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The MLB App is the #1 destination for live baseball video and audio, directly on your iOS device. Watch and listen live or on-demand!


MLB AT BAT | $29.99 annually / $3.99 monthly *NEW*
-- Live game audio for all 30 clubs, PLUS an expanded video offering
-- On MLB apps, watch your favorite team’s Minor League Baseball affiliate games, plus MLB Big Inning, 7 days a week, and the deepest on-demand library
-- On MiLB platforms, subscribers can watch 7,000+ MiLB games across 120 clubs
SINGLE TEAM | $129.99 annually
-- 250+ Spring Training games and your favorite team’s out-of-market games live and on demand
-- Plus access to all of Minor League Baseball

MLB.TV | $149.99 annually / $24.99 monthly
-- 250+ Spring Training games and every out-of-market game live and on demand
-- Plus access to all of Minor League Baseball

**** 2023 FEATURES ****
Don’t forget, we release regular updates throughout the season to bring you new features & functionality. Stay updated so you don’t miss a pitch!

-- The Watch experience has 24/7 personalized programming, curated content collections and the deepest baseball-on-demand video library anywhere
-- MLB.TV Free Game of the Day (subject to blackout restrictions)
-- Watch free in-game, real-time highlights for every game
-- Watch select Minor League Baseball games
-- MLB Film Room: Search millions of videos
-- Picture-in-Picture streaming for live video and highlights
-- Watch MLB Network programming (pay TV authentication required)

-- Access your MLB.TV subscription to watch every out-of-market game
-- Listen to Home, Away and Spanish-language (where available) radio broadcasts live and on demand with MLB At Bat
-- Watch 7,000+ Minor League Baseball games with MLB At Bat
-- Universal audio support for MLB At Bat subscribers, accessible on iPhone, iPad and other supported smartphones and tablets

-- New: Follow specific players for daily video, stats and content tailored to your preferences
-- New: The Home feed is everything you want on one screen: your favorite team’s snapshot, personalized content, tickets and real-time news & highlights
-- Set your favorite team and follow others for a more personalized experience
-- New: Track your favorite team’s game on your lock screen with Apple’s new live activities feature

-- New Browse menu makes it easy to explore, including Prospects, Baseball Savant, Tickets, Shop and seasonal sections
-- New Account management makes it easy to curate your followed player lists, manage notifications and link your subscriptions
-- Enhanced scoreboard tells you where to watch every game
-- Gameday is faster, with real-time performance and a new for Opening Day, an “At Bat detail” view that goes deep with Statcast data and immersive 3D Replays you can easily share
-- Breaking news, schedules, interactive rosters and player stats for every team
-- Sortable batting, pitching and fielding statistics
-- Customize your iPhone and iPad screens with MLB Club-branded app icons

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MLB App Comments & Reviews

MLB Positive Reviews

Good app gone bad. Another greedy money grabI used to love this app. However, if you can avoid it, do so. First they jacked up the price from $20 a year to $30 a year for the audio broadcasts. No new features or benefits, just a huge greedy move for us with auto subscriptions turned on. They also started using local commercials based on your location. However, there doesn’t seems to be anyone actually monitoring the game so the commercials start later than the commercial break so it cuts off the start of the broadcast of the next innings. By the time the commercials finish you’ve missed at least the first batter or more. And the audio on the commercials is so loud! I did radio and tv commercials for years professionally and this is easily fixed with a leveling compressor but apparently no one at MLB knows what one is. Look elsewhere for your baseball broadcasts if you can..Version: 16.5.0

MLB stop trying to change the gameThis app is awesome, I’ve been a huge fan of Major League Baseball since I was 8 years old .I can remember listening to the Oakland A’s , in 1972. I would keep score of the games. Stats in sports have always interested me. Especially when it came to baseball. The history of game and the players who once played at the beginning ,when they started to keep players numbers ,stats. A bats . Hits ,Runs ,Home Runs ,RBI’s etc .Pitching records Era’s it’s made baseball as far has I’m concerned, the best game ever.! I have to say , I don’t like the new rules , the pitching clock. The base runner at second in extra innings. It takes the purity out of the game: I love that baseball has no time limit It’s what’s made it unique, a game could last 20 innings or longer. That’s what’s amazing. But by just putting runners on base: In my I think it hurts the game : not makes it better. If your going to have the pitching clock .let’s add some time. It’s way to fast. Baseball was never meant to be a quick game. It involves Thinking and strategies on every pitch, managerial moves, pitching changes, pinch hitters,( oh yeah and I almost forgot, you can’t shift players over to one side of the diamond , that’s ridiculous also. Just let the managers try whatever to stop a pull hitter . Stop changing the greatest game ever .!! The end.Version: 16.5.0

