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With an extensive set of exclusive emoji, you can express yourself in a whole new way.

Meme images, search for and send GIFs and videos, and see content shared from URLs displayed in the chat.

The gallery saves your memories. Easily explore the photos and videos shared in your group now, or later.

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GroupMe App Comments & Reviews

GroupMe Positive Reviews

Great app! Missing ONE thing 🤞I LOVE GroupMe. I use it for groups at school, at work, and for one-on-one conversations as well. All around, it’s great. It has a clean user interface, it’s fast, in real time. I love being able to add gifs, polls, videos, pictures, etc to our chats. My only irks as far as videos and pictures go is the quality is LOW. I recommend taking videos or picture outside of the app on your normal camera and uploading, versus using the in app GroupMe camera. I’ve also found that pictures uploaded still lose quality, so if there’s any small text then zooming in on it is just not worth it since it will end up blurry. Outside of that, I have no complaints for the media, etc. The ONLY thing I wish this app would offer is PINNED messages. I run multiple chats for work, and being able to pin/star/etc important messages for everyone to access and refer back to would be AMAZING. I think this would be a great feature to offer to admins of groups. You can search most popular messages, but this is not always useful if the messages that need to be seen by new members, etc, are too far back in the chat to be relevant in the popular messages anymore. If this feature was added, GroupMe would take the cake for, in my opinion, the best group messaging app. Outside of this, the app is great, it does what it’s supposed to, and it’s reliable!.Version: 5.35.0

Great App, but could be even betterThis is a great app that I use every single day for a bunch of different group messages, but I feel like there are a few ways it could be improved to make it even more useful/ easier to use: Being able to view a picture from a notification without having to go into the app. It is very annoying to have to pull out my phone and go into the app to see the picture especially when I have an Apple Watch. It would be great to have an Apple Watch app to accommodate the iOS app. Along with being able to view a picture right from the notification this would be extremely useful with the new Apple Watch with cellular connectivity. Imagine if you are out going for a walk or run with just your Apple Watch Series 3 and someone sends you a picture. With the current system you would have to wait until you got home to view the picture. Another nice feature for the Apple Watch app would be the ability to see past messages instead of just the ones from notifications that go away when you tap on them. This would be just like how the messages app works on my Apple Watch..Version: 5.12.3

Great messaging app!Use this a LOT and it’s great and surprisingly full featured for as simple to use as it it feels. I have two things I’d wish would be bug-fixed and 2 easy features: 1- a few revs back the blue dot that indicates new messages appears in the top left corner when you’re in one group, even if the new message is only in that same group you’re already inside, even if you’ve read everything new in that group! It used to only show that if there was a new message in another group. Many times a day now I have to click up a level only to find there are not any new messages. Or make that dot go away once I read the mssgs in the grouo I’m in! 2- there’s a crash that has been around for a year! If you click on a notification and go to that group message it almost always will not let you type a response, just hangs... and if you click the + it finally crashes and then launch again and it’s fine. Easy to reproduce! iOS12.x iPhone7 Features: setting for a group to supress the “abcd guy is [not] going to ”. This clogs up the chat for even a medium sized group. Large groups it’s ridiculous. And for covid world can you let people check in to an event so the admin can use to know who was there for some municipality tracing requirements..Version: 5.41.0

GET THIS APP ASAP Read this if you are interested in getting this app!I loveeee group me! I love everything about it. The gifs, polls, calendar, GroupMe emojis, the ability to send videos and pictures, but there is one thing that I have been trying to change in settings for a while. Saving images taken on GroupMe. It’s soooo annoying to go back to my camera roll and delete the photos and videos that I don’t want saved on my camera roll, but I want sent to a group or DM in GroupMe. Please change this ASAP. I love practically everything except that one feature I mentioned. Also be aware that you can only DM or have a group chat with people that have GroupMe. That doesn’t seem to bother me much. If you are looking for a good group messaging and DM app, then you HAVE to get this app. I communicate with my family (and created a family chat), my friends, and it’s quick and easy! It’s hard to swoop by this app without getting it. Defiantly recommended!.Version: 5.23.1

