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Welcome to Toy Blast, the funniest puzzle game ever!

Jump into the Toy world and help Amy through her adventurous journey. Blast the cubes and combine powerful boosters to beat the challenging levels. Join tournaments and events to compete with players all around the world!

Everything you dreamed of is at your fingertips, with the most exciting puzzles you will ever see!

Once you play the colorful puzzles of Toy Blast, you will never look for anything else!


● Unique and exciting match-3 levels: fun boards featuring boosters and combos!
● Hilarious episodes: discover all the adventures with Amy and her fantastic friends!
● Fun events every day: Cube Party, Star Tournament, Team Adventure, Crown Rush, Rotor Party and Team Race!
● Complete the daily challenges of Hoop Shot and win magnificent rewards!
● Create your team and join the tournaments to get boosters and unlimited lives!
● Compete with the best players in Legends Arena to get the grand prize!

Toy Blast App Comments & Reviews

Toy Blast Positive Reviews

Great game, challenging but fun.I have been playing this game for a while, and it has become my favorite by far. Easily surpasses the 4 different Candy Crush games I have on my phone. I am at level 5400 and got here without making a purchase. The game provides plenty of opportunity to get additional lives and game aids. In reading the other reviews, I noticed many negative comments. I would ask any of those people leaving the comments, do you work for free? I imagine the developers, as well as everyone else that works for this company likes to get paid. That happens only when people make purchases, not a difficult concept. If you are eager and excited to progress quickly, the opportunity exists to make purchases. If you are unconcerned with speeding up the ladder and willing to take your time puzzling out the best way to beat a level without spending money, I find it much easier to do in Toy Blast than in Candy Crush. And BTW, I’m not a bot or a developer, but I have managed to win plenty of tournaments without making a purchase! To the developers, thanks for putting out this game and for all your hard work!.Version: 8955

It's not badSo it's not a bad game but there are some problems. Not with the programming or anything but the algorithms used to calculate the direction of the rockets. As you get further into the game you start to get fewer and fewer moves to the point where you need to be extremely lucky or buy stuff. It consistently asks if you want to buy coins I don't really mind that that much but if you don't like that then this game isn't for you. Now about the rockets, you combine five or more blocks of a certain color you get a rocket is says "random" but I have been counting the rockets and put together a graph real quick of the rockets. Depending on the level and the nature of the objective you may desperately need a vertical rocket but nine out of ten of them are going to be horizontal if you need a horizontal you get a vertical. If your down to your last few moves and you have the opportunity to get a rocket and win the level if it is a certain direction, 14 out of 15 times it's going to be the opposite direction. I found that the math in the app used to determine direction purposely gives you the opposite direction to push you into buying more coins, which can become extremely frustrating when you reach higher levels and it takes you three or four days to beat one level. Other then this if you looking for a casual gaming experience this game isn't bad (I downloaded to play at work when times are slow). This game isn't bad though.Version: 4153

Missing playersI’ve been playing Toy Blast for a long time. I stopped playing for a while because I couldn’t pass a level and gave up. I was on level 600+ when I stopped since I’ve come back, I’m at level 2200+ and I really do enjoy the game. When I joined my team had 46 players +/-. It still does but there are only 4 that play regularly. WE rarely reach goals … there aren’t enough of us to make a difference. I think your problem with losing people if that the games are too hard. Not because we can’t pass them, but because of the programming you’ve put into each game. Right now, after about 5 plays that move the blocks down, none of the blocks that are on the surface of what needs removing matches. There is always one set at the top of the pile that does match. I just blew ten moves trying to get matching blocks down to the surface. I wasn’t even half way done before I ran out of moves. What I do now is open the game, give lives to my friends, play my five lives, close the game. If you want players to stay, which I assume you do, you should maybe give us a break; throw us a bone. I play another off your games about every other week. I think I’ve won three games this year. And, if I know I’m not going to will, I’m NOT spending any money on lives or boosters. Why bother!.Version: 10515

Disappointing but pleasing enoughToy Blast and Toon Blast are fun games, good versions of the match game genre, which are satisfying and a great way to kill some time or distract from a turbulent plane ride or other nervy time. Winning is only half due to skill - although you must think, strategize, and recognize patterns to progress at all: game “luck” is also needed to win about half the games. Of course the game is rigged... this type all are. But the egregious failing is that after a run of easy or challenging but eventually surmountable levels, the game “rules” are suspended at a specific level clearly in order make a level nearly impossible without purchasing aides. Clearly the games are not meant to be “fair,” but sometimes they are insulting .... just trying to wear you down ... and that’s where I stop... no fun. After 1x, I learned never to purchase but to wait for a turn in “luck.” But there have been a few times where 100 attempts later, I finally get to progress to next level. Today I played my last game for this reason. Had enough. Enjoy the game but don’t say we didn’t warn you. When you are tempted to get mad, just remember their goal is to make money... play or don’t ... BTW, all my progress (iphone, up to date game) is saved without Facebook, so delete and reinstall when you want to try again..Version: 6703

