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Discover popular local events, get event recommendations just for you, and see which events your friends are going to! Get tickets and quickly access all of your Eventbrite tickets and event information from your iPhone. Find something new to do -- concerts, festivals, classes, conferences, free events and more -- right in the palm of your hand.

With Eventbrite for mobile, you can:
• Discover popular and recommended events happening around you
• Find upcoming events for this week and weekend
• See which events your friends are going to
• Register for and get tickets to events
• Store your credit or debit cards for fast, easy purchasing
• View event details, including maps and directions
• Add your Eventbrite tickets to Passbook
• Easily share events with your friends
• Get into events with just your phone -- no paper tickets required!

Also available in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, and Swedish.

What is Eventbrite?

Eventbrite enables anyone to create, promote, and sell tickets to any event imaginable, while also helping people discover and share events that match their passions. Whether it’s a neighborhood block party or a sold-out concert in a stadium, Eventbrite makes it happen.

INFORMATION SHARING: When purchasing tickets or registering for an event, we provide the information entered to the event organizer so they can manage the event. Please review our Privacy Policy and California Privacy Notice for more information on your choices around information sharing.

California Privacy Notice: https://www.eventbrite.com/support/articles/en_US/Troubleshooting/supplemental-privacy-notice-for-california-residents?lg=en_US

Eventbrite App Comments & Reviews

Eventbrite Positive Reviews

Easy to useSo far my experience with with this app is actually very simple and easy to do and I really trust it because this website when the static X concert got canceled they refund my money no problem and I got it as soon as they send the message so it was very fast so the website is very well managed and the app has exact same feeling plus is way easier than the Ticketmaster app from my experience because with Ticketmaster it’s good don’t get me wrong but if you have an Apple phone like me enough just me but I can’t access the website or the app because saying that or showing that white screen, so is only showing the issues that I know it’s not the case and it only works on my Samsung tablet to make a long explanation short the app is easy to use and I like it and the fact that it gives you two choices of an E ticket or get your ticket at will call the event itself at the ticket booth at the concert in the country has an option that will be in the options so that’s awesome too. You know it’s very easy to use in a straight to the point , so yeah, I really positive experience so far.Version: 9.13.1

This App is difficult to useI have purchases 30 sets of tickets in the last year for Unlimited Devotion. The Hottest band in Florida!! Real musicians who play instruments in time! LIVE MUSIC IS ABOUT IMPROVISATION. This band has that magic. However; the app can be difficult depending on Venues they play. Like the crappy spot in Tampa —Jannus Landing. What a hole! Their tickets were hard to buy and upload. The Hard Rock, like last year; hard to interface the tickets. 80 percent of App hassle free. One thumb up. With the money your making you can afford to make this experience hassle free. Ameticans USED TO PRIDE THEMSELVES ON BEING THE BEST, no matter what job they had or what they did for a living. You all ruined that. What else you going to ruin? Tired if flat footed drunks standing in frnt of people who came to dance. GO HOME YOU BUSH LEAGUE Wannabes. If your not dancing to Grateful Dead music—YOUR NOT A DEAD HEAD. Clear out please and have some courtesy for those who actually support the arts. You broke bush cut in line young kids go to your rapper. We are Pranksters, not Gangsters. What else you stupid over populated selfish Fools going to ruin next in this Country?.Version: 9.10.1

Lots of glitchesEvery single time I try to buy something and I want to use PayPal it won’t let me log in, kicks me back to the cart and has all my info (last name, email) messed up. I’ve used this plenty and all of a sudden lately it’s nothing but problems. I was able to buy my ticket today but not without hassle. This past weekend I was going to MDF and had trouble getting my shuttle pass. It just kept buffering. Finally after two days of trying I went to the website and it worked just fine. However, after I paid I wanted to view my tickets and the website only showed my shuttle pass, the app only showed my VIP pass. I went to my email and printed them off because I didn’t trust it. Also I add my tickets to my wallet (iphone) and it didn’t show the correct dates on the VIP ticket but it was correct in my email. Seems there’s a few glitches that need to be worked out. I can almost never buy anything through fb either. I have to leave fb and go directly to Eventbrite, even though fb event pages link you here. I don’t get it..Version: 9.9.0

