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Welcome to Match Factory - The Ultimate 3D Puzzle Adventure!

Dive into the fascinating world of Match Factory, the brand new puzzle game from the creators of Toon Blast & Toy Blast. Once you play, you will come for Match Factory every day!

Connect identical items, sort tiles, and clear the board in this mesmerizing match 3D game. Challenge your puzzle-solving skills as you keep sorting and matching objects until every item is cleared from the screen. It’s not just a puzzle; it’s a test of your wit and strategy.

Relax and Have Fun! Leave your worries behind and enjoy quality relaxation and fun. Immerse yourself in the soothing game atmosphere , enjoy your brain time and increase your zen!

Play Anytime, Anywhere without WI-FI! Enjoy the game online or offline, and never worry about Wi-Fi. Whether you’re on a grand adventure or simply taking a break, Match Factory will always be there to entertain you. In-app purchases do require an active internet connection.

Become the Master of 3D Puzzles! Time is of the essence in this match 3d game! With each level equipped with a timer, you’ll need to think fast and act even faster to triumph!

Boosters to the Rescue! Stuck on a level? Fear not! Match Factory offers a range of powerful boosters to help you overcome tricky situations. Utilize these remarkable tools to advance through the game and unlock exciting items like fruits, candy, cake objects and much more!

Immerse yourself in the world of Match Factory, where thrilling 3D puzzles and hidden objects awaits your keen eye and sharp mind! Download Match Factory now and prove your matching skills to the world! Can you conquer every level and emerge as the ultimate puzzle master?

The Factory Gates Are Open - Start Matching Now!

Match Factory is free to download and includes optional in-game purchases. If you wish to disable in-game purchases, please turn off the in-app purchases in your phone or tablet’s Settings.

You must be at least 13 years of age, or such higher age as required in your country, to play or download Match Factory.

Match Factory! App Comments & Reviews

Match Factory! Positive Reviews

Best game! I’m addicted.I read some other reviews and I’m not sure why people are saying you have to make purchases to get past the levels. I am only a few games away from level 400 and I have not spent a dime. Some levels have taken me three days to get past, but that’s the fun in the game. The graphics are great, the puzzles are challenging (why else would you play), and absolutely no ads. I can’t put it down. Also, just because you take screenshots of the game and can’t see an item doesn’t mean it’s not hiding under something and doesn’t stick out. Sometimes you have to move items to see things underneath them. I honestly hope the levels never end. Thank you for NO ADS!! it’s refreshing to not have to watch them. The only bad part is you get 5 lives unless somebody gives you lives or you pass levels. That wouldn’t be the most horrible thing in the world if it didn’t take almost a half an hour per life to regenerate. I wish it could make that a shorter time or give us more lives. other than that the developers did a great job!!.Version: 1.7.75

Great gameI absolutely love this game. Graphics are amazing and it is absolutely addictive! There is a good mixture of simpler but challenging levels and hard/super hard levels. I am on a level now that I’ve been trying to beat for several days and it gets extremely frustrating. I have enough coins to buy extra time but I don’t want to spend them when I’m not to the point in the level that I think I can pass it in the additional 60 seconds. One suggestion, I have been playing royal match for years and they made an adjustment that I highly recommend. After you have attempted a level multiple times and can’t pass it, they add extra moves. Like at first they offer you 5extra moves for 100 coins. Then the next time you still can’t pass it they offer 10 moves and so on. It caps at 30 extra moves! You guys offer 60 seconds for 100 coins. Maybe after someone has spent 15,20,30 attempts at passing it, increase the time they have to pass it. Royal match recognizes the amount of attempts someone has made at one particular level and at a certain point they start adding moves. It would make it much more likely to continue trying and playing the game rather than giving up and deleting.Version: 1.11.38