Best Puzzle Game, Good People!I have played so many puzzle games that catch my ADD and this is the only one I’ve never deleted. Admittedly I got good at this game, I beat all the levels consistently and then challenge for 1st place in the Legends Arena for the 250 coins. That just means, you *can* figure out the algorithm and have fun! THE BEST PART is this is a company of good people. I can tell because they don’t trick you into buying anything at all if you don’t want to, you can *earn* coins as well as the bonus moves (that are sometimes needed on the most difficult levels). I have never once stressed about needing lives or moves and having to pay to continue. On top of all that, they constantly produce new levels to achieve! AND ON TOP OF THAT! No ads! Seriously, there is no better game out there. They really have the player’s experience in mind and are not greedy like nearly every single other game that uses gambling tactics to take our money. This is *not* a pay to play, it’s an earn and learn… and worth your time investment to get good. Every game company should take note! Long live Toy Blast..Version: 9152

Challenging. Fun, addictiveLove this game! Have played it for couple years. Reading some of the other comments and I don’t usually write reviews, but had to because people are just ridiculous. This game offers so much opportunity to get through levels without having to buy anything, yet people want to complain and whine about having to purchase coins or boosters to get through level? Let’s be clear, you don’t HAVE to purchase anything you can continue to play and try to earn coins there’s certainly plenty of opportunity to do so. BUT if you want to, you can. As someone else mentioned, do you work for free? No! so the developers of this game have to have some sort of built in way too make money in order to keep the game going and the levels going. This game is extremely challenging, it’s fun and yes I’m addicted. I love it. Also love the opportunity they give for others to give you lives. I don’t know about bots or algorithms and what not, all I know is this game is so much fun! thank you guys and keep up the good work:).Version: 9736

Great game but, I have a few issues with it.I really do lov this game. I also love that I don’t have to watch ads unless I need extra moves. I’m on level 5409. It’s fun but I really do love that I can play without having to buy anything unless I choose to. Which, I do not. I love that you can give people lives and get lives from them also. But, I have some issues. The first, it just unbelievable how when you get the rockets to shoot- if you need vertical, you get the horizontal and vice versa. So, you’re trying to get me to buy something - I will not! But, it’s just so obvious that you get the wrong direction most of the time. Literally, my biggest problem is that it keeps dying when I have a chance to win a level and I’ve watched at least one ad or more (there are probably more times when it won’t even let me watch one) and it just freezes. Please - come on guys - fix this. This should not happen. It seems to happen most often when I actually have a chance to win, if I could only watch the amount of ads I need. This is so frustrating. Please - please, fix this!! I would appreciate it. And thank you for the game..Version: 13528

Great game to pass timeThe game has been through some changes over the years and some reviews suggest that it is rigged. For me, it seems to be fair. There are some levels that are very complex. Save up your rewards for those. The directional arrows seem to be random. Sometimes they all go the right way and other times they don’t. It’s random so it works that way. I have been able to win many tournaments and earn loads of rewards so I don’t have to buy items for the few complex levels yet. You can earn one rewards every day and they 3 rewards every handful of levels. It’s definitely a fair game though and some levels are very easy. The current setup is just like many other games but I like this one the best. My wife really enjoys it as well. She dies not win tournaments but she can still get through the complex levels but it takes her days sometimes to get passed. That makes the game better I think. If you don’t like the challenge just buy some extras and move on. The next level is probably not as hard..Version: 6703

Great game, but….I have played this game for over 2 years. I had a lot of fun and it’s a good game to distract you. However, I had one copy on my personal phone and one copy on my work phone. My personal phone, I have spent approx $200 buying crap to keep going. It has now gotten to a point where I cannot move forward unless I buy cheats or play the same field for 5 days until, miraculously, I get the right combinations to move on. This has become so tedious, boring and unenjoyable that I’m just going to kiss the $$ and the game goodbye. I would have thought for $200 they would have been more lenient but it’s just sell, sell, sell..! Now on my work phone, I cannot buy help as it’s a company phone. So I have not spent one dime on the game! The game actually gives me so many more options to move forward for free than it does on my personal phone. Bottom line, if I use money, that works against me! I’m sorry but that’s just greedy in my book. I should at least get the same courtesy on both copies. Further, I am actually further along on my work phone due to the free help than I am where I have forked out $200!! Take the info as you will. Bye.Version: 13528

