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AllTrails is your guide to the outdoors! Discover the best hiking, running, and biking trails around the world.

Explore 200,000+ hand-curated trail maps plus reviews and photos crowdsourced from millions of hikers, mountain bikers and trail runners. Find that dog-friendly or kid-friendly trail that you’ve been searching for. Take that mountain biking or backpacking trip you’ve always dreamed of. Explore a national park, or discover new hiking trails in your area.

Whether you’re a hiker, biker or trail runner, AllTrails will help you find the way.

• Discover new trails in national parks or in your own neighborhood, with hand-curated GPS and topo maps
• Browse photos and reviews from our community of hikers, cyclists and trail runners like you
• Find a hike, mountain bike ride, or trail run that’s perfect for your fitness and experience level. Filter by dog friendly, kid friendly, and wheelchair friendly trails

• Turn your phone into a GPS activity tracker and follow your trail so you don’t get lost
• View your hiking, running and cycling stats at a glance
• Share your outdoor adventures with friends and family on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp and more

• Explore all the trails on your bucket list and add new ones to check out
• Easily save your favorite trails to run, hike or bike
• Follow the hikers, cyclists and runners that inspire you

• Get detailed GPS driving directions directly to the trailhead

• Download offline maps - track your exact GPS location as you navigate the trail, even when you don’t have a signal
• Never miss a turn with off-route notifications
• Stay safe with Lifeline - assign safety contacts who know your plan and can track your progress
• Know what to expect with real-time map overlays including air quality, satellite weather, pollen, and light pollution
• Always have a backup - design and print stunning custom topo maps
• Experience AllTrails ad-free - remove the distraction of ads and focus on the journey
• 1% for the Planet - feel good knowing that part of your subscription will be going directly to helping the environment

AllTrails Pro is available as an annual subscription for $29.99/year, or you can get three years for the price of two when you buy our 3 Year Plan via a one-time payment of $59.99. You can subscribe and pay through your iTunes account. Your annual subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period (the 3 Year Plan does not auto-renew). Auto-renew can be turned off anytime by going to your Account Settings in iTunes after purchase.

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AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run App Comments & Reviews

AllTrails: Hike, Bike & Run Positive Reviews

All Trails is the best for anyone that loves to hike!All Trails is such a great resource for anyone who loves to hike! I use the app for all my hiking! I love the record feature that allows me to track my progress on any hike, and I love even more that I can put my phone on airplane mode so that I’m not using data while on my hike and still use the record feature! I always check out the All Trails reviews from other hikers before heading out, and usually find that other hikers have great insight/feedback about trail conditions. The only feature I don’t love about All Trails is the rating technique that is used for hiking trails. Trails are rated as either easy/moderate/hard and I have found through my experience that trails aren’t very consistently rated. I’ve hiked some trails that were rated as hard and the hike felt easy. I’ve hiked some rated as moderate and the hike felt hard. I understand that rating trails is a challenging component of hiking due to different levels of experience and fitness, however I would love to see an option where hikers who have completed the hike are able to submit their feedback on how challenging the hike was from 1-10. I think, overall, a 1-10 scale for how challenging a hike is would be extremely beneficial. Overall, I absolutely love All Trails and use the app daily! I recommend it to anyone and fully support what they are doing! Keep up the great work, All Trails!.Version: 11.2.4

AllTrails saved me a rescue.A couple years back I took on an ambitious 13 mile day hike by myself on beautiful sunny day in the Colorado Rockies. While I was familiar with the area, I had never done this specific route before. I had not brought a compass or my SpotX (dumb move) so I had AllTrails pulled up running in the background of my phone so I could refer to the GPS on the map. I had made it over the mountain pass and was making my way down the other side back down to treeline to discover the trail had been washed out. I didn’t think anything of it and started following the creek thinking it ‘ah it’s probably just down here.’ I walked about a half mile before I realized I wasn’t in the right place. I got completely turned around and had no idea which way led back up to where I came from and I had zero cell service. After a brief moment of panic, I remembered I had AllTrails was running so I pulled out my phone and slowly but surely followed the little blue dot as I moved through the woods. According to the map, it was close but I still couldn’t see it. After about 15 minutes, I heard voices and saw people walking above me. I had found the trail! I bushwacked up, took a deep breath and continued on my way. Thanks to AllTrails, I manage to right my path and get back to where I need to be. While it’s not accurate 100% of the time, it truly is a great resource..Version: 12.1.1

Few issues lately. Oct 2018Removing the check-in was a bad idea. Hiding it in the “...” was worse, didn’t know it was there and my history is now not accurate, and now I have to make up a name for each recording on the fly. Waste of time. Please put check-in back where it belongs, it’s a critical feature, and right map loads with the name of the trail on the saved history. I also agree with the other user about trail hopping. In New England many trails connect but are listed separately. If you are no longer on the same one you started it appears you are just going rogue on the map. How about auto loading the newly entered trail? Also being able to edit history would be helpful. There’s been a couple times where I started driving home and forgot to hit pause and save. And why the “pause” button when the trail is complete? It’s a weird way to “finish” or “end hike”. Big issue with crashing during use lately. Thought I was recording and it had crashed once phone was put away. If I didn’t stop to take a pic early i would have gone pretty far without noticing. Stinks for tracking distance 😐. Overall I do love and use and recommend this app almost daily to find trails and track my history. Can’t live without it but its been acting weird lately..Version: 8.9.2

Great app with one major flawI’ve been using AllTrails for a couple months now and I love it. It is a 5 star app by far, yet that is not my rating for it. There are a few quirks I have with the UI, but they are not worth mentioning as they are minor and do not effect the app use whatsoever. My only real issue, which caused my 4 star rating (which killed me to do so), is the fact that you CANNOT LAUNCH THE APP WITHOUT A CELLULAR OR WIFI CONNECTION!! It is ridiculous, plain and simple. I am a Pro subscriber to AllTrails. I did this solely so I could download trail maps prior to going in case I lost service on the trail. That feature works beautifully. But let’s say you download your map, head out to your trail, arrive and go to open app to use the map that is already saved on your phone. Guess what?? Unless you have service, you can’t open the app! So it’s essentially useless. The last thing I want to do is have to add “open AllTrails prior to leaving home” to my to do list to get ready. AllTrails, lets be real for a minute. Hiking, biking, exploring, etc. are all off the grid things! Chances are you won’t have service if you are in a remote location. Fix this issue!! Make an offline version of your app so that paid users who have already downloaded maps can actually use them! With that said, this is an amazing app that is worthy of 5 stars. It is just failing miserably in one particular area that is critical to its use..Version: 11.1.1

