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Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Customer Service

The AppStore №1 and top-rated for your iPhone and Apple Watch, Sweatcoin app converts your steps into gadgets, sports and fitness kit, services and experiences.
5 Stars ► “Such a great concept and executed excellently. Gets me walking and rewards me for it too!” by Woo123789

“Basically pays you to move and exercise, and it costs nothing to use.”
- Men’s Journal

“The easiest way to make some side cash by doing what you already do naturally — walking.”
- TheNextWeb

“New UK health app Sweatcoin launched in the Apple app store this week and has been an instant hit.”
- Forbes

“New Apple app launches in Britain that pays people to get fit”
- Reuters

“The app that PAYS you to get fit: Sweatcoin rewards people for the number of steps they make every day”
- Daily Mail

“If ever you’ve needed an incentive to exercise, a new app could give you a much-needed boost to get active.”
- Telegraph

Sweatcoin converts your steps into currency units called, as you might have guessed it, sweatcoins. You can then spend them on goods, services and experiences on our market place with our partners or exchange them with your friends and family for whatever you fancy. The fitter and healthier you become the wealthier you get. Movement has value!

Sweatcoin uses your HealthKit step history data to continuously improve our algorithms and provide you with better offers at the right time.

If you're on iPhone 6S or lower, we will need your consent to use your GPS location, so we can verify your steps and award you sweatcoins for them.

You can find Sweatcoin Terms of Use here: https://sweatco.in/tnc

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter App Comments & Reviews

Sweatcoin Walking Step Counter Positive Reviews

Not the bestThis app is great and all , but it cheats you . Like everyday I walk at least 3,000 steps and it gives me like 21 cents when I should be getting 3 dollars/sweatcoins. Also the prizes may be cheap but some items have shipping and that shipping is like 6-20 dollars which is not reasonable , in amazing I pay like 3.00 dollars shipping. I shouldn’t be paying over 4.00 dollars for shipping for something that cost 1 dollar/sweatcoin . If this app does it fix its issues I will delete the app . Also sometimes for the daily reward videos , the videos won’t always come , it will say “there are no more daily reward please come back later and try again” and I will go in the app 5-15 times a day and it’s will still stay the same exact things . So I will have to wait for the next day . 2 more things you have to make your prices for prizes cheaper , I really wanted a iPhone XR and I was walking for 6 months and only make 500 dollars and then the offer goes away , this is honestly a waste of time and storage. Last thing if anyone is cheating on the app it’s you , you guys own me over 50 dollars due to your dumb algorithm and setup to see that all of the steps were made in a fair way. Please fix these issues and I will gladly keep the app and use it and recommend to people , I am currently telling people to get it because of these reasons , if you don’t want to fix these issues , I will also gladly delete the entire app and never get it again😊..Version: 32.0

Walking sweats = money... WORTH IT!!!!I read reviews of others and to be honest I kinda find some of their negative review very hard to believe. I find this app worth it! I am lazy person. I’m gonna be honest with that. And I’m not a big fan of exercise and always find a excuse to not exercise. Because I have no motivation at all. Until this app. When I see that It “just earning money by making sweat and walk outdoor.” All I see is Motivation so I tried it at 2019 August. I could clearly tell I’m seriously out of shape after first couple days with it. So I stick with it and sure enough I earn more that 100$ in less than 2 months. And not just I have good money. It also keep me in shape! I like to exercise and it been helping me to lose weight! And getting my body healthier! now thanks to this app. I haven’t make any purchases yet but I’ll purchase the gift cards or some product when I’m ready. but Where is the negativity of this app? Because I don’t see it! This app is worth it for lazy people like me who have no motivation and interest in exercise. This is big boast for us to get back on feet and being active again. I believe that this Sweetcoin will be huge business in future! And yes more bonus and more products in future. My Advice is just try this app! It worth it! It might not be perfect in your opinion but it is constantly upgrading so it might meet up your expectations one day! Just Try it! You’ll love it!.Version: 38.1

