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Good Fortune Awaits with Panda Rewards and the Panda Express® App. Order your Panda favorites on the fly for dine-in, take out, or delivery. And you can earn Panda Points when you satisfy your Panda cravings!

* Join Panda Rewards and earn Panda Points with qualifying purchases by ordering in the app or scanning your QR code in store or in our drive-thru!
* Get surprise offers and use your Panda Points to unlock more rewards and redeem them for your Panda favorites.
* Order for dine-in, take-out, or delivery and get your food whenever you want—whether it's ASAP or scheduled for later.
* Save and reorder your favorites with a single tap in your account!
* Having a party? Our catering options are second to none. Just pick your sides + entrees and we’ve got you covered!

Panda Express App Comments & Reviews

Panda Express Positive Reviews

Please do cash !!!!I am a person with cash only who is trying to order food. I don’t have a card or Apple Pay because my I don’t work and my parents doesn’t let me have an account. A lot of apps don’t do cash which is wierd because people like me then can’t order food and I can’t go and pick it up cause I’m 15. If someone was home I’d ask them to order food for me. But since it’s just me and my sis, who is the same age as me, and both of us doesn’t have an account or Apple Pay, we can’t have any food. Now we are gonna have to make some, which is fine, but I came home at 5 pm from school, almost 10 hours. I’m not complaining, but I’m really tired and wasted literally an hour trying to find apps that let me pay with cash and found nothing. Please consider letting costumers pay with cash as an option..Version: 3.5.4

Amazing ServiceThis app is amazing. I'm able to get delivery or takeout with only a few buttons. And it lists all the locations so I can order from any nearby Panda Express. Truly love this app especially as a person who occasionally works from home and doesn't always have time to prepare a meal. Being able to order Panda and have it delivered to my door at the onset of my lunch break is perfect. What can improve: if there was a feature allowing you to select a bunch of entrees snd sides and then organize them into 2 separate areas, that would be really useful for big orders because then people could select a bunch of entrees and put 1 card on box 1 and 1 card on box 2. This would appeal to larger orders and drive up revenue on the app. Just my thoughts..Version: 3.10.0

I was hoping things changedWhen we moved here 7 years ago, this was the best Panda I had ever eaten at. Consistent excellent food, great customer service, clean restaurant. 2020 Covid hit & they changed managers. It became the very worst Panda ever,17 wrong orders in a row, horrible attitudes. A few weeks ago I gave it the first chance in over a year. New management, food was great, order was correct-I had really high hopes. Last order, 3rd entree was forgotten entirely. The young woman I spoke with said “yeah, it happens-bring the receipt & we will replace the 3rd entree on your next meal”. On my way to try once more, really hoping upper management was listening about the previous management because their loss of income had to have been drastic & last time was just a one-off. When done right their food is good, their location convenient & the young man I spoke with the visit before last exemplified a great manager with excellent people skills..Version: 4.2.0

Panda expressWe as a family love panda express and we are constantly visiting to Centerville location repeat my children and I have been going to this panda for years I’ve had catered and expressed purposely baby showers and I just wanna say that the Centerville location is the best it is also the meeting location to where me and my ex-husband exchange the children just because we love Candace so much of my head but the staff there is always great they see us every Tuesday I pick up lunch for my kids and they’re always been dream we look forward to having Andover wars come out soon because I’m literally a Panda Express to three times a week.Version: 4.2.5

It’s great but it has room for improvementsThings that would make it the best fast food app out there: 1. Gift card purchase support in-app rather then a link to the mobile site. I would love to be able to send a gift card from the app to another user who has the app (either via registered email or telephone number). Right now the functionality sort of works, I can send my friend a emailed gift card and she can add it to her account on the app, but eliminating one step is more customer centric. 2. Why is SOY SAUCE not an option to add to the order? The other sauces are all there. 3. The ability to specify the number of packets of sauce on the side would be great. I always get ONE packet of teriyaki when I select that option, and depending on my meal I would like 2 or 3. All that being said, I LOVE the functionality of the app for mobile orders, I appreciate the customization options. The fact that the developers included an option to request silverware is a plus, not a lot of mobile apps think of that. I am super appreciative of how the app works, because it lets me order from the parking lot at work and have the food be sitting there when I get there, bypassing any line or meal rush..Version: 3.6.1

