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The Vrbo Owner Mobile App makes it easy to manage your vacation rental. Stay connected with travelers, manage your bookings, and run your business, anytime and anywhere.

Get alerted every time you receive an
inquiry or booking request! You can reply to an inquiry and approve or
decline bookings directly from your smartphone.

It’s easy to stay connected to guests
before, during, or after their booking. You can read and reply to your
messages quickly, with all of your conversations in one place.

Add, edit, or cancel a reservation in your calendar in just a few taps. Need to block dates? That’s easy, too.

Edit your listing, update your house rules and policies, and stay in control with the convenience of an app.

Vrbo Owner App Comments & Reviews

Vrbo Owner Positive Reviews

No good for OwnersThis app and overall website is not good or user friendly for Owners. When you receive an inquiry and go to read it you have to log in every time, there is no user id memory function. It also takes you to screens of the latest tools rather than taking your directly to the inquiry. Lastly VRBO does NOT let the owner communicate directly with the potential renter. I want to vet my potential renters and see if they are good people and/or validate they have as many guests coming that they message through VRBO. VRBO does absolutely no background check. The site also gives the person, making the inquiry, the impression that they’ve locked in the property. Again, we want to make sure that our home will be in good hands. I’ve tried sending my phone number and email address and VRBO xxx it out. Earlier this summer I was on holiday and did not respond to an inquiry. Without notification, VRBO put my account on inactive status so potential renters could not see it. Even though I paid my $500 annual fee and I lost 3 months of active advertising. This site is unethical. The fees are ridiculous for the service rendered. If I were a website developer I would definitely create some competition for VRBO & Home Away..Version: 2018.18

Good but one issueI’ve used the owner app for a couple years and I generally like it however my one complaint is that it ghosts all forms of contact information from being shared with people. You can’t send anyone your phone number because VRBO doesn’t want us communication outside of the app. While I understand the business reasoning for this, it frustrates me because some renters want to be able to speak with you over the phone. I’ve had inquiries from Europeans who are interested in visiting the Chesapeake region for the first time and they would like to talk to a person rather than the impersonal messaging in the app. I would like to be treated like an adult by VRBO. If I want to share a phone number so that a potential guest can call me and get a better feeling about their vacation planning, I should be able to do that. If VRBO is so afraid of losing business they should come up with better incentives to keep people willingly using their system, not force the issue by treating us like children. Claire Homeowner.Version: 2019.6.1

I try to avoid VRBO bookings bc of this appVRBO has definitely not kept up with the times of technology. This app can barely do anything for me as an owner. I have 3 listings on this site, I could potentially have 6 but I don’t even want to take the time to create a listing bc I try and push all my business to Airbnb. In order to do what I can do with a push of a button on Airbnb apps I have to log onto the main browser for VRBO. I can’t do the 2 main things that I do as an active STR owner which is add/remove blocked dates or adjust rates. This app is worthless to me. Maybe I’m missing some steps, but bc Airbnb is so user friendly as an app I set all my listings to “book now” on Airbnb and only “request to book” on vrbo. Plus the way vrbo pays you out as an owner is not straight forward. They don’t collect or pay any of the taxes on my behalf which is also a nice perk that Airbnb does. Regardless, I’ll keep my listings on here but have to jack up the price an additional 10% of my Airbnb listing price since they charge a higher commissions as well as charge me back the credit card transaction fee if the guest pays with a credit card! Sorry VRBO, you are not my first choice!!.Version: 2018.24

Getting a lots of fraud messages please work on screening these fraudulentI just want to make you aware as I’m sure you are I receive a lot of fraudulent request for reservations they want me to take a check their company check because the company does not have a credit card all kinds of nonsense!! I know it’s fake as I’ve been working with Vrbo for a long time and I’m surprised you are not able to get rid of these fraudulent request. I work with the other short term rental companies and I never get any fraud request such a large company can have better filters it’s really annoying!!! I am sure people have been taken advantage of . I enjoy hosting the real ones please please try to get rid of all these fake reservations it’s just a waste of time and energy for everyone. Thank you please Sarah.Version: 2022.14.0

