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Township is a unique blend of city building and farming!

Build your dream town! Harvest crops, process them at your facilities, and sell goods to develop your town. Trade with distant islands. Open restaurants, cinemas and other community buildings to give life in your town special flavor. Explore the mine to get resources and find ancient artifacts. Run your own zoo and collect animals from around the world.
Are you ready to build your dream? Let’s get started!

Township features:
● Different buildings and decorations you can use to create your dream town
● Various crops to grow and later process at your factories
● Fun, charismatic townspeople with orders you need to fill
● Your town's mine packed with ancient artifacts to discover and collect
● Exotic goods brought from the islands
● A zoo to build where you can even breed animals
● Famous landmarks you can use to decorate your town, like the Statue of Liberty, Big Ben, and many more!
● Play with your Facebook and Game Center friends or make new friends in the game community!

Township is free to play, though some in-game items can also be purchased for real money. If you don't want to use this option, simply turn it off in your device's "Restrictions" menu.

*You need an internet connection to play the game and enable social interaction, competitions, and other features.*

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Township App Comments & Reviews

Township Positive Reviews

Don’t get too attached to this gameWhen I first downloaded this game I was head over heels for it. I know I’ve sunk a couple hundred hours into it at least. There are enough positive reviews for this game explaining its appeal, so I’ll get to the reason for this review. I got past level 40 and I noticed the game started to kick out at the startup screen, back to the desktop. At first it was only intermittent, but it was so much fun that I just dealt with it. As time went on the incident started occurring more frequently until the game refused to start at all. I did a lot of research and tried all the tricks - restarting the device, updating the iOS, deleting the app and reinstalling, everything but tossing the iPad up against the wall. The fixes would work for one or two launches of the game, then back to not loading again. For this reason I am discontinuing playing the game any longer - it’s too frustrating waiting for it to load, then getting kicked out. The reason for this review is to make everyone aware of this issue. The devs need to address this ASAP, as there are a lot of people having this problem. I have been playing Shop Titans for about three years and have never had this problem. So, bottom line is - you will love this game until you can’t get it to launch. Then you will ask yourself why you wasted so much time on it to begin with..Version: 9.4.0

Very enjoyable loads of fun great friendship & teamworkI've been playing this game of and on for 6 years w the last year and half daily!!! I love this game and the competitiveness of the regatta!!! I've got a great team, great friends and relationships I've built and communicate w while playing the regatta and as a leader in our group and playing against other teams in the regatta!! You don't have to play in the regatta ❣another game within the game but optional to play but if you like comprehensiveness than you need to play in the regatta as well!!! It's made me a lot better and smarter player. I've got great teammates who have helped me to grow my town to level 92 growing stronger every day!! I move up a level bout every week and half which is good and quick and just shows how much I play because it takes a lot of work growing food and harvesting food building houses, hotels, community buildings and factories!! It's designed that you don't have to use money but it's hard not buying the dollars in the game to use specially if you want to play 16 tasks in the regatta but it also allows you to win money in different ways!! Some of the ways is the inner games it always offers for you to play and gives you ways of winning the dollors in it!! This game is always growing and a must to play totally love and play everyday anywhere from 30 mins to 6 hours! Very fun come try it with your time and play!!!.Version: 7.0.5

Fun but costs:(I love this game it’s very entertaining but i have noticed 2 things that bother me a lot. This game is great for a distraction but it’s so time consuming because the crops and goods take like an hour to make. So while you are waiting for things to be done to sell to costumers or out on the train there’s nothing at all to do in the meantime. Also, this game doesn’t work anywhere but when I’m at home! I have full wifi and 4 bars at school and it will still not let me play because the “connection is lost”. Something I’ve also noticed is that without spending money, the things you can do in this game are very limited:( My parents won’t let me spend money on games and I’m not old enough to have my own card where I can spend money online so this means I don’t get half of the prizes, I never earn any money, I don’t get as many crops, I get short lives on the games and have to wait 25 minutes for 4 new life’s, and basically there’s a longer wait time for EVERYTHING. Building places in your town takes days, even weeks before you can open it up. Crops can take 30 min-1 hour Even building houses or an extra plot of land will take about a whole day of waiting, and while I am waiting I have nothing else to do. Anyways, in conclusion, this game is pretty cool and offers creativity but it needs some touch ups. My advice would be if you download this game it’s prolly best to spend the money so you can get the advantages and the full experience of the game..Version: 9.7.5

Make challenges more user friendlyI play this game with my wife and we send stuff to each other and play our way thru regattas and the little fun events they have. However my main complaint about this game is that rollercoaster challenge and the renovation challenge. The rollercoaster is sooooooo annoying i just avoid the game completely until its over. Any little twitch of ur finger and SLAM right into the next set of tracks. Im not an expert gamer but ive played my fair share of games since i was a kid. This challenge is hands down the worst. Even my wife hates this one. Next on the list is the renovation. This is a fun one, and i usually compete with my wife to see who can get the most done. The one complaint i have about this is the fact that you basically have to make playing this you job for the duration of the challenge. Each level is basically worth .0001 percent of the entire challenge (maybe ive exaggerated a bit here for emphasis but u get my point) and the levels are not easy at all as you progress. So while fun to get your room Renovated it usually is all for nothing if you dont reach the checkpoint which is another challenge in itself. So i tend to avoid those two now, usually by playing another timewasting game and by the time the challenges are over im not interested in playing anymore till my wife is asking me for donuts or strawberries or potatoes. So long story short, change is needed in these two challenges if you want to keep people playing..Version: 8.7.0