Freezes every timeNow that I have your attention, the app “works” but paying via Apple Pay causes the app to freeze literally every time. iOS up to date, app up to date. The way to get around is put the app in the background, then go back to it, and now Apple Pay will pop up. But this is EVERY TIME, no exceptions. Other than this, app works. I also don’t really care for the UX of how to order sides. Should be a section at the top of the app that shows your sides and each tap puts a new side up there, vs a giant list of everything with a 1/2/3 next to it. Cuz if you tap it once, you have to know you can dilute it from 3 to 2 or 1 or half. That’s dumb… heck even put a plate and as you tap, it fills the plate just like at the restaurant..Version: 3.7.0

An Oasis in the West ValleyI recently moved from the Bay Area to Modesto - and eventual bought a home in Newman. I love my new home and Newman - but by the 2nd week of living in Newman - I realized that there were NO restaurants here in the West Valley that serve any Asiatic Cuisine! I panicked and went through Sushi and Kimchee withdrawals for 6 weeks / until I stumbled upon this Asiatic Oasis in this Burger-centric Desert that I now call home. I historically order Pickup via the App - and in each and every ordering episode - they get it RIGHT - they have READY ON-TIME - and the quality is ALWAYS consistent - and best of all you get your monies worth!!! So thank you again Panda Express Patterson - your effort’s in delivering healthy and delicious food - that is both pleasing to the eyes and the palette..Version: 4.2.0

I use this every chance I getSpecially, when I have to go out of town to the doctors and grab lunch before the drive home, which normally is way over an hour this is the best food app I found so far ever!! even if you don't take your phone in and use it at the register, you can still collect the points with your receipt to save up for a full meal!! the monthly inspirations and side deals you get from the app are also super cool!! please keep it up and be a great example for the rest of the world. I love you guys! The order ahead and the drive-through stuff is that freaking bomb also!! 💜💜‼️💋🫶.Version: 5.0.2

Best PandaCentennial Panda Express is the best by far! Every time we put in the order, they remember our sauces they remember our napkins and our silverware they are the most friendliest Customer Service ever! We have gone to the one off of Academy and had it delivered from there because that is where we live and even picked our food up from there from the app and every single time they forget our silverware they never give us the teriyaki sauce and never put anything in the bag other than the food it makes life very frustrating. thank you centennial you’re awesome and getting it right every time..Version: 5.0.5

UI may need improvementThe overall user interface is great. Nice and straightforward. Exactly what I want when I order. That being said, I like to make adjustments to some of my orders, and I would like to see the option to change how much of something is in an item I order (ie how much rice is in a bowl with rice and shrimp). If possible, I would also like to be able to include commas and periods in the notes that you leave in checkout, because I don’t want to come off as mean. Love the app, super easy to use, wish most other restaurants apps were like this one!.Version: 5.0.2

Useless!What a useless app! You would think the point of making a mobile order is to avoid lines and not waiting for your food but not with this app! I always pick up my food 5 minutes after the time the app tells me my order will be ready to give them time but that’s not enough! Most days I wait 20-45 mins. I see the line they have and is gone. Another one forms and is gone, everybody gets helped before the mobile orders! Why have mobile orders if the people who get in line get their food faster?? Completely useless! My honest advice, avoid this app or get in line. It’s a lot faster!!.Version: 2.11

Bad appI’ve tried on several occasions to order using the app and it’s always a mess. I only order the Family Pack and a few sides. But when I select “Place Order” it bounces and never completes the order. I think it’s because the Family Pack can’t be completed in the pick-up time allowed. No one at the store has an answer. And when I called to see if the order had gone through the lady said it usually takes 10-15 minutes for online orders to post on the store’s system “so call back in 10-15 minutes”. We love Panda. Please fix you app, your communication system, or your process..Version: 2.0.1