Used to be 5 stars!!!!! Now just a 3This game used to be awesome!!! I have been playing this game for a few years now, and recently they have changed a few things that make this game a go to when you really have nothing to do. They used to offer three chest that had 2hr free play 2nd chest was 4hr free play and last was 24hr free play which was awesome and yes would take awhile to get to but worth it. Now they just offer one chest 10 steps away every 3 days. Now while in the lower levels okay not that bad but as you get higher sometime it’s impossible to get to that chest and when you go through the 5 lives given and still haven’t bet that 1 level you get frustrated and we all have lives so that might be the only time I get to play that day. I found that I played more when it was the other way. Then there’s the thing where the closer you get to the legends arena the further they move it. When on a really hard level I’ll spin the wheel each day get my tool and play my free play and that’s it to build up a tool army to finally beat that crappy level. The further you get the harder it gets and not being thrown any bones doesn’t make it as fun as it used to be. 😢.Version: 6476

More perksLike this game. I do think the coin rewards are cheap. You should get hugger coins for higher levels so you are able to buy tools to use in the game. Also, if you’re like me and buy coins often, there should be days where discounts are given like in other games. I also think you should be able to receive lives daily from friends and not just people on a team who you may not know. Capping at 14 or 19 depending on how you time the rewards is not great. You should be able to accumulate as many as you can to help you pass the higher levels. One last thing is the levels…you should release more than 20 at a time instead of the arena where the boards are repeated and not challenging. And should not have to wait for updates to get new levels. Today, I can’t even play your game as I have no arena because it ended and no daily levels to play. That’s makes me want to find new games to play. Hoping some of this can be taken into consideration from a long time player and coin purchase (probably 1000,s of dollars spent). Thanks.Version: 8955

Great Time KillerI’ve been playing since 2017 and I keep coming back to this app. It is definitely not the best game ever but it is a fun way to kill time. Another huge plus is that there are no ads. I also like that they’ve finally added teams. I just wish they’ll add a chat system so I can talk to my fellow teammates and get a better idea of who’s active and who’s not as the leader of my team. Other than that, it’s a fairly solid game and I’d recommend it. (Oh, and with all the reviews that say that this game is going to make you spend lots of money or you won’t get far? That’s completely false. First of all, all in-app purchases are COMPLETELY optional and they don’t shove special “deals” in your face all the time like other free-to-play games do. They also don’t have any power-ups that you can only get from spending real money. Second of all, it is totally possible to get very far without spending real money. I’m currently at level 4306 and have won several tournaments and have done so without investing a single penny into this game.).Version: 8755

Love this gameI love this game I’ve been playing this game for years. When I do download games I deleted them in less then a week because i get bored and lose interest but this game I downloaded on every new phone I got. The levels are a little challenging but that’s what keeps me interested in it. Im on level 2552 (not my first time getting to this level) and every level I played I didn’t have to use coins or anything. If you think about it it’s like a strategy game almost you just have to think about your moves to win the level. There is always ways to get lives if you really want to play more. You can buy them by coins or win lives ( love that ). There is challenges where you compete With other players for 500 coins or so and they give you so many days before the challenge is over to try to beat the other players. You can win things to help you win the levels. They even have a wheel you can spin everyday to win more Stuff to help you win the levels. All in all I really enjoy this game..Version: 6194

Fun and AddictiveI’ve been playing this game since the start of Covid. Early levels were easy to win, current levels (7,300 plus) are harder. As it should be. Even so, some levels can be won on the first try. If you’re good at pattern recognition, this is a great game for you. Being able to recognize the block patterns and what those patterns will be in the next move or two you make is the key to winning the levels. Still, there is both luck and strategy involved. Like any card game, sometimes you get a bad hand and no amount of strategy will enable you to win. Eventually, the algorithm decides your frustration level is high enough and “deals” you a winning hand. It just takes patience. On the HUGE plus side, there are no ads. No ads between levels. No ads during levels. The only time I’ve been offered an ad is if I want extra moves at the upper levels. Never on the lower levels. Even then, viewing it is optional. Also note that I have never spent a cent of real money in lives/boosts or anything else. And I have still usually wound up on the leaderboard. I have nearly 200 of every kind of toy and boost and nearly 10,000 “coins”. Again, it just takes patience and being willing to do real life (instead of a phone game) while your game lives reload. Lastly, on those few occasions when I have had to contact Support, they have been quickly responsive, which is both unusual and appreciated in this industry..Version: 11279

— NEW VERSIONS — ALL ABOUT MONEY AND CHEATING AND RIPPING OFF CUSTOMERSIt’s bad enough that I’ve spent WAYYYY TOO MUCH MONEY on this dumb game, but now it’s all about switching things up that so you have to pay more to stay in the game for the high levels. I’m actually happy that this happened so that my long standing addiction to this game is now OVER. This used to be a straight forward game, but now it has become ALL ABOUT THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY that chooses themselves over the fans of the game. I’ve seen so many cheats with different moves and once you used to be able to win 500 points/coins for winning after 3 days, now you’re unfortunate enough to win 250 in the Star Tournament and you have to make #1 to get 500 in the Legends Arena. This is complete and total BS. Thanks for the awful changes. Including the changes with regular games. I’ve seen the cheats when you don’t knock out all of the colors when you get the dice type things that are supposed to blow out all corresponding colors. Shameless. Disappointing. AND DOWNRIGHT DISGUSTING..Version: 5742

