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Lost Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle Customer Service

Dive into the addictive and fun world of Lost Jewels! Join Divine Oracle in her journey for the lost jewels and help her overcome the challenging obstacles during this mythical match 3 puzzle adventure!

A thrilling match-3 game that will keep you hooked for a long time for Free! Solving puzzles has never been so much fun. Join your friends and millions of other players in the journey of Lost Jewels!

Match 3 or more colored gems, unleash the power of Magic Talismans and recover the trapped treasure chests!


Key Features:

- Simple, addictive and fun match 3 game play
- Over 4000 levels with unique and exciting puzzles
- Full retina display support
- Unlock Magic Talismans to help you in your journey
- Synchronize your progress with Facebook, connect with your friends and compete with them in this fun Adventure!
- Constant free updates with New levels, Features and Improvements
- No Ads

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Lost Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle App Comments & Reviews

Lost Jewels - Match 3 Puzzle Positive Reviews

Addictive and fun, but a few issues.I play this game daily and enjoy it. However, for an OCD, perfectionist personality, I’ve found some levels are impossible to score 3 spheres on without the help of in-app purchases and significantly more irritating even with those purchases in some instances. I would love to see this issue addressed. Otherwise, an overall enjoyable game..Version: 2.84

Agree w the review that says it’s impossible 2 score 3 wo buying!I 100% agree w the review that says it’s impossible 2 score 3 spheres without buying a bonus of some type, and I also am a perfectionist OCD type personality. I think a lot of us are that play these types of games, & for one not to be able to get the highest score, no matter HOW you play that level, anddd no matter whatttt!!!, without buying something I think is just plain wrong. So that puts me OFF this game quite a bit. I haven’t had any other problems though, but I haven’t needed to contact customer service yet either....Version: 2.98

I’m newI’ve been playing two other Peak games and have become addicted! Every morning with my coffee these games are my choice instead of the news. So I researched more Peak games and found this. I love it! I really think it helps my mind. This game is challenging, fun, fast, colorful. I can go mentally blank, unwind sporadically. You’ll love it, too.Version: 2.154

Some impossible levelsThis game is fun however some levels are nearly impossible to complete without a purchase. Don’t mind an occasional purchase, But don’t like to be taken advantage of either. I will continue to play until the levels are frequently impossible..Version: 2.88

Really freeI enjoy this game. You can defeat most levels without power ups. But you also get a lot of coins to buy power ups without buying. Only 4 stars because you can only do 10 levels at a time. (If you don’t want to buy). At the end of each 10th level you are locked out for 24 hours.Version: 2.96

Addicting, fun and challengingI updated my review to 5 stars! Of all the match 3 games out there (and I have played just about all of them) this game never get old! If you ask me wether or not to download the app, I'd say do it. It's free, and you can always delete it...but I doubt you will. Good luck and enjoy! 😊👌..Version: 2.88

Problem opening appFor the last couple days, I tap on the icon to open it on my ipad but after the beginning picture comes up, the program closes itself after a second or two. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling but it didn’t help. Any ideas?.Version: 2.133

Happy to sadSo I’ve been playing this game for a while. Did really well. But close to the time my phone broke the daily challenges were the same 4 for 3 months. Once my phone was broke I had to get a new one, only to find out I have to start all over again..Version: 2.104

Lost jewelsI like this game its challenging for me frustrating at times but i think all games are sometimes ads dont pop up everytime you do anything and thats a plus for me i just updated so ill see what that does but so far i havent got any complaints !.Version: 2.127

Love this gameI discovered this game about 4 years ago when I purchased my first Kindle Fire. I now have it on my iPhone and love it too. I did not even mind that I had to start the game over because I whizzed right on through 100 levels in about 7 days..Version: 2.93

Neat!So far I'm loving it, I'm only on level 11, and my major complaint with games is that they become too difficult to advance without paying at some point. So far I'm really enjoying this. I'm not bombarded with ads, and the game is really original..Version: 2.131

Fun offlineNew game to me. Love the challenge level and the way you have to think of strategic moves to get through to next level. Even when run out of time you can go back to other levels to improve.Version: 2.92

EnjoyI really enjoy the variety of games included in this app. My only wish for improvement would be a way to bypass a level as I have been stuck for weeks at a tme on difficult ones..Version: 2.157

One of the BestJust started playing this game and love it. I’ve read the other reviews about purchasing extras and impossible levels but if the game gets “impossible” I’ll just delete it. I won’t buy anything in these games. But until then I’ll continue to have fun..Version: 2.92