Love for HOAI have a lot of respect for Athletes considering myself as one because of my love for sports but ex specially for Mr. Brandon Marshall because of his positive drive. His motivation too accomplish some of life’s hardest task like be a reason for positive verses negative insurance is always supported by the out come. A lot of ways his strive has energized my musical career goal as my self thought “never quit if u feel it inside” has brighter effects on a person whose direction in life was not so positive at one point, Shout out too u man love what u an my boy Oco doing for selective few positive Americans like me who decided family an kids first! I see y’all Boys much love an respect always tell Mich an yuel seems like yesterday I was calling home an he was telling Annette that he just started a record label called “Brick Rich Records” an just did a fire song with Rick Ross called “Cold Blooded” an sent me my contract to sign cause we always been good with poetry lol, Love y’all tell mommy Michi I said hey an still dead before dishonor like she taught! 🦑😤🦑, up most respect love I’m here Fa whatever y’all need, Love Bostin DeaGo.Version: 9.18.0

EventbriteEventbrite app reflex only the bright side of event booking for music events in particular including after parties. Eventbrite app all's customers and account holders to purchase individual tickets to reserve there admission to A-lust events such as the Fontainebleau NYE party even featuring Dona Cat or the Halloween Event hosted guest of honor performer,Travis Scott!! This app is giving the fans what they want as long as they choose to pay for it. Very safe trustworthy app to boom festivities for a trip or vacation. I advise vacation goers to always purchase tickets prior to attending an event at a hotel, regardless of hotel stay staus i can confirm, hotel party hopping especially in Miami, FL is "a thing", celebrate safely, ensure entry, and confirm available transportation via Uber or Lyft. Plan ahead and plan to be treated Right, by booking with eventbrite ☀️.Version: 9.33.0

A Must-Have for Event Enthusiasts!I've been using Eventbrite for quite some time now, and it has become my go-to app for discovering and attending events. The user-friendly interface makes it incredibly easy to find events that match my interests and schedule. What I enjoy most about Eventbrite is the vast variety of events it offers. Whether I'm looking for concerts, workshops, food festivals, or local meetups, Eventbrite always has something exciting to offer. The app's search and filter options make it a breeze to pinpoint the perfect event for any occasion. Booking tickets and RSVPing is a seamless process, and I appreciate the convenience of having all my event details and tickets stored in one place. The reminders and notifications ensure I never miss out on an event I've signed up for. The community aspect of Eventbrite is also a plus. I've had the chance to meet like-minded individuals at events and make lasting connections. Overall, Eventbrite enhances my social life and keeps me engaged with the local scene. If you love attending events or are simply looking to spice up your social calendar, Eventbrite is the app you need. Highly recommended!.Version: 9.41.1

Advancing the timesAs a kid, I enjoyed going to the movies and watching my favorite characters and hero’s fight off villains and antagonist; or going to a concert to see and hear my favorite artist perform was super exciting! But securing tickets were always a problem growing up! Now…, here we are in the 21st Century- and things have gotten so much easier with ‘Eventbrite!’ This, “by far,” is the premier mediums to accessing all of your favorite plays, concerts and movies with the simple ‘check & click’! I love the convenience of digital access! Thanks for this platform and allowing me to experience this wonderful tool. And, allowing me the opportunity to share my experience! You guys…Rock!!!.Version: 9.12.1

Great but needs improvement to facilitate usage.I really like the app, however I think it would be very useful if we could remove events we saw and are not interested on. For example, when scrolling down I see something I am not interested on I would like to swipe left or something and not ever see it again. Also, events that repeat every week are annoying. They are the first ones to show up and they are like surfing lessons or something and each week is the same thing. Even if I choose filters that do not apply to that they still show up. Finally, filters are not always helpful. I could select community and nothing will come up, but after searching on google events do show up and they are on eventbrite!! Maybe have people posting events answer more questions so the filters can be more accurate..Version: 7.3.4

Unreliable and frustratingThis app is not reliable at all. I have reverted to using the web app. My events/orders are not syncing to my IOS app. They show up fine in the Web portal. I get emails on tickets or cancellations at the email address associated with my account, but tickets are not showing up in the IOS App upcoming tickets (yes I i have pressed Try again multiple times to no avail). I have deleted app, reinstalled, tried literally everything to get the IOS app to show my tickets but have to use the Web App now because the IOS app is not reliable for displaying my tickets. Latest IOS update did not help. Please fix syncing between web app and IOS app. I no longer can use Apple Wallet for tickets because they don't appear. Again, all events are showing up correctly when I login via web browser..Version: 8.3.11