The best great game.This game is super cool. It is a very good idea to have treasure chests added, I like getting the rewards after I earn 20 stars. It is a good thing I have an inbox where I can store my lives that I get from my treasure chest, that way I can use them whenever I want to. In another game I play when I earn my stars and I have 1 or 2 lives I get a refill so technically I get only 3 or 4 lives. I played this game before once and it was really hard to win. I like that you changed the way the igloo’s and flowers work. I like that you made the legends arena while you wait for updates. I like the way you create new challenges like the dragons and the docks, the magic hats were really cool. I liked the laundromats and canons. Now I still play this game and really enjoy it. But instead of being so original it is like other games I play. I truely don't mind it that much but it has changed. The game has become easier and instead I became older and if the creaters of the game could make it harder I would be very grateful. It's okay if you don't it's not like i'll deleted it..Version: 6180

Fun and addictive but with an unwelcome changeToy Blast is fun AND frustrating. I am up to level 1260. Some levels are easy, being able to win the first time, while others can take days to pass. When I started there were three goals every two or three days: the first was unlimited lives for 2 hours and some tools, the second was unlimited lives for 4 hours (and tools) and finally the third was unlimited lives for 24 hours (and tools). This is no longer available. Now you have to win 10 levels to win a treasure chest that gives you 25 coins and a couple of tools, but you are still limited to just five lives. This means it will take longer to get through levels and reduces play time, since it takes around three hours to regain five lives. The good side to this is you don’t use up your battery as much. You can request lives from friends, but that’s only once a day. Of course the other option is buying lives, which I’m sure that’s what the creators want you to do. Sorry, but I just won’t do that. I’m giving this game only three stars for taking away the unlimited lives..Version: 5742

Can people hack this game?I’m pretty good at this game and at the most recent level after update I’m at level 8351. I can usually beat a level in 1-2 tries but sometimes it takes awhile because some levels are harder and I may have to use a tool to beat a level occasionally but I’ve never purchased coins or tools. My question is, how do some players get so far ahead. I go to bed before time runs out and the next day (7 hours later) I update and there are players already 200 levels ahead. Maybe they just buy tools and coins but even doing that would be hard to beat that many levels in a short time period. At the end of play, I’ll usually be at the top of my team with 200 wins but state and world players will be at over 3000 wins. I’ve always thought this game had random patterns but maybe I’m missing something. Overall I play several times daily but my only frustration is not being able to win more games like these top players but maybe they do spend a ton of money..Version: 13217

My favorite!I don’t understand some of the complaints on here. It’s SUPPOSED to be challenging. If you’re having such a hard time, take a break for a few days and come back with a fresh brain. Trust me it helps! And the money complaints? I’m on level 1197 and I’ve never spent any money. You just need to strategize with the events. Don’t try to do them all, pick which ones you can fully dedicate to. They literally give you free stuff everyday and get so much for so little in the gift boxes. Use the free hours to your advantage! If you know you won’t have time to use those 2,4,24 free hours then don’t pass the level before the box until you know you can use as much of that free time as possible, especially on the challenging levels. I have 0 complaints. You always keep me guessing and every time a new toy is introduced I’m amazed by the ingenious form of collecting them. Although you can’t collect prices offline, the fact that you can still advance in the levels is awesome!.Version: 3923

Legends Arena a 'Trap Arena'!This quickly became my favorite go-to game when I needed to unwind. I did not mind playing the same level multiple times since there is some strategy involved and even if you have trouble getting it, the game somehow seems to eventually help you out of that level; buying stuff is not necessary unless you are impatient, which I am not. I liked the Star Chest until I realized it replaced the tree climbs, which for me were a nice escape from the regular levels as the steps were often easier. I did not understand the Legends Arena or why I was there until the next update came out, and I realized I had reached the top level so was put into this limbo until new levels could be added. Basically, I dislike being stuck there and forced to play through the stages. I would rather go back and earn the one or two stars I did not get in previous levels. It feels more like a trap than a reward. Not so much my favorite go-to game anymore. ***Update so I can gather gifts around an altar to honor dead spirits? Don't think so. Enjoyed playing but such ideas are not for me. Deleted the app.***.Version: 5026