Never Ending TrailsI love it! I’ve moved to a new town about a year ago and I’ve only ever known my town hiking spots. So to move somewhere new and not know anywhere to go was frustrating! I love bringing my dogs hiking and even better to find spots they can swim or frolick in the water. BUT once I go somewhere I feel accomplished and ready for the next. So to find so many varieties and close by places to hike is amazing! Whatever town I’m in I just look up what’s around. Whenever I’d Google placed to go there was NOTHING. Or very short and disappointing places. This app is great because it will give you direction right in the app instead of trying to Google Maps it yourself. You can map your rout and GPS where you are to ensure you stay on track and don’t get lost. I’m so much more comfortable going alone when I can see where each path leads and about how long it should take me. People also are great at providing pictures and comments of the trails so it is so easy to find. My biggest annoyance is not being able to find the place to begin with! GPS is all good and dandy but sometimes it will just bring you to the location but the location isn’t clarified. So by people uploading their photos let’s you get a visual of what you’re looking for. Overall, the best app!.Version: 8.8.7

Good app, but ...I have been using the app for hiking and mountain biking. It´s very valuable and makes you feel really confident and worry free, that you are following the right trail and that you will get home safely. Although, I have found 2 things, which need improvement : 1) I was recording my day hike and when I got back to my car, I wanted to save the hike, review it etc. But, there was no cell phone signal, which typically there isn’t, when you hike, so the application wouldn’t let me finish the process of saving/reviewing/adding comments. Then I drove back to town and wanted to finish this process. But the application, was basically asking me, if I want to continue recording, if I said “no”, the only choice it gave me, was to clear the data. Of course, I don’t want to add car drive to my hiking trip ...., 2) The other improvement is related to it. I think, if one is recording hiking trip and then forgets to save it, when gets back to car, the application should automatically detect, that obviously one is not hiking anymore, since the speed is > 10 miles/hour. It should then, ideally, ask you, if you want to make the car ride part of your recording or not. Actually, this happens to me a lot, that I forget to stop recording or that I’m not able to save the trip, because of missing cell phone signal..Version: 11.2.5

MUST HAVE APP!I absolutely LOVE this app!! I hike alone 90% of the time and I love this for finding new trails, staying in trail and keeping someone in the know of my whereabouts. I love the pictures, reviews and recordings submitted by real people so I can understand whether it’s something I think I could handle or not. The only downsides I’ve come across so far are 1) when you’re flipping through submitted photos, you can tap in the white area near the persons name who submitted it in order to see how long ago it was (ie a month, week, year etc) BUT! Be careful!! I’ve accidentally hit “suggest hide” on a couple photos and you can’t undo that!!!! Super frustrating!!! I’m not trying to flag or hide anyone’s photos! I just wanna know when it was taken. I’m sorry people! 2) when you’re looking for trails in your area using the map, you have to zoom in/out to the perfect spot for the trail markers to pop up. They disappear really easily if you zoom in or out too much in the slightest or if you move the map position even a tiny bit. I feel like those are both easy fixes. I recommend any outdoorsy people download the app. It’s fun to pick hikes for each other when you live states away and then chat about them after you’ve completed them! I love this app!.Version: 11.2.5

Long time userI love this app and have been using it for years now. It is by far the best GPS tracking app I can find. The maps are detailed and accurate and the descriptions and directions are excellent. Over the years some great upgrades have been made, some of my favorites include being able to download tracks for offline use, marking distance and elevation along a specific track, and being able to create a map by selecting certain trails. There are still some frustrating faults with this app, however. For example, in order to record and keep a GPS recording a track a hike has to be part of an existing trail which can get annoying when I do infrequent or bushwhacking hikes. Having an option to keep tracks privately would be very helpful. One upgrade I would love to see is the ability to edit or add to a track after I finish. Many times in the past I have forgotten to end a track and drove away, the result was an inaccurate GPS track. Also as the app currently is I can’t track multi-day trips, I can pause a track when I stop for lunch, but if I stop for the night my progress disappears. I would like to be able to add to a completed or paused track to be able to record multiple day trips..Version: 10.1.5

Crashing on CourseHello! Pro member here and have some concerns. The app keeps crashing while I’m in the middle of 20-30 mile hikes. This is dangerous when you rely on AllTrails to alert you when you’re off course and have a lifeline feature engaged so your husband can track your progress from work! I am also frustrated because when it crashes, it also leaves me with gaps in my recordings till I figure out that it’s not working. I prefer to be enjoying the surroundings and not constantly checking if the app is recording and connected. I have been a Pro member over a year and have had no major issues till recently. Just sent an email to AllTrails about this concern. Thought maybe leaving a review would get a quicker response. A few notes to eliminate user error when the crashes occur - My phone battery has plenty of charge. No other apps are open on my phone. It literally has an error message that something went wrong. AllTrails please help! Please fix! Also, I’m discovering that some of the maps underestimate mileage up to a few miles. Have been planning on those underestimates because they’re unreliable when planning how much daylight a hike may require and the quantity of supplies to bring..Version: 12.1.7

My go to app for outdoor adventuresI’ve had all trails pro for over a year and planned several hikes on it and tracked them. I have not found any other app with as many trails or as complete. I absolutely love the ability to download various maps prior to my trips because they are usually in areas without cell service. No where else has all the types in one place or as easy to find. The tracking on the downloaded maps has saved me and my son’s Boy Scout troop miles in areas where it gets more difficult to stay on trail. In addition to hiking (day and multi day) I like to take my truck out on trails and the reviews here have been great on helping to decide where to go .....and not. All that great stuff said there are a couple things I’d like to see. First would be the ability to plan hikes on my IPad or phone. On the same vein the ability to see and update my account on iPad and phone. The biggest things I would like to see is the location of springs/ water sources with icons maybe 2 icons 1 for drinkable and one for filtering and maybe something to indicate if it’s conditions depending or always there. Also an icon for camp site locations. These would make planning longer multi day hikes easier..Version: 12.1.1