Upgrade App Is Badly FlawedThe new app is greatly flawed. It allowed me inadvertently to up change a reservation that had been fulfilled 5 months ago. It caused me to thing that Home Away had charged those renters for the reservation for 2018. When I called tech support they walked me through how to refund my renters wrong charge and how to submit a quote. When they refunded the money I realized that they had not put the money into my account to begin with. Now after 2 hours on the phone they are liking into but don’t think they are willing to help me. The funds were sent to my past renters and Home Away says I need to reach out to them to get my money back. That is a huge flaw in the their system and they are not taking responsibility for. Now this morning I have someone trying to rent another week but the Home Away app won’t let me add a pet fee. Since they up graded their app recently it is riddle with flaws and very confusing. Worst of all Home Away takes no responsibility for the horribly upgrade which may cost $1,650!!!! HORRIBLY!!!!.Version: 2018.01

DecentIt’s a little clunky and hard to navigate, sometimes it boots you out and you have to sign back in, and it’s generally pretty slow to load, as well as notify you of inquiry’s/bookings/guest questions (which you’re graded on by response time)... but, overall, it’s improving in all of these areas. You’re also able to do more and more from the app w/o having to go to the website, which is nice, thanks for updating those features. Generally you’re able to manage your property from the app w/o having to be tied to a computer, which is pretty remarkable. Please bring back the owner payout breakdown and make it easier to modify guest length of stay. It now shows the total that the guest is paying but not how much goes to the owner, which is a pain and somewhat misleading. Also, please change the font for “price change suggestions” when in night mode (iPhone), it’s currently unreadable at night..Version: 2021.5.0

Glitchy app & not user friendlyThis app doesn’t allow templates to be created through the app to have pocketed quick responses to inquiries, and doesn’t have an auto-reply feature, etc like Airbnb does. This is VERY important to me since I manage so many properties. The calendar view is nice bc it shows the prices for each day without having to click on the actual days, but the calendar it’s doesn’t work at least 30% of the time I try to open it on my iPhone XS. The calendar functions are extremely limited along with many features on the VRBO app that are available on Airbnb. VRBO also charges higher commissions for bookings and therefore I increase my price roughly 15% on VRBO and charge more fees simply because I don’t want to do business very frequently with VRBO. You would think with them charging much higher fees that they would have a premium product/ functionality over Airbnb, but that is FAR from the case..Version: 2021.5.1

What is up with the MarketPlace feed?I guess vrbo thinks I want to know every time someone books with another owner. It’s interesting but not actionable information. I mean I can’t change my view, add another room, or change how many people I can accommodate. When I go into the app, it’s usually to respond to a guest, or look at the calendar. But no, vrbo wants me to look at the market feed. Stop trying to make the Marketfeed happen. Why so much prominence on mobile and web site and why are you burying the operational aspects of my business? Inbox, calendar, rates, revenue. When I do want market data, the info I need is not available. The area my house is in is VERY seasonal, so the last 3 months doesn’t do me any good. I want last Summer’s data so I can manage my pricing. I think vrbo needs to do more research with users to understand needs regarding market data..Version: 2018.05

Website allows and encourages misinformationI like the functionality of VRBO, but I hate how it allows property managers to advertise low nightly rates in the ranking search function, then you realize PMs just hide fees in “owner fees.” I could advertise my condo for $1 a night, then slap on $200 a night in owner fees, and vacation searchers would click thinking they found an amazing deal. This keeps renters from being able to find rentable units at their desired price points. And renters probably get annoyed with deceiving hidden owner fees and give up at times, hurting the entire secondary home rental market.... I feel like VRBO should be ambassadors of pricing transparency and matching owners to renters, instead VRBO helps PMs hide and deceive. Please take out owner fees and make it part of the nightly rate!.Version: 2020.3.0

VRBO App Lacks Lots of FeaturesWhen I am out and about I find the Vrbo app handy in that I can accept a booking request and maybe ask/answer simple questions on current or pending guests. However unfortunately it lacks a lot of features that you can only access on your laptop, desktop or even just accessing the website on your iPhone. The app has been out long enough now that I feel they should’ve had the time to update it with all the same features we get elsewhere. It would make our lives a lot easier as Owners! I also experience the app not working a lot and giving me a message to check back later. That is quite frustrating when you really need to do some work on there ASAP. The app isn’t reliable when you need to adjust quotes, add extra charges, subtract charges, etc. Hopefully VRBO will take the time to update the app very soon..Version: 2021.23.0

Templates should not be an option so easily on this app.This app is nice for ease of use but maybe too easy sometimes! When we were new owners and just started booking, I got a booking one night when I was tired and was just checking it. Somehow I accidentally scanned the template that said “sorry, this property is no longer available” without realizing it. The renter started freaking out because she had already paid and was trying to find something during the high season. She ended up canceling her reservation because she thought we canceled on her even though we reassured her that we didn’t cancel. This app needs to disable the templates or make them harder to access. It made us lose this booking! We ended up rebooking other people then Covid hit and they all rebooked anyway, so on the long run it didn’t cost us but still!.Version: 2020.12.0

