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Explore Travel Town, where you can combine everything into better and more useful items while you travel the world!

Reveal secrets as you discover yourself and help the friendly people of Travel Town!


== Match Objects ==
• Discover over 500 fantastic objects through hundreds of levels!
• Freely drag objects around the beautiful world and match 2 of a kind evolve them into more superior items!
• Fulfil the missions of the townsfolk to unlock more amazing items!

== Meet New Villagers ==
• Discover 55 villagers who live in Travel Town, and help them restore their seaside town!
• Match objects to upgrade them and unlock more and more items to support you on your journey!

== Town Building ==
• A storm has ravaged Travel Town - Collect coins and bring the town back to its former beauty!
• Discover and upgrade dozens of houses and improve the town beyond your wildest dreams!

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Travel Town - Merge Adventure App Comments & Reviews

Travel Town - Merge Adventure Positive Reviews

Great game!I started playing this game because it was the only one I have found that is anything like Merge Mansion, but it has turned out to be much better, and the storyline is actually interesting in this one (a little weak, but still interesting). I honestly don’t understand why some reviewers are complaining that it is a money grab and impossible to play after a few levels or so. I am level 34 and have not been stuck unable to advance anywhere and I have not had to spend a dime. The only issue is the fossil quest - I eventually gave up on it and googled it, and found out that it drops from the lower level beach bucket. As your beach bucket gets to be higher levels, the chance of it dropping go down drastically. So it took a very long time to get it from my maxed bucket - be sure to get it before you level the beach bucket. Otherwise it is a great game that I have as much fun with now as I did 34 levels ago, and I will probably be still be playing it for a lot longer..Version: 2.12.43

On the fenceWhen I started I loved playing the game! I watched every video I could, joined the Facebook group. I went all out for this game and I’ll admit I’ve spent a couple bucks on energy when I’ve been bored 😂 but recently the game is either not working right or just being rude when you get to a certain level. I takes so much money to upgrade one thing, and the orders don’t give me a lot of money compared to how long it takes to fill them. Because when you need to place and order, the baskets never give you the items you need, it gives you the exact opposite. Also for the card collections, it always gives me old cards and never new ones. I have almost competed every single one, and now I don’t get new cards. It’s just starting to take forever to do anything. So I’m on the fence of whether to keep playing or not 🤷🏼‍♀️ Edit: I still love this game, but when playing the special events and getting to level 14 I never get the prizes. It always glitches and I don’t get rewarded. This has happened twice now and it’s frustrating. I love playing but I hate not getting any rewards for playing. I just wish the game was a little more fair. Also no matter what I do, if I buy it or win it the amount of duplicate cards is insane. I have 8/9 for so many!!! Never can complete them. I have no more money and I just want to play a game to distract from everything. I just want an easy fair game..Version: 2.12.404

Still getting stuck with big update…First off, I do really enjoy this game, and I don’t mind the new update too much. Even though we had to start over, you gave us all our diamonds back, and it was kind of nice to start with a fresh board again. HOWEVER, you said it was to give smoother progresss for everyone and less instances of getting stuck and that’s NOT what’s happening for me. I’m at level 16 and progress has pretty much halted completely. Tasks that offer supplies as rewards are not often enough to continue upgrading the buildings so I have 3 buildings just sitting there waiting for me to get more cement mixers, brick walls, and boxes of nails. So progress has almost completely stopped for me and I am unable to play the game as intended. I get what you were trying to do but you need another update to accomplish it. Right now I am just disappointed and frustrated. (Side note, the amount you get for selling high level items is ridiculous. For example, the large bacota sandwich is level 13, but when you sell it you only get 12 back, which is borderline insulting! You get 1 for the mix of olives that is level 2 in the same category so we should be getting A LOT more back for the sandwich considering it takes 2,048 olives to create it…just something to think about as this is always something about your game that has always rubbed me the wrong way.).Version: 2.0.6