Get the Details, Hike with Confidence!This beats a trail book for excellent topo maps. The recent user trail comments are incredibly helpful for understanding current trail conditions. Love the posted photos so you can get an idea of views you will encounter. I love the fact that Printed maps show an elevation guide. Very cool that you can view a trail, and then see “nearby trails” allowing you to quickly assess what’s available in a given area. The reason for 4 stars is that the program needs several improvements 1) the trail creation features are not simple to access and use and can snap onto the wrong segment and can be problematic to close on loop trails for accurate distance measurement. 2) maps only print at specific ratios (not perfectly zoom customizable) so often trail is printed too small or large. I often have to split trail into 2-3 pages to get good detail. 3) the chosen route prints as a continuous red line and covers up the forest service trail numbers... forcing you to hand label printed maps with the #s if you are linking trails etc. Those deficiencies aside, AllTrails is an amazing tool to plan. It’s given me the confidence to discover and hike trails I would have never attempted otherwise. App is nice for downloaded trail map. GPS point can help confirm current location which is reassuring!.Version: 11.5.0

Excellent App Useful for Horseback RidingI use the app as an adjunct to Horse Rider for horseback riding. Checked it out on a 9.5 mile horseback ride at Lizzie Lake near St. Cloud, FL. One other rider has the app also. At the northern end of this trail is a series of relatively short loops that would be easy to get mixed up in. The app worked perfectly for the main trail and all the little loops. The big plus for my usage is that it shows your position on an Alltrails map. It seems to be accurate. However, in some local trails that I frequently ride, I have seen some instances where the Alltrails map is not quite up to date. However it does show paths that people actually use, which are not always the same as the park or reserve on line maps. I use Horse Rider to record my track, which includes the path, speed, and in my case heartbeat, calories, distance, etc. The great thing about Horse Rider is that it automatically shows your path on a satellite map. These make a great pair, as you can instantly check your position on the Alltrails app without scrolling through a lot of stuff. Local to the places I ride, the maps are generally complete and accurate..Version: 12.1.4

Concerns with updateMy overall impressions of the app have been good, however, since the most recent update, there seems to be a glitch with automatic syncing. I use my Garmin watch to track activity and it is automatically synced to Alltrails. Alltrails is consistently adding an extra mile to each hike from what is tracked in Garmin. If Garmin Connect tells me I’ve hiked 8 miles, Alltrails lists it as 9 miles. This has only been an issue since the new update; everything matched prior. This has been incredibly annoying since the mileage is not accurate. I’ve been uploading the GPX files but also new, Alltrails is not recognizing the time and pace info (even though I’ve previously uploaded GPX files with that info). I contacted Alltrails but they didn’t have much have an answer. Rep mentioned Alltrails uses “smoothing” but it doesn’t make sense that “smoothing” would add distance. Is anyone else having this issue? Hope it gets fixed, but it makes me less inclined to use Alltrails to track hikes. Update: AllTrails “addressed” my issue but ended up completely missing the point. They wrote that our phones have “noise” but my issue is AllTrails is incorrectly and randomly adds distance to my Garmin synced files. Why would they add distance to a synced file? That seems to be an issue with their app specifically..Version: 13.0.2

Maps on watch need improvementsThe AllTrails iPhone all is pretty much a 5-star app. My biggest gripe is probably the long load times to lunch the app. I have the latest version which was supposed to improve app launch times but instead I’m seeing some of the slowest launches to date. Today I paused a recording to take some photos and when I came back to the app it took nearly 30 seconds on an iPhone 11 Pro Max. Considering the app was open and running 10 seconds earlier, with a recording paused, I would have expected the app to launch instantaneously. Please fix this, especially when re-launching a paused recording. But my ultimate 3 star review is for the watch app. I love that I can finally see the map on my wrist without having to pull out my phone, but then to shrink the map so small with superfluous information below it, makes the map nearly useless. The watch screen is so small as it is, so having the map shrink to a small square means I can barely see any detail in what’s coming up in the trail. I like that I can select what information is displayed below the map, but I want a “none” option so I can see the map as large as possible! Otherwise I love the app - mostly because it has a bazillion high quality maps and I can easily search and find a trail to hike!.Version: 10.6.1

Above and beyondI’ve been using the app for a short amount of time and I love it! Trying to google hiking trails only brings up 2 or 3 around my city that are usually overcrowded and not that great, but this app has over 100 listed in my little town. It has everything that I could ask for and more—filters to search certain trails (bike route, allows dogs, waterfall/rivers, etc), difficulty ratings, weather forecast, reviews, photos, trail length, personal stats, and more. Some of these trails are in the middle of nowhere and you can pull up directions to drive to the start. It tracks your time, elevation gain, miles, and your route. You can save your favorite trails, and the ones that you have completed will show up on your profile. I haven’t been hiking a whole lot in the past, but now I have been going several times a week and I still have a lot of trails saved that I want to try! It’s like a social media app for hikers. If you like to hike (or if you think you want to start), I would recommend downloading this app. It exceeds my expectations and I have never been so motivated to go out and explore!.Version: 11.1.2

Will be looking for another app...Overall the app is great! Easy to use, helpful to find new trails, pretty great tracking and mapping. The only complaint I have, and it is a deal breaker for me, the save and clear buttons are right next to the record button. When you pause, and then go to start again there is a chance you’ll end your current ride, walk, etc. Terrible placement for those. It is common we will ride, and at some point pause for water, session, snack, and then the save button is accidentally hit or even sweat falling on the phone has cleared a current ride. It’s insanely frustrating when you want the recorded 10-15 mile path for reference or whatever and it is cleared from accidentally hitting save. I feel like that is a really terrible issue to even have to worry about. Even having a “You sure?” after selecting save would be great; then you could back out of it. Started looking into other apps to use and found I really enjoy Strava. Great community with that app. I recommend checking it out and using it. The clear button does have a “You sure?”, but save doesn’t. I like that someone reached out to me about the issue, and again, the app is great overall. Although I responded, there was never a response from them..Version: 12.0.2

A helpful friend into unknown territoryI would never be doing the amount of hiking and places I’m exploring if it weren’t for AllTrails app and website. Could not imagine a couple years ago all the different places I would see and many within just a couple hours drive which I was unaware of. When hiking alone, best to know exactly where you can park and condition of trails and this does a fantastic job with the amount of pictures and detailed reviews left by the AllTrails community. The recording feature is great to have to help you remember what you saw after doing many trails (upload photos, mark various waypoints, etc). You can even map out a custom map in advance and load it into the recorder so will notify you if you start getting off course. The various stats it displays are a nice encouragement as well in comparing past hikes/months to see how much to further challenge yourself. Absolutely love this app! I can’t imagine how many more people are probably getting out there more often because of AllTrails. Well done!.Version: 10.4.3

