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Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat App Comments & Reviews

Grindr - Gay Dating & Chat Positive Reviews

Does job but here’s how it can be betterThe app gets the job done, although there are some modifications to make it better. Providing users more filter controls to find their person of interest would be more helpful. Giving users the accessibility to find their ideal partner based on position, ethnicity, distance, height and weight helps users devote more time to interacting with their ideal person, as opposed to blocking users for being outside these margins. Also, showing users that are local as opposed to longer distance can draw more users to engage with the app and fulfill the pursuit of finding their person of interest. Alas, the filter setting should converge with other corresponding users. For instance, if a user is looking for someone within a set age range, then anyone outside of that age range should not be able to see that user from their account, unless they are within the age range. If these modifications were made on the non-premium version of Grindr, more users (especially of the younger audience) would be inclined to used Grindr..Version: 7.7.0

Terribly unbalancedI’ve used Grindr as a paying customer for many years and it seems like over time the user experience has grown exponentially worse. I think the tipping point was reached with the “who viewed you” feature. I liked that feature at first, but have come to realize that it has a dark side. The platform doesn’t do well at all with matching people based on their interests or compatible traits, and because of that I’ve realized many users have taken to using blocks as a sort of filter. A typical scenario I keep running into is getting blocked by a user I haven’t even interacted with. I might just be looking at their photos and “poof!” they’re gone. My assumption is that they must have seen me on “who viewed you” and then decided to block me. Well, good riddance, but its still a very disheartening thing that happens constantly. Aside from those problems, fending off creepers is a constant battle. I’d like to spend more words on my profile talking about my interests and the kinds of friends I’d like to meet (yes, I look for friendships) instead of trying to jam into that very limited space what I am not looking for plus maybe a short visit sentence about me. The character limit is infuriating. With that said, I think this will be my last month carrying an active subscription. I think I’ll prefer a different platform where people actually talk like decent respectful human beings instead of objectifying everyone as hot or not and blocking them accordingly..Version: 8.4.0

They finally have fixed the problemsThis app keeps getting more and more and more and more expensive. They change the price every six months it seems. I had been an off and o. Paid subscriber for years. They just have gotten too expensive. Their pic moderation seems extremely biased and is not consistent. If you aren’t a twink or muscle guy any pic seems to get moderated. I have screen shot over 280 pics where the pic wasn’t moderated and mine was. Either it’s racial or body specific. I talking to an attorney to see what type of class action lawsuit can be filed for it to either have them consistently moderate or shut the site down. Also seems like an abnormal amount of bots are allowed now and an overwhelming amount of underage guys are on the site another filing I’m working on with an attorney. Chances are that Grindr won’t even respond to this review, but I’d steer away from this site..Version: 7.22.3

GOOD JOB FOR WHAT?!Grindr and Jack’d are ANALOGOUS for what?Might as well be one app. Only thing different is the target audience (Grindr: privilege/ Jack’d: Minority), allowing screenshots within chat (Grindr: Yes/ Jack’d: No) though in my opinion i think screenshots should be disabled within the whole app itself, but if not at least the profile search page to see who’s nearby out of respect of others’ privacy that they claim they want, sending pics and videos (Jack’d: yes/ Grindr: only pics but videos gotta be sent live) and i get the live video from Grindr but wen i wanna feel lazy i just wanna send the video i already got that’s been working just fine to confirm that I’m legit because this black don’t crack, navigational location dropping (Jack’d: yes/ Grindr: No) and Grindr drops the location but you would have to type it out unless you have the world map memorized, and maybe the subscription but that’s sad in itself should jus be one price in my opinion, but we got profit feens. Other than that everything is cool i mean there’s probably other things i haven’t covered but there are other issues not pertaining to the apps but individuals themselves that may need time to look at a reflection of themselves to reevaluate and I'm still learning this myself. Just gotta take it a day at a time and use your time wisely..Version: 7.15.2

Needs To Review It’s ModeratorsConstantly seeing approved profiles with front and back nudity and sex acts on the public profile images, profiles stating an underage status through insinuation. Used to report these, then most of these, now it’s “what’s the point?” Many times they’re not banned or the image isn’t removed. And if it isn’t this, it’s users looking for this drug or that one. Badly moderated app. Surprised it’s allowed on the App Store in this state of affairs. Add to this that there is no verification system. There are spam profiles, catfish profiles, profiles looking to steal your photos. I have found another user constantly contacting people that know me through the app using my photos. He’s done it multiple times with multiple accounts. There is no security or any reasonable protection from repeat-offense users with mal intent on this app unless you just don’t use it. Won’t be surprised if it becomes the next Craigslist personals..Version: 7.22.2

