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BINGO Blitz contains optional in-app purchases. This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.

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Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO games App Comments & Reviews

Bingo Blitz™ - BINGO games Positive Reviews

Bingo BlitzI have been playing for over 6 years. I looked forward to daily credits and finishing the rooms. It has been my favorite game! With the new changes recently its more difficult to get bingos, complete rooms and win credits. I can't afford to purchase credits and boosters, however; Yesterday I was trying to complete a room, Central Park that was closing and I needed just one item. An easy item, Alice in Wonderland Statue! I had 2 hours....I ended up buying credits 4 times using about 500 credits but unfortunately I never completed the room. I noticed in the chat area several people were wanting everyone playing in that room not to hit a bingo so the one that needed it could get the bingo. They were rude, distracting and it was confusing to me. In this room I had multiples of every other item, HTG and VHTGs I had more than one, some I had 4-5. I had never been as upset and disappointed playing my Bingo Blitz as I was last night. This is a game I love playing but after this experience I am unsure if I will continue. I feel like I lost 1325 credits made me sad. Otherwise I would have given a 5 Star. I tried to find on the app where I could file a complaint, unable to find. Thank You for listening. I will never know if I've been heard..Version: 4.02.0

Enjoyable, but many limitations on play/winningGames are enjoyable. The rating would be much higher if it did the following: 1) gave you more times per day to collect bingo chips and tokens with the free spins-once every 24 hrs is unheard of!; 2) if it let you progress past the first layer of the extra food collection games, win more Disco balls, diamond collections, etc. extra games to win more bingo chips; 3) get bingo before it gets to the last 5 bingos in the room-never within the first numbers called and I’ve been playing for several years-it’s always right before there are no more numbers called for that game; 4) if you could play alone, because you will never get all the gems you need to complete the 5-free game series if you don’t share items or get bingo right out of the gate; 5) if it wouldn’t take forever to complete a bingo or casino adventure; 6) if each completed adventure gave you tokens ‘and’ bingo chips in the casino and the bingos; not just one or the other. Who needs the frames they give you?! I suspect no one. If you like to spend money on games then this is one for you because they are always offering combos/discount packages to get your money. Tip-Don’t take the first options while you are playing because I’ve seen others come out after your bingo chips are gone that are better, of course..Version: 4.22

Bingo Blitz Elite UserI love playing this game and my family does as well. They normally play on my iPad and I spend a lot of money to play this game. I however do not agree with the developers on only kicking out items for dishes that we don’t need. When I’m investing my money as an ELITE player,as well as on TRYING to finish games but only to oil and pie crusts is just plain old abuse. What is going on with the baskets of only giving out useless items I don’t need. I’ve sprint hundreds on this game and that’s because I truly enjoy the game, I just don’t like the greed from this company. I will cancel my subscription and I will just have to find another game to play. It’s just sad that you can’t even enjoy your game because the developers are treating it like we are at a casino gambling. I spent $55 today and still didn’t complete the new dish. Just terrible we have to spend so much money to not get a bingo nor complete any dishes. I know I got keep trying and spend hundreds more and still continue to lose at this game. Thanks so much for the years I have played but I wish I didn’t invest so much time and money with this game app that constantly cheats his customers out pure greed. Yes I know don’t spend my money is the answer I get it..Version: 4.58.0

Fun fun fun, but....ThisBingo game is really fun but I want to win some thing when I play and it’s next to impossible to win chips because all they do is give you the same amount back that you put in so you can never get ahead and then you have to buy the chips and the chips are so expensive, why would I spend 4.99 to be able to play One or two games that are finished within a minute. They should make the game where if you’re in first place you win an ex-amount of chips like 100 or in second place 75 3rd Pl. 50. why would they give you 12 chips if you bought 12 chips. There is no incentive to play and yeah it’s all about making money but who would spend money that took them one or twoHours to make to lose it in one minute. But the game itself is fine you just don’t get nothing from it. it’s just a losing game. I know you can win chips if you complete all the puzzle pieces but I played the game yesterday and I spent 5000 chips that I saved up for over a year and I lost $3000 chips and gain nothing but maybe two rooms and there is no way to get ahead. They need to look at how the game is structured and give people a reason to play not think about just getting money..Version: 4.57.1

DisappointedI really enjoy playing the game, but it is set to never get ahead or even come close to being rewarded appropriately! It’s very discouraging! I’m actually considering leaving the game since more often than not I lose! No one wants to lose constantly! It’s insulting that you allow us to give 1&2 of each set, but then slam us with so many duplicates of them. Many talk about how much they spend playing this game, but your programmers can’t keep up with new rooms besides the special rooms, Hmmmm! Then you open up the friend requests and people only want to shop your inventory then bombard you with requests during the tournament. Maybe try opening up a trading room for people to trade in if not trading in the specific rooms! Some people get real rude in rooms and when monitors do come in, some make them worse by arguing with the players! Seriously, doubt I will be continuing to play much longer if improvements are not made! The straw that broke the camels back was when you didn’t stand by your mistake and let us keep our winnings! If someone spends too much, they don’t get to say oops give me my money back! I was up to over 85,000 credits you would have just got back with your odds set so high even Vegas is scratching it’s head! Like I said, love playing and the people, just don’t feel you appreciate your players, fans or supporters!.Version: 4.59.1

