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Welcome to the Chick-fil-A® App. Find a restaurant near you and order ahead. Chick-fil-A One® Members can receive points with qualifying purchases, redeem available rewards of your choice and reach new tiers with increasing benefits.

1. Find restaurants - Find Chick-fil-A® restaurants near you while searching from home or out and about.

2. Order Ahead – Place your order through your phone and pay, choose your preferred pick-up method, and let us know when you arrive.

3. Receive points – Receive points with every qualifying purchase by scanning your QR code in the Chick-fil-A® App, paying with your Chick-fil-A One® digital gift card, or placing mobile orders at participating Chick-fil-A® restaurants.

4. Redeem rewards – Use your points to redeem available rewards of your choice, including: free food rewards, birthday rewards, meal donations and more.

5. Personalized menu – We’ll remember what you like and – even better – how you like it.

Chick-fil-A App Comments & Reviews

Chick-fil-A Positive Reviews

This app is actually very good.I have use different apps for different companies in different restaurants and this one is actually very good I haven’t had any issues with it not even once and it doesn’t run slow it doesn’t bog down my device like others sometimes do there’s no delay no matter what location I’ve gone to I’ve been very happy with us and I’ve never even had a glitch with payments or anything which some places sometimes to with other restaurants and you were able to see everything that is available and like some other competitive restaurants which hide the good deals. And then the second you submit your order because I’ve only done curbside delivery because it’s faster than waiting in line faster than going inside. and they make the food fresh the second that you say that you’re there never any complaints about any of it. I would absolutely recommend this for any person that is a fan of Chick-fil-A. I’m not biased, although I did used to work at Chick-fil-A over 20 years ago, but if this app was not good I would say it was not good. They made an excellent choice in whoever they had make this app..Version: 2020.16.0

App has too many weird glitchesI love the Chick-fil-A app. It’s normally a time saver, but when it glitches, it’s a pain. We’ve been using it since the summer. The first few times it was great. Then strange things would happen. At first, we would place our orders at home & the app would indicate that our order was received & we would get the page with instructions. We get to the restaurant, get the prompt to give our parking spot #. Then, the app would tell us we hadn’t placed an order. We would have to reorder. That was finally corrected, but now I tried to place an order at my preferred restaurant as I was leaving work. I checked the address before placing my order & have never ordered from another location on the app. I checked the address once as I submitted my order, then again upon arrival. The correct address was listed, but when I tried to submit my spot #, the app tried to claim that I placed my order with another restaurant. I was asked if I wanted to change my order to the location I was at. I tried to do that twice, but I kept getting a message that I was submitting my order elsewhere. I had to cancel my order & reorder in the parking lot. There have been other glitches with payments, too. I love Chick-fil-A, but the app needs work..Version: 2022.17.0

Good App Poor Experience @ RestaurantOverall it's a great app. Customization of orders are limited. If want lettuce and no tomatoes, you can only do that with the original sandwich while you're not able to remove it from the deluxe version. At Fairfax Circle, a normally very busy location in my experience, they do not have dedicated parking for mobile orders, but insist that mobile orders are picked up thru walk-in vice drive thru. The app includes a notification that you're at the restaurant with the caveat it is to provide the freshest food. Sitting out in the parking lot until there's a space to park is not going to keep the food fresh. They should be able to either take my order number at the drive thru and enter it so I am in the sequence or it's an option in the app to notify them the customer is in the drive thru queue. Or reserve a space for pick up orders like every other restaurant in the country pretty much does for their mobile orders. The customer isn't going to know the parking lot is full before they arrive and the mobile order is to place your order before you even arrive at the restaurant with your custom choices..Version: 5.13.2