Could be betterSo I really like this game and it can be addicting but once I started getting further in the game, the storage kept getting full. And when I needed to make more things, I couldn’t get it bc it was too full. Then in order to build thing I need materials, which you can only get from trains. And if I can’t make anything bc my storage is full then I can’t send orders for the trains. I know I can sell from my storage but half the time it’s things I still need. Now, you can also play mini games in the game itself. The levels can be pretty easy but eventually it gets really hard. Too hard to the point where you have no choice but to spend your own money to get cash or use a million lives to pass one level. So here’s where I give you a few ideas. 1) You can add more moves, +10 to each HARD level. Or very hard level. 2) You can make it to where we can skip a level. 3) Or just change the whole mini game and make sure there isn’t more than 1 thing that you need to get rid of. Like for level 54, you made it really hard because you only gave 20 or so moves. There’s 2 “stories” of pieces, you have to get rid of bottles, AND you also have to get rid of acorns which are covered with leaves/dirt. All of that is too much to do especially with only 20 moves. I’ve tried this level 12 times already and I’m not gonna spend any more money. Especially because you give us hard levels every 2 easy levels and that’s not fair at all..Version: 9.5.0

Good, but some changes NEED to be madeI love this game. I play it all the time, and there is tons of stuff to do. Regattas, mini games, supplying goods, and much more. But there are some serious problems that make me want to delete the app sometimes. For one, new goods at the market take SIX HOURS. Nobody wants to wait six hours. I know the developers are doing this so people don’t get addicted, so maybe just shorten it down to three hours, or four. In addition, producing goods and crops takes different amounts of time and I understand why but when it takes 7 HOURS to grow one specific crop or make on specific good, just shorten it so people aren’t paying more Township Bucks. Which brings me to my next point. To make things go faster for anything, you need Township Bucks . It is really hard to get Township Bucks, and the fastest way is to pay. This isn’t fair for free players, which I am one of, and it makes the game frustrating and painstaking slow. So for the sanity for everyone, and all the bank accounts of every person who buys more and more Township Bucks just for the game to go faster, please make more opportunities for Township Bucks. Your consideration means a lot. Thank you for reading! Oh wait, I forgot to mention the game is not the same as in the ads. There are mingles like that from time to time, but mostly just a way more complicated almost god-like way is the way you always want play..Version: 16.0.0

Love this game but should have a few changesFirst of all, I think there should be a factory where you can put in the product you want and then when it is done you can collect it if needed should get this at the very beginning and if you are on say level 52 then you update and them you redownload it. The second and last thing I think you should update is the entire game is based on Facebook and that's how you get more township cash but is quite unfair because children who are 15 or younger shouldn't have Facebook, which gives 15 or older an unfair advantage on township cash and money. Other than this which is just upgrades for the game and not me complaining I think this game is good as gold, and if you are thinking about downloading this game then do it. The first few levels are easy but after level 20 it ges harder and much more fun. Also, there are very cool amenities such as city market which is reached at level thirteen, and house of luck which is also revealed at level thirteen, and when you click the level you are on in the corner it will tell you what you unlock at the next level you are on. There is so much more to this game and you should download it. I love ❤️ this a game and you should get it. P.S. I am sorry if this review was too long I had so much to say about the good things of this game.Version: 8.9.1

Love this game, but.....This is probably my most favorite game I have ever played! It is super addicting! There is so much to do, farming crops, making things like bread, pizza, donuts, popcorn, etc etc. you build houses, and other things to expand your population. You have animals and factories that produce several things. My biggest complaint is that they try and make you spend money. I have another game from playrix and it is the exact same as in you will stay stuck on a level for a very long time, like 30 tries, which gets frustrating and to get an extra 5 moves you have to use 900 coins but when you beat a level you might get like 56 coins. Now back to township, things take real time like an hour to make pizza, or 12 hours to grow rubber tree, real life hours. You get cash for fulfilling orders, however it goes in this piggy bank that you must then purchase for real money? It is hard to play without spending real money, and it’s like they purposely make it like that. Another thing, in order to build buildings you need supplies. Like drywall slabs, nails, windows, and bricks. When you fill train orders, trains bring you back building supplies. You will have 1 drywall slab, 30 windows, tons of bricks, to build things you need 10+ drywall slabs, so then your population does not grow, which prevents certain things from happening. I truly love this game, it can just be frustrating at times, especially if you don’t spend money..Version: 6.9.0

Strangled by the minigame.This is one of those games where I love the core gameplay, the farming, the producing items, the shipping items, the filling orders. The decorations are lovely and I have a lot of fun decorating my town. There’s just one problem, some time ago the developers decided to add minigames as a way to entice players like myself to spend the premium currency and since then the minigames have been taking over more and more of the game. Like this game has a battle pass and it used to be that most of the tasks were related to stuff we’d do in the base game; harvesting crops, collecting milk, manufacturing a certain number of items, filling a certain number of orders. Now though most of the tasks are related to the minigame, to the point where it’s only possible to earn a third of the rewards just doing the farm related tasks. Another example is this game has periodic events, the activities in the events are OK, but refilling energy in them makes you play the minigame, when in the past energy was generated by doing supply shop tasks (delivering requested items). So just play the minigame, you say. Unfortunately now the main (for a while only) minigame is a Match 3. I am truly and deeply exhausted of Match 3s. It also doesn’t help the Merge Mansion clone they added recently, while fun (I love Merge Mansion) doesn’t give you nearly as big an energy well as the real Merge Mansion, forcing you to again play the minigame if you want the best prizes..Version: 15.0.3

