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Cookie Run: OvenBreak Customer Service

Run, jump, slide, collect, and bake no prisoners! Cookie Run is the endless runner game with deliciously challenging levels, tons of fun, heart racing running modes, and big rewards!

Race through dynamic side scroller levels for as long as your energy can last! Take on exciting endless runner challenges, unlock Cookie characters and collect cute Pets as you dash to the finish line.

Run through platformer stages with challenging missions and compete in real-time trophy races forthe top spot! Race to the top of the leaderboard while helping GingerBrave and his Cookie friends break out of the Witch's oven!

This free cookie game keeps the characters coming and the side scroller levels hot! Collect characters with unique powers and build a collection of Pets to pair with your Cookie characters for an even more exciting time!

Speed run through challenges and compete for a top spot on the leaderboard. This endless runneris filled with competition, especially when you’re racing online against players from around the world!

Think you’re a tough cookie? Try not to crumble!

Run through the magical lands of the tasty Cookie World in this exciting, endless game! DownloadCookie Run today!

# Race through side scroller levels, from sweet and sugary to perilous and thrilling stages!
# Dash across platformer obstacles and challenges!
# Jump and Slide to avoid obstacles and eat delicious treats

# Breakout Mode: Long relay run with several Cookies
# Trophy Race: Compete with players from around the world
# Cookie Trials: Upgrade each Cookie to full potential and reach high scores
# Champions League: A league only for the toughest
# Island of Memories: Discover Cookies' background stories

# New exciting events with awesome rewards every month!
# Race online against other players!
# RPG-style level up system

# Collect over 200 Cookies & Pets
# New Cookie & Pets come fresh out of the oven every month
# Upgrade Cookies, Pets, and Treasures to achieve high scores

# Story games take you through a sweet adventure with Cookies on the run!
# Collect Cookie characters and get to know them

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The Royal Club Membership is a monthly subscription service that provides double the amount of Gold Tickets, an Affection Booster, and 10% more coins. In addition, you will receive a special monthly gift in your mailbox. You can subscribe to the Royal Club for a monthly subscription of $3.49 (USD) or equivalent amount required in your default currency after conversion. Purchases and renewal of subscriptions will be billed to your account.

Auto-renewal of the membership happens in a period of 24 hours before the exact expiration moment. Please cancel the membership 24 hours prior to the expiration moment to prevent the next auto-renewal from being billed.

At any time, auto-renewal can be canceled via your user settings. After billing, the current subscription cannot be canceled until expiration.

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* Even if you do not agree to allow the above app permissions, you can still use the service to its fullest extent excluding only those functions.

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Cookie Run: OvenBreak App Comments & Reviews

Cookie Run: OvenBreak Positive Reviews

YesI absolutely LOVE CR:OB, it’s definitely one of my favorite apps out there. It feels like I’m addicted to this game and got almost all of my friends to join. I love the updates and basically everything about the game. I’ve been playing for at least 2-3 months now, but I had originally started it in 2018 and deleted the app mid 2019, so it was sorta nostalgic for me. As I’ve played, I’ve discovered more and more glitches though. - In trophy run, the game was lagging and I was dying a lot because of it so I quit the game. It wasn’t lagging because of the low battery because I was at around 40%. -The dr. Wasabi combi generator is terrible and I would not recommend it to any new players. I was using the cookies my mentor loaned to me in trophy run. They were leveled up to the max and their magic candies were over-powered. I got lots of points with them. When I returned them, the combi generator said that it was the best combi even though when I went to run with my low-level versions of my mentor’s cookies, they only gave me about 20,000,000 points (which isn’t a lot, what I get with my combi now is about 300 million) but I would stop recommending it to players because it only goes by the score you got, not by the power of the cookies..Version: 7.401

Recommended for new playersI’ve been in love with this game since the Kakao version and I’ve seen it go through many stages. I’m proud to see it flourishing the way I always thought it deserved, but I’m sad to say that Ive dropped it. I’m sure the devs get hundreds of complaints everyday when they make slight changes to the game so before when I had a problem with new features, I’d just complain to myself and carry on trying to gain levels, but the recent changes are just to extreme for me to carry on, (I’m referring to the whole reworking of the treasure system). Like I said before I love Cookierun and have spent many hours playing the game, so when the new update came out I tried playing it on multiple occasions but since then, it just never felt the same. I never got back the same excitement when finishing trophy races or weekly breakouts as I did before and I was just left felt dissatisfied. Maybe it’s because I’m used to playing it a certain way, I’m sure if the treasure system was always like the way it is now It would still be downloaded on all of my devices, but with the way it is now I can’t see myself ever re-downloading it. The changing if the treasure system doesn’t make it a bad game by any means and to those who’ve never played it, I’d definitely recommend, but for veteran players like me who don’t get the same enjoyment out of it anymore I’d just suggest to drop it now while you still have good memories of it..Version: 4.72

New fixationI love this game so much, but with any game there are a few nitpicks. Such as the updates, they could really be spaced out more. The good is that the replayablility is always high, you grind and find new combos to get the highest scores and it’s always a new challenge wherever you see fit. It does lag when you play it upon hours, though I feel like few face this problem since majority of us can’t sit on our phones playing this. However the designs and art of the cookies is always so beautiful and fantastic! Each set of personalities they have are always so cute and unique to their own, it adds a little bit more life to the game. Considering how the devs also try their very best to listen, there hardly is any loss to playing this game. Onto the bad that can always just be fixed. The amount of new cookies always catches me off guard since I barely get the other cookie to a decent level then I’m given more treasures and cookies to upgrade and I’m left in the dust. Also within the new update, I can’t load my previous sets of combis! In breakout mode, the sets are fine and there’s two options, the save and new option of “combi tips”. I can’t load the one I want, there’s no “apply” option like there was before the update..Version: 2.80

