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Download the official Taco Bell® app and your taste buds will officially thank you. Earn points on every qualifying order and reward yourself with free food. Gain access to exclusives only available on the app. Order tacos for delivery or pickup.

Features Include:
1. Order and pay ahead for delivery or pickup
2. Customize and save your favorite menu items to make ordering easy
3. Track your order seamlessly on the app to know when it’s ready for pickup or being delivered
4. Earn points on every qualifying order so your tacos can earn you more tacos
5. Redeem exclusive rewards and special offers only available on the app

Terms and conditions apply.

Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery App Comments & Reviews

Taco Bell Fast Food & Delivery Positive Reviews

Horrible app! Horrible, embarrassing experience!I have never had so many problems with an online app as I did with Taco Bell’s app. On Thursday May 24th I made an online order for this store location 330 w northside dr Jackson ms. I submitted the order over thirty minutes before arriving to the location because I made a stop prior to arriving. The money for my order was taken from my account and when I got to the window I was yelled at and told that I could not have my food (that I had paid for) that they didn’t see any order or money. They yelled at me and made me leave the drive thru. They told me they have nothing to do with the “raggedy” app. I left and went down the road to call the customer service number for a resolution . The rep answers the phone sounding sleepy and nonchalant. She told me there was nothing she could do. It was the apps fault . That I have to wait 3 business days before I can be refunded. I called again today , Tuesday ! And was told that a refund has been requested that now I need to wait 6-10 business days for the app to refund me! I will never use this App again in my life . Thanks Taco Bell for what has been the worst fast food experience of my life ! Delete this app ! Everyone do not use it !! I promise you’ll run into an issue ..Version: 5.0.1

Way, way better now. Solid app.I wrote a snarky review about how much the app would lock up, and how buggy the checkout process was. I’m really glad to see that the new version of the app is *far* superior on both fronts! I still have to knock a star off for the fact that certain screens—especially the Customize screens—can appear to fail when you open them. They are actually just loading, and dutifully populate the views after they’re done, but they are not reporting any status or progress and it makes it feel like the app is frozen or has hit an error, which isn’t great. Also, this is just an opinion, but I think it’s odd that ordering for in-store pickup indicates that they start preparing the order right away, but ordering for drive-thru indicates that they wait for me to be on-site and check in before the order is prepared. It seems like I’d always want to choose in-store pickup, so they can prepare it while I’m driving there, or at least have advance notice of the order to save a little time on both sides, and I’m confused why the drive-thru doesn’t use the same logic... Maybe the higher likelihood of being forced to wait for a long drive-thru line...? Only one transaction-spot to receive the food in the drive-thru, versus potentially multiple points in-store? I assume it was a deliberate choice. Just interesting, I guess. Other apps use GPS to detect when you’re nearly at the restaurant for that kind of thing, could be a good feature..Version: 5.9.1

Taco Bell App Woes: Order Mix-ups and Canceling CapersI must confess, using the Taco Bell app to get my grub on is generally a satisfying experience. The delightful ring of the bell after placing an order never fails to put a smile on my face. However, I do have a couple of bone-pickings with this digital taco haven. Firstly, the app stubbornly clings to your previous order location instead of automatically selecting the nearest Taco Bell. Come on, Taco Bell, take a page from McDonald's book and prioritize proximity. Imagine my hunger-induced dismay when I rolled up to the drive-thru, only to realize I mistakenly chose another spot. Major facepalm moment. And that's not the end of the tale, my friends! The second issue reared its head when attempting to cancel an order. Oh boy, did I embark on an arduous odyssey in search of the elusive cancellation feature. I was this close to dialing up Taco Bell support when, by sheer stroke of luck, I stumbled upon a tiny button nestled within my previous order, whispering ever so softly, "Cancel Order." Taco Bell, my dear, let's get one thing straight: your app desperately needs a makeover to make canceling orders as effortless as devouring their scrumptious tacos. So, there you have it, folks! The Taco Bell app: a rollercoaster of order mix-ups and canceling capers. Here's hoping they kick it up a notch and concoct an app that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also ensures a hassle-free experience..Version: 8.24.0

