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Sky Guide makes stargazing simple. Just hold it overhead to automatically find stars, constellations, planets, satellites and more. With so many fun and powerful features, there is something for all ages and experience levels!

“Close to perfect.”

“It’s a dazzling piece of software…”
-David Pogue

“Sky Guide is one of the coolest apps in the App Store…”

- Apple Design Award 2014

- #1 app reached in 92 countries

Is it a star or the planet Mars? Knowing what's up in your night sky is now effortless with Sky Guide. Hold your iPhone or iPad up and Sky Guide automatically aligns itself to the stars above you—no setup required.

Have you ever wished you could recognize the constellations but didn't want to study those paper star charts? Sky Guide's augmented reality (AR) mode makes learning your way around the sky clear and effortless.

Whether you're in search of the constellation Virgo, the Andromeda Galaxy or the next big meteor shower, Sky Guide is jam-packed with information and rich graphics that will satisfy the most curious minds.

Voyage to the past and future with cinematic time controls. Know where the Moon will be later in the evening so you can capture that perfect photo. See what the sky looked like the moment you were born or be an eyewitness to history's greatest comets.

It's a star! It's a plane! No, it's a satellite! Sky Guide features hundreds of bright satellites for you to identify and track. You can also receive notifications whenever the International Space Station flies over your location.

Use Sky Guide anywhere—on your evening dog walk, camping trips or in the classroom. The app works with or without Wi-Fi, cellular service or GPS, so everything is at your fingertips no matter where you go.

Additional Features:

- Huge stellar catalog: 2.5 million stars!

- Filter: X-ray the sky and explore invisible wonders.

- Red night mode: Preserve your dark-adapted eyesight.

- Notification Center Widget: At-a-glance essentials including rise and set times for the Sun, Moon and planets.

- Apple Watch: Sky Guide can send you a notification when an event is about to happen in the skies above your location, like when the International Space Station is due to fly over. You can also keep tabs on the latest solar activity or add our super-accurate Moon Complication to your Apple Watch face.

Optional Features:

- Sky Guide SUPERMASSIVE. This extensive add-on gives you access to incredible high definition zooming, 680× larger star and deep sky catalogs, and exclusive cinematic tours.

Join the millions who have discovered a more personal connection to the stars with Sky Guide. It might forever change the way you look up.

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Sky Guide Positive Reviews

The Universe is a Wanderous PlaceIt is probably best to describe this anecdotally: I just watched PBS's new 2-hour special on the Voyager 1 and 2 spacecraft. It began giving me a sense of this grand scale of a solar system we live in... a perception only reinvigorated few times through the words of someone like Carl Sagan describing the Pale Blue Dot. I looked at my phone and immediately opened this app again to just look at space. As I wondered to my back door I realized that I was fortunate enough to be waking outside into a cloudless night. I turned on night view mode, turned down my display brightness, and let the ambient music of this app play. I was alone, along with the living silence of night with the smooth, soothing music playing on the app. I looked up with my phone, navigating amongst the constellations, in awe at how the sight could be so beautiful, seemingly unique every time, and so often taken for granted. Realizing the opportunity, I searched for satellites via the app and eagerly moved my phone around the sky to track the paths of Coos Rockets that were flying by and anticipating the next flyover from our man-made moons. As much as I adore the night sky in all its grand beauty, this app makes exploration even more satisfying, concise, and exploratory than I otherwise would have been able to do. Thank you..Version: 6.2.3

I Use It More Than Any Other AppI use this app more than any other app I have. Not just more than other’s like it. It’s beautiful, it’s easy to learn, it’s AR is accurate, the sky blending is near seamless on clear days, the sounds and music are breathtaking, the menus are sleek and simple, the tutorial is thoughtfully guided, and I cannot sing enough praise for the affordable pricing. Other apps don’t even come close to giving you as much pleasure for price. Bravo. I have no complaints. I have a few offhanded suggestions as far as being able to backtrack navigating the sky, though. I think having a brief history (maybe 10 astronomical objects worth?) to show others what you had looked at would make it easier to frequently enjoy the app with your friends and family. 10/10 I recommend this for anyone and everyone. It’s the price of a coffee and what you experience is absolutely priceless. The happiness that this app gives me is staggeringly invaluable to my day to day, and I never expected to love an app as much as I have come to love StarGuide. Thank you. Salut.Version: 8.1.9

Snow MoonMy world kind of flipped on its head this past new year. Generally like to look out at the city at night but I started staring at the stars a little more leading up to the snow moon. It was cloudy on the 8th but I still took a midnight hike in a few hills behind my city. The moon made a few winks but the clouds kind of disappointed my hope & blacked out the stars. Half-gave up until I laid down flat on my back and tested this app real quick. I’ve tinkered with a few AR star gazing apps a few years ago but those apps never really reached beyond the screen. Tech didn’t quite do the stars justice in the past. Tech could probably still do more for educationally brilliant apps like these but, at the very least, it does well with the stars. I appreciate the beauty. I haven’t the taken the time to appreciate it and its near infinite astrophysical wonders as much as I should — experience that night made my new appreciation starkly apparent. For what it’s worth, thanks. Reminders in moments like those bring genuine feelings of awesome peace. *** Physics, yo. Carry’s love. ***.Version: 8.1.2