Fun game but developers don’t play fairPeak Games has perfected Toon Blast to offer challenging levels that are beatable with some difficulty, but not to the point where players are stuck for weeks. I’m on level 1000-something of Match Factory, and this is the fourth time I’ve experienced being stuck for weeks on the same level. It’s not fun to keep playing the same level and not having any way to pass it. The helps are few and far between. There is no “easy mode” after many days of being stuck to help you pass. There aren’t many opportunities to win coins to help. The only option is to pay to play, which feels unfair. Especially when you’re stuck for two to three weeks, and then you play a few levels and get stuck again. You don’t even have time to build up your coins again. Another questionable tactic is that they make easy levels extra hard if you’re doing well and moving through levels, just to make you fail and lose your advantage. It’s pretty messed up. But the game itself is actually really fun. The graphics and gameplay are excellent, so I’ve given 3 stars - fun game, messed up tactics. I hope they fix this - I don’t mind paying to play when I don’t feel coerced..Version: 1.11.38

A bully of a gameI do like this game but it definitely caters to the rare few that are quicker than the average person. I honestly feel like it got hard really quickly and the feeling of losing lives so quick in the game makes you feel like you’re just too slow. I think the developer created it this way to frustrate you and force you to purchase more lives or more boosters ( extra time, freeze ray, etc). “Hard” levels kick in pretty quickly, then there is “ extra hard” that can take you minimum three days to pass. I do love the graphics but I’m starting to get a little frustrated with how hard some of these are. If the boosters were cheap, maybe, but one booster is literally $5 bucks! That’s ridiculous! You’ll need maybe 2 seconds after time runs out, which is always the case, then this forces you want to purchase one of their little hourglasses because you’re always - almost there. They’re Subliminal Bullies in my opinion. Winning super hard levels all the time is not common, losing them is..Version: 1.12.112

Not enough livesThis game is GREAT! The problem is that you can only request lives once every 4 hours with a max of 5 lives. I have asked the game creators to consider a few changes such as, more lives/lives refill quicker or for teammates to be able to send more lives. It would also be great if there were more chances to gain boosts, like the hour glass. And lastly, I would really love if they would fix the spot in the game that players can accidentally hit the button PAY100 coins to continue! I have been saving coins and several times, accidentally hit that button and spent all coins with no chance to say - STOP - I didn’t want to do that! So then of course you’re back to zero. I completely agree with the review points from *great speller* Please consider all of the ideas they gave as well. Thank You.Version: 1.5.54

Great free game but has open chat for kidsThis is a great free game. I have really enjoyed playing it. At first I didn’t check into the teams and just ignored it. Some things aren’t explained so you’re not sure what you’re multiplying when you level up or why when you repeat a level it’s not always the same. It’s like they eventually dumb it down so you can beat it. Besides the clarity of the rewards and gameplay, my only real complaint is the team settings. I allowed my children to download the game so we could give each other free lives. I didn’t know that would open up a chat window for strangers to communicate with me and my children. I don’t appreciate that. There should be an option to close off our group and keep It personal between us and people we trust to chat with our kids. Now I have to regularly kick people out because our group is set on the “open” setting and there’s no way to change it to closed group-and they just join instantly without approval. Please fix that..Version: 1.7.75

Predatory but funThis game is a lot of fun. Unlike other match games where the challenge is basically figuring out the crappy graphics, this game has fantastic graphics and is a pleasure to play. However, beware, one of the things that makes it fun is no ads. Now the developers have to make money somehow so they do it with hard and super hard levels. In your first five attempts at a super hard level, you may literally not even see a goal object, but if you do, you won’t see three. You may literally not even see a match of non-goal objects. That is because they are intentionally impossible to find. The goal is to wear you down by 15 or 20 attempts until you buy something. It’s unlikely that you can win a hard or super hard level in less than 25 tries. You need extra time too and that is going to cost you, too. But even the super hard levels get easier as you repeatedly try. There is some built-in mercy, so that is nice. I have enjoyed the game and spent money. I give it 3 stars because you just can’t spend an hour playing it. Spending an hour on a game is what I like to do. And to do that you would have to spend maybe $20. You only get five attempts and the best players might end up playing ten or so, but the game is programmed to make it increasingly difficult. It’s predatory. But it is well designed and that’s more than I can say for the tons of crappy match games out there..Version: 1.11.38