Amazing GameUsually these types of games are pay to play and well this game simply isn’t that, ever since I’ve had the game I’ve been addicted to the fun game mechanics and story behind CR:OV. Another thing I love is how easy it is to get cookies, I’ve never had to pay a single penny on this game and I had half of the cookies in 1-2 months, you never will get bored as you have events all the time and the items are still available after the event that way if you were gone during the time you can still earn them. Now I do have a few tiny problems with the game, I don’t like how hard it is to grind for costumes as the only way to get them is to grind for recourses to make the stuff to buy costumes and you really can’t earn them any other way. I’m also really sad they removed the whole story you got from trophy race, I get that main story replaced it but now skater cookie isn’t there which makes me a little sad, also invocation cards are stupid, they’re only good for common or rare cookies and it takes so long to level those types of cookies up that it honestly isn’t worth it, besides that I really like it and recommend it to anyone who likes runner games with some story in it.Version: 8.311

Cookie Run: OvenBreak, worth it or not?This game is absolutely AMAZING!! It’s definitely worth playing for the 4 Gigabytes of data (not sure how people don’t have enough storage for it, just delete some apps). I’ve been playing since 2019 and so far it’s been great! Designs are cute and unique, skill is a little bland but I don’t mind. Of course there are some problems and the devs been getting a little lazy but it’s been getting better. But what about the other reviews (critical ones)? Honestly, most people play OvenBreak for the game itself, so anybody who dislikes the story or the cookies can ignore it whenever they like, it’s not like you’re forced to read it. To people who seem to dislike how hard it is to get far in champions league: there are SO many F2P players high in champions league, the problem is the player is obviously new and uses the cookies that were given for free. Honestly, that’s the player’s problem to fix if they couldn’t progress in champions league, grind more and get the meta cookies. I doubt these players have played for even a year. To players who say there’s a lot of bugs: most of them are probably fixed, no reason to listen to them..Version: 9.121

Thought and ideas!I’m such a huge fan of this game! It’s amazing, we’ll thought out, amazingly planned. And absolute blast to play! However, that doesn’t mean I don’t have any nitpicks...I only have two! The first is that I wish you could practice with any new cookie you get. The second is that I wish all the cookies had a trial, to help lengthen gameplay! Another thing I have to say are some ideas. I have a whole bunch of cookie and pet ideas! They are: Sushi(non-binary) Cookie and Sushi Roll pet, Chicken(male) cookie and Scaredy Cat pet, Gemini(twin females)Cookies and Gemini Jam pet, Mummy(male)Cookie and Sphinx Cookie pet, Ghost(non-binary)Cookie and Gravestone Candy pet, FrankenCookie(female) and Torch pet, Pumpkin(female) Cookie and Pumpkin pet, Witch(female)Cookie and Broomstick pet, Mirror(non-binary)Cookie and Mirror Jelly pet, Swap(non-binary)Cookie and Swap pet, Opposite(female)Cookie and Shadow Cookie pet, Cave-Cookie(male) and Dinosaur pet, Dango(female)Cookie and Dango Stick pet, Piano(female)Cookie and Piano Keys pet, Spy(female)Cookie and Spy Car pet, Spy(male)Cookie and Spy Boat pet, and finally Baby Cookie(female) and Rattle pet. These are just idea I have(and I’d love to be able to tell you more about them and the rest I’ve made!) I hope you see this! Thank you for reading my ramble and have a good day!.Version: 6.921

A blast and a halfLet’s get my one real complaint out of the way off the top: this game wants you to spend money on it so bad you’ll think you’re in groundhog day with how many deals and bargains and packages you have to click away from. I seriously wish they’d tone it down. The only other bad thing I could say about it is strictly personal taste. I prefer simpler, procedurally generated tracks like temple run- being led around by the nose by a line of candy is a little hypnotic in a way I don’t personally enjoy. Everything else is fantastic. The character designs are adorable, they’re diverse and interesting where they absolutely could’ve gotten away with not having any backstories at all, and there’s always something in this game to DO. I’ve never reached a point in this game where I thought ‘well there’s nothing left to do today, better go do something else.’ You stop when you feel like it and not a moment before. A complaint I HAD was that there wasn’t any benefit to spending a lot of time using one cookie, but the affection feature has changed that entirely, and now I really can’t think of anything in the actual game mechanics that isn’t solid..Version: 3.76

Are you serious?..Hiii! Moonie here! Just to point out, i love this game and all the cookies inside of it, it’s very fun and addicting to play, but I’m sure most of you already know the obvious things being overlooked, the trophy race hardship. What I mean by that is the fact that when I’m playing in the trophy races, mid way through the race, the game crashes and saves your score as is, without even playing the second cookie, and you end up losing trophies and find yourself in frustration, it’s been happening to a lot of people, including myself, and we find it best if the Devs fixed that. Second, the “over the top” prices and pop ups. For most of the people playing, I can say that a lot of people would enjoy a game that doesn’t require money to have a good time. Still when a game is constantly shoving offers and deals in your face, it doesn’t make it as fun to play to think for a second about how many times you skipped the offer, the one that could have probably made you a better player. The pop ups are mostly after clicking off of challenges and going back to the lobby. For the most part, some of the prices are fine, at least, In my opinion..Version: 7.511

Incredible GameUI is pretty cluttered, but that’s standard for an older game, and seems to be pretty necessary in this case to display the many aspects of this game. Despite its complex-looking design, the game itself is actually very intuitive. Beyond that, it’s just flat out fun. Characters are exciting, well designed, and have proven themselves to be easily capable of capturing the players hearts, despite very little story in the actual game. Single player breakout is engaging, challenging, and addictive all on its own; multiplayer trophy races add a whole other layer to the game that is competitive and invigorating. Trials help introduce new characters and also give the player another opportunity to get resources (rank rewards). Memory section adds a little backstory and character history, which helps the player become even more attached to the cookies. I’ve gotten my twin sister to play the game (her fave cookie is pistachio, mine is herb), and she loves it too. All in all, incredible game; developers should be extremely proud. Advice for players: just relax and try not to let competitiveness stress you out (in trophy races). The game is much more fun if you’re not so hard on yourself. : ).Version: 3.34

