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Outlook lets you bring all your email accounts and calendars in one convenient spot. Whether it's staying on top of your inbox or scheduling the next big thing, we make it easy to be your most productive, organized, and connected self.

Here's what you'll love about Outlook for iOS:

- Focus on the right things with our smart inbox - we help you sort between messages you need to act on straight away and everything else.

- Swipe to quickly schedule, delete and archive messages.

- Share your meeting availability with just a tap and easily find times to meet with others.

- Find everything you're looking for with our new search experience, including files, contacts, and your upcoming trips.

- View and attach any file from your email, OneDrive, Dropbox, and more, without having to download them to your phone.

- Open Word, Excel, or other Office document attachments to edit them directly in the corresponding app and attach them back to an email.


Outlook for iOS works with Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, (including Hotmail and MSN), Gmail, Yahoo Mail, and iCloud.


To make an in-app purchase of a Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscription, open the app, go to Settings, and tap on Upgrade next to your or account. Subscriptions begin at $6.99 a month in the US, and can vary by region. With a Microsoft 365 subscription, you get 1TB of storage for each user, access to all features in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint on iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, and you can install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and OneNote on PCs or Macs.

Microsoft 365 subscriptions purchased from the app will be charged to your iTunes account and will automatically renew within 24 hours prior to the end of the current subscription period, unless auto-renewal is disabled beforehand. To manage your subscriptions or to disable auto-renewal, after purchase, go to your iTunes account settings. A subscription cannot be cancelled during the active subscription period. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered will be forfeited when the user purchases a subscription to that publication, where applicable.

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Microsoft Outlook App Comments & Reviews

Microsoft Outlook Positive Reviews

Great app BUT....It’s been five months that I have reported this issue and for five months I am told it is a known issue and will be handled with an update; BULL The use to work as described. However, I am not able to load multiple contacts when either creating, forwarding or replying to additional contacts. I have Office 365 on my PC and wanted to synch my calendar and mailboxes, so I added the iOS Outlook app. I have tried contacting iOS support and they intermittently respond. It’s difficult to fix a problem they can’t see or spend time trying At this point the iOS app is not functioning correctly and isn’t supported very well. It’s coming off my iPhone. It’s been months and the problem has been “dumped” into a big black hole called engineering. No one owns any problem. The app works perfectly on my wife’s iPhone and the Apple mail app works perfectly. It’s now been over a year. My only issue is on average 400+ emails are always visible in my deleted folder. When I try to delete a message it immediately returns. I cannot swipe delete anything from my junk file to the delete file I have to manually move it. Mobile Outlook support is useless!!!!!!!.Version: 4.2201.2

Adequate productIn looking through other reviews, I noticed several, many, reviews that stated how bad the product was but that showed 5 star ratings. ????? It is frustrating to sit and wait several seconds to have my inbox loaded each time I select outlook on iOS. I have reviewed settings and see no correction for that. Am I downloading messages online each time data wise? When moving a message from inbox, it would be nice to have predictive folders shown as on the desktop. I have three major folders that get a lot of messages and it is a frustration to scroll all over each time. My spouse uses Apple Calendar on her phone and we have trouble she invites me on an appointment. I have tried to clear that up but can’t. I would prefer the calendar app to be separate from the email to use in separate windows. Handling and setting up groups for emails is frustrating on all platforms. As I am now retired, I have no great operational demands that Mail can’t handle so I might just go back to that. Dropping MS Office would certainly save some money. The app is not “Bad”, just adequate. Certainly, it is no joy to use but does not cause too much pain-except for that one group of about ten days of email that was lost. Never found those suckers. 🚀 Update: 9/13 Still simply adequate. I have approached my host to find out if I can move all mail from outlook to Mail..Version: 4.2135.1

