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McDonald's App Comments & Reviews

McDonald's Positive Reviews

Poor connection protocolAbout a month ago I began experiencing problems with my McDonald’s app. I was asked by the app to connect a credit card to the account which I had already done. Every time I tried to get in I was reminded to try to connect a credit card. After many attempts attempts to correct this I finally decided I would try to connect a card. Once I did that the app has gone into a new mode where every time I open it it wants to take me through several iterations I’m trying to sign in when before I was automatically signed in once I open the app. Now it takes 4 or 5 attempts to get through the “use PayPal,… use email” questions. Even when it opens up and asks for a fingerprint and accepts the fingerprint, it will still try take me through the “use …” steps. Once I try going through the steps it will cycle back around to the “use…” menu and the whole thing starts over again. I have deleted the app and reloaded it but it does the same thing. I have tried to get to a real customer support person but have been unable to find the link. I am about to delete my app and start over but am unsure what will happen to the points I have accumulated. Is there anyone I can talk to about this?.Version: 7.3.2

Don’t order breakfast if it’s anywhere close to 10:30.I placed my order on the app at 10:18. I live 5 minutes away. Because I arrived at 10:32. I was told breakfast was over!! I was already charged for the breakfast! They said it will go back on my card in 3-7 business days. Excuse me? You can charge me for it to make sure I pick it up but if I’m 2 minutes late. I can not have my food that I was charged for? The app doesn’t send them my order? If it doesn’t. Why does it charge my card before the food is picked up? This is the new age! Two minutes late due to a wreck and no breakfast but you can pay for it anyway. I called customer service. The store owner will call me. Seriously I have to speak to customer service and waste my time just to be told the store will contact me? The store I just left that gave no craps? That won’t help. If they don’t want you to order breakfast too close to 10:30. Change the cut off time sooner. This is just poor service all around! The app I called to ask why. They don’t know so they want the store that won’t make breakfast two minutes past the time to call me. That won’t get me anywhere. So moral of the story. If you’d like to pay for food you can’t have order breakfast too close to 10:30. It’s an amazing experience when this company can’t answer your questions or tell you why you were charged if the food wasn’t prepared..Version: 7.16.0

Prepay makes it so much worseFor drive through they used to charge when you gave your number at the line. Recently they moved to instantly charge. Most of the time the app changes to your closest location so I started to trust it. Sometimes though at one mcdonalds in particular it won’t update my location or will say it changed locations but doesn’t change it to the nearest one I’m looking at. I’m not connected to their wifi or any public wifi ever. So if I checkout my choices are drive across town to pickup, lose money, or wait a week to contest it. Worst was today when the app again crashed when going to the ba da .. screen. Charged my credit card, shows the order in my history, and my items are still in my bag and I can’t checkout because I already used the deal. They couldn’t help at the mcdonalds which I understand but it is very inconvenient. So now I wait a few days to dispute it with my ccard which hopefully I can remember to do. If you didn’t charge up front both of these issues and more would be non events but now I just don’t want to use the unstable and unreliable app at all. Since you overcharge to order in person to make up for the deals ordering in person is out..Version: 7.16.1

Beware of changesThe McDonald’s app has been great generally over the years. But when they change it you lose earned rewards. I’ve done so many times, the worst recentlyWhen they changed from my café rewards to the regular McDonald’s rewards. In the past for every five coffee drinks you bought you would get one free. I had bought coffee almost daily on my way to work and hardly ever redeemed them. At one time I had over 28 or 29 mccafé coffee’s to redeem. Even though the expiration date had passed one day I noticed seven or eight of them had disappeared. So I started using them. I built them up again and again and use them here and there. Maybe a month ago I had 22 Mccafé drinks and they change the app again to rewards instead of the café drinks. I checked the app and I were seven showing four or five of which had to be redeemed within a few days or they would disappear/expire. I didn’t have time to use the mall and ended up losing four or five of those. If you figure those drinks run an average of 4 to 5 dollars each and lost a couple hundred dollars and drinks over the years. And I bought a couple hundred coffees a year from McDonald’s. For many years... this has made me much less trusting of the McDonald’s app..Version: 6.13.1

Terrible. Slower to order than drive thruThis is my 2nd time using the app to make an order and both times was a absolutely terrible experience. Much worse than ordering in person. The app like Starbucks app should speed the service. I should be able to place my order and then have it ready. In both cases, the order did not get executed. So I paid twice the first time. I am way too busy to recoup a 5 dollar charge. The second time, the restaurant didnt get the order until 5 minutes after I was waiting in the restaurant. The app hung and then would say I wasnt close enough even when I was standing there. Finally the order goes through and I end up taking 10 more minutes than if I simply went to the drive through. It was HORRIBLE. I ended up getting to my daughters piano class late. We go to McDonalds on the way to class every single Sunday. I decided to use the app to redeem points and it was by far one of the worst experiences. Its 2022 - if McDonalds want to have an app that is like Starbucks and it just works and people are happy, hire a tech team that can execute. Do it seriously or dont have an app at all..Version: 7.1.1