Can’t get into account3 days now I have restarted my phone and iPad I have downloaded again same window enter number then I get to many attempts. Customer service reported and they are now not even responding. I cannot enter email address for account it’s the same window when reinstall it every time. I don’t have another number to enter. I can’t get the app to do anything other than enter your number. I have done everything that’s on the web to fix this I have reported is over and over. Customer service doesn’t read the issues I’m having they want me to do things that I can’t do because it’s the Sam screen over and over. What is the fix what do we do about this. I have requested a phone number to talk to a live person and can not get one. I have done everything again now 3 days.Version: 7.1.0

One of the Most Fun and Safe apps to meet Guys!Yes my partner and I been using this dating/friend making app for years now and I can only say is that if your responsible smart and very clear with your intentions you no doubt have a great time or simply end the conversation way before meeting that other guy. I’ve also noticed many guys complain about getting thrown off the app site or simply black listed. And then they ask WHY? 🤷‍♂️😵😭 if your being a bully, or a straight up stocker then people will complain about you and Make sure they show them the conversation record word by word etc. so be nice present and after getting to know one another well exchange numbers meet up in a public location etc. we’re all adults here at the end of the Day so let’s act like it and have fun with that new friend. 😉.Version: 7.15.0

Worst customer serviceSo far two weeks to fix simple problem of sent pics not highlighting after sending/ making sending doubles a embarrassing problem have to beg for a robot response if you lucky so i'm still waiting oh last one said staff with families for the holidays/ ha ha this started in the 17t UPDATE: now because grinder tec failed to fix problem they sent it to the developers/ ha ha got a robot response/ apparently us little people don't matter/ oh it's three weeks and counting/ i'm sure outcome will be me loosing everything and starting over ha ha amazing can send us little people into space now but can't even get a simple update signed a disgusted paying customer ps update now the 14th of january about a month still nothing but to rub salt in the wound no communication at all from grinder they ignore my emails there is no other avenue ti go for help on the suggestion page there r no suggestions just complaints about all kinds of app problems but the hiding i'm assuming cuz of failure by the support crew is just childish grinder needs to hire some pros ir just shut the whole thing down and fix it what a mickey mouse operation.Version: 7.24.1

Intrusive AdvertisingAdvertising to keep an app subscription free is understandable, however Grindr takes advertising to the next level. Grindr harasses its free members to get a paid subscription by bombarding them with ads in the midst of replying or viewing a message. I’m convinced that the ads are not meant to be relevant to most end users, but rather to annoy them into a paid subscription. The other thing that Grindr does to its unpaid members that it does not do to its paid members, is that it purposely limits the amount of people you can view who are online and in your proximity and rather shows you people who are offline and further away. The latest app update also brought with it a glitch that shows users to be within a few thousand feet from you when in reality they are a few miles away. I’m not an IT person, however I wonder if those issues are related..Version: 7.17.2

It’s OkayIt’s an okay app, the safety on it is a bit iffy and although the app IS inclusive of all LGBTQ+ members, my partner (transman) and I (non-binary) face quite a bit of rude and overall transphobic messages. They block us before we can fully report and I’ve only been able to successfully report one person who was EXTREMELY transphobic towards my partner and I. I’m 100% positive he has done it to MANY other trans/non-binary people on here as well. We never knew if the account got banned or terminated and I would love if they add a feature to where they update you about the situation. It would be super helpful. I overall do enjoy the app but I definitely think it needs some fixes such as I said above. I’ve gotten a few occasional creeps and had some scares where someone has said he’d come find me. But I don’t really think that’s the app/creators faults. Otherwise, it’s an okay app! Just needs some fixes! :).Version: 8.4.1

Intrusive adsI am fully aware of Grindr needing ads to remain free unfortunately these ads are very intrusive and glitch constantly. It’s almost like the “X” at the top right corner or the close ad buttons are just there for show. You can’t close the ad at all most of the time. I usually have to force close the app to get the ad to go away. Just opening a message or checking who viewed me initiates this ad that literally will not go away unless I close the app! Is that good for you guys? Ads that literally force the consumer to close the app? It can’t be! A lot of times I’m so discouraged by all the ads I don’t even come back after force closing. Again I am fully aware grindr needs ads to remain free but please do better Grindr. I’ve had this app for more than 10+ years and I have never been so tempted to uninstall and try other apps than I am now..Version: 8.4.1