PLEASE HELP!!!Since Thursday, a lot of my emails are not being sent or received with my usual contacts. I have tried to find the settings button for the last couple of hours so that I can contact you directly. I have no idea where it is. Please respond. I realize Thursday. You updated your app version. I’m wondering if this has something to do with the update? Just called the techie team. They can only help me if I have an actual computer. This is ridiculous! I’m about to switch email providers. Most people these days do not have a computer. They either have a phone or an iPad. What is the compatibility issue? I have had outlook now for about 2 1/2 years and have enjoyed the service. It’s fairly user-friendly. But I need to receive and send emails. Please respond! A few days later. No response. No one even bigger issue. I’m looking at my archives folder. Trying to see if there are any emails that might need to be deleted. Apparently the new update from outlook has saved. Literally every email I have ever sent and or deleted to my archives folder. This is going to take hours to go through, trying to separate the actual emails I wanted to archive from those that were just deleted conversations. What a dang mess! I’ve had it without luck. I change my rating to one star..Version: 4.2313.0

For school or work whatever it’s worth downloadingI use it for school I have an outlook account that I sign into and without logging into my computer I can take outlook wherever and whenever. Their are downfalls using this app and one of them is........that if you have a signature that you put in some emails and others you don’t there is no way to put a signature in your email in Outlook app which I don’t mind but then again I thought all your capabilities that you have online or app on computer you would have in the app for your phone. Another downfall I think is that you can’t say a email is “low important or high importance” I again for me that’s not super important but it would be nice to have on the app for your phone. There are plenty other things you can’t do on the app for your mobile device but you can do on the desktop app for your computer or laptop or pc. Other than, I like using the app and reading emails that come in without running to my computer to reply or even just read a single message I can be away from my computer and use my phone while I’m on the go doing other things that are little more important than sitting at home waiting for a email to come in thinking that’s the only way I can respond and receive messages from Outlook..Version: 4.62.0

Pretty GoodI’d give it an 4.5 if I could, but it’s not a four. I’d like it if it was easier to figure out at first how to access other folders such as trash and drafts—or maybe I’m just slow. I like how you can change what the slide function has—I have it set to delete which is super helpful and I wish the apple mail app had. I use both apps with Microsoft OutLook for my school email. I also like the computer version as well. Both versions of the app can (and do) remind me of events I have in my Microsoft calendar (I forget their name, if it has one). This is really helpful as my high school is using teams during the whole pandemic-so I get reminded before school starts, towards the end of classes I dislike, and before lunch ends that I have class which is really helpful. I’ll also mention that you can turn this off—for one or all events—and change the amount of time beforehand that it reminds you at (15 or 5 minutes beforehand for example). I still will use google as my main email because I already am—it isn’t better enough in the ways it is to change. I don’t think it is worse per say that google/apple email apps/websites. Hope this helps!.Version: 4.57.0

Problems and potential updates?I have mostly used Gmail for a lot of things (my high school email, my undergrad email, etc.) and now as a grad student, I have to use my school outlook email to communicate with my professors. Overall, the app is very easy to use once you get the hang of it. However, one thing I missed as a Gmail user is being able to schedule an email to my professors on the app. I use my phone more than my laptop because I’m always on the move. I don’t want to write an email on my phone only to have to turn on my laptop just to schedule the email. I also wished for the feature of being able to label the priority level of my email to be applicable in the app as well. I thought that was a cool feature that outlook had that Gmail didn’t only to be disappointed that the app didn’t have it. Another thing that worries me is that getting notifications from the app is a hit or miss for me. I didn’t have to send an email for a month and when I opened the app to write one, turns out I have 6 unread emails waiting for me. Thank god it wasn’t anything serious but I’m hoping this gets fixed soon. I would rather not have this happening to me when during my semester..Version: 4.2231.0