Horrible serviceI placed an order selected curbside waited like 20 mins no one comes out or says anything I started calling the drive thru person who finally looks across the lot and I tell him ive been here like 20 mins and no one has brought my food. He has like this shocked little on his face and another lady comes to the window and says can u get in the drive thru line (which by the way has at least 12 card in it). I said do you know how long that line is and I’ve already been waiting almost 20 mins then she said ok as soon as this car finishes I will bring you your food. So I wait and wait and wait. After the 6th car passes no one comes to the window or anything. I was so mad I drove around and got in the drive thru line which is wrapped around the building now. This is the worst customer service ever. You guys should be ashamed of yourself. If I could have gotten my money back from the app I would have left and went somewhere else. No one even apologized they just acted like nothing was wrong. It’s called fast food for a reason. I can’t believe I placed an order at 915 and still haven’t gotten my order as of 956. The building is locked so I can’t even go in and just ask for my money back. You guys have been in business long enough and should know how better to offer better customer service..Version: 5.12

Used to be betterI have had the McDonald’s app since the beginning and always been an advocate and even encouraged my friends to get it. The thing is I don’t eat anything at McDonald’s besides fries and salads items, occasionally I may get a dessert or chicken item. In the beginning I was really able to take advantage of the $1 fry deals and the $3 off $10 or $1 off $7. As of recently, about 2 months, those deals are no longer there so I really no longer have anything to gain which is quite disappointing because I do love the app and have been such a fan. I just purchased some items that would have been $4 less had I still had my regular deals. If these new changes to the app will be permanent I only wish McDonald’s would consider deals that are frequented by consumers so that they can be tailored and continue to be taken advantage of. Also consider dietary needs and restrictions I used to have 10-20 deal to select from now I have 3-7 that I know I will not use. For example, I have a free any size soft beverage deal in my app right now, I can’t drink soda so I have no use for such a coupon. I have a $1 off a quarter pounder or Big Mac, also something I can’t have so it will go to waste. Then I have 2 others for a total of 4 deals that I cannot even take advantage of. Disappointing, especially because I know how great it used to be..Version: 5.20.1

Unfortunate.Came here last night as well and everything went wrong. First of all they forgot half of the order, so I had to go into the restaurant (AND without a mask as I did not plan on going in) because I walked up to drive through and they told me to come in. So I go inside meanwhile carrying my son’s ice cream cone that was melting all over and garbage at that point pretty much… So she said she’ll get me a new one and throws the ice cream cone away and gets me my fries and the right sauce since I got that wrong to you for the nuggets….And I also ordered extra salt on every item that I ordered so they would hopefully remember to put salt packets in with the order so when I was inside having to get my order I asked them specifically if they remembered and put the salt in the first bag of food and they reassured me yes they did. So I leave, and of course they did not put salt in, and all the first food was of course COLD by then… but the worst part! I ordered 2 large fries and they barely out any in! Which happens ALL the time. And as expensive as the fries are… I expect them to at LEAST BE FULL ☹️ I was able to literally dump the two larges together and it made ONE large fry. Not two. So disappointing. Hopefully today is better. Otherwise it’s not worth the money that we don’t have. We rarely are able to even eat out..Version: 7.0.2

Are millennial killing the fast food industryNo it’s just y’all are constantly ruining yourself. I use the app when I’m hungry to see if there’s good coupons out then you figured that it wasn’t right to have people scan coupons there so you made it a mobile order only option to use them, goodbye people who use cash cause they don’t want to use a card, and now I can only see them when I’m next to a McDonald’s you know the part where I’m ready to receive my order now I have to wait in line just to see if that good coupon is there and leave if it’s not wasting my time and confirming my suspicion that y’all aren’t gonna have any good coupons anyway. Not only is this coupon app gone bad but so have y’all employees they don’t know how to handle the mobile orders they lack the training and the amount of employees to handle moble order I shouldn’t have to tell them I made a moble order they should do it like all the other orders and just shout the number when it’s ready. I guess I’ll just use good old burger king who has better coupons that are in the app and, get this, on paper from the mail. Y’all lost the marketing competition fix it or pack it up and blame the millennials on your way out, your only saving grace is if you don’t have any competition on the block..Version: 5.14