Why YOU should get Chick Fil APlease read the whole thing. Chick Fil A is my pride and joy. when i’m feeling down, and fry, upset, hangry, hungry, or my heart is broken, Chick Fil A is my cure. my usual order is a 12 count meal with either a coke or lemonade. first of all, this lemonade is exquisite. so juicy, sweet, but the perfect amount of tartness. next of all, it is grilled and friend also perfectly. when i eat it, i am filled with happiness. it makes my day usually once or maybe twice a month. i am usually a pretty healthy person but i would do and break any rules to eat my chick fil a. during the global pandemic, unlike any other fast food restaurant, chick fil is not touching anything of yours, so things don’t spread. not only that, but i notices that there were around 15 workers helping at cars so the line would go faster. i was practically outside of the chick fil a drive through and i only spent 5 minutes durning my visit. my food was EXCELLENT. not only warm, but hot. Chick fil A will always be my go to snack, or meal. i love chick fil a with a passion and will never give up on it..Version: 2020.4.1

Yay for Chick-Fil-A!My family and I LOVE Chick-fil-A! I use the app more often than any other app on my phone. I’ve been a “red member” since day 3 of downloading it. I only request one change, when ordering curbside, could you add an “other” option for vehicles... I’m a paramedic and have to grab and go sometimes. When our food is brought out they are looking for a “red truck” because we can’t fit in the drive through but, a “red truck” is not usually associated with an ambulance so we have to catch the person with our food before they quickly see that there is no “red truck” in the curb side pick up area and go back inside (we don’t fit in those parking spots either). If we could have a option to fill in “ambulance, fire truck, police car, 18 wheeler... etc.” that would just take this app to the next level! My co-workers and I would be even more ecstatic that we could be more specific and get our delish food without any confusion to the amazing teams that save us in our time of hunger. Either way, the app is great and makes getting food easier for us..Version: 2020.4.1

My 2 cents because I use the app dailySo there are three complaints I have, but at the moment I can only think of 2: 1. When loading money into the app I love that there are different payment/card options. However, I cannot pick anything less than $25 to reload. I would like for the amount to be adjustable to MY personal situation. I understand people miskey and may make the mistake of adding more funds than intended, but if the top threshold is $100 then I don’t see where the big problem is. 2. I have a lot of rewards, and last time I made the mistake of picking a frosted lemonade instead of the milkshake. The picture look almost alike so it was silly mistake while dealing with 4 kids in tow. The manager couldn’t back out of the reward to pick the right now, but thankfully the points were the same for milkshake & frozen drink so it wasn’t a big deal. The problem comes when one may double tap the wrong reward (happened to me!) and then you have 2 fries when you only wanted one. 3. Will come back to give feedback.Version: 6.1.0

Pretty PerfectThis app is perfect, I’ve never had an issue and it is very dependable. I deliver pizzas and sometimes I’m in the mood for a grilled chicken sandwich or my personal favorite spicy chicken sandwich with strawberry jelly! I usually don’t get off work til after Chick-fil-a closing hour. Also the last couple of hours where I’m from seem to be the busiest. I hate waiting in lines whether it’s drive thru or inside, so being able to place my order after I drop off a pizza, a driving 5 minutes to get there, walk into the store, grab my bag and I’m otw back to work is literally genius. Even better I’m able to comfortably ask my brother or my boyfriend to pick up food otw without dealing with money or them putting in the wrong order etc. This app is fabulous and I’m upset with myself for not getting it sooner lol. If there was anything I could change on here is giving me an option to write notes like, extra crunchy chicken, or give an option to have a large water, but that’s simple and I’m sure it’ll change soon😁.Version: 6.0.5

EmployeeAs a chick fil a employee, if you are having trouble with payments not going through at the restaurant but on your phone that has to be taken up with your bank. If you are having trouble using your rewards to get something free it has to be ringed up separately to get your rewards. So when you say what you want and you don’t say I want to take off for something that causes us problems because we have to cancel the whole meal and ring your order up separately so you get your item for free. Also we get signed out of our iPads a lot so when we take your order and you pay and it signs us out we have to ring up your order one more time and you will have to pay again but the first payment will come off of your bank account it will just say pending and it will put the money back please don’t get an attitude with us over something we have no control over. I hope this help..Version: 2023.1.0