Makes me forget to breathe!The sky is my first love, and a near-obsession.. so many thanks to the developers for creating this wonder; it is, in a word, perfection. The ambient music, the ease of use, the incredible amount of information, instructions all wonderful, even details of space below our horizon. I somehow relish the thought of sleeping beneath the Draco & Ursula Minor constellations, and I have to say, the visuals should be enjoyed on as large a mobile screen as possible, although it can be dizzying if you move it too quickly. It’s easy to romanticise the stars and to be in awe of space, of which we know so little...I love it, and the mysteries it holds, as it’s sometimes the only thing that makes me feel that the silly little irksome things, and nasty people don’t matter...just look up and wonder. This makes me miss Carl Sagan: “the sky calls to us, if we do not destroy ourselves we will one day venture to the stars” We miss you, Dr. Sagan, but feel a bit closer to you with simple and beautiful tools such as this one. Just remember to breathe..Version: 6.7.1

Best Application Ever !First of All Thanks to the Developer for giving us such a great Application Ever! But The Only Problem in lastest version is “Realtime Moving objects” like i was remember the version 6.01 in that version when we zoom the Moon so the moon will moving in realtime so reallly miss that feature in new versions i request the developer please bring that feature in upcoming version as soon as possible! Please Dear Developer Bring that feature again in option/Button type if someone want sidereal motion they can “TURN ON” and if someone don’t want they can “TURN OFF” sidereal motion. Dear Developer i am also your user i have rights to feedback , The sidereal motion was useful to us because when someone ask us how you can say that this app is a realtime app so that we can show them sidereal motion in zooming the moon like before we did in 6.0.1 version and say to them that look this is the realtime app so i request that please bring it in upcoming version as soon as possible..Version: 7.1.1

A SUPER MASSIVE App!I Love looking at the sky, stars, clouds, etc. Found Sky Guide. Not only do I get to follow the stars, constellations, moon, sun, planets, comets, satellites, but I can go forward in time, backward in time, there is information about everything that is listed in the sky in the App and I keep finding more ways to use this app. I just LOVE Sky Guide. My friends and neighbors (most of who don't have computers nor internet connections, as I live in a village with mostly poor farmers) come over to look with me. They love knowing what is that bright star in the sky, what is the planet, etc... It is highly Educational and worth the money. And it works with the wifi off. Best. Best. Best! I fully suggest this App for a great hands on course in basic Astronomy. 5 Stars!!! And now with SUPERMASSIVE as an option, it just continues to blow my mind. Seeing the Galaxies , Nebulas, Planets up close is breathtaking. This app was definitely made by people who Love their subject. And I Love this app. It continues to be Amazing! Amazing!.Version: 6.7.1

Soo much better than SkyViewWhen I bought this app, I was expecting it to look a little bit better than the star-gazing app that I was using at the time: SkyView. When compared to Skyview, Sky Guide is clearly the more advanced application, as it has better quality. Its planet animations look stunning, along with a subtle, beautiful design to the overall app itself. It can be seen that the app was designed with the consumer in mind due to the many features included: pinch to zoom (which displays a richer, starlit sky closer up), a filter mode (allowing the user to see the universe through different light filters such as gamma, thermal, etc.), and finally the inclusion of AR capabilities that can map celestial bodies precisely with their counterparts within the app, gaining an immense amount of accuracy when star-tracking. All in all, I love this app and I definitely recommend it to all of those who are interested in the night sky..Version: 6.6

FunnI like how it lets me know about the space stTion comming Would a more than one hot notice ahead of time also like a 10 min then a 5 min a 60 min ahead of time would be nice I get busy an lose track of time Maybe better to Jane able to set three alarms Like one hour ahead of time then another about 7 mins ahead of the space station fly ouvrt I like iridium flares too It would be really nice to have the alarms for the iridium flares since they are so rare now Don’t under stand the ratings for how bright a sat might be passing over I I can not see it with my naked eye then it’s of no use to me I like to take my family out side to see things of interest to them A star does hold my 5 and 7 year old attention A moving light does It has to be able to be seen wirh the naked eye if not they will fight over binoculars and that will not make it a fun family thing to do Maybe a recommendation that says use a certain power binoculars or telescope to view satellites in orbit Or be able to detect a First and second list Those I can see with my kids with just the eyeball and how bright it will be or that it will be so dim Don’t waste your time I can see iss and can show my kids it easy when it’s over head Targeting of the iPhone is a little off tho But usually I can get close enough to spot it So that’s good Write me back if you do these mods Thanks.Version: 8.1.9