Overall enjoyableFun match game, similar to other games out there. What makes this one unique is the town development aspect and the various producers that you get as you move through the game. Some are regular tap for an item, some spit the items out at a certain interval, and some need to be tapped multiple times to produce the item. Those last ones are the most frustrating, but I like the additional challenge of having to ration your energy and plan your moves to optimize order completion. I do have a few *minor* critiques. After a certain point, you stop using some producers all together. The game has a kind of cold storage for the obsolete producers to get them out of the way. However, I do wish the game would circle back to them sometimes. Just to mix it up. Also, the frequency of energy and gem drops is rather low compared to other similar games; it would be nice to have more of a chance to get energy and gems. In the same vein, the cost of energy feels high and I dislike that the item shop only offers gems prices. Overall, this is a nice game that keeps me returning daily. It’s relaxingly simple while providing a slight challenge in terms of resource management. The special events are always a fun bonus, too..Version: 2.12.293

Fun but too many items on the boardIt’s fun but there are so many different types of items needed or collected that produce other things and the board fills up way too fast trying to merge little items to become larger requested items. With producers at maximum level you still only start receiving the second lowest items to merge so it takes FOREVER to create anything requested and then the rewards are small. You can purchase gems (no thanks) or earn them (difficult) to buy storage space but it’s not worth it because you still won’t ever have enough room. Also, you easily run out of energy and you have to wait for producing items to recharge when you do have energy or again, spend gems. Many producing items are not really needed and can be stored after a certain level but you earn one storage slot at a time in certain levels. Unlimited storage should be given considering many if not most producing items aren’t used after certain levels unless you can created & store 3 maxed out items such as 3 crowns/tiaras. I turned off the chat after each building was upgraded since I didn’t care about the pretend conversations. Wish it were better as it’s a cute idea. The game is not really like their advertisements seen on other apps..Version: 2.12.338

Blue Gems!Hello developers. Getting straight to the point. Either the recharge time needs to be lowered or give more opportunities to gain blue gems to buy energy. The shop is useless to me because i never have blue gems to spend. Why cant things in the shop be bought with smileys instead? Certain orders take entirely too long to fulfill. This drives you to have to try to merge other items in the meantime which quickly fills the board with items you cant sell because theyre needed. With each source at least give enough items to make half the order. Also when leveling up the energy level should rise. 100 is not alot of energy when your whole top row is a source object. The seashells and silverware takes forever! In closing, dont take this as a negative review. Love the game and latest update. Not asking for a simplified game but more of a balance. I play daily every chance i get. But make it worth my effort . I shouldnt be merging for weeks to get one high level food item. Its pointless to use the whole 100 energy to try and get one high leveled food item thats still not completed after using the next 100 after waiting on a recharge. Work with me please. Im level 24 and only have 4 areas unlocked. Come on!.Version: 2.7.0

Too many generatorsMinor update: to give credit where it’s due, a lot of people were talking about how the generators were clogging up our inventory, and they went and added in a special generator inventory which freed up a lot of space. So, great move. Still weird they have so many (and don’t even use all of the parts within them - unless we revisit them way later) but, hey, small victories They keep adding new ones and you have to store away the old ones. And there is no way to get inventory slots with the basic currency like in EVERY OTHER GAME OF THIS TYPE. It’s still a good merge game though. However, these few things will keep it from being better than some of the others in the genre. But yea, someone else mentioned either adding a generator tab for storage, or, you know… stop adding a million generators/have future orders use the old generators. Of course, I’m sure it’s like this to con you into spending more money to add storage slots. I won’t fall for that, but I will keep playing until it becomes too much of a hassle (at this time I’m level 63 and it’s still manageable). Updated from 3 to 2 after multiple changes to make playing free even less friendly..Version: 2.12.109