Interacting is Great!I've played Bingo Blitz, a.k.a. BB, for a couple of years now. It's true the game has changed from when I first started and was more fun and competitive then than it is now. But one thing this app has that others don't is you can help your fellow BB players is they need an item. I've not come across another app that does that. It def fosters interaction between users. Yes, this app has MANY shortcomings that have been implemented since I first became a member, They have been told by thousands of users to please make changes but the it seems the developers do not care to listen to the customers. They should remove making cards 1 & 2 "free". They should stop telling customers that it is a game of "chance" because we constantly get shadow cards 1-5 in play FAR MORE OFTEN than any of the "hard-to-gets" or "very-hard-to-gets"...please stop insulting our intelligence. I continue to play this app because it takes me back to the days when I played Bingo with my Grandmother then my Father. This app lets you help your fellow members if you "happen" to be fortunate enough to get a spare shadow card that they need. I recommend you play BB and form your own opinion. I recommend to BB to listen to their customers and remove all your restrictions, etc. BB can really be a fun game to play..Version: 4.04.0

Extremely DisappointedI’ve been playing Bingo Blitz since 2013, and although they have continually changed the game, it wasn’t until a few days ago when they changed the “Daily Bonus” points that I’m now done! I’m an Elite member and have been for several years. I get 97 credits and 700 coins a day. That’s what I’ve worked myself up too and it adds up to quite a bit each month. I actually believe their trying to get long-standing members to quit so they don’t have to give away this amount of credits and money each month. For the last three days spinning on that “new wheel” they have created, today I got a whopping 29 credits. Yesterday, I believe I got 13! The way it use to be is like what you see when your deciding if you want to download the app. Like a slot machine. It was fun! And you could actually win something once in a while. Now they’ve changed it. And although they’re not suppose to be rigged, if you read enough reviews, there has to be no doubt that they are. So, your chances of winning ANYTHING good on the Daily Bonus is probably the same odds as winning the Lottery! I am so very disappointed in Bingo Blitz. You guys ruined a game I know many people enjoyed playing. By the way, you better remove the slot machine on your app. That’s misrepresentation..Version: 3.80.0

It puts a spell on you!This is an awesome bingo game, probably the best free bingo game on the web. I have been playing for about 9 years. It’s gone from a fun, chance game to an obviously rigged game in the past few years, however. If rigged isn’t the right word, maybe it’s how they program their algorithms? If you need an item to win or complete a room, you will never see that item. Or, if you do, you won’t get hardly any numbers on it. In addition, to get those prizes or complete rooms or events they make it so you HAVE TO spend money in order to complete in a timely manner. If you’re not boosting your games then you’re not winning, you’re just throwing credits away. I still love it and I still play. Like I said, they have the formula to bring in people. I just wish they would allow more winning on all levels of players, not just the big spenders. They would not have so many unhappy, long time fans and people will still spend money. Make it just a little easier to win...don’t torture your fans. Or you might lose them. Bingo Blitz has a contest right now that will give a big prize for the best review. I couldn’t come here and not tell my honest feelings. Thank you.Version: 3.98.0

Addictive but expensiveI have been playing BB for almost 7 years. I love bingo which is why I started playing. In the beginning it was fun and challenging, and I was able to level up fairly quickly. That gave me more daily credits and incentive to play! Unfortunately, over time, it has gotten harder and harder. There are fun quests to play to allow you to earn credits or ingredient baskets in the new food challenges. But, I feel like when these quests are launched, the chances of winning are so much slimmer. I continue to win the same 4 ingredients and cannot progress to the next level. I don’t feel like my daily credits are consistent with the level I’ve reached. It’s also very inconsistent on pricing for games. One time I paid $6.99 for 10 dice and the next time the dice game rolled out, it was 4 for $6.99 and each roll moved me like 1 or 2 spots. Also, some of the special games are extremely hard to finish. The new mummy game is a joke. I worked so hard to open the mummy and I won some triple daubs. At least make the prize worth the effort. But the ability to join groups on Facebook and swap items with other users is fun. It’s just becoming harder and harder to win anything or not be frustrated. I still love bingo and that keeps me coming back but it’s often very disappointing..Version: 4.22