Moderate HikerbikerThe trail suggestions and information are very good and useful. I use the app for both casual biking and hiking. (As it’s advertised for both. Some suggestions. 1) Would be nice for the recorded route tracing to be a heat map showing pace along the way. Note, this also helps determine direction in intersecting and overlapping lines in a route. This is especially useful for biking and running. It would also to have heat mapped pace to be recorded on elevation diagram to see where I can use improvement. (How I’ve improved on uphill portions of routes, for instance). 2) I just went on a 1:18 route on my bike, recording and using the map for directions. iPhone X went from 90% power to 17% power. Another app I use for the same purpose has WAY LESS battery consumption. I would really like to use the Pro version of All Trails for biking, but this level of battery consumption will be prohibitive. 3) Would be great to have hike/walk, run, bike settings for All Trails. While most of the settings would be the same, I might not need always on map for running or hiking, and sampling rate may be different. 4) Integration with FitBit and/or Apple Watch..Version: 11.2.5

Good phone app with a garbage watch appThe app itself is the best I’ve found so far at finding trails. This probably because of the wider user support compared to other apps. It does hit your battery a smidge harder than other hiking apps I’ve tried but so far I haven’t had that be a real problem. However, I cannot for the life of me understand the thought behind the watch app design. All you can do is start/stop a recording and then check some basic stats. No map integration for you to quickly check and see what way you should go at the fork in the trail, which seems to me to be most of the reason you’d want this on your wrist. Most of the other options on the app store offer this. Also, still no health integration? Not vital but cmon it’d be nice. Overall I recommend it for finding popular trails and helping you get along while hiking as they’ve got pretty good user support. But man, it’s not updated very often and when new features are added they’re not very well thought out. I’m coming up on the time where I need to renew pro and I’m not sure I will. I might just use google to find the trails and use another more well thought out and feature rich app for the hiking itself..Version: 8.4.2

It has a few good qualitiesI like this app, it helps me with planning my hikes. There are a fair amount of accuracy issues though that keep me from considering upgrading to Pro though. First is the fact that there are a fair amount of trails that are well out of date. From what I understand users can suggest edits, but only through the website on a computer. I personally am rarely on my computer so am unable to submit the edits, and I feel this is against good trail management practices because it encourages people to use trails that are closed to prevent erosion and overuse. In addition the trail names on the map are more often than not completely different from official trail names so in the event of an emergency that could cause some issues. My second issue is there is no way that I can find to flag inappropriate comments on a trail review. Saying a trail has been “ ruined by Mexican trash and their families” should be able to be flagged for deletion. Lastly for now, I don’t like how you can pick only one trail when you record. I trail hop frequently and just one trail option isn’t very suitable for me and in the community aspect it isn’t helpful with helping others plan their hikes..Version: 8.0.2

If I could give negative stars I would.Edit: so it eventually worked its bugs out about 2/3 of the way into my hike. I changed my rating to 4 stars because the maps and the lifeline are valuable but only if they work consistently! OP: So I am trying to use the app that I paid (I think) $40 for (for a one year subscription) that I’ve had about a month. After the “update” it won’t load up. Tried to contact CS but you have to apparently open the app for that. How stupid is that? Aren’t software engineers supposed to be building these things? Intelligent men and women whose job is to think these things through? Thank GOD they’re not building bridges or we’d all die. Next I uninstalled and reinstalled it and NOW it will load the app but will not allow me to sign in. Great update, Alltrails. Superb job. 🙄 So now I’ve wasted an hour plus trying to fix this, with absolutely no luck, and will go hike—with no way for my movements to be tracked by my loved ones as I hike alone—in the now sweltering Southern Summer heat and humidity. Thanks so much. Worst $40 I ever spent and I promise you this—the last $40 of my money you’ll ever see..Version: 11.3.0

Easy and EASYLove this app. So grateful they have so many trails listed and that people contribute comments pretty regularly. Some trails listed on the app are well-marked/defined (in person); others are not. I’ve had to use the app several times to locate the actual trailhead and to stay on trails that had forks in the path. So for trails not super well-defined, if you think you might go out of a cell service area on your phone while hiking, download the hike beforehand, so you have it for the whole hike. (It can be daunting to be mid-hike and have no idea which way to go, if the app stops working.) Also pay attention to the elevation gains shown for each hike on the app and read the comments. They give you a pretty thorough idea of what you’re in for. Keep in mind ‘Easy’ doesn’t necessarily mean the HIKE is easy. (That part depends on your fitness level.) It means the TERRAIN is easy. (Hence the need to pay attention to the elevation on a hike.) Anything with more than 100 feet of elevation gain PER MILE is going to be a LITTLE bit of a workout (from the perspective of a 125 lb., 50+ year-old female in decent shape). But have fun and KEEP ON HIKING!!.Version: 11.2.5

Navigation (recording) CrashesBeen a loyal user for many years and recently upgraded to pro. There’s a lot to like about this app, albeit a little confusing at times. However, one thing that absolutely must be fixed, is the recently introduced app crash while navigating (or recording your route). Just spent three days/2 nights out on trail and the navigation crashed every bit of 4 times each day. We missed miles upon miles of recording because it would crash while in my pocket. Read a few other reviews where customer support told them to fix by making sure All Trails was the only thing running on their phone. I’m here to say I tried this and it continued to crash (also, that it’s a bit ridiculous that this be the explanation, considering Google maps and Waze can handle constant navigation for prolonged periods with multiple other apps open). It’s a huge miss if your trail navigation app can’t reliably navigate you on the trail. Also, the watch app is utterly useless and has never been reliable. Although, this is merely a nice-to-have, not a need..Version: 13.0.2

Useful and AccurateThis is a great little app. I’m pretty new to hiking, but this app has encouraged me to try different trails that I’d previously steer clear of for sheer lack of knowledge and fear of getting lost. In this sense, it is a game-changer for me. Haven’t used the social platform because it seems a little lacking. So the connectivity is challenging. For instance, it would be nice if people could respond to reviews, but the only way to do that is to write a review yourself. Would be nice to be able to comment on pics too. I realize it’s primarily for tracking and mapping—and in this sense I couldn’t ask for anything more. But the tinkering it does with social connection makes me feel like it could be much more than it is—or why even hint at it and make it difficult to connect? I guess what I would like to see is a kind of Waze system where you can see where other hikers are live and what the encounter. Could be helpful if someone gets hurt or lost if the connectivity was more advanced..Version: 11.6.2

