.Version: 1.3

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