I weep for everyone who has to use his on iOS.This is the worst app that I have on my phone. Typically I don’t keep apps that I absolutely hate, but since I have no alternative to using this horrible thing, I haven’t removed it. This pathetic thing has caused problems for me professionally. It takes less time for me to boot up the computer and check my calendar and then it does for me to even make my calendar showing this out. Hoping out an email literally takes as long as it would to write a letter and put it in the mail. Smoke signals will be better than this app. I can’t even open my calendar to understand what kind of meetings I have for the day because this app loads every single calendar I have shared to me and freezes every time I click a button. This is horrible. Don’t know why Microsoft insists upon upgrading things to be absolutely terrible. Even more I can’t understand why the entire professional world forces everyone to use Outlook. Gross. Even worse, it’s been out for a year already and you’ve done nothing to fix it, it’s gotten worse if anything. I’d be fired if I was this bad at my job..Version: 4.0.0

Outlook as my organizer…I need one platform that I can use on my devices. I am a Windows user on my computers, servers, and other devices in my office environment as well as other companies office environments. Smart phones are slowly becoming an important device and Apple devices are leading the way for me and my users, especially my younger users. I would like to receive a text and quickly, easily add the sender to my Outlook contacts not my Apple contacts. Once added I would like to quickly search for that added contact on either device via Outlook, but cannot. I prefer the Microsoft 365 local environment, but making it work easily is complicated and very frustrating. I am aware Microsoft attempted to compete in the smartphone arena a few years ago but acknowledged Apple was the leader and gave up. Microsoft won the computer and computer OS battle for businesses decades ago, but Apple is still fighting. Can’t Microsoft continue to either battle for or work with Apple to provide us users with an organizer platform between Windows workstations and Apple smartphones that is easy to use and seamless to use as we work across both devices? Please…? Thanks. — Mark.Version: 4.2216.0

What was wrong w a chronological inbox?Hi - Ive recently noticed emails “missing” from my inbox, which is a result of an update, apparently. Rather than having multiple emails from the same sender visible, they are all condensed into one, despite “organization by thread” turned off. Unless I want to reply back to the latest email, finding a previous email can be a chore, as the emails “organized” within this thread that apparently isnt a “thread” arent always in chronological order. Sometimes newer emails are at the top, sometimes at the bottom, and clicking on the “...” is always required to scroll the conversation to figure out if im looking at the correct message. It’s a total waste of time and I cant see any reason why anyone would want to have to go through this effort to find 1 email, when the previous method involved just scrolling and opening it. I strongly dislike this “improvement” and wish I could revert to a previous version of this app..Version: 4.2048.1

Outlook mobile is better than the desktopI may get a lot of pushback on this. But the mobile app and the web client in my mind are far simpler to use then the desktop client. I really wish they would just improve the web client a little more. Drop the desktop client and be done. The one thing that frustrates me the most about outlook is it’s filters. I’ve found that using the web client is the best place to set all that up. For this mobile app. I really enjoy it. The area that I believe it needs a little more improvement is the calendar. I can not put my finger on it but the apple iCal is slightly better in this regard. Even the Google calendar is better. Just a little more polish and it would be a 5 star for the app. A few years ago I tested all three clients. The iOS was top on my list of usability. The desktop client I rated about 1.5 stars because it was not simple the first time you login. To get the desktop client even close to the web client or iOS I had to heavily customize it. My instinct tells me the mobile developers understand the end users needs far better than the desktop client developers..Version: 4.2230.0

Top iPad and iPhone email app. Rated 4 because you can’t drag and drop attachmentsThis is likely the best or at least the top 3 mail apps for iOS. Swipe actions are customizable and immediate which means you don’t have to swipe and click; you just swipe and the action is completed. The app gives you a few seconds to undo if you swiped by mistake. Unique to Outlook’s email app is that you can accept or decline etc. an invitation and choose to send a response or not the same you would be able to on the desktop version of outlook. It also auto-deletes the invite once you complete the acceptance action which is a more efficient way to manage your invitations. One last great feature for those of us that use keyboards with iPads; the shortcuts are a lot more intuitive and simpler than the Apple Mail app shortcuts. The only reason I gave it a 4 star is that you can’t drag and drop attachments from the emails into side-by-side apps or a side-by-side outlook new email that you are composing to someone else where you want to send selected attachments from a received email. This feature would make it a 5 star app!.Version: 4.2134.0