Sweatcoin Exercise Bike.Wish there was a sweat coin exercise bike. Basically a typical exercise bike that can be connected to your phone and synchronized for joggers and such. Basically I’ve seen those bikes that actually show many miles you ran on it. Maybe this one could show the steps instead. And then when you run/jog with the phone, the app collects both data as a means to prove that the person is actually jogging/running. Maybe such point don’t count as much as walking. Kind of like how the Miles app gives less point the faster you travel in general. If sweatcoin is worried about too many points being redeemed and not enough products/offers. So let’s say 5 mph is the maximum for walkers, then like 10 mph joggers could get half as many pints for their steps. In other words they’ll have to do twice the number of steps. Continue the math every additional 5 mph. At least that way people like me aren’t forced to only walk for points when we don’t have all day to spend walking. So we can continue to gain something. Just a thought. Btw, it’s not a scam. I’ve ordered like 15 stuff so far and haven’t had an issue with one. Granted I wish there were more/better offers but the alternative is gaining nothing at all. It’s not like my time is being wasted since I walk around anyways..Version: 121.1

Not truly counting steps...Pretty cool app, but asking access to my iPhone’s health app to verify steps and only compute half or 1/3 of the actual steps taken registered by my iPhone is pointless. Is this not to give user sweatcoins? Why not use your app to piggyback onto the health app and use the data recorded on both apps (yours and iPhone) to verify so there’s no cheating? I have a 10 acre homestead and walk A LOT all day. Outdoors. When it’s very hot I switch my sleeping schedule to do chores throughout the night and sleep when it’s the hottest part of the day. My iPhone counted 11k steps in one day, Sweatcpins registered 4K.... the idea of the app is awesome to inventive people to stay moving, but you (developers) should be a bit more in tune with whatever app you request access to on our phones. Oh, and because I know I take thousands of steps every day, I opted for a system that charges me 20 sweatcoins a month, but if you’re not counting truly all the steps I take, I may just delete your app, because it feels like the ones whos cheating here is you... will keep it a little longer and see what happens. Understand that allowing you to track my location and access to my health data is not something I want you to have for free, like everything in this world, data mining comes with a price, and if you’re not offering your users a decent payout and registering ALL the steps I take, you may not get to keep my data... and that’s not my isolated opinion....Version: 6.1

Hitting points that matter!So, I hope I can encourage at least ONE person to dowload this app! Sweat coin has been doing updates lately making the app even better than it already is . I enjoy having it run in the background because it actually calculates the steps you take . Yes, you have to do some form of walking , No , you can’t sit still & expect steps to calculate on their own . You can only spend the money you make on items that are IN the app store! But they always switch items up and there’s a cash “item” as well when you reach a certain dollar amount on your balance . I’ve read reviews & see that some are complaining about how Sweat Coin wants to share data with your health app, pay attention when you are being asked! You do NOT have to share your data with Sweat Coins, they just ask. So I’m not sure what made people give them a bad review because overall the app does what it says it will do! If you lack motivation to move around, download this amazing app that should motivate you to move quite frequently! There’s not many apps that actually do what they tell their customers that they’ll do, but the Sweat Coin app is worth the space on your phone! Spread the word & let’s motivate each other to walk more frequently! Awesome app Sweat Coin developers!.Version: 22.1