Worth it.It’s amazing, buy it for sure. I love almost everything but here’s a few things for the developers to note. I know you’ve worked very hard on this and I don’t doubt that at all, but just consider the following please?😁: 1. When we click on a planet, then the info tab, then swipe up to get the rotational planet on our screens, it would be cool to tap on it and see a surface view for planets we have pictures of, and if the rotation was more realistic rather than 30ish second day/ night cycles. 2. When we view the planet from behind, I’d love to see its atmosphere as we can see when we photograph a planet when the sun is opposite the planet from our view. 3. I can’t seem to find any moons of other planets? Maybe I’m not looking hard enough but I spent a lot of time looking for 4 of the most prominent moons in our solar system, those being the moons of Jupiter. I couldn’t see any but I was most disappointed to see I couldn’t zoom in on IO and look at the immensely complicated surface features... 4. I would consider maybe just raising the base price of the app instead of having us pay initially and then being slapped in the face with other payments to see “exclusive features”... Anyway, I love the app. I love the work the developers have put into it. I look forward to improvements and new features. THANK YOU!.Version: 8.1.1

Top apps everThis is one of the very, very few apps I have consistently and continue to routinely use since getting my first iPhone back in 2010, iPhone 4. It’s that good. I love the beautiful simplicity of it while being the most accurate of any other “star guide” app on the market. I love the explanations of each star, satellites, monthly news on what to look for in the coming weeks/months! I also REALLY appreciate the developers for not over-complicating the app with stupid subscription plans, ads and all the other grubby behavior so many once great apps have sadly adopted (and therefore ruined). Please keep it up and thank you for making such a fab app! My only wish is to see when certain lower atmosphere radio/satellites are spinning around over oceanic coastlines where lots of fishing occurs but I understand that is not exactly this apps “astronomical” intention. :D.Version: 8.1.9

Incredible. Worth paying forI wanted a map of the night sky, especially when I can’t go outside due to COVID. I looked at quite a few options in the app store, most of which had a monthly subscription fee of $5, which was too much for me! I saw the preview for sky guide and how rich the information seemed to be, and saw it was only $3 to buy it. So I did and it’s absolutely incredible!! I can see anywhere in the night sky, even places that would normally be obscured by the horizon. There’s information about the magnitude of stars, and lots of greek mythology. The only thing I would say is I would love to be able to zoom out more and have a greater view of the sky from my phone, but I figured that if I was actually lying under the stars, the view on my phone would be proportional to what I would see in the sky (if that makes sense!).Version: 8.1.9

Am I using the same app? - EDITED*** please see my update below *** With all the great reviews, I must have downloaded a different app. I use several astronomy apps , but this is the only one that thinks east is west and north is south. I emailed the developer and was told to try the figure 8 trick, but I'd already attempted that several times. Upped my rating from 1 star to 3 since I did receive a response, but being off 180 degrees makes it unusable except for indoor couch sessions. *** Okay, I just reinstalled after 2 years of using other astronomy apps and it's sensing directions properly now. Whatever was causing the compass to be off has been corrected, so I'm giving it 5 stars since the other astronomy apps are wanting to milk me for money every opportunity they can and this app still continues to operate without further expenditure. ***.Version: 6.6

Really Neat!!This app is amazing if you love star viewing! It’s really fun to pull up the app at night and to see which stars you’re looking at. It’s amazing for viewing the slow rotation of the earth too, great for getting a better understanding of that. The graphics are beautiful, but what really makes this app is all the handy features on it. Bedsides showing you which stars are where, you can also select rockets, satellites, and the space station and it shows you LIVE where it is so you can potentially see it (if it’s currently visible in your hemisphere). You can also look up upcoming meteor showers and it will tell you which way to look! You can even see different electromagnetic waves through this lens filter type thing. There’s more than that, definitely worth the $2.99, and I neeeever get anything but free apps!.Version: 6.6

Amazing! Unbelievable! Thank you!I recommend this app wholeheartedly without reservation. This app is not only beautiful to look at as well as fun and easy to use, but also full of up to date information. It has always been an app of the highest quality and well worth the price. I can’t overstate how much I appreciate the fact that although I bought this app a few years ago, it still works as it did when I bought it. I appreciate that, unlike other apps I have bought, this app has not effectively stolen my money by insisting I buy a subscription in order to continue using it, not only that but it includes up to date information! To the developers of this app: Thank you so much for your integrity in honoring my original purchase and more!.Version: 8.1.9

Want to see a shooting star?My 3 year old son and I hear an alert on my phone: 6 minutes to an Iridium Flare. He calls them shooting stars. We drop everything and run outside, rushing to the darkest spot in the neighborhood we can find. It’s not that dark, but it doesn’t have to be. We point my phone to the sky and see the path the Iridium satellite will take and watch. A bright shining light grows suddenly in the night sky right where the app points us and his smile and sense of wonder grows with it. It’s over in a few seconds but we talk about it for the rest of the night. Thank you all for this little feature in an already amazing app. Thank you for these moments, and for introducing my son to the world beyond our world. If I could give you 6 stars for this review I would..Version: 7.0.1

Far and away the best app of its kindI’ve had this app pretty much since it was released. It is far and away the best stargazing/sky reference app available. It’s full of features and detailed information on everything- be it planets, stars, satellites, rockets, space debris, galaxies, constellations, etc. I recommend it to people all the time. Most importantly, when people start pulling their phones out to check out the sky at night, they always end up saying “wow which app is that?” and delete the one they had and download this one instead. That’s really all you need to know. Also something I like is that it doesn’t have the cartoonish feel of many similar apps. Really just can’t stress enough how much this app is better than the rest..Version: 6.7.1