Free version is good wasn’t impressed with PRO at allI would give the free version 5 stars but the paid version 2-3. The free version allows me to see the maps I need and the standard trail when I’m within service areas or no signal just fine. I’ve used the free version for over 10-15 long hikes outside of cellphone service areas. I purchased the pro access today before an attempted long hike and it made absolutely no difference when I was in the middle of trying to hike a trail at 11,000 ft altitude snowshoeing through snowed over trails with way over 5 feet of snow. My main objective was accessing the topography maps and weather overlays. I downloaded the maps before hitting the trail, but once I was I was on the trail I didn’t have access to them since there was no signal. I got the same features as I did with the free version so I was somewhat disappointed. The app also constantly resets so you have to bring up the map several times which isn’t ideal if you out hiking trying to make sure you stay on track, while also looking out for wildlife..Version: 9.2.3

This app saved us!One beautiful January day, my sister, our friend, and I decided to go hike the redwoods in Santa Cruz (Henry Cowell redwoods). We were out for a while, maybe 8 miles at this point and decided to turn around to head back to the car before it got dark. My dear sister thought it would be a good idea to use a paper map, which ended up getting us turned around multiple times. We literally were walking back and forth for an hour or so. All of our phones were about to die and the sun had set. Finally I decided to pull this app out because I knew I could see the trails and track us back to the car but also knew I had only 10% left and it wouldn’t last us the whole time. What I didn’t know was that I could use the GPS feature with my phone on airplane mode. With 5% battery and 10 miles of hiking behind us we finally returned to the car. It was so dark when we took a picture you could barley see our faces! Thank you All Trails, you are my favorite hiking app ever!!!.Version: 11.6.2

Love the app minus the crashingUpdate: since uninstalling and reinstalling the app things are working beautifully again. And I have to mention Carolyn (who works in support for AllTrails) was fantastic at helping me!! She restored my faith in AllTrails 🙌🏽. So note for those having crashing issues, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app. Just remember your password and the email you used when creating😅. I love this app, don’t get me wrong but lately it’s been crashing, sometimes 2-3 times a hike. I track my distance and calories etc so when you miss two miles because it decided to pause... gets really frustrating. Today it wouldn’t stay recording so I ended up restarting my phone and keeping the app opened (plugged into my battery back up) for about two and a half miles just to make sure it wasn’t conking out. Then I kept checking every 10 minutes like a lunatic to make sure it hadn’t stopped recording. Stayed on the entire time then but geesh. Hoping this can be fixed..Version: 11.2.5

Get app with eye to futureI have used this app for a couple of years now with the pro version. In the beginning it might have had issues but I think they are tied to performance issues of the phone and the network and satellite hardware. I have been to many trails and it has worked great. This new lifeline feature is going to be great especially for my wife since I usually hike alone. It has helped me get back on the trail in areas where the trail is poorly marked or no real markings at all like out in West Texas. I took a turn off a trail ( not on purpose) thinking that was the trail. It was the most dangerous turn possible. I finally sat down and pulled out my phone and looked at my all trails plot. I was way off but too dangerous to back track. So I plotted a way across the steep mountain side to reconnect to the actual trail. On thing that would be nice is if would tell me when I have diverged from the trail with a voice warning kinda like google maps or tell me I’m at an intersection and take the left turn again via a voice notification..Version: 8.9.0

Worth ItWe purchased the app to access additional features such as the ability to download maps offline. So far, it has been an excellent investment. The maps work so well that you are able to quickly note when you are off a “mapped” trail — within a few yards. We also like the difficulty ratings, although there will always be a slightly subjective component to that type of rating. With the app, we have found many more trails and, with the offline map, we have the confidence to explore them without getting hopelessly loss. Just be sure to charge your phone and consider bringing an external battery to recharge. The only complaint so far — and it is a minor one — is that total mileage has been a few miles more than app indicated for longer hikes (more than 6 miles). However, we love to hike so we are fine with a couple extra miles but keep that in mind if you need to finish by a certain time or it is almost dark. Happy hiking!.Version: 13.2.2

Love this app for hiking! Here are some recommendations to improve the appFirst off, need to say i love this app and use it as a hiking bible!! Some recommendations I have for the developers: Under reviews, show a user’s reputation score next to their name. It would be helpful to know if the person saying this trail is “soooo hard” is a complete noob to hiking or someone whose been on hundreds of trails, just for a frame of reference. Why have the reputation score if it isn’t displayed next to the usernames in the comments and reviews? Also, while reading about the app it mentions you can upload edits to trails and routes. I can’t figure out how to do this on the app? There are many trails that the All Trails trail takes u into an unsafe area, and I would like to edit that for future users. I’ve noticed the desktop has some features the mobile app doesn’t.... such as making “lists” and creating new trails. Next, in addition to easy medium and hard.... add a safety ranking! Here on Oahu there are easy hikes that are super treacherous and then super hard hikes that are on huge pieces of land with nowhere to fall or get lost. For somewhere like Hawai’i this feature is very necessary. Finally, think there should be a DM (direct message) feature to make the app a bit more social! Or at least link to Instagram. I was sad that Sacred Falls was removed from the app. While it is an illegal hike, those choosing to do it could need it as a lifeline.... better safe than sorry.Version: 11.4.0

So close to perfect!Considering I only have one negative thing to say about the app as a whole I will put that up front. I wish I could reverse a loop trail!!! Other than that I have been using this app happily for about a year. It has absolutely saved me from unplanned miles on poorly marked trail junctions. It has helped me introduce people to hiking and backpacking. I use it any time I am in a new place and can always find a trail, or a drive worth taking. I use this app on every bike I take, weather that is an hour or a multi-day backpacking trip. It has REPLACED my need for a dedicated GPS device. I don’t recommend it but honestly I don’t carry maps or books either, this has simply replaced them and that means saving weight (I mean always carry your I am a pro (paid) member and so long as the app continues to update and add new content I will continue to pay to use it. I don’t really understand people complaining about it not working without cellular coverage! If you are going somewhere without cellular coverage you should be a pro member if for nothing else your own safety!!!! You should have a downloaded map! On top of that your phone can last for days on airplane mode with active GPS. Compare the fee to any GPS device, map books, etc. and you will see you can pay to use this for years before approaching those prices. Thanks AllTrails! For the saved miles and countless hours planning my next trip!.Version: 11.2.3

