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Game to stimulate memory, remembering objects.

Memory games are a great way to work on team functioning, attention, concentration, and memory. In addition, they improve the habit of collaboration and problem solving.

Stimulating memory is essential to keep the brain active.

We train our brain by memorizing and remembering those objects that are displayed in the game, therefore, we make a mental effort that turns out to be very beneficial for our brain.
It is an excellent option to have fun and also to carry out an activity easily recommended by experts in the field of neurology.

Objects to memorize:
It is the number of objects that must be memorized, when clicking on these objects you get points.
To increase or decrease the number of objects displayed, click on the plus or minus buttons.

Objects in play:
The number of objects that will appear in the game, excluding the objects to be memorized. The minimum is 5 objects.
To increase or decrease the number of objects displayed, click on the plus or minus buttons. To increase or decrease the objects from 10 to 10, click on the number, it will change color, from green to red, now when you press a button, the amount will increase or decrease by 10 units. To add or subtract by units again, click on the quantity again, the color change shows if the increase or decrease is by units, or from 10 to 10.

Display time:
The seconds that the objects to be displayed will be displayed.
To increase or decrease the number of objects displayed, click on the plus or minus buttons.

Total objects. 148
Objects to memorize: from 3 to 28 objects
Memorization time: from 1 to 10 seconds

There are 5 levels of difficulty in the game. With each higher level selected, objects will appear faster and fall faster.

Total lives: 10

The game begins with a screen in which the objects to be memorized appear, for the configured time, from 1 to 10 seconds.
Then objects will begin to fall from the top, you must click on the memorized objects to obtain points. If the clicked object is not correct, points are subtracted.
Each clicked object, right or wrong, has a different sound and effect.
If the memorized object disappears to the bottom of the screen, a life is lost, and a sound is heard.

By clicking on all the memorized objects, or at the moment in which there are no more correct objects, or all the objects of the game have already fallen, a new screen will appear, showing the objects that should be destroyed. In normal color there are those destroyed correctly, in light color those that were not destroyed.

By clicking on the continue button, and if there are still lives available, the game will show another screen to memorize the objects and continue playing.

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