A few slight problems, otherwise a great game!Sorry in advance for anybody who was looking to see if anyone had a different problem. So I’m currently enjoying the new update, I love the new areas and just joined my first guild. Getting the hang of new levels is fun to me, however sometimes when I’m running in Breakout Episodes or Trophy Race the app will kick me out. Usually in Breakout it will kick me out at random intervals and save where I was last. I can redo the runs but it will cost me tickets. In Trophy Race it will kick me either just before the getting to the land or after the first Cookie running has half of their energy depleted. Most of these occurred when I used Dr. Wasabi’s generator. So far I’m avoiding getting kicked out of Trophy Race by switching my Cookies every two runs and it seems to work. However with all my complaints and ramblings, I am thoroughly enjoying the game. I am thrilled whenever I get a new Cookie and pet and you’re doing an amazing job. That about raps it up, and sorry again for long review. Anyways thanks for reading and keep up the great work!.Version: 7.031

Well-done yet unbalancedI want to start with the positives of this game. The character designs are BEAUTIFUL and very versatile. I love how you can upgrade cookies in many ways and the lore is nice and captivating. I also love the quests and how there are many things to do. It’s challenging yet fun, and I never get bored playing it. I also love the visual art and music, the simple mechanics, and even some LGBTQ+ representation (nonbinary characters, etc.) However, there’s a lot of difficulty in the game because many cookies are overpowered. Take Squid Ink, Millennial Tree, Lime, etc. Many cookies dominate trophy race medals simply because they are much more powerful than others, not always due to the player’s skill. Other cookies are underpowered and some are basically useless - Pomegranate, Cherry, Alchemist and Dark Enchantress, to name a few. Also, the game constantly entices you to buy the packages and they pop up almost every time you open the game. I understand that the developers need money to work on the game and I have no problem with their packages attracting a bit of attention. However, it’s not really necessary to have them constantly pop up. I adore this game and I am very happy that this team puts so much effort into their work..Version: 3.62

CookiesI love this game because it’s so cool that you get cookies and legendary‘s and you can also get your own house and you can make friends in the game and you can get some awesome cookies are cute and cuddly animals so tough they’re so cool you cool and you’re also a new app name cookie run kingdom that you can also get and you can make friends and friends are cool if you have a husband ask him to download this app and you will be the best player ever like I am I have so many cookies that I don’t know what you choose you’re just so cool and you also get diamonds to buy them you love Diamonds I love this is a cool game download it now it’s free to download and type in Cookie Run break oven Aunt and it will show you to the game so I just told you have fun I hope you get this messageAnd I almost forgot there are updates and cute more and there’s more cookies you can collect so that is it and you will have fun if you get this message I hope you send some taxes that you love it and you can leave a comment if you love it or hate it because I love you so much and I put five stars on the bus at.Version: 8.201

ReportI would describe how awesome and adorable this game is, but I have a issue I want to report in Cookie Run Ovenbreak. I don’t know where to report in the game so I’m just going to say it here. (Also, I would recommend this game having a feedback button or a report or something similar like that.) Me and my dear friend were trying to do a Friendly Run but there was a message that popped up when I requested and my friend accepted/I accepted my friend’s request saying that we had a different data so we had to re-open it. I closed the tab and re-opened it and it happened again. We tried multiple times (including re-downloading it) but it never worked. We’re kinda still trying to figure out how to find a solution for this but we couldn’t so does anyone know how to fix this? (At least tell if you have a similar issue like this I had with my friend, (if you want) please.) Thanks. (P.S: if anyone hadn’t played this before or didn’t download it, I gotta tell you, this game is fantastic but there may be some bugs like this. It’s a possibility but I don’t know. Okay I typed too much, haha, alright bye.).Version: 4.30

Would recommend for those looking for simple yet fun gameplayI have been in love with Cookie Run Ovenbreak since late 2020, and my experience has been a blast. With all good games however, there are a few fixes that can be implemented. Something I can suggest is that the updates should be a bit more spread apart. Whenever a new cookie comes out, me being a free to play player, has to do a bunch of work to get a new cookie to a good level, and a new update comes along, leaving me behind in the dust. But at the same time, having many updates can keep the game fresh. The cookies they release are always unique and different in their own ways. All the cookies have unique personalities. When playing for hours at a time, the game can freeze up a bit, but it’s not too much of a problem especially because not many of us can sit on their phone all day playing this game. All the game modes are very fun and sometimes can be challenging. Some game modes I enjoy playing personally, are Breakout and the newly added Main Story Mode chapters..Version: 8.021

Cookie Run on a MacI love cookie run so much and I usually play it on my phone, but I ran out of space and found out the game is available to play on the Mac. Everything was going pretty well until now that the keys don't want to work while i'm running. I can't type a "k" in the chat without it kicking me out, and I can't run either because none of the keys will work. I don't know why this is happening now, but what I do know is that cookie run is great game with a lot of potential to expand on other devices. My advice is to have key controls that you can self-insert, have the touchpad work like a touchscreen and let it slide without clicking on it, and a better login system by making it a requirement to make an account with your preferred email address (which you can change/update later on) and a new password; so if anything were to happen to your account, you can just login like an Instagram account, and all is safe and sound! That is all I have to suggest today, I hope the developers will have the chance to read this. Either way, thank you so much for creating this great app and for taking the time to read this. I hope all is well..Version: 8.021