Sometimes sometimes works like it should, but it’s still buggy. And...I’ve experienced that the employees at various locations aren’t well trained with mobile ordering. On more than one occasion I’ve tried to pick up my order in the drive-thru, but the employee couldn’t close it out on their end. My card ends up getting charged several times, and I don’t get my food if I don’t have a way to pay for it on me. Therefore, I usually opt for curbside, which I don’t like doing either. I hate having the employees have to bring my food out to the mobile pickup if the weather is bad. Plus, if the order is wrong, then they have to go inside and come back out. One feature that is problematic with mobile ordering is that whatever phone you place the order from has to be the one arriving at the location because the app is tracking the phone. Almost all other mobile ordering apps don’t do that. For instance, if another family member is out and about and I’m sitting at home, I can’t order from the app and they pick it up. It tells me I’m not at the location. That’s annoying. Lastly, the coupon deals are clunky. The coupon codes differ for each location. Therefore, you have to make sure you have the right location selected to get the correct coupon. It’s cumbersome the way that works..Version: 5.18

Great when it works, trouble when it doesn’tUpdate: A helpful McDonalds local manager called and arranged for me to get a refund by coming back to a store in-person. So I have now paid only once for my meal instead of twice. This is good, and I am raising my rating to three stars from two. However, the initial process was frustrating and took multiple rounds of communication in order to get the issue addressed, and ultimately the resolution doesn’t leave me with any more confidence in using the glitchy app. But at least I feel good about going back to the Golden Arches for a meal now. Original review: I’ve used the app several times successfully to order ahead for pickup at the counter. Yesterday, however, the app charged my credit card via Apple Pay and then returned an error message on the order itself — the order disappeared, so I had to go into the store and order and pay at the counter without the app discount. I submitted a help ticket with McDonald’s customer service. But I notice today that the app now shows the order as completed. So if the CS folks are obstinate and insist that the order went through normally, then McDonalds will have not only provided a frustrating experience but will have stolen my money on top of everything. Let’s see what happens..Version: 7.16.2

It’s coming alongRegular updates actually do make improvements to ordering (really glad to see drinks ordered by type in the latest update instead of a ten page long menu of every drink in every size), and the CS team was responsive the one time I contacted them. The sheer scale of McDonald’s locations almost makes a single app a foolhardy idea, but this one works a lot of the time. When it does, it’s fantastic - I like being able to see what’s on a sandwich and specify no (or extra) of a topping, and the Deals are often really good. I also love being able to park in a curbside spot and wait with my radio and AC, rather than wait in the store or at the drive thru lane. The problem is the menu in the app, which appears to cover all markets and includes items my local stores don't offer. Sometimes it stops you before you place the order, and other times the order just errors out with no explanation. So be wary of ordering any items you wouldn't see on the store's displayed menu, like Sweet Chili or Szechuan dipping sauces, or the Oreo Frappe, which is in there even though my local stores act like it doesn't exist. (And come on, just make me a Mocha Frappe and sprinkle some Oreo crumbs from the Flurry station in it. It's not like the ice cream machine is working today anyway.).Version: 5.15

Good but could be betterI got the app during Covid and have used it a lot over time. However recently (this past year) the app has been so buggy. I put in an order and it changed my location to a McDonald’s on the opposite side of the city and I had to wait for it to automatically cancel and make an entirely new order at the McDonald’s and couldn’t use any of the deals. I will also try to put in an order on the app and when I try my pick up location it will load and give me an error on our end message no matter the pick up option. This has happened multiple times within the past few months so I stopped going to McDonald’s. Same issue occurred today so when I saw my order cancelled for the third time I just left out of annoyance (and felt that it was a sign to just not get any McDonald’s today) at the app not functioning. I only get drinks and use their deals, if the deals don’t work I’ll just go to a different company and get drinks. If they can get location to be changeable or have the locations sort it out and have the app not have issues after putting in the order the app could be at 5 stars. But its currently at best 3 stars. Also my name is completely different from my email and my actual name in the app and I can’t change it….Version: 7.13.1

App stops working, have to delete and download every time I want to use itI love this app when it’s working, because it’s so much easier for me to order everything, earn points and use rewards or deals. It’s super cool. But about 3 or 4 months ago the app stopped working properly. I’ll go to order something and add it to my “bag” and it never appears in the corner. It never gets added to the bag. I try to view it to pay/keeping adding things to it and it never appears. So I stopped using it. A week ago I decided to try it again. It was doing the same thing. So I deleted the app, downloaded it again and it worked! I chalked it up to it “must’ve been my phone,” but fast forward to today. Went to use it to order my kids Happy Meals after work and it’s going the same thing again. Order something, add it to the bag and the bag doesn’t exist. Never appears so you can’t pay/can’t order anything. Didn’t get to use the app today either. For kicks I deleted it and downloaded it again for a second time. Added something to the bag and it works. I shouldn’t have to delete an app and download it again every single time I want to use it. I hope you guys can get this solved! I love the app, but this is a minor inconvenience I wish I could avoid. Thanks!.Version: 7.10.1