User friendliness and efficiency needs improvementSo when you use gmail you can do a search and it will bring up emails specifically from the word you searched. For example, if you search for Apple Pay it will pull up emails from Apple Pay first. If you do the same search in outlook it will give you all emails that include those words as the sender, subject, mention, etc. This means you have to navigate through a list of unimportant emails to get to the one you want if you don’t give up in utter disappointment in the process. If that’s not frustrating enough when you write an email and it goes past a certain line you better hope you can type really well because you won’t be able to see past that line. I would have to stop scroll up and check the sentence, correct it blindly because it toggles back down where it can’t be seen and continue typing. So I started writing in other apps like gmail and forwarding it to outlook or doing a copy paste and forwarding it to my recipient if it was a longer message. That is not how I want to send my emails but outlook hasn’t seemed to be able to figure out how to make it work. Thus I have several apps for emails. Ugh.Version: 4.6.0

The App is OkThe app has worked great since I got it last year, especially for school. But recently it’s stopped sending me notifications for some emails which has caused me to miss several emails and dead-lines. It’s too late for me at this point so please fix this issue. I don’t know if it’s because I had 2 inboxes from 2 different school emails or what, but this problem has caused me a lot of stress and I’d prefer it not happen in the future. Edit: The issue that I believed was originally occurring is not the only one. It appears the reason I am not getting notifications for emails is because these emails aren’t appearing in my inbox until days later. For example, several emails I received on the 30th of July did not appear in my inbox until today. I did not get any notifications for any emails on that 30th. This is really frustrating because I’ve received emails from university faculty who have been sending and requesting information and it is really creating a huge hassle for me and causing more stress than is needed. Maybe this is something I need to talk to my school about? If it is please let me know..Version: 3.34.0

Frustrating calendar issuesWhen changes are made to a repeating calendar entry, the change should only be active on the current date and forward. This app currently changes all of the preceding calendar events. You may not think this matters, but I often refer back to preceding appointments in order to reconcile other data, and it’s no longer accurate once the repeating item is changed. This is standard on Apple’s ical. 2nd issue:, why does it take three or four clicks to get to an edit function within calendar? Within other Calendar apps, I can just hold and drag the appointment to a new time slot on the same day. With Outlook, I have to click multiple times to have that same option. Please address this. 3rd issue: When making a change to a repeating calendar entry, the view defaults back to the date that repeating calendar entry was first created. When you save the change, it SHOULD default back to whatever day you were on when you hit edit. This has caused multiple issues as it’s not overly obvious that you aren’t on the same day you just were when you edited the item. PLEASE FIX!!.Version: 4.2248.0

Bugs are crawly all over this appI love outlook and liked this app until recently. Now, when I type, the characters in the to field or the search bar, the software lags far behind what I type and then freezes. I can’t type more than 2 or 3 characters before the app freezes. It doesn’t stop there. When you contact support, they don’t get back to you in an email. Instead, you have to go to the settings icon to see if there is a response. Can you imagine how stupid the head of product is to make an email product that doesn’t use its own email channel for support? I check for several days and no response. Then, at some point, I get a message that they haven’t heard from me so they are closing my ticket. Of course you haven’t heard from me: you use your setting icon as a communications channel, rather than a normal channel like email. Also, in the name of creating a modern UI design, they have changed and removed numerous icons that are useful. I can’t believe how MS degraded such a great product so fast. No wonder Google/Gmail is killing them..Version: 4.57.0

Needs some refinementI only installed Outlook on my iPad and phone to get access to my work email and calendar. I added my personal Gmail account but I actually prefer the gmail app. The main problem with Outlook is that it makes you click a button to view more on longer messages. This wouldn’t be so bad if it didn’t reload the message making you scroll down to where you left off. Also, when you click a link in a message (which opens a browser), when you come back to Outlook it often reloads the message - making you scroll down again to find the place where you left off. My work requires the use of the Edge browser and has all kinds of restrictions on it. So, I don’t use Edge for personal stuff. You can configure which browser to use based on which email account you’re using on Outlook. But it often opens the Edge browser when I’m using personal email account, instead of Safari which I configured it to use. If Microsoft could fix these issues, it would be a much better app and I might use it even if my employer didn’t require it..Version: 4.2204.0