A great game!! I just have one small suggestion…Personally, I really like crob!! It’s a really fun game and a great way to pass the time!! However, I do have a teeny tiny complaint about one of the cookies’ skill. Just one. That cookie is Ginseng Cookie. Whenever ginseng does the little stomp thingy, 9 times out of 10 it prevents me from collecting what I’m trying to collect in chapter 6 of the main story. Usually when I’m trying to collect the lotus gems ginseng does the little stomp while I’m trying to jump and get them, which makes me miss all of the lotus gems that I would’ve been able to get easily if the stomp hadn’t happened. Maybe could there be like a way that ginseng could have some sort of magnetic thingy that could bring the lotus gems to you so that the skill doesn’t prevent you from collecting them? Either that or completely remove the stomp? I understand if that’s not possible, though; this is just my opinion. Other than that, I think this game is very fun and 100% recommend it. Thanks for reading my review!! ~ CountBlossom.Version: 8.921

IdeaAlright so because there’s a new season I though there could be many new things added to this new season there could be a whole thing that ties into the peaceful Lotus Paradise and make it more menacing at the end. There could be a cutscene where Dark Enchantress Cookie and Licorice Cookie could make a dark portal and there could be dark forms of all the main characters from past times such as Popping Candy Cookie Sorbet Shark Cookie (just some of my favorites) and it could strike them with a bolt of evil lightning wherever they are in the cookie Universe and they begin to turn evil and now work for Dark Enchantress cookie I feel like this could be fitting for either later in this chapter or in the next season if it is coming to the next season it could be called something like Darkness Returns and have all the main characters as evil forms maybe in the colors of black and red or black and purple but these are just ideas and I hope they end up being put in the game. Thanks!.Version: 8.021

Good Game, Some Complaints and RecommendationsI’ve been playing Cookie Run for more than a year now, and it’s been a blast. The past few updates have caused me to lose interest, however, and though Devsisters is trying, I doubt they can get out of the hole they dug themselves in. I really like the fact that you can play it over and over again, though! It’s hard to get bored with this game. A specific issue I have with it is that though you can play it for a while, there’s way too much to do. I feel stressed out when I play it (which, frankly, shouldn’t be happening with a video game) because there’s way too many obligations. I feel as if I never get anything done. A recommendation that I have is to add more familiar cookies, such as Kingdom cookies, since people will probably be more interested if there is a character that they know and love. I would suggest to add cookies that were more popular in the fanbase, like Red Velvet, Espresso, or Pastry. Despite everything, I still do strongly recommend this game. It has great characters and a wonderful story that leaves you wanting more..Version: 8.021

Best game but strugglingI never wrote a review before and this is my first time. The reason why I am writing this review is because this is the only game app that I have played the longest and that I really like. My "struggle" with this game is that there is this new event which is to get the macaron cookie, I already have a progress of 92% getting the cookie but the last mission that I have to do is to collect 3 Lucky Cookie Jar which can only be found in Trophy race, now this is where I'm frustrated, at first I collected one which I thought that this mission would be easy BUT after that "lucky moment" I couldn't find any of these jars in the trophy race anymore even if i entered the trophy race like more than a hundred times which makes me lose some trophies 😭. So then I searched for help on the web and apparently it said that they come only once in everyday but I found nothing, only crystal jars and ingredients pouches. I don't want lose the macaron cookie just because of that one mission that I can't finish which I only have 3 more days to finish and I don't think I can find two Lucky Cookie jars in 3 days, also am broke to buy it. 😭😭🙃.Version: 2.34

An AppStore GemWhen I had a Samsung phone I had seen that Devsisters were making another cookie run game. I remember when they had an oven break game where you could fly off hooks and be Gingerbrave whilst running from the witch. Any other new cookie was a huge stretch and I had never seen anything other than him before. So I waited for it to come out. To my surprise it was just like old times. Although it’s not the same it was great. The shear amount of cookies is amazing! They have really outdone themselves from the past! I’ve seen this game grow adding new game modes such as memories, OvenBreak, and running with friends. They are always adding new cookies and treasures for everyone in the community to enjoy. Treasures weren’t even a thing when this first came out! It goes to show how far this game has come. If you had not heard of this game please at least try it out, Its a blast and I would recommend this to anyone with a phone. The Devs listen to the community the best they can so if a problem occurs it will most likely be fixed in the next patch. This game is truly a gem to behold..Version: 3.56

One of my all-time favorite games, ever.This game is truly a masterpiece. It has probably over a hundred cookies with all different appearances and abilities to choose from! Multiple maps, new cookies nearly every update, and fun special cookie events! Not to mention, how adorable the cookies (And their tiny pets!) are. It’s a game I found in sixth grade from my best friend (I played it on her phone every lunch time since I didn’t have my own at that time) and I’ve been having it on my phone ever since! It’s graphics are beautiful, the characters are so unique and they’re all different in their own way, there’s multiple story modes that you can choose from, you can join a guild to run with other people or just socialize! There are so many choices, combinations, adorable cookies, & the one thing that they need to get more of is players! I 100% recommend this game to anyone! I’ve gotten MULTIPLE friends of mine to play it and they love it! It’s magnificent!.Version: 7.111

WhyIt is good I’m not going to lie. But when I was playing the Hello Kitty surprise event I was stumped on one mission. It said use Hello Kitty’s special ability when I don’t even ave her yet. I bought the chest so many times but I just haven’t gotten it yet. Now it may be to late because the event is ending. I also can’t just buy it for the fact that I am a someone who can’t spare money. I find this highly unfair but other than that please make it more fair in future events Devisisters. Cookie run isn’t bad but this event s just unfair. Please don’t make it like this for future events. I may change my mind if this event happens again and I will get another chance. Other than that I will put it at 4 stars. There are other cons like we have to constantly use the same cookies to get higher scores. I want more variety when using cookies so please make the common and rare cookies a little stronger. The lands do get boring after many plays. Other than that it is a good game and I expect more from it in the future..Version: 3.84