Is Unlimited Time Gone? Time for new game?The last update to toy blast to win a treasure chest is a treasure to want to work to. I have been playing this game for 2 years and have spent a lot of money buying boosters. I don't mind buying the boosters if I can play for a unlimited amount of time. However when it takes sometimes up to ten lives no matter what boosters you have it doesn't make sense to me to buy any boosters or to even play anymore if its a screen that is hard to get through. Also waiting up to 90 minutes to get 5 lives again is way to long. Im not going to stop what I'm doing to try and pass a screen every 1/2 hour. Please bring back the unlimited play time that we have to earn or you will loose me and other players as well. I enjoy this game a lot but I will not be checking my phone through out the day to play a screen. Will I have to find a new game to play in the time that I set aside to play Toy Blast? A Devoted Player.Version: 5742

You winPlayed the same level for 5 days and went through 100 lives and still can’t clear the level. It’s all about paying for the pleasure of enjoying this free game. It can be fun but when you have no control of what happens unless you spend money with them it just isn’t worth it. Good luck to any newcomers, unless you want to pay to play it will soon become a very frustrating game. I have removed it from my computer as well as my grandchildren’s tablets. I see no need in getting them frustrated by not being able to beat a level for days on end just because the programmer wants to make a buck. If you need to sabotage a game to force players into buying things to win a level then you should not advertise it as free. If you do advertise as free then you should also let the players know that you will eventually force them to quit playing their “free” game or they need to pay to have fun with it. It was fun while it lasted but I will not play any of the games you have created since you cannot be honest about the way you operate..Version: 11718

Fun but hard.I started playing this game several years ago and really enjoyed it. Several of my friends and family are hooked after playing it on my phone and have also downloaded it. However, I am close to level 2,200 and it takes 30-50 tries (if not more) to pass every single level now. Since you don’t have unlimited lives and I get so frustrated playing the same level 50 times, it can take me days to pass the level. I used to love this game but it’s to the point that I don’t even want to play anymore because it’s so difficult. After what seems like a million tries, eventually the game will give you an easy version of the level your own. But it’s no longer fun at that point. One of the recent levels I was stuck on expects you to get over 150 items cleared with only 30 moves. And each power up you got, it would face the opposite way that you would need for it to help you. It’s irritating to play a game that is consistently setting you up to lose and I went from playing it multiple times a day to playing it maybe once a week..Version: 7281

What has happened?Okay! I do love this game and I will say I have only bought one thing of more lives. I am that person that will play for days or weeks on one level just to pass. They used to give free game play as a gift for winning a level-that’s gone now and this does bring the enjoyment down a bunch. I used to be so excited about getting 24 hours or 2 hours of unlimited lives. I could rack up points, levels, and prizes. I don’t know what happened to this feature but I urge it to come back. Also, some of the levels are ridiculously hard to win-as they should be but in a sense, I feel this is a tactic to urge people to purchase something or just give up. In a world that nickels and dimes you at every given chance, sometimes it’s nice to getaway and have fun without it costing you a thing. I will agree the format now makes this game so much less fun than it used to be. It is a strategy game however it’s also just a game. After a hard day, I don’t want to get frustrated with a game app-I just want to play and let my mind have a break from planning and strategies..Version: 6251

Great, but not ExpectedI love this game I just got it today and I can not stop playing. I love the long lives and all the levels. When it gets harder and I lose more it challenges me to work more critical . But, I was upset with some things so far. I am not that far in so if I’m wrong is still one of my new favorite games. In the ads I was so amazed to see how easy and cool the game looked with just a little press or to the level was moved on to the next stage. That is what really caught my eye but as I started to play the game nothing like that was happening. What? If you make the ads like that at least make the game like that! Like really. Do not get me wrong because I am only a little in but if so I still think that this is a great game for all ages with big minds like my self. Finally, on a last note the developer of the game has made the same game with different people which was unpleasant and just scamming to get more money. But, to end on a good note you should really get this game or a similar one from the same developers..Version: 5188

No skill levelThe game involves no skill level, just luck. It is extremely frustrating when you have to destroy a block with a certain color tile but you have no control on what tile lands. And if you have the opportunity to complete a level with a rocket it will always be the opposite direction that you need the rocket to go. The game forces you to buy coins because most people do not want to wait 4 hours for there health to regenerate. I get frustrated when the only way to win a level is with a certain color block in a certain spot and u only have 5 or so moves left and the color never drops. At that point i didnt lose the level because of anything i did i lost because i could not control what block lands. It is annoying because there isn’t anything i can do and you cant just magically “get better” at the game you can only get lucky with combination of different cubes. Overall i give the game a 3 out of 5... it isnt that bad when you are getting lucky and beat a few levels but once you get higher up the levels are practically made so you will buy coins..Version: 4451