Five stars before glitchUpdate: I was finally able to reset password, store connectivity seems to be up and running again. Moved to 4 stars until the app proves it will work seamlessly again like it did the first two weeks after downloading... if no more issues will move to 5! Original: This app is fantastic... until it kicks you off and won’t let you back on. I guess I was using it too frequently! Seriously though, the app is attractive, user friendly, and dangerous for late night cravings. However, on trying to order one night from the same store I had used it for many times before, upon checkout/submit order it told me that the connection with store was lost. I thought this to be a mistake so I tried again, and again, and again. I was starting to get nervous that maybe my order was going through and just getting run over and over. But that was not the case. Using Apple Pay, none went through but what was worse, it logged me out of the app, I couldn’t remember my password, and then the forget password functionality told me user access denied. I can’t get back into the app... I’m in the phantom zone! Taco Bell is easily losing $15/wk keeping me out of the app. Please fix this bug!!!.Version: 5.0.4

Terrible AppI used to eat at Taco Bell and use the Taco Bell app weekly. However, it just takes too much energy to keep up with their apps issues. I won’t fight to eat at or use their app again. Today I experienced my 3rd time of not being able to get in the app because my password doesn’t match. The 1st time I just reset my password. The 2nd time I changed my password and wrote it down (although I have an iphone 11 which automatically stores your passwords) and today I can not change the password or resign up. The link to “forgot my password” doesn’t work and it tells me my email is already in use. Could I resign up with an alternate email? Sure! But why? And why give my hard earned cash to a company that doesn’t hire reliable developers? I live in a beach town in Florida. There are literally so many fast food, casual dining and carry out places within 2 miles of my house I could eat at a different one every day for a month. For anyone having the same problem AND lives near a Chipotle.... Use the Chipotle app and eat there! The food is better, the restaurants are cleaner, they have more experienced help AND THEIR APP ROCKS!.Version: 7.4.0

Great App, but keeps locking me outI’ve been using the taco bell app for some time now and it makes eating there much more convenient; having access to the online exclusive items is a big plus as well as being able to save favorite items and orders for future visits so I don’t have to keep telling them the specifics of what I want. However, just recently I spontaneously got locked out of my account on the app and every time I try to log in it says “log in failed.” I know for a fact that I put my information in correctly as I have the information saved to my device and have not touched it since I made my account. I looked it up and apparent this is a common issue. This is very disappointing, especially since some people have been locked out of their accounts for weeks, even months. I hope this does not happen for myself or for others from this point on, but if it is occurring (which if it’s happening to me then it’s likely happening to others) often then I will not be using the app any longer, which is unfortunate because I often utilize everything from the favorites to the notifications for deals as well as the rewards (ESPECIALLY THE REWARDS!!) Please fix this issue..Version: 7.25.0

Useful but not always reliableFirst, the app isn't optimized for iPhone 6 or 7 plus models and the widescreen resolution is kinda annoying. Second, submitting an order vs. "checking in" at the pickup location don't always sync well. It tells you to wait until you arrive, but there's often 10+ min delay between my check-in time and when the order finally queues at the restaurant. Kinda defeats the purpose of the app's supposed convenience and time-saving abilities lol. Third, there is nowhere in-app to add special instructions or requests for the order (i.e. extra sour cream on the side). You have to make those requests at the restaurant, but adding a simple instruction at TB is like asking them to perform brain surgery. And when you tell them you want the extra items on the side (which you already paid for in-app) 99% of the time they charge me AGAIN at the window. Lastly, the app should decrease the odds of TB screwing up the order since I'm placing it myself and making sure it's correct. And yet they NEVER get it correct lol don't seem to have this issue at other restaurant apps (chipotle, subway, etc.) & I've tried at numerous TB locations, so it's super frustrating. The app works well for most part but the human element in-store is still a massive problem..Version: 4.0.4

Great App if stores were notified.Husband just went to pick up our order and they don't have tomatoes, sour cream, red sauce, avocado sauce, or the "double chalupa" which was "new featured item" or the box (combo) in association with it so basically he asked for a regular chalupa instead of double; they couldn't substitute and couldn't refund b cause they didn't have the detailed order of the cost (extra cheese, ect) so once I called him and asked why she couldn't just pull up the order number and see the details... basically she eventually figured out how to refund (I think/hope) but I keep trying to give it another shot and because of the inconsistency and inconvenience I won't be attempting again. Sad part is I still love the app but my store never knows that I've placed an order and ALWAYS has issues like they are regularly out of things (beef?!) that are on the menu and once The app allows me to order off lunch menu my store still won't make it until 11:00 even though the app says lunch is available before then.... so basically a good app doesn't mean much if the stores aren't in sync with the app. (Previous review from 2 years ago..... I love that I get to take my time and order without feeling rushed and it's ready when I arrive!!).Version: 4.0.4