Addicted! So cute!This game is so wonderful, I have to be completely honest. I’ve been looking for a fun game on the app store for a long time that isn’t a pay to win/play, and one that is cute and fun at the same time. My friend got the game a few weeks ago and after seeing that she was quite successful without the use of payment spiked my interest. The music and characters are super cute and the gameplay is visually appealing! I find the escalation in difficulty very stimulating, and there is very little farming aspect because of this gameplay factor. Waiting times are decent if any, you NEVER have to wait to play the actual game like most other free games. I am absolutely addicted. The best part is, this game is not at all pay to play! There are paid offers for characters and bonuses, but if you play for a bit there’s always a chance of winning the (paid for) characters/bonuses in a chest for free! Which makes playing the game even more fun and keeps me playing more and more. Love this game!.Version: 3.10

I LOVE ITThere is almost NOTHING wrong with this game, and it is AMAZING. From the gameplay to the graphics to the characters to the storyline, it’s all good. There’s one thing I’m experiencing rn tho: The Christmas update isn’t working for me, and ovenbreak is stuck on the update from like yesterday(ish.) There’s either something wrong with my iPad, or something isn’t right with the update, and it hasn’t released fully yet and only a certain amount of players are able to play. If it’s the second reason, try to work on a fix! I’m scared I might loose Amber sugar and Hydrangea and all my other cookies (especially herb and sugar glass, they might be my favorites) So if nothing is wrong with ovenbreak, it’s fine and I’ll try to update my iPad. If not...please try fixing this, Devsisters! (Also I know this is supposed to be an ovenbreak review, but I’d really like to play kingdom but I can’t cuz I don’t have the update...if there’s something you can do, please do it!).Version: 8.501

Too many cookiesI love the game, been playing it since its debut after the original Korean cookie run went under and out of business. I like that the people running the game are balancing the cookies, even though the process of balancing them is taking a while. What I don’t like is that they are updating cookies probably every single month, it is simply too much to handle. The items they give in order to obtain and level up cookies and pets seem quite a lot but in the end the pay off that results from the amount of time required to catch up is unsatisfactory and insufficient. I know that updating new content is essential to the prosperity of the game, but making it hard for some to catch up because of the countless updates every month is probably what is going to be the death of it. It kind of makes it a pay to win game in the end. It also gets kind of repetitive that there’s a new cookie arrival every month. It’s quite tiring honestly, and can even get boring. Maybe spice things up? Maybe add new game features, levels, stages more often?.Version: 6.701

Absolutely adorableCookie Run is a very different type of runner game. Every time you use a cookie you must have it paired with a pet, once you use that cookie or pet, you cannot use it again. When you run out of cookies or pets, you must start over your entire run again. Each time you run you go just the slightest bit further while accumulating a ridiculous amount of points. Your average point score will fall around 1.5 MILLION points! Jellies, the main collectibles while running, are everywhere! And collecting each one while getting so many points is super satisfying. There is also a layer of skill to Cookie Run with more in depth mechanics like treasures, combis, ingredients, and so on. It’s a game that can be played casually by those looking for a cute, fun game and can be played more strategically by those who want that in their games. Also the game is SO ADORABLE, every cookie is super cute and I wanna hug each one! Even the big tough Muscle Cookie makes really high pitched squeals, it’s so cute!.Version: 3.20

Amazing! The BestThis is seriously my favorite games I have ever had . I have been playing to years. You don’t need to pay to play at all. You work your way up using coins and crystals. Crystals of course are a little harder to earn but it’s not impossible. I have even convinced my boyfriend to play and now he plays even without me asking. The only things I would change is how hard it is to get new costumes your cookies and needing a certain amount of friends to get a certain cookie. It’s hard for me when I only have my boyfriend who plays. Then when your are playing a trophy race sometimes you get beat my a player who is obviously light years ahead of everyone else in their rank and it would be nice to have a way to test out of lands quickly so they don’t make the rest of us loose trophies because they are too high above our rank. Other than that it is absolutely the best. Seriously love this game.Version: 7.121

Pretty good but...I want to say that I do love this game but there are a couple of things that need improvement. Ever since this new update for season 5 came into effect (which i absolutely adore!), everytime I try to participate in the trophy race the app shuts down. I don’t understand why and I’ve don’t everything I can short of deleting the app and creating a new account. This is especially frustrating since I lose a whole bunch of trophies and I won’t get as many champions league medals. I also need to participate in trophy races to fulfill the new event goals and I can’t do that if the game is constantly crashing. Another thing is the costume draw. I love getting new costumes and whichever team is designing the costumes (and cookies themselves!) is constantly doing great work- however, getting enough rainbow cubes is absolutely excruciating and often times I get a lot of repeats which in turn, doesn’t give a lot of rainbow stars. This isn’t a super big deal but would be nice to fix. Still love the game though! Keep up the great work!! ❤️.Version: 6.601

My Favorite GameThis has got to be my favorite game on IPhone so far! The game isn’t like a normal running game. The game to so simple, yet to addicting to play! Anyone could get pick it up, and in less than a minute be a pro at playing it. But the features and the cute artwork keep bringing you back for more! I only have two problems. One, after sometime, the game will become a tad repetitive, due to the fact that beyond running and collecting cookies, there is nothing else but promotion to play the game more(rewards, events, etc). I also find it irritating to open the game and to see a constant ad of a $9.99 package to buy a character and crystals, which also have a limit. First of all, that is way too pricey, and if you charge that much, you could at least add many more rewards. Second, if you charge that much, you shouldn’t phrase it in a way that what they are doing is a favor to give you the offer in the first place. But other than that, splendid game!.Version: 3.54

This game is addicting, but a few suggestions...I love this game with a great passion. I’m always playing it everywhere I go, and I can’t live a day without playing at least a little bit of this game. All of the modes are fun to play constantly, and the cookies for the most part are fair and well balanced. There is one thing that is a bit of a problem for me, though. The level bonuses get better and better with each player level up, but I find that in Trophy Races this is a bit of an issue. I’m on Land 8, trying my best to grind up the ladder, but I can’t get anywhere when people with 40-50 levels (I’m 33) get more bonuses than I do. It’s especially frustrating when they have a level six cookie with a Magic Candy of 2 or something like that. I think the level bonuses should either be disabled for Trophy Races or maybe you can only play with players of around your level. Other than that minor issue, this game is in a fantastic direction..Version: 3.06