There’s a lot to talk aboutOk so sweatcoin is an interesting app. you really have to not delete the app if you want anything worth purchasing. i have joined in december of 2017, and i have around 1.8k coins. i am writing this review in april of 2019. first off is the purchase you can make with sweatcoin. the proportions really do not line up at all. for example, you can buy some fancy socks worth 15$ for 1.5k sweatcoin. now, you can also buy a jewelry subscription and a 21$ shopping credit for a mere 10 sweatcoin. the proportions rarely line up. sure, the developers can’t argue too much with their companies but still it should be slightly better. next, is the things you can buy. it’s all repetitive items and they are most of the time all discounts for items. idk about everyone else, but i want to buy stuff for free. no money involved PERIOD. too many of the free offers are MUCH too expensive and cost too much sweatcoin for one person no matter how much they walk. speaking of which, the step counter algorithm is god awful. sure, you don’t want people shaking their phones but COME ON. i have a fitbit and it tells be i walk around 8k steps everyday! sweatcoin on the other hand that only 1k of those 8k were actually real steps. at least let the algorithm be a little more generous here. now, you really want this app, just download it, forget about it, and check every week or so to see what offers are new. (please improve the algorithm and add in more free stuff).Version: 23.0

The future is here... but needs a little workThe future has arrived ! In regards to online cryptocurrency that is. What better way to earn “money” than by sweating! This app is fairly new and still working out some kinks. I myself had managed to earn around $100 worth of sweat coins in one month. Not too bad, especially considering that I’ve been living at St Jude Children’s research hospital in Memphis, TN while my son fights brain cancer. We take him to the park after radiation to enjoy the Mississippi River and the Tom Lee statues and we run it out! How amazing to be rewarded for something that is already rewarding in itself. Watch , before long Sweatcoin is going to be a major currency. And it’s value is going to be tremendous! I’ve already managed to try some pretty amazing (and not so amazing) products via Sweatcoin currency. I am even looking into putting some of my products on there. Think of the diversity of people looking at Sweatcoin! Imagine 2 years from now the publicity Sweatcoin will have for a business owner or marketer. Amazing! I am super stoked about the future of Sweatcoin and already happy with majority of the products I’ve purchased via Sweatcoin. If only shipping were FREE! Then it would get 20/10 ****** stars !.Version: 13.1

It’s okay?I’ve been in this app for two years and I’ve only earned a bit less then 600 sweat coin, it’s a good concept and a lot of items are free now. But if you need a bank account and all these random things the app should be for 18+, and it’s not. My friend tried buying something and wasted her sweat coin on the product, it used to be kinda creeping when you exited the app from your background apps and the you got a notification that you killed it... they don’t have that now but the was really creepy and would make you feal guilty about it. In addition if you buy one of the prizes for over 10k sweat coin you have to film you going there and sweatcoin gets to Edit the video, I dont see a reason why you have to film your trip going on vacation. Also it would take you years and years with the highest earning sweatcoin choice to earn over 10k sweat coin. If you were someone random marathon runner that’s over 18 and has its own house and everything then this app would be great! But if your just someone super lazy (me) then this isn’t the best app, you could get it when your like a teen and save up for big prizes when your a adult though. I would overall recommend this app it would just take a really long time to save up. 🙂.Version: 46.0

Not going to make you rich, but still a great appI’m a college student who also works, so my walking is mainly to and from classes. In the past 8 months, I’ve made roughly 500 sweatcoins( $25 USD) just from walking and doing their daily add rewards. All you’ve got to do(this May be why I’ve seen other reviews mentioning that steps aren’t counted correctly) is leave the app on. If you want to make an extra 15 sweatcoins a week, watch the daily add ever day. Each add is 30 seconds or less, so I usually watch them while walking to class. I haven’t even been doing the daily adds for long, so let’s assume that I’ve only made 400 sweatcoins from walking, that’s still $20 for something I’m doing anyways. They also have some great deals in the app like joining twine for 100 sweatcoins and having them add $15 to your twine account ($15 equals 300 sweatcoins so it’s a better return value). All in all, the app isn’t always going to be extremely accurate on step counting, especially since they avoid counting steps inside building, but it’s money you’ll get for essentially doing nothing so can we really complain🤷‍♂️ love the app. Will keep using it and will keep referring it to friends..Version: 23.0