AWESOME APP but Needs One AdditionI love this app! I ride an Adventure Bike (GS 1200) and the reviews are great to research various trails to determine if I’m able to do them or how much effort the trail will require. The GS 1200 is a BIG motorcycle and I like knowing if there are “Rock Gardens”, massive ruts, steep declines, etc. Other users often give distances to significant trail challenges which comes in handy!!! Of course, remember that trail conditions change constantly so don’t ride wild based on reviews... The one addition that is needed (in my opinion) is an additional FILTER Category of “Adventure Riding” or “Off Road Motorcycling”. It’s easy enough to use “Off Road Driving” to identify trails that are open to Off Road Riding but the numerous trail user write ups is mostly from rock crawlers or 4x4’ers. I often read these when I’m out and about riding the trails and it would make reviewing up and coming trails much quicker. I upgraded to the Pro version last year and it is the best money I have spent on an app!.Version: 9.3.1

Concerns About GPS and Route RecordingI saw another comment on here complaining about All Trails and his GPS signal being lost, as well as his routes not being recorded. This has nothing to do with the All Trails app, and there’s nothing AllTrails can do to fix this issue. It has to do with the strength of the GPS receiver in your phone. If the GPS signal is lost because of cloud cover or whatever, AllTrails will stop recording your route because it cannot locate you while your GPS receiver is unable to connect with the GPS in orbit around Earth. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how good your GPS receiver is, and the signal connection will still be lost. If your phone is constantly losing GPS connection, either your phone’s receiver is low quality, the weather is impeding the connection, or you’re simply in a location where a GPS receiver is going to constantly drop connection no matter how good your receiver is. I hope this helps..Version: 9.3.1

Very useful!Love this app for 3 main reasons- one it forces me to find new trails instead of just sticking to the same ones I know. Two, it makes finding new trails easy, especially with the filters. And third, it makes me feel safe because I can download the map before I go and when I’m on the trail with no reception, I can track exactly where I am and where I’m headed - it’s saved us quite a few times from getting lost on some of the trails! Couple of suggestions: 1) have a “daily report” that people can update in regards to conditions of that hike on that particular day/week (don’t always want to scour reviews for that) - we went on a hike that was incredibly overgrown over the summer and encountered a bees nest in the midst of it and really did not enjoy it. 2) be able to tick off trails we have done and have a “past trails” list or “history” list that isn’t tied to recordings or anything. Otherwise, great job! Thanks!.Version: 8.4.0

Great app+Frustrating experience+good service=happy user!Updated: I was contacted by the developer and was told to delete and download the app and it worked! Anyone experiencing the below issue, try this fix! I love all trails and I’m so happy I can continue to use it glitch free! I used to LOVE AllTrails! It was the most effective way for me to map, track and find trails in my area and get good info on the trails. It’s even helped me (when I had service) in spots when I would get off trail. But recently (starting in September maybe?) the app freezes and crashes within 45 seconds to a minute of use. I can barely use it so unfortunately I’ve stopped using it, which is frustrating because like I said I love this app! I have updated the app as much as I can, and my phone (iPhone8) and nothing has seemed to fix this problem. Super disappointed that I have to find another app or another way to navigate trails!.Version: 12.0.2

Love this AppThis App is awesome, I use it every time I hike, which is at least once a week. Well worth the price of the Pro version IMO. Still needs some work though. What I’d love to see, is some sort of intelligence built in, so it knows when you’re driving in a car versus walking. Sometimes after a long hike I’m exhausted, and forget to turn off the recorder. The app then records my ride home, and adds it to my hike. This has also screwed up my stats, and it makes a mess of the trail I’ve just recorded. I’d also love to see more levels of maps able to be saved offline. I’m out of cell service often when hiking in the mountains. Yes the map is saved to my phone, but at only one zoom level. If I try to zoom in to see more details about where I am, and I have no service, the map doesn’t redrawn. My cell phone has 200GB of available storage, id love to be able to fill it up with maps!.Version: 8.9.2

Great app for big trips and everyday use! A usability request.I am a fan of Alltrails app for several years ago. It works wonderfully during my hikes/walks around town and was super helpful guiding me and my friends on the trails during a Tour de Mont Blanc trip three years ago. I found one usability issue in the latest version (13.0.2). I use it mostly on daily walks, and it used to feature the tracking function with a big “record” button at the bottom of the display. One click and it started recording my route. This is the feature I use most frequently. In this new version, at first I could not find the record button. Then I figured out that I now have to press 4 clicks to start recording. For a function that (I suspect) many users use frequently this is a terrible UI design. I hope the developers will update the interface to bring back the big start/record button. Thanks!.Version: 13.0.2

Invaluable hiking appI don’t know how people found the trailhead or the way back to their cars after hiking without the AllTrails app. AllTrails has literally saved my life. I tend to get excited when I’m hiking and go for the most beautiful or strenuous looking climb, and that’s how I get turned around and lost- every time. AllTrails has mapped out every trail and I do believe I could use it to call for help. Also, being a new hiker and trying trailrunning I’d love to know my specs. AllTrails logs every mile, the time and elevation I climbed. I love seeing my progress. AllTrails also has located 500 trails near me. I live in a city and I had no idea there were this many opportunities to get out into nature and explore. This app changed my life, I hike every weekend and I just started trail running. Being out in nature, using the app, has taken priority over everything else I used to do on weekends. I love it. Thank you AllTrails..Version: 10.1.6

Good to find hikes, not great to navigateThis app has been fantastic in helping me find new hikes and developing my new found love of hiking over the past year. The user reviews and photos are helpful, directions are generally good using google maps and very helpful to download the trail maps with gps of your location. The record function needs to be improved. I generally use this to navigate new hikes, especially those with lots of offshoots. Unfortunately when I lock my phone the app doesn’t notify when I’ve gone off the trail until I open it again. I’ve tried using on my Apple Watch, but have had problems with the record function stopping my existing recording (and then am forced to rate the hike before I can restart) and expanding the map to something I can actually see on the watch. This seems to have gotten worse with the recent update and generally means keeping your phone unlocked for the duration of the hike..Version: 12.1.7