Loooove this gameI enjoy this game due to the many different aspects of it. You build and build while playing mini games and creating products for cash. I also love that it’s completely customizable. I would also just like to make a few tiny suggestions such as more skins to customize your town, wether they be bought or earned through time. For example, during Halloween you could apply a “gothic theme” of sorts. Another suggestion I have or rather this one would be a request, but instead of continuously clicking on a players towns, it would much easier to have a tab that allows you to switch from town to town in order to help your fellow players in your co-op. I think more people would supply items to others and it would be much more quickly and efficient in my opinion. I think that other lovers of this game would also rather enjoy it. But that’s all I wanted to say. I recently did a survey and I wish I had mentioned these things there but I don’t mind leaving a review for this game. 5 stars all the way! I also want to say I enjoy the stories that go along with the mini games, it keeps things interesting. All in all, the creators of this game have done very well and seem to care about the players opinions and I like that. I believe I will play this game for some time. I never get bored :)).Version: 9.9.0

Chance to enjoyment to harsh realityI started this game as a chance to just see if I would enjoy it which is why the name of my town was originally why not. I liked how there is side events you could do puzzles and enjoyed the time management of orders. I liked how I could go into a factory start making an order for a train and then go do something else and I didn’t even sit there and focus on the game. I could come back and put the order away. I enjoyed being able to still play the game, but not have my sole attention on the game, maybe I just feel like responsibility and I’m weird but for some reason I enjoyed it. I got excited about decorating my town and where things would go and I spent quite some money on it. Unfortunately that’s when reality sunk in. This is a game and it’s meant to be fun, but I discovered that the more levels I grow the more I’m going to be expected to build in town, which means all the nature I wanted to keep in the town would be nonexistent. I have a hard time with how much the world overpopulated to begin with and playing this game would eventually lead me to feeling like a problem. I would love to find a game like this that had all the features of this game had except not be so big on building a town. Or if there is building a town, allowing the town not to be overpopulated. thank you to the creators and I’m sure a lot of people enjoy it. I’m just looking for something a bit more different..Version: 9.7.5

No ads, enjoyable, but slowI think I might be addicted to this game. The main gameplay is a build your city/farm type of game. The crops and goods are grown/produced VERY slowly so it can take a long time to progress through anything. I was mainly looking for a game to replace this game I used to play ~13 years ago called Fluff Pet Rescue, and this has definitely scratched my itch. It is tedious at times, but a very chill game to relax to. I’ve seen a lot of people commenting that the bucks are hard to earn and needed, which is untrue. You can earn a few of them every day, which is a lot faster than other games. And you just need a few of them if you want to speed things up, it is entirely possible to wait. While you wait they have “events” you can play, things like candy crush, and other mini games. It’s a good game to drop in every so often, and then wait at least a few hours to drop back in and do things around town, and then wait some more. Great to have in the background as you’re watching a movie or something. Best part of this game is NO ADS! Some games get SO carried away with the frequency and duration of their ads, its annoying. I can definitely see myself spending some money on this game just for that fact. It’s nice. Some more decorations and “themed” skins, like for holidays, would be nice too..Version: 17.0.0

Part of my daily life….Whoosah!!!!I have played many apps and none of them have the combination of fun, creativity, relaxation, and challenge such as Township. I wake up playing and go to bed playing. I love all the variety of games and tasks within the game to help you with developing your town. It is most beneficial to be a member of a Co-op because you can win more items with the team support. If you are lucky, you will find an amazing team like I did. We have 1 golden trophy win. I swear we felt like we won the Super Bowl! Now I pretty much have everything…just a few expansions left. I cannot wait to see what is behind the mountains and always look forward to updates. Although I obviously love this game, there are only 3 things that I would love to see change: 1. A separate storage for the building materials 2. the abilty to send building materials to Co-op members permanently 3. Our Co-op is small and small co-ops end up competing with teams twice the size in the regatta. When that happens we should be able to have a few more tasks available FOR FREE! so that we can compete. As a co-op we should have full ability to pick up where our teammates are lacking. Something that I think would be cool is being able to walk through my zoo….lmore 3D like and to control the weather..Version: 8.5.2

A few suggestionsI’ve had this app for a while. I’m really enjoying it but there are a few things that annoy me. First of all, some of the orders, (the zoo, and planes) are absurd. Why am I supposed to have 8 popcorn just sittin in my barn? And with the time limit on the plane, I dont have enough time usually to make 24 popcorn in a couple of hours unless I get on every thirty minutes to clover one and start another. I don’t want to spend that much time on one thing. Two, the materials for buildings, are so scarce and the cost so high, buildings sit unfinished for months at a time. Then you add the zoo exhibits taking them up there aren’t enough, and buying them from the market is stinking expensive. It’s pretty hard to get 24 township cash and keep it! Three, when people in the Co-op and friends ask for help on those larger requests, instead of filling the whole thing up or passing it by, make it so you can give them what you have like in the Co-op chat. Just say hey I don’t have 8 popcorn, but I have five So I’ll just click this five times and give them the popcorn they need so they only need three to complete the order. I always kinda feel a little bad passing by a big order when I am just a few items away from being able to help and not being able too. I know this review is a little rough, but I love the game. It’s really fun! And it would be even better with a few additions..Version: 7.6.0

This game is super funThis game is cool and fun but also has some minor things that could be fixed I have been playing the game for about 2 years and I have had a good experience there are some things I don’t live here they are you need shovels to have more space I liked when you didn’t have to have shovels you just had to have the money or the coins now you need the township cash that isn’t easy to get unless you buy it and then you have to get a shovel instead of using it for other things like materials to finish building also it is hard to level up and you have to wait a while before you level up I have never leveled up I one day before it has taken me almost a whole month to level up playing 15-30 minutes a day it just is sorta annoying also u don’t love that you have to level up the barn it just isn’t ideal but I do love the festivals the cars that run on the road and more it is cool and fun it is fun to play and is great for all ages is easy to find out and is good for little kids and adults I give this game to my kids and they love feeding the animals and planting seed and also going to the festivals it is also great for adults when I am tierd at the end of a long day I can go on my phone and play this game for hours the only thing I wish is that it didn’t need WiFi but that it overall this game is great and amazing I highly recommend I love township.Version: 7.6.0