All reviews are nearly the sameI was reading through the reviews, almost everyone agrees that this bingo games doesn’t really allow you to progress farther in the game without spending A LOT of money to do so. I’ve been playing since 2010 and am only at 88 credits a day.. That’s on level 100... That’s crazy! Each room gets higher on credits you have to pay to play, yet you don’t ever go up in daily credits, at least not enough to make a difference! You can only win back what you put in, that also is backwards! There’s no incentive to really want to play more cause you know you’re not going to win more... The programmers really need to listen to their fan base.. I used to recommend this game to my friends, but I would almost be embarrassed to do so now.. Rewards should be more achievable as should credits.. Please don’t respond with one of your automated responses, as that again, shows us you don’t really care!!! I see this game losing more potential gamers in the near future!! Also, they do not offer near enough credits to buy.. They charge $25 for 400 credits that you’ll run through in minutes cause you will never win more then you put in and a lot of rooms cost 60+ credits for four cards.. Most games improve over the years, Bingo Blitz however, is NOT one of those games!!!.Version: 4.60.1

Stingy GameGreat game IF you get to Play. To play the right way (not the frustrating “free” way) each game costs about $3.00! If you don’t chose to buy more credits, it takes forever to collect enough daily credits (collect 5 credits every 4 hours, and it costs 900 credits to play 1 game the right way!! That means you’d need to collect 30 credits per day (no sleeping) for 30 days in order to play 1 game!! The only solution is to “only collect” credits including FB credits, with NO playing, for about 3 months, then once you’ve collected enough credits, only then can you play. I’ve been a faithful player for years, but BB only makes the rooms more costly. It feels like they are so focused on your buying more credits and not the players’ fun experience. Every chat room is filled with anger, complaints and begging BB for some luck, which rarely comes. Terrible. I stopped trying to reach any goals since it’s hopeless (only once was I able to consistently obtain extra credits - the Turkey game. Don’t they ever drop into the rooms to see what our experience is? Or don’t they care??? BB consider our experience and loosen up on your greed for our $$!.Version: 4.55.0

Show me the money!This game/app only wants you to spend money!!! EVERYTHING in the game is pushed in that direction. I’m talking at ridiculous levels too!! Let me give an example. The site uses what they call powerups in the game. I have almost 75k in these powerups. The 2 powerups that everyone wants to get are Instant and Super Charger. I currently have 2 each of these out of 75k! That’s because they want you to buy these powerups! The site also has side quests. Here is the current quest. Get 28 bingos with Legendary Boost! Let me break that one down for you. Legendary Boost is using 540 credits per game and they want you to do it 28 times!! Over 15k in credits! You get approximately 120 a day. 2 games at a regular level. Oh by the way, after you spend money for the 28 games at legendary boost, you don’t win credits. You win food items on the OTHER side game they are currently running where you get to spend you guessed it, MORE money. I understand the developers are out to make money. And they should! But this site takes it to the extreme. They have it down to a science. There is nothing that doesn’t cost money! They have a good product but unless you have cash burning a hole in your pocket you will only be frustrated when your 2 games a day take you months to finish a room. Just walk away!.Version: 4.11.1

Love it. But hate itI love this game. Variety of games to play and the community is way fun. Only thing that upsets me about the game are a few thing. 1. I have 2 accounts, and my main account I am a paying elite member. I had problems with the game that cost me over 4000 credits, to but in perspective, just to buy a little over 1000 credits is $50. Luckily I hadn’t paid for all these credit. But still, the game glitched and kicked me off the app a handful of times and I non of my credits were returned. The other couple times, I didn’t receive any of my wining credits, play the bonus game or receive any of my bingos. It seems something silly to get upset about, but when you’re paying 900 credits for one game. It’s frustrating. I spent a week emailing the customer support. And all I got was automated email response and pretty told I was a liar. Another down side is that when you do get up there in leveling everything cost so much or the bonus games that switch out every couple days, you have to play the higher credit rounds or you can’t even play the bonus game that you can get prizes for. Pretty much if you don’t pay for credits and you’re on a losing streak and run out of credits you’re screwed (like me)..Version: 4.54.0

Just not as fun nowWhen I started playing bingo blitz years ago without a doubt it was my favorite game to play. Unfortunately a lot has change since then some for the better however most not so much. I understand putting in ungiftables to get folks to actually play verse them getting every item gifted to them I don’t think those 2 items need to be hard to see or get. The last 8 or so rooms I am always stuck needing one or the another if not both for weeks if not months it does take the fun out of it. ( and of course the trading since you can’t a trade those 2 collection items )You can’t win something you never see. I believe making the items so hard to get has in return made the players greedy to share their spares. Items 1-5 are seen over and over as 6-12 are seen very seldom )The ingredients was a good idea but from what I’m seeing you get hundreds of one and none of the other. Still an ok game but if bb wasn’t so greedy has the potential to be an extremely fun friendly and fantastic game..Version: 4.37.0