The most adorable game??I never. NEVER. write app reviews but currently this is my absolute favorite game and I feel like it really deserves it because it’s kept my attention and Ive been loving it. Cookie Run kinda lures you in with this sort of “Here’s all this free stuff, now you’re winning!” thing most games with in-app purchases do, to make you feel like you’re losing unless you pay money, and it really surprised me in breaking that mold. All in game currencies you can get through playing, even if some of them take a little bit, and I really like that; it makes me want to spend money to support the developers, not because I feel like I have to in order to progress in the game. I’m also absolutely in LOVE with the character and level designs, and although gameplay is generally repetitive, with the different modes, missions, and combinations, I feel like I don’t run out of things to do until I’ve already completely outworn myself playing for the day..Version: 3.42

Best game everI don’t usually write reviews, but this game deserves one! I have played this game for a long time, since it came out pretty much. You couldn’t ask for better developers or a better game. They are on point with keeping the game up to date an fresh, always new events and you do not need to pay to play! It’s obvious how much love and hard work they put into this game and it does not go unnoticed. There is something in this game for every age, looking for a challenge? Or just want to run casually? Then this is the game for you. Don’t just take my word for it, download it and give it a try! If you have anything bad to say about this game you need to get your head checked, you will never find a game where the developers are so involved. Oh an let’s not forget the cheaters, they don’t stand a chance, they get caught and get what’s deserved. So, a big thank you to the developers, I love this game an will always play:).Version: 7.401

Most Honest Review EVEROk, I’m gonna make this short and sweet 1. Characters- Updates every moth and are very detailed 2. Accessibility- WiFi is RECOMMENDED because it’s a HUGE game and u run with REAL PLAYERS AT THAT MOMENT. I mean if u have A LOT of data I guess that works too 3. Events- They update around every month 4. Updates- Every month the current Cookie/Pet/Treasure/Events change to a different theme. For example, the theme goes from Peach Cookie to Dr. Wasabi Cookie. 5. Glitches- It will NEVER glitch unless an update was made and they are fixing it. The producers normally fix glitches that week. You can also EMAIL them to let them know about suggestions and errors. 6. Pop-ups and Ads- Ads NEVER COME UP!! U can CHOOSE to watch an ad for an extra reward but it will NEVER POP UP. In game purchases do come up on the screen but there is a “X” in the top right hand corner and it will ALWAYS allow u to decline. 7. Variability- The events and EVERYTHING is sooo good and different. There are many options in the game so u will never find urself in a situation where U don’t know what to do. 8. Appropriation- Everything is meant for kids AND adults. No swears, no inside jokes, no harm 9. Language- U can choose between MANY languages (I think 9). Because it’s a WORLDWIDE GAME Never mind, this was long and sweet. If I were u, just get the game and if u don’t like it then delete it. Simple as that..Version: 6.501

Months of fun for literally zero dollarsYeah this game rules. started playing it months ago and still actually like it! the gameplay is fun and easy and a good way to get dopamine into my stupid brain. the art is wonderful, especially for a phone game, and i love love love the character designs (doc wasabi is best cookie fight me etc etc) and it’s fun to play favorites, level up your favs, and build breakout teams. AND the F2P method of saving up crystals isn’t nearly as depressing as other f2p type games. never feels like i have no choice except to buy something, and working towards buying chests with in-game currency is rewarding. is it annoying that it has to be on data or wifi to work? yes! does the gameplay get old after a while? sure! but new cookies and events always drag me back in and i’m still trying to beat my high score on ovenbreak after all this time. good stuff, dev sisters. thanks for giving me something to do in my spare time..Version: 4.00

Genuinely fun game that isn't "pay to win"Fantastic character design, fun gameplay, and unlike most gacha/lootbox games, i never feel screwed over. i haven't spent a cent on this game and still haven't had any problem getting the cookies/treasures i want as long as i put in a moderate amount of effort and time (and it's not like i'm endlessly grinding - i don't have a lot of free time and i'd say at most i can set aside 30-45 mins a day for this game, and certainly not every day.) i honestly can't think of any serious complaints aside from the fact that when a new cookie is released, it's almost always OP and immediately becomes the new "meta," where using almost any other cookie in competitive mode would be useless - but then again, as i said, i haven't had a problem getting the new cookies even without spending money. the game gives you plenty of opportunities to earn the premium currency so you can do pretty frequent gacha rolls..Version: 3.10

AAAA- Lot of Fun !When I first saw people talking about this game, I didn’t think much of it (,except that stay away it’s chaos >:/ ), but when I started playing, I fell in love <3 ! The varieties of cookies ! and costumes ! and the events oh my goodness they’re so neat :O ! And there’s different game-modes which I absolutely love :) ! The part that sealed the deal for me is being able to bond with your cookies :D <3 ! My favorite mechanics in any game are customization and bonding, even if there isn’t a custom cookie option (makes sense to not want that :3 ) the combinations you can make for your cookies are great :D ! (I also love matching cookie costume colors for combis <3 !) So basically my thoughts: Don’t be afraid to try this game even if the fandom is kinda crazy, there’s a fine line between the game and it’s fanbase and the game is very enjoyable, especially if you want something that could pass time on the bus or waiting for a friend :) . Hope this review was helpful <3 !.Version: 4.52