Hating the streaming service gamesThe app is great. Love watching games on MASN. Absolutely hate when games are only available on streaming services (ie. Apple TV, Peacock). I think it’s pretty tone deaf on the part of the MLB to expect fans to pay hundreds of dollars a year to watch a handful of games. Games with mediocre coverage at best, by on air personalities who clearly know little about the teams and cities of which they report. People on fixed incomes, low income families and anyone struggling to make ends meet, see it as a slap in the face. Not everyone can afford to even visit the ballpark for a game. Further limiting people’s ability to support their team by putting games out of their financial reach feels like blind elitism. I am very disappointed in this very poorly thought out decision by the MLB.Version: 16.6.0

MLB at Bat app, Best of Four Major SportsThe MLB at Bat app is by far the best app to follow your hometown MLB team and all of Major League Baseball, in general. You can follow just about everything you would want to know about the MLB in real-time at the touch of your fingers on your smartphone. This year they even improved it with more ways to get specific information about each game. By the way, the app is faster than your tv and radio broadcasts. But I have one negative against these new improvements, there is no function or tab to click on to show which defensive players are in the field or which runners are on base, etc So one negative: no field view! This matters more late in games as managers make substitutions and especially in extra innings games. So I hope MLB is listening and watching and will re-introduce field-view with defense and runners on base. Otherwise this app is pretty awesome!.Version: 16.3.1

2023 mlb is not done wellThe new version for this year was not done very well. The new home theme is pointless and worse than the old one. It often takes a long time to load the app. Frustrating experience. Also, I don’t like that the only option when watching live games or full game replay is a 30 second rewind or fast forward. Pitches take less time this year and the app should adjust accordingly. Also if a am busy and missed a game and would like to watch the condensed game, it is a) hard to get to without spoiling the outcome for me (even with ‘hide scores’ on), and when I am watching it, it is obvious who the play is good for based off which team is announcing the play. They should have the team and the plate announcers ALWAYS- this way we won’t know the outcome of the play. Also I wish they had an option for watching every plate appearance- like a longer condensed game.Version: 16.3.2

Terrible Casting ExperienceI hate the casting experience. I watch half a game, come back the next day to finish, and the app won’t let me resume from where I left off. So, I try to slew to the approximate hour/minute where I left off. The stream is paused, so I hit “play” and it returns me to the very beginning of the broadcast, not the hour/minute I chose. Also, the 30 second fast forward/rewind buttons don’t do anything, they are just for visual appeal I suppose. When I say they don’t do anything, I mean just that. Non functional. Oh and the RSN’s…don’t get me started on that terrible arrangement that MLB has in order to screw fans and reduce overall accessibility to live games. I hope someone gets fired for coming up with that idea..Version: 16.2.2

New 3D game play by play feature is amazing!This app has always been my go to for the ability to watch and listen to live games. Based on your location certain games may not be available to watch but you can still listen. As an avid fan I did not mind and would often follow along use the 2D play by play. Yesterday I noticed the 3D play by play and was nothing short of AMAZED! This feature tracks the ball and shows full movement through out the field. Gone are the 2D pitcher and batter box. You can follow along in virtual real time, see the pitcher warm up between inning, and rocket through the field if a ball is put in play. Truly revolutionary feature this app upgrade is worthy of a glowing review! Outstanding workaround for games that are blacked out in your region. If you love following the action pitch by pitch this will more than satisfy the itch. Game on!!.Version: 16.6.0

Greatest baseball app ever but one issueThis app is great. I absolutely love the game day to help you visualize the game. And I also like how you can change your teams to follow and your favorite team. However, I had 3 teams that I was following. Then the complete revision came and I wanted to take them out cause of too much notifications. So I went to the followed teams and the only team I was following was my favorite team. But I was still getting notifications. I want to have peace while I’m laying in bed at night but I keep getting notifications from teams I don’t follow anymore. I hope that this issue (which is probably only with me) to be fixed. I hope you see this and know what’s going on because this is starting to become a problem. And if you do fix it then thank you..Version: 16.3.2