AMAZING!Absolutely love this application, it is opening up doors to new products for me and it is allowing me to be more active for certain things. Plus if you already walk a lot it’s an amazing/useful tool to have! The only complaint I have is when you force close the application you receive a notification and the moment you log back on it has an annoying message that you can’t turn off!!! I understand it needs to be open in the background and I also understand that some people might not have that knowledge but is there a way to update it so certain people like me can choose to turn off the message that’s poos up everyone you re-open the application, the only options are to keep clicking I understand or tell me more and it’s seriously annoying... otherwise still 5 stars! Very impressed and I hope that there is still some better algorithms or maybe a way to incorporate an AR(Augmented reality) system for someone like me who goes to the gym and runs on treadmills? Just an idea! Plus it does have a fair amount of battery drain which can be difficult... but I approve of everything you are doing so thanks for making such an awesome app!!.Version: 8.2

How much do you expect to get for WALKING?I do agree that the conversion rate is sometimes wonky, but I don't know where there are so many negative reviews. Everyone is saying how the app is "fake" "scam" and the prizes are "unattainable" because it takes it you years to achieve it... But let me ask you something.. How much do you expect to get paid for walking? You should be happy youre getting paid at all. Do you expect them to give you 20$ a day just to walk?? Dont be ungrateful, if it takes you a little extra time to get the prize so what? whether you get it in 5 years or 10 years youre still getting the $1000, just for walking! Regardless if you use this app or not, youre still gunna be walking right?? Might as well keep this app on in the background and get paid. Sure its a small amount (its like 10cents a day) but still, youre 10cents richer, and in x amount of years itll cumulate to $1000. People nowadays are ridiculous, and so ungrateful. They expect to get everything in a blink of an eye, this app is amazing and a genius! It keeps me motivated to reach my goal. And sometimes I wouldnt mind taking the longer way when walking. I am so glad I found this app!.Version: 9.1

Loves subway surfersOk so let me start off by saying sweatcoin is a good app BUT there are some issues. 1. Sweatcoin doesn’t really count your step. I have a Fitbit and it says I walk/run about 7-8k steps a day. On sweatcoin it says that I only take about 4K. I would like sweatcoin to improve this issue. Btw YOU CANNOT EXPECT PEOPLE NOT TO SHAKE THEIR PHONE!! 2. Sweatcoin gives offers that are really low sweatcoins, but shipping is super high. Now I understand shipping is going to cost SOME money but not as much as you guys charge. So I would expect shipping for a lot of cheap stuff to be like $4 or $5 but when I try shipping it here it cost like $20 !!!! I would like for this app to improve this to. But what I do like it that you could earn things just for walking!! Thank you to anyone who made this app but just please improve it. C’mon like just improve and FIX your things and maybe I won’t have to think about deleting this app anymore. I want to have this app because you could get stuff for just walking but this is pretty much like a SCAM. So... for all the people that are thinking the same thing just do what you want to do, but in a few days I might delete this app if it doesn’t get improved and I suggest other people do that too. ☺️.Version: 34.0

Fantastic App!! It’s a big must have!! Just one thing..Thank you so much Sweatcoin, I seriously appreciate you guys ive lost 20 pounds and was able to purchase a WEARABLE KEYBOARD a month or two back with the sweatcoins. I now take about 8k-10k steps a day and its incredible that a free app changed my perspective on fitness it still blows my mind. All my friends have it, we share sweatcoins and were currently 2k away from getting $1000 cash!!!! You guys are incredible!! The down side of this is that when i downloaded it i hoped it would not only help me lose weight but also earn money, like real money. Ive seen adds all the time on snapchat about getting hundreds of dollars per week or whatever real money USD. And i work like a real job, im only 16 and i hoped i could end up having thousands maybe. Im not saying you all cheated but could you please tell the people that sponsor yall to not scam like that. My friend got pretty upset when she found out it was a lie by a snapchat user. Other than that you guys’ app is amazing, please keep updating and keep thriving!! You guys are truly amazing i cant thank you enough for the easy easy weight lose!!.Version: 24.0