Overall great!I really like this game. It is simple and fun. There are natural slow-down mechanisms designed to get you to spend money, but they aren’t very bad and don’t interrupt the game in a way that detracts from it, in my opinion. However, I can’t give it five stars due to a specific problem. At the top of the game there are 4-5 community members with orders you need to fulfill. These orders tend to be the most important way of moving forward / making progress in the town. But early on one of the orders is for a fossil. And this fossil is basically impossible to get! And there is no way to dismiss / move on from that order. So I’m basically down to 3 orders for the rest of the game instead of 4. I did write to the app developer about the fossil, and they impressively responded rather quickly. But the way they said to try to get it is ineffective (I’ve clicked the relevant thing 500 times, so I did give it a chance) and for some reason the joker (which is supposed to merge with *anything*) won’t merge here either. So: overall very happy with the game. Don’t like this one thing that is detracting from my experience..Version: 2.12.73

Almost PerfectThis game is great. Other merge games I've tried are either too slow, or impossible to play without spending money. There's obviously effort being put into this game, it's not something made for a quick buck. There's no interruption ads, though there are many popup prompts for purchases. The pace you can move at isn't too fast or slow. I've had the game for about 3 weeks and I'm on level 28. My main problem with this game, is the energy system. I know there's meant to be some idle features on this game, but this is too much. It takes almost 4 hours to get full energy. I feel like I never actually get to play the game because I'm constantly waiting for the game to let me play. And there's hardly any others ways to get it without spending money. $4 for only 200 energy? That's not worth it at all. I wish there was a way to eliminate the energy feature, so I can actually play the game for more than 3 minutes at a time. I'd be willing to pay for that, it would be like playing a full version of the game. I just wish there was less waiting for the game and more actually ppaying the game..Version: 2.12.431

Addicted! - UpdateUPDATE: I'm on level 33 and I'm beginning to enjoy the game less. The orders are only for the higher items that take forever to get so I'm constantly out of lives in a matter of minutes and I barely get to fulfill any orders. I ended up having to spend $8 to beat the side quest in time and that's annoying. There are some producers and items that don't even get used anymore which is annoying because they're taking up board space. I don't want to sell the items in case I will need them and I don't have my full storage for producers yet. Not sure how it determines when you get a new space to store a producer? Also, the cost of new storage places for items goes up with each one you get which is ridiculous. I just feel like the game doesn't allow you to ever have enough energy. It caps it at 100 when you're not active (dislike) and it takes soooo much energy when merging to get the higher items. And you only get 1 every 2 minutes!? Come on. So frustrating. I feel like there could be a better balance so the game is still challenging but also still fun to play. It's sad because I was seriously loving this game and now I feel like I probably won't be playing for much longer unless the developers make some changes. :( ORIGINAL POST: I don't usually leave reviews, especially for games, but this game is so addicting! I love it. And I love the short little side quests that happen every now and then..Version: 2.12.413

Love this game.. HOWEVER5 stars! I really really enjoy this game, HOWEVER… I could see myself losing interest and moving on to another game. It takes FOREVER to regenerate energy! For perspective: it’s taken me 2 days to merge items to get to the last item in the large dinner basket, and I have EXCLUSIVELY only used my accrued energy on the large dinner basket! This is all to complete 1 task. Thats crazy to me! How long it takes to regenerate energy and days to get to a higher tiered item. NOTE: keep in mind I have been opening this app non-stop all day and using my energy even before it has a chance to fully recharge to the max. Maybe instead of taking 2 minutes to get 1 energy, it could be less time. And I hate to say it, but there could be more adds to watch to get more energy quickly?! Or an ability to accrue more gems, to be exchanged for energy?! Just some ideas to keep people playing this great game.. I would hate to have to move on to a new game...Version: 2.12.422

Great game for 36 levelsI really love this game. Usually I'm bored to death by the plot lines in games but I love the conversations and the little people and always want to read more. The matching game is a good balance of thought, luck, and persistence. But I completely agree with the reviewer who says the game peters out after level 41. I've limped along to level 47 hoping it would pick up again, but I'm about to give up. I've only got 3 goals at a time, and they're all for items that take a really long time to recharge, so I check in, tap the items a few times, and that's pretty much all that's worth doing. Sometimes I make a bunch of seashells and sell them but you really don't get much money for that. When I fulfill a goal I get another, but it's the same situation. One of my goals is for a level 2 key, and I've only gotten 1 key ever so I just keep waiting. Maybe I'll check back in a few months and see if it's recovered..Version: 1.11.4