Please fix rewards & current menu items!Taco Bell app is okay. It lags a lot of times no matter what location or state I’m in. Something I really don’t like about the Taco Bell app is that it doesn’t have the Limited menu items on their app for example “Nacho Fries.” It’s not even located in the “New” category which if it’s not a regular menu item it should be in there at least. Also another thing I don’t like about Taco Bell is that if you order in person or in drive-thru there’s no way to upload your missed transactions for Taco Bell rewards you’re only rewarded points for ordering in the Taco Bell app. Which I have no problem ordering through the app I prefer it however if you don’t have what people want to eat on the app like the “Nacho Fries,” there’s no point ordering through the app. It would be a lot better if Taco Bell found a way where you could upload your receipt on their app for missed reward points just the same as Chick-fil-A does. Last week I visited Taco Bell drive-thru 4 times bc my family really enjoys Nacho Fries and that’s 4 visits of missed Taco Bell rewards point opportunities..Version: 7.13.0

Convenient but very buggyI want to start out by saying I do love this app. I have food allergies and it helps the store get the order correct more often than not, and I love paying through the app. That being said, there are so many bugs in the app. If you add custom items (all my items require being custom to avoid my allergy) then add a meal, it wipes out all of your custom order. And you can’t go in and fix the order in the cart, it won’t let you save. You have to go in and delete each custom item and then add them back again. It’s best to add everything to the cart first then do customizations, but this has been a bug for a long time and should have already been resolved. Also, I created custom favorited items to help easily put in an allergy friendly order but the same or similar bug happens: it says it’s customized under favorites but when added to the cart, all changes are erased. Big problem for picky eaters and people with food allergies who may not know that happens. My paranoia at having a reaction making me triple check is the only reason I’ve caught the app wiping my changes. It makes what should be a simple experience more complex and frustrating. Fix these bugs and this app is easily 5 stars..Version: 7.33.0

Updated, the app is great now!Unfortunately there’s no way to give this app zero stars, or I would. Had the app a couple years ago, and was triple charged on the app for a $50ish order, then reassured that two of the charges would be refunded. Didn’t happen until extensive phone calls were made, so I deleted the app, no big deal. I figured, as a year or so went by, the bugs would be worked out, and got the app again last year. Couldn’t log into my account, or even create a new account. Deleted again. Today, I decided to try it again. Surprise surprise. Can’t log into or create an account, and now the app won’t even allow me to select a location to start. If I’m the only one, then awesome. Keep up the hard work, but if this is a common occurrence, why even have the app available to the public? Hope this review helps, and best wishes to the developers! Update: I decided to give the app another shot today. It worked great for us this time so I wanted to be fair and not leave the rating at one star. Developers, whatever you did, great work! Please keep it up, as we look forward to continuing its use. Thank you!.Version: 5.31.1

Great app, IF it’s working!This was a great app! I was using it quite frequently, until it suddenly stopped working. There were a few glitches here & there (it wouldn’t find restaurants in the area, although I had ordered in the same place before, and wouldn’t let me sign in), but after a day or two, it started working again. I was hoping the glitches would get fixed, so it would be more reliable. However, it suddenly stopped working completely - won’t let me log in, won’t let me reset my password, I’m totally locked out. I can’t find anywhere online to get help either. If this issue can be fixed, I would say it’s a great app, but until then, it’s useless. Update, 9/7/19 I want to love this app, but it just won’t work right. Previous problems were finally fixed, and now, for the last couple of months, the app will not let me check out to pay & finish the order. I deleted the app today & reloaded it to my iPhone XR, and it looks like it lets me pay, but then ultimately, it gives me an error, and the store doesn’t get the order. Very frustrating. I wish the app would get fixed!!!.Version: 5.16.0

What’s the point of a food App If it won’t let you pay for the food.The app is okay but pointless when you can’t pay. Me and so many others that I work with try to use it for preordering but the app won’t take our payment after it did weeks before. I’ve tried a Apple Pay, a credit card and a debit card with no luck. I find it ridiculous that I have to go to the store, buy a gift card, sit down, order my food on the app by using a gift card, then walk to counter to pick it up. I have to do all that just to be able to order an online exclusive that isn’t sold in the store. Most people get a hour for lunch too bad I have to spend 25 minutes of it ordering. 😞 Update: So I heard back from Taco Bell a while back and I have to say that I am pleased with how they handled my situation. They were very prompt on replying and being able to fix my situation. Somehow they unblocked my card from where I had to dispute a order I paid for but never received. All is great again with the app. Thank you Taco Bell and the customer service contact that helped me out..Version: 7.43.0