Decent app, not thrilled with the rewards.So when the app started it was great. I felt as though the points to get a reward was relative and you’d get random rewards from stores too. I don’t remember the last time I got a random reward and the points have gone up to earn a reward too. I eat at chick-fil-a fairly often, and even as often as I eat there it takes forever to get to a better rewards status to make it easier to earn rewards. That’s my one complaint, not enough rewards to justify the app taking up space on my phone. 🤷🏼‍♀️ I think companies forget that you only have so much space and it’s a big ask for them to expect you to keep the app on your phone and take up real estate when the app doesn’t make it enticing to keep it on your phone. All I’m saying is that competitors make it worth your while, and we all know Chick-fil-a isn’t hurting for money….so it doesn’t track. Even if it was like some kind of special deal like on Mondays you get a $1 off your meal or something, that would be great. I don’t know, just something to think about..Version: 2023.18.0

I want to love the app like I love Chick Fil AThis app is mediocre at best. I got a Facebook notification about a free sandwich if I purchased online today. Ordering chicken minis online from home worked to begin with but that was where the success ended. I left home and immediately couldn’t access my order to “pull up and let them know” I was at the restaurant. I have not once ever, despite re-downloading the app at least 3 times, been able to view orders or treats without being on wifi (typically mine at home). I have an iPhone 8+, have the latest version of ios, and sufficient memory on my phone for the app. But I get the message that the app “isn’t connected to the internet”—whaaa? I live in a town of 200,000 on a major highway with LTE everywhere. So, to solve my problem I just pulled up to the drive thru and told them I had an online order. The girl gave me my food but gave me no free sandwich or comparable breakfast item. I thought the free item might come as a notification on the app but nope, not there, either. A disappointment altogether...Please get the glitches fixed on this app once and for all..Version: 5.16.3

Kind of annoyingI do love this app.I love the rewards and everything that they give you. I’m only complaining and writing a bad review because of their delivery service. If you want Chick-fil-A to deliver to you you have to pay all these extra taxes, tip, and a delivery fee of $2.99. Which I understand but then all of the meals are so much more expensive on the app compared to when you just go yourself. They raise each meal/item $2 to $3 dollars each. I saw today to see what my total cost would be. If I go and get it myself for a breakfast meal it’s $9. As if I do delivery with all the taxes and all the fees my meal came out to almost $20. Plus my food always comes poorly packaged, cold, and not filled up. We’ve complain to the point of just getting free food, but even the free food is bad lol. Maybe it’s just the chick fil a on trinity mills that we go to. Yes, I just get my chick fil a on my own from now on.Version: 2021.17.0

Good overall but should allow Dine In option for mobile ordersI really like the app. I have a few wishes for the app and rewards program. First, I wish we could exchange rewards earned for other equivalent food/drink options. Often, I earn a breakfast biscuit and never use them, because I don’t like biscuits. I wish it would just allow you to get a monetary credit on your order in the amount of the retail price of the freebie offered. I also wish they wouldn’t expire so quickly, but I don’t foresee them giving any consideration to that. Most importantly, I think mobile orders should allow the customer to choose not only between Carry-out and Drive-thru but also Dine-in. It seems odd to me that you can order for carry-out but not feel welcome to eat in the restaurant if you so choose. Tried to order this morning (5/07) and the app crashed several times and would never submit the order. So I had to order the old way and wait during morning rush hour. Usually the app works well, but this morning, it wouldn’t allow me to submit my order despite 5-6 attempts..Version: 5.16.2

Honolulu Makiki needs helpI order extra of everything practically and I’m charged for it but the receipt doesn’t show the extra except for one item and I don’t get the extra but I am charged for it. This app is irritating and that it lists everything I’ve ordered in the past and tries to start out with that particular item. I wish they would not list things I’ve ordered in the past unless I have actually favorited it. The people that put the order together should get their act together as well. I ordered two completely different salads and they put the lids with the ordered items on the wrong salads. In the end we did get the correct salads except for extra ingredients but because of the lackadaisical way of doing things by the woke staff at this particular Chick-fil-A it was confusing once we got home. Also, I wish they wouldn’t try to stuff to Salads in the one bag. This place has great salads. But you can’t get what you want because the app print out apparently what we ordered extra but it sure charges us. I have..Version: 2023.14.1