My favorite match 3 game!!I have played so many different match 3 games and this one is easily my favorite. I love the graphics and the general game play. This game has a quick response when you tap on an item, unlike some other games. For those saying you have to pay to win levels, this is simply not true, I am on level 2312 and have not paid, and will never pay to play a game on iOS. As another reviewer stated, I too have been stuck on a level for a few days, but keep at it and use the 100 coins to give you more time (I do this only on extremely difficult levels). Some advice, join an active team. I constantly have 10-15 extra lives that are sent by team members when I start my game and get 30 minutes or more of unlimited lives when we win challenges..Version: 1.13.81

Fantastic gameI love this game so much. It came at a good time for me when I needed a distraction. There are some levels that are super difficult; however, if you keep at it you can get it without having to pay. Don’t give up! They do a good job of giving events and team activities so you can get bonuses and things to help sustain you through difficult levels. I’m past level 889 at the time of writing this. If I had a complaint it’s only that based on ads for this game it appears that there will be other modes for types of matching games. There aren’t, but this game is developed so well and has NO ADS so it is worthy of the full five stars..Version: 1.13.81

Fun and frustratingI consider myself a pretty good match player but getting stuck on the same level for weeks is frustrating, I’ve had teammates stick it out for months on one level before they move onto something else. At some point it just isn’t fun anymore. The levels do get harder as you progress, once I hit 400 I’ve been stuck constantly. Another problem, unlike other games, unless you are winning you don’t get to participate in any prizes so the once daily prize is it. I’ve had teammates save their dailies for a month just to blow it all trying to get past a single level. I understand the point is for people to buy packages but we also need team mates that can participate and many people can’t afford the extra cost. So you move from team to team trying to find one with active players. Thankfully there are other match games out there that understand this..Version: 1.13.81

Had it for a few days now and I love it so far.I downloaded this game because it was made by the same people who make my other favorite mobile game. The aesthetics are cute and the game runs well. I’m on level 241 and have only had it downloaded for about a week. Great game to play on breaks at work and at home when winding down. It’s definitely challenging but not so difficult that it makes you wanna rage quit like many mobile games. Best thing about it is no ads. That’s one of the only reasons I’ve played it so much honestly. Edit: I am now on level 3212. I still love the game but the game owes me like 30 boosters because I had to waste so many of them to find things because the game glitches and makes bigger items teeny tiny sometimes. I have screenshots if the developer wants to see what I’m talking about. It’s super annoying. Taking away 2 stars until this is fixed..Version: 1.13.81

Better graphics then most, BUT…This match game definitely has better graphics than any other match game but it is nothing like what is advertised! . I’ve seen the ad pop-up multiple times while playing other games with a bunch of different kind of match games and puzzles and the only thing this has is the piled match 3 search and find like all the other match games so it’s very deceiving. It’s too bad because the other puzzles look like a lot of fun! Unfortunately I’ve seen this in a lot of other ads for similar games.. the other thing is, like everyone else says, you kind of have to spend money to get anywhere in the game. Unfortunately, they don’t have any options to earn any coins to get the tools you need to pass levels.. I’ve been trying to find a similar one with the quality of graphics that is more play friendly….Version: 1.11.113

Fun game but hard to pass levels without payingI have several games like this on my phone and play them regularly. This is by far, my favorite. But there are levels that are so hard, they’re impossible to pass without a hoard of coins and helpers to get through it. As insult to injury, the game makes it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to earn coins to advance without paying real money for them. Which is frustrating. When I’m playing games, it’s because I need a break to clear my mind but soon discover that I’m frustrated more than having a relaxing, mind clearing moment once I reached a certain level so I play this one less often than I once did. I don’t want to have to pay to keep playing but find the super hard levels built to keep you there unless you fork over cash because they don’t give you ways to earn coins at all..Version: 1.8.76

