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Play in fantasy leagues with your friends, completely free!


- Compete with friends by managing a team of real NFL players
- Experience a beautifully simple drafting interface
- A next-level matchup interface
- The fastest scores and stats
- Mock draft, research, auction, and chat
- Play in redraft, keeper, or dynasty leagues.


- Pick more/less on 2 or more players
- Win up to 100x your money, only on Sleeper
- Get up to $100 deposit match
- Play Sleeper Picks with friends copy each other’s contests
- NFL, NBA, MLB, College Football, and College Basketball, with more sports to come!


- Invite your friends and co-workers to play this popular college basketball game
- Pick teams you think will win in the NCAA tournament in March
- Up to 10,000 people in a pool w/ customizable scoring options


- Queue up for a lobby and draft players for a single week's upcoming games
- Drafts start every 5 minutes, 24 hours a day
- Play in as many drafts as you like and win real cash
- Love your team? Enter into bonus contests for even more action


- Get your friends together for a full season of hoops!
- We've re-invented gameplay to be strategic and fun every week
- Enjoy redraft, keeper, and dynasty leagues
- The fastest scores and stats in the business


- Draft professional League of Legends players
- Strategy: Pick & Ban champions every week
- NEW! Samsung Fast Five bonus scoring settings


- Blazing fast modern chat for every league and group
- Send gifs, images, and more!
- Direct message anyone, anytime

Sleeper is where friends hang out around sports.

For Sleeper Picks, must be at least 18 to enter. Higher age restrictions may apply. Not available in all jurisdictions. See for full rules, terms, and conditions.

Responsible Gaming

We are committed to protecting our users and helping them manage their play in a responsible manner. To assist users who may be susceptible to compulsive play in controlling their gameplay, Sleeper offers proactive tools, resources, and support to encourage healthy player behavior. For more information, visit

Call: 1.800-426-2537 or access
Call: 1.800-522-4700 National Council on Problem Gambling or access

Sleeper Fantasy Sports App Comments & Reviews

Sleeper Fantasy Sports Positive Reviews

Far and Away the Best Fantasy App AvailableAfter spending the first 8 years of our league on ESPN, the switch to Sleeper was the most positive change the league has ever made. The UI is cleaner and more user friendly on both Web and Mobile. There is storage of individual matchups, rosters, and finishes of seasons' passed that help to more accurately keep league history. There is a functional and prominent league chat that encourages participation and banter, and allows for pinned messages and reactions like to the best group messaging apps do. Searching through both available and rostered players by projected points or other metrics is easy to do and sortable by week, which is very nice if you like to stream players/defenses a week in advance to conserve FAAB. I'm not sure I can even think of a complaint about this App. There are so many small things on Sleeper that help keep our group of High School friends living around the country feel more in touch with each other even as years pass. Sleeper has revitalized the passion we had for fantasy football that we found while arguing at the table during Study Halls. All that said, this perspective comes from the commissioner of a league that has only done redraft with and without keepers. We also put in a lot of effort and money outside of just the app to keep ourselves interested. But without Sleeper I don't think we would be where we're at today..Version: 52.0

Best Fantasy App of the Top 5I’ve been a fantasy manager for 20 years on just about every platform but this one is by far the best because it makes the league more communal compared to others. It makes the games more fun and there are 2x-3x more trades in my Sleeper leagues than any of the others. The AI mock drafts are pretty handy too. The one drawback is you’ll probably have to do your research elsewhere since they aren’t directly connected to any of the large sports platforms like ESPN, CBS, NFL, or Yahoo are, but if you use those as your primary source for articles then I’ve just identified why you haven’t won your league in awhile. Minor fix suggestion: in the mock drafts for Dynasty, we have the option to set the player pool to Rookies only, or the entire player pool (including players already on teams). It would be nice if there was an option for “all available” which would include the Rookies and only the players who remain on the waiver wire. Weird request, but some dynasties lock the waivers in the off season until after the draft, and include those vets in the draft pool..Version: 21.1

(Almost) The best app for fantasy footballHaving used sleeper for a few months now, I have to say it’s an amazing app. The news updates are super handy, the in app league chat is amazing since you don’t have to use another app for talking to league mates, the amount of options available in terms of league settings is amazing and just makes playing on this app more fun than basically every other. It does have a few issues that seem to be present on every app like scores maybe taking a bit to catch up, but it is never really a big issue. The only change I would like to see that would make this app worth five stars is a quality of life one. When viewing your team on the app I don’t see any way to get all (if not most) of your team and their scores in your matchup on the screen at once. Although I do sometimes enjoy the added info and the field position indicator under the player names, I would really love a compressed view where it would hide/get rid of the on field indicator and possibly their game stats for the week. Sometimes I just want to log in and see how all my players did compared to my opponents without having to scroll and dig for certain players. Maybe there could be a button or something similar that says “more matchup info” that would toggle this off and on. Other than this, I don’t really have any complaints about the app and think it is probably the best app for fantasy football currently available..Version: 5.5

Great but some stuff is needlessly complicatedI want to start by saying that I think this app is great and my favorite fantasy app to use. Having said that though there are some things that make it needlessly complicated and could make things even better 1) Filling Leagues - I get the idea behind why there isn’t really just like a list of public leagues to join, but there needs to be. The idea being that they want leagues to be filled by people and their friends but this just isn’t always possible. There’s forums to post a league in but your post falls back and you need to repost frequently. There needs to just be a list of public leagues that people can sort by league type, paid or free, size, etc. 2) League Formats - There should be presets for the different types of leagues. There should be presets for redraft, dynasty, best ball and guillotine. It can get kind of complicated especially for first time commissioners to set this stuff up and presets for these league types would be great. 3) Payment - They probably don’t want to deal with it but there should be an in-app payment system for paid leagues. Currently outside sites like leaguesafe need to be used which is ok but doing it straight through the app again cuts down on complexity for first time commissioners..Version: 21.0

Please readEvery year I do a league in every major platform. NFL, ESPN, Yahoo!, CBS, and Fantrax are all sites in which I am in a league in. Up until 2 years ago Yahoo! was hands down the absolute BEST fantasy site/app out there I knew of. Everything I needed was there and it was a night and day difference between its competitors. That is however, until I discovered Sleeper. I don’t know how I stumbled upon the app 2 years ago. I have been blown away ever since. This app not only gives me the most up to date info on everything fantasy football wise it also has the cleanest and most crisp feel to it. Everything is so smooth with the app and the details that they go into on the matchup screen and my team page are second to none. Using other sites and apps almost makes me feel like I’m using a computer from 1997 in how much more cluttered they are and not as up to date. Honestly making the move and bringing my league to be on the sleeper app has to be the best decision I have made fantasy football wise!.Version: 7.8

LCS fantasy review (so far)So far my experience with the app hasn’t started fully tell the actually season starts. I’m loving everything about it from the drafting to the amount of setting you can costumes. I just have a few suggestions that would possible be a game changer for the LCS point of view 1) there should be teams you pick (for extra points) like if the team wins or if the team losses or how many towers the team gets, ETC there a lot opportunity wise you could do with adding teams like how you choose a teams defense in Fantasy NFL. 2) shouldn’t rift Herald (Shelly) be worth some points getting? As well as getting multiple barons possible? 3) A bench feature would be nice where you could choice up to 2-3 anyrole/ any team just there in case you need to swap a player before it starts or something or if you just want to hold a player to see how he dose for a few games. 4) this ones a long shot but worth a suggestion Would it be possible to combine the LCS/LEC together for more player selection? I understand why you split the two up, But for people who have 10 or more people joining there draft just thought it should be a setting thing you could do. (Of corse there’s other leagues you could add if necessary as well like the LCK or LPL, ETC) Over all the app look good in my eyes just like to see more opportunities to really dive deep into the LCS fantasy. Thank you for this app I’ve been needing this!.Version: 12.34

Best Fantasy App out there, but still waiting for a few featuresI have used this app exclusively for my fantasy leagues now for about 3 years and I love this App! It does everything I need in a fantasy football app it provides great information on players and the interface is the amazing. I enjoy the characters that they use as it makes the experience feel more interactive and the customization available for scoring, roaster sizes, etc. is second to none. I am still waiting for a a few key aspects to this App though, the two I am really waiting for are auction drafts and a tablet App. I have herd for a couple of years now that Sleeper is going to implement auction drafts and each year I am left disappointed. When it comes to a tablet App I have not herd anything new on that front and am still waiting for more information. This App is still amazing regardless of the few shortcomings it may have..Version: 12.44