Fun but OOF the bugs!!I love this game and I downloaded it from the ads I was seeing on the other mobile games that I have. In the beginning it was really fun the app ran smoothly and there were no bugs but lately there have been more and more popping up. Here are some of the main ones I’ve noticed: 1. App loading into a blue screen and freezing. Sometimes when I open travel town the game loads in but then it just brings me to a blue screen. Maybe I’m just impatient and I don’t wait long enough but sometimes I’m sitting there waiting for the game to load in and I’m just stuck on a blue screen and I’m forced to restart the app. 2. Orders not showing up. Sometimes I exit the app to a different app or I’m opening travel town and it loads in just fine but the orders either are wrong (are event orders) or they just aren’t there. 3. Event bugs. Sometimes the event orders pop up in the regular orders area and I can’t see the regular orders and sometimes vice versa. 4. Window covering orders. Lately I’ve realized the daily collecting thing (the one with the coins I forgot the name of) pops up as a little slide animation and slides out, covering the orders. Then sometimes it goes back but sometimes it stays there and I can’t see what the customer ordered. I also can’t slide the orders to the side to see bc it won’t let me. Regardless, these are some small problems I’ve noticed but overall it’s a great game! If these bugs get fixed it’ll be an instant 5 stars from me :).Version: 2.12.416

I love it just some tipsFirst of all I really love your game and I find it super entertaining, but I do have a couple things to add. First is that you should spend coins to buy items you need not gems. Second, You should add more orders for different producers we’ve already unlocked. Third, when there is a special game mode for a different holiday or season, if you get any building materials they should go to your board in the other game mode. Fourth, items that are ordered should be worth more coins, for example something on stage 8 should be worth 6,000 coins or so not 2,000. Fifth, we should get more storage or a bigger board to merge things. Lastly, you should be able to buy building materials like concrete and bricks with coins. Thank you so much and I hope this helped and you could possibly add some of this to the game!!.Version: 2.12.172

Cute and fun but tons of issuesStory and game pieces are great. But each building that makes items can only produce a few until it stops and recharges. This is the worst part of the game. I'm on level 42 and the orders can take days of work to fill. Thus it's really hard to do anything. I've got 1200 energy because of the energy crates and I can only use 20 energy a day because all of the buildings lock up. Many don't unlock for 20 minutes. Very frustrating. Someone compared it to Merge Mansion, so I downloaded that one to compare. It works so much better. The game play is way better and it's almost identical to travel town. More review......some buildings never get orders so they just sit. If you want to use your energy to make stuff randomly your board gets full and you need to sell stuff for very few coins. Items that took you days to make are sold for almost nothing. If your lucky and can fill an order the price paid doesn't match how long it took you to make it. I've had items I've made in the beginning that are never ordered. Some orders are for really rare items you never get and the orders just sit. Refreshing the orders would be nice. Like other games there are slots and if you refresh an order you don't get another for 24hrs. That's fair. Each item should show a value so you can decide if you want to sell. I'm really hoping an update is in the next week. Or I'll delete game. I don't recommend playing. It's very frustrating..Version: 1.11.4

Fabulous Merge Game with a Few “Kinks”Let me start by saying that I have played probably 75-80% of the merge games out there and this is in my top 5! With that said, I do agree with what many others said (and it’s like that in a lot of merge games) once you get to the higher levels…it gets a bit boring. The game say there for months for me, I deleted it, and just downloaded it again. They added quite a bit of new stuff, which has made it fun for me again. I will update my review once I get to higher levels again. :) My request for the developer - I have tried my usual fixes for this - my countdowns are not functioning properly. I have a 24 hour chest that has been opening for three days. And my bag to get camera parts has been stuck since yesterday. I’m not sure if anyone else is having this problem. I’m not having the same issue in the event… Also, kudos to the developers for making a great game! Small bugs and good feedback can do wonders everyone! :).Version: 2.4.0