Fun game needs a few fixesEnjoy playing this game! Not happy with some of the extra mini games as the levels are almost impossible to beat without spending money. Not a fan of the sheep chase nearly impossible to play, not a fan of the new puzzle challenge either. Bring back the old puzzle challenge please! It’s nice to have a challenge however it’s very discouraging when it’s impossible to beat the levels. Love the room challenges they are fun however it’s not fun if you have to spend lots of money in order to pass levels to keep the room design. Could be 5 stars with some minor changes especially with the mini games. If I buy the golden ticket which is extra then play play the new puzzle challenge which is not fun & extremely hard I’m losing interest in the extras. Also not a fan of the roller coaster Make some changes bring back old puzzle, make it possible to beat levels, or just have extra farm tasks to progress in the golden ticket game. Starting to lose interest as the levels are almost impossible to pass without spending money. It would be nice if lab boosters were hidden in golden balloons, or in the treasure chests, lab boosters like high speed production or see the light, rich fields etc. tired of getting building supplies my town is complete with building do those are useless. Might be nice to have trains reward you with lab boosters also or more mine items..Version: 9.3.0

Slow gameYears ago I played a game called FarmVille with my friends and loved it. Became too busy & quit playing. When I retired I started Township. It isn’t near as good as FarmVille. This game limits how long or fast you can play or progress. At least two sugar factories are needed ( but you are limited to one) because it takes way too long for the sugar products you need to develop. That means making items that require sugar is impossible till tomorrow! You The barn never holds enough so you can’t harvest enough crops to keep making products. Materials to expand the barn come on the train, but you have no control over what comes on the train. Materials needed to clear land also come on the train. Materials to build community buildings also come randomly on the train & cannot be ordered. Windows are always last while you may have too many bricks or boards. These items all add to filling the barn. It takes months to build one community building - which allows you to buy a house - which increases the population - which progresses you to a higher level - and it all depends on what comes on the train! You have to load the train with the products it asks for, and it takes many hours for the train to return. Unless of course you want to pay for the train to come sooner. You have to have game dollars, not game coins, for that & they are very hard to get. It is a frustrating game that you will never spend hours playing!.Version: 7.7.0

Costly but fun.Fun game with great graphics, sound effects and sub-games within the Township. The developer has created something I have looked forward to playing each day. You need to be a multitasker to succeed, and I have enjoyed the challenge. The major complaint I have is the cost to play. You must have enough game “cash” - coins aren’t the problem, to build your Township. Every next step in building houses, community buildings and factories are linked together, dependent on population growth, which in turn depends on how large your farm’s growing fields can be, which in turn depends on how many products you can produce in the factories, and so on and so forth. Hence, the challenge - I get it. However, the design is that the building supplies come in so randomly and sparsely ( the developer is downright stingy with the materials and tools you need to grow ), that you get frustrated and spend game cash that you don’t have enough of, so another hit on the credit card you have linked in to play for in-app purchases. As I said, I do enjoy this game, but I do not enjoy how expensive it ends up being in order to enjoy it. Therefore, I am hoping and searching for another fun game to play without the financial guilt I end up feeling when I see my cc statement. Too bad. I’m sure the developer is laughing all the way to the bank..Version: 7.2.0

Fun and addicting game, in a productive way!This is the first game that I have ever played consistently on a mobile device. My friends have been playing other trendy games for years and I was never interested. I tried it out and quickly got hooked. I liked the sequential and realistic process of having to “build” a town and earn new things. I wasn’t involved in a co-op at first and am now part of one and the comaraderie and teamwork it encourages has been a lot of fun. I highly recommend the game. But just like any “freemium” out there to truly be competitive and progress through the game you have to spend some money. My one true complaint about the game is with the barn where all materials earned are kept. I believe that it fills up too quickly which is simply another way for the game to get you to spend money to increase its size. I believe that the further you get in the game that it should hold more proportionately to the factories you have attained since you are producing and growing way more at that level and therefore not fill up as fast. It’s extremely frustrating to not be able to put anything in it without either a) spending money each day to enlarge it or b) sell a bunch of stuff that you’ve grown in order to make room. This would be my #1 frustration. Thank you for taking the time to read my review..Version: 7.2.0

Fun gameBeen playing for awhile now. Patience is a must, unless you want to spend extra real money on in-app purchases. Even if you make some extra purchases, it still takes time to accomplish a lot of things, like what a lot of other reviews say. I deal with that by going into the game a couple times a day to get some things started, and finsh up other things I got started a time or two back. So in other words, it's not a game you can just live get some things going and then go away for awhile. It is true that filling the plane can be a challenge at times. It is a game, so everything that is in it won't always make total sense, but it is fun. If the makers are listening, there is one thing that is a bit irritating. The special events that take place (e.g. the airshow, holiday thingy and such) at the event area. I know it is up to the player whether he\she participates, but there should be a way to opt out of an event. I tried to get out of the pastry event a while back, but by hitting that silly bouncing arrow i ended up with another button on my screen for the events duration, and constant hints that I should push it. I did not do the holiday event, but until it is over with, I have to see the bouncing arrow......sigh. How about a way to just say no, and escape the arrow. Thanks though, for a fun game..Version: 5.4.1

My Favorite Game!This game is absolutely addicting! The best farming/town game for sure! As like any other game there are minor bugs and improvements to be made but none of those issues (in my mind) make the game unplayable by any means. This game incorporates farming, team games, running a mini world, and even competitions and games! I’ve seen a lot of reviews on how you must make in-app purchases and it’s so expensive, etc. For me, this has never been the case. I’ve had this game for MONTHS and never once purchased anything yet I’m still absolutely in love with it and doing fine still playing. Honestly I haven’t even considered ever buying anything with real money in this game because if I lose my coins or township cash I can earn it back. If you are considering downloading this app but are worried about game progression or in-app purchases or anything here is my advice: Download the game and see if you like it! It’s free and I didn’t think I’d like it as much as I have tbh. I definitely see where everyone is coming from with the “it takes a long time to do certain tasks” but that helps me more to know that when I come back from whatever I’m doing to the game, I am ready to collect goods, donate to other players, and earn more coins in the game. Great app!!.Version: 7.4.1