Very good app idea. 3.5/5This app is a very good app. when you first start you can get a lot of sweatcoins fast, but as time goes on it get harder and harder to make a couple a day. I used to make almost 8-10 a day now it’s hard making one or two. The app has a great idea to get out side more but the majority of people I see using it are people who are at school or at work. Once I got almost 20,000 steps but only 600 of them counted because those are the only ones that were “outside” steps, when I had to go shopping at the mall. I was not happy to say the least when I had around 20,000 steps and almost none of them counted. Your app in whole is very good. You have a great app idea but one recommendation is that any and all steps count because everybody I see uses it while they’re at work school or every day life and they don’t really have the time to get out as much as most people do. I know myself I do a lot of walking around in school and my home but I can’t really get out as much but I try to as much as possible so I can get any sweatcoins. Just one little tidbit is that please Think about changing your app so that all steps count towards sweatcoins. Keep you algorithm that processes steps but please try to change it a little so that actually works..Version: 8.3

Works. Hopeful about it’s future.Yes. you really do need to turn the battery saver off when you go outside. As a dog walker I am getting plenty of outdoor steps in. They are working on recording inside steps too, so if that appeals to you it’s worth downloading now to get in on the ground floor. I’m racking up an extra Sweatcoin every day just for viewing an offer or ad. In less than a week I had enough to get extra audiobooks which I like. I think that as the company grows they will be able to offer better rewards with more variety. Note to developers: seriously consider hiring a master negotiator to help you with this. You should be getting more stuff from your advertisers. More short term rewards- things a person could reasonably earn in about 6 weeks- will keep users coming back. Some of those offers that are just discounts aren’t attractive to a user like me. Overall I think the app is doing exactly what it promises now, and I believe the company that makes it is on the right track to make it better. Yes, this app is Recommended by me..Version: 6.1

Amazing!Sweatcoin is great! I’m on this app every day, and it proves to be a great motivator to get moving and be active! I love the concept of utilizing steps as a currency. Upon referring others friends to this app and them downloading it, I did note, however, that the layout of the app is different for some of them. For example, I am using this app on an iPhone 11, and one friend of mine runs it on an iPhone 7. His app has a “challenges” section where I suppose he can do challenges with those he’s connected with. He also has a feature where there is a leaderboard each week comparing him to his followers, where he can see who has taken the most steps for the week. I don’t have these features, and I would love to be able to enjoy them on the app. I was just wondering why these features are available on his phone but not mine, or if there is a setting or way to get these features on my app and I’m just not seeing it? Sweatcoin is great! So far I have gotten 5 people to download the app. I feel that if I were able to have the features that some of my friends have, my Sweatcoin experience would be even better!.Version: 84.0

Needs Work!!!!It’s so annoying because I can only get 5 sweet coins a day which at this rate will take me almost 2 years to get a $3,560 prize. You should make the maximum 10 sweat coins and the membership thing 20. Because won’t that make people exercise more because they’ll believe they actually have a chance to get a decent prize within a year? Also the prizes are sooooo expensive. Like even if you have the membership thing you still need to have the app for 5 years to get the $20,000 prize and that’s only if they walk 10k outside everyday for those 5 years. I understand you’re trying to get people to exercise and move more but it won’t work after people realize it’s a waste of time. My friend just deleted the app last year & he walks a lot so he got up to 3,000 sweat coins. He didn’t want his progress to be wasted so he transferred them to me. But to get any of the really cool prizes I can’t use the sweat coins that my friend transferred to me? It’s not like my friend is using that 3,000 so why can’t I just except it & use it for a 20,000 prize? It makes NO SENSE! Why have a transfer button if there’s a lot of prizes you can’t use the transferred sweat coins on..Version: 57.0