Fixed beyond my greatest wishesI don’t know if this is my imagination. I don’t know if I have just gotten further. However, I feel as though when there was a new cookie, any other combi you used would not produce a score even comparable to a combi with a new cookie. Therefore, you were always scrambling to purchase the newest addition to the cookie run team, leveling it up to only about level 8-10, and then starting all over again once there was a new member. The game used to be about who could shell out quick enough to buy the newest cookie, pet, and candy. Now I am able to use cookies I have had for ages, like Matcha Cookie and Whipped Cream Cookie, and still get a score based on the level of my cookies, the strategy of my treasures and pet, and the amount of practice I’ve had. I am unsure of what you did. But I am so grateful. I am truly able to enjoy this game to its fullest potential now..Version: 4.72

One of my favorites, but minor problemI’ve been playing since The Grandmaster hotel (which is late for a player who knows so much, hint hint.) and this game Awes me so much with the little designs. My Favorites, and the most Simplest Are Licorice,Truffle,Vampire,Gingerbrave, And Knight. Characters with strange and unique backstories always catch my eye, and there’s another thing I love. Devsisters doesn’t hesitate to put in some emotional things, in both OB and CRK. ( Trauma, Character Death, Manipulation, etc.) But, there’s this 1 thing that bothers me. Friendly Run. Of course, it’s fun and a great way to interact with your friends and meet strangers who are surprisingly really good at Friendly Run. I just wished it stayed around longer, it’s always fun picking who gets the coins on top and who gets Jellies on the bottom. But, because this is a 5 star review, I’d just like to say thank you for this gem..Version: 8.901

Fun, eye-catching, and a real standout on the App Store!Cookie Run is a game I had heard of frequently but had never played extensively. I downloaded the game after looking for something to do on my phone, and I got a whole lot more than I expected! An interesting game that has so far not dropped my interest in the slightest— and I’ve been playing for well over a month now! The level and character art is bright, creative, and conveys so much just through this art alone. It may be a game meant for kids, but regardless of the intended audience, I think there’s a lot for any person of any age group to enjoy! The different abilities, the character’s designs themselves and the way they’re connected to one another, and wanting to unlock as many new things as possible makes this a game that’s easy to want to come back to. I don’t think I could sing my praises strongly enough for Cookie Run!.Version: 4.64

Nice buuutThe game is fun to play when I’m bored or stressed out n stuff. It’s laid back and relaxing. However, one issue I have with the game is leveling up the magic candies. I think it’s much too hard, and takes up too much time, obtaining resources to level up the magic candies, when there’s not even a 100% chance (or any high chance) it will actually upgrade (especially when trying to upgrade to level 4 or 5). Recently I spent about 300,000 coins and 10,000 magic powder trying to upgrade a single magic candy to level 5; in the end, it didn’t level up, which was disheartening and a large waste of resources and time. Please make it easier to level up magic candies. They’re an important part to how high a cookie will score, so players feel inclined to have them at the highest level. Either implement a significantly higher success rate, make it easier to obtain resources, or some other idea..Version: 8.011

Really cute game BUT updates a lot!I had a phase where I played this game 24/7! It was so cute, I love the designs, the music, the visuals, sound effects, ALL OF IT! Recently, I haven’t been keeping up with the game because the amount of work I have to do, but I have to say, the amount of games within games you can play in the app is truly incredible! HOWEVER, one thing that is both a positive and negative is the amount of updates that this game requires. It updates very frequently, which is cool because you know that the game developers and team are working hard to keep the game relevant and fun. However, it also sometimes was annoying since sometimes the app wouldn’t automatically update, I would try to play, but then be greeted with a message telling me that I needed to update the app once again. Now, from a consumer’s point of view, that is a slight inconvenience. I would often find myself trying to complete one of the many events they hold, and not being able to finish it. Also, I believe the events have become a little bit more challenging, causing me to not even get one reward from the event. Keep in mind I’m not a pro-player, just your average teenager keeping up with a cute game. ALL IN ALL, I would recommend this game to someone, even if they don’t have time to keep up with all the new updates because personally, I think the cookie trials are also very fun to play!.Version: 4.92

Simply amazingThe game includes tons of fun challenges and game modes with a beautiful art stlye and many cookies and pets to choose from and combine with one another, and lets not forget the multiplayer races (Trophy Race) where you accumulate points and see who has more points by the end of the race, and you see everyone one using different strategies and cookies to defeat one another, and then there is OvenBreak where you run with a bunch of cookies (one after the other) and end up with the total of points from all the cookies and pets (Combi’s) and there are weekly updates where they add new cookies or update old ones or just improve the game where its perfect for playing, and i would like to thank this game and developers of this game from the bottom of my heart ❤️❤️❤️ game is a 10/10 in my book and I would recommend it to everyone who sees this ( much love to DevSisters ) 🎉🎉🎉.Version: 3.90

Great & nostalgic game! Just a few recommendations though.I remember starting ovenbreak a few weeks after i started playing kingdom. At first, I loved it. The fun games and cookies you could play (with) was very entertaining. The updates though… you’re doing a little bit too much. I noticed that there is a new event / update approx. every month. And i was like, “Ok.. This might take me a while to get used to.” And It’s taking way longer than i expected. Every now and then I had to update ovenbreak with little storage. The game was taking up too much of my memory because of all the updates. I don’t play ovenbreak anymore because of that. And i REALLY wish that I can play again but it’s too much. I recommend that you maybe could tone down the updates a little. Give the players more time to complete events and upgrade new cookies. No negativity about that, though. .. Timekeeper cookie is BABEY.Version: 9.121

Trophy Race is Becoming too Meta ReliantMaybe this is just me being bad but it seems like no matter what you do you can just never get a good score if you don't play the meta. You could have your Cookies all at max and have decently high-level treasures but you can still never get a good score. It seems like if you don't play certain Cookies and Pets with certain treasures all at max you just not gonna have a fun time playing trophy race. I thought the recent updates to Trophy Race would have actually helped but all it did was stop you from losing trophies two times and then it's useless afterwards. I really liked being able to play the Cookies that I have fun with (I play Sorbet Shark) and not have to be a slave to the meta but it seems I can't do that anymore. Devsisters if you ever get the opportunity to read this PLEASE actually balance the trophy race system and quit making it so meta-reliant. It's taking the fun out of playing for casual players. Thank you..Version: 9.301