So Fed Up!I have played this game for 5 years but the past two years, it has gone from a great game to a very frustrating game. It's all about the money and how much they can get you to spend. Although graphics and game content is good, they have made the game next too impossible to win. Unless you have thousands of credits and millions of coins, Blitz will find a way to get you to lose everything! They just began integrating the boosters claiming the higher you boost, the greater the rewards. Unfortunately, boosters come with a huge price tag. I can just about afford to play 4 cards at 60 credits a round, let alone boosting to 150 and upward a round! It's come to a place where if you don't boost, they take every credit you do have and beyond. Just lost 7000 + credits because they withhold the shadow card I needed for four days until I was down to a couple hundred credits before even seeing it. Slot rooms were always my favorite but I have lost millions of coins trying to win the 12 items needed to complete. It is a totally frustrating game to play now and they decide what your minimum bet will be! Imagine that! Am definitely not going to play much anymore if at all. I don't need any more stress in my life..Version: 3.73.1

It’s okI actually love the game but there’s some things I don’t like about it that I feel that it should be changed... like when it comes to completions like the foods you should be able to sell the ones you don’t need... and there should definitely be more Bingo coin/beans to play with at your daily check in reward instead of just 23 everyday... you should be able to earn like 50 and it should keep going up and then repeat for example start with 10 for the daily check in the next day goes up to 25 then by the end of the week it should be like 100 and if you don’t go into the game and check in you would have to start all over again from only 10... I also think the bingo slots should let you earn Bingo Coin/Beans it doesn’t have to be much maybe when you complete a level of it or something. I’m just personally upset because I had over 100,000 beans and now I’m at 0 I’ve lost so many bingos that’s another thing there should be a win for at least every or every other 4 card bingo I lost more than 20 in a row very disappointed. Other than all that it’s a great game and I would give it a 5 star but with my issues well hopefully you read and improve the game in the next update..Version: 4.52.0

Fun but not fairThis game is addictive and fun, but unfortunately if you run out of credits to play the only other way of getting more is by buying other things, such as ingredients to make cookies that give you some credits or dice that by chance may land on the game board that gives you credits which the most is 3... or just by purchasing them and they want like 4.99 for like 160 when most games you wanna play for 4 cards because if not you won’t get a bingo which means no credits to play more games, also you only get 1 credit for each bingo when the cards cost much more than that. They make it really hard to get more credits by winning, you must have power ups, that give you 2x the payout which instead of 1 credit per bingo it’s 2. Even if you pay like 540 for 4 cards. Not very far and I think I’m gonna delete the app. Bingo blitz needs to change the features and allow the players other ways of receiving credits daily. I am now level 85 and all I get a day is 1 credit? What am I suppose to do with 1 credit? Play on the lowest ranked game and with only one bingo card. Which will only allow me to get 1 credit IF I even get a bingo... 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻.Version: 4.15

Addictive, but don’t expect anything in returnIt is an addictive game, like Bingo usually is. However, don’t expect to finish any of the special side games to win anything, like the cooking game, the board game, etc. I’ve only been able to finish the first few rooms, after that, forget it. There are never enough credits to play because the odds of getting bingo are less than if you played bingo. A high percentage of the time, other people in the room are getting bingo after 1 or 2 balls, How in the world is that possible? One time I was in a room, the same person got 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place bingo and there weren’t even 5 balls called. There isn’t much randomness to receiving ingredients either, for the most part I am constantly getting butter, pie crusts, and olive oil. I have over 350 olive oils alone, not to mention the over 250 pie crusts and over 250 butter. The pop ups are beyond annoying. I try to enter a room but I am stuck in the lobby waiting forever because a pop up is trying to load. I close out that one an 3 or 4 others are waiting to load right behind it! The pop ups eat so much of my data plan waiting on them to load and having to deal with closing them constantly!.Version: 4.60.1

Prepare to spend money.This game is a lot of fun. BUT if you don’t pay, you won’t play...very much. You do get daily free tickets to play but as you level up it costs more tickets to play per game yet the increase in daily tickets won’t cover the increase cost to play. If you don’t buy tickets you’ll only get a couple rounds of play per day and I enjoy playing a game for more than 5 minutes. Also, when playing you’ll notice the same people getting 1st 2nd & 3rd place within 5-10 bingo numbers being called. How the...? Shady. I’ve also had tickets go missing when the game freezes (my phone is brand new and my internet connection is solid). I’ll select a game to play and number of cards then it freezes and I lose the tickets without playing the game. Not cool. I don’t mind spending money on games at times, but again... as you level up the games are more expensive to play. For example it’s 4.99 for 65 tickets. Last week before I leveled up it was 10 tickets per 1 bingo card and now that I’ve leveled up it’s 15 tickets per card (30 tickets for 2 bingo cards). So I spend 4.99 to play less than I could play last week. Makes no sense at all..Version: 4.08