Like The App A lotMy first time doing Dynasty League on here but second time overall using Sleeper and I like it a lot…. So much so that the only other platform I’m using is Yahoo bcuz it’s a family league not run by me…. My only complaint is the ergonomic compatibility… I feel like I’m on Tinder with all the swiping I have to do lol. Is possible to implement a drop down menu to alleviate the excessive swiping…. I think that would turn my really like to love also can we possibly get recaps of the week similar to what Yahoo does after every week…. That’s it Next issue. A player in my league was able to add a player that has already played and pickup someone that has not played. Also those who over drafted and weren’t forced to move players before they could do other transactions. Is this a glitch or something that has always been able to be done. As the commish I have not touched any settings to allow that to happen….Version: 31.0

The future of Fantasy Gaming is here.There are stories of people who used calculators and newspapers to first compete in head to head fantasy football. It then evolved to spreadsheets and emails. Finally we were introduced to 21st Century gaming technology with smart interactive websites and apps. What is the future for the upcoming generation of Fantasy gamers? Sleeper. An app that is intuitive to the gaming experience of fantasy competition has arrived. It’s clear the developers have valued their users feedback as well as investigated what would attract new players. I’m all in on Sleeper. It has made the game of Fantasy Football more than watching numbers on a Sunday. Sleeper is our arena, our front office, our barstool, our locker room, and our playground for the game we all love to play. Move your leagues over immediately. Welcome to the future..Version: 32.0

Amazing app, but recent update is roughJust to be clear, this is the best free fantasy app by a LANDSLIDE. I will never go back to NFL, yahoo, or ESPN… However, a lot of the great features have recently been overshadowed by several new updates that have made the app a bit unfriendly… 1. Before the more recent updates if you “clicked” (ie pressed) on a players name you would see their player card. Recently they added a “feature” that if you click on the very small game information below the players name (ex CHI @ TB), it takes you to a game preview and status screen… The player card is very sensitive and I have already accidentally clicked into the game screen a dozen times. To make it worse, when you click back, it takes you to the game preview Home Screen instead of wherever you were before you clicked it. Very clunky 2. The Sleeper App on iPAD is borderline unusable since they force the app in portrait mode. There is no option to swap or force the app into landscape and this is very frustrating 3. The new “feed” feature is amazing, however the immature, repeating, nonsensical comments are more akin to high school MySpace and facebook and don;t really have a place in an app that is so great. The news feed is great, the comments need an option to be turned off without seeing 1,000’s of comments poor in every second This app is easily 5 stars if they fix the above. Hopeful to see some fixes soon!.Version: 69.1

Great, but doesn’t quit fit my league (yet)I really like the feel, look, and function of this fantasy app. If you are making a NEW league and draft online, this app is the one for you. I would have liked to see a feature to add “league history” to the app so I can bring my season league and winner history over to this new app. Another thing I’d like to see added is a way to add “offline draft results”. The app my league currently uses is the NFL fantasy app, and we like it because I can submit the draft offline. We have some no-so-tech inclined people, and it’s easier for us to all get together and draft in person and have me put the results in by hand. If this feature was added, we might switch to this app. However, if BOTH are added, we would 100% switch our league to this app. (P.S. if either of these features exist, and I just couldn’t find them, please let me know!!).Version: 21.1

App Tries to be Too fancyPlease make it clearer how to add a second bracket in March Madness. Our whole group had trouble figuring out you had to swipe the bracket image to create a new one. Just make a small plus icon on the right of the first bracket you create or imply you can swipe left and right with a micro animation. The little tiny dots and tiny tiny plus icon is impossible to see. You have to accidentally swipe to figure out that you can add another bracket. Also please add a Full Desktop version next year. When we are doing research and such, would be way easier to just fill out the bracket in the browser. Another issue is getting into the settings. When you are a few screens into the settings you can’t quickly return to the Home Screen at all. Needs a small home icon or dock on the bottom of the screen to navigate back to the main bracket and pool page. App could be great but the developers really need to do some UX research and testing. App is actually overly complicated and confusing..Version: 12.45

Great iOS app - horrible desktop/“web app”Sleeper is an outstanding fantasy service. Amazing information, great user interface, I’ve integrated all of my leagues here. Could not be happier except for ONE detail: the desktop site: this was recently updated after months of hype for a far superior product. The chat is incredibly small and what little bit appears cannot move, be expanded, or anything a typical user might want. It is beyond frustrating. Enlarging images within this comically small chat means you cannot see 25% of the image. The chat should have an option to expand to a full column/panel. ALSO, NBA functionality has been non-existent on the desktop version and it’s ridiculous that they’re paying a web developer to not only make their UI worse, but not even make NBA functional. Truly ridiculous. If you’re looking to do just fantasy football and predominantly on your phone, 1000% recommend.Version: 13.1

So far so good butOk, so this app looks amazing. As commish running a Dynasty on ESPN has been tough, no pick trading has been something I been wanting but never delivered. Now this app has that but I wanted to bring over the current rosters we have to this app without having the trouble of making everyone re-do the draft. We are 4 years in and nobody wants to switch teams. I’d love to make the switch but I don’t know if everyone else in my league will be motivated to make the switch with having to do the draft all over. Also, an offline draft would be good because that’s how we been running our rookie drafts because some teams need to be in the draft for 5 rounds where as other teams only need 1-2 rounds in rookie drafts. Just a few concerns. But overall, if I ever was starting a new league, I’m starting it here..Version: 7.3

Fantastic AppSleeper is owning the game in terms of the overall product that they offer in terms of fantasy and their app is a bit overwhelming at first but is not at all hard to learn or understand once you spend time navigating it. The overwhelm is mostly related to the plethora of content and accessories they provide. The one negative I’ve noticed so far is the notifications can get wonky at times. I wouldn’t say they are entirely broken or 100% messed up, but they definitely seem to go through their periods of either excessive notifications of the same information or no notification at all (speaking in terms of recent drafts I’ve done). If they were able to conquer and fix that, this app would belong in the fantasy hall of fame by itself!.Version: 63.1

Has so much potential please just make the right fixesFrom a fantasy standpoint this app is great and has a lot more features than others, would 100% recommend. The O/U is where the app has real potential as it gives you better payouts than prize picks and has 6,7,8 leg options. They are constantly coming up with new betting features (just added live O/U parlays) and it’s nice that I can do that and manage by fantasy leagues in the same app. They really just need to focus on the actually software and fluidity of the app because I often run into glitches, it’s hard to load stats, my bets sometimes disappear (not forever but long enough to get a little worried), I can’t sort or scroll down and look at bets longer than a couple weeks ago, etc..a lot of potential but I think people will be turned away by how annoying it is to use if it’s not fixed.Version: 56.0

Will never use another fantasy app againIt truly doesn’t get better than this app. You can tell this was designed by people who play fantasy. As a 6+ year user of ESPN & Yahoo fantasy I can tell you they are garbage. Commissioners, take your chance and move your league to this platform! You’re league mates will thank you and you will thank me, I promise! Every detail, full team depth arts, instant current news, cross team watchlists, ability to see availability of players across all teams, color coded drafting, full control over team options and settings, multiple types of fantasy (dynasty, keeper, redraft, survivor, ect.). Multiple types of draft orders and ability to trade picks. Most accurate ADPs that update based on type of league. Incredible app..Version: 49.6

AmazingGiving me and the boys a chance to play LCS Fantasy this past split was amazing. We had a blast from start to finish. It encouraged us to all get together on discord every weekend and watch some games together like a football Sunday with your local friends. Wouldn’t change a thing but would like to see two things added: 1. A trophy case on your profile(so a profile in general) to show off your weekly trophies, such as lowest points in a win and all those, as well as a gold silver and bronze for the playoffs. 2. We decided to have everyone buy in $5 before the draft and winner take all so just having the option on the app to have a buy in before the season starts would be awesome. Especially since we all enjoyed it so much we are upping our buy in for next split.Version: 12.46

Best platform. Light years ahead!Sleeper is easily the best platform for fantasy football. I moved my league from ESPN to Sleeper last year. Myself and the league as a whole were completely blown away with how amazing, thorough, and efficient Sleeper is. Every feature is easy to use and find. Nothing is confusing about the application. Although there are annoying bugs from time to time, you can chat with live support and they always reply within a couple minutes. I was extremely excited to see other fantasy sports (basketball, March madness, etc.) be introduced to the app, but then COVID-19 killed that. I do not know how people still use ESPN, Yahoo or another platform. Give Sleeper a try and you will not be disappointed! The only feature I wish Sleeper had for fantasy football was the ability to individually track each player’s transactions between the owners. For example, you can see when they were drafted, each time they were put on waivers/claimed from waivers, involved in a trade, etc. Hopefully someday they add this! Thanks for everything Sleeper team!! I am already addicted to fantasy football and you made it even worse!.Version: 11.17