Group name in notificationsCould y’all make it so that we can see which group a person belongs to in the notifications area? Specially the lock screen? Currently, if a GroupMe notification alerts your device, you only see the person’s name and not which group the person is from. It would be SOOO helpful, if I was able to see which group a person was chatting from without opening the app. For users involved in several groups with similar people, it’s critical to know which group the notification came from ASAP. iMessage has this feature and it is a lifesaver when you need to respond quickly. It’s like knowing it’s a friend from ‘hot yoga group’ asking about the last minute location change and not someone in your ‘biology study group’ asking were class is. Imagine being in different groups with people who have the same name! It’s so confusing when you read a message from John thinking it’s John your work supervisor when it’s really your best friend John sending you a picture of the roach he found in the bathtub. (Bc you cannot see pictures in the notifications which is another comment altogether). I still love this app! Best group messaging there is!.Version: 5.15.1

Needs the ability to delete chats and have invitesOverall, this is a decent chatting app with some nice features. But it is highly susceptible to spam. There is the ability to just talk to "nearby" GroupMe users, even those you don't know. So I've received some inappropriate spam messages that way. If there was an invite feature, where instead of seeing their message and profile pic, it just had the message "X would like to chat with you" and you could accept or decline, that would make this app 10 times better. Of course, for those who want the ability to get messages from anyone, they could turn invites off. The other thing the app needs is a way to actually delete chats. Yeah, I see the pros of always having the chats and groups if you need them again, but as I said earlier; there is some spam that I would like to delete, not just hide. Because once its hidden, every time the app updates, all those spam chats come right back to the home screen, and I need to spend time dropping them into hiding again. If these features are added, the current abilites to send messages to people with just text or email make this a fantastic app..Version: 5.40.0

Great, would love more admin privilegesI work with students, teachers and other types of groups with leaders and so have several groups going. The app has helped with organization, collaboration and of course communication. I get more done because of GroupMe. It is so much more effective than email. My plea/suggestion is this: please allow chat admins to configure a chat so that only they can post messages and the rest of the group can “like” or participate in polls and such. With students, it’s easy to get chatter going that puts the number of messages into the hundreds and thousands and they’re just messing around. Then the substantive messages get lost so that the people who persevere have a terrible time sorting out the fluff from the real stuff while other people understandably set notifications to “do not disturb” or leave the chat altogether. I’d like to be able to set a chat with several dozen people for one-way communication and have another group where everyone can chatter and ask/answer questions. That would help my job a ton!.Version: 5.21.0

Yas Queen🥳👑🔥Group me is one of the best apps I have been using to contact people. This app lets me contact people, it has its own emojis, and it’s perfect for people who don’t have apple. However, this app deletes messages that you are not really active in. It does help if your inbox is filled but if you want to save something it’s not really good. But on the other hand it makes sure that you are actively talking to people so that’s great! I recommend this app seriously unless you not into that “deleting” thing. I don’t even know if that is true but when I first tried it that is what people told me to be careful about so.... Also, GroupMe lets you see the messages that happened before you got into the chat. That’s great so you can catch up on what’s been going on. It also lets you change what people see your name as so your name can change depending on you not other people unless they are the ones putting you in a chat. But overall, GroupMe is a great app. I totally recommend. Bye! 👑👑👑🥳🥳🥳🔥🔥🔥😏😏😏💋💋💋💋💋.Version: 5.26.1

Great, but one suggestion!This app is by far the best when it comes to large group communication. Not overbearing with excessive notifications due to the mute options but still fun enough to form a sense of unity within the group. However, as somebody who primarily uses this app for a mixture of business and fun, important messages can easily get lost in the daily jokes and conversation. I wish there was a way to have an announcements board where only admins or group leaders can post. Everyone, even those who have the group muted, will be notified immediately (or have this as a separate option “mute all except announcements”). Or a way to pin the announcement at the top of everyone’s messages until the leader/admin sees it fit to remove. This would greatly enhance my group’s communication without having to resort to numerous emails or a separate app..Version: 5.14.0

BugsI’ve always used group me and am happy with it, however, I have had a lot of trouble adding people to the groups. In big group chats that have been around a long time, people do not want to leave the group me or create a new one usually because there are good memories in the group. On multiple occasions I have been unable to add someone back to a group, either because they have left in the past or because they were removed. I have experienced this issue as an admin and a normal user in a group, and if it happens to one person, nobody in the group has the ability to add that person back. If that person is a vital member of the group, the entire group chat gallery and messages are lost because we have to create a new one. This has happened enough times for me to write a review about it. I am unhappy that our previous groups’ memories have been lost and become inactive and wish I was able to start the old chats again by adding the previous members back..Version: 5.31.0