This Isn’t Your Granny’s Bingo.This Isn’t Your Granny’s Bingo......but it’s Bingo that she would enjoy too. I’ve been playing this game off and on for years. And, it’s maybe the one game that I can’t forget. It gets so hard to finish different cities but when you do it’s so exciting. And, the developers are always finding ways to keep things interesting. There are all these side games and prize winning outlets that keep things interesting. And, when you think about it, it kind of makes sense because if Bingo or finishing cities was too easy then maybe we would all run through the cities and it could get boring very fast. There are only two aspects to the game that are troublesome. And, that’s the purchase costs and the ability to make friends within the game. I want to be able to fully use this game but much like in life, you need friends and money to really get along sometimes. Even still, it’s still a great game. If you need more proof of that, then just know that I might get 500 credits just for writing this. Awesome!.Version: 4.67.1

Bingo BlitzI’ve been a loyal player of Bingo Blitz for years now. It’s been one of my favorite games. Love the challenges of completing rooms. HOWEVER....the recent changes made to the game have me ready to be done with it. You give us “freebies” for items 1 & 2 and then make it utterly impossible to win the remaining items..and don’t even get me started on the shadow items. BB...I love a good challenge and have no problem staying on one game for a week or two or even long as I feel like I’m making some kind of progress. I don’t even mind buying credits, etc to help me with my progress. Based on other reviews I’ve read, I know I’m not alone in my frustration. I realize you’re not going to make changes based on one review but perhaps if you read what YOUR players are saying, you’ll consider it. I don’t want to leave the game but seriously considering it. No need to leave an automated response. I’ve read them all on other reviews so it’s a mute point to acknowledge this with one of those. Thanks..Version: 4.63.0

Honest OverviewIf you like playing bingo, you will like this game. It is a free game. They give you daily credits to play with and you can win more by getting bingos and completing challenges. It allows you to get gifts from friends and trade items. But like any of these games, there is a catch. It’s a business and they are in the business to make money. There are credits to buy, coins to buy, power ups to buy, daub alert to buy. As you play and complete rooms, the amount of credits you need goes up, but your daily credits given gets held to around 95. It will cost 60 credits to play one round. They will introduce new rooms at the higher prices but never bring in any at lower. It gets boring. It’s hard to complete a collection. I have had several issues that I have had to contact their support team for. Two have never been looked at, dating back months for one of them. This is a great game for short term play, but not for long term. If you get invested in it, you end up the loser..Version: 3.96.0

Honest reviewI have about 6 bingo accounts because it’s hard to win items most of the time, which is great because you want a challenge. My issues that could definitely be fixed: 1. We should be able to collect our daily credits twice a day or increase the amount due to the cost of each game. People should not have to save up credits for a month just to aim for an item. 2. Items 1 and 2 should never be won in chest if they are “free” because it’s a wasted treasure chest and the shadows pop up constantly. They also should not be allowed to show on any tier above super because it’s an injustice to the ones trying for better shadows. 3. This game gives pleasure but it is also intangible, so make the purchases reasonable...everyone wins. It is a game of luck and chance but you Can control purchase prices. This is a software so you cannot tell me things cannot change, I know technology and computer engineering. On a good note, it does what it is targeted to do. It gets the user to want more (addictive) and it is fun. People can play longer and more when they have credits to do so; otherwise they will find another game..Version: 4.56.1

Bingo BlltzHas anyone else noticed that it is almost impossible to get coins?!? I had 5 bingos and didn’t receive a single coin! The next game I had no bingos and received a coin! It’s the only coin I received today out of all the games I have played. It’s to the point I am spending too much money on this app because in order to play you have to buy coins. The app no longer allows to receive coins for most bingos and they definitely don’t give any away on your free spin! The last few times I got 13 or none with the free spins. They make it impossible to complete the challenge because before you can do it you run out of coins and the challenge has already expired and there goes all the coins you wasted trying to complete the challenges they give. Does anyone else have an app similar to this one that actually allows you to play without having to purchase hundreds of coins every day? This app has gotten ridiculous and is just a money maker now..Version: 4.46.2

Yes it’s fun but the will rob you worse than a Casino!I’ve been playing for a few years now ( level 217 and very close to Diamond status) and I love playing bingo but when 2018 started the small little game cheats that I didn’t mind got to the point that they were literally taking 5000 tokens with no returns every other day. Yes I purchased that much (the game is very addictive)! I placed a support ticket in and continued to ask questions on their Facebook page about the cheating and much to my avail, I got no answers except use boost and your chances of willing will increase dramatically! Since I have them so much money for tokens(which the track your last 90days) you would think they could see I was already using boost at the highest level. My point is if you have an addictive personality you might want to stay away. They will definitely use it against you like a casino except a casino pays out once in a while. Very disappointed Customer!!!.Version: 3.96.0