App is disappointing - Website is the better optionThere are a lot of great events on here but the app itself is a pain. You have to use back arrows to get to the home screen and other areas (like the search function) on certain pages because there’s no main navigation. This can be a real pain when you’ve clicked through a lot of events in a row. I just shutdown the app and restart at that point. The other problem is that you can set any location filters (like distance) outside of just where to look, so you’ll see results for events that are sometimes over 2 hours drive from the location you set. This is a bummer when you find what you’re looking for but can’t do it because of how far away it actually is..Version: 9.8.0

Unsafe conditionsI went to the Festival of life on day 1 at Lincoln park in Newark and couldn’t find a parking spot and if I did luck up I would never have gotten in. There were so many people in such a small park so I went home. I tried again on day 2. I found a parking spot and got in with no problem. Not as many people. The problem was them shooting T-shirts from that canon into the crowd of people. One was coming my way and I was barreled into by a group of people and knocked into the elderly lady behind me. My entire right side was hurt for 2 days. I hope the other lady was ok. Needless to say I never went back again. Freebies are just not worth it even though I left empty handed..Version: 5.3.1

Passionate again!I am always learning and researching. I love it. I haven’t done anything with other folks for awhile and I enjoy that communication. In my business, when making a flower centerpiece, I use vintage handpicked item. I only make one of an arrangement because it makes it special and I truly love variety. You offer so much variety and I absolutely love it. You have made my gratitude list everyday for a long time! I’m excited about my class in the morning, so I need to close. Have a blessed evening. Carol I have ventured into “ Excellence in Vintage”. Includes well know vintage wall art, gallery ready, vintage crystal , vintage vases, vintage jewelry, Vintage gifts including stuffed toys. All are growing in values. I love everything you have offered me. I live in the sticks (love it) but had horrible wifi and internet problems so I missed so many things! I have a new reliable network! I have thought of many ways to give back. I need to have a steady income first! I am so very grateful! Carol.Version: 9.23.0

Took my money. Didn’t know.When purchasing a ticket for an event it said “there was a problem purchasing. Please try again.” So I did. I figured maybe the app isn’t working so I tried the website. The website said the same thing and before you know it, my money was being taken out and I didn’t know until I looked at my bank account. Idk whats going on with the app and the website but it took out so much money from me that I don’t even know if I’ll ever get a refund for it. I’m contacting them but that depends if they’ll ever get back at me..Version: 9.12.1

Event BrightWether your trying to be a social elite or not, very hip to what's going on platform in the application out to-date ❕Seriously it gives you inside scoop on events going on for the weekend,weekdays,popular, and you can also set the filter to your liking! Great application for this day and era. If you don't get out much and when do happen to get out, and your trying to find something to do or wanna make plans. But no clue or idea on what? I for one definitely recommend opening the app to see what's going on. You'll go from no plans to something fun and cost effective to do or even free! That's right F R E E ❗️ So have fun people who've never tried out take this App users word for it !.Version: 4.3.3

Update: Beware!!!Prior to today, the Eventbrite app settings did not have a toggle nor option to disable cellular use. What I find strange is that since my previous post, now, there is a cellular use toggle option. I know my previous claim was not overlooked because the app did not list in the cellular section. And when I checked the general listing for apps, inside Eventbrite settings, there was no toggle, nor cellular option to disable. However, there was location option that I allowed Eventbrite to use my location when in use. I am not sure if this was an app glitch or update, but problem was resolved. Therefore, I increased my rating from 1 to 4 stars..Version: 5.0.1

Days a little brighter with event briteWouldn’t you agree it’s so much easier to always keep our focus on the bright side of things when things are smoothly executed, yes struggle is necessary except when it’s just not! And when registering for an upcoming project, booking events, purchasing tickets and even just finding fun things to do around town-being able to perform all those tasks with a couple of clicks thanks to this wonderful app-well that’s a well oiled machine and I like it🤩🤩🤩!!! Y’all have done a phenomenal thing here and I’m all in!.Version: 9.34.0