Needs some updates.I have been using group me for over 2 years and it is pretty good, except when you try to watch a video it glitches then takes a long tome then it finally lets you. Also i will see that i get a new group me message and it won’t let me view it. The main reason i am writing this review is because of how group me logs you out. i have been logged out multiple times and it is very hard to get back into your account. It logged you out and you can’t get back in. it won’t let me try to type in my email or password. I have been trying for almost and hour and can’t get back in. i am very disappointed because there is some very important information i need to see and i can’t get to. GroupMe please fix this problem. My group me is hacked and i need to get in please group me fixed this problem!!!! i am very mad and i need to get in my group me and stop sending me ads that i won something! please group me stop doing this and fix my account!!.Version: 5.49.1

Solid AppI wish there were some additional features to make this more customizable. For instance a “like” option or “thumbs up” option for different comments that people leave or a way to customize the background or appearance of the message board itself. Otherwise this is a great way to communicate with a group of people. I use this for my baseball team and it’s a great way to know who is commenting on what without having to put all their information into my phone and everyone else’s phone. It clearly shows who is commenting or asking questions. It even allows me to send a direct message to one or two of the people inside the entire group without having to say certain things to everyone on the group chat. I also use this separately for my coaches so we can discuss things we need to work on in practice or cover before games. Overall I like the app and recommend it to other people..Version: 5.13.2

ConnectingI just wanted to say that I love your app first of all. It’s a great way to communicate with people. I just started using it matter fact it’s the only one that I signed up for I don’t use the computer that much anymore matter fact not at all during thing I use it for is to look up stuff I need for work and I’ve always was against Facebook and all the other stuff I thought it was too much but now I have your app and I use it to be connected with families for church and it lets me communicate with those people when I’m not at church and I love it for that. awesome company give up the good work I know people complain about certain apps they have where it they fail they are down they don’t work right well since I’ve been using this app never had a problem with anything nothing but five stars for me and two thumbs up....Version: 5.26.1

Hacked?? No longer trusting the appHey GroupMe - what’s up with the pop-ups I’m getting asking for my date of birth or I can no longer use the app? I checked it out on the web and found that it was required for security to make sure I was 18 or older so I entered it. Then I received a “GroupMe Support” message and pop up saying I was selected for being a loyal user to receive an iPad. I was curious and tapped the link because it was within an app I trusted and wanted to see if it was legit. It said I won and asked for name and address and then to check the box agreeing to the terms and conditions which were not given in a link there. I had to scroll way down to find a tiny link. When you read the terms and conditions, they plan to charge you $19 immediately and then after 7 days, another $87 for 30 days and that they have full access to use your account information. I think I need to close my GroupMe account and take our group elsewhere..Version: 5.50.2

Setting group photos & cloning a groupI’ve enjoyed most of the new features that have been recently rolled out with a few exceptions... Setting group photos, please revert the change - I recently noticed that you cannot do a search to set the group photo anymore which is very annoying and now I have several groups without photos because it is more difficult to set the photo now. Please revert this setting back so that you can search for a photo Cloning, restrict to admin and group owners - cloning is a great idea so that creating new similar groups is much easier, BUT I would recommend restricting this privilege to group owners and admins. I have been in several groups where a group member thinks it would be funny to create a duplicate group and causes more problems than they need to. If this privilege was restricted to admin and group owners, the useful tool would be used by the correct people..Version: 5.33.1

Launching via lock screenWhen I receive a message and tap on it to pull up the app, it needs to switch to the chat feed to which the message I’m replying to belongs. It does no good to be able to switch to the app by tapping on a message I get from a person/group if the active thread is going to remain on whichever person/group I was using last. Very frustrating to have to remember to double check which thread I’m in when I just tapped on a message from a particular person/group. It would stand to reason that if I tap on a lock screen message from, say, my wife, that it would switch to my chat feed with her when the app comes up and not remain in, say, the group chat feed I have with colleagues if that’s the group to which I last sent a message. Please fix this.Version: 5.17.1

