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Ordering through the Dunkin’ app is fast, easy and contactless! All app users can place their order ahead through the Dunkin’ app and skip the wait in store. Try all our contactless pickup options – walk-in pickup, drive-thru and curbside pickup! Options will vary by store. Check app for details.

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Runnin' has its rewards. Join our new rewards program, DUNKIN’ REWARDS, to earn your choice of free food and drinks, unlock Boosted Status to earn points faster and score members-only exclusive offers. Members earn 10 points per $1 spent on qualifying purchases in-store or when they order ahead.

Pay Any Way
Dunkin’ Rewards members earn points any way they pay – cash, credit/debit, Dunkin’ Card or Apple Pay. Dunkin' Rewards members can setup auto-reload so their Dunkin’ Card never runs out of funds.

Make it your own! There’s over 14,000 ways to customize your order when you order ahead on the app. Plus, Dunkin’ Rewards members can save their favorite orders and Dunkin’ locations, and schedule their mobile orders up to 24 hours in advance.

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Need a last-minute gift or a special pick-me-up? Dunkin’ Rewards members can send Dunkin’ Gift Cards via text or email from the app.

Dunkin' App Comments & Reviews

Dunkin' Positive Reviews

Why change a good thing?I have been using this app basically since it came out I go to DD once sometimes 2xs a day I earn a free drink once a week at least when I catch 2x or remember to order ahead mondays I earn more. I love it I have thought about why they only have a reward for drinks it would be cool to earn bagels sandwiches etc. so when they updated the app and did that I was kinda excited except once I seen 900 points is needed for a signature drink that’s ridiculous it was 200 points for that drink I only drink coffee, macchiatos and lattes the 200 points Is for a free tea… they have 500 rewards for a latte I don’t like it at all!!! I had 311 points when it switched was one free drink any kind any size before now I can’t even use that on this new system. So I will have to spend around 75$ to get a free drink Instead of how it was before. I get it not all people drink coffee so they earn rewards but I’m a loyal customer I’m already past my 12 visits for the month and we are 7 days into the month. The more options are nice but don’t make me spend more money to earn the same rewards I was getting for cheaper before that’s not cool….Version: 10.0.0

New system is amazing for boosted members.The amount of people writing negative reviews because they no longer freeload is laughable. Yes, they’ve made it harder for those of you who just come in on two Mondays to get 200 points and then get a free super expensive drink. And as they should. But for those who actually visit frequently, you get free drinks must faster. Boosted members have a ton of coupons that double pretty much everything you order. Every time I get a drink it’s twice the points. There also coupons for free food items with the purchase of a drink in which I will still get the double points for that drink. You also get double points on donuts and breakfast sandwiches. I visit Dunkin a lot because I work near one and I’ve already had about 7 free iced coffees since the update. Mind you, you get even more base points as a boosted member. I will say though the points for redemption don’t make much sense. A bagel costs more points than an iced coffee even though bagels are cheaper. I love the coconut refresher but it’s 200 more points than an iced coffee despite being about the same price. And 900 points for a frozen drink is a bit mucho not gonna lie. But either way, it’s pretty easy to rack up thousands of points so I deal..Version: 10.0.0

Terrible functionMy biggest problem with this app is it rarely works. If you ask it to refresh and show the balance on your pre-loaded card, it constantly says the wrong balance according to what they scan at the register and say that I have. It’s told me before I had $12 for example, and the people scan at the register and say I have three. The rewards are practically worthless. I go there twice a week and I might get a free cup of coffee every other month. But none of that matters compared to trying to load my card with value. It should be simple but every single time I do it there’s a different problem either preventing me from putting value on, or showing me a screen that says there’s an error so that I do it over and over again end up with $60 added to my stupid Dunkin’ Donuts card. Then I go through an entire order on the go process and at the very end when I try to pay and be done with it it says my location doesn’t support ordering on the go. Do you think you could’ve maybe told me that beginning before I went through a ridiculous 30 steps to try to get an order in? Terrible terrible execution on this app. It’s absolutely ridiculous that they can’t make this app function properly, never mind Be worthwhile to use..Version: 4.21.0