Used to love this gameI spent a lot of time and coins trying to win all items for all of the original slots... then one day realized that they just got rid of them all. Only the new slots exists, and there are no more hot items. A lot of the original slots I played, all I needed was an item or 2 to complete the collection. So for them to just do away with it... it was all for nothing. I could’ve just spent that time and coins on the new slots. I totally get that they need to update and they need to make things new and fresh, but now it is impossible to get an item (for both Bingo and slots) and to win big (for slots). I spend more coins and credits than I win. And if I win something, it’s something I already have that I really don’t need. Every time there’s an item that I need I never win it. So it’s pretty much a lose-lose situation. I would’ve rated it higher if they didn’t get rid of the hot items and original slots..Version: 3.93.0

Game has gone way downhillI’ve been playing Bingo Blitz for so many years. Back in the day it was so exciting, now not at all. Don’t play and expect to get excited. It’s not at all what it use to be. Years ago you completed a mission and you got higher Daily Tokens. I use to have a great daily payout until they changed that and dropped my daily’s for all the hard work and missions I completed. That’s just greedy!! I only get 109 daily credits and all most all my rooms are completed. What a joke!People are lucky if they can play 2 rounds of 4 cards, again greedy! Even when you boost and win on a card the payouts don’t equal what you payed so what’s the point. I would hope to have won some extra! Also the chests are a joke. The slots are extremely boring. I’ve been waiting for a new room for years now. It’s time you really gave back to your customers for playing daily. I mean seriously what are you losing by giving more. 109 credits means I can play one round and 4 cards. Until they change their greed it will remain 2 stars. Yes the graphics are good but that’s all..Version: 4.11.1

Not very fair or randomThe ingredients given for the cooking seem to be stacked to make it very difficult. While it is expected that a higher star level is harder to get than a lower one, the ones that are equal are not at all so. The current game involves “exclusive ingredients” needed to cook a special dish. I need 6 of each of the 3 exclusives. They could only be won at my level by scratching gold cards and getting them one at a time making this a long process at its best. But to make it worse, I have 10 of one, 3 of another and 4 of the last. Why? The game should have been able to fairly give me 5/6 of each. I am so frustrated that I don’t want to play any more bingo! And this was after spending days waiting on a last ingredient to finish the level 1 menu. If you don't want to play for the ingredients, pick a different game. The chat is filled with ingredient requests and everything is skewed towards winning baskets of food. I cannot imagine this being fun if I weren’t trying to win the food myself. But for how long will I find it fun with all the frustration?.Version: 4.67.0

Annoyed!!!Would have given 5 stars but BB ruined a good thing!!! I have been playing this game for many years now. Every time there is an update it seems like too many changes have been made. And not to the good. Way too hard to get bingos now. And the payouts are horrible. I don’t ever remember it being this difficult to complete a room. Not to mention trying to win the htg items. And what about the credit package deals 👎🏻Those are not good deals at all BB. The cheapest is 30 credits for $1.99. It costs 52 just for one game 🤦🏻‍♀️ Please make better credit package deals🙏🏻 Why can’t we use our coins to buy bingo credits? I have over 4 million coins and nothing to spend them on because I have more than enough power ups (6,862 to be exact). I stopped playing this for a long time hoping some good changes would come. I guess BB cares more about $$ than making people happy. Please make some good changes to this game!!! Oh and can you please make all collectible items tradable and rid BB game of the htgs??.Version: 4.49.0

Bingo BlitzWell where to even started..... But then again it wouldn’t do any good. I’ve been playing BB since August 14, 2014. I just love the game, but hate the way prizes are awarded. I m level 167 so at 60 credits a game I normally only get 2 games in , plus maybe a few lousy Catilina games in which doesn’t even award for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place bingos. There is a daily Tournament you can play for free which usually has 190 players so it only takes 2 minutes to play it. It since out little jewels to try and fill a card. I think it took me about 3 years to finally feel it with the 12 jewels. The jewel of victory is the hardest to get and can’t be gifted, I have 3 now, but have played for almost 6 years. After first card is filled there are actually no incentives just get 5 free games each day. All I can say is I’m addicted or I would have deleted the app 6 years ago. C’mon BB make the game fun with more chances at HTG’s. I’m planning on quitting smoking when that happens I will be done with BB because I’ll never stop smoking cigarettes as long as I’m playing this game..Version: 4.31.0

DisappointedI really like the game, but there are a couple of things that disappoint me. First, when we play the free tournament. Why offer the bingo option if we aren’t going to get points for it. I understand that the point of the tournament is to get free coins, but take the bingo option off if you aren’t going to credit us for it. It takes an act of the higher power to even get a decent amount of coins to even waste our time on playing the tournament. Second, it is very frustrating to play a game where 1 out of 10 times you get a bingo. I’m sure you get money just by us downloading and playing. Not to mention all of us who were dumb enough to put money into it. It goes with the saying you have to give to get. It seems we are giving a heck of a lot more than we are getting. Third, I keep having problems with not getting what I have earned. I have reported it twice. It happened again last night. Please make this game worth continuing to play. Thanks.Version: 4.25.1