Enjoyable but with flawsFirst time playing on an iPad - good color saturation but I really dislike the sound effects. Glad that both music and effects can be turned off. Haven’t played enough to comment on other flaws.Version: 2.127

Performance much improved after recent updatesIf you’re struggling with this game I would encourage you to install the updates. The performance is MUCH better and I’ve enjoyed playing the game..Version: 2.84

Great gameBeen playing this for several years now. I got a Telya it’s addictive when you don’t have anything to do and you’re sitting around waiting for someone or something. I love to play this game while I waste time..Version: 2.81

Totally Hooked!!I was looking for a game that was fun and challenging and this was it. The only thing is and it’s not bad. I wish they would have those chests to claim more often. This game I would recommend most definitely..Version: 2.94

Love the game!Been playing for years. I have an iPad mini that the level is over 3000. Got a iPad regular and it started me over. I can play on both so it’s double awesome! Thank you!.Version: 2.151

Unlimited FunLove this matching game. Super addictive! Like the descriptions of the features. Wish it had linked to my levels on Facebook. Also can’t seem to add friends on my laptop..Version: 2.149

Lost jewelsI love this game more than any other! The problem is that there are not enough levels to play before it gets too hard and you have to purchase help to get through. I wish I could play this game forever!.Version: 2.99

Longtime playerI agree with some of the other reviews. Nearly impossible to beat some levels without a purchase, which is very frustrating. Some levels are ridiculously easy too. Oh, well! Still love the game!.Version: 2.90

Great GameAnother great game developed by Peak. All their games are fun and addicting. Looking forward to hopefully some new releases of new games. Graphics are perfect and up to date unlike other games..Version: 2.150

Long time playerI’ve played this for years and had a nice bank loaded, then I quit playing for a while and had to start all over. I love the game but it was a little boring starting back at basic..Version: 2.71

Another GREAT Peak Game!This is my 4th game app from Peak and they are all fun, interesting, colorful and challenging. Game designer knows how to couple entertainment value with awesome aesthetics. Try it all you will see! Highly recommend 😀.Version: 2.163

Fun but frustrating.If you miss any helpful tips, too bad. Not clear on some challenges and it doesn’t appear Peak even supports the game if you go to their website..Version: 2.144

Easy and effortlessOne of those games you can use to simply decompress after a long hard day..Version: 2.133

Game is fun but set up to try to get you to buyEnjoy the game. But after you advance, levels set up to take many tries to pass in attempt to get you to buy coins or tokens to get past levels..Version: 2.104

Fun and engagingI have played a lot of match 3 and blast games and I think this one is one of the best. I like that it gives you plenty of rewards and is easy to play..Version: 2.76

Addictive !Love playing this. Kills time at appts or boring commercials, you don’t lose your place and each game different!.Version: 2.148

Addicting Game... 👌🏾I have played this game for many many years....then one day it would not allow me to play. I only could do the Daily Bonus. I had to start all over. I still enjoy this game....Version: 2.133

Fun GameI enjoy playing this game, as well as several other Peak Games like Toy Blast. Great way to pass the time especially while I'm waiting, like for an oil change or something similar..Version: 2.82

Loving it!This is quickly becoming my favorite match game! It’s interesting with just the right amount of challenge. Lots of levels and the graphics are great. Thanks!.Version: 2.84

A good way to relaxThis game is a good way to unwind at the end of a hectic day. It not as challenging as some of the other matching games we have purchased or downloaded for free, but this is a good way to end a day that has been anything but enjoyable.Version: 2.101

Addictive: yes, but.....Some levels seem impossible to achieve, even after dozens of attempts. Seems like too much pressure to spend money to move on, but I have been enjoying this game..Version: 2.98

FunI truly enjoy playing this game in my free time. It’s no too difficult but it does have challenges that you have to figure out..Version: 2.82

Easy playThis is a fun game with just enough challenge to not be boring. Not so difficult that you get frustrated either..Version: 2.104

Good gameI really like this game, but, when you play on the PC and want to buy coins you can’t, because Facebook doesn’t support Roku (or whatever it is). Where before you could have it billed to your mobile account. That’s the only drawback..Version: 2.79

Love this gameThis is the Best game ever. I have it on all my devices. I play it constantly and it is great to just relax and veg. Get it now and you won’t regret it..Version: 2.140