App is much better but still has issuesI’ve had no issues with the app until the past couple of weeks. I pulled up, placed my order, and noticed that the app started acting glitchy. It froze and then took me back to the menu. Hmm.. so I looked at my email to see no confirmation, but when I looked at my bank account it took out the money so I walked inside and told them what happened. The manager came up and told me they didn’t get my order so I showed him my bank transaction. To prove I bought it and they made it for me. You could tell he was just as frustrated as I was. Yesterday I was at a different location, I pull up change and confirmed the new address and places the order. I walk in.. the employees didn’t get my order! I was like what?? So I look at it and it sent it to another Taco Bell 🤦‍♀️ and it’s like not even close to where I was. Neither stores can do anything there about it. Luckily there is a number for Taco Bell that they gave me and they were super nice, so I’m waiting on my money but man what an inconvenience. Still love Taco Bell though! Will probably skip the app for a little while lol.Version: 5.13.0

Even the Write a Review function brokeGot the app to order ahead and save some time. After downloading, I tried using the “Continue with Apple” button to, y’know, save some time. Wasted time as I kept trying it to make it work. (Coulda just drove over and waited in line.) Gave up, used the Continue with the Place that will Never Sell Your Data! instead. Of course, that worked perfectly. Then I clicked the Help to report the problem. It then automatically thinks it can only be because of a bad order, and proceeds to ask me for all sorts of information that I didn’t want to type in in the first place just so I can do a bug report. After spending enough time go buy and consume a meal at Taco Bell by downloading, creating an account, and giving them free needed feedback, I finally set up an order and paid with Apple Pay. Then it pops up the “What do you think of this app?” I then tried to write this review, only to have the text turn white, then the screen darken, and then a spinning circle with no way for me to submit what I could only guess I was writing. So I force quit the app, and came here to write this. Fix your app. I just hope my food is there when I arrive..Version: 7.42.0

No root beer option.The app has is issues like other apps. Like the other day it didn’t put my order threw then told me I had to change my password and then would not let me log in. Items not adding. And then sometimes there’s suddenly like 10 of that item added on. Or it keeping your last order in the cart even tho you already ordered, so now you have to manually remove everything and if your not paying attention you will end up ordering it all again. Glitches saying that item isn’t available when it is. I’m hoping this most recent update has fixed all that. But they have not fixed the issue of being able to order root beer. Before this update you could at lest click the option fountain drink. And then tell them when you get there. But now you have to pick the drink. Even tho Taco Bell sales root beer it will not let you pick it. Some time it will only allow you to pick between a few select drinks like just Pepsi and mtn dew. That’s the biggest thing that bothers me about the app..Version: 7.22.0

I am updating my review again - glitches were fixed and the app works well!This app is now a pleasure to use and really works well! Five Stars - well done developers! My previous review follows: They did fix the issues that I complained about! Bravo! The app works much better. I can order food, customize and check out! The app is easier to use and now has rewards. The app is still a little glitchy, and says “something went wrong on our end” too much. Fix that and my review would be 5 stars. My old review follows: I used to love this app. I can easily find the nearest Taco Bell, see what's on the menu, see calories, and customize my meal. But every time that I try to submit my order and check out, it says that there is a problem with my payment source. I get the same message regardless of which payment source I use, and there is actually nothing wrong with any of them. The point of a mobile app is to be able to order food, and this one won't let me do that. Please fix this..Version: 7.22.0

App works great. Employees mess up the orderVery easy ordering and modifying the order. The big problem his employees not paying attention. Last time I ordered from 60 Vandenburgh Avenue In Troy New York. I ordered a burrito with no guacamole and instead they put so much in the Burrito it was oozing out of both ends. Which I didn’t find out until I was back home. And this was not the only time stuff like this happened. We’re given the option to change the product we’re purchasing. Like myself ,I don’t like the refried beans or the sour cream. So I usually remove them and add black beans and guacamole. But then when I pick it up and get home and look at the product it ends up having sour cream and refried beans after I paid extra for add-ons that I wanted. and I know it’s not all the stores and I know it’s not all the employees. Maybe somehow on the screen that the employee is looking at if anything is removed or anything added would be lit up in different colors. Maybe it’s already that way I don’t know. But when you’re the only customer at the store and they mess up the orders. It gets old pretty quick.Version: 5.12.0

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