GroupMe in SchoolWe’ve been doing our classes completely online these last few terms. I personally love it, and I like having the flexibility of getting my work done when it’s right for me. However one huge hurdle with online courses has been the complete lack of socializing. I noticed early into these online courses that I talk to my classmates more than I thought. Having to send out emails to ask a simple question was frustrating and lengthy. This app changed everything! I have one for just about each one of my classes. It’s a great way to be able to communicate instantly with a classmate. Since it’s a group message, my question can go out to everyone. So it seems I’ll most likely get an answer to my question sooner at times too. Fantastic app highly recommend!.Version: 5.48.1

Glitch with Notifications :\Personally, I think this app is pretty good. However, the thing that has been driving me absolutely NUTS is that when I open the app to read the newest messages, it doesn’t update afterwards that I read them, so when I exit the app it still shows that I have those same number of unread messages. I’ve tried clicking on each message on the thread and scrolling all the way up through every message to see if either of those things would fix it, but unfortunately it hasn’t done a thing to fix it. Been SO tempted to just delete the app to get rid of the notifications showing up as unread after I have for sure read them. Please find a way to fix this glitch soon! It is driving me absolutely INSANE!! I really want to enjoy this app, but it’s been so hard to with that glaring glitch constantly showing up. 😞 Please fix this!.Version: 5.35.0

Love the app, but would love more grouping optionsI use this app daily for work.. it is a great tool to keep connected and not loose touch. I like that it doesn’t consume a great deal of my storage on my phone. It is also nice to have a long running record of the conversations that have been had. It allows for me to add and remove people as needed and not miss a beat in the conversation. The only thing I would LOVE to see is to be able to make master groups. I have over 30 chats going, and that is just for work... It would be great to make a group and then have subgroups. I have groups with each manager that I work with and then they also have groups with the shops that they work with (team chat groups) I always have to be very cautious to not send the message to the manager in the group for the team. It would just organize things every better..Version: 5.13.2

Group. Me is awesomeI absolutely love using Group Me as my messaging app, to connect my group of friends. You can add as many people to the group chat , you can use cool blue emojis, you can change your user as many times as you want, you can name the group and if you have a phone number or not you can still use this app. Now you do have to use a phone number as a verification, then it sticks with your account. Now don’t use the same number that you already used or it’s going to link the accounts together. Even kids can use it! My 12 year old sister doesn’t have a phone, but she has an iPod. All her friends that she played volleyball with has only an iPod as well. So they decided to have a group on Group Me which they love. Over all I love this is app!.Version: 5.35.0

Pretty decent app; has some challengesIt's great to share experiences, pics, and vids with my family and friends x-platform, x-carrier, and around the world. Flexible app with reasonable functionality. Significant challenges include 1) can't delete or edit comments - just hide them, which only hides it on the individual side; 2) it would be very nice if tech support at least acknowledged that we send them emails, and responded within six months; 3) at times it's difficult to invite new GroupMe users to a direct message - can only add them to a group message; 4) impossible to search within a discussion/conversation without painfully scrolling back through the chat to find the reference you are looking for; 5) no exporting/printing capability which would be especially good from a family history or team dynamics perspective..Version: 5.31.0

Makes Life EasierI'm a freshmen in high school and am an active member of student council...but I don't have an IPhone, just an IPod. Because of this, it is difficult for me to keep in contact with my group members. GroupMe helped a lot because it allowed us all to communicate with each other easily so no one falls behind. You can attach different events to the calendar so everyone in your chat knows and can send pictures with each other. One thing that I've noticed is trouble in inviting certain people, meaning it says you've "invited them" but they can't get in. If you have this problem, I recommend different people try to add you, not just one person over and over again. It's very simple and great for school activities like this..Version: 5.13.0

Good for groups if people replyWe use GroupMe for a neighborhood chat to keep people informed. When people like or reply to messages everything works great. One really annoying feature of the app is if people stop replying or liking other people’s messages, it stops sending the group messages to the individual. They are still shown in the members of the group but they are no longer receiving messages or notifications. It would be awesome if people could continue receiving messages even if they didn’t reply or like others comments. Another annoying thing about the app is you’ll get messages that say they are from GroupMe support saying you’ve won an iPhone or whatever. They are total spam. I wish GroupMe would prevent those types of messages being sent to people inside their app. Overall the app is good. These are just my frustrations with the app..Version: 5.49.1