HorribleWhen you order online or on an app and you walk in and everyone in line is served and then people that walk in after you are served and gone before someone asks if you have been helped, makes this concept completely pointless. If I’m standing in the line for online pick up and you ignore me or wonder what I’m doing then this process needs to be re-evaluated. I thought the first time I tried the app order and this happened, it was just a one time mistake. But then it happed again. They didn’t even start making my food or look at the order until I said something..Version: 2.2

I Love Our Panda ExpressI can’t say how much I love our Panda Express. The employees are always pleasant and kind. My only negative is not for our store but for the corporate office. Please expand our Panda Express they deserve more. Get them a Flag Store, same area but a flag store. This property generates a lot of business for you so you can do this. Also do not change the management there she’s ( sorry I don’t know her name at this time, just can’t think of it, apologies) always on top of everything in that store. So happy to have that store there please don’t lose the quality. Thank you for listening to my rant..Version: 2.3

Fair but buggyThe app is fairly well thought out, but several times it’s given me an error when I try to submit my order. No rhyme or reason. This creates a problem when, say, the only way to take advantage of a special is to order online. Also, what makes the app insufficient is mainly what’s missing. One is the option to pay cash at the restaurant. Also, while there’s an “I’m running late” button, there’s no “They’re running late” button. In fact, there’s no apparent resolution mechanism for when you’re waiting there, say, 10+ minutes past your pickup time, which seems to happen a lot at my local Panda. So, they’re happy to take your money but not so anxious to resolve any hiccups..Version: 2.18

Double order trouble!I ordered in the wrong place and realized that I was at the wrong location. I called the store and told them what happened and to cancel my order because I was in another location. I had a feeling they would refund so I didn’t make a big deal and ordered at the correct place and kind of forgot about it. Weeks later I reviewed my statement and remembered. After a quick follow up with the app the money was returned to my account. Go to go get another order from my favorite restaurant now 😎.Version: 4.2.10

Always crapCan’t ever use this app. It ALWAYS gives me some kind of problem. Now I try to open it and says I need to update to another version yet when I try, it doesn’t do anything. I deleted the app and reinstalled and still does the same thing. On past “usages” it won’t take my order b/c of some stupid problem they have with the time. Sure is a shame you can’t make a better app than this. I’ve just given up altogether. Another less place to be able to get anything from and living in a smallish town there aren’t many choices anyway. Really irritating..Version: 2.14

A la carte options not workingWhen attempting to add an “A La Carte” menu item to your bag you get an error that it could not be added because you didn’t make a size selection, but there are no size selections visible anymore for those items. Even if you attempt to reorder a previous order that had an A La Carte item in the order (eg Small Bejing Beef) the app will error out saying that that size is not available. Please address these issues and I will raise the rating to 5 stars..Version: 4.2.8

Convenient, but drink options limitedI like using the app to order, it makes things fast & convenient. However, it’s frustrating that all drink options are not listed in the app. It’s nice that they prepare the drinks for you, except when I want an option that’s not offered on the app (passion tea), then I’m forced to now drink something different (or pull a jerk move & dump and refill right there in front of the workers). I understand if you can’t give all the options, like if some stores are different than others or whatever, but you should have an option of just ‘fountain drink’ & let people fill it themselves..Version: 2.2

Pick Time isn’t Pick Up TimeMy app tells me the pick up time is 8:15, so I arrive a few minutes early (the Panda in my town is NEVER busy). I realize I may have to wait for them to get it ready. However when I pull to the window they tell me they haven’t received my order and they won’t receive it until the time on the app, which clearly says “pick up time”. I use restaurant apps often and I know that some don’t start the order until you arrive or until you pay. I know they are all different, but if your app says it’s the pick up time, the order should be ready that, now just received by the restaurant..Version: 3.10.0

Good but needs improvementI appreciate the fact that panda finally has an app that I can order through. I also really like the delivery option and that there’s not crazy fee’s. My complaints would be that I wish there was some type of reward system, similar to ones many other places provide to incentivize people to actually use the app. The only real issue I’ve had with the app as it is now is that I’ve tried to order particular entrees on the app and they were unavailable, but then I go into the establishment and see that they do in fact have that item..Version: 4.2.0

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