I’m a loyal Dunkin’ customerI have had so much problems with your app... I will reload it then I will get to the store to use my reward card and I get a app error message. It’s happened way to many times lately. When you first come out with this, it was working well, now I’m just wasting time on trying to get my $ off of my card account just because your not willing to finger out the problem consumers are having. We are on our way to work, appointments, etc and we don’t have any time to keep trying to get our funds off of your companies reward card account just because you have decided to change around your application. It’s not easy to use funds that you have already accounted for when we get to your facilities (restaurant) just to find out we are out of luck with using our DD Perks card because of technical difficulties. Can you please fix this problem. I’m going to have to find a new coffee shop (Coyote Coffee), it’s not about the money, it’s about service to constantly whose dependable on their perks card! I actually have no idea if you read these messages but I hope that you are. Thank you.Version: 6.9.3

Needs to be consistentI use the app almost everyday so I can avoid repeating my order on the speaker each day (my coffee is a bit complex to them I guess), and I usually don’t have any issues. The reason I took a star off is because not all of the specialty items show up on the app, so today when ordering the two Gold Joy donuts which were not on the app anywhere, I had to substitute with another donut and then ask at the speaker for them to change it. I was met with a serious attitude about how I didn’t order those on the app and they cost more because of the charity part of the cost goes to and so on and so forth. Now I of course have no issue paying the price of the donuts, if the app had made it possible to do so! So this is why I am removing the 2nd star.. To be treated like an idiot and talked to like I’m trying to get over on her the extra 60 cents the 2 donuts cost, especially when I am a loyal daily customer just put a seriously sour taste in my mouth. This is not the first time I’ve been treated poorly at this Dunkin’ and I have complained numerous times and have NEVER been contacted like it said I would be when putting the complaint through. It just seems this cooperation cares more about the $$ then their customers. Very sad! 😡.Version: 8.6.0

I love DD! I do have feedback on the app thoughI really love Dunkin’ Donuts and I’m happy that they have an app. I love that I can order ahead and my order is waiting for me when I got there either through the drive-through or I can walk into the store. Some cons to the app, I can’t custom tailor my order at all! There is no way to comment and or add anything to my order through writing and /or spot to add/drop things to a food or drink. This is disheartening because that leaves me to have to then go to the store and have them adjust my order therefore leaving me to have to wait for my order to be finished (this then the gates the whole pre-order process). Second con, I ordered on the app the other day and when I got to the store (I went in) they did not 2 of the donuts I needed for my order. The cashier has no protocol as to how to refund my money (she ended up giving me cash back... is this even the process??). I’d love to know if I’m missing something on my two comments or if other people have the same issue. Again I love Dunkin’ Donuts then I’m a loyal customer..Version: 4.23.7

Favorites Needs to be BetterI order online through the app while i’m leaving school so that I can grab it on my way to work. Because I’m usually pressed for time, the favorites function is perfect for me. But though in theory it works just fine, it’s almost impossible to set favorites efficiently. You can only create one based of an order you’ve already placed, and then you can’t go back and edit the actual items you want to order on the saved favorite. It would be fantastic if I could make the favorite ahead of time, without having to actually order it, and then change it later if I need to. It has the potential to be a fantastic feature, but isn’t very user friendly and just feels like a money grab to get you to buy more from them. Chances are if I’m making a favorite, then I plan on using it a some point and you shouldn’t force me to pay for it every time. I’m still giving the app 4 stars since I still do enjoy the food and majority of the app works fine, but I ask you to please make an effort to fix this issue as it’s incredibly inconvenient for no reason..Version: 9.3.0

This app keeps charging me twice when i reload my card!The app is great as far as being able to order and not standing on a long line every morning, especially for dunkin donuts with really slow employees. I no longer have to leave my house earlier and risk being late to work depending on the pace of the employee behind the counter and the amount of people waiting in line. However, when i re load my card through the app thats hooked up to my bank card it charges me twice! I always have to call my bank and explain to them so they can refund me. This happened again yesterday. Its about the 6th time they have over charged me. Now my bank is telling me to contact the app creator and they are not removing the double charge! Who ever created this app needs to fix this issue. For example, i hit add $10 to my card and i am getting charged 2 $10 fess from my bank with only one $10 charge available on the dunkin app to spend. On another occasion i added $10 and it only showed up as adding $4 on the dunkin card when $4 was not even an option! These quirks need to be fixed. I don’t like throwing money away and i am sure no one else does either!.Version: 4.23.1