Improvements neededThere are several features which could make this app easier to use. It would be especially nice to have a "tab" choice for "my bookings". Many people inquire but not all choose my cabin and the list is all mixed up together with the ones who do choose my cabin. If I could click on "my bookings" and just the guests who choose my cabin are there it would be wonderful. Where are they from? Hosting and meeting new folks is fun. The curiosity is there. Guest reviews? Just like I get reviews and also I give them, how do I know how the guest is rated? What if they have been hosted several times and had bad ratings? Would I want to host them? I wonder about these things. Well, the "my bookings" tab is my most primary request for improvement. Obviously I started this before. I would like the people requesting my property to be better vetted. I have receivers many many scams asking me to make arrangements outside the app. Why? I never had that happen on Airbnb or trip advisor. What are they doing they you need to do the make sure it doesn’t happen? Recently, I have to sign in every time. This is an app. If it’s on my phone I want to click to button and it opens. I don’t like that I have to enter my password every time now. No to the newsfeed. It’s not important..Version: 2018.21

The technology needs a serious upgradeI’ve been an owner with VRBO for 5 years now. Often the system is slow or unresponsive. The biggest challenge is in not being able to credit people for expenses they initially paid for (pet fee or extra person fee) but they didn’t need at check in without completely canceling their reservation and asking them to rebook. There’s an option for the owner to give a fee back but the guest won’t recover taxes or the additional percentage VRBO charges on those fees. Update- VRBO responded to my review about “adding” payment requests! The problem is giving renters money back including the taxes and VRBO fees added to the charge being refunded. Shortened stays or less people should not only get my refund but the taxes and fees they were charged for those days and services they no longer need. VRBO just doesn’t get it..Version: 2019.22.1

So slow, the new calendar is horrible, freezesI don’t know what they are doing but every week this app seems to get worse and worse. The current issues are it constantly freezes up, I can’t refund guests a portion of their payments if needed, it takes several minutes just to finally pull up a reservation because it’s so slow and the worst thing is the new look of the calendar with the silly small lines. We now miss several bookings and changeovers because it’s hard to see the very tiny break in lines if you have it synced with Airbnb. The way they had it before was great. Don’t even get me started on the online version. You would think for as big of a company that they are they would have an app that works well..Version: 2018.05

VRBO is increasingly frustratingVRBO does some things well, but it has done a few things lately that are frustrating. First, Texas started requiring VRBO to Remit state hotel taxes instead of having owners do it. Fine. But they stopped collecting the county tax that they previously collected and I remitted. So now I have to send a separate payment request to renters every time asking for the county tax. VRBO said they were working on a fix. But this happened in April and they’ve done nothing and apparently don’t plan to fix it. Why change the collection method? They could have kept it the same and just remitted the state tax and let me remit the county. Instead, they created more work for owners and they clearly don’t care. And now they are keeping my rental payments until the renter checks in instead of disbursing to me immediately. I can get MY money earlier for a 3% fee. Simple money grab. Not pleased at all..Version: 2019.20.0

EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SERVICEI am impressed with VRBO results so far. I received my first booking within 1 hour of publishing my listing and 10 bookings in the next two days which are still coming in. What has impressed me the most is the level of customer service. As a new person I had a lot of questions and there were a few calls. The pick up time was quick I was not left on hold. Each of the reps helped me through and trained me on use of the function in question until my question was answered. I was also nicely surprised to receive a call two day later from a CS person as VRBO to go through all the layers of my listing to be certain I was getting the full benefit of the site for greater results in bookings. Bravo VRBO for great customer service!.Version: 2020.18.0

CommunicationI’ve been using this application for eight years now. In the beginning it was wonderful if you needed anything you picked up the phone when you called and someone answered, someone who could communicate and at least presented the idea that the application was there to serve the best needs of the customers. Lately I do not feel the same way. some months ago I tried to reach out to someone I had concerns and questions about payments bookings and COVID-19. I spent 45 minutes on the phone more than once and every time I spoke with someone communication was difficult and I never felt like I was satisfied with the result. Now this is the application that keeps my calendar in order takes my money and the customers and dispenses it based on VRBO’s metric. The application is only serviceable now and not a stand out and is no longer a leader in the industry. James.Version: