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Elevate your game and create jaw-dropping social media posts with the most popular ball flight tracking app for iPhone and iPad, trusted by golfers worldwide. Voted Best Golf App by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine, the Shot Tracer app shows what seemed impossible. Ball flight tracking, swing and putt tracing, amazing 3D map overlays, and more!

• Automatic ball flight tracking
• 3D Golf Course animations
• Shot distance calculation
• Score-card overlay and animations
• Fire swing animation
• Distance pop up animations
• Fire swing animation
• Multi-tracer

• Swing Tracer
• Putt Tracer

CGI Animations:
• Rocket launcher
• Spaceship
• Explosion
• Laser line

Don't miss out on the opportunity to revolutionize your golf game. Download Shot Tracer for your iPhone today and witness the transformative power of ball flight tracking. Elevate your skills, track your progress, and enjoy a more rewarding golfing journey.

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Shot Tracer App Comments & Reviews

Shot Tracer Positive Reviews

Really digging the Shot Tracer app!Let me start by saying I was a little hesitant to spend money on this app due to some mixed reviews in the App Store. After one range/practice green session I was really impressed with how simple the app is to use. I used a tripod with a phone mount and my iPhone XS Max to record videos, then imported them into the app when I got home. The ball flight is pretty true for the most part, and I love how you can change the color and configuration of the line, add effects, etc. Some people complained it didn’t pick up their ball flight, but I didn’t experience that issue in probably 30 or so tracked shots. Maybe they weren’t using a tripod?? The only reason I give it a 4 star rating and not 5 is because, while it does track all of my ball flights, the flight is not always accurate and sometimes have to manually adjust landing area. Also, the app tends to crash a lot when attempting to save to my camera roll. Maybe because I was using the app for an extended time period?? Either way, if you’re on the fence about purchasing this app, DO IT. As long as you use it correctly, you won’t be disappointed!.Version: 7.7.9

Decent, but not great (yet)Purchased the app after reading it was the Golf Digest app for 2018. While it works sometimes, it doesn’t always automatically trace the shot correctly. Some simulations are totally off (eg horizontal ball path instead of vertical). Most of the time it requires significant manual adjustments to get a realistic ball flight. Tracer line also lags quite a bit so you need to set the impact position a couple frames later. The “name popup” effect would have been excellent but it doesn’t allow 4-digit yardage and you can’t control the duration and start/end placements. But it somehow makes it worth it once you are able to produce a decent edit. So currently not great, but it has potential. Hopefully the developers listen to constructive user comments seriously to address all the app’s shortcomings!.Version: 7.7.4

As great as it is, still can be betterThis app is great for tracing, adding special effects to my shots, and tracking distance (walking to the ball). I would definitely recommend this to a friend because I have had a really positive experience- well worth the $6 I paid for it. I took off one star because sometimes when uploading videos to trace, it takes forever to load, and when that happens, the app crashes and all my changes are lost. Also, what would make for a better experience is if the app could be compatible with 4K video clips. Other than that, this app is amazing! I will not play golf without using this app!.Version: 7.9.8

Don’t believe the FUD…. This is fantasticRead a couple of reviews and I was hesitant to spend that $6.99 lol… but I went ahead and I figured in my life I spent far more on worth so I decided to give it a try hands-down the best decision that I’ve ever made I just recently bought a iPhone 13 promax and I filmed the footage in cinematic mode and it was still able to process the image automatic shot tracer as-well and still process in high quality… They even have special effects you can add in I’m completely obsessed with the app and I will be using this every day.Version:

Great! When it works…Great app that I’ve used it a bunch and really enjoy but the last week the Shot Tracer function hasn’t been working. It analyzes the ball flight and creates the shape but as soon as I click ‘Save’ (with no effects) the app shuts down. I’ve tried multiple videos, restarted the app, restarted my phone, and they clearly have some bugs right now. Having done this successfully over 100 times I’m eager for it to work again! I tried chatting online and emailing but it’s been a handful of days and no one has responded. Fun app that everyone loves, so long as it’s working. Also, the Swing Tracer is a great idea but it doesn’t work well, even when filmed in Slo-Mo..Version:

Slow to peekNot sure why, but every shot I try to trace the line starts out way slow and by the time the ball peaks and starts to fall then the line starts to move faster and then the line peaks. But it’s slow to catch up to the peak time. Not sure why. I filmed on a tripod and far enough back. When I adjust the flight time editor, the line still starts it slow but after peak the line falls super fast to catch up with the ball landing time. Would be an amazing app if I could get this working but every shot I do is the same.Version: 7.6

Don't give up on itYou have to learn how to use the app first. Don't just give up the first video when it doesn't do it exactly right. Also it only can trace what it sees, and since it's on an iPhone obviously it isn't the best camera ever. So it sometimes loses track at the peak you can make a few adjustments in full screen mode. That's why I gave it four stars. Otherwise it's a good app. It makes for some good instagram posts!!.Version: 1.8

PLEASE ADD THIS FEATURE!!On the swing tracer app, please add the ability for only the club head to be traced with a line instead of still shots of the club. It would make it much more useful. Furthermore, you could copy the same colors as the golf channel: using red for the backswing and green for the through swing. It would turn this app into a useful tool, as is, it’s too cluttered to see my swing path, defeating the purpose. I would love to see this in an update..Version: 7.8.9

People who rate this low don’t know how to use it.It’s better than most (shot tracers). It give you a lot of ball flight adjustability but it’s not the most intuitive at first. The only thing I wish was a lot easier was adjusting the speed of the tracer to perfectly match the ball, but it does a more than adequate job as is. Love the explosion special effect..Version: 7.9.1

Just for funThis wont actually help improve your golf game. You have to tell the program where the ball lands and for the most part it does a good job tracking it to that point. Slow mo isn't good though. Although its a newer update it should've came later but with better accuracy. Although this wont improve your golf game its a great way to look like a pga golfer with the infamous colored line following your ball. I like it.Version: 2.6

Great, but amazing with a tripod!Best advice after using the app for a few weeks now is to invest into a tripod and a iPhone clamp. Let me tell you it’s worth it. First of all the videos look much better and professional and most importantly the tracking works flawless. I tried handheld before and it was a hit or miss but still had a manual option..Version: 7.8.9

Fantastic app for golfersThis app is amazing! It has so much to offer if you do it right. My favorite part is the 3D map with the ball flight. Didn’t think my phone could handle it but the videos save quickly and there are no crashes. I don’t know what all the fuss is about..Version:

7 outa' 10Used this for about 12 holes with my foursome. By the last hole we had worked about most of the kinks. We shot about 8 drives and the automatic feature worked twice. I think our success rate was mostly due to our familiarity with the filming technique. Read the instructions first and I think most golfers will love this. Texting the shots to my friends is the best feature once you film a sweet shot..Version: 1.6

FinallyI have been waiting forever for an app like this to come out utilizing the HD camera and this app is perfect. 5$ is nothing to give yourself Trakman-like ball paths that take less than a minute to produce. Uploading your own videos gives a false timing of the ball flight but every time it's done manually it's perfect. 5 stars all day #RIPHarambe.Version: 2.0

It’s a little finicky but if your not retarted it works greatYou definitely have to get the right angle and a tripod is definitely nice but u can still use without just have steady hands but seems to work pretty decently does crash a good bit but if u have the patients to just keep trying it’s not that bad at all but expect to get a little frustrated every now and then. enjoy.Version: 7.8.7

What I was looking forI don’t know why there are so many bad reviews. This app does what I says. Easy to use and edit if needed.Version: 7.8.7

Works great!Shocked to see a 1 star review... makes the videos you’d expect.Version: 7.8.6

Works Great For meThere’s a reason why Rick Shiels and I are confused about the poor ratings for this app. I’ve only had it crash once on me, sure it has a few finicky bits and bugs but it tracks ball flight really well (if your camera is still). Only once did the app fail to read my ball’s flight, in which case I just made the trace manually which is a piece of cake. Would give this app 5 stars if it weren’t for the few minor bugs. Worth the money for sure..Version: 7.8.4

Won’t import videosApp won’t import videos from camera roll. Really frustrating. Especially for such a good app that I like a lot. And use a lot.Version: 7.5

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