Horrible customer service and scamsSo I’ve been using this app for over a year and I’ve liked it up until I had a problem with an order. Apparently some of the things on marketplace that you can turn sweat coins in for and only pay shipping are scams. I purchased an Apple Watch band and it never came. I tried to contact the seller and no response. I tried to find the website, it’s gone now. I reached out to sweatcoin only to get a bot to answer and did not address my issue even the slightest. It was an obvious automated response email. I tried to reach out again only to get no response at all this time. Some of the products I’ve received have been okay and others are cheap items that’s you can probably find on wish. Cheap and from China. Definitely not worth the coins I put into it and the shipping I paid for it. When they use to offer sample packs from reputable companies, those were worth it! But unfortunately they do not offer those times of things in the marketplace anymore or rarely. I plan on trying to use up the rest of my sweat coins and then deleting this app and stopping my subscription. Buyer beware!.Version: 120.0

HopefulI don’t know how/If this app actually donates money we as people earn for walking, but I am hopeful it is doing what it says. Over the past year or so I’ve donated about 1k from this website to different charities this site gives us. And in my heart, I am 100% hopeful that this site keeps its word and gives these charities the money we are giving up. I am hopeful that the so called money I’ve donated, and we as people have donated, will actually be used for good for these people being affected, in a positive way. I hope the people in need actually receive help. I hope the organizations I’ve donated to actually receive it. All I want in this world is to do good, and for others to do the same. This current world we live in is misguided, I would love to see this world be put back in good and proper order. And I will continue to donate every penny I so call earn from this app to any and every charity/organization this app/site offers. And I pray and hope it does some real good in this world. All my prayers and love is being sent out to every person this world contains!!!.Version: 96.0

Love/Hate RelationshipSay what you will about step conversion (like when I log 12k steps and only 3k convert), but I feel Sweatcoin is one heck of a motivator for me. My only issue is that it logged all of my steps for February 2021 as January 2021, now reflecting my February insights as 0, and as of today (March 3), I show 0 for March even though I’ve “boosted” on all three days and have hit nearly 10k steps each day (with at least 4-5k in pure workout run/jog)... AND I’M A PAYING/SUBSCRIBED USER. With that being said - overall it’s very buggy, but if you’re not a super perfectionist, it’s a good little motivation tool. FYI: their customer service is bleh; I emailed them back in mid February and haven’t heard back. Not sure if they’re understaffed or overwhelmed, but based on the forums (...their own forums) I read before I emailed them, I didn’t expect any sort of timely response as it seems they don’t have the best reputation for replying to folks or being able to fix the most common issues... everything I’m having issues with has been mentioned multiple times before. Will I still use it? Yes. Will I still pay $0.99/mo for Turbo? Yes. Am I an idiot? Likely..Version: 74.2

Cool concept, but...I love the idea of an incentive based walking app, that’s great to promote a healthier society, but I’ve been looking at the rewards, and you really aren’t getting anything with the “sweatcoins” generated. Notice almost all of the daily rewards offered are free trials of an app or a membership of something, or a small discount of a product on a company. At this level, your sweatcoins are virtually valueless, considering most companies have these offers for new users as it is. If you look at the eye candy “marathon” rewards, you’ll see some actual things worthy of earning (iPhone X, 1,000 dollars in cash), but after some math, assuming you have the best subscription possible, which offers 600 sweatcoins a month at a charge of 30 sweatcoins a month, the quickest you could redeem that reward while getting your daily bonus every 3 days consistently would take nearly 3 years. That’s a bit ridiculous. If you like walking and feeling a minor pat on the back for it with useless currency, this is the app for you. But I will credit the app for looking clean and not an eye sore, and having a cool color scheme..Version: 17.0