Great and simple to useI also use sky safari plus which has additional features that I find useful, but for a super quick easy to use app , this is just wonderful. I use this when I’m volunteering on an observation deck where we have a 20 inch refractor and a 36 inch reflecting telescope that are open to the public on a regular basis. Sky guide ends up selling itself. When I show it to people they see how useful and simple it is and they’ve purchased it on the spot. I also like the feature for the international space station and other satellites. There are some things I’d like to see changed but overall I really like the product and I use it frequently. Note that the magnetic case on the iPad seems to throw the overhead view off by some degrees.Version: 8.1.9

Superb, but some suggestions.I wish that I could have rated your product a 4.8 instead of integer 5, as there are two things I’d love to see. First, once I have searched for an object, please don’t unlock the search when I touch the screen again. Or give me the option to remain locked once I find something. It is very annoying to turn off the compass, type in something, find it, and then “lose” it when I tap the compass again. Another example is if I want to advance the clock a couple of hours to see where an object might be later. Second, I’ve been using your product as an aid in astrophotography. When aiming a 400mm lens, it’s been a lifesaver. That said, placing my iPhone flat on the back of a DSLR to aim it is OK, but it can be very awkward when something is high above the horizon (such as Andromeda as I write this). A “90 degree” viewing option would be extremely helpful so I can put my phone flat on the hot shoe of the camera or edge on to the back of it. Even a “mirror image” view, where I can put the phone across the filter ring of my lens and effectively look over my shoulder would be very helpful. All in all, a great piece of software..Version: 8.1.9

A dream come aliveI’ve had this app for more than 2 years. And I’ve loved every single bit of it. When I was younger, I wanted to become an astrophysicist or an astronaut. I still do, but my path has now changed into a different direction. My dreams are now so far away, but this app made it closer than ever. The music, the feel. I cry because I love watching the stars and how the world always seems to stop whenever I stare up into the sky. It has become a place of peace for me, a sanctuary from this life. I forget everything, and just imagine myself staring up at a sky that isn’t blue but black. I wish I could ascend above the clouds and see that. And I might just do that. But for now, this app is perfect for a dreamer like me who looks up at the stars and wishes. 💜.Version: 8.0.1

Weather, Dark Sky Finder, New AR Features, WOWI opened the Sky Guide app today after the first time in awhile. Today is January 20th, 2019 and a lunar eclipse will be visible in my area in just a couple hours. I have loved Sky Guide since the day I downloaded the app years ago. I have continued to be impressed with attention to detail the developers have added to this app and continue to use every aspect of the iPhone’s functionality to provide the best UI/UX possible for astronomy lovers everywhere. I have never really posted a thorough review of an app before on the App Store, but this app deserves way more than five stars. I am genuinely impressed time and time again every time I open the app on my iPhone XS. Thank you to the Sky Guide team for creating such a tool!.Version: 7.1

Best Stargazing App By Far!This is very worth the money! I use this app everyday, and I love it. My favorite part is that just by pressing the compass at the top, you can move your phone around like you are actually looking at the night sky! You can identify any star in the sky with this app. Not just that, you can see any galaxy, nebula, satellite, planet, star, etc. with this app. It is perfect for skywatching out on a clear and dark night. There is nothing to dislike about this app! I’m not just saying this just because I want to, I’m actually serious. It is super informational and notifies you of passing satellites and so much more! Please buy this app if you’re looking for an amazing stargazing app. It has EVERYTHING..Version: 6.6

5 ⭐️s, missing points of interestI'm absolutely loving this app. Can't say enough about it. That said, many of the things I'd be most interested in knowing where to find (e.g., Apep, TON 618, the Great GRB Wall, etc.) aren't cataloged (even with a Supermassive subscription). By no means is this any kind of deal breaker but I think allowing us to use coordinates (i.e. right ascession, declination) to find and favorite certain points in the sky would be a smart move. It'd give the app that much more appeal, as the user wouldn't just be getting a passive, exploratory experience but would actually get to chart the map out themselves, in a sense. Just my thoughts. I have no idea how feasible it would be but it'd be a great addition..Version: 8.0.3

A great tool for viewing astronomical events but lacks sufficient supprtI have used this app for nearly as long as it has been out. It is a complex system with many options. While there is a help section, I could find no explicit answer to the question : How to take a photo". I emailed tech support but got no response. One should be able to just tap the screen. But if you press the right sided button you get Seri freezing up the phone. Pressing the right button and the upper left button works if you have a light touch,otherwise you end up nearly rebooting your phone. I notice it has been 5 months since they updated the app. There seem to be newer ones more consistently updated that I will be looking into using..Version: 8.1.9

Sky GuideSky Guide is no doubt one of the most amazing applications in the App Store. The design is simple but the content is complex as can be. Ranging from the stars to the constellations to whatever phenomenon presents itself upon the skies the app does a remarkable job of bringing us closer to the heavens. The app not only does that but provides news articles on astronomy related subjects as well as forecasts for your local area. Why not as the weather is tied to what we see above. Preferences can be set for notifications of upcoming events so those invested will never miss a thing. The app is easy to use for people of all ages and works to inspire young people to take note of what lies beyond our own horizons..Version: 8.0.3