Decent but could use some upgradesThe outlook program is ok if you are using only for basic email. We use outlook for our business and we’ve run in to multiple issues that are inconvenient. The first being the way the emails are organized. If you send emails with the same subject line to multiple people, make sure to turn off the “organize in threads” option. If you don’t, every email with that subject line will be condensed into one thread. Not detrimental, just inconvenient until you figure out how to fix it. It would be more useful to condense all emails by sender rather than subject. Next, the calendar does not update quickly and sometimes does not update at all when synced to multiple devices. I will add an appointment to the calendar and my husbands calendar will not update and he’s missed appointments due to this. I’ve tried all the fixes online and nothings worked. These are just a couple of things I’ve noticed among a number of things that could be changed in the program. However, if you’re looking for a basic email program it works just fine..Version: 4.2220.0

Outlook EmailI just purchased a new iPhone 12 Pro Max and I’ve setup 3 email accounts through the Outlook iOS app with ease which is way more than I can say about the Mail app that came preinstalled on the iPhone! I was able to setup one email account through the preinstalled Mail app and that’s where it ended. After trying and trying, even after using the step by step instruction (hours I’ll never get back) to add multiple email accounts to the preinstalled IOS Mail app I finally gave up and downloaded the Outlook app. Not only is it stupid easy to add multiple email accounts, it took mere minutes to do so. I’m sticking with Outlook! If it takes that much time and effort to setup multiple email accounts through the preinstalled Mail app with a person who is more than capable of understanding the technology and process to do so says a lot about the app. I encourage everyone to install the Outlook app, you won’t be disappointed..Version: 4.2119.0

Good mail app that needs some polishI like outlook generally, especially the focused/other organization of the display. Controls are where I expect them to be and the app is very easy to use. The app has come a long way in the last year or so. There is, however, plenty of room for improvement! My biggest complaint right now is in the search function. I sometimes find that outlook can’t locate messages that apple mail can find easily. That’s a little unsettling because you never know when it’s failing unless you compare with apple mail on every search, which would be a hassle. If I think we could also use a one-touch send to junk mail. I’m getting more and more spam these days and it would be great to be able to handle it with a click/touch. There is no denying that outlook deals with exchange better than any third party. I’ve gotten too many errors from applications like fantastical over time, while outlook never seems to get confused about what’s coming from exchange..Version: 4.2128.0

UnstableConstantly locks up when switching to “Other”. If you are lucky and have a version that works great. Never update to a newer version as you will be playing roulette and will most likely end up not able to access your email. A sign of problematic programming is frequent updates. This app has lots of updates, just about all of them say “bug fixes, optimizations and performance improvements” or the like. However the app only gets more unstable. Focus less on frequent updates and more on fewer quality updates. No Email app should have multiple updates per month. The only time an update should be issued is for notable new features or compatibility due to core OS changes. But release after release after release of “Bug fixes/improvements” and it’s still unstable to the point of being unusable is unacceptable from a company such as MS. Makes me wonder if the development of the app has been contract out. For best results stick with Apples built in mail app..Version: 3.24.1

Great- Could Use Some Improvements ThoughThe app has been a saving grace for me for work and is very functional. There’s a lot of good features you can use as well, but it’s a little buggy. A good example is the scheduled do not disturb feature. I have it set to turn on during my work hours but more than half the time the app doesn’t respect the timeframe. I catch it frequently still in do not disturb long after the work hours timeframe I entered. It would be a fantastic feature if it wasn’t so buggy. My biggest qualm though is not having the ability to sign out. It’s literally the only Microsoft app you can’t sign out of- you have to delete your account from it, which deletes all the customizations. Putting it in Do Not Disturb for the extent of time you’d be signed out prevents it from notifying except for the badges, which is just as stressful. Nothing like a day of peace only to check your phone and see you got 50 badges from the app. So it defeats the purpose of the extended Do Not Disturb..Version: 4.2304.2