Blackout banditsYou need to stop with all the blackouts! Draw a circle with a 300 mile radius and only black out those folk because they can drive to the games and buy tickets. Instead you blackout the Astros from me here in southern New Mexico which is almost 800 miles away! Really? Do you think I will drive or fly to every game cause I am so close? Never gonna happen! Not to mention you blackout San Diego and Arizona! Ok, I get it with Arizona but c’mon Houston? I can watch the Rockies but not Houston or the Padres. It makes no sense. Now, on top of that I am retired and on a fixed income so if I go to just one game in five years I will be surprised. I save my money for the minor league teams I can see in El Paso. So relax you restrictions already on all the blackouts!.Version: 16.3.2

GlenAll these outsourced games to Disney, apple, peacock, you tube is a rip off for people who buy a season long subscription to mlb at bat. We pay to watch all the games. It’s bad enough that in market games are excluded. Losing another third of the season in games to outsourced broadcasters borders on fraud. Time for the commissioner to say season subscriptions are season subscriptions. No lost games to companies that I don’t want to do business with, or don’t want on my computer, asking me to buy into their services, or having to wait for three hours to watch a game I already paid to watch. Making small print to “cya” with selling out mlb games isn’t right. (What if the game is west coast and it ends at 11pm. I can’t watch it until 2 am.? Who’s going to stay up to watch a game at that hour? STOP RIPPING THE FANS OFF! TIME FOR THE COMMISSIONER TO BE FAIR WITH THE PAYING FANS !.Version: 16.3.3

MLB TVI am a lifelong Dodger fan and supporter. I saw one game at Ebbets Field in which Duke Snider and Willie Mays hit home runs. Willie Mays was the best player because Mickey Mantle hurt his foot in a drain at Yankee Stadium. Sandy Koufax was the greatest player of my generation and maybe of all time for 5 years. I met with him one day and made friends with him. I told him about personal relationships in his life. He gave me a free baseball. I am 73 years old. I want to meet with him again before one of us dies-paid kindly by the Dodgers for us. My wife is also a great Dodger fan. When she goes to bed, I have to always tell her the Dodger’s score. Sandy Koufax should be even more Nationalized while he is still alive. He is beyond believable!!!.Version: 16.6.0

Invaluable App with Serious ProblemsI can’t imagine baseball life without this app. All the markets broadcast n one place, by each team’s actual announcers? Sign me up! (I use Gameday Audio exclusively.) But the app comes with some fatal flaws. Often the app just quits broadcasting - it gets stuck buffering or says “playback failed.” I must go through a series of needless steps to get it working again. If I’m listening in the car or drifting off to sleep, I’m screwed. I’ve missed crucial plays because of this problem. Until MLB fixes this “consistency” problem, I can only give it 3 stars. Wish I could give it 5, for it provides a large quantity of team news, box scores, and even archives games for later listening. Yet I’m there primarily for the broadcasts, and the app often falls short in this function..Version: 16.3.4

Getting Better But Not There YetTwo things I would really like to see to rate this app five stars. Box score and highlights and condensed videos available on the Home Screen for my favorite team. I see that I can get this info now if I click scores. I enjoy seeing the box score below the score. Also access to the condensed game and highlights videos from the Home Screen would be preferred. Also still having issues with videos starting off muted and having to unmute. Clicking the all videos button on the Home Screen and being taken to a website page within the app is undesirable. The user experience of watching videos from the website is terrible. Please have them embedded and playable from the app and not load from a website page..Version: 16.4.0

Great AppI wrote the review below last year. I had to downgrade it one star because it has become slow to open. Everything has become slower in the app too. I like to read the bios of the players, but it’s excruciatingly slow. It’s very different this year. It’s got a new look when it opens, so the developer made some changes that have affected the performance. It’s not my internet. It is fast, and all my other apps do not have this problem. Sometimes it’s better not to fix it when it ain’t broken. I’m a Southern California Cubs fan and subscribe to MLB to watch my Cubbies. It’s such a great deal. The only drawback is that I spend way too much time watching baseball. I saw almost every game last year and the year before..Version: 16.3.2

MLBTV is awesomeThis is my 10th baseball season using MLBTV, and all it does each season is get better and better. This year, the amazing people at MLBTV included games from the AAA, AA, A, and High-A farm teams of one’s perspective MLB team. I am a life-long Dodgers fan, and this year I am blessed to be able to view all of LA’s games as well as the wonderful players still developing their skills in the Dodgers farm system. I love MLBTV and I am so thankful to everyone who makes this amazing site absolutely brilliant year in, and year out. God bless and keep everyone and your families at MLBTV, and once again, thank you so much for all that you do. Sincerely, Keny W. Hernandez.Version: 16.3.2