Great, but still room for immediate improvementLove the apps ability to more efficiently control group communication and perform such from my computer while sending over SMS (not just the messaging platform). That said, there is an obvious improvement that they intentionally leave out. If people I think he group don’t’ accept the invitation to stay a part of the group, they are automatically removed from SMS (text) messages from the group. In short, they use an Opt In platform rather than Opt Out, which would be so much better! I use this for large group messages with parents who aren’t always super savvy or aware of the “Opt In” procedure, so I keep ending up with parents not receiving messages, leaving having to go back to text messages to make up for it. Annoying! Make it an Opt-Out structure and this is a clear 5 Stars!.Version: 5.15.1

An “All” featureI love using this app to stay in contact with multiple groups that I take part in. The only feature that I think would make this app perfect and want to inquire about is an “all” button or feature. When I have to get an urgent message out to certains groups of people I find it incredibly time consuming to tag everyone in the message and sometimes certain individuals get left out, therefore they do not see the message. Is there any possible way you guys would be able to include this feature or is already coming in the future in an update? I really appreciate you guys taking this into consideration and I along with many colleagues agree that this would really improve our experience with this app and make it perfect..Version: 5.40.0

Few bugs, but all in all a good appThis app is great for helping to facilitate more reliable group communications among people who have different OS platforms on their smartphones. But I do have a couple of suggestions for improvement: 1. The app ALWAYS opens in portrait orientation, even if the iPhone / iPad is on it’s side. In order to rotate it to landscape, I have to rotate my device to portrait and back to landscape in order for the app to register the orientation change. I’d like to see a fix implemented that detected the device orientation on launch and automatically adjusts, without the need to manually “kick” it to the right layout. 2. I’m not sure if this fix is possible, but I’d love that if I read a message on one device or the desktop app, the other instances of the GroupMe app on my other devices registered those message(s) as read, and removed the notification. Currently, I have to open the app on each device in order for messages to be marked as read on that device. 3. I do wish the character limit on messages could be extended. Currently, longer text posts have to be broken up into multiple pieces to post them in a group. It would be great if this limit could be extended..Version: 5.13.2

Great way to stay informedLately, a close relative was in the hospital with some fairly bad problems. The family includes a family out of state, several families very close—too many to visit, but all interested and worried. A tech-savvy family member set up a GroupMe thread including all family, far and near. It was amazing—info was given out, questions were asked and answered, pictures posted of our sick one, progressively showing improvement. As far as I know, it (the group connection) is still active, a couple of items have been posted, travel, kids, etc. I realize most use is social and lighthearted—that’s fine. But in a medical crisis, it served us all very well and I’d recommend it for that..Version: 5.34.1

Where is the edit mode?GroupMe is a very powerful tool in the social media world, but the one thing everyone else has and you don’t is edit mode. You can not edit or delete a message from anything or anyone but from yourself (and you can’t delete that either). I want to edit a message you can’t, but you can hide it, from who? Myself? They can still see the freaking message, but I can’t now. It’s like playing hind and seek in a very, very lit room with a billion people still watching you try to hide in a football stadium. I want to remove a person from my contacts list, you can’t do it. The basic functions of GroupMe of chat is there, but one super key factor is not present in this day and time. Why the heck not! GroupMe would be a 5 star on my list, but until this major flaw is not corrected, it will remain at 3 stars from me..Version: 5.39.2

Possible future updatesI love groupme been using it none stop since about 2012 maybe 2013 for my dance organization. I just wish there was an edit feature like on facebook for mistakes and also a delete feature so you can delete pictures and videos things of that nature even if it only allows you delete only what you posted and you can’t delete anyone elses stuff and like someone else said a pin so that you can pin important information to the page. Also if at all possible to make it so it doesn’t take almost forever to play a video and allow video chat then I think it would be all set 😊. Im glad that theres a response feature so that you can respond to people individually but yes get those things in the works and groupme would be that much better..Version: 5.47.0