Good but could be much betterI enjoy using Outlook w Office 365. I grew up using Microsoft products and so it feels familiar and easy to use. That said, there are some very basic things offered in Google Workspace w Gmail that are lacking in Outlook w Office 365 subscription. Like, why can’t I schedule emails and why can’t I have multiple domains to send “From” when I send emails? I Gmail w Google Workspace I could choose which domain email address I wanted to use when sending emails and that is super handy considering I have more than one company w different domain names. I like being able to schedule my emails too… these are simple basic offerings in Google products to setup and to use. I would have thought Microsoft would be able to offer everything Google can and more… it’s disappointing to me to have pushed our organizations to move from Google Workspace to Office 365, go through all the work to do so, and then learn much used functionality we used to have is now not available from Microsoft..Version: 4.2205.0

Great for two mail accountsThis app is great for those who want to use two accounts in one app. It has some time saving features that the built-in Mail app lacks, such as smart actions that learns what you do often(such as moving a piece of mail to a certain folder), saving you an extra tap. But if you have more than two accounts, the buttons are just way too small to switch between accounts, making it a hassle, so it would be less hassle to use different apps. One feature that i really would appreciate is the ability to add a favorite folder to “All Accounts”. Currently, you have to go into a specific account to access the favorite folders of that account. That requires two to three very precise taps. Come on Microsoft, this should be easy to implement. Under the hood, the scrolling operations are buttery smooth just like other native iOS apps. The battery usage is also very comparable—having dark mode also helps. This app is a few steps ahead of the Gmail app..Version: 4.2146.0

So Much Better Than the Native iPhone Mail AppI had been meaning to try the Outlook app for iOS for a couple of years, moved to O365 and MS Intune necessitating my move to Outlook for iOS; fine by me. The learning curve has been minimal. I haven’t found a way to move between emails without going out to my inbox or other containing folder, but I haven’t had time to google that, either. I just wish there were up/down arrows within an email allowing me to move up/down a message within the parent folder. I like that it feels more professional in UI appearance than apps aimed at consumers in general; other than the one feature I complained about it lacking above. I haven’t tried this yet, but it appears that I can even set my OOO message, or update it, from the app! Now THAT’S a level of integration with our Exchange server that wasn’t even possible with any other mail app on the iPhone or iPad. That is awesome! I can’t wait to find out what other little nuggets it has that I haven’t discovered yet!.Version: 4.49.1

Very simple email appI have used numerous email applications in the past, but Outlook really is the best of them all, period. There are a lot of features here that I can’t fathom in either Gmail or Yahoo Mail, such as calendar integration, syncing with multiple devices (including computers), and a simple user interface. While I heavily use Gmail on a day-to-day basis, I think that Microsoft really pays off when it comes to this functional app. I don’t want to screw Redmond if they have missed anything worthwhile or important, but I am happy with the work that the Outlook team has put into it. In conclusion, please download this app if you can, and enjoy a simple, refreshing email experience. (The only flaw I have encountered so far? Well, as far as I can tell you, there have been a lack of features from the web app of Outlook, and you have to sign in there to access them. Only the mobile app has several features. But, otherwise, as I have said, I am content with that.).Version: 4.49.1

So good in some areas and 1990 in others.Hello, I love the outlook app and I need to use it on a day to day basis. Some of the items like calendar events and sending notifications is great in parts but lack in editing. First off. Why is there no copy and paste in Outlook. I had a whole email typed up and I needed to input a link. So what would I have to do? Copy and paste it in. Nope. I have to go to safari and click share and then outlook so I can send a link in outlook. Well then when I get in outlook I have to retype my message or just paste in the other one right. Nope. Paste does not work from previous to new message. So I have to manually copy something by hand. Link or original message. Come on Microsoft. Make copy and paste work the. You get a solid 4. Add some polish and sub folder notifications and some editing tools you will have a 5 Star app again. Please fix these little flaws. You have office and should be able to make a solid app. Now let’s make it happen. Thanks..Version: 2.55.0