AR = MIND. BLOWN.I’ll state right away that I own pretty much every astronomy app that’s worth owning. I’m not an expert by any means, just an avid fan who’s always interested in learning more about space. I’ve never left a review for any of the apps in this category before but, after spending just 5 minutes exploring my evening sky in augmented reality, I felt compelled to congratulate the developer for nailing it right out of the gate. The controls are intuitive and the tips show on screen at the perfect time. That’s how I found the sky blending feature and that’s when the real magic happens! Before AR it always seemed like the star or planet in the sky that I was trying to identify with the app was close to what I was seeing on my device but it often felt like I was just guessing that I had my phone or iPad pointed at the right spot of light in the sky. However, with AR and the sky blending feature I “know” that I’m identifying the exact point of light in the sky that interests me. If you’re on the fence about purchasing this app stop wasting your time. Tap buy and get outside!!!✨💫✨.Version: 6.5

My favorite of 7 sky apps I own!Love this app. It’s user friendly. It’s beautiful. It’s incredibly (and interestingly) informative (but easy to navigate while getting access to all that amazing info!) It’s easy to find what I want in the sky and what’s not actually in my sky at that moment (but when it will be or when I missed it already). The augmented reality is kinda fun (but not often used by me to date)... To pack soooooo much into something so beautiful, informative, and easy to navigate is apparently quite a feat... as my other sky apps lose points on at least one of those key components... (and some more than one)... Hands down my favorite!.Version: 7.1.1

Explore, teach, connect, and enjoy!If you know the night sky, this app immediately puts details at your fingertips. If you are somewhat familiar, it will dial you in instantly. You’ll be sharing it with those around you and hear sentences starting with “I never knew...” whispered in astonishment. Set up the alerts and learn the magnificence of the ISS as it wheels across the sky. Track the planets through the summer skies. Touch the info circle next to an object and learn about Messier objects or the original Greek myths they saw reflected in their heavens. Become a citizen of the universe. This simple app has become an important part of my life that has helped bind my family together..Version: 7.0.4

My favorite fun appThe functionality of this app is astounding. Not only does it synch up with your location and which compass direction you are facing, showing you the sky as you hold it up and move around, but you can freeze the view, set a date and time for a view (like, your birthday) and locate specific stars, satellites, planets, constellations and other traditional heavenly bodies. I use it almost every day just to fly a little, and it tells me when the ISS will fly over and from what direction! As a science fiction writer the stats on stars has been invaluable in ensuring I don’t goof up important facts and it inspires me on dull days. No regrets, worth every penny!.Version: 6.6

For amusement and educationI recommend this app for anyone who wants to be amazed by our landscape above. It's entertaining, amusing, and educational! Lots of great features like you can hold your phone up to a specific light in the sky and find out by clicking on the screen what it is, or search for your favorite constellation or planet and have Skyguide point out where it is. You can also "fast forward" or reverse in time to see sunsets and paths of other objects in future or history. Great music track that feels like a live movie soundtrack while you use it. The creators of this app have really given us a treat! (Thank you guys!) My favorite app to use!.Version: 6.5.2

Fast, convenient and accurateI have been using this App for about three years. It provides all that I need to enjoy the night sky. I programmed it to alert me for events like an ISS overfly of my sky. It is accurate and gives me a 10 min warning. It’s map of the path is perfect. The ISS appears on schedule and in the right spot. Also programmed it for meteor showers, close planets, comets passing by and more. It is a great tool for any amateur or back yard astronomer. It is incredibly accurate to help me locate distant objects in my 10” telescope. I don’t have to rely on charts and wheels anymore. The “Red Phase” makes it easy to use once I my eyes have acclimated and using my telescope. Great App!.Version: 8.1.9

Fantastic!This app has way more features than I thought! It’ll show you the names of stars planets, and other space structures and even provides articles on them. It tells you when they rise, set, and the best time to view them. This app even has a compass feature, allowing you to point your phone at a star and see which one it is! Sky Guide also has a Calendar feature that lets you know about upcoming events like what days planets will be most visible or when planets will be in close proximity to the moon in the night sky. I definitely recommend this app to space lovers like myself. I can’t get off this app!.Version: 7.1.1

Great constellation and planet guideI’m very happy to have found this app, I was a Boy Scout in my early part of my life and remember using acompasa and astronomy book to try to locate objects in the night sky. It was fun but lots of work. This app is as easy as it gets to find and learn of the lights in the night sky. Point your cell phone and touch anything on the screen and learn the name of the object and some interesting history behind the name. I can recognize and show my children and grandchildren and friends objects that we see but don’t appreciate until we learn what they are. I recommend this amazing app to both newbies and seasoned star gazers. Enjoy! Leo M.Version: 8.1.1

Loved Astronomy since I was a kidSince I was in second grade and went to the planetarium, the constellations held a magical fascination for me! I remember this gentleman telling the stories that went with the “pictures in the night sky” and along with his mesmerizing voice was music similar to the ethereal music with this app. I enjoy this as much as I did then and I can relive that mystical and extraordinary experience in a way with this app and it’s information for each constellation, planet, moon and every wonderful thing I see when I look into the night and this time I hold it all in my hand! I highly recommended it for stargazing and learning about the heavens in sight..Version: 6.6