Is it me or did every fast food place get SLOW?The app tells the location to prepare the food when “you’re closer” and then after its recieved you can wait anywhere from 6-10 min after you arrive. At that point why use the app lol Just order in line. So now you have people hitting the “already at location” in advance because they are not gonna wait when they ordered ahead. It just shows these companies have tried to adapt with systems to take any order they can but in the process have not developed store systems to handle it. Let alone staff up to accomodate the extra orders. Since having online orders chic fil a dine in and drive through now takes longer. And like most places, when your meals exceed $9-12, you might as well do take out from a real restaraunt. Fast food is no longer a convenience when time constrained, its always a inconvenience. I love Chic Fil A, but im noticing a terrible trend among companies post covid, another time line event that has shifted things for the worse. Every decade it happens..Version: 2023.1.0

Things cost too much in points.Things would be more affordable and people would be more inclined to purchasing more when they see faster rewards. For instance, A fry will cost 600 points. The average rewards member gets 10 points for every one dollar that they spend. So theoretically, the average person still in a rich status will have to spend $60 in order to receive a small fry that cost between $2-$3 depending on location. This will mean that the average customer will have to come into the store 10 times and buy ten fries. The math ain’t mathing… as someone who has a masters in business finance and marketing, I suggest that in order to redeem points the redemption cost goes down by half. This wooden Cline or younger market because now becomes affordable to the average kid who has an allowance and also appeals to the parent because now they can come to Chick-fil-A more frequently saying that the amount of points it cost to redeem a free item is less..Version: 2023.5.0

ONE THING NEEDS IMPROVEMENTThe only thing about this app that needs improvement is the where you can put a note to the store. My family and order through the app and love it for the most part, however, the spaces it gives to let the store know something that you would like them to do is NOT enough! I just tried to put that I want the fries in separate bags that have salt on them and this is all I could put and had to do it without spaces between words to put the message: UNSALTEDFRIESSEPARATEBAGMARKED So I was trying to say that I wanted the unsalted fries in a separate bag and mark it so I would know which ones are salted and which ones are not, but the above message took every space it gives you, so if you wanted to ask tell them to put one of the meals in a separate bag or to put all the sauces in separate bag or anything else there is no way to do it! And now I just noticed that when you review your order details after you submit it, you can’t see the message you sent with it. That also needs to be corrected! One last thing I just remembered, I know that when I got through the drive thru or go inside and order, I can order the fruit cups without one of the fruits that I don’t care for, but it doesn’t allow that on the app, so that would also either need more space on the message part or the option to remove one of the fruits from the fruit cup! In the end, I don’t really understand why the message part is SO limited with spaces! :/.Version: 6.0.7

Good food, high rate of error with ordersAs always, food quality does not disappoint, but rarely get an order that’s filled according to the order. What a let down to get home to find there’s no dressing or the wrong dressing or one of the other food items is missing! Love the ease and convenience of ordering, paying and picking up using the app from my vehicle. I find the error rate is highest at this location compared to two others near my home. However, this happens to be the one closest to my travel routes. I will actually go out of my way to order from either of the others just to avoid these errors. Please don’t suggest I check the order before driving off, it’s hardly convenient and the majority of times other family members order. Try getting them to check before driving off; just not likely to happen. Besides, customers don’t expect such errors. Please address this issue at the location on Two Notch Rd. & I-20 in Columbia SC. Thanks for your attention to my concerns..Version: 2023.8.0