Awesome app saves time and moneyI’m surprised by the poor reviews because I’ve had nothing but success using this app and I use it daily sometimes more than once a day. I’m happy to not have to have long conversations at drive thru’s and I just say “hi I placed an app order for (name)” and they say “great come on down”. No lengthy repeating my order to a busy associate who is juggling a hectic morning commute. I like the creativity in my favorites and being able to apply my specials and earned points to my orders and know exactly what I am spending each visit. I get tons of free coffees because it’s easy to accumulate points. I took away one star because there is absolutely no way to add a tip to the order during or after the transaction. After my order is complete my Starbucks app asks me if I want to send a tip and what percentage I would like to send. So the technology exists why doesn’t Dunkins use this too? I get awesome service at my local Dunkin’ and I want to add a tip. Let’s face it- we app users seldom carry cash. That would be my only suggestion but I believe it’s a much needed improvement the developers need to address..Version: 7.5.1

Love this appI think this app is a great idea! I love that I can order ahead of time and my order is ready when I get there. I believe that this app can go through some improvements, though. For a week, I have ordered from one location, but somehow, the app defaulted to another location. So, I had to sit and wait at the window for my order to be put together. Twice, in the past week, I drive up to the window to get my order, and they are out of everything. So, now what? I have to sit and wait for my alternate decisions, and even so, my order still doesn't come out right. One of the improvements I think this app should have, is to list items that are available to order, per location. If someone ran out of a product, I think it should be listed on the app. Waiting to get to the store to find out they ran out of everything you ordered, is a complete waste of time. 15 minutes is the most time I waited for my order, and I was late for work..Version: 4.13.2

Expectations vs realityI LOVE the new options of the app: ice amounts, and quantity of things in general!! However, when I order on-the-go (which I do most of the time because I have kids in the car), I RARELY- if ever- get it how I want. I stopped requesting less ice because I still got regular. I would Select “start order” when I left my driveway, just to see them frantically make it when I pulled up to the window. I’m a regular here- because there’s NO other DD on my way to work or close to me. I choose that because my kids hate being in the car as it is, so any time I can shave off the better. If it’s not going to be properly implemented and CONSISTENT among stores, franchise or not, it shouldn’t be an option. I am actually wrapping up this review after just getting my on-the-go order. If there is a standard for how much cream is added to each size drink, it’s not being followed. Today my drink is almost WHITE- and my last drunk was dark tan. I do love the product, but the inconsistency is very frustrating. Thank you so much for taking the time to read these! We appreciate it!!.Version: 5.0.0

Great....When it worksNot much to say, it’s a digital wallet app for Dunkin. Tracks what you buy and gives you points for each purchase. When you get enough points you get a free coffee. Makes paying a little quicker. Also able to take advantage of various promotions they run from time to time (like free donut with coffee purchase). The only problem is a recurring error message when trying to add funds to your Dunkin Wallet. There is no “rhyme or reason” that I can find as to why this error occurs. Some days it works, some days it doesn’t. I’ve currently been unable to use the app all week because every time I go to add funds I get an error message. Tried re adding my card info, closing the app and reopening it, even deleted it and downloaded it again. Still the same issue. Conclusion: more useful than many other similar apps out there (especially if you drink coffee regularly) but big issue with recurring error when trying to add more money to be able to make a purchase. Would have rated it higher but the error happens too frequently and is rather annoying..Version: 7.3.0

Hit or missDunkin near me in Eagan is very hit or miss. I stopped going for many months as I was fed up with ordering things on the app and getting there just to be told they don’t have it and I can’t get a refund but can get something else…. Just happened to me again today. Ordered a coffee cake muffin and was told they only have 1 blueberry left when I got there for my order. I don’t like blueberry. Now I’ve wasted another $3 when every penny matters these days! Usually my drink is at least good, but that can be hit or miss too depending on who makes it. I just really think Dunkin needs to figure out how to make it so you if you run out of an item at the store that’s available on the app, then it shouldn’t allow me to order it on the app. Caribou, Starbucks and McDonalds have that capability! We live in 2023 where people are making robots to become lawyers, so why is it so hard to make an item unavailable on the app when you run out?! Or why can’t I just get a simple refund when you don’t have what I ordered!? Get it together Dunkin!..Version: 10.4.0