It’s fun to level 50 then it makes you feel like a hoarderI find the game, very enjoyable until you get to around the 45th or 50th level and then it starts to give you piles of so many things on the screen that are just all sitting on top of each other that it feels like you're in a giant trashcan full of garbage and you have to sit through it. At that point it’s just really no fun at all. in fact I've deleted the game multiple times and started it over at level one up to level 50 just because of this. I don't expect to ever go over level 50 because it's just not enjoyable after that and have no desire to sift thru piles of garbage to make matches. What I enjoy is being able to mindlessly and quickly find matches. After level 50 that becomes impossible and the enjoyment of the game - for me anyway - disappears..Version: 1.5.54

Your ads are liarsThis is so so satisfying, but the only thing I have to say is quit it with the false advertisement! The ads show different ways you can do the levels, and sure I may have just started and maybe it does this later on, but I’m pretty sure it doesn't, witch is really annoying when the ads come along the only thing you do in this game is Mach things one way with one background, but your ads say so much more! Could you try to make you game like the ads for once? Your really bad at making ads if their all going to be lies. Sure, I know you want to make money and make people get this game, but tell the truth or else you’ll get a bad rating. Please work a little harder on the ads and maybe even the game itself please😇.Version: 1.8.76

Level Difficulty Is Not AccurateAfter you’ve played this game for a while you get a feel for what is a regular level, a hard level and an extra hard level. And you can use your power up options before you start the level because they tell you the difficulty beforehand. BUT, the difficulty they say the next level is going to be is not always correct. So you might waste a power up on a super easy level or you might not use one when you should have and you end up losing that round which means you lose all the buffs you had gained beforehand and have to get another winning streak to build them back up. (Difficult to do after you lose them on a hard level.) I will say after you lose a level enough times, they make it easier to pass that level so you can move on. My other complaint it that sometimes the screen does register where you tap correctly and you select the wrong object and can overfill your bar and have to pay coins to clear it or lose the level. And sometimes an item you selected just disappears mid screen. Besides that, if you like redundant games so you can zone out and not think about anything, this is a good one..Version: 1.12.112

Not conducive for long playI love this game so much. I downloaded it because I love Toy Blast, on level 4,342, and it’s been done beautifully. This one takes 100 coins to continue and 20minutes to build 1 life. I regret that I can’t just sit and play. When I’m going too fast and accidentally fill up the bar and lose, that’s it for 20 minutes. That’s not fun or challenging. If they reconfigure so it can be played for stretches, that would be awesome. Maybe when the bar fills, there is an option to continue at which point the bar empties & you lose what you’ve gathered to that point. 3 continues in a row on same level loses a life. Otherwise it’s too frustrating to play. It needs to either be timed play or 3 strikes-out your out a life. Something to allow longer plays..Version: 1.11.38

Great game, but…Love this game, it’s one of the better match APS available. Crisp and colorful graphics, and a variety of skill levels to beat. The precision could be better, it’s impossible to choose some objects near complex shapes ie hula hoops and tables so it’s best to get those out of the way first. Really frustrating that it crashes immediately after starting a round, thereby losing a life when you restart it. This happens often… about 1 out of 6 times. I’ve reached out to customer service with some bugs and it gets escalated, but after a couple of days I’m told no issue is found. This is one of the few games I spend $$ on, the lack of support and understanding is unnecessary. A credit of free lives or some other form of courtesy would help alleviate my increasing annoyance with the company..Version: 1.8.76

Love this free, simple game!I love this game because it is so simple but still keeps my attention. It is completely free unless you want to buy boosts, but it is quite easy to play the game without spending any money. I’m currently on level 712 and haven’t spent any money. As far as I can tell, too, there aren’t any ads. The only thing I’d say is that sometimes the level designation of “hard” and “super hard” doesn’t always mean a level is hard. Some of the standard levels are more difficult than the hard and super hard levels. No matter, though — just something to keep in mind if you’re considering downloading this game..Version: 1.8.76

Super fun gameThis is one of my favorites as it offers super fun challenges. It takes awhile to figure it out but once you get past the learning curve, it’s quite addictively fun. My main complaints are that some of the challenges are too difficult and near impossible to beat. That becomes demotivating as it can take up to a week and many attempts that feel futile. Another complaint is that the game doesn’t sync or save your progress so if you ever need to change devices or do a reset, you would have to start over again. Developers, please add the ability to save our account and game progress..Version: 1.8.76