Worth every pennyTo be honest, I never write reviews about anything... ever. I wasn’t sure if I’d like this app at first so I checked the reviews and so many people gave it a five star rating. Now I understand why since I’ve experienced using it myself. After downloading the app I purchased the expanded version of the app for less than $1 per month and I stayed up at night another four hours looking at stars, galaxies, nebulae, planets, and even rockets. It was such a small price to pay to be able to see everything in its real time position in the sky and I’d recommend this to anyone who has even the slightest interest in astronomy..Version: 6.7.1

Star GazrAwesome app. I can find planets and other stars when I need to. Nicely done! Love the soothing music too. I like to know when the moon is on the rise as a photographer. No matter where I point the iPhone there is something interesting to see in the sky, even at the opposite pole. The descriptions and info on the different stars is laid out nicely. Don't hesitate to buy this app. Well worth it! 😉 5 stars!!!! ** The latest upgrade 9/17 is yet the best! Adding the live camera view of the horizon and sky gives this app another interesting dimension and way to see what is up in the sky where you are looking. I still ❤️ this app, get it - you’ll love it too..Version: 6.5

Arcturus is my JAM! Why?....1. My homeboy Arcturus dominates the Booty (designated Alpha Boötis, Arcturus is the brightest star in the constellation of Boötes,)!! Lol. 2. Taking 4th! Place in the Mr. Universe (literally, lol!) Brightest Star contest is quite the feat (there were only like millions of other contestants to beat)! If the contest was limited to the northern celestial hemisphere, Arcturas would take the brightest grand prize 🌞⭐️🏆... 3. I know this and lots of other interesting bits of information about Arcturus as well as many other gems in the celestial heavens BECAUSE OF SKY GUIDE! Sky Guide is a very accurate, informative and intuitive application! Now when you look up to the night sky, break out the Sky Guide app and be prepared to be amazed..Version: 6.2.3

Love the watch complicationI’ve been using Sky Guide for a few years now. It’s a terrific tool to explore and learn more about the stars, planets and everything in between. I really like the watch face complication for infograph modular… As it shows the proper orientation of the moon as it passes across the sky. Much better than the native moon phase graphic. However...I’m now using the Siri watch face for which Sky Guide shows as an available 3rd party app. But no cards ever appear, why is that? I’m expecting to see cards appear at the right times ahead of sunrise/sunset and moonrise/moon set. When will this work properly? Much appreciated!.Version: 8.1.9

The number #1 app for looking at SpaceSky Guide is one of the most coolest apps out there on the the App Store. When I go out camping with my family & we soak in all the stars, the galaxy, etc. Sky guide helps us to know how far that star is & why did they name it? The most helpful & fascinating thing is that you can be able to see if there is a Satellite, space junk, or any objects floating out in space. I used to think they were all Satellites but ends up most of it is old rockets. I totally recommend this app to anybody. This really works unbelievably great on the IPhone 8! Loving the new Calendars & the light pollution on the map!.Version: 7.0.4

WOWI think we have all learned real quick that you never purchase an app without reading most of the reviews!! I've been using this app for a few years now and it is beyond awesome I gave it five stars because they did not have an option for 25 stars!! What is that star out there that looks so bright?? Oh that's not a star it's Jupiter.... you can set up notifications and I've seen the international space station fly by many many times it's actually pretty awesome to see how fast it does fly by!!! And these are just a few of the things that it's capable of doing!! Don't hesitate Awesome awesome app!!.Version: 6.2.3

AmazingI just sat outside for 20 minutes looking at the starts just alone without my phone wondering what stars where which. I saw a lot of the brighter stars and wondering how far and bright compared to the sun they were. I went into the AppStore looking to see what these stars are called and this app told me descriptions and what satellites or rocket bodies were above me that second. I learned that the rocket bodies that are now known as space junk were launched around 30-40 years ago by Russia. This app is very useful. I spent 1 hour outside with this app after just trying to find new things.Version: 6.5

Saw the ISS fly over, space junkI was using it last night and a notice popped up saying the ISS was about to fly over. So I tracked it and to my surprise I could actually see it very clearly. I probably would have assumed it was just a plane without the app. So then I started looking for space junk of rockets and I could see a couple of those, too. This all in a major US city. Aside from that, it’s a good educational tool and I’ve already learned a lot about stars by using it. It tends to take a while for the compass to adjust but eventually it gets there and objects line up exactly..Version: 6.7.1

Does what it’s supposed to and moreFirst off: I tried to find something critical to say, because I don’t usually believe 5-star reviews...I couldn’t think of anything. I have had this app for a while now (years), and I have really enjoyed being able to quickly identify any bright object in the sky that catches my attention. What I didn’t expect, but have also enjoyed, is the large amount of information on each object that is offered just by tapping on it. As someone who isn’t even a stargazer, I find myself getting sucked in almost every time..Version: 7.1.1