If onlyThis game seems super fun but if you aren’t able to stay focused/dedicated long enough over several days you’d lose interest bc of how hard it is to gain further gems/coins to keep making progress without paying for things - also, noticed on 1st day of game download the extra energy burst was $2.99/burst, now since I’ve had it longer than 1st day, each energy burst advertisement is showing $3.99/time… also, gems to buy more energy go up each day after you buy an energy boost with 10 gems, it goes up to 20 the next time. Hard to keep playing/stay on this game as the concept is so fun and perfect for what I’m seeking - just doesn’t bode well from a business perspective to lose your game players after, as I’m sure it’s hard enough to get us in and hooked! Keep us engaged and playing with more gems/energy provided for less physical cost and I’d stay on more!.Version: 2.12.220

Good gameOverall, this is an enjoyable game that requires a lot of patience. One annoying thing is the MYSTERIOUS fossil order that has been on my screen for AGES (probably 20 levels at this point). Looking it up, it seems to be a common issue for people, with many even restarting the game from VERY high levels to go back to when they regularly had to use the Beach Bucket. I would have had no idea that it only came from merging the Beach Bucket’s Mysterious Letters to get an Island. These items do not appear in the collection so I have had the island to get the mysterious fossil but did not know to use it until looking it up online. So maybe these ‘mystery’ items are a little TOO mysterious. Also, there is a cool feature to sell or get rid of uneeded items that appears on the screen by tapping on something then clicking on the bottom of the screen that I only JUST discovered..Version: 2.12.261

I like this game a lotThis is one of the few games that has kept my interest for more then a few weeks. I really like the concept and like that you still have to think about how you are going to achieve a goal so you don’t clog up the board. I think the time to get energy is fair as well. I didn’t give 5 starts because of a few things. One, I got this mystery fossil half early in the game. I am now on level 48 and have never seen the other half. Not sure what I’m supposed to do with that. But the second thing is the special events. They are impossible to win. I have spent money to get more gems and still so so hard. This last event, I never let the energy completely recharge, so I used every energy I could, and spent 485 gems, and still didn’t win it. The reward was 500 gems so I don’t think this is fair at all. The special events are a money grab..Version: 2.12.404

Almost Perfect…I have played a lot of merge games and I enjoy this one very much. The story isn’t overly interesting but achieving milestones is still fun and not too drawn out or annoying. The only things I would change, are that first of all I seem to have hit some sort of stalemate around level 24 or so where I am only getting 3 tasks to complete where I used to be able to have 5-7 different “orders” to work towards simultaneously. This slows down gameplay significantly in a pretty frustrating way. I also wish that they would do events more often!! I love the little opportunities to work on a different board, but they only last like 3 days and they happen super rarely. I would love to have an event every 2 weeks or so, and maybe it could last for a week instead of only 2 or 3 days. With a couple small changes, this could be a five star game!!.Version: 2.12.99

Fun but don’t spend $ on itThis game cheats you big time!…Lots! Bubbles that are supposed to pop & give you a match, to up the level won’t pop or it’ll just disappear. Adds that are supposed to play to give you extra life won’t give you extra after you watch the add/s. At times when you play for an extended time & all your items that are to match up to get to the goal, they stop matching up just before you get to the last one.😖 The extra ‘seasonal’ add on games won’t allow you to win on those either. You do good at first but then the games stops putting out anything just when you get close to winning, so you cannot win! So frustrating! The only reason I play is because it helps pass time, but I’m glad I don’t spend $ on it. And items you have saved & you go to retrieve when needed… yeah they have all of a sudden disappeared! When you know they were there & now there’s a vacant spot all of a sudden!🤔.Version: 2.12.212