Awesome Game!Warning! You may become addicted to this game like I am. The graphics are top-notch and most of the puzzles are fun. I get so frustrated when I’ve had to use 10+ lives to get past a level because it is simply too hard. Some of the levels are so impossible that I’ve had to purchase more coins and boosters, and I have never had to do that for other games. I guess that’s how they want it, but it makes me want to delete the game so I don’t spend so much time (or money) on it. Peak games, if you read this, please consider reducing the frustration of some of the levels by removing some of the objects. I am on level 618, and I’ve seen some that should be labeled impossible, including 618..Version: 1.8.76

RoadblockI enjoyed the game very much until I reached level 388. I played that level for days using up all my options until I decided only way to move forward was purchasing tokens. I bought the least expensive option which turned out not to have enough of what I needed. Only way on that level is 3 vacuums. Picking out the items is a nightmare. I liked the game because it seemed so fresh and the graphics were fun. Now I feel very cheated. There was literally no way to win without spending money I didn’t want to spend. Don’t tell me it’s because I’m not smart enough. I showed it to a few people and literally I got - why would you even try - it’s stacked. I recommend enjoy the game but don’t fall for buying anything..Version: 1.5.54

COULD easily be a 5++ game!!!OBSESSED! Has become my go-to game since I downloaded it surpassing my other two favorites! The only real suggestion I have is that the store could be better! I don’t mind splurging and buying a package here and there in any game but I am more hesitant in this one because there’s no real incentive between the $10 and $20 package and there is NEVER any flash sales! With that said, graphics are great, it’s fun and challenging and you don’t HAVE to purchase. I’ve stayed at the same level for days and finally beat it with the utmost satisfaction. Kudos to the developers ; 0 ).Version: 1.13.81

Addicting at firstI am on level 1712. I enjoy wasting time playing this. If you think 5 lives isn’t enough, you can join a team and get 10 lives from team mates every like 10 hours? I don’t know how long it takes to request them again because I have never run out. I like that it has no ads and it is usually reasonably difficult. Boosters are given pretty easily from the chests you can earn from collecting the keys and you get more time and rockets just for finishing levels on first tries in a row. I agree the game’s ads itself are misleading, looking like there’s more variety in games than there really is in some of them..Version: 1.13.81

No Purchases NeededI have been playing this game for several weeks and I love it. Don’t listen to all those who say you have to make purchases to progress. I am at level 400 and have never made a single purchase. There are levels that may take a few days to beat, but eventually you can. The gameplay is simple and straightforward. It also gets your brain working as you have to look quickly and make decisions. I’ve always loved match-3 games, but this one has kept me interested much longer than other options..Version: 1.10.97

Obsessed. Zero complaintsThis is by far the best game I’ve downloaded in a very long time. I’ve been playing for weeks and have not seen a single ad. And the game has not glitched or crashed once. I have spent maybe $20 over 2 months to pass levels but that’s more because I’m impatient than anything else. If you keep playing and get the little keys and other bonuses within the games you can win more than enough extras to pass levels without spending money. Awesome game, don’t change a thing..Version: 1.11.113

Highly recommend PLEASE PLAYI downloaded 3 or 4 match games to try and find one I liked, this one has the best graphics, the best challenge level and the best look. Even when you play the same level 10 times because you get SOOO CLOSE to beating it every time there are different items in the level with the same items that need to be found. Its amazing and I love it. The easy levels are just difficult enough to play and be engaging but hard and super hard are a real challenge. I love it please don’t change it!!!.Version: 1.6.56

Finally had to delete appThis can be a really fun game. It’s challenging, and addicting, that’s why I gave it 3 stars. But I am deleting for a couple reasons. First one is how long it takes to earn coins. It takes 100 coins to either continue time on one level or to clear the bar if you run out of space but it takes winning for at least 10 levels in order to accumulate 100 coins. My second gripe is that there are levels that are absolutely impossible to complete without either using your coins or spending money to buy more. I love challenging games but this has pushed my patience. I am finally deleting this app..Version: 1.11.113