DON’T BOTHERThere are 4 main problems with the app. 1. They don’t actually prepare your order until you get there no matter how much notice they have so you aren’t really saving time. 2. You have to load their DD card with money before you order and this is how you pay for the order. So DD always gets a few extra dollars because it’s impossible to pre-load down to the penny. While it’s a scam for their customers, I’m sure this adds up quite nicely for them. 3. What you order on the app is not necessarily what you’ll get bc the individual store may be out of what you ordered or just not have it that day. For example, I ordered a dozen donuts and picked out what I wanted in the box. When I got there they kept insisting I only ordered 8 - apparently the other 4 they don’t carry. Once they realized I had indeed paid for 12 this caused confusion. I kept saying I didn’t care, just pick 4 at random & eventually the message got thru, but it was yet more time wasted. 4. You can only order 1 dozen donuts at a time in the app. If you want more you need to completely finish 1 order (including telling them you are ready to pick it up) before starting another. This makes no sense. The point is to make things faster, especially for large orders that would slow down the line, not only the the customer within the big order but for everyone in line behind them. Great idea; poor execution. Maybe DD should study some other, more user friendly apps, like Chipotle, and try again..Version: 4.21.0

Never shows my auto re-load!!Every time it’s auto reloaded and I check the balance it doesn’t show! I have 3 cards linked to my account. The other 2 will refresh, but NEVER does the main card designated as auto reload when it’s been uploaded! I fell for it once thinking maybe it didn’t go through? So did a manual upload waiting $10 cause No it DID, I seen on my receipt. It all of the sudden worked after I upload another $10.. That right there is a rip off and a scam to make you reload! All other cards were refreshing, but the primary card! And they put an expiration date on the free coffees we out right deserve! I like to save them up because I buy macchiato and don’t always want a large (as I buy the biggest size for my rewards) and I love an ice large macchiato when it’s hot! So why put a date on them at all? For what I pay for my macchiato I think they should give at least 3-4 months. A lot more tweaks need to be done also about on the go, but other here already expressed that for me!!.Version: 4.22.1

On the go orderingI am a frequent user of on the go ordering. However, there is a glitch in the process. I submit my order and I say I'm driving through and I am prompted with a question asking if I am ready to pick it up because they want to make sure my order is freshly prepared. However, when I get to the drive-thru, my order is never ready. It is only ready if I say I'm going inside. I don't understand the reasoning behind this. Obviously, if I'm ordering on the go I am wanting it to be available quickly. And I'm driving through because I don't have time to run into the store. It seems like a contradiction that the order would be ready if I say I am walking in but not when I'm going to the drive thru. My feeling is that if I say yes, I am ready to pick up and I have submitted the order, my card gets charged regardless of whether or not I show up. In my opinion, The order should be ready whether I walk in or go through the drive-thru..Version: 4.13.2

App needs improvementThe app is nice for ordering in advance, however there are a few improvements that still need to be made: 1. The ability to say how many pumps of a flavor shot you want, the same way you can with dairy, flavor swirls and sweetener. 2. Coupons should be reflected in the order total before you submit. Currently, you cannot see if you were charged correctly until after you get the receipt and by then your card has already been charged. 3. Happy hour prices need to automatically update and be reflected in the total. Again, you have to wait until after the receipt is processed to see if you were charged correctly for happy hour and often times, you were not...but now your card has already been charged for the incorrect price. 4. If the location charges extra for whipped topping or an extra pump of flavor swirl, that needs to be indicated on the order total. It wasn’t until I sent a ticket into Dunkin’ that I was advised why my subtotal and amount that was actually charged consistently had a 30¢ difference..Version: 6.3.2

AmazingMy 3 old really wanted chocolate milk and I told her I would get her some when we went to the Dunkin Donuts. I asked for a chocolate milk when we got to Dunkin Donuts but they were out so my 3 year old started to cry. I decided to go down the road to another Dunkin Donuts and try again. So the second Dunkin Donuts I went to was the one on Congress Ave and Gun Club (Ranch House), they were out of chocolate milk as well I told them okay no problem and was about to pull away but they were so nice and they offered to added a little bit of mocha flavor to the white milk to make it have a chocolatey look and flavor. They made my little girls day and saved me from a disappointing my daughter for what would have been the second time this morning. You guys are awesome and I am very thankful to you all more then you know. Your kindness was not unnoticed nor do you know how much this meant to me as a mom and to my daughter!!.Version: 10.8.0