Best Fantasy AppI have been the commissioner of a dynasty league that has used various different platforms, including ESPN, Yahoo, and NFL, and I can say without a doubt that sleeper is superior in almost every category. Many of the options they make available for various types of leagues are immense and are not available on many other platforms, especially not the free ones. From trading rookie draft picks during the season to multi team trades to its interactive and helpful customer service, our league has never regretted switching to this up and coming fantasy app/website.I would recommend for any league to at least try out the app (which they even allow commissioners to get a preseason trial run of all the apps features) and see if it’s for you..Version: 7.3

Best Fantasy Football App. Period!I’ve used Yahoo, ESPN, and the NFL apps and they all pale in comparison to the Sleeper App. The news alert from team and player updates is the best in the business. The chat channels to discuss trades, waiver wire, and the draft is active and helpful. The ability to do multiple team trades is amazing. The only 2 things on my wishlist as an update is the ability to counter-offer and includes trades notes/comments like the Yahoo platform allows and an improvement on the Watchlist/Wishlist for Autodrafting. One team who autodrafted in our league got 5 WRs for the first 5 rounds. Some autodrafted teams were well balanced while others lacked any TEs or QBs. Even with those downsides I am migrating my current yahoo leagues over to the Sleeper app next year..Version: 5.5

Mediocre at bestI’ve done fantasy sports for years across multiple platforms and this is my first year using sleeper. It has all the standard features. But some issues I have with this app is the UI and how unintuitive it is to use. Swiping left or right to see player transactions and free agency? No indicator on how to do basic actions like add or drop a player easily. The fact that I cannot edit my line up for future weeks because this week has games active makes no sense. Simply swapping out a player on IR for a player put on IR was not allowed due to ‘games in progress’. Why? They have no connections to each other. The changes were for the next week... also IR slot changes were with players on the bench, not even in the starting line up. Little details like this goes a long way when you are actively playing the FA pool and trying to clear up space due to injuries..Version: 12.14

Great app but annoyingHonestly the best fantasy app out there and all my leagues run with various settings on this platform now which is great. That being said, the notification and messaging on this platform is holding it back. They constantly are barraging you with notifications. Sure you can adjust settings but there just isn’t a good way to received relevant or concise updates. I want to know how a player is doing but I don’t need 20 Tuesday practice push notifications but if I shut it off I get nothing. They also have a lot of weird quirks with notifications and alerts and a hidden button to clear notifications. I get it’s not a core part of their product but something I think they can benefit from improving if they want my 5 star review..Version: 49.8

Decent platform but bewareI don’t know if the setting was specific to just the Megalabowl league on this platform but it didn’t designate the draft order until the draft started. Ended up making a terrible early 2nd round pick because I was trying to configure my draft assistant which would’ve been down if the draft order was set even 5 minutes before. This also makes mock drafting a pain if that is the only league you play in that’s 2QB, 14 team and all your other leagues are 10, etc. as most of us don’t have time to mock from every spot in that unique format for just one league. So I’d double check your draft order setting. Otherwise the platform is solid and the trade block is much nicer than what ESPN for example has..Version: 23.3

Best Fantasy AppI want to say its the absolute best fantasy football app, easy to use and very fluid. I only have 1 suggestion, as years ago in a different app, their was a way to do a filter and give a statement after your fantasy week as if you were being interviewed after the game. I really enjoyed it as teams were able to talk about their team n it was very funny to see each other pretend to do a press conference. So if it could be an option to do a video with a filter as if in a press conference i think it would be fun especially to add an aspect of this is your team and your either defending your week or just having fun with the league. Just a thought but otherwise awesome app!.Version: 23.1

So far, so AWESOME!Let me start by saying that I just discovered this app and I am still in the beginning phases putting together my first league in it. With that said, it’s basically everything I’ve ever dreamed of in fantasy app. From the draft board, to the greatest chat room system ever made to the intuitive player analytics GUI you can tell whoever developed this app are true hardcore fantasy sports nuts. Visual In-messaging trades get everyone into the trading market enjoyably and conveniently, you can even have 3 way trades! So far I am beyond impressed but I’ll have to come back when my league is a few weeks in to give a final Grade. Friendly enough for a novice while seemingly deep enough for even the most obsessed bro you ever met!.Version: 5.5