Great GameThis game is super fun but can be a little annoying. I feel the levels have too many star requirements to move on and not enough help icons to move forward..Version: 2.66

Give it a tryI haven’t been playing that long but like what I’m experiencing so far. The graphics are highly sophisticated and bright..Version: 2.156

Fun and relaxingI e played off and one for years now. And always come back to it..Version: 2.166

Enjoying this oneI just started today playing and it is a good game and I can say this because if it’s not I would have already deleted it..Version: 2.86

Lost Jewels. Match 3I have enjoyed this game. Starts out easy but gets challenging quickly. Play for 15 minutes everyday and enjoy it!.Version: 2.100

Good game!!I enjoy this game. Sometimes it is frustrating to be stuck for over a week on one level!.Version: 2.94

Lost jewelsYou play the way the jewels want to move, or you don’t play. iPad play 4 months old. Practically new. Possibly you need to update. No stars 👎.Version: 2.101

AddictingFun to play but they grab you with some impossible moves and almost force you to buy coins or items just to get past a level. Hmmmm Oh well. It’s fun anyway..Version: 2.81

Good match gameGets more challenging as you go.Version: 2.64

Lost JewelsGood game.Version: 2.150

UnusualAs all things change, all things remain the same. This game is different, however, many moves and rewards seem to be the same! It is challenging though..Version: 2.161

??Where r the coins and other stuff u supposedly earn?.Version: 2.147

Matching gameA bit hard to follow. Where these things you earn..Version: 2.131

Lost JewelesFun game for the kids and adults.Version: 2.133

Lost jewelsGood game.Version: 2.133

FunA nice twist on a old favorite..Version: 2.100

FunIt’s challenging but entertaining..Version: 2.131

Great match gameLove it gets very challenging.Version: 2.131

GreatGreat time waster, if you’re up for a good challenge.Version: 2.129

Great matching gameTons of levels and easy to learn how to play.Version: 2.120

Lost jewelsLove this game.Version: 2.104

Great GameEasy to play and fun too! Easy to get addicted to playing this game. Like the daily challenges which are fun and add points etc. Thank you!.Version: 2.100

Great gameSometimes more challenging then other times but really enjoy this game.Version: 2.95

Lost Jewels game FUNDifferent FUN twist on an old favourite. Great game.Version: 2.99

Fun gameHard enough to challenge but not frustrate.Version: 2.98

Good game fun game lost jewelGood game fun games lost jewels.Version: 2.98

Not badIt’s one of the better games I have played..Version: 2.89

BienBon jeux.Version: 2.95

Lost Jewel Match 3Excellent jeu , très bien fait ..Version: 2.94

Lost jewelThanks for the fun.Version: 2.92

Lost JewelsThis game is so addictive, I can’t put it down..Version: 2.91

Nice.Decent match game. A bit different than most and thankfully not full of kittens or fairies or unicorns. Try it!.Version: 2.90

Good gameIt's a fun game.Version: 2.89

Awesome gameCan't seem to put the tab down 😉.Version: 2.89

Great GameEnjoy playing it.Version: 2.89

Lost jewelsSo far I’m enjoying the game.Version: 2.89

FunSo far so good..Version: 2.89

Lost JewelsThis game is lots of fun. Sometimes you have to be quick before squares fill in before you can advance.Version: 2.88

Fun games!I like match 3 and this one is really fun so far.Version: 2.87

Nice👍🏼.Version: 2.88

AddictiveVraiment le fun.Version: 2.87

Game is awesomeLove it so easy to play lots of fun.Version: 2.87

Fun timesPretty good so far.Version: 2.87

FunFun and great graphics..Version: 2.87

ReviewKeeps you coming back..Version: 2.86

Very fun.Very fun game. Great graphics..Version: 2.86

DifferenceA game of fun.Version: 2.85

Lost jewelsFun game.Version: 2.85

FunGood game, juste le jeux sans l’es personnage sa serais encore mieux..Version: 2.85

NiceNice game good time waster.Version: 2.84

GamerGood game.Version: 2.85

Peak Games are always excitingThey start you slow and get more challenging as you go, entertaining..Version: 2.84

Super jeu mais les crédits ne se recharge pas rapidementNo1.Version: 2.84

Fun!Game continues without spending money - good fun!.Version: 2.83

Great gameGreat game.Version: 2.83

NiceGood game.Version: 2.83

Great gameLots of options to play👍.Version: 2.81

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