The game is good but there is a couple things that tick me off...First of all they give you a small amount of money and suppose that yo unwilling earn more money over time. When you run out of money you either have to use your own money to buy pack of more money for the game. Or if you dont want to do that then you have to complete things so you can earn that money back. For me i find that very hard to earn back money because there is people in the game that technically make you feel guilty about it because they say that they want the building in a way that says that they are kinda disappointed in you for not getting the building and so they make you get the items. With that there is a way to speed it up but that takes your money. Second why does it take so long just to make one building?! Related to also why does it take it an hour for the chickens to lay just one egg????? And the factory’s take a long time too. All in all i think that this is a great app with just those little problems and i would recommend! I also have an idea for the game! Since i was talking about not getting enough money i thought that we could get money from our buildings and stores and what not could earn money then we can keep that money that the buildings earn! Please let me know if you will have thoughts about adding that feature into the game!.Version: 7.5.1

Couple ThingsI love this game! I do have a few suggestions though,I think that it takes way to much time to earn the actual dollar bills and so it makes it convincing to buy money with real money. It seems so mean and messed up, l think they should change that whole idea. I myself have only spent a dollar buying, but have almost been convinced on all the deals that they offer. Very crude and dirty. l also think that u should be aloud to get in a coop at any level. This thought occurred to me when my little sister wanted to join me and my other sisters coop, and could not cause she had just started playing the game! Same for my other sister( l have lots.)I have also been getting many orders from people in my zoo lately and it has been getting a little annoying to be honest. So I was just wondering if maybe u could change that feature to have like 3 orders a day. I would also like to report a very bad issue for kindle tablets. The process of the update stinks for kindles because the game crashes and it won’t let u download the update and then u can’t play the game. Very angering! MUST BE FIXED!!! I say this for my sisters and friends who can’t play the game anymore. Thank u for acknowledging me and my suggestions.🙂 Overall the game is a good way to pass time, but u definitely have to be patient, and l am not the most patient person so it gets boring. Still a fun game!😜.Version: 7.8.5

Cute &fun could use a few tweaksGame is cute and fun but ultimately could use a few adjustments. Some items take way to long to produce from grow time of crops to making each material to making the final product some take over 20hrs. I understand having some challenge in the game. 20hrs or more for grow and production is hard for more than 1-2 items. I start on my plane immediately after last leaves. I make use of the market to buy items to help production and at times it’s still not enough. Sometimes I am trying to prepare for a plane order and trains come in and I’m producing the wrong things for it. It would be nice to be able to rearrange or remove things that haven’t started making to get orders done quickly. I try to always be making things in all factories animal sheds and fields. Some adjustments being allowed would be a much appreciated in game play. As some items take as I said a long time sometimes also in prep for plane I make many more than needed as we have no number count only type of items. Last week I was not going to be able to complete my plane in time but thankfully someone was able to help me. Again it comes back to items in which take more than 20hrs to produce start to finish and having been stuck producing other things before I could start on ones I needed. Adding the ability to adjust items in factories or remove some to make what it’s needed sooner..Version: 6.7.0

Completely addictive!If you want a game that you can play once or twice a week, this is not the game for you. If you enjoy building, sharing, and generally trying to see what you can accomplish (theoretically that is), then this game may be the one for you. It's additive though, so be sure before you download it. It's fun and very entertaining. I have never played a game like this one, but I'm glad I found it. One of the best things that I discovered was how fast and easy issues are resolved. I have had one issue, I contacted the developer and immediately received a personal message explaining how to fix the issue. Most developers aren't accessible and none are accessible immediately, but this one is. So download if you dare and come on in. Build your city and make new "friends". It's great, but completely addictive! I wrote the review above many months ago and I love this game more now than I did when I wrote the review. I love the co-op aspect of the game the most! I have made true friends in my co-op. I suggest though if you join/create a co-op, don’t do it just to win the regattas, although that’s fun too. Do it to find people around the country and the world that you can connect with and enjoy chatting with. The game is fun, but the co-op aspect is awesome! Enjoy yourself and always’s a game!.Version: 6.3.0

Fun..material impossibleI really enjoy this app! Graphics are nice & I enjoy playing. However, there are a few things that could be better. 1. The zoo & airplane objects are insane! I don’t have extra sugar in my barn. Say in the amount asked for in the objective. REALLY! I am suppose to get say sugar & popcorn in the time allotted? How? You don’t make it easy to have extra storage in your barn unless you want me to spend all my money on this game for building materials. Which leads me to #2. 2. Building materials are hard to come by and cost too much. AGAIN you want me to spend my money on said materials. I fully understand that this is a making opportunity for you. However, your customers must suffer because you want that almighty dollar!!? Since I like this little game, I have made a purchase for cash within this game. I really wanted to complete my library. Because it is the only way to get more shovels & don’t let me start talking about glass! That is impossible to get enough of. Why do we need so much rare materials to complete construction? Despite my distaste for the way you make it hard to complete buildings (need the follow: glass, hammers, shovels, nails, paint, etc) I will still play this game……for now. I wish this message would self-distract. :-).Version: 8.7.0