Great app!! A suggestion thoThere is no problem technical problems!! I really love your guys’ app but I don’t seem to spend my money on much and in light of the black live matter movement I was wondering if there was any way to use our sweat coins to support charity towards the NAACP or any official site that support these causes? I had to ask because it seems like a very reasonable thing to add to your offers and you might find more people downloading your app to support these causes. I see a lot of people don’t have actual money to support these charity’s, gofundme’s, etc but want to help and this could be an incredible way to boost your app, help a great cause and help others find a way to support important movements with movement! I don’t know another to contact you guys about those so I hope you will read this soon! Really great job with coming up with this app but I think this could really enhance things and I would find myself using it even more and encouraging everyone around me to do the same..Version: 50.0

Follow your daily routine & get “money”I’ve had this app since August 10th, and it is now December 2nd. Almost 4 months doing what I normally do, sometimes walking further due to the incentive, and I have almost 900 sweatcoins. Whether this app is accurate or not, it’s influencing me to be more active in order to achieve the end goal. I’m a huge advocate of this app, and the benefits of having multiple options of “free” trials for apps and programs are a nice added bonus. Seems like a nice way for the companies to advertise, and a nice incentive for people to be more active. According to my current goal of obtaining 20,000 sweatcoins in order to achieve the $1,000 or the newer iPhone, I should be able to get it in about 7 years. Seams like a long time from now but money is money and I just have to stay active to get it. Hopefully they update so I can advance to “trouble maker” and get more sweatcoins, or lower the cash value to 250$ for 5,000 sweatcoins so that it’s more obtainable. All in all, I think this app is a great idea! Thank you sweatcoins team. - R.A.Version: 36.1

Wonderful appI went through the reviews after I got the app and I noticed some people that the rewards where fake but really should it matter if the rewards are good or not the app encourages you to walk more by getting rewards to do it like I was at a friends house and she lives on top of a hill it’s a half mile down and up to get to the mailbox and decided to walk down instead of using the car and I brought my phone with me to count my steps usually I would NEVER do this but the app encourages me to do so. I have asthma so with the air thinning out the higher I got on the hill and the exhaust of already walking down the hill was hard for me to do but I did it and it may have only gotten me $2 for it but it’s more about how you feel after you’ve done it. Also I like the fact you can donate to things like planting trees and prevented child marriages. I enjoy this app very much and it has helped me be more active I would recommend to all my friends!!!! Thank you sweatcoin for encouraging me to be more active 🤗..Version: 38.0

‼️Sweat coin is a good app. I like that it reminds you of how many steps you actually take cause you really don’t think about it. BUT I honestly think there should be new upgrades for the year 2020. I strongly believe you guys should turn the sweat coins into cash receiving the money by either cash app, Pay pal or a bank account. Reason being you have those dedicated to this app and it gives so much motivation to push harder than the next goals of steps you have. Well there’s a few things you guys should update: the items you can SPEND on and there should be like a daily reward you receive. The extra sweat coins from the adds are helpful but, add something more fun like a few mini games or a spin the wheel. I’m pretty sure you guys make A LOT of money you just have to think bigger sometimes though. It wouldn’t hurt to add extra features and I really hope my review goes father than this. Other than that I’m loyal to sweat coins and I don’t plan on removing it no time soon because like I said before the motivation of this app is amazing!.Version: 35.1

Step Conversion IssuesI’ve had sweatcoin since 2019. I have a little over 1.1k coins. No they can’t be used to convert to real money. It’s only used to buy things they have in the market. For example, you can buy a coupon/code with the sweat coins to get a certain amount off on a product by the people they’ve partnered with. It’s an okay app. I would say the best thing on there are the items you have to bid for but bids can go as high as 17k-25k sweat coins or more. It’s hard to get that amount unless you walk an insane amount. The main issue I’m having right now is in regards to the step conversion. As of lately, it seems I’m being cheated out of one sweatcoin. It’s 1 sweatcoin for every 1 thousand steps but when the day is over I notice that I’ve been getting one less than what I’m supposed to be getting. For example, yesterday I had 5 thousand steps but only got 4 sweatcoins and on another day I had 10k steps but only got 9 sweatcoins. What’s up with that? I haven’t had this issue before until now. It seems to be occurring after the new update. I’m not sure though..Version: 118.0