G. A. TrottierI always read the reviews before purchasing any App......So to Anyone who is thinking about purchasing this, it is well worth it... I enjoy going out at night and knowing what I am viewing in the stars above... The night vision makes it very easy to focus back and forth from the dark night sky to my iPad and the background music is soothing....The information on the Planets,Stars and Mythology is highly detailed and very interesting. I have tried other Apps and in my opinion none of the others even come close. This is a great purchase for any mobile device.....Version: 6.2.3

This App!I love everything about this app. I am obsessed with the cosmos. I have friends and a 2 year-old daughter that are also ever interested in what lies above us on this spinning globe. This app not only provides a basic look at the heavens but gives us all the detail we need in real-time. Where is the moon right now? Where will it be in 3 hours? It is an amazing tool to build interest in young kids. They need to be thinking along the lines of STEM and how we can progress life throughout the universe. This is the app to invest time in with your family. It is one app f my favorite things. 😁.Version: 8.1.9

Worth Every PennyI’m not disappointed at all with this app. In fact, I am highly satisfied! I can’t believe how much information you can get from just looking at ONE STAR. I LOVE the feature that allows you to receive notifications for satellites and other things of that sort. This app is so amazingly designed and put together and so user friendly, I would recommend it to anyone. Literally the best decision I’ve ever made when it came to purchasing an app. Thank you developers for allowing us to use this heavenly application at the touch of our hands!.Version: 8.0.3

Thank You!Thank you for making such a beautiful and informative app. I’ve used this app for two years and it has brought me much joy to be able to not only get live updates about space but well constructed articles, and the ability to peer back into time all in one sleek and beautiful user interface. I have yet to see any thing like this come close to your quality of work in general. I’m 16 and this has forever changed the way I see the night sky. Keep up the good work, and look forward to anything else you guys make..Version: 8.1.9

It’s goodI like this App because it gives you a chance to look at the stars on a cloudy day and find all the constellations much easier though I can’t struggle with that sometimes it is amazing game for kids that are into space and science because it gives you an idea of what space looks like up in the sky and made it looks like down on the ground there are many different ways they can use this app I really like it sometimes they can be a little bit annoying but I really like how it gives me a chance to look at the stars..Version: 7.0.1

Awesome but needs some improvementSo when I saw the AR feature I saw that you could see all the constellations in real life which I was super excited about. But when I tried it out, it was not good. First, The constellations were ridiculously big and when I saw the creator use it, it was not ridiculously big. And second, I waited till 7:00 to go star gazing using this app, and you couldn’t even see the ground and they removed all color from the sky, which the creators didn’t have a problem with. I don’t know if it’s the game or if it’s my phone, but can you please help because this is a little bit odd..Version: 8.1.9

5 Star Star App!This is probably my favorite Star Gazing App. The compass works accurately, the optional ambient music is celestial, and the information garnered from the tap feature is incredible. Very user friendly & intuitive. Go for the upgrade & get the expanded zoom. We use it everywhere we travel. I just can’t say enough about how much I love this app. Sometimes I just sit there day or night and explore what stars, galaxies & constellations are surrounding me at the time. Easy to get lost in this app & not want to come back down to earth. You can’t go wrong with this one!!.Version: 8.1.9

Diane Delisle, amateurFantastique, jamais application n'aura été plus pratique pour les curieux. Même, mon petit-fils de 4 ans s'émerveille!!.Version: 6.2.3

Qualité supérieure et vaut l’abonnement proposéEnfin une application me permettant de ne rien manquer du ciel (mon ciel local évidemment) et de mieux gérer mon temps disponible pour mes activités d’observations et de photographie. Liens dynamiques avec la météo, la réalité locale. En temps nuageux, voyager virtuellement avec Supermassif (une carte du ciel profonde et détaillée proposée en option) remplace mes atlas 2000.0 Félicitations à l’équipe de conception pour la pertinence du résultat..Version: 8.1.1

Sky Guide ReviewSky guide is a Nice but is slightly boring. You should add more fun elements to the game. I do not use the app very often, but I enjoy when I do..Version: 7.0.4

Sky Guide. How deep do you want to go?I enjoy this app so much! I love looking up at the sky and trying to imagine our path though the universe and how everything is moving along with us. Lately I’ve been watching The ISS pass overhead with a friend that lives 1300 km away and we are using Sky Guide to compare the experience!.Version: 8.1.9

Beauty and knowledge.You’re missing out on the age old experience of star gazing if you don’t use this app. An absolute wealth of information, discovery and exploration. Mind blowing..Version: 8.1.9

GreatThe whole app is just great. Informative, well-done, everybody loves it..Version: 8.1.9

Love it!!I love walking my dog at night and I get a notification when the ISS satellite can be seen and I look up at the sky and see the exact same thing! Super accurate and I use this app to see cool stuff happening in the sky!.Version: 8.1.9

ReviewI would like to see a list of stationary satellites geosynchronous.Version: 8.1.9

Love itIt’s good but can you add a time lapse option please?.Version: 8.1.9

Love the appLove the app! It finds most things. I do wonder tho if the satellites (some) actually fly around the world in a second. I was looking at the star link satellites and some of them orbited like that. Still cool..Version: 8.1.9

Sky Gide is fun .I am nine years old and sky hide is fun to play and see the different coloured stars.👍😜🤪😄🥳😘😋😖😔🤓.Version: 8.1.9