Unhappy playerI’m giving this 1 star because this game is not like it use to be which was fun, but since they have changed a lot not too many people playing anymore. I’ve been a loyal player for over 10 yrs and had tons of lovely teammates where we would be able to help each other complete rooms. I have tons of unfinished regular rooms just as well as unfinished slots and don’t get me started on the pantry. I have 419 oils, 275 pie crusts, 198 rolled oats, and 119 honey which aren’t doing me any good. Y’all have got it to where just about everything is ungiftable or not tradable it would be very nice if y’all would change it back to it’s original format then people would come back and play. I’ve have made up it my mind that I’m no longer interested in playing again until they can at least make it possible to complete rooms or give better pantry items. From a very unhappy player..Version: 4.55.1

Watch this gameI have been playing this game for over 9yrs and have seen a lot of changes over the yrs some good but mostly bad. Now the game is all about spend money on this and that. Constantly asking to buy credits, side game items or power ups. Use to play with 60 credits a game now there is a choice up to 540 credits a game. If you play 60 you get the first 5 items only with coins and not very good power ups. Never see the items that can not be gifted. Use to be all items came up on 60 credits. You have to play with 150 or above to get any good items which is why you save for weeks to play. There has been no new slot rooms forever as they do not make money on the slots so no new ones. When you first start playing this game you win a lot then as you progress or level up your chances are slimmer to win a bingo or get items that you need unless you up your credit..Version: 4.15

LoveI’m sort of addicted to Bingo Blitz because it’s so fun and they are constantly changing the games and contest up. There is always something different going on to keep me interested in making a goal to obtain more credits and prizes! It is also an interactive game that you play with your friends and other members which makes it even more fun because then you can gift each other credits and such as well as help each other with finishing cards to move forward in the game board and gain more credits. The part that is frustrating is that you can easily spend 1000 credits, which are not easy to obtain unless you purchase them and not get the item that you need to finish the card. It can become ridiculous because you can literally take weeks to try and get it to advance. I really think that BB should lighten up a bit on this somehow to make it fair for players..Version: 4.57.1

Bad BingoHow do you call a bad bingo before the game even starts. When my iPad was moved to a better position and the bingo tab was accidentally touched, it called a bad bingo and the first number had not been called! On top of that, when I️ got a good bingo, it would not let me have it even though the game was not over. This game is getting very frustrating! This game is really getting frustrating, I have been playing in Cairo forever!!! I have used at least 2,000 bingo credits trying to get the last item. I do not want to log into Facebook to request the item. I don’t play games on Facebook. Getting ready to delete the game if things don’t change. There are a lot of bingo games out there and I’ll keep searching until I find one not so frustrating. I realize you don’t win every time, but you shouldn’t have to play for weeks to collect the last item you need in a country!!.Version: 3.84.3

SO DISAPPOINTED!!!I’ve been playing BINGO BLITZ for SO MANY YEARS. Whomever makes the game, or runs it, has made it nearly impossible to play what used to be a FREE GAME into a way to exclude users who CANT AFFORD to purchase extra credits! The loyal people, like myself, who have played for 7 or 8 years, have slowly watched this game turn into something that is not only greedy on the part of the app owners, but no longer fun because items in rooms are so much harder to get, and some can’t be gifted, which I would understand in bonus rooms, but we get so few credits as it is, and the cards require such a huge amount of credits that we have to save up over several days to even a week to even play anything besides the free tournament and the free spin each day. It’s not only disappointing but it’s a slap in the face to those of us who remember what playing use to feel like. It’s no longer fun. I’m just SO DISAPPOINTED, and I know I’m not the only one who feels this way....Version: 3.96.0

Longtime playerBlitz was the first bingo app I played some ten or fifteen years ago....even before I had my iPads. Over the years I’ve experimented with probably twenty apps and have now settled with my top eight. Blitz ranks eighth in my group....the main reason is there is a very low success rate. Takes forever to make progress through the various rooms. I finally gave up on the tournament because I have never been able to achieve a score to win the last gem for the crown. Another frustration is your cards are so busy it is almost impossible to tell if you have a bingo....I hate that! If you must cram every square with items in addition to the hard to read numbers the least you could do is have auto bingo. That would help considerably! I’m retired and I use the bingo apps to pass the time and help keep my brain active. But there’s always room for improvements! Thanks..Version: 4.15

Playing since 2014It’s addicting for sure, but it could also be expensive- it wasn’t always like this. It used to be my relaxation time—They make it IMPOSSIBLE TO EVER EVER WIN AND ACCUMULATE CHIPS. As soon as you win or accomplish a task and receive a large amount of chips, they make sure you lose them all, so you’ll have to buy the chips. It is now all about the money, and the higher you go, the more expensive it gets and the harder it is to collect the items needed. As for the daily free chips, they barely provide enough for 2 rounds on the “classic”cheapest level of play, so again you will never be able to acquire enough chips to keep playing. Even the side games to win chips are impossible. Sad. They ruined something that was inexpensive and relaxing and turned it into, like everything else a cash cow for them, giving nothing back in return to their loyal players. And the customer service stinks. They are hard to reach and if you do reach them, they are right and you are wrong..Version: 4.22

