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Your kingdom has fallen. It's not about how hard you fall but how hard you can rebuild. It's not just about survival. Attack other players' kingdoms to gather resources and rebuild your epic kingdom piece by piece.
As you level up, your kingdom will start to rise and become a full living, breathing, simulated kingdom.

Kingdom Rebuild is a relaxing game where the objective is to rebuild your destroyed Kingdom.

- Name your kingdom.
- Rebuild your castles, walls, and defences.
- Rebuild your farms.
- Rebuild your cities.
- Rebuuild your markets, & town halls.
- Attack other players' kingdoms to gather resources.
- Other players' may attack your kingdom.
- Attack & raid other kingdoms to loot coins and resources.
- Use coins, wood, and stone to build your kingdom.
- Restore crush rocks.
- New levels added regularly.
- And much more!

Kingdom Rebuild App Comments & Reviews

Kingdom Rebuild Positive Reviews

Weirdly addicting but needs balancingThis game is weirdly addicting and satisfying when you finish a build set, but every once in a while you will go FOREVER without a certain resource… I am currently at over 60k gold, 20k stone, 50k energy… and yet only 86 wood. I literally will get only about 150 or so wood per 30 attacks, which seems incredibly poorly designed. It could just be bad luck, as this has happened for other resources in the past, which in my opinion means that a system where you are more favored to get the resource you’re lowest on would help. Maybe the presents (which now contain gold and gems) could also contain 2-3k of whatever resource you’re lowest on? Also yes I know many of the other reviews complained that gold is too hard to get, but I’ve never remotely had this issue, it’s always about stone or wood. The trade system would be considerably more helpful and useful if it were reversed- rather than spending five thousand of a resource I am scraping at the ground for in exchange for a resource I have flowing out of my ears, it would be more useful to be able to trade gold for other resources..Version: 1.51

Resource managementThis game is incredibly well put together. It’s visually pleasing, the mechanics are fun and simple and it all comes together to make a beautiful, addicting mobile app. However, when it come to the main 4 in-game resources, gold is the only one that is used in every step of the building process. Logically, the user should receive more gold than any other resource, but that’s not the case. The most important part of this app is the offline portion where you generate more gems so you can battle in the hopes that the RNG favors you and gives you enough gold, although it rarely does. This isn’t a streak of bad luck. It’s an everyday occurrence. I hardly run low on any material other than gold. Such a simple thing that could be fixed that would make the game 5 stars..Version: 1.34

Latest updateThis game WAS a super fun, 5-star game. However, the developer’s most recent update just a couple of days ago has made it nearly impossible to win enough gold to play the game. Since the update, I’ve been able to win stones and wood often enough, but I haven’t won enough gold today to play the game. And every time I have to be off the game, another player can “attack” and is able to not only take the tiny amount (200) of gold I do have, but also is able to “overdraw” my gold and put me over 1000 in the negative. So, if I do happen to win gold when I log back on, that gold will only be enough to put me in the positive buy one or 200 IF I’m lucky. And that’s only IF I actually spin enough gold wins. Most of the items require at least 300 to 400 of gold PER item and sometimes over 1500 of gold. This makes it impossible to play without purchasing gold with in-app purchases. Absolutely too expensive with roaring inflation and how expensive everything is. Thanks for ruining the game developer. So sad. I really did enjoy it..Version: 1.18

Not as it appearsThis game is not intentionally deceitful, nor portrayed to be something more, however it is simply a slot machine with a ‘story’ of rebuilding a castle. Every hour you’re given 5 rotations on a slot machine where you are awarded gold, wood, stone, re-rolls, bonuses, or nothing. This mechanic is explained as ‘you attacking’ another kingdom, however you’re just spinning the slots on ‘kingdoms’ with stock photo avatars. While not trying on the game you can be attacked and drained of all of your resources. There is no option to prepare a defense, no idle income, no way to offload excess resources. I’ve had times where I had over 20k of each resource but gold. Come back after 5 hours and find I only have 10 slot machine rolls (bug) and all of my resources are gone. Everything taken away from me by these ‘real’ players with stock photos and nothing I could have done other than keep my phone open. It really is the most pointless of idle games and it’s such a shame because the progress is fun to see through. This feels like a concept of a game more than an actual game..Version: 1.16