Home Page is stupidI use the mlb app to track games and use mlb tv every once in a while. Everything works as it should, aside from some occasional bugs and glitches. The thing I HATEEE the most about this app is this new forced home page they added for the 2023 season. I used to be able to open the app to see the Yankees schedule and Yankees details (as they were my “favorited” team). Now I have the brief preview on the home page with all the other info with MLB. If I want to go into the details for the Yankees, I have to press at the top, another action for no reason. Get rid of this forced home screen thing or at least give us an option to have it be like last years app that takes u to the team page when you open the app..Version: 16.4.0

Gets worse every yearYou’ll get stuck in a loop of commercials during the audio broadcasts, have to close the app and re-open which is impossible while driving which is when most of us are probably listening to games. Then you end up missing potentially important parts of the game, wondering why the commercials haven’t stopped for 10 minutes. They jack up the prices year after year and the app seems to just keep getting glitchier. I still give it three stars because I love that I can buy one subscription and watch all non-local games. Also how are we blacking our games, when they are the free game of the day and I’m not even in the local market? A little irritating to me, but I’ll assume it’s yet another glitch..Version: 16.6.0

MLB subscription.. and no extra pay for 3Rd party streamingIf you pay for a TV subscription every year you shouldn't have to pay again to watch it on alternative TV / Streaming services ! You also shouldn't not be blacked out on games ... especially if you do not receive "local programming" in the different state a game is playing. If a subscription is purchased you should have ACCESS to ALL games ... PERIOD !!! I live in an area that doesn't provide a lot of only option is a MLB subscription... I don't want to pay to watch streaming when I should get it on MLB TV. This would make a better fan experience! Instead of all about the money in the end !.Version: 16.4.0

A painThis app is fine when it works, but constantly logs you out and requires a password reset to get back in. What’s more, anytime there is a game that goes past midnight it cuts it off completely. We are Mets fans and every time there is a west coast game (which typically starts at 9 or 10pm EST), we miss the last 2-3 innings because the system will not allow you to watch games that go into the next day. It’s super frustrating and I wish the app developers would fix the issue. We’ve complained about this year after year, sent messages to customer service, no one cares. It would be great to be able to actually watch games I’ve paid for..Version: 16.2.2

Poorly redesigned app for 2023This app used to be very easy to navigate between the live game progress (Gameday), the box score, summary of action and videos. The redesigned app makes this much more painful. Trying to find a game highlight? You used to be able to just click the Video button and choose from all the clips. Now? First scroll to the top and click on Summary, then click on Video, and scroll through the list of featured videos by inning, then scroll to the bottom and click on All Videos from the Game, then look for the clip. On the iPad, the game display is even more cumbersome, with MLB selected highlights taking it most to the screen. Arg. Please go back to the older, better interface..Version: 16.2.0

Not getting what I pay forIf a person is subscribing to mlb tv, there should be no blackout dates and or networks that supersede the dedicated app subscription. Now, not only am I limited if the specific team I subscribe for is playing locally, I’m limited to view based on current and new side deals with networks; ESPN, Apple TV etc. I don’t get a lot of viewing time and when I do I shouldn’t have to take a back seat to corporate money, especially as a perennial customer. Please remove black out restrictions so I and other dedicated subscribers can watch what we’re paying you for when we have the opportunity to do so. Everything else about the app is fantastic..Version: 16.3.2

Why Fix What Is NOT Broke?This year MLB has removed an outstanding feature in the app. That being the Lineup and Defense viewing features from the GAME-DAY display on the app. As a fan who has been using the app for the last 4 years and one who scores the games (via The Home Field App) I watch on the MLB app, via my Apple TV, iPad or iPhone. This part of the Game-Day display is missed. So I’m sure that I’m not the only one who misses these features. I know that the line-up are in the Preview display, but the changes defensively that occur late in the game are hard to keep up with most of the time. A True Fan!.Version: 16.3.1

AmazingIf you like baseball, you have to have this. It’s the wiki of baseball, you will find all you want and things you could never imagine about the game. How do you not have this? Quit reading this and get it ….. go on, get it..Version: 16.7.0

Very goodAlways keeps me updated.Version: 16.7.0

Best sports streaming app on market!Hands down the best subscription for a sports streaming service out there. 10/10.Version: 16.6.0