Not enough time; works great otherwiseI attempted, three times, to purchase a ticket for An Evening with Lisa-Jo Baker through Sisters in Faith. The third time worked beautifully, but my first two trials were just that—trials! I had to go to a different part of the house to retrieve my payment card, and by the time I got back, my time allowed had expired and my reservation had been released (fortunately, not enough women had signed up to sell out the event). Lesson learned: always keep the payment card handy. Lesson for Eventbrite: please allow more time for customers to navigate steps before “releasing” their reservations!.Version: 9.12.1

Not User-FriendlyI seldom use this site because it sends you in circles when you want to register for an event that is sent via email by the sponsoring entity. You follow the cues and then at some point you enter your credentials. All of a sudden you are brought to the general website browser where you have to search again for the event you thought you had already registered for among thousands of events. The filters are great if you know the category of the event you want. This is never clear. An hour later, you give up and find something else to do..Version: 8.3.11

Where PEOPLE and QUALITY Converge.In my experience, getting tickets on Eventbrite has generally been a straightforward process. The platform's user-friendly interface and clear navigation make it easy to find and select events that align with my interests. The ability to filter by location, date, and category helps streamline the search, making it convenient for both event-goers and organizers. While there might be occasional glitches, overall, Eventbrite's commitment to innovation seems to enhance the user experience..Version: 9.37.0

Where did my ticket go?I have used eventbrite multiple times with no hiccups and the process has been seamless. This time it has not been so. I bought tickets Saturday evening for a show on New Years 2019 and after entering my information (email, phone number, credit card information) I received no conformation email with my tickets attached nor did I receive my tickets in the Eventbrite app. Checking my banking app my card was charged. *Update* there was a typo in my email that their algorithm missed when filling out my email but after sitting on the phone like for a good amount of time the issue was resolved..Version: 7.3.3

Hardly a Glitch - Easy to Use IF...I’ve used the Eventbrite app a few times now. Most of the time, I end up on the app because I’ve followed a link directly from an advertised event, which goes to the Eventbrite webpage, and then I choose the ‘open in app’ option. My only issue is that when I go to manually search for an event it the app, there have been a few times when the event doesn’t show in the results even though I *know* the event is taking place. So basically, when I can find an event I’m looking for, I’m happy with the app. But it makes me wonder what things I’m missing out on due to the apps selective search results..Version: 6.0.1

No Longer Feeling LostI’ve been trying to get my business and my life on track since this Covid insanity hit. This app has opened up a whole world of supportive people networking, sharing information and holding space. So far everything has been free. I am just now getting the hang of the app, but my calendar is already filling up with events that fill my heart with excitement! It been a wonderful discovery! So far I have nothing negative to report! Thank you for such a useful platform. This could prove to be life changing for me!.Version: 9.4.2

Terrible search resultsSo there is an event near me. I saw it on LinkedIn and the way you register is through Eventbrite. Due to the fact I saw this on the LinkedIn app, there was no option to go to Eventbrite app. I cant remember my password for Eventbrite, but I have the app so I'm already logged into my profile. I go to the app, copy and paste the title of the event, change the settings for ten miles, change the event to free (which the event is). The search brings up events that are not relevant to the the title of the event and shows me events on the other side of the state. You need to correct this..Version: 4.3.3

Too Much Data!!Eventbrite requires too much data input! I wanted to buy four tickets to an event. All event tickets were the same price. I entered my info (name, address, phone, email, credit card). Then Eventbrite wanted all the same information for every other person using one of the tickets!!! (Except for credit card info.) I refuse to give out personal information about my friends to anyone that asks. I decided to use my information for all four tickets. Eventbrite doesn't easily allow you to do this by copying the data from the first ticket. I had to manually input the data into many different windows. What a pain-in-the-butt. There has got to be an easier way!.Version: 4.3.3

Awesome app!This app keeps me up to date on all of my interests, local and otherwise. I am pleased with most of the suggested, similar activities that I wouldn’t otherwise be aware of. It is a little difficult to sign into live web events that are linked thru Facebook, but I’m hoping that changes soon. It is also sometimes difficult to sign my children up for events under my email address, since they don’t usually allow the link to work if forwarded thru my email. I’m not always able to change my email address when signing up..Version: 8.3.10

Never had a problemI personally have never had an issue with the app, but I take that with a grain of salt, as all of the local events I attend are run by the same group and have been for over a decade (and thus are a trustworthy seller and always keep the same dates from year to year, which seem to be what the complaints in other reviews are for). It is very handy to have my ticket digitally as I tend to lose paper, and everything transfers nicely whether I am using the website (way back before I found this app), or on the app itself..Version: 4.3.3