An app that has been around forever but still holds #1I’ve had this app for years, and even in moments of life where i have no time for anything, once it settles Toy Blast is always the app that I restore in my phone or make sure there’s enough space for. it’s calming, and also makes you think. i love that it is such a simple game yet has different parts of it that make it so interesting. from the arena levels to the side missions with the color cubes, there’s always something to strive for making you want to play more. it also helps with my anxiety. it truly is an all around great game. **** if i had to add one thing to it it would be a new power up feature and it would to allow players to undo their last action. so many times i’ve hit the wrong color block on accident and it was the last move i had before winning the game, an undo power up would be AMAZING in this game!! ****.Version: 13127

Best matching gameI’ve been playing for a long time but I felt like I had to leave a review after playing some other big name puzzle games *cough cough* 🐠🐙🪼🐟 Those other games have some really nice and fun aspects, but the actual puzzle game part of them ain’t it. The fishy game is ANNOYINGLY impossible when you get so far. I’m a few thousand levels into Toy Blast and it’s just as great as ever. The levels aren’t impossible but you will end up redoing a fair few levels. It’s a perfect balance. I’ll usually end up running low on lives here and there but I’m almost never totally out of lives and unable to even play the game. Plus Toy Blast isn’t stingy with their coins and powerups so you probably won’t be stuck on one level for hours or days. This is one of the few puzzle games that has been able to find a perfect balance, making it enjoyable to play even after years and years.Version: 13217

Great game, but the updates are making it too easy..I've had this game for a very long time and am always at the max level by the time the next 20 roll around. My fiancé and I have a friendly competition every update to see who finishes all the levels first. What used to take us about a week and sometimes even more has become far too easy. Giving "crowns" to start a level with a huge advantage isn't even fun. I usually end up just quitting and wasting a life to start without it but sometimes forget and then all 20 levels get done within one day. Add in the presents for completing certain levels that give 2 hours of unlimited lives, and I end up waiting the whole 2 weeks for the next update. An option to at least turn these off would be greatly appreciated and make it at least closer to the difficulty it was before all these unnecessary additions. Half the fun is getting stuck on a level for ~20+ lives and finally beating it. Will continue to play but hope they can make it somewhat of a challenge going forward..Version: 4337

Maybe I misunderstood the update?!?So I absolutely love this game. I have beat level 1800 and won second place in the legends arena competition thing... however.... what I don’t like is the fact that it has the crown thing and if you beat levels non stop then you are supposed to start the games with power ups.. well... sometimes when you beat a level and it has the crown out to the side it doesn’t start you off with power ups. It’s like it forgets. 🤷‍♀️ I wonder if anyone else has had this happen. Also... with the new update it says something about going to the grocery store... but there is nothing to do with the grocery store or any shopping list, groceries, or anything. As a matter of a fact.. some of the levels are the exact same as ones as I have played previously they just start off with less moves. So I’m curious to see the next update and if it has anything to do with the “description” they write about the update. However, over all it’s a very fun and addictive game..Version: 5151

So sick of “Ad not ready”Overall I love the game. Been playing it a very long time. I am currently maxed out at level 8401. Sometimes it seems unreasonably difficult to pass a level but I guess that’s part of the challenge. I liked it when they added the ability to watch ads for extra moves, gave me a way to give back to the developers without paying directly from my wallet. HOWEVER! I’m really getting sick of reaching the third set of ads to get my 5 moves and I get stuck with the “Ad not ready” message. And I mean STUCK! My choices are try and finish with just 3 moves which typically means I can’t finish the level unless I pay double the coin cost. Or sit there clicking the stupid button over and over and over again. In either case I typically get frustrated and stop playing. If you don’t have enough sponsors for ads then reduce the amount of ads required to get the moves! Or substitute an ad of your own for the other games you develop. This “Ad not ready” crap has got to stop!.Version: 13217

Getting ready to delete!I have been playing this game for quite a while now. I used to love it, in fact I was obsessed with it, lol! Played every chance I could. It’s an easy game, but challenging at the same time. I do miss the regular board and not really a fan of the constant contests in the Legends Arena. I think they last too long and really don’t offer too many people a chance to win, unless you play the game non stop for 10 days. But because I like the game overall I tolerated it. This last contest though has me incredibly frustrated and wanting to just delete the game. I would occasionally get stuck on a level, but that was fine. I would eventually pass it then move on. No big deal, it’s part of the challenge. The problem is this last update into the Legends Area has me stuck on every level for at least a day or two each! You are consistently not given enough moves unless things just “work” and that is up to the computer not the person playing. Please don’t make the game so impossible to play or it’s not fun!.Version: 5008

Free with No ad’sSure the game doesn’t let you win all the time-that’s what makes it challenging. There are reviews complaining that the algorithm doesn’t spit you out enough rockets. That’s because they only make $$ off your in-app purchases. 25 coins are about $1 each. You get 5 lives and some free lives with their daily games and even a free tool or coins each day. But once you run out a new life regenerates every 20+ minutes. So if you’re cheap like me you can play for free a few times a day when you have down time. But if you’re an addict you may end up spending tons of $$. The in-app purchases of extra tools are about 20 coins each but you have to buy them in bulk. If you spend more than $16 at once you can get bonuses. I only spent $1.99 on a Halloween special once and haven’t paid anything. Been playing for 2 years now and I’m on level 2200+. For a free game, no ad’s, and limited resources it still gets 5 stars!.Version: 5837