"A Convenient, Rewarding, and Delightful Experience"I recently had the pleasure of using the Chick-fil-A app, and I must say, it exceeded my expectations in every way. One of the standout features is the array of free rewards available just for using the app, from complimentary food items to special discounts. The integration of delivery options through Grubhub at the end of the transaction adds a convenient touch, ensuring that I can enjoy Chick-fil-A's delicious offerings wherever I am. Additionally, I love the occasional games offered within the app, where I have the chance to win even more free food and drink items. It's also worth noting the generous birthday rewards granted yearly, as well as the unexpected delight of random free food items awarded, making every visit to Chick-fil-A a delightful experience. Overall, the Chick-fil-A app seamlessly combines convenience, savings, and fun, making it a must-have for any Chick-fil-A enthusiast..Version: 2024.3.0

Rewards program has been DOWNGRADEDUsed to be really happy with ChikFilA rewards program. I would get free food items every few visits. However, they just changed their rewards program into a tier based points system. For example, the lowest level gives you 10 points for every dollar. To give you an idea, salads (which I used to get for free around once a month) take 1500 points to purchase. That means you would have to spend $150 in fast food at ChikFilA just to get a free salad. The top tier (red member) requires 5000 points to maintain red-level status. Red members accrue points faster by getting 12 points for every dollar and get a few more benefits - nothing that much more amazing than lower level members. 5000 points is over $400 in fast food within a year. I don’t think my arteries could handle that. Anyways, as far as the app goes it’s great and easy to do mobile orders. However, I don’t think I will be spending as much at ChikFilA as I used to because of the rewards program changes..Version: 6.0

Rewards doesn’t work!Love everything about this app except the Rewards redemption. I selected my reward, added it to my order; then clicked on my favorite saved meal. Reviewed my order but the reward wasn’t listed. Went back to the rewards section; it had deducted the points. Hmm?!? Added a note (not enough characters allowed in this section!!) to confirm reward to be included in my order. Got to the pickup window, asked if my reward was included. Employee had no clue, told me my “reward points are probably there.” But “I don’t get the salad now?” Again, unconcerned response. She didn’t ask if I wanted to purchase the salad now. I didn’t want to hold up the line behind me in the drive thru, so I left; went to another fast food restaurant to order — problem free — so my husband would have something to eat too. This issue needs to be fixed for customers AND so there is an easy way for the employee can add the reward during pickup..Version: 2022.1.1

Time Saver ! close to flawless so farThis App allows me to dine take out or eat in from the “bag”. Before the app, which i 1st heard Clark Howard praise on the radio, the Atlanta Peachtree X Collier Rd location, a mere 2blocks from our office was nearly unusable due to the wait times. I would go there once every few months and never use the drive through, now i walk up on pleasant days at least weekly. i know to hit the “i’m here” button about 100 yds before i walk in and i now get my food in 1 to 3 minutes like clock work. The app allows me to customize everything on the menu and while i’ve seen them miss a condiment here or there i think overall accuracy is much higher because of the total digital experience. The only flaw i saw recently is they removed all salads for a week or 2 due to the romaine lettuce problems - in a perfect customer experience world they would have messaged inside the app what was going on..Version: 5.16.2

Needs additional feature for allergies!Tonight I ordered a Cobb salad in addition to several other items for curbside pick up. Within the item notes of the salad I put in capital letters “NO EGGS - allergic” because there was no option to order my Salad minus any ingredients. I also included within the whole order notes the same comment, in capital letters. I get my order quickly at curbside, but I’m disappointed to see my salad covered in egg. It’s been an exhausting day, my family is home starving and the restaurant is extremely busy. So I just take my incorrect order home because I don’t have the time or energy to go inside, with NO receipt, and wait for a new salad. At home we had to switch around who was eating what since the egg is chopped so finely it literally cannot be picked off. CFA is so accommodating of allergies when eating within the restaurant, it would be nice to see that accommodation extend to the app as well!.Version: 5.16.1

