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The Best Free Sports IOS Apps June 2024

The best 10 free Sports applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in June 2024.

America 2024 Live Scores #NO1

1 - America 2024 Live Scores by Gaspar Habif
Enjoy an uninterrupted experience with no ads. Focus on what matters most – your passion for football, without any distractions! Create your own personal experience: - Follow your favorite teams and players to glory! - Get push notifications so you don’t miss the matches you care most about! - Prepare for every match with your live schedule - Discover the host stadiums where the most thrilling matches will take place. - And more! You can check out the latest updates, scores, breaking news ...

NBC Sports #NO2

2 - NBC Sports by NBCUniversal Media, LLC
Watch thousands of LIVE sporting events and the latest episodes of your favorite NBC TV shows anytime with the new NBC Sports app! Stream top leagues and live events on NBC Sports including: • Sunday Night Football • PGA TOUR • Premier League • Big Ten Football & Basketball • Notre Dame Football • NASCAR Cup and Xfinity Series • French Open • Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Breeders' Cup Never miss a moment from your favorite teams with NBC Sports Regional Networks. NBC Spo...


3 - GHIN by United States Golf Association
This is the official mobile app of the Golf Handicap Information Network (GHIN), a service offered by the USGA to golf associations worldwide. Key features include: • Score Posting (Total Score, Hole-by-Hole Score and Hole-by-Hole Score with Stats) • Stat Tracking (Number of Putts, Approach Shot Accuracy and Driving Accuracy) • Course Maps & GPS • Enhanced GPS Features (Putt Break Map, Approach Shot Heat Map, Shot Tracking) • Games & Group Score Keeping • Apple Watch integration �...

DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino #NO4

4 - DraftKings Sportsbook & Casino by DraftKings
DraftKings Sportsbook gives you more ways to have skin in the game and get closer to the games you love, all on a safe and secure platform. Join DraftKings Sportsbook for FREE and you could win cash money betting on all your favorite sports. Bet on all your favorite sports with DraftKings' legal mobile sportsbook app. We're currently live and accepting bets in: • Arizona • Colorado • Connecticut • Illinois • Indiana • Iowa • Kansas • Kentucky • Maine • Maryland • Massachus...


Experience the PGA TOUR like never before on your iOS device with the official PGA TOUR App. Follow all of the action from a single app, available for free from the PGA TOUR. - Real-time leaderboard with quick access to player scorecards, profiles, and videos - Live player scorecards now featuring shot trails, play by play, and live stats - Tee times and group location information - Access to LIVE video and audio for PGA TOUR events - VOD including tournament highlights, round recaps, player f...

Hudl #NO6

6 - Hudl by Agile Sports Technologies, Inc.
Hudl helps teams win with video. Our iOS app allows you to study the video you've uploaded, or capture new video using your device. And there's more... Coaches: • Watch all your team's game, practice, and opponent scout video. • Analyze full breakdown data and notes on each clips. • Breakdown and stat a game live, right from your device. • Capture video and easily upload it. Athletes: • Study your video, with full data and notes on each clip. • View all your Highlights and Top Pla...

LeagueApps Play #NO7

7 - LeagueApps Play by LeagueApps
LeagueApps Play is a team management and communications app that is totally free for players, parents, coaches, staff, and admins to download––and it’s ad-free too. You just need to be registered to a team or tournament supported by LeagueApps to use the Play app to view schedules and notifications, RSVP, send communications, and more. Simply sign in to the app with the same email and password credentials used when you registered for the team. Play helps coaches and admins better manage ...

TheGrint: Handicap & Scorecard #NO8

8 - TheGrint: Handicap & Scorecard by Grint LLC
Discover the top free golf app for Handicap, GPS, and scoring with TheGrint. Link your GHIN# and manage your golf handicap, post hole scores & improve your skills. TheGrint is the perfect golf app for almost every course in the world. Experience better golfing with a reliable golf stats tracker, GPS rangefinder, scorecard, and more on TheGrint. Join TheGrint community and track your golfing journey in one place. Connect with friends, track milestones and achievements, and use live score alerts ...

GameChanger #NO9

9 - GameChanger by GameChanger Media, Inc.
Stream the action with GameChanger’s free live video streaming, score the action with free stats and scorekeeping, and connect fans to it all with the #1 team management app and #1 youth sports app. EASY-TO-USE SCOREKEEPING TOOLS Ditch the paper scorebook with an intuitive FREE scorekeeping experience and get advanced scorekeeping tools and features for baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football, hockey, field hockey, water polo, and rugby. FREE LIVE VIDEO STREAMING Set up a...

Fliff - Social Sports Picks #NO10

10 - Fliff - Social Sports Picks by Fliff Inc.
Fliff is the Social Sportsbook with Sweepstakes games, offering sports fans more ways to play and win, with loyalty rewards for every pick! Fliff is a new play-for-fun predictive gaming experience for sports fans everywhere. Play with Coins in the social sportsbook to move up the leaderboards, complete challenges, unlock badges, and earn loyalty rewards. Play with free Fliff Cash to participate in our sweepstakes* for the opportunity to win real cash prizes. Fliff is the free-to-play game th...