It was fun…. At firstI really enjoyed the game at first when it wallowed me to play for awhile. Once you run out of energy, you’re screwed. The ads that offer 25E are sporadic, and sometimes not offered to me for days at a time. The higher up the levels, the more items it takes to complete an order, and sometimes I use 200E just to complete 1/2 an order. There’s no opportunity for more energy, and from what I’ve gotten from discussion posts, the bubbles USED to give energy, but now just coins. I have an unbelievably uneven ratio to coins vs. Energy, and it gets to the point where I can only play for 5-10 minute bursts throughout the day (if I’m patient, it’s usually less). From what I can tell, the developers are either struggling, or getting greedy. I don’t mind throwing $1-$2 here or there for some energy every once and awhile, but I’m not going to fund the game just for a few extra minutes of playing time. I don’t think I’ll be playing anymore until there’s some change. It really is a fun game, but it’s apparent the entire game is a money trap, not made for purely enjoyment. Like I said, if there were more opportunities for energy that didn’t come from out of my pocket, and better in-game incentives that made the game playable, I’d probably start playing again. Until then…. I’ll patiently play a different game. It’s just too tedious at this point. :(.Version: 2.12.206

Recent updateI play multiple times a day for the last few months or so. There is something wrong with the “packs of cards” algorithm populating the photo albums and it produces way too many duplicates. I understand that it’s supposed to be a challenge to complete the albums but I have 5-8 of some cards and am missing several with the same star value as the ones I’ve gotten several times. That seems stupid to me and I don’t look at this part of the game as anything other than a random dice roll. There are so many duplicates that I don’t even look at the cards when they're open because I know there are going to be more duplicates. You need to fix this part or get rid of it. You could make the duplicates redeemable so we get coins back for them, but something needs to changes because this part of the game is lame..Version: 2.12.311

More energyThere’s so much potential, but even when I open the app 10x a day and use real money for energy I’m still getting stuck in development. The ads don’t always pop the bubbles and connecting your Facebook doesn’t show your friends in the friend list. Level 29 and my board and inventories are completely full. Selling maxed out items only gets you a few coins after spending thousands of energy merging to get them and the achievements are impossible unless you purchase cheats. I would spend hours a day on this game if it wasn’t for running out of energy. Hours. But the charge rate for energy is abysmal and half the features don’t work. Updating to say that the daily achievements pop up blocks the first item order so you can’t see what you need to get to fulfill it. I’ve tried closing out the app, doesn’t work. There’s no update available for the bug fix either..Version: 2.12.354

Was greatWas great before the update I was super far in now it take WAY WAY TO MUCH to upgrade the buildings I did enjoy the new addition when it was an realistic amount of products you need to upgrade but this is insane you went from a game i enjoyed more than any other Merge game and I play a lot to one I almost want to give up on. You went to far with this update, way way to far maybe make it a bit easier to upgrade buildings it shouldn’t take me over a month to upgrade a building and that’s just one portion not the whole building because there like 10 things you have to do to finish the building. I really recommend calming down on the amount of cement, wood wallpaper, and screws it takes upgrade. I wasn’t mad about this update resetting everything and screwing over my progress didn’t even complain but this is insane and is asking to much of the player. I swear this is just a money grab.Version: 2.2.0

Mysterious LettersI have been playing this game for maybe almost a year now and though I love it, there are some frustrating issues. Before the overhaul, I progressed pretty quickly. This time, I feel as though my progress is being held up because I am lever 21 and I have not seen another mysterious letter since I started the updated game weeks ago. I didn’t have this issue before hand and was able to collect the items needed for the island fairly quickly. Now, I’m stuck with a mysterious map with nothing to merge it with. The fossil task has been sitting there for weeks now with no avail. I just don’t get the issue with the lack of letter drops from the bucket. I tap and tap and tap and tap…..nothing. I’m not saying the letter has to drop all the time from the bucket, but this is ridiculous. Do they just stop after a certain level? I really love this game like I said before but wow is that annoying..Version: 2.1.0