Specific Date FeatureThe app is really convenient and I use it everyday! Especially for chatting with my friends who live in different parts of the world. It would be really nice to have an option where you could look up a certain date in the chat. Meaning that if you want to look at a specific photo taken or just recall a great moment in the chat, it would make it easier to have an option that lets you search by month, day, year, or if you know the exact date you can just type it in. This would be much simpler than scrolling up or even searching through the gallery looking for that one photo. Especially if you have a chat that’s active almost 24/7. I’d really love to see this feature implemented in the app in the near future..Version: 5.15.0

Muting a chat needs to show ZERO notifications.I have several active chats in this app and I’ve used it exclusively as my group chat app for maybe a decade now. It is wonderful for the most part. My BIGGEST complaint though is if you mute a chat, you still get the red badge on the app icon and the app will say you have X unread messages. It won’r pop up on your lock screen though. I wish that mute was a FULL silence on the chat. It’s COVID era and my beer league hockey team chat has been going off all lock down when i haven't played for 6 months. I don’t really care about the NHL playoffs too much but they do. So i have to open the app to get rid of the badge icon. I use the app for other chats still and want to see those messages but the ones that I can wait on and silence until I’m ready to participate.. I cant..Version: 5.43.2

Good app but could use some important improvements!I’ve used this app for years for both school and now work, and it’s pretty convenient and useful, especially for cross platform or for people without smartphones. There are a few things I feel they could implement to really improve the app: 1. Allow us to delete messages without leaving a chat or blocking a person. I have tons of groups I just don’t need on my home page and then hide function doesn’t work. I also have individual chats I want to delete without removing the person from my contacts. 2. Adding the ability to dislike a message or a yes or no function without using a poll. I think this would be especially helpful for work groups where you’re volunteering or saying you are or aren’t available..Version: 5.47.0

Business growth!!Hello all, I know you have your hands full already and am super grateful for your hard work! You have developed an amazing app that helped me and hundreds of other business owners grow their business. I won’t bore you with details but just wanted to make a recommendation as to some features that might be worth looking into. There is currently no way to delete a message within a conversation other than to hide it in my device. Also, there is a cap to how many people can be in a group. Myself and many of my business partners and other people in my industry have decided to migrate to telegram due to these features stated above. That’s nearly 50,000 new users on telegram and counting that have migrated from Group Me. I hope this helps, God bless you all!!.Version: 5.40.0

Love the app accept you can’t delete messagesI love GroupMe and I use it for several groups that I am apart of. Great way to communicate and keep on touch in a timely manner. Only thing I wish they had was a way to delete or cancel messages. I’ve mad a mistake and posted a photo in the incorrect group and it couldn’t be erased and it stays in the gallery. It was anything explicit but it just wasn’t meant for the intended group. While I know I have to be more aware of where I’m posting, it can be an honest mistake and you won’t be able to save yourself of an embarrassing photo meant for your friend group that goes into your family or church group that you may also use the app for. I hope that this functionality comes along and I would definitely give 5 stars!.Version: 5.43.3

Love the app, how do you make small suggestions that would make a huge improvementI love this App and it allows me to communicate with the parents of all the teams easily and quickly. As a parent when we’ve used it, the one thing I find difficult is once a coach sends out a message, every parent responds, sometimes leading to multiple conversations and sometimes making it difficult to scroll back and determine the actual message the coach was trying to get across. There should be an option to have only coach be able to communicate on that thread, and responses be seen only by the coach or just where the communication happens in direct messaging or the responses bullet point off where the original message is clear and easy to follow! Otherwise great app!.Version: 5.17.1

Great app!Large groups are able to communicate quickly and easily. Simple and effective..Version: 5.12.3

Great, could use some additional featuresGreat, clean app. Wish you could delete and edit messages after you send them..Version: 5.45.5

New iso 14.1 update killed this appNew Apple iso update killed this app.Version: 5.50.0

AmazingI love the app but I wished it was possible to unsend messages.Version: 5.49.1

Good app we use it all the timeIt’s good app. We use it all the time.Version: 5.34.1

It’s goodThe only issue I have this app is that for some reason I’m unable to send pictures. I’ve tried everything to fix it: updating the app, removing the app from my phone and downloading it again, signing out and signing in again, turning off access to photos and turning it on again, and none of it worked. When I try to send it, it immediately appears with a symbol and a notification indicating that it failed to send, and when I try to send it again, it does the exact same thing. Could you fix this issue please?.Version: 5.41.0