The Best Paid Sports IOS Apps June 2024

The best 10 paid Sports applications to your iPhone, iPad or iWatch in June 2024.

Easy Culling #NO1

1 - Easy Culling by Day Owl LLC
Culling fish in the midst of a fishing tournament can get stressful and chaotic at times. Easy Culling makes tournament day go as smooth as a basses belly. Anglers no longer need to depend on whiteboards, culling beams, eyeballing/guessing, ticker devices, and expensive scales! • With the Easy Culling App you’ll know instantly what fish to cull next • Customize the app to your culling tags colors and numbers • Know your tournament bag weight before you show up to the scales • Weigh 'e...

Troll Speed #NO2

2 - Troll Speed by Thomas Crocker
Your fish finder already tells you how deep the fish are... but how do you know how fast you should troll so that your lure rides at that depth? Wonder no longer! This handy calculator will recommend a speed based on information you provide. The advanced algorithm takes into account several variables which can affect the depth of your lure as you move across the water, including: - the type of line; some lines are more buoyant than others - the diameter of the line; thicker lines have more ...

PB Play #NO3

3 - PB Play by codeDependent Software Incorporated
Use Pickleball Play to generate randomized doubles matches for league or recreational play. No more arguments or uncomfortable moments when players have to choose partners and opponents. In just minutes, you can organize fair play for any number of players on any number of courts. Features: - Players always have a new partner, until all unique combinations have been exhausted - Games will keep being added indefinitely - Opponents are always changing - Spares sit out evenly and in a fixed order ...

Coerver Soccer Skills at Home #NO4

4 - Coerver Soccer Skills at Home by Coerver Coaching
Coerver Coaching, the world’s number one soccer skills teaching program will improve your soccer skills. This app is perfect for players and coaches of all abilities from beginner to elite. Coerver programs have reached over a million players age 4-18 around the world. When you purchase the app you will get access to ball mastery skills and moves that will challenge you and improve your skills each time you practice. You can always get better. Looking to improve your first touch and control?...

Next Batter Up: Walk-Up Music #NO5

5 - Next Batter Up: Walk-Up Music by Joshua Hart
Requirement: Apple Music and the Apple Music App. With Next Batter Up, creating a line up of walk out/walk up song introductions for your team is a breeze! Just imagine your how your players will feel at the Ballpark walking out to their favorite songs! Everything about NBU is curated to save time. - Create Multiple Teams: Do you need to make walk up song intros for multiple teams? No worries, add as many teams as you like, and NBU will keep everything organized and ready. - Add Players ...

Live Football TV App #NO6

6 - Live Football TV App by Ivan Khedhr
Check out the number one soccer app Football TV for all iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad devices ! This application provides live TV coverage, online links to games coverage, and schedules' details for football that is happening in the current week for all football teams around the world. Also, this application provides the current week's games schedules for the English League, The Spanish League, and the Italian Serie A games in addition to the teams stats in the three leagues mentioned above. The...

PinPal #NO7

7 - PinPal by Jeff Stuart
PinPal is a bowling scorekeeping application designed to provide bowlers with detailed statistics to help improve their average. PinPal keeps track of both leagues, tournaments, and open bowling, allowing bowlers to view their average and other statistics in many different ways. PinPal puts tons of useful stats right at your fingertips. Ever wondered what your average would be if you picked up all your single pin spares? Ever wondered what spares you leave the most, and how often you are abl...

Break Speed #NO8

8 - Break Speed by Paul Nettle
How Fast Is Your Break? Break Speed Powered By Predator can tell you! To use the app, set your phone on the rail and tap the screen. Now you're ready to break. Tap the screen once again after your break and the app will display your Break Speed speed. Break Speed is more than 10x the accuracy of a radar gun and has become the standard for break shot speed measurements, privately and professionally. With such high precision, you can use Break Speed to provide that feedback you need to improve y...

RacquetTune - String Tension #NO9

9 - RacquetTune - String Tension by Sten Kaiser
Listen to your racquet and perfect your game! RacquetTune ensures that your racquet is ideally suited to your style of play. Simple and straightforward to use, the app uses the sound generated by tapping the strings to calculate the tension with high accuracy. In addition, the interactive swingweight calculator aids in customizing your racquet to fit your own stroke pattern, while the stiffness calculator allows you to simulate different racquet configurations. RacquetTune not only makes it e...

FaceOffAcademy #NO10

10 - FaceOffAcademy by Aptis Group Inc.
The Faceoff Academy is dedicated to developing the lacrosse skills of every athlete through the highest quality of instruction. Our mobile app brings your game to the next level by helping you in performing drills focused on increasing hand speed, practice techniques, and improving reaction time. The app allows you the ability to record and share your faceoff drills with others, so that you can gain feedback from coaches, professionals, teammates and friends. Our goal is to support athletes i...