Very fun but major issues.This game is very fun, we play together almost every day. But it has serious problems. It OFTEN freezes during the middle of a round and I know it's not me its the game because it happens whether we are on wifi, a different wifi, or our regular fell service. Also because we will be in the same game and mine will freeze and hers won't. At first I would stay in the room and continue daubing numbers till it caught up, but then I called out a bingo and it called bad bingo because one of the numbers I daubed while it was frozen and apparently it doesn't count that as "daubed" you have to go back after it Unfreezes and redaub it. If you don't, you also won't get the points or chest you were suppose to get for daubing that number. Well that's just ridiculous. Also, you should be able to buy more of the special cards from each room, it's too hard to complete collections and it's frustrating that I have over 20,000 coins but can't complete the room..Version: 4.63.0

Chloe’s reviewI love this game it is so fun and good to play in school 🙂🙂🥰.Version: 4.11.1

Cash grabI had fun playing at one time until I realized the game is a complete cash grab! Depending on your level your daily credits aren’t even worth playing! The bonuses you get aren’t even useful, a bonus of 5 credits will get you nowhere!.Version: 4.13

SusanLove the game.Version: 3.74.1

LitThis games litty.Version: 3.73.1

Love this game so much funGreat game.Version: 4.51.0

Fun but has become hardI enjoy playing bingo blitz, but has become increasingly hard to get bingo especially if playing with less credits..Version: 4.33.0

So much fun!Love playing this game and having extra games inside makes it even better!.Version: 4.77.0

FunIt use to be so much fun but now it’s crap. To spend 4000 credits on one item c’mon what is that and not get it. In order to play more than one game I have to collect for a week to enjoy for ten minutes. All it’s about now is buy buy buy. Personally I think you should give a little sometimes.Version: 4.12

5***Amazing game been playing for years, I love it😍.Version: 4.77.0

BingoHave been playing this game everyday for 7 years. Love it love it love it.Version: 4.76.0

BingoGood game to relax.Version: 4.76.0

Amazing game.Love playing this game. Just sit back, relax and enjoy a game or two. You won’t regret it..Version: 4.76.0

WowThis bingo game is real fun! Challenging, fast paced and full of thrill.Version: 4.76.0

Been Playing Since 2010This game is great!.Version: 4.76.0

Bingo!Love the game.Version: 4.76.0

Blitzed with Bingo BlitzLove this bingo blitz.Version: 4.75.1

Love the gameHaving issues logging the game into fb. The game keeps giving me errors 🙁.Version: 4.74.1

Great game!It’s a very enjoyable game to play!.Version: 4.74.1

It’s addictingThis game is so addicting and so much fun!.Version: 4.74.1

LoveLove playing this game by far the best bingo game.Version: 4.74.1

RoomsTo long opening new rooms. Open to many seasonal rooms..Version: 4.74.1

Bingo blitzLove this game.Version: 4.74.1

Fun All The TimeLove the challenge and anticipation of waiting for my numbers..Version: 4.74.1

Good gameNice to pass the time.Version: 4.74.1

YesAddictive.Version: 4.74.1

ReviewI like this, it’s fun.Version: 4.74.1

LoveLove love.Version: 4.74.0

Great game!I am a Bingo lover and have tried most bingo games but this one is by far the best one! Easy to get credits and it’s just simply an awesome bingo game , I’ve been playing this game consistently for about 5 years I believe.Version: 4.74.0

Bingo blitz.Best game ever.i am addicted.cannot stop playing.really love playing bingo blitz.Version: 4.74.0

YesBest game ever.Version: 4.73.2

B BGood game.Version: 4.73.2

RateBest game ever!.Version: 4.73.2

Bingo creditsIt takes so long to get enough credits to enjoy playing more than 1 card. Don’t get to play often enough..Version: 4.73.2

Bingo BlitzThis is by far the best bingo game on Facebook. I look forward to playing the game everyday..Version: 4.73.1

Love itBeen playing this game for years. Love it.Version: 4.73.1

MaxThe game man is fun.Version: 4.73.1

FunLove the game but the daily credits need to increase. Finishing levels should increase the daily credits. It cost more to buy cards as you finish each level so the daily credits should as well..Version: 4.73.1

LaggingThe app lags a lot and you lose a lot of money since you can't play it. It has nothing to do with my connection btw. I hope someone reads this and fixes the problem because I think I will delete the app. It was a fun ride though..Version: 4.73.1

So funLots of fun.Version: 4.73.0

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