Email cascadeOne issue with Outlook is the embedding of emails. If I get an email and others are included, their response is what shows up as the original email. I can’t scroll down the list of email and find the original sender because it is now listed as being from whoever responded. Also, if you forward the original email, and then try to respond to the original email, that option isn’t available. I find this very frustrating and using the search option is not that helpful. One other thing...when starting an email, the way it starts is type in (if new) or select an email...then you have to figure out what to tap to start the email...if you hit the > then it wants to send and you haven’t even written anything! But, you are saved because there is nothing in the subject box so you can select “continue editing” and get to the actual email..Version: 4.63.0

EffectiveBeing able to use Microsoft office on all of my personal devices including my iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and laptop, and the ability to keep it separate from my personal emails in the mail app helps me to be 10x’s more efficient when responding to and composing work related emails in the Microsoft office application. Being a police officer it may surprise the public just how much of our day to day job is done via our work email. From corresponding with victims or witnesses to efficiently send and receive various types of digital evidence recorded or stored on their smartphones, to keeping in contact with supervisors, various department heads, and disseminating vital information to other officers working the street, Microsoft office keeps everything clean, organized, and efficient allowing me to perform my duties in an efficient manner while saving time so that I can get back to my primary duty of patrolling and keeping my community safe..Version: 4.2309.3

Performance Hiccups of LateOutlook is a tremendous example of powerful iOS/iPad OS software where when you learn how the app works on one platform, you benefit on the other. Particularly, in a corporate setting, the ability to see organization charts, availability, and room reservations sets it TREMENDOUSLY apart from the built in mail and calendar apps which are designed more for personal use. However…. For the past few months, the app CONSTANTLY restarts whenever multitasking. It does not save state or run in the background and you lose your place in whatever email you were viewing or writing. Additionally, there are stuttering issues when scrolling or moving around the interface. These issues have persisted for the last several updates and are quite frustrating to deal with. With each update, I hope that they’ve been addressed, but they persist. Will increase the stars once the bugs are addressed..Version: 4.2128.0

Works well for most activitiesI use Outlook at work and love it’s ability to coordinate schedules, send invites, set up reoccurring meetings, etc. I just wish the spam filters were better. (My company is working on improving them, but I don’t like getting notifications from Office each time a message is flagged as possible spam. Once a week, every other week, or once a month is less work for me and effective because they are almost always correctly identified as spam, although many spam messages are still missed.) I also wish there were more ways to flag/categorize messages by the speed with which I need to respond. I use flagged emails as my to-do list (and even email my self to-do items) and would like to see higher priority/urgent messages at the top but still see all flagged messages at once. I have colleagues with similar working styles at other companies, so it’d be a great feature to add (or notify us on how to do it, if already available)..Version: 4.2238.1

Worth itOffice 365 is worth the time and money, I remember prior to finding this app I tried to find alternatives and every app I found there were things I did not like. I kept looking and looking and one day I decided to try office 365 and I’m glad I did this package has literally everything you need and it has replaced all of my old heavy usage apps. The most important point in witch I feel this app is worth it is that this frees you from apples ecosystem, I now can work on my IPad and IPhone and use my Microsoft Laptop for work all within the same cloud service Flawlessly, Amazing !.Version: 2.93.0

Badges!After contacting support last week about badges not working, they told me they were aware and working on a fix. Decided to reinstall after latest update and badges are working! Tried using other email apps but nothing beats outlook as far as functionality goes, especially if you have an exchange account. Highly recommended..Version: 4.36.1

Dark mode pleaseOtherwise works great.Version: 3.24.0

Battery drain is too highThe app is much better than default mail but the battery drain is much too high to justify using it..Version: 2.45.0

Dark mode rules!Just got the dark mode upgrade. guys it looks awesome. well done..Version: 4.2.0