Needs a “referral credit” featureI love this app! I’ve had it since 2016 when it first came out. I love that you get treats whether you buy food or just because. I love that now you can scan your receipt if you forgot to scan your app at the restaurant. I love that you can place mobile orders and skip long lines (even though the lines move super quick anyway). I tell all my friends that they need to download the app, especially if they have kids, because let’s face it, Chick-fil-A is the best option for “fast food.” I put it in quotes because Chick-fil-A is my favorite restaurant and I don’t qualify it as fast food. With that being said, the only thing that can take this app to the next level is a referral credit option. When I refer people to download the app, it would be nice to get treated in any form. Perhaps a head start to a treat, a free treat option, or cash placed onto the app. What do you think?.Version: 5.16.3

They do pretty good, except with instructionsI’ve enjoyed the app - earning treats is awesome. I’ve only ever had one problem but it’s repetitive enough to knock a couple of stars off my rating. My family special orders items frequently so we were thrilled to see the “special instructions” section. For some reason they never follow the special instructions. After finding parking and wading through the line to “quickly” get my order it’s frustrating that EVERY TIME the special instructions are missed. Now we have to stand and watch regular walk-up orders be completed before our mobile order is corrected. This has happens at least 5 times. I’ve spoken with the manager and the GM about what to put to get the directions followed keeps happening. Apologies worked the first few times but now I’m hoping this review does something. Maybe a manual acknowledgment or something when special instructions are on mobile orders. I don’t know but it’s beyond frustrating from such a customer-oriented company..Version: 5.14.4

The only way!Since the first time I downloaded the app, I have yet to order any other way. From curb side pick up, to the drive thru, or even walking in to pick up. Everyone knows Chick-fil-A is always busy, and it’s an obvious reason. How I pick up depends on the line inside, or the drive thru. It remember your most frequent orders, so you can literally get your favorite meal with two clicks! I would give it 5 stars, yet one time they didn’t put my sauce in the bag. Everyone knows you need the sauce. I didn’t complain to them, because let’s face it, the Chick-fil-A staff are the most courteous and joyful crew I’ve ever been served by. They even give my pup a biscuit at breakfast! I highly recommend using the app. Even if you’re going to dine in! Your order will be waiting on the counter, with your name clearly shown on the receipt! Plus they give rewards for using, like the free sandwich I got just a couple days ago!.Version: 2019.13.0

Not pandemic friendlyThere is no option for walk-in not everyone drives so there needs to be support for non-motorist. As the app currently is, frustrating experience for both the customer and employees please add support for walk-up customers. Other than this the app itself great however there is a few options that could be added such a customizing food orders and reducing the amount of steps to redeem customer loyalty points. But yeah as it is I still say it’s pretty solid. Navigation is still simple and straightforward One thing to be aware of when using gift cards once you transfer your balance to the app the card no longer has any funds which I feel is a bit curious Below is my pre-pandemic review Original title: Only good to skip the line The ordering experience is great. Easy UI navigation is a breeze However I feel there are a few issues I need to point out, on more than one occasion my order was not correct. I love the app just be cautious of receiving your order correctly, it’s highly aggravating and from what I experienced it appears managers don’t take the customers side I was told there would be an investigation on the matter which consisted of only merely asking an crew member which in my opinion is highly subjective who would own up to an error hard evidence would be rolling back some camera the manager actually had the audacity to contact me back to give me his workers defense when I personally witnessed the error first hand.Version: 2020.9.0

Chicken bussinOmg I love these places 🥵🥵🍆🍆🐥100%would smash I love u chicken is so dry and pasty and they WERE OPEN ON A SUNDAY also they didn’t say my pleasure also sundays r for wap, and it’s the Lord day so god help me I love the lemonade and to salty and busin( that’s what my grand kiddos say) I want to be sponsored bc the Mc chicken is so good and the Big Mac is goooood I want to put god first but I can’t when the quarter pounder w/ cheese lettuce and tomato and onions and mustard and sweet and sour sauce and u can’t forget the pickles and cookies and if u take the filet o fish and dino nugs r so bussin bussin I also love the wapper u make it so good when u put I good sauce on it wink wink***😩😩😩if u know what I mean. I also learned that my great great great great great great x10 founded it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!im so proud of her!. I wish u could put more of that goooood sauce on wink wink nudge nudge ***😩😩🥺if u want I can give u some tonight at my place at 11pm have fun belly on your first day 👍have fun in worship camp tommy.Version: 2022.12.0