Great Game, Favorable Odds, Small QuirksI’ve been playing Toy Blast for sometime now and am at level 3104. I’ve made it this far without many purchases, if any, and have won multiple tournaments with the prize being 250 coins. You truly can earn and progress in this game without purchasing and you can form teams who can help you with lives, etc. There are some minor inconsistencies with the game. For instance, when you’re progressing and have the “Crowns,” some levels are designed to begin with the power ups provided. I don’t like this, it’s a waste of the crown and any power ups I choose to add because I’m forced to utilize the levels power ups. Thus, when you lose the level - you don’t get any of them back even though you didn’t get to use it. I desperately wish you could pause a level and resume at a later time, sometimes I lose the life and can’t help it. Sometimes you begin a level without having selected the basketball hoops or something, you cannot go back to select them and then play. Once you’re in the level, you’re locked in. Which is fair - but it would be nice to “Pick Up Where You Left.” Despite those small complaints, I’ve held onto Toy Blast for years. Funny thing, I downloaded it to get 500 coins in another game. That game was deleted moments after Toy Blast completed. Thanks for an awesome game!.Version: 9262

AlrightI still like playing this game, it’s a good time killer when I’m in the mood and granted you save your boosters, spin the wheel daily, and consistently rank in the top 10, you can avoid microtransaction hell (and even have a better chance getting three stars on past levels if you’re a completionist). That being said, can we please get the option to turn off the mascot animation? She’s actually starting to creep me out. Blinking every second not to miss a move, giving you that sad look when you’re down to three turns even if you’re about to win with an animation taking a bit longer (like the cube). I even experienced a glitch where she had the sad expression even when I didn’t have three turns left! I do recall she wasn’t even in the ads, so why not in the actual game? We can turn off music and sound effects if need be, so why not her? I only ever see her game over screen when I’m really close to beating a level to spend coins to finish with one move. Otherwise the menu one is the optimal choice for me..Version: 7408

Fun but levels can be Too freaking hard!THE GOOD STUFF: (This game AND “Toon Blast” from same company!!) REALLY FUN to play! Very Imaginative!! GREAT game design!! Awesome UI’s. Ultra Quick response from Support! The BAD stuff: -Too freaking hard to get to next levels once you get up above levels 50+! I end up stuck on one level for like 2 days! Even after knowing some tricks! -Takes too many play coins to “buy” anything (Toon Blast!) (and I’m not spending real money on fake coins for lives that can once in a great while be won!-sorry!) -Lives are too hard to get more of! -when the levels with the ice come makes me want to delete the whole game off my phone!!! -once you win a crown, the next level is for sure going to end up taking it away! No matter what boosters you start out with! -also how the heck and where the heck are these points figured, that get you Stars...?! Can’t seem to figure that system out! I play games for fun! Not addictive personality so I’m not sitting there thinking about the darn thing when I’m not playing. It’s to get myself out of my head! Couple of suggestions: -can you please make it so when you win a crown, that you get back a life!? -and if you are going to leave the play of the game as when you get a rocket or bomb or dice etc, and then have to spend another turn to actually activate them, can it be that when you die with said boosters, that all go off at the end, and count toward that game?!.Version: 5837

Relentless in making you pay to winThis game is fun. However after a couple rounds of winning it will make you lose for days if it has to in order to force you to pay. It’s so obvious and it doesn’t seem fair. I understand a few times in order to tempt the player to purchase. However it feels like a battle & makes the game less enjoyable. There are many similar games which get a lot more play from me just because I can predict that this game is about to send me on a losing streak for a few days because I won’t pay. And the items aren’t cheap. 25 tokens for another chance can feel like a huge gamble when cash is involved. And I don’t gamble. I’d rather watch ads then to lose constantly if you need money so bad. Might I add I pay for games I love. I just refuse to pay in this game due to it feeling so obvious that I’m being bullied out of my money. If it wasn’t for that, this game would get 5 stars..Version: 6595

Awesome GameI have been playing this game for a long time and have reached the top levels. I have only ever spent less than $3 dollars in the entire time I have played and that was in the beginning before I understood how to play and got frustrated. So I learned to hoard my gold and not use it. The game gives you coins through goal achievements and tournament wins. I’ve found that the boards are beatable using the boosts and just understanding how the obstacles try to keep your from beating the level. Yes, it can take some time but the game definitely helps by also providing boosts that help you at the beginning of the board, if you continue to win levels. Is this game hard? Yes, maybe. But it’s worth it, because who doesn’t like a challenge. User can just decide to not spend money and only spend what’s provided by the game. I’ve accumulated over 3100 in coins provided only by the game. This game is awesome!!!.Version: 7497