Buggy, especially since iOS 14 updateSince updating to iOS 14, Outlook seems to ‘freeze’ and I have to close it and reopen it a few times to again be able to open messages, switch between inboxes, switch to the calendar, etc. It also sometimes keeps as unread a message I have just opened and read, And I have to click on it a second time for the new message indicator to go away. The other major cons of Outlook that have been present for a while and not fixed in the latest updates are: The search function is lousy for the calendar (especially compared to Apple calendar) and the number on the badge indicating new messages is often wrong. That being said, my workplace uses Office 365 and the integration between the various Microsoft apps is convenient, and Outlook was made for Office 365 so all of the authentication steps required by my workplace function properly without an issue. So I’m sticking with Outlook for now and mot going back to Apple Mail. But if Microsoft takes too long with the bug spray, I just might go back to the native programs..Version: 4.56.0

Keep freezing after the last updateFix it, please.Version: 3.2.2

New update prevent my Gmails accounts from loadingHello, it seems that the new update is not allowing my gmail accounts to sync in properly. My calendars are also affected. Can you please fix this as soon as possible? It was very convenient to have all my accounts from Work and Personal with Outlook and Gmail combined. The calendar worked perfectly great as well prior to the update. Please fix!! Thanks!.Version: 4.2223.1

Junk MailToo much junk mail comes to my mind inbox. And I would like to know how or who is giving my email to these sites..Version: 4.2313.0

FIX SPAM FILTERI woke up to my outlook inbox flooded with spam, what is going on!.Version: 4.2304.2

Trop de spamIl y a trop de courrier indésirable.Version: 4.2301.0

ReviewThe service is good. The only major complaint I have is the scams. The phishing etc. It’s getting worst. I always report and they always pop up with something new. Frustrating..Version: 4.2248.3

Advertising?I’ve been using outlook for years and find this new advertising to be such a distraction..Version: 4.2248.3

What the heck Microsoft, Ads?I paid for this app years ago and it works great for email. However it gets a 3 star review because they have changed the app to feed you advertisements. A professional app that you paid for should not be dragging your attention away from your work with advertisements, which by the way are crafted to look like email in your box..Version: 4.2233.0

Same Email Since 1999!Jumped on board when Hotmail was just starting out. Great service. However, if I could change anything it would be that they stop soooooo much spam from reaching me. As a loyal user ut would have been nice to have been given a chance to pay a one time fee to upgrade to no ads and spam. Otherwise, very happy with hotmail..Version: 4.2221.0

Delay delivery function needs workThe only issue I have had with Outlook is the delay delivery function. I thought it would be useful for sending an email to arrive for start-of-day in other time zones without having to wake up hours early. Not so. The feature will only send scheduled messages when the inbox is open and active, so I need to wake up to open the app anyway. No compelling use case for the current feature..Version: 4.2212.1

Ok but…Has been reliable. Dislikes are as follows. 1. We already have a junk folder, so why have focused/other? 2.When I want to delete something, I want to delete something. Pretty simple right? So why is there an Archive folder? I can make other folders if I need to keep anything separate so this Archive is redundant. 3. I can’t seem to find, at least not in the phone app, a way to sort emails by sender. If I did then I could deal with each set in bulk rather than one by one. 4. Also can’t find in the phone version how to mark something as junk, or as phishing. Good options but can’t find them. Little things but still, once you’ve had them, you know what you’re missing..Version: 4.2212.1

InterfaceThere is only one thing I don’t like about the interface is it is hard to tell which emails I have read (old ones) and which ones I have not (new ones)..Version: 4.2209.1

Outlook AppI like outlook on my PC but not so much on my phone app. It’s difficult to navigate and the email strings aren’t logically arranged. If I want to reply to all but also add another recipient, the app won’t allow that. Search function isn’t great. The advantage is that it sync’s nicely with my desktop.Version: 4.2212.0

Doesn’t leverage iOS features very well.File drag and drop (from an email to iOS files app, for example) doesn’t work..Version: 4.2210.3

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What do you think Microsoft Outlook ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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