Turtle Speed and Co-operation and painful minimum wageI am going to make it clear, this is not a fast moving game. DO Not spend game cash on balloons or treasure! Someone taught me this valuable lesson. This game is about taking your time and find good people to help you build your city and theirs, otherwise you won’t succeed. If Township offers an extremely great deal for cash, than buy some in game money, not coins. Also, use wheat early on as your main source for making money. Between bread and wheat, think of it as cheap free coins. Don’t spend carelessly or you will get stuck and frustrated. Don’t build what you don’t have cause your barn is limited on space, and it doesn’t expand often. Take your time. The game can be slow, but if you are kind to others and help them, they will help you. This is not a solo adventure if you want to succeed. The reason I didn’t give 5 stars, wish their was a barn icon like the train icon that popped up and showed what’s in the barn. Also, this game’s goals can really drag on. I enjoy it and have met some wonderful people, but really? You could ease up on how long a Pizza takes, by the time you grow tomatoes, cheese, wheat, cows, and etc it begin to grow moldy for me. The big problem, at least give me some better coin amounts in return for doing tasks. I reach a level and you give me 1000 coins but I have to spend 8000!!!.Version: 5.4.3

The best game everHello everyone this is me just me and the best game ever I ever played in my games on my iPad it’s cool it’s rocking it’s cool it’s really hard to level up when you’re on level 12 or more or higher but this game is cool I love the game when I saw the game I really wanted to download it I didn’t really want to be a farmer or anything I just download it to see this is cool it helped me out a little but I’m on level 12 and it’s hard I grow stuff and I make my town beautiful I didn’t know we had friends here but I have friends and I love the Ernie balloons and we get awards every day there’s nothing to blame about this game anyway this is amazing sometimes I show my sister she sees me on the game every single day I enjoy this game I’m on it mostly every single day I play other games too but this is the most game that I play the most I need a little more updates on this game but I love still ever made this amazing ever made this game is cool if there were no friends on this game I will put a four star because every game needs some Friends maybe some Games people who didn’t get it yet you should get it it’s amazing words maybe not if you don’t want to I don’t know how I have the game is amazing and that’s all goodbye😀🤓😝😉😃😀😆.Version: 9.5.0

Fun but frustratingHere’s my review: 1. Why do I have to spend money to get what’s in the piggy bank which I collected to begin with? 2. Why does it take so long to build someone the factories or buildings sometimes up to 5 days? 3. I think some of the factory items also take way to long to produce especially if it’s needed for a regatta task. I try to have things in reserve but if the barn is full you’re out of luck. 4. Why can we have 2 barns one for the products from the farm and the animals and one for building materials and the factory items? 5. We should be able to have the ability of cancelling an item waiting in line in the factory to be built if you realize that item is no longer needed. 6. If a co-op member or a friend requests help because it needs 29 units of something like wheat or carrots or corn to fill a task, and I only have 10 and another person has only 6, and so on, why can’t we just all join our resources to get the task done, instead of forcing that player to use an “item request” which are also timed? I believe the help under the “!” Should work the same way. I know a lot of players in the community and in these reviews say to plan ahead but sometimes it’s not enough. Overall I enjoy playing the game and the fact that there’s so many people from different parts of the world make it a lot of fun but I feel the developers should give us a little slack..Version: 7.8.0

Overall Fun w/some minor boring aspectsPlease get rid of Blossoming Boulevard as a “seasonal” game. It’s incredibly boring and the physics aren’t sophisticated which becomes irritating. The last game, the bakery game, was far more entertaining (even though I wouldn’t play it as a standalone game, but that’s just bc it’s not my type of game). Also, The Academy of Industry is pretty useless and really a waste of time and effort at the lower levels. We spend a bunch of time in the mine getting ore and then spend a bunch of time to make the ore into Ingots and then it takes quite a bit of Ingot to get anything at the Academy of Industry and what you do get is so minor it’s ridiculous. To reduce the wait for each train by 5% when it takes over 3 hours for a new train to come makes is a waste of time that you certainly won’t get back with this “boost”. Yes, eventually you can keep increasing that so it becomes somewhat substantial, but the amount of effort and time involved is enormous and that kills any incentive I might have to do this. Please consider revamping the Academy of Industry requirement and returns. (I started to write a comprehensive review but I switched away from this app to check something in the game and when I came back, the review was gone. So, I will further update this review when time allows, but I wanted to post the above critiques in the hopes that the developer might read and consider them.).Version: 6.7.0

The mini gameYou need to make the mini game easier. I have spent days just trying to get past one level and if you do not make the mini game easier I will stop playing. The mini game is supposed to be fun and easy so that you have a good time and yes it is okay to have times where it is challenging but not when you are losing battles township cash which also needs to be easier to get and the gifts need to be township cash because coins are an easy thing to get back. The clovers as well need to be easier to get. I donate a gift to my friends in the game every day and rarely get anything in return. Overall you need to make the township cash clovers and and the mini games more fun and easier to get. Please don’t just think they this is just the few things I struggle with and it is a fun game just there are a lot of things that I find need to be changed in order to play the game a fun way. F. Y. I. I am not a Karen this is just how I feel about a few parts of the game. Oh and you need to stop making everything so expensive. I know you are trying to get money out of this game but the more fun it is and the easier it is to upgrade and do good in the game the more fun it is. Maybe you should have had someone pay the game for a while before you released it so that they can tell you some things that they feel needed to be changed. Thank you..Version: 14.0.0

Too many bugs, not enough supportI have played this game for years, and never had any real problems until recently which support never answers when you ask for it. Stuck in the game right now and cannot progress further and am getting no help. I was going to stop playing last month, but decided I just like the game so much, I’d give it another chance. Now I am stuck and cannot progress any further. I’ve helped almost 100,000 players, that is my favorite thing to do in this game, and I just wanted to keep doing so. Now there are just too many problems and it’s really making it hard to help anyone, so I hope they fix whatever is happening, but it doesn’t seem like that will be any time soon. My ticket has been open for a week or so now. Now I have even more problems and still no answer from the first, which I had to figure out on my own. This time it is an unfixable problem on my end. Please fix your game Playrix. Now the game won’t let me past a level in explosive puzzle though I beat it already. Nor will it let me take any of the mini game related tasks in regatta, they are grayed out, and it says event is over. I bought the pass yesterday and all went downhill fast. Cannot do just about anything. Worthless support, haven’t even tried to respond to my requests to fix a game I’ve been playing for 6 years!.Version: 9.0.0