Iridium flaresIt’s sad that they do not have the iridium flares any I have had this program for at least five years. I miss the iridium flares but now enjoy the starlinks longer. W always had a flare party.Version: 8.1.9

Look UpThis app is Prime Time! The sound effects are stellar. It’s comforting to know what’s upcoming & going on Up There..Version: 8.1.9

Excellent!It’s everything you could want in an app! Well done!.Version: 8.1.9

Wonderful AppLearn lots from this.Version: 8.1.9

FANtastic!!!An awesome exploration of the night skies which offers reminders of upcoming sky-gazing events. This app has an extensive descriptions of nebulae and our galaxies. FANtastic!!!.Version: 8.1.9

Pretty goodI like it.Version: 8.1.9

BonjourPas juste intéressant, important pour notre éducation..Version: 8.1.9

Great programFantastic program. I enjoy it.Version: 8.1.9

What a learning aid!!This is an app I really enjoy. It is on tap any time I need it!!.Version: 8.1.9

Please please pleaseAdd Earth 🥺.Version: 8.1.9

AmazingGreat app- thanks.Version: 8.1.9

Very interesting and coolGotta try it now!!.Version: 8.1.9

StarsAmazing view of the stars!.Version: 8.1.9

Absolutely Incredible!!!Just got it. Mind Blown!!.Version: 8.1.9

HonestlyIf you like stars, satellites, meteors, comets etc... and a very easy to navigate app. There it is. it’s worth it. I had this apps for years. I should of write a review sooner..Version: 8.1.9

The sky is fallingI love this app. It is bang on the money for being very accurate. I would recommend it for anyone who is interested in watching the sky.Version: 8.1.9

START EM YOUNG kids love spaceWith help from your app and a new telescope grandkids even knowing plants , constellation or two Most of all , AUG meter shower at cottage made grandma a hero From 68 yrs to 3 yr old all hooked on SKYWATCH The amazement and enjoyment that my family and I have both had learning and watching this site over the years is unquestionably too hard to explain top rape start them young they love it they don’t want telescopes now.Version: 8.1.9

GoodVery good.Version: 8.1.9

Best for sky viewingI love this app. Of all the sky viewing apps ( and there are a lot), this is the best. I’ve had it for a few years & still learning new things to do with it.Version: 8.1.9

Some good stuff hereEspecially for offline use.Version: 8.1.9

LuneLa Lune n’apparaît pas en temps réel. Elle n’y est pas du tout finalement..Version: 8.1.9

Très bien !Élève la conscience sur ce que nous sommes ... !.Version: 8.1.9

Amazing!!Love this app!! Works across all my devices and works beautifully. Was worth every penny!.Version: 8.1.9

Iridium FlaresAmazing app no doubt about that. I don’t get anymore notifications for iridium flares. Is there a bug that needs to be fixed?.Version: 8.1.9

Loved this app!I love this app so much. It tells you all the stories about the constellations and helps you learn about the stars and informs you of many interesting pieces of information about everything in the sky. I was so pleasantly surprised. Very much worth the money. I also love the celestial calendar and news articles😍.Version: 8.1.9

AmazingAs a huge nerd I’m so glad I bought this, I use it every night.Version: 8.1.9

Feels like magic.An app that anyone can use that truly feels magical..Version: 8.1.9

Great app. In love with it.I love this app so much. It is so detailed and even shows light pollution maps for amateur astronomers..Version: 8.1.9

Great appThe best yet.Version: 8.1.9

Neowise spotted and photographedAmazingly easy and extremely useful friendly app, thanks Sky Guide❤️.Version: 8.1.9

Parfait sauf...L’application est géniale, par contre, si je cherche la lune qui est bien à l’évidence devant moi en vrai est à ma gauche sur l’écran....Grosse déception, même en allant avec le contrôle manuel 😞.Version: 8.1.9

Worth it for any kind of userThe price for this app is justifiable for anyone that wants to be able to look up and quickly identify what star, planet, or any interstellar object they're looking it. The price is an absolute STEAL for anyone using this to find objects in a telescope or for astrophotography. The fact that this app works in the absence of any kind of internet connection is a godsend when identifying stars in remote locations. Whether you're in a city, in the country, using it to spot a planet, or using it to calibrate a telescope, it's got you covered..Version: 8.1.9

I love itMy only critique is I wish that it showed meteor showers and comets passing through.Version: 8.1.9

Best App ever!!I really love how this app is designed and how you can see what types of stars are out their and listening to the calming music makes it a great experience and this app is worth every cent!.Version: 8.1.9

Excellent app Sky GuideSky guide is beautiful and very well detailed in it’s information about the planets,stars, satellites, comets, nebula’s , there are extras witch I believe should have been included in the app , rather than having to pay to watch the deep space video and other detailed video’s that should be included! Other than that it’s great fun for curious space enthusiasts who love to navigate through the stars! We should add a category for earth like planets, and keep updating the information based off of what new things we are learning about our sky Including anything that could have an impact on earth. It’s an interesting place for learning! Thank You.Version: 8.1.8

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What do you think Sky Guide ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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