A couple of thingsRecently, the app keeps reverting my title to “morning” hike, “afternoon” hike, etc. I am Using All Trails to track my hikes for the 52 Hike Challenge. This is a new issue, and I am not sure why the change. Also I can’t find a way to edit the title back to what I want it to be. The title reverts just after I “save” the hike and the screen changes. If those 2 things could change, I’d give it 5 stars. I really like All Trails and all the other features. Overall, an excellent app! Got an email from AllTrails. Swiftly too. I appreciated that. I need to clarify, I guess. I know about three dots. But once the hike is “saved” and I close it, I can’t go back and edit the title. Or at least when I hit those three dots, the edit feature is no longer there once I leave the hike or the app. Also the reversion to the default title is new. Maybe the last week or so…before that, it wasn’t an issue. But hey, I’ll take all the help I can get cause this is a pain..Version: 13.0.2

Great iPhone app, bad Apple Watch appThe iPhone app and functionality this application gives is fantastic. I have gotten into hiking a lot in the past year and AllTrails has been my resource for discovering trails and also navigating them with the offline maps if I think I am getting lost. I have no real complains for the iPhone app but the same cannot be said for the watch app. It’s kind of garbage because of how unreliable it is. When it works it’s super buggy and reloads the entire UI very often, feeling super janky. The real problem is some days it doesn’t work period, getting stuck in the “connecting to the phone app” screen. At this point it’s a coin toss for me, half the time I can use my watch to see the trail map and my location and leave my phone in my backpack, awesome, and the other half the time the watch app won’t work and I have to pull out my phone anytime I wanna make sure I am not going off the trail path, kind of tedious..Version: 13.0.2

If you backpack....This is the best app. Besides the old map and compass, you have the ability to track your gps location on the marked trail you can download from each hike. Keep in mind GPS is run by satellites in space so cell reception is unnecessary to use which saves your phone battery and can track every step to make sure you’re on the path. I recently did a technical alpine lake wilderness hike and ran into 6 groups of lost hikers from excess snow and brush blocking the trail which allowed me and my dog to have an entire crystal blue lake all to ourselves for 2 days. If it wasn’t for the app, I wouldn’t have been able to navigate the trail as effectively and knowing within 10 feet if I had stepped off of it. Pay the 30 dollars for the pro membership and save yourself from getting lost and also epic states of solitude are in your favor like mine thanks to this also application. 🤙🏾.Version: 8.8.4

It’s a pretty good appThe maps are good, you can find lots of hikes already on the map or just create your own and suggest the trail be added. One of my BIGGEST complaints is that you can not ask questions or comment on peoples reviews. You can’t direct message people... why??? What if you’d like to know some information someone just hiked a trail could answer for you? Or try to meet up with other members for hikes? Or just comment and praise other people for their reviews and photos? Really a huge downfall so I had to remove a star for that. Additionally, it’s crazy how you can NOT drop pins, or markers to mark different locations, potential campsites, shelters, water sources, bridges, downed trees or passages blocked. And you can NOT click on any of the map details for information. Very basic short comings... :/ It would be great if these could be future updates, people could search for pins others have dropped, water sources and shelters. Users could verify one another by confirming those things are accurate and there, earning points and giving other people searching for pins the options to pick from the most reliable pins (most verified) or most reliable people (person that always leave correct information) this would also boost followers for people that are active and add this useful information..Version: 8.9.1

AllTrails Pro: Worth it!I completed the Adirondack 46 high peak trails in 2018. I have summited half or more of those mountains using my AllTrails app. I obsess over our hiking routes and spend at least a few hours for each hike reviewing our plan using the AllTrails app and the AllTrails map layer. Great print out to hand off to family so they know where we are going and can identify landmarks quickly if needed in an emergency. On the trail, at least 2 or 3 times, we have made quick course corrections leading us back to the trail using the GPS follow the trail feature! Not a substitute for a compass (app loaded on my phone, battery could go dead) but I always have it ready if needed. AllTrails is great for local adventures. I never realized how many trails were right in my backyard! I spent a frustrating amount of time with other apps before landing on AllTrails. You cannot beat this app!.Version: 8.8.6

Excellent, but I want a few improvementsLove this app, and it helps me find trails I didn’t know about here and when I’m on the road. 1) I’d like an option (I can’t seem to find this feature on the phone app) to *exclude* that allow a particular activity. I’d rather not take my kids on trails that allow motorbikes, or my dog on trails that allow horses. I can’t find that feature. 2) I’d also like to see the revised estimates of trail length feed back to the site. I frequently find my and my wife’s Apple Watches estimates the trail at 20% longer than the stated length, and that others have had the same experience as a “recorded” hike on their (other brand) devices. And yet the trail still shows up as it’s original length. I get that this is challenging to achieve, but it would be good to at least work on revisions for popular trails so that people don’t end up endeavoring in a hike that is two miles longer than they believed it to be. 3) Lastly I’d like to be able to return to the app easily and see the trail I’m on and have downloaded. On my iPhone, it defaults back to the home screen, and when I enter the app, it defaults back to the main page, rather than onto the “plan” tab or trail I’m clearly on. It’s frustrating to spend that extra 30 seconds each time to find out whether I’ve walked off-trail. Thanks for reading! Pro subscriber, iPhone 8, MacBook, based in CO, USA..Version: 11.5.1

Awesome but ExpensiveI love many things about All Trails, including the detailed descriptions, maps, and user reviews on the different hikes. However, I think it’s a bit sad, and a little messed up, that you have to pay so much money to be able to download a trail. I feel this way because on many trails, you lose service, and without service, you can’t open this app to see if you are on the right path. Moreover, getting lost without service is one of the most dangerous times to get lost! So, I wish they would let you download at least a few maps with the free version. Otherwise, this app is pointless once you are actually on the trail, unless you pay the fee, which isn’t even a one-time fee. We use a different app when actually are hiking so that we can see where we are going, but All Trails is great to plan hikes and get an idea of what sort of views and challenges you will come across!.Version: 11.2.5

Invaluable ToolJust “broke in” the AllTrails app on our first hike of 2020...and can immediately see, this is going to be an invaluable tool. I’m genuinely regretting my delay in getting this, subscribing to the PRO, and allowing this app to fully enhance our hiking experiences. No more! On our first use...even beyond the amazing stats...we experienced the significance of the “off trail” warning provided by the app. Based off of the use of the GPS system (cell signal NOT required)...we inadvertently missed a turn. Not realizing it...”the beep” that I thought was a text message coming through from someone...? It was the app signaling to me that we were off the trail. Saved us who knows how much time and effort. So many reason to upgrade to PRO...but considering the significant hikes associated with our ADK 46’er journey we’ll be undertaking...I can’t imaging hiking without it. Thank you All Trails!!!.Version: 11.0.1