Love everything about it, just would love iPad appSo every year, I love doing fantasy sports on multiple platforms just to see which app is the best. The last couple years, by far, has been Sleeper. Very user friendly, very good at updating with news, and I recently switched my main at-home league to Sleeper. No doubt the best decision we ever made. I love using my iPad to keep track of my fantasy scores, so my only thing is I wish at some point they create a iPad/tablet version (aside from just going on the sleeper site, which is fine in landscape mode). But that’s definitely not worth taking a star away. Keep up the great work, thank you!!.Version: 12.2

Fantasy LCS.....Dear sleeper, I love doing fantasy league of legends. We were so excited to find your app. You would have a solid 5 star review from me if it were not for one thing: forced picks/bans. Every other piece of functionality for the app is amazing. Forcing us to do picks/bans without an option to turn them off made me never want to use your app for fantasy league again. Our entire group did not want to use picks and bans. When they started changing outcomes for the weeks (who wins and looses) no one felt good about it. The experience of loosing only due to picks/bans makes the loss awful. Winning only due to picks/bans is not satisfying. On top of all of this, not picking/banning (allowing the app to auto-pick) is more reliable than putting in time and effort. In essence, this makes going into the app each week completely useless, thus defeating the purpose of not allowing us to turn picks/bans off. The people in our league who don’t ever check in on the app are the ones who won from picks/bans rather than the base points. If you ever allow us to opt out of picks/bans, I will gladly use the app split after split and enjoy every minute of it. Sincerely, I feel as if my experience was ruined.Version: 12.39

I like it but…I like the App a lot (first year using it), but I currently have one complaint. When in “league” tab, I can see all of the match-up total scores, but I cannot see individual players. This is fine as I can select one of the matches and see all of the stats from individual players. However, from that screen there is no way to scroll between different matches. I have to go back one screen and select another match up. This is a annoying and should be improved since it is standard feature even in other big platform apps..Version: 23.0

Need to fix some basic issues to make it greatLove the available customization of league formats, settings, etc.. Great features like ability to place players on the “trade block” and setting an “expiration” on a trade offer proposed to a league mate. The negative - this app is very wonky to navigate thru at times. I often find myself literally “stuck” (not frozen) on a particular screen - to where there’s no option to go back or exit to the main page. You hit these “dead ends” within the app and you basically are left with having to just close out and reopen the app entirely, just to get back to the main page. It’s very strange. Maybe I’m missing something?? If the app was easier to navigate thru, it would be hands down 5⭐️.Version: 19.2

Need to fix Basketball BugsBefore I mention this, the app is great, but what I just experienced was not acceptable. I was in a league matchup with someone who chose a game that was at the end of the week, and unfortunately that player got injured two games prior, but had already played a previous game that week so there was a score for it. Although they’d chosen a different game and gotten 0 points because that player wasn’t playing, the system game then the points from the game earlier that week that they never chosen and as a result I lost. The system is faulty and needs to be fixed. The rules clearly say “once you choose a game and it’s played, you can’t change it.” So how can you give someone points for a game they didn’t change?.Version: 27.3

SuggestionI really like this app and especially for dynasty formats. A few suggestions that would make this app even better would be to have more in-depth analysis of players/matchups and a contract tab for each player showing how many years each player has with each team. This would help managers with possible roster situations and would be more convenient than having to look up each individual players contact. Needs to have a better up to date on injury updates. (When a player has been reported out they should have an injury designation of out within the same hour of the news coming out).Version: 29.2

Fast Support, Great App, Battery DrainSleeper is free to use AND ad-free. That by itself made me want to at least check them out. We’ve been on Sleeper for 3 or so years and overall my dynasty league loves it. I‘ve worked with their support team a fair amount over the years. Their team is fast and direct. Early on they even took some feedback to incorporate in updates. Some feedback for the team: 1 - this app uses up more battery-per-minute than any other on my phone. That’s been a constant thing regardless of what iOS version or phone I’m using. 2 - phone app is the obvious winner. iPad and Browser apps still feel incomplete all these years later..Version: 51.0