This app is RIDICULOUSLY AMAZINGIf you love Chik-Fil-A, you NEED to download this app!!! It’s SO CONVENIENT! Like I don’t remember how I even got to downloading it but all I know is I use it a LOT more than I thought I would (almost more than yelp lately, whaaat?!). I mean Chik-Fil-A’s drive thru service is already top-notch fast, but if you don’t mind walking a little (the app is carry-out only) then you’ll get your food even faster than drive-thru... you even skip the lines inside!! The app is super easy to use and has a picture, prices, and calories for each item. I made an order during rush hour from my car in the parking lot, walked in, and they were already done. I kinda felt bad because the register lines went out the door and drive thru was slammed. Not to mention FREE FOOD!!!! The app gives you a lot of free stuff for using it!! I’ve gotten free waffle fries, a couple free sandwiches, free ice cream... I love this app..Version: 5.14.3

Good Service, Poor AppIt’s going on three separate times when I’ve pre-ordered my food and when I get there to pick it up, it’s not ready. Before you ask “did you tell the app you’re here and ready to pick up”? Yes I did but for some reason my app just keeps thinking for the last 5-7 minutes to drive to the store to pick up my meal. When I get there it’s not ready because the app never sent the order to the store. Luckily, the manager on watch knew what to do and had my food made fresh to go. But having an app for pre-order is kind of useless if it doesn’t work. There’s a girl that works at the store I normally go to and she agrees that it’s weird that it never shows up. My app just says that the order never went through and I have to talk to the manager. But then I’ll get a receipt saying thank you for your purchase. This is with the latest update you sent out. Please fix this because I’m scared to use my lunch time to get food prepared and be late to work because the app doesn’t work..Version: 5.16.3

Love it so much, one thing consistently bother me thoughI have had the chic fil a app since it launched originally, and I’ve always loved it. I love the improvements that have been made, I love the usability and really just how easy the app makes everything. It’s very convenient and quite frankly elevates the experience. But, one thing has continuously bothered me that I’m surprised hasn’t already been added to the app. If you have multiple payment methods within the app, you cannot name them. I have multiple cards in my app, and all the app shows is the last 4 of the app so I can differentiate them but I don’t memorize the last 4 of every card I have, so it’s really frustrating. I would very much like to see a feature allowing you to name the different cards. Also, sometimes when ordering through the app, I have maybe 41 cents or something like that, some money but not enough to buy something, left on my chic fil a card. But, in order to use that I’d have to reload the card and then use it, or go inside and scan it, which defeats the purpose of the mobile order to skip the line. There should really be a way to combine these two payment methods, so I could use the rest of the money of the chic fil a card with one of the payment methods in the app. Overall, wonderful. If the features above were added, it would only make the experience better!.Version: 6.1.1

Exploring the AppMy review is about the app itself. I can’t order buns separately. You can in store. When I add items to cart I would like the option to go to cart and review, see price and make changes with price prior to it forcing me to pick a location. No where does it show breakfast hours. I had to go to Google it. I agree with others that the point of an app is to be supported at all locations. If all locations don’t have say a parking spot for to go orders then it’s needs to be advised before you place your order. It’s not the customers job to figure it out after they arrive. App folks get on the phones and call locations you load and ask. I don’t want to use the app yet until I contact the store each time to find out. By the time I do that I can just go through the line or in store and order. My time is more valuable than in-app freebies. For those that have issues with your stores, hit twitter and email corporate. This has always worked for me with numerous chained stores. In my experience it’s mostly a training issue “such as a lazy manager not training, a specific employee, or a store that doesn’t follow corporate rules. It goes a long way when corporate here’s of an incident in a particular store, “you will get freebies” as opposed to blaming the chain as a whole. Yelp and FB are ok for complaints for customers to see but if you want to get results and see changes Corporate and Twitter are the way to go..Version: 5.14.4

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