Travel townSo far good.Version: 1.11.4

You need items you haven’t unlocked to upgradeThere are items you need to give customers that you can’t buy or unlock and you’re just stuck. There’s no way to move forward. It’s ridiculous. You can’t skip a customer either so you’re permanently blocked from moving forward at all..Version: 2.12.124

Updates are not improvementsI love this game and have played it daily for months, but “updates” over the past couple of months have made the game worse, not better. The rewards given for certain items are not sufficient, they’ve made it more difficult to complete levels, and if you purchase additional diamonds, they charge your account multiple times. I just had to file 8 reports with iTunes to get my money back from multiple double charges. It was nearly $100 that was taken from my account for all the double charges. Ridiculous. I hope they fix it but, at this rate, I’m likely going to delete this game from my phone, which is a shame. This game used to be fun..Version: 2.12.116

GameLove this game. Very interesting..Version: 2.12.431

This game is great except…It really sucked going from level 55 back to level 1, however being given the 4,000 diamonds I didn’t mind too much. The game is still so much fun but it is hard to get the materials needed for upgrading and and levelling up my town. Also when you have the people asking for certain items (the fish fossil for example), you should be able to click on the item and have it tell you what resource it comes from. I’ve had that one on my list for daysss not knowing what item will achieve this customers request. I also wish that the max energy was 200, as you can blow through 100 energy in less than 5 minutes, then have to wait so long for it to fill back up. I don’t normally write reviews, but this game is A1 quality and I would love to see some of these features issued in a future update!!.Version: 2.0.6

Love it!Although I run out of energy it has been such a fun game to play during some down time. If you play it right, you can build the energy so it lasts longer. Luv the game.Version: 2.12.431

Super fun 🤗👍 great.Version: 2.12.431

Fun but comeOn with the cardsIt’s a fun game. But it’s frustrating trying to get cards. Especially when you can’t share gold cards but get duplicates. And then are missing a bunch. Also it takes too long for item creators to get put into the library when they are no longer being used. Just taking up space..Version: 2.12.422

No Time to complete DailyGame is great but doesn’t allow enough time to complete all the daily tasks. Not for people who work for a living and can’t dedicate their entire time for the game without having to pay for energy. And with that, there’s no purpose or satifaction in playing..Version: 2.12.422

Travel town is WAYTO COSTLY!I love the game, find it quite enjoyable but without realizing I spent WAY TO MUCH MONEY on this game. It shouldnt cost so much. Maybe you are just too greedy and you take the fun out of our play. This is not supposed to make you a millionaire. If that is the onlyreason you made and run this game, you should warn users ahead of time to let them know they are gonna pay a ton of money!.Version: 2.12.416

Great gameYay.Version: 2.12.416

Fun so far.I am enjoying this game. As previous games have proven to me be careful with your diamonds..Version: 2.12.413

Alr,It’s fun to play but it’s expensive! If u wanna buy more energy it’s 10 diamonds?! And you barely get any. PLUS the update sucks.Version: 2.12.416

It’s okayI like the game, but now all of a sudden every time I tap it takes two energy instead of one which is kind of ridiculous. Hopefully that can be fixed soon. Otherwise, I will probably just uninstall the app..Version: 2.12.416

Love the game, but ..I have really been enjoying the game. However I have noticed that it eats up my battery really quickly..Version: 2.12.416

Fun but really greedyTbh its fun but u run out of engery really really fast and u cant play without it, to get more without in game gems, which are hard to get without paying for, I think taking away the energy aspect would make this game a lot better and based off other reviews others seem to agree.Version: 2.12.404

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Travel Town - Merge Adventure iPhone Images
  • Travel Town - Merge Adventure iphone image 1
  • Travel Town - Merge Adventure iphone image 2
  • Travel Town - Merge Adventure iphone image 3
  • Travel Town - Merge Adventure iphone image 4
Travel Town - Merge Adventure iPad Images
  • Travel Town - Merge Adventure ipad image 1
  • Travel Town - Merge Adventure ipad image 2
  • Travel Town - Merge Adventure ipad image 3
  • Travel Town - Merge Adventure ipad image 4