Great game!I’m enjoying this game a lot, especially with no ads, thank you! I’ve seen ads come up for Match Factory on other games and they show screens with trays you fill in a cafeteria, or boxes scrolling up on the left while choosing items on the right. So far I’ve not seen these game options in Match Factory. Just the screen choices shown in the App Store. Not complaining as the existing games are challenging, but maybe update your ads if there’s no option to play the games shown in the ads..Version: 1.11.113

Addictive, Colorful Game!I’ve been playing this game about a week and I’m so addicted. It’s very challenging and some levels are very hard to get past (I’ve been on level 118 for 4 days now). The graphics are beautiful, colorful and make it even more fun. No ads! The only reason it didn’t get that 5th star is because I wish I had unlimited lives to be able to play. I really don’t like having to wait 20 minutes for a new life to populate. I get it, it’s a free app and they need to make money. If even consider paying a one time price to be able to have unlimited chances..Version: 1.5.54

Excellent gameVery fun yet challenging!! great job developers.Version: 1.4.84

Super Fun GameGets my brain on fire.Version: 1.5.54

Addictive , fun matching gameIt’s an awesome matching game that will keep you you engaged without the ads. It’s lots of fun to play when you just want to keep your mind busy. Its addicting..Version: 1.11.113

Fun, but keeps crashingReally liked this game, had a lot of fun with it. However, in between each and every level it would close. I would open it back up and start the next level. I got to a point when I had the option of a side game or quest when it would freeze and then close. I tried to open the game again and it would go to that side quest screen and immediately close again. I removed the game and tried to reinstall it and now I can’t even install it again. Is it me? Is it you? Too bad as it was a fun game..Version: 1.11.113

👍Thank you for no ads! I am enjoying the gameplay..Version: 1.8.76

ObjectsObjects to find are tiny if played on phone, not sure what some are..Version: 1.11.38

Love it!My fav app right now! No commercials is so great!.Version: 1.13.81

Rarity these daysNo adds. Game is as advertised. Super rare these days!.Version: 1.13.81

Matching gamesLove playing this ga,e it’s so much fun 😀😀😀🤗🤗🙌🏼🙌🏼.Version: 1.13.81

Great graphicsClear graphics great game.Version: 1.13.81

The bestLove this game fun and challenging no ads thank goodness.Version: 1.13.81

Review/questionsWould be nice to have a reference page to explain all symbol, their uses etc. please please please explain the rules. How hard could it be?!?!.Version: 1.13.81

Not like adThis is exactly the same as all the other 3 match games. The ads show different scenarios, which are not in the game. I deleted this game..Version: 1.13.81

Not true to adsNothing like the ads! It’s just one game play arena. Nothing like ads.Version: 1.13.81

Can we go on a date with youI don’t think so I don’t think it’s a.Version: 1.13.81

Oaks and other the best in my opinion are theSac and the other two three are in a different state.Version: 1.13.81

AddictiveChallenging and addictive game! Love it!!!.Version: 1.13.81

CnGreat game for distractions..Version: 1.13.81

Very nice, but…Good quality graphics, but where are all the other game formats that were shown in the add that I followed? I’m past 1000 levels and it’s still only the one format. False advertising?.Version: 1.13.81

Not the sameIt’s a good game but I wanted to do what the ad was showing but it’s not the same game? The ad showed donuts being sorted etc I want that game!.Version: 1.13.81

NiceIt’s fun. Works the mind and the finger aim. And it doesn’t splash ads every game..Version: 1.13.81

OmgI love it so much.Version: 1.12.112

Love the lack of adsAdds are optional for extras but you can play level after level without them.Version: 1.12.112

Fun to playA fun game to pass some time but watch out it could become addictive.Version: 1.12.112

Great until you get stuckGreat game and loved it but there’s no way to get unstuck without spending real money.Version: 1.12.112

SatisfactionGreat way to fill time.Version: 1.12.112

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