What happened? [UPDATED][UPDATE] The crashing has gone away with the latest update! Thank you! [Original text] I’ve had this game for a while, enjoyed it well enough. But whatever the recent changes did, the change from 10 gems to 50 gems… Something since then has made the game crash endlessly. Doesn’t matter what I’m doing, could be attacking, could be building, I just crash. I’m also not pleased that my resource stashes were completely drained from attacks when that didn’t happen previously, but I understand if that was done for balance reasons. TL;DR: Game crashes so much it’s become unplayable for me. Otherwise a nice game..Version: 1.47

Update?This game is fun and has a lot of potential. Wish there was a way to get more gems daily. Think the trading should give more gold, 250 is not enough compared to 4750 of either resource. More importantly, this game needs to be updated more often. I am currently on level 45 and been patiently waiting for the next update. The game states it’s updated weekly, but ever since I’ve reached level 45 there hasn’t been another update in over at least 3 weeks. I went from attack level 13 to 14 waiting for an update. Is one coming soon or do I just delete the game?.Version: 1.42

Good but needs workI’ve been enjoying this game so much. The look of it is nice and I like all the different items there are to create for the castle. I wish there was more ways to get resources beyond attacking other players. Maybe like a challenge to get some or have villagers collect from the trees and rocks we create. Just hard to get resources or at least the ones you need for a bit longer of a play. Not sure how to attack and better my chances to get the resources I need..Version: 1.50

Okay game but needs a lot of workIve been playing this for about a month now and it’s starting to get a bit irritating. I end up getting stuck on 1 building for like 3 or 4 days because I can’t roll any gold and I’ve noticed I’m not the only one with this issue. Also in the entire month I have been playing, I’ve only gotten the mini game 2 times and Ive only gotten the 3 presents 2 times as well. I’m really sad about this because I actually enjoyed the game a lot when I first started playing but now I’m realizing it’s a pay to play game..Version: 1.42

Great game!This game has been really fun so far. I enjoy seeing what all I’m building and how I started from nothing and now hav a cool castle. I like the simple way to earn resources and I think the addition of mini games helped to get gold easier! I do wish there was a passive way to get resources or something because if you get bad luck you can’t build anything. Other than that it’s super fun..Version: 1.33

Most Recent UpdateI had been enjoying this game for about a month now and was coming back to it every couple hours for my 30 slots. It was honestly a 5 star game for me. However with the most recent update not only did they decrease the maximum number of gems you could have at a time down to 10 they increased the reload time from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. Its now really hard to progress in this game. I really think the devs need to change back to the 30:5 system instead of the 10:10 one.Version: 1.40

Fun game … howeverThis game is fun, and I like the building aspect of it. However, I’m on build level 43, which means I’m building the defensive walls for my castle, and naturally I need stone. I feel as though the RNG for game favors getting the OTHER resources, or no resources, then the current in-demand resource. As an example, when I was building the main part of town, it took forever to get any wood and gold, but I had an excess of stone. Now that I am at the defensive walls portion of building, I have an excess of wood and gold, but I struggle to get any stone. The solution to this would be to add some passive income, so the player is not struggling against computer players who seem to be able to target the resources you need the most. Other than that, awesome game..Version: 1.51

Fun game butReally fun but I wish there was a passive way to get materials because when I do play I can only play a few times and day and I never have enough materials and it all gets stolen before I can log on and build Not a big issue but j still live the game and think it’s great.Version: 1.34

Good gameI’ve only been playing for a little bit as I was heading out of town and I’m already addicted, the game is really fun and a good time waster, I will say though, the tutorial is a little long and can get boring but other than that the game is fun.Version: 1.34

Fun gameI’ve been enjoying the game so far it’s been very entertaining to watch my city grow, 2 things that would be nice is having actual people and animals in the city to make it feel more alive as well as passive resource generation in general, money, energy, wood, stone etc..Version: 1.34

Interesting game!Pretty fun to play, easy to learn. This is a good game to keep coming back to! I wish there was an easier way to earn gems for battle without having to wait or purchase but overall it’s fun.Version: 1.34