Great Fantasy Football App!I moved my league from the NFL fantasy platform to Sleeper and no more frustrations. I'm still in another league that uses Yahoo and I hate to go into the app to check the scores. Sleeper has nailed this app! Giving the commissioner and owners a full experience from the mobile device, there is almost no reason to use the website. If you're not using Sleeper, you're missing out. Two things I'd love to see: 1. A widget for a quick look at scores without having to unlock the device. 2. An "Adds" counter that shows the number of adds a team has made throughout the season..Version: 5.5

Lacking in Fantasy BasketballIn the way that sleeper excels at fantasy football is exactly how they’ve failed in their fantasy basketball. In fantasy football they offer the flexibility of setting up whichever scoring system you like, but in basketball they don’t. They only have the option to play with their game pick mode not any of the traditional fantasy basketball scoring methods such as standard points league scoring or Roto scoring options. That being said I’m my experience that is their only weakness. I’m all other areas they excel. Their customer support is superb though..Version: 46.0

Horrible App ManagementIf anyone reports you, which they can easily do for no reason by just clicking a button then you get banned for a day or longer. I was banned for a day bc a member in my league was mad that I drafted a player he wanted so he literally reported every comment of mine until Sleeper banned me for a day bc of to many reports. Absolutely ridiculous that they will ban you without asking for an explanation or even looking into the situation! The fact someone can be banned without warning is ridiculous! Horrible app management and that’s why people prefer ESPN, Yahoo, Etc...Version: 23.1

Best Fantasy App for FootballI was very skeptical at first because of some of the animated mascots but this app has won me over. I have a few fantasy team in different leagues and they use competitor apps and they pale in comparison to Sleeper. Sleep allows me to advertise players I’d like to trade without having to actually set up a trade. The app also makes it easy to view my roster and make changes without backing out of the weekly match up. Ranking and waivers are easily accessed and displayed in league info….I could go on and on but honestly you should try this app and see for yourself..Version: 23.1

Stat Adjustments Post Match-Up Are A Large DeterrentIn general this app works well and has a nice UI. However, one aspect that I really dislike is that there are stat adjustments that occur after all the games have finished. For instance, earlier this week I was in a close matchup and won by a narrow margin on Monday night as the last game finished. My probability of winning at that point was 100%. Unfortunately though, the next morning there were stat adjustments that occurred at some point and I ended up losing by a similar margin. I can't think of any sport or game in the world really where a win or loss is determined after the fact. Because of this I will push for our league to use a different app in the future..Version: 49.10

Great But Can Be BuggyOverall it’s a great app. Especially if you’re in multiple leagues since it’s easy to switch between them. It’s also very convenient to see the scores for everyone’s matchup. There just seems to be a handful of bugs that hinder the experience a bit. The primary one is it doesn’t load/open sometimes. When this happens I have to close and reopen it once or twice. Some people in my main NFL Fantasy League have had to uninstall & reinstall the app to get it to work. This isn’t much of an issue most of the week but when it happens on game day, it’s kind of a hassle..Version: 24.0

Cool, but has some problemsI really enjoy the app, but it definitely has things to improve, but most are minor. Scoring tends to lag behind even sometimes 15-30 minutes after the play is over. The notifications are kinda random, particularly clearing them (my app still shows 20 notifications even though they are all cleared), but overall its great. Very enjoyable. Would knock it down a bit for it being a blown up version of the iPhone app and only working vertically, but they are supposed to be fixing that in the near future by releasing an IPad version of the app, which I’m super excited for..Version: 12.36

Can’t wait til nativeI currently work for a (somewhat of a) startup software company in a big industry so I understand the growing pains of progressing to the next big thing. This year I convinced my 10+ year espn league to move to Sleeper and everyone loves it, including the stubborn people in the group, but there is such a big need for a native iPad app. I saw it’s planned for January 2020 but unfortunately that’s after the season. I know the rest of the league is waiting for the final piece of the puzzle just like me. Thanks for making my life as a commish easy, I truly appreciate that! Reach out if you need any additional support, I love fantasy football and have a solid background in IT..Version: 8.3

The only way to play fantasy sportsSimply put, it’s the best App out there. I manage all my leagues on Sleeper and would never go back!.Version: 63.4

Horrendous re-designI don’t know what else to say. You took the best app in fantasy sports and made it absolute crap. No intuitive use whatsoever and I have to re-learn the whole thing. No reason to have done this and a horrible job doing it. Immediately looking into how to move my leagues elsewhere.Version: 65.0