Great app for hikingGreat app for checking out and planning hikes throughout the season. Reviews on trails provides what to expect on the trails..Version: 8.1.2

GreatWish that it’s free.Version: 10.6.3

Great ToolFor those of you who are not sure what is out there and what to try next AllTrails is an awesome tool.Version: 8.8.3

A very useful app with some small problems.I bought the pro version of this app about three months ago and have used it over thirty times since, some local and some way off the grid. It does the job for me very well and I’d give it five stars except for the little things that can annoy at times. Perhaps I just need a little help... While recording: The drop down elevation graph takes up way too much of the screen on my IPhone. Some of my trips are paddling adventures on the ocean. Not much use for an elevation graph there... can I get that out of the way without having to swipe it up every time I consult the map for my position? Cold wet hands don’t swipe very well and all I want is to push one button and take a quick look. The same goes for the large buttons for downloading underlays and layers for the maps that I can’t see because the buttons are in the way. After all, I’m already using the map and with no cell service, can’t download anything. So couldn’t these buttons be called up by a drop down menu instead of using up all the valuable real estate of my screen? When in an area without cell service I use airplane mode to save battery. I keep the screen off for the same reason. When I activate the screen I often find the map data has been discarded and I have to wait way too long (two minutes, maybe)for it to come back on the screen. I see a blue dot flashing my location on a screen consisting of a grid....not too useful. Why? The little scale bar on the map in the bottom, left of my recording screen is white on a light coloured background...and I can’t see it. If it was black I could. I have to slide something dark on the map under the scale bar to read it. I try to use it quite often but sometimes I just have to give up. Why does the screen reset itself every time I activate the display? I set the position dot the way I want it and the next time I activate the screen I have the default position back there. Wow, I’ve done quite a bit of complaining but I do like this app and I have used it extensively in lots of different conditions on my many adventures this summer and fall. It sometimes irritates me but it has never let me down and I am very happy with it. I use it on my old iPhone 6S and I would recommend it to anyone who uses it like I do..Version: 11.6.1

Mon GPS en montagnesC’est une magnifique application qui me permet de suivre efficacement sur les sentiers de partout dans le monde. Fortement conseillée.Version: 8.1.0

Great appWonderful app provides access to a number of hiking ropes around the city absolutely love it.Version: 8.0.2

So many trails you never knew aboutI love this app because we have discovered so many trails near us and the level of details is amazing..Version: 13.3.0

AppLove this App. only problem I have to find mountain where I want to hike at google first to led me here to this app. Every time I typed mountain name. Alltrail wouldnt open the page..Version: 13.3.1

Great app!! Option for added improvementThis is such a great app and has been so helpful for us! Though I think it would be fantastic to be able to have recommendations option based on completed and 5🌟reviewed hikes!.Version: 13.3.1

Amazing AppI love using this Map for hiking. I look forward to using it for other outdoor activities as well. The only issue is that pro subscriptions aren’t shareable with linked family members accounts through Apple. This is a bit disappointing, as there doesn’t appear to be a family rate even. It’s out of sync with what getting in the outdoors means to most people, and that is getting out with friends and family. Most people don’t hike alone so they should be able to share this with their family..Version: 13.3.0

Stability is an issueReligious user of the app with pro subscription. For some reason, it does not always open on my iphone 12 pro max, it keeps loading forever. I have to close and open multiple times to get it to work. Unacceptable for this kind of app..Version: 13.3.0

The only hiking trails app I use!Such a great app! I’ve used it all over the world, but especially in the Canadian Rocky Mountains! So many trails to explore, great directions and maps and descriptions accurate..Version: 13.3.0

AllTrails is amazingAn essential to planing any nature trip..Version: 13.2.6

Helpful appHas many hikes, the maps are useful. Fairly accurate description of trails and the reviews of other hikers about the trails is advantageous..Version: 13.2.6

Always availableAlways good for even the non popular hard to get places!.Version: 13.2.6

Awesome app!This app is amazing! I love the options to be able to search for different trails, and using the maps to navigate. I also love that if you’re going off track and recording, the app will show you that. Highly recommend!.Version: 13.2.6

Great to plan hikes!Found this app through YouTube mentions. It’s been great for finding new local places to hike! And great for planning a hike somewhere you might be travelling too!.Version: 13.2.6

Super usefulHopefully can download the offline map for free.Version: 13.2.6

Great app!Really love this app and the “Pro” version is definitely worth the money if you’re new to trails or hiking by yourself in low service areas. I also really enjoy that the app notifies you on your Apple Watch that your may be off the path, that way you don’t have to be looking at your phone the whole time! There’s lots of trails in the app but I love the reviews the most as they’ve been very helpful picking which trails to do on which days . Not to mention all the great photos included ! 10/10 would recommend!!.Version: 13.2.6

Amazing AppThanks god I’m have this app🙃👏.Version: 13.2.4

Great but…..Great app! Love it on my iPhone! Glad it has an Apple Watch app but icon does not show on watch face. Just a blank spot! Will be 5 star when that fixed!.Version: 13.2.6

HofaHelpful app with great info re trails!.Version: 13.2.4

Why you need to download this app :For starters, this gives me an excuse to not only get some exercise in, but to experience scenery outside of the city. If on a trip, I can find hikes closest to me to make the most out of it. Absolute adore alltrails.Version: 13.2.4

Cool appThis is a really cool app with good spots. The only negative comment I have is that sometimes the localisation is very hard to find. Other than that. It’s my app to go trekking!.Version: 13.2.4

Quick and easy access to different trails.Nice and easy..Version: 13.2.4

Great, but improvements neededDefinitely my go to app for hiking, but I’d like to see some changes to the rating system. Trails are often rated as hard because of length or incline which are very subjective to a persons fitness level. This leaves no room for a rating based on technical difficulty (ice climbing, bouldering, scrambling etc) or recommended equipment. Several times I’ve found myself getting up to a peak and being unable to finish because it’s beyond my abilities or I don’t have the proper equipment. A fourth difficulty rating and section for suggested equipment would be nice..Version: 13.2.4

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