Why so many changes?I love Cookie Run and have been playing quite a lot lately. It’s has been really fun and it’s great fun! But I have a couple complaints about how things work now with the new Season 4 update. 1. Treasures being limited in Breakout I think this was a really unnecessary change. Before you were able to use treasures how ever you wished but now you can’t. It’s makes things so much more difficult than it needed to be. It’s actually kinda infuriating if I’m being honest? 2. Cookies being even more limited in Breakout This also was quite frankly a not so smart change. I used to be able to use the same Cookie in different breakout episodes. But now you can’t. I find it quite frustrating because it ruins the “easy going fun” quality the game had which I enjoyed a lot. 3. More difficult =/= More Fun Since the Breakout portion of the game is much harder it feels less fun than it used too. The reasons listed above have contributed to this. Just because the game is more difficult now doesn’t mean it’s more fun. If anything it is quite the opposite. I enjoyed the somewhat easiness if the game. It makes you feel good when you can get a really high score. But now it’s just frustrating. TLDR: Just put the Treasure mechanic back the way it was. Also let the same cookie go for different Breakout episodes again. Those changes I’ve pinpointed make the game just kinda frustrating now and not really fun as it used to be..Version: 4.60

For the Critical reviewsHello, this is just a normal player of the game. I am here to answer your questions. 1st, they did not steal your rainbow cubes from you, data has either not saved or you just did a gacha draw and ran out of it. Second of all the reason why you aren’t getting diamonds in cookie trials is because you might have to level up your cookie, treasure, and magic candy. Or you’re just bad at the game even with the bonuses. Relationship points also give you a bonus. Third, the game may crash because of storage problems, it’s not the developer’s faults, just a decline. And last, the game costs you a lot of GB storage, I myself sometimes don’t get enough storage to update it, suggestions are to try reboot your device. This is just your average player. The game is not responsible for these problems..Version: 8.401

I’m obsessedI’ve been playing cookie run since 2017 I play almost daily. The reason cookie run is so awesome is that you really can become a good player without spending any money on the game. I pay for the $3.50 monthly membership but really just because I want to support them. Devsisters is always working hard to come out with new and exciting things to keep the game interesting. They’re very responsive to fan feedback. Glitches and bugs are rare and fixed quickly. They also work hard to make sure the game is fair for everyone, even lowering difficulty levels for events sometimes based on fan feedback. Other than that, I adore the characters and the lore, I love the competitive aspect as well as the ability to play non-competitively if that’s not your vibe. Cookie run has something for everyone!.Version: 6.901

Amazing GameThis game is packed with all sorts of different quests and objectives to keep you at it for hours. The developers also put in a lot of time to bring in updates like every week. I can’t stop playing this game. It’s super fun.Version: 4.72

Love itCute cookies..!XD.Version: 2.04

Neat.Good character designs, and decent fun gameplay. Real money prices for certain deals should be a little lower though..Version: 2.04

😭😤😢😩😔☹️😖😟😨🥺😰Let me download this game 😡.Version: 8.201

ReviewI miss the old version where you could just run and go through all the different levels and try to get a high score.Version: 5.12

Some of Ya’ll need jesus..Version: 8.521


Blackpink 💓 Bts 💜I play this game cause Jisoo from Blackpink play it , but I really love this , easy,funny👌😎👽.Version: 6.701

3 WordsDr👨‍⚕️Bones🦴Cookie🍪. He’s Cute.Version: 8.801

NICEI seriously suggest this game the only touches they need leftovers for this game is to add the voices from cookie run kingdom and be able to play on pc PLS If Devsisters sees this pls add what I said ..Version: 8.721

Best running game I ever played!I’m really happy that this game exists, there is so much fun quests and good character and costume designs, just make the packages lower. Other than that, this game is amazing!.Version: 8.701

So fun but...Is very cool to play this game but can you do a event to have all hello kitty tresures? I just miss one and I am very sad Thank you for reading this message:).Version: 7.431

Its okI don’t like the updates.Version: 8.601

HawtEmo gingerbraves wink is just..😏.Version: 8.501

GayQueer cookies.Version: 8.401

[insert random title here]I want Licorice cookie to rail me.Version: 8.401

Good game hot cookiesGood game hot cookies.Version: 8.311

I love thisMy friend told me about it so I looked it up and I love it.Version: 6.011

Cute game !Childhood fav game so many characters and levels to unlock :D.Version: 9.301

Fun gameIt's a fun game, but it gets boring after playing for a while yes ikik it updates a lot but it feels like it's the same old things again.Version: 9.301

I love scorpion cookieAdd scorpion cookie to kingdom.Version: 9.301

Warning returning playersVery fun game but if you’re returning like me it will not let you login and you have to start all over again 😡😡😡.Version: 9.301

Black garlicShe is adorable.Version: 9.301

Been with for 6 yrsI love this game, it’s great I’ve also played cookie run: kingdom both games are great and am a HUGE fan of cookie run *im also very good at c.r.kingdom. :).Version: 9.301

A little bugYou able to get wind Archer cookie in breakout even if you’re not in the final trophy run,Other than that it’s a great game!.Version: 9.241

FinallyI FINALLY COMPLETED CHAPTER I Thanks to Ananas Dragon cookie!.Version: 9.241

I love this game.It’s so entertaining and fun! Though the characters names are hard to keep up with 😅. But all in all I would write this a 10 stars if I could!.Version: 9.201

I love this—I started playing like yesterday and i love the designs of the cookies and the story the game tells! you also only watch ads if you want to! Awesome ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 9.201

GoodVery fun game like cookie run.Version: 9.201

Good game butI wanna link it to my main but I link it to my alt and I wanna change it to my main please help.Version: 9.201

Fight me.Title is self explanatory..Version: 9.201

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