Awesome app for events in your communityIf you are looking for something fun and interesting to do in your city check out Eventbrite. Most tickets are free and most is 20-30 dollars a ticket. Highly recommended!.Version: 6.3.1

Saved me during COVID-19I moved to Rockland, which is near Ottawa, Ontario and before I could get to know people here COVID lockdowns started. I don’t know what I would have done without it. I’m an artsy person and there many free art classes, lectures about famous painters, portraiture and watercolour classes I took. My favourites are a weekly watercolour class still given for free by Connections Canada featuring Cathy Wild every Tuesday at 1 pm EST , Hike and Draw, art classes by The London Drawing Group, the Smithsonian Institute some random classes where I’ve learned about papier-mâché and some gardening and garden planning, and sustainable gardening. I am still participating. I have taken over 100 classes, most of them free or with donations as you can afford. I’ve grown as person taking classes in areas I never would have before because they are there, the ones I take are free, and what else was there to do. 😃.Version: 9.26.0

Super bonne App...Très intéressant comme App.Version: 4.3.3

A great app but has a critical bugThe “Get Tickets” button is not showing up for iPhone users that have the app installed. This happened last time a month ago and happening again. We have the tickets and the button shows up on the web version. But if the user has this app installed, clicking the link opens the iOS app but the button never shows up..Version: 9.60.0

App doesn’t work properlyI have Apple 15.6.1 version and the app continuously stays stuck on the homepage. I’ve deleted and downloaded the app and it then allows me to search and view my tickets but when I click onto an event for viewing I am stuck again as the Arrow to return back to search listings does not work. This is quite annoying as I have to close the app and relaunch it. I see there was an update 6 days ago so this return arrow may have been overlooked in the update. Other than this when the app was working it was nice to use and this is the only reason 3 stars is given or else todays would be 1star. Hopefully this will be fixed soon..Version: 9.57.0

Nowhere to submit bug reports and there’s a big new bugThere is nowhere to submit bug reports. If I register for something, I can’t register for another event without exiting and restarting the app. I can’t register for anything that charges admission on the app. It won’t even show me the price or if tickets available. I can only find out by visiting eventbrite on my desktop. I used to be able to add events to my iCal through the app, but that no longer works. ————— This app has been an amazing way for me to continue my education affordably. So many high-quality workshops and lectures are available here for free or for cheap. I do wish there was a way to filter by time of day, though. If I have some free time at 7 pm, for example, it would be extremely useful to be able to search for events at 7 pm rather than have to sift through a 24-hour period’s worth of events. I also wish there was a way I could leave certain organizers out of my searches. There are a few places I’d block because they always turn up in my searches despite not being relevant to what I’m looking for..Version: 9.52.0

Awesomeness!I really look forward to the virtual events. Love Chuck Pierce..Version: 9.26.0

ExcellentFantastic platform to find great courses online..Version: 9.29.0

GreatGreat , really appreciate that thank you.Version: 9.67.0

It’s very nice! Perfect!Woo, nice technology! Thank you.Version: 9.65.0

EvenbriteIt is efficient.Version: 9.63.0

CoolRick Mercer pulled in a crowd of 700 on his book tour here in Sarnia. I love Jann. Both together magical. Got a ticket so happpy happy happy.Version: 9.64.1

5 starsExcellent event!.Version: 9.62.0

Watching the eventI have not figured out how to successfully join the online events i have registered for..Version: 9.62.0

AwesomeExcellent customer service.Version: 9.59.0

Great PlatformI love attending these online events. They are very convenient, super informative and always worth my time. Thank you!.Version: 9.52.0

Very InformativeInteresting and very informative.Version: 9.52.0

GreatVery user friendly.Version: 9.48.0

ReviewIt is quick and efficient..Version: 9.46.1

BestI’m so glad when one day friends of mine show me this up . Now all the time I buy tickets very easy.Version: 9.46.1

PaypalEasy website to navigate for seniors and I love being able to pay with paypal.Version: 9.46.1

Very very usefulEventbrite works more reliably now it ‘remembers’ my login. Thanks!.Version: 9.46.0

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 9.69.0

What do you think Eventbrite ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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