GBest MLB app you can get this app has all the gooood stuff.Version: 16.6.0

Blue jays blackoutI live on the west coast of canada nowhere near Toronto and it’s blacked out. I have sports net and I use my online cable app to watch the jays play. If wasn’t also a mariners fan because they are my closest team I wouldn’t want the subscription or use the app. You should do what wwe online does and connect to the cable subscription example Shaw is my pass verifying I’m a sports net customer in good standing or tsn whatever.Version: 16.6.0

MLBGreat up to date coverage 🤩👍.Version: 16.6.0

MLB appGood app. Ways to follow every team in the league..Version: 16.6.0

Crashing and crashing as of June 22/23 updateI'm having tons of issues with video constantly crashing on my new 9th generation iPad. This has gotten worse with the Jun 22/23 update..Version: 16.6.0

Ok appThis app is ok but since the changes, we can no longer see who it pitching at a particular time. It only tells us when a pitcher has been changed. Please fix this..Version: 16.6.0

Gem of an appAbsolutely fantastic app. I was genuinely surprised at how they listen to feedback and work to make the experience better..Version: 16.5.0

GreatAwesome app 5 out of 5 ⭐️.Version: 16.5.0

GoodW rizz.Version: 16.5.0

Condensed GamesAny chance the condensed games could be like 20-25 minutes? Showing more highlights…?.Version: 16.4.0

MlbWork great.Version: 16.4.0

Back to the topMy only complaint about this app (which is one of my favourite apps, don’t get me wrong) is when you are going through scores, and then you open up a games box score… but when you go back to the scores, it automatically takes you back to the top. I find this very annoying as you could be 2/3 of the way down the list of games, then it takes you back to the top when you exit the box score for that game..Version: 16.4.0

Love the app!Love the app but room for improvement. Advertisements quite often interfere with the broadcast of the game..Version: 16.3.2

MLB appI love this app! Great app the only complaint I have , and it’s almost a deal breaker for me is that I can’t watch Toronto BlueJays games live!!!! Please change this or I might not be a dedicated customer for much longer! I can watch every other game live except the one I want! Very frustrating! Thanks for your time!.Version: 16.3.4

Change app back to how it was beforePlease change the app back to how it was before. When you click on a boxscore or a video under scores and then click back the page defaults back to the top of the scoreboard. Have it go back to the game you were previously viewing..Version: 16.3.3

Five starsIt is great. It shows me the pitch before we get it on the television and ai get to spoil it for my whole family. It gives me a notification when the game is about to start and if I can’t watch the game on the television I can see the pitch by pitch. All around a great app..Version: 16.3.2

Die Hard Baseball Fans Opinion:I honestly think out of all the major sports, MLB Is probably the easiest of the apps to navigate. I instantly have what I’m looking for when I open the app. It’s super easy to use and laid out quite well. I think my only little gripe is that it can be difficult to find the stats sometimes. I don’t think you should have to go to the settings to find stats. Baseball is by far the most statistically centred. Everyone is critical of players stats. So it should be a main focus on the app as well..Version: 16.3.2

Best appThis app is super enjoyable being able to connect to the MLB and all the stats from different players. Knowing all the different stats definitely comes in clutch when I get to a baseball game!!.Version: 16.3.2

Ain’t broke…Prefer last year’s version! If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. The mouse font & layout is horrible. This app is usually the gold standard. Back to the drawing board please. Tried to fix it in settings. Perhaps grab an older version - No luck..Version: 16.3.2

BaseballLove this App ⚾️ 🇨🇦 🌭 🙃.Version: 16.3.2

Could be 5 stars IF5 stars if you stop repeating the same add for each video. Once for all in the same game is enough!!!!.Version: 16.3.2

MILB A Game ChangerThe site seems to load a little slower than usual, but feeds have been consistent, is almost as good on the phone as is on the TV, and Customer Service is always quick to respond, friendly and helpful. Pleased with the overall experience.Version: 16.3.1

The standard for sports appsI have yet to figure out why other sorts apps have not taken note of The MLB app, it’s by far the best sports app out of all the leagues and sports. The streaming quality is almost perfect, and the layout is perfect. TSN should get some advice from MLB when it comes to streaming quality right here..Version: 16.3.1

Enjoying the app now.I’m back to subscribing and watching the games, so far so good. A few issues resolved from when I last subscribed but I’m not fond of how the first screen I see is set up. It will likely take me a while to get used to it from the older version. Enjoying the games both live and in review..Version: 16.3.1

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What do you think MLB ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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