Scam messagesGreat app but receiving scam messages. Please fix!.Version: 5.34.0

JSFLASHThis app is awesome!!!😎😆.Version: 5.34.0

Great! But...Add a voice chat!.Version: 5.31.0

Add access to Ringtones & Text Tones please!This app is pretty nice, though I would really like to use some of my custom ringtones / text tones with it! Please add the ability to utilize ringtones and text tones in addition to the phone’s factory alert tones..Version: 5.33.2

App reviewGreat app, love how it can be used on desktop and also on mobile. Would love to see if there is a possible chat head that can be used while another app is currently on screen for multiple use..Version: 5.30.0

NotificationsGotta work on notifications, they don’t work sometimes..Version: 5.31.0

The appA great app overall.Version: 5.29.3

Love itGreat way to keep in touch with our kids. ❤️.Version: 5.29.1

DisappointedGroups keep disappearing. Very frustrating Can’t seem to get ahold of support. Groups text and images should be editable or delete-able..Version: 5.29.2

Great for restaurant staffGreat app for talking to your co-workers.Version: 5.26.1

Update requestGreat Group app! I love it and use it for all my group work. Highly recommend. There should be a way to send multiple pictures to the group, rather than having to send one picture at a time, and if there is a way it should be obvious. This would make it easier to send pictures in a GroupMe chat rather than creating a new group in a different messaging app and send the pics that way. As well we should be able to delete messages/edit them once sent. So many times the wrong file or text is sent in the wrong group, but there’s no way to delete them. Or if I make a spelling mistake, I should be able to edit the message. Thanks.Version: 5.28.1

PratiqueTrès facile à utiliser et conviviale..Version: 5.21.0

Great AppIt's a great app overall, but the inability to delete a message, recall a perticular message in both direct and group chat is very frustrating. Please think about adding this feature, since its already available in WhatsApp..Version: 5.26.0

Great For NetworkingGroupme brought together 82 complete strangers and instantly helped grow our network with discussions such as: “why am I getting this?” “Who are all these people?” “Please stop replying” “EVERYONE STOP REPLYING” “THIS IS MY NIGHTMARE” “I’m roaming FOR THE LOVE OF GOD!” Only 4 stars only as emoji’s were sometimes unreadable and my phone battery died..Version: 5.24.0

Great appGreat app to communicate for the group I need it for. Love the calendar! Would love to see a Bulletin Board or something similar to post a note that people can easily refer back to - for e.g. an itinerary for a particular event that people don't want to scroll through the feed to find it. Then the author can delete the note once it is not needed anymore. Would also be nice to send longer videos..Version: 5.24.0

SuggestionA message search function in a chats..Version: 5.22.0

Group meHi Ron and Carol did you receive ‘this message?.Version: 5.21.0

AwesomeIt’s an awesome app!.Version: 5.21.0

Works as advertisedIt’s great to keep iPhone and non-iPhone folks on the same page!!.Version: 5.20.0

Taking photos in the appWhen you try to take a picture in the app, it doesnt allow you to send it. And when you upload a photo, when you try to type in the description it doeant show what you’re typing....Version: 5.20.0

Great!Works great!.Version: 5.12.4

Great appLove this app. Only thing I would like to see changed is no restrictions on the length of videos you can send. C.Version: 5.18.0

Deleting picsGreat app but missing the option for admin / owner to delete comments or pictures..Version: 5.17.1

GeofencingPlease add geofencing or add an option with IFTTT. Please support Iphone X!.Version: 5.13.0

Group meGreat app 👍👍.Version: 5.12.3

Works great!I like it :).Version: 5.5.1

Great appThis is an awesome way to stay connected with our family on the cellular network. It uses the cell network so those in our family that don't have data can also stay connected..Version: 5.12.2

Still some issuesGroupMe is good software but after long time it still has issues like you can't add friend from one group into group without email on iPhone. Very limited video sharing and notification are. It on time.Version: 5.12.2

Awesome AppGreat app. They update it regularly and always add in a bunch of cool features.Version: 5.12.1

Group meGreat app bit the picture quality needs more work.Version: 5.12.1

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 5.50.2

What do you think GroupMe ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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