Best game! Highly recommend!Township is a very well thought out game. Bored and looking for something fun to play on your phone? Look no further. Unlike other games where creators make it feel like you’ve been stuck on the same level and it’s dragging. Township is not like those other games. Township gives you fun tournaments or special events to play during those levels that require a lot of “xp” to level up. These special events and tournaments also give you the chance to gain more rewards and to level up but most importantly something to do in between your farming! 😃 Follow their Facebook page during events to earn more t-cash by participating in giveaways! If you’re trying to fulfill an order in your Township but don’t feel like waiting? No worries! Co-op members will help fulfill them for you for free! Earn extra gold coins by fulfilling your friends Township orders that need help and much more. Don’t forget to connect your Township game to your Facebook to save your progress. Township will NOT post by itself on your social media and will NOT send you any annoying game requests in your notifications on Facebook either. This game is so fun because the creators and editors put a lot of thought and passion into designing this game. Download Township today! 😃.Version: 7.6.0

Expensive!This game is somewhat engaging, but it mostly consists of sitting idle in wait for elements to bear fruit in order to see any progression. In reality, it would take years to get anywhere if you didn’t spend money. The higher your level, the more they ask from you. For instance building a new factory or structure will require building materials in large quantities which you can only get by trains that come every 7 hours or so and only in quantities of 1 or 2. If you do have building materials to support growth you have to sell them in order to keep your barn capacity open for goods you need to fill trains, fill requests, and send planes full of goods that take hours to produce. They ask a lot in production with limited return for ways to actually make things happen without spending money, and they increase time for production of goods as you are able to make more. They are great at making money. They even start making you pay to get your earned money out of a piggy bank. You also have to build in boxes so creativity is limited. It costs to get anywhere, and it is a lot of waiting. I suppose if you utilize social media it would be more interactive, but still, they are great at making money. You want to see the next thing happen, but you have to wait a very long time if you don’t pay to see growth..Version: 8.9.0

TownshipMy review , Township happens to be one good game, one cannot put down , because of it's continuation of the game. At one point I've asked for a more of a reality game when I played gardenscape. This game here township is definitely a game of reality. It is wonderful to watch , looking at all the activities it brings . People that partisapates in it . The most important , part is that you can contact a friend and play along with them also . And get reviews with them never do I get tried off playing , for their is always some new part to discover , and although I have not done so , I find you don' t mind except in my point of view along with the many viewers you have playing the game . There is also educational views also . You can learn from this game as well . Your team are also player . Who are always ready to help whenever needed . Thank you for this wonderful game , I have made suggestions to my friends on Facebook to download this game for it is a game they have never played before. But will enjoy I have been telling everyone everywhere to get this game. I do not regret downloading this game . Anything at all I enjoy it very much . Thank you for this opportunity to write this review on the wonderful game of township..Version: 5.6.1

Thank you!I submitted a review a year/year and a half ago back about there not being any otters in the zoo but you made a farm animal out of them which is even better! I love them! I think they’re a great addition to the farm! I know everyone complains about time and spending real money on their town if they want to expand quickly but I think they’re missing the point of the game. It’s meant to take time to get to the higher lvls, not rushing thru the game just to do nothing then once you have everything. If you need more t-cash, watch videos, don’t open hot air balloons, check the mine, play the house of luck. I’ve been playing for a few years now and I still come back to it everyday just for the enjoyment and whimsical decorations. The reason I’m giving it a four is sadly the new tool exchange. I really tried to understand it and see how it would make the game more challenging in a fun manner. However, after several months of using it, I do not care for it at all. It’s extremely upsetting to fill train after train to get materials to exchange but then need all those said materials for the zoo enclosures. That is one thing I do not care for in the least. Also! I loved when y’all gave a free land expansion as a reward in one of the mini games a while back, hoping y’all throw that back in once or twice!.Version: 7.0.0

It’s good but why?Ok so when I first started playing this game I absolutely loved it. The crops only took about 10-15 to grow. Not including the wheat. So basically the game is your making your own town!! But when you get to upper levels of the game, like 10 and above, everything goes to slow motion. The community buildings now take about 12 hours! For someone who is COMPLETELY impatient this is not acceptable. But I often leave it alone and sleep on it. (Not literally) And to build buildings you need to have supplies. Which often come from trains. And when I think about it, it only comes from trains. And you need EVEN MORE supplies to fill the trains! Like what? And then each time you send off the train the time increases for it to come back with supplies. I’m on level 14 and the most time it has taken is 1 hour and 10 mins. Once you have planted EVEN more crops, and you have set for your houses and community building to build, you food mill is working, the animals are eating, and your helicopters are off, and your train is off, ( which I know sounds like that would take a while, it really doesn’t) you have NOTHING to do. These things need to be fixed, but I’ll still play the game. I would only recommend if you NEED to have something to do sometimes. Thanks!.Version: 17.1.0