Auto refresh total & confirm locationI love almost everything about the Dunkin’ Donuts app, but I would like to see two changes. I would like for the total on the card to automatically refresh without having to push the button. Many times when I sign into the app, it shows me a total that did not subtract the previous order, so it looks like there is more money on the card than is actually there. I would also like to see a check system in place to make sure that you have the correct store. Even though it says it, if I am ordering in a hurry, or if something happens to distract me, I press submit out of habit, and it automatically sends the order to the last store from which I ordered. This is fine for those who never order from different places, but it makes me less likely to use the app while traveling. I have had instances where I have sent it to the wrong store and it’s ALWAYS a pain to resolve. There’s already a stopgap in place if you order from a different store than the last one, but not to confirm every time..Version: 5.0.0

When it works..This app is awesome.. when it works. It has amazing features for ordering on-the-go, points, rewards, etc. Unfortunately, (for months now) I ALWAYS experience some sort of error when trying to pay, adding value, or adjusting payment options. I want to use the app and take advantage of the benefits, but now I just don’t want to use it at all because it is ALWAYS a hassle. Trying to get through your order quickly to pay and move on is impossible and frustrating when you finally get to the end and realize you still have to manually order and you can’t even get the points on the app because it doesn’t work. I think we should all get an extra free coffee coupon when the app is updated for all this trouble we have experienced and points that were lost from not being able to use the app. I will not be using it again until there is an update. You should be striving to make your app (and business) better than the competition, the Starbucks app doesn’t have these issues. Just saying..Version: 6.11.5

Great App But Some TweaksWould Improve ItI love the Dunkin’ Donuts app, I use it quite frequently. I like being able to see all of the items available and be able to place an order on the go. It is fairly easy to use and navigate around placing orders and submitting them. I wants placed an order and accidentally sent it to the normal store I buy from rather than the one I was actually at. It would be nice to be able to have an option up here to select the store of each transaction. That is only a minor thing as I normally order from the same store. What I would really like to see in the app is the ability to add notes or options for items on the side. For example, this morning I picked up a hot coffee for a coworker. I do not know how they like the coffee so I ordered it black. It would be great to be able to put an option in for cream and sweetener is on the side. I asked in the store without issue but think it would be a great feature in the app..Version: 4.23.1

GlitchyOver the last couple of months the app is ridiculously glitchy, add “value” doesn’t show up but my bank shows successfully reloaded Dunkin Donuts then later that day or the next it shows up of course AFTER I add more value. Then if I order and pay it doesn’t deduct from the app, it deducts from the value but the app doesn’t update what I have left, so I’m thinking I still have $6.00 since that’s what the app shows and the clerk says you have $.39. Donut selection is rarely correct - sidebar: did you know not all DD’s carry the same selection? Anyway I’ll get there to pick up my order and find out (by me checking the order) I have to order a different selection (who doesn’t carry chocolate glazed) because the clerks play it off like I clicked on the “surprise me” donut. Plus the app only allows you to order 12 donuts per order but I buy 2 dozen, 1 dozen and 2 half dozen for our smaller departments. Wouldn’t it make sense to be able to place your whole order at once? Well I’m reloading the app, maybe it will start working right again..Version: 4.23.1

Terrible serviceNo longer saves your Favorites ......Consumer beware! The majority of the Reviews are Negative, but the majority that you can read are positive. Do not fall for their special promotions. Often they never follow through! In the past week I've visited five times they failed to give me the promotional $4.00. With today's promotion I added $10 to my Dunkin' Donuts card and they failed to give me the promised $5.00 bonus. Quite often, I use the "on the go"app and get confirmation that the order being processed, and the Dunkin' Donuts location claims they Never got the order. This is how Dunkin' Donuts makes their profits. I believe this is an integrity issue. They know the majority of the people are too busy to Chase them and hold them Accountable. Onion bagels and things like, Light ice...to name a couple of many options, are not an option on the app. If you want your order, your way, you must go in store. Loyalty is downgraded with this app, there are better offers with coupons in the newspaper..Version: 7.9.0

I love this app but..I love this app and have used it for years it’s very convenient my big problem now is the reward system has changed and I really don’t like it I used to be able to earn 200 points and get a free coffee now I can’t do that until I have 500 points and I have to convert the points into a free coffee reward, this is a really stupid change especially if you’re on the road a lot you can’t always stop and fuss with the app to convert points into a reward. They’ve also taken away your free birthday beverage reward and I loved that. I’ll still use the app to pay for my coffee but let it be known I’m so upset and extremely disappointed about these changes to the app I almost don’t even want to use it anymore, I know a lot of people in my family have complained about the changes too. I wish it would go back to the old system and just add back the old birthday beverage reward and let people still earn their free coffee after 200 points..Version: 10.0.0

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