MotivationalI haven’t been using this app but for a month; however the hype was enough for me to download and give it a try. I’ll admit, it motivates me to get outside more for my exercises (which is wonderful) but I question the validity of the amount of sweatcoins earned. The daily bonus was exciting until two days ago, when it stopped adding itself to my sweatcoin count, yet still shows it as earned/collected. It’s a bonus, I didn’t do much for it but watch a video so the disappointment is there yet petty. Nonetheless, I have spoken with others who use this app and we also agree it’s a hinderance to have to remember to keep the app open and on our person. I feel a little ridiculous walking to our outside bathroom at work with my phone in my hand (every step counts!). I wish this app would sync with my iWatch. I have the first version and don’t plan on buying a new one just so the two are compatible. Anyway, all in all I like the concept and it’s done it’s job in motivating me to get outside more. So with a few minor tweaks it would earn five stars in my book..Version: 6.1

Wish there were more prizesHaven’t had any issues with the app crashing, but I wish there were more prize options! I know it’s just the first few days of launch in Canada but I’m optimistic about this app :).Version: 4.2

This is the most awesome app idea I’ve ever seen!I am so hooked and motivated to exercise!.Version: 4.2

Annoyed by the “You killed me”It might not be a popular opinion but having the need to run the app at all times annoys me a lot. Can’t it just convert the steps say every ten mins the app is running? I don’t want to convert the steps manually once I know my day is finished and I’m at home just relaxing..Version: 9.2

Love this appIt motivates me to get fit by giving me the thought that I would get prizes from walking around.Version: 4.2

Not very good for CanadaIt is a good app and I like it a lot but all the featured prizes are for the US and practically nothing for Canada..Version: 21.0

I haven’t got to use it yetSo I’ll give it a better rating once I have establish how it works.Version: 4.2

Ad that gives sweatcoinThe apps actually way better than before. It counts the steps that u walk inside but the problem is that the ad you gotta watch to make sweatcoin, I only get like 0.01 or like 1 sweatcoin which is literally nothing. You guys need to upper the game and have a better chance of getting the 10$ or even 25.Version: 56.0

Sweat coinLovely app to help with ur health & also helps with ur walking, recommend app I’d say..Version: 4.2

It’s goodI have had this app for about 3 months now and have had a good experience. I wouldn’t say that you get paid or get free items from it though. It’s mostly discounts, and free trials. If there are %100 off items, you usually have to pay shipping. There are also gift cards but there overpriced and usually out of stock. If you want free items and gift card without shipping you are forced to get there premium subscription for 5.99/month or 29.99/year. There are also auctions for higher priced items mostly valued at $200 - $1000. These items usually sell for 20k-30k sweatcoin. I’m an active walker and in 3 months I have gotten 316 sweatcoin. Every 1000 steps is 1 sweatcoin. Verdict: It’s an app worth getting, but it will definitely take time. Don’t expect payouts to be high too because you will be disappointed. Most of my sweatcoins I received were from watching ads so be prepared for that. But I will be keeping it to see what I can eventually buy..Version: 117.0

Great appYou can help out many great causes and I just love that it is an app that rewards me for my steps through various ways. It is a great app to just help you live a healthier lifestyle. I read some of these comments and they are all about points and all that, like cmon guys, stop being so greedy and just think about how helpful the app is as a motivational source to getting more steps in for free..Version: 81.0

This app had a bad algorithm so please change itThe app has a bad algorithm in which I walked 1000 steps it only confirmed 280.Version: 57.0

Love it - butI love the app, I think it’s great that they have the charity options and love the extra encouragement for physical activity! My only complaint would be for more of the offers to be available outside of the U.S. I live in Canada so it’s not very often I see a thing I’d like that is also available here..Version: 53.0

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