Used to be greatI’ve been playing this game for a couple years, it’s been a great way to pass time with some challenges, team work without getting personal & even mini games. Lately though, the mini games, mainly the room building, are set up so you can’t succeed without spending a ton of in app cash. I accumulate what I can, but it’s getting worse so that if I want to actually finish the room, I have to buy cash. I don’t mind the Professor’s Experiment Gold Pass, but beyond that, I’m not interested in spending the money. It’s supposed to be fun, that isn’t fun. There are other mini games with chests you need in app cash to open & those cost more than they used to. Then there’s the Regatta, the random tasks each week, at least in the co-op I’m in, seem to be getting worse in the amount of points they offer. Each team wants to win, so the leaders dump the low point tasks because no one wants them, I think that since the goal is to win, tasks less than 115 pts should not be generated. That, or the random generator should recognize what’s being dumped & not re-issue those again. This game has gone downhill rapidly in the last 6 mths & since I’m seeing the same info in different reviews, maybe those changes need to be looked at again because it seems like I’m only one of many thinking about quitting the game over it. I play for fun, this is not fun anymore..Version: 8.0.2

Fun at first but then overwhelmingIt was fun, but after a few levels it becomes too much. Keeping up with all the orders for the helicopter gets kinda stressful, and then add in the airplane that has ridiculously large orders that are impossible to fill in the few hours it allows you. The most exciting part was opening up more land so you can set up more houses and buildings. But now that is even impossible since you have to wait for hours/days for them to open up only to be told that it wont open unless you get more materials which cost too much to buy, or you have to, again, wait for days before you get lucky enough to earn 1 or 2 of the missing items. Also, you want to add more houses but you are only allowed to if you move on to the next level bc there is a “cap” on how many residents you can have. But you cant level up bc you are waiting for a building to finish only you dont have the material, and you cant fill an order bc your barn is full. But you cant upgrade your barn until you level up. Its just too much. It feels like youre just going in circles. This may be a game that gets neglected for a long time, and then eventually deleted to make room for a game that you can actually make progress in. Was promising, but moves way too slow and requires money if you will ever get anywhere..Version: 9.0.1

I Love the Game, BUT🤔I find that I either loss purchases & items during the game, be double charged for purchases (in which I currently found to have a separate date “in which I hadn’t purchased”), or my purchases don’t go through (yet I’m being charged). Although the last update ran fairly well (with less freezing/crashes), the purchasing problems has gotten worse. I truly enjoy & love the game (for I find it to be a great outlet), but I have come to the conclusion that I won’t be making any more in-app purchases (because I’ve spent way too much money, to be taken advantage of). However, the purchases made through my in-store “iTunes/Apple” were fine (an cheaper, it just came with less t-cash)... On top of all of that, I’ve found that I’ve paid much higher prices than those “who rarely make purchases” (in which you’d think, would be the other way around), and that’s very unfair😔 (while customer service blames it on our App Store)... Furthermore; I get tired of all these same old replies from Customer Service that’s of redirection to another page or link, for I’ve tried all of that a thousand times without being redeemed. That’s why I feel the best solution is to stop my in-app purchases... I’ll just play the game without the extra boosts and stop losing, what I can’t afford... For I do enjoy the game, I just can no longer afford its perks...😔.Version: 5.8.0

Have a big complaint but I do love the gameEveryone else has said what a great game this is, with numerous reasons why and I agree with most of them, so I am not going to take the time to repeat it. Instead I am going to talk about the one thing that REALLY annoys me (besides having all the building materials using up my barn space!) I hate how the population has to increase before you can build a new factory-hear me out before the eye roll....I’m just trying to make a nice-looking Township and all was going nicely with the adorable cottages and brick buildings. But now all there is to build are those ugly high-rise apartments; the cool looking timber frame and towered houses are SO many levels away. Here is my beef: take a look at “Ernie’s” town. Now his town, of course, is the pinnacle of Township awesomeness. It’s what the rest of us hope to come close to someday. But how many unattractive buildings do you count? He has 3 apartment buildings (I have 6) 1 regular high-rise- the ugliest! (I have 9) and he has 3 high rise with attic (I have 10) I don’t have these ugly buildings by choice! They are all that’s available-and you HAVE to build them to build your factories. I would like to have more choice in the matter. Maybe I have to pay more to get a nicer house...there should be some options at least. And, obviously, what “rules” Ernie has to follow should be consistent with the rest of us..Version: 7.4.1

Great gameFun and addicting.Version: 5.1.0

Great gameAlways something new happening to keep my interest..Version: 6.3.0

RelaxingAt the beginning it's a bite hard but after while it's relaxing and addicting. I enjoy this game and a few other ones too. It's nothing like the video ads I saw about it. That's false advertisement. Not cool..Version: 6.5.2

Fun but..Nice design and concept, except you have to wait days and days to get what is needed from the trains to build new buildings and go forward in the game. Bit frustrating....Version: 6.2.0

NADGOCool game.Version: 5.1.0

Love ItI’ve been playing for five years and I find it a great way to pass the time..Version: 7.0.5

Love this game!Great game! Lots of fun to play. I would love to see a tab for quick access to the zoo, like there is for trains, planes, etc. Other than that, love it!.Version: 7.0.5

Stolen townsThis game has so many flaws. Towns are being stolen and the PLAYRIX team won’t do anything to help victims get back their town. It is a money grab to do any of the challenges. Save your time and money get another game. NOT THIS ONE.Version: 10.0.0

Love love loveI absolutely love this game!! However I find it takes far to long to make some of the items you’ll need . It also takes forever to get each animal enclosure for the zoo but still fun.Version: 7.3.5

Cannot pass title pageThe game is fun to play. But since the last update I could not get pass the title page. Please take a look at this..Version: 7.4.1

Fun for a whileWhen does a free game become no longer free? When it becomes very difficult/impossible to progress without paying real money for in-game perks..Version: 10.0.0

More mini games please 🙏🏻I would love to play the mini games that only pop up so rarely on the map for helicopter deliveries. I would much prefer advancing in those mini games than the Klondike events and the coloured square matching (those are frustrating and repetitive). Thanks!.Version: 15.0.3

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 17.1.0

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