Only 1 complaintI love this game. It is easily my favorite game on my phone and I am constantly playing it in my free time. I just have 1 complaint. The little pink gift boxes that give you endless lives for 2/4/24 hours... Can you please fix it to where the game doesn’t use the endless lives time before you open the gift? I’ve had this happen several times before where I will get out of the app for a little while, and when I come back, I will have the little pink box show up, but my endless lives time will be completely used up, so I don’t get to use it at all. Before, I would just not play the level if I saw a pink box and didn’t want to open it yet, but I’m in the legends arena now, so I can’t see when the boxes are going to show up. I can’t begin to explain how frustrating it is to work towards getting one of those boxes to get the endless lives, only to not be able to use it. Please fix this. I almost want to delete the app when it happens. Thank you..Version: 5645

Great gameI do have one complaint it is I wish hat we didn’t have to wait two week for more levels. I have finished all 1580 levels and competed in the Legends Area over the weekend and came in third I wasn’t able to play as much this weekend but still did pretty good and I also have NEVER purchased any extra coins to be able to move on. Missy, you said everything rite this is a great game just use you head and strategy will get you to the top plus after you use you five turn it give you some time to think about how to play your next moves. Can’t wait for the new levels. I had to come back and edit my review we just got finished a Legends Arena and for the top finisher they only got 250 tokens I believe all of us that put time in to play all the levels should have been rewarded a little better. After all it was a Legends competition and it’s been two weeks and no new levels..Version: 4000

One suggestionI love this game. Have been playing for almost 3 years now. However, I do have this one issue with it. When I go on the app just looking for a quick game, maybe I’m waiting for something, I just want to play 1-2 games to pass the time. However, sometimes when you log on and your team has achieved whatever so it gives you like 15 or 30 mins of lives or whatever. I really really wish there was an option to save these free lives for later. Because sometimes I don’t have time to spend 15-30 mins playing, but I will at another time. And I cannot save it for later and it’s absolutely frustrating. If there is an option to save it then I don’t know of it. If there isn’t, please consider adding. I’m tired of always losing these periods of free lives because I didn’t have time to play at that moment. Otherwise it’s a good game, a great game even lol. Just this that annoys me. Thanks..Version: 10425

Toy BlastSo fun to play !!!.Version: 3849

Good gameSo much fun.Version: 3849

WO WGréât game.Version: 3849

Its a blastLove games with BIG KABOOMS! This delivers..Version: 3849

Toy blastIts a really great and fun game.Version: 3849

Toy blastFun game.Version: 3849

NiceNice.Version: 5686

Addicting!!Great graphics, easy to play and super addicting!!.Version: 5940

Love it- but problemLove this game! Have been playing it for a decade. Only problem is I’ve been stuck on the same Hoop Shot for over a year!! How do I get past this??.Version: 14127

FunVery fun game.Version: 14127

No ads love itYeeaaah.Version: 13861

No publicityYe for this game free without publicity.Version: 13738

AwesomeThis game is awesome. The only thing that I can think of to make it better is you should be able to play higher levels and if you win it you skip the levels below it..Version: 13686

Fun!Quality game thumbs up!.Version: 13528

GreatGreat game. Fun game to play..Version: 13217

Would be better if it didn’t freeze all the time.The game is OK, but it gets really irritating when you want to add more lives. I’ll watch ads to get 5 free moves and I notice the quite often I’ll only get three free moves.Quite irritating considering I’m just watching now it’s to get the lives. They have one game advertisers whose ads always freeze and there’s no choice but to disconnect the game and start all over. Again irritating. By the way. All your junk email. It comes from this. I hate it when I get Casino adds up. Because that does mean my mailbox will be full of Casino outs..Version: 13528

GoodGood.Version: 13217

Because the world was a little too smallHey I just got home I just wanted a little.Version: 13127

Use this code for your twwtwwiy code andBdrmm is the best one ever and it will.Version: 13127

DoDv.Version: 13127

ReviewGood.Version: 13127

ReviewGood.Version: 13127

I’mWe.Version: 13127

ReviewGood.Version: 13127

GifuGlvvjvj.Version: 13127

ConchFujti.Version: 13127

ConchCjvhc.Version: 13127

Trying the hardest to get a hold of you to get a hold ofI’m just trying to find something out of it but I’m going out.Version: 12970

Very funSuper entertaining and I like that between updates for new levels they have other games u can play like “tournaments” it almost never runs out of games to play. The little challenges that give rewards is also super nice and u can always get extra lives. I really like this game..Version: 12970

HahaHaiqhxa.Version: 12848

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