ForomJ'aimerais bien avoir un forum pour chaque joueur où qu'on peux demander des avis comme dans yahoo fantasy....Version: 69.1

New UI is buggy and unnecessaryAfter the most recent update, it’s impossible to go on the app for 3 minutes straight without bugs showing up. Clicking on players is near impossible without refreshing the app several times. Yes the app has the most accurate ADP and projections, but the new user interface makes the NFL Fantasy app look good. Really disappointing from a sleeper user of over 3-4 years..Version: 67.0

Best Fantasy Football Currently On The MarketI’ve used NFL and a bit of yahoo in years past. Yahoo is decent, the NFL app crashes so much his year a lot of people including myself have to use the website instead of our phones. But Sleeper... Is the app I will use for the foreseeable future. Almost every aspect of the app is great. Anything thats not excellent from last year, was improved this year. No football app is perfect, but this is closest I think we’ll get. They also responded pretty quickly when I had a support issue last year. Again, not perfect, but pretty damn good, and the best you will get..Version: 50.2

Great for Football, terrible for basketballFor a fantasy football app, this has to be a must have. A lot of features they have for dynasty leagues are features you find in paid sites. They even have cool little avatars that throw things at each other. When it comes to basketball though, I’m afraid it doesn’t get the same kind of love. The basketball fantasy in this app feels like it’s been a beta for about 2 years now. They allow divisions in your league, but the playoffs only seeds based on your overall ranking, leaving divisions totally pointless. The website for PC doesn’t even allow you to set your lineup. Basketball is strictly on your phone. The basketball section of this app is dying, and I would hope that soon, the developers would put some love into this section of the app the same way football does. It’s a crap feeling seeing all the excitement for football and basketball doesn’t see that..Version: 50.2

Great Fantasy AppMight be as little confusing at first but when you get used to it it’s easy to use..Version: 50.0

Cool appJust a cool app my dudes.Version: 49.8

ExcellentExcellent!!.Version: 49.7

Game changerThis app is everything I have ever wanted in a fantasy sports app.Version: 49.7

Exceeding ExpectationsWe are blown away how great the Sleeper App has been thus far. We switched over to it this year and have been very impressed. Very user friendly, we’re stocked for the 2022 season!.Version: 49.7

Love the app been using it for a couple years nowHowever can u please add ovr/undr to canada.Version: 49.6

GoodGreat fantasy app but only has basketball and football.Version: 49.6

Great App, only one I want to useDid my entire draft on my phone. Great app!.Version: 49.6

Still room for improvementThe app is nicely laid out but it needs to add a pre draft ranking and also it’s my screen on laptop but I couldn’t see the entire drafting team and we had only 12 teams.Version: 49.6

👍🏼Great app super easy to use will tell more ppl about it and for sure use next year.Version: 49.5

Best fantasy football appGreat!.Version: 49.4

No draft reviewsLove draft scores.Version: 49.4

%I need to be able to filter by % owned on the waiver.Version: 49.3

Love this app/companySleeper’s mock drafts are very good and customizable. I cant believe how this is free..Version: 49.1

First draftVery user friendly, fun, creative, out of all my experience (limited) this is the absolute best app for fantasy sports and it is not close!.Version: 47.7

Great appIt’s awesome and a must for dynasty leagues. I wish they added hockey fantasy. 🙏.Version: 46.2

App is pretty good until news happensThe app is very good until any breaking news happens. The app crashes and is slow for at least 10 minutes after breaking news..Version: 47.5

Very goodTop 2 Fantasy app.Version: 45.2

Could be greatSeems like every other month there’s a new issue or glitch. As of now it doesn’t send notifications to half of my dynasty league, myself included..Version: 45.2

Blank screen when opening appI like the app but recently I’ve encountered a problem. I’m using an iPhone 12. Every second or third time I open the app all I get is a blank grey screen. The only way to correct it is to restart my phone. Is there a fix? I’m completely updated..Version: 24.0

Hockey? Baseball?I wish they would add fantasy hockey and baseball. Has great feature but not having all sports make it limited..Version: 45.1

NHLWill sleeper ever get NHL . Would be great for a dynasty league!.Version: 42.0

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What do you think Sleeper Fantasy Sports ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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Sleeper Fantasy Sports iPad Images
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