App occasionally sends order to wrong locationRating 3 stars because when it works it works. But on multiple occasions this app tends to override or just outright send the order to the incorrect McDonald’s location. Worst case was when I was in the parking lot of a location near my house, put in an order after making sure the app was showing the menu for the location I was at, but suddenly AFTER submitting my order it told me the order got submitted to a McDonald’s location all the way across town. If I could cancel the order in the app within five minutes in order to correct this error it wouldn’t have been a problem, but the app says you have to call the location itself in order to do that. Very annoying when an app made for convenience ends up doing the opposite. I had to drive across town in 5:00 traffic in order to get my food because I sure as heck wasn’t going to waste my money on an error I didn’t make myself. So yeah whoever is in charge of working on this app, please add the ability to cancel orders within at least five minutes after sending it if the customer suddenly notices the app made a mistake, or at least fix the way the app interacts with the phone gps tracker so it doesn’t send orders to wrong locations..Version: 7.11.3

(Updated)This app has come a long way and provides what you would expect from it. The deals are useful as well. My one-star off may be more of a problem with implementation on the restaurant level. The app doesn’t save a whole lot of time because you have to be next to the restaurant to check in anyway. I understand something could come up and prevent you from arriving to receive your order... but with the Starbucks App your order gets started right away (now that app has its own problems, half the time it can’t find the store I’m 2 blocks away from, but that’s another review). Because of this I find myself getting breakfast sandwiches at Starbucks more often even though I would prefer the fresh cracked eggs at McDonald’s. Maybe put a disclaimer box that people can confirm/check when they order that stipulates that if they are unable to pick up their order within 20 min it will be discarded with no refund offered. If you enter a busy McDonald’s nowadays it takes a whiiiile to get your food. Usually I’ll confirm that I’m at the restaurant on my app but then sit in my car for 10 min before going in -and sometimes end up waiting another 10 min anyway! Just can’t win. Maybe McDonald’s menu is just too big for them now..Version: 5.22.0

Recent Bug Broke OrderingUpdate from below - been at 3 weeks and the app is still broken with a cart that cant be cleared, making ordering impossible. Doesnt seem like they will fix this bug. Not worth the download. Usually an okay app. However, you may want to fix the recent bug that has prevented ordering through the app. The cart doesnt allow resetting the cart. So all you can do is remove individual items. However recently it has locked expired coupons. So I’m unable to order anything because a coupon from several weeks ago is locked in my cart. I’ve tried logging out and reinstalling the app, but neither does anything. I’m not sure why a store with a location- and time-specific menu would make it so difficult to clear the cart - but you may want to fix this. And, it would make more sense if the cart also cleared after an order was completed. For some reason all of the items just stay in the cart, as if someone wants to keep reordering the same items by default. And you’ve also made it next to impossible to give feedback about the app in the app - not an order in the app. So that seems poorly thought out..Version: 6.13.1

Smart People Do ItMcDonalds drive thru- let’s say it’s 10 cars deep. Karen and her 5 kids taking forever to pick food off the same menu they’ve been ordering off of since ‘95. You park in the takeout area. Submit your order. You just skipped 10 cars, Karen and her 5 kids. You’re welcomed. Conversely- You’re Karen. You have 5 kids. You don’t know what little Johnny Becky Chad Hunter and Sage want because at least one has allergies and you need to ask questions about the food you’ve been feeding the kid since 2010. You’re holding up the line like you do everywhere because you think the world revolves around you. Well Karen, it doesn’t revolve around you. But you can have it “your way” by loading an app, choosing in advance, and doing research on your own time. They will bring your food, you don’t have to come back and complain and you can speak to a manager from the comfort of your minivan. Stop lying to yourself Karen. Nobody thinks you’re the greatest mom ever. You’re holding up the entire world at the drive thru; including but not limited to McDonald’s, Wells Fargo and Walgreens. Get it together. This app is designed FOR YOU.Version: 7.11.0

Dissatisfied with McDonald’s appIt use to be a good app I use for few years with no problems. Now it won’t allow me sign I already have a existing account but it keep saying at the top of screen there are some technical difficulties try again later or reset app. I use the same email address & password & won’t let me login this been happening this year when y’all had the J Balvin deal with BigMac, medium fries, & an Oreo cookies & cream McFlurry. I am very disappointed because I can’t even get the coupon deals on app any more like I use to before. I think it’s the updates the more the app being updated the more problems we run into. When I first use this app I sign in through google like always now it says google is canceled when I put email & password in. So please fix the login process I restart the app & even try to register again & change password it wouldn’t allow me to. Also now I don’t even see McDonald’s sending notifications of deals to email anymore. I’m just so disappointed because I liked this app in the beginning until it started messing up. I may just delete this app & be done with it..Version: 6.11.1

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