Awesome GameThis game was a lot of fun, its very easy to get resources and all of the details like the rocking of a boat are amazing, so is the art style. I cant wait to see where this game goes. The only thing is that you should make gold easier to get.Version: 1.33

Great gameThe only reason I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is the way to accumulate resources. I think it would be pretty cool if, as you rebuild your kingdom, you can earn passive resources. Maybe buff battle resources earned to incentivize it but give people the option to earn passive resources from rebuilding the kingdom..Version: 1.24

ResourcesThis game would be a 5/5 stars but the only thing I have trouble with it how you can’t get passive resources and it’s kinda hard to get resources mostly with how you can only spin the wheel 30 times and have to wait like 5-6 mins for one Jem.Version: 1.33

Amazing game, but only one problemIt’s extremely easy now to gain wood and stone, yet it’s still quite hard to gain a stable amount of gold, and the buildings start to take more and more gold, only complaint i have is the gold.Version: 1.34

Pretty amazing gameIt’s an amazing game and I love playing it on my my down time. But I just wish there was a way to make more money in the game. The only resource I seem to run out of is gold. Over all an amazing game though!!.Version: 1.42

Nice gameplayThe game runs smoothly. Always something to do. The concept is simple but I wish a few rhibgs were different. Like people or how you gather resources.Version: 1.34

Glitch?Every time I open the app and start to play it kicks me out. I lose whatever progress I had and all my resources are gone. This makes no sense I don’t know if this is a problem on my end or if it’s a problem with the game..Version: 1.46

Weekly updating rebuildIt been very joy to play until reached 45 levels and I have to wait for weekly to expansion new map and buildings. It has been passed 3 weeks and any news?.Version: 1.42

Good gameI really like this game but the only part I find annoying is the getting resources aspect of the game like it takes all of my gems just to get enough coins to build one barrel.Version: 1.34

Good gameI enjoy this game because it is something I can do when I don’t have a lot of time but it is still entertaining..Version: 1.42

UniqueThere isn’t many games quite like this, I’m very surprised that not many people have come to find this game.Version: 1.40

Great gameI think this game and has awesome potential in mobile top relaxing game What makes this game so good in the tiny bit of war/battling but is mostly just gathering resources and chilling 😁😁😁.Version: 1.34

Day and nightI think it would be cool if they added a day and night cycle that ran with local time so it would give more emersion..Version: 1.33

Very invigoratingVery awesome game would recommend it to anyone no problems for me helps me pass time keep it up!!!.Version: 1.41

Game reviewPretty good kingdom building game takes a while though to get it started up and running.Version: 1.42

EnjoyEnjoy the game would be nice to have a auto spin feature.Version: 1.34

MaterialsI wish there were different ways to get materials bc I can never keep enough from raiding.Version: 1.33

ReviewThis game is one I have been looking for. It has building and resources. Also lastly a nice little story.Version: 1.42

This game is greatI’ve been playing for a few days now it has been super fun.Version: 1.33

This game is funThis game is really fun I found it on an ad and saw that you can rebuild a kingdom and it looked like fun and it was 10/10 review.Version: 1.43

Very creativeSuper fun! It’s always cool to see a kingdom or city being slowly built! No bugs at all and super detailed!.Version: 1.42

Nicely put togetherIt’s overall a really chill game…. Me personally I enjoy playing it to burn time.Version: 1.43

Good gameGreat game outside the fact that the camera has auto turn and there’s not a single setting to turn it off actually one of the most tilting things on the planet.Version: 1.40

Nice gameVery good game and concept but a little too pay to win, I get you need to make money but it’s just a little excessive. I appreciate no adds though.Version: 1.42

CoolIt’s cool.Version: 1.42

Nice gameIt’s a good game with good graphics.Version: 1.42

Pay to playBeginning is easy and there is no real trouble getting and resources. Passed lvl 25, you can barely stay in the daily top 100 (attack / build) so you have no possibility to go further unless you pay with real money for additional attacks. Game isn’t bad but I won’t pay a single penny for it..Version: 1.42

Good gameAaa.Version: 1.42

Time passerGreat game, awesome graphics and super cool mechanics.Version: 1.42

Fun gameIts an easy fun game to help pass the time.Version: 1.33

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