Great app but still needs workGrindr has serious issues with typing messages or trying to correct typos. It’s very spastic and doesn’t want to let you put the cursor where you want it to correct things. It also sometimes doesn’t print what I actually type and totally changes words. Don’t know if that an Apple phone software OS issue or Grindr, but it really needs some work. Please! Using an iPhone X. Like the new pic Zoom feature and finger swipe features. Think overall it's really useful and I love it, but the development team needs fixes for the typing issues and the crash issue! Go team... Get it all up to speed!.Version: 7.0.2

Buggy and slowSince I’ve been on the app, it’s pretty much always had issues but nothing I’ve ever felt the need to write a review for. I’m using the app on latest iPhone and iOS. My phone starts to get very slow and has huge delays in responses whenever I go to type a message. It’ll freeze halfway through, still picking up input, but doesn’t show on the screen. After that starts happening, everything in the app starts to get very slow: scrolling etc. I’ll try to swipe to my home screen or swipe to close the app and even that gets very slow to the point where my phone will lock more than 5 seconds after I press the lock button. I felt the need to explain because the experience in the app needs work and it shouldn’t carry outside of the app and into my phones user face..Version: 8.4.1

Profile Photo Upload Time??Anyone else experience approval times that are longer than usual? I emailed support and the response was somewhat indirect and didn’t provide any explanation as to why it would take longer than the expected 20-45 minutes, just that sometimes it does. Well this happened EVERY time with my profile and I’d say it’s happened over the course of the last year or so and with at least 3 different profiles. My app is up to date and my iOS is as well, but support didn’t tell em why it sometimes takes longer. I typically wait at least 2-3 hours.. is the norm? Any specific reasons why? It was like pulling teeth just to get my question reiterated in the end, and then you have to be careful because support tends to be so temperamental at times..Version: 7.2.0

Server or app issuesI can see that the introduction of new features are good in theory. They seem like useful or good things to add! The problem lies that so often the updates reverse changes and the UI. Don’t have focus groups live in production. Now the real issue with the current version is that the grid itself is glitchy when scrolling up; it will flicker through different areas of profiles. Only force-closing app will temporarily remedy. Seems multiple bugs in the app. Server-side, the distance tracking doesn’t always update after pulling to refresh. Earlier last week it wasn’t even able to load Nearby. Having paid for Xtra makes me annoyed that they’ll have continuous issues and I haven’t seen an app update to try to remedy some of these things..Version: 7.16.1

App shuts down phone and then can’t accessI am very new to Grindr and since adding the app, the app shut off my phone a random. And then when the phone finishes rebooting, I have had to delete the app and upload again since t won’t reopen once it has rebooted my phone. This happens very often with this app and it’s very frustrating especially knowing I’ve paid fr a service that is very unstable and because I have to delete the app and reload it, I lose all my messages to people that I’ve written. I have it set to auto backup once a day but it never makes it to that backup time and there is no way I’m going to backup after every single message. I get it that this could happen once in a while but not multiple times each day..Version: 8.4.1

Worst Place You Want to BeFirst of all, it’s beyond ridiculous and obnoxious that you can only use this app in portrait mode. I mean, come on folks, this should be an EASY thing to implement. Scruff does it. Second, there are more scammers and bots on here than an website or app than I’ve ever seen, which is saying a lot. Some are more sophisticated, but I can spot most of them pretty quickly, now that I’m expecting them. You can’t tell me that they can’t filter more of those. For goodness sake, don’t agree to send anybody money, even if you think they’re local. One major red flag to start looking for scammers is whether they have their location hidden. Some legitimate guys block it, but it’s a good reason to be on your guard. Again, I get nearly ZERO scammers and bots on Scruff. Finally, the subscription cost is MUCH more than it’s worth. I understand they need to make money and it costs to maintain, etc. But when they are putting ZERO effort to squelch scammers and bots. I will be canceling my subscription when it renews. *** If they lower the price by at least a third (for every billing frequency), even if it’s just a sale/special rate, I would gladly subscribe again. ***.Version: 7.7.0

Freezing!!The app is messing up with my phone! You guys have so many ads that slow the motion of your app… and that sucks to be honest; it’s to heavy! Fix it.Version: 7.20.1

To bit too big for their britchesAre absurd thinking people will pay $50 a month for this service. The server delays are a constant problem since they began, they are out of touch with what their competitors are offering and charge. Of they want to be number One again.Version: 7.18.0

It should be freeIt’s not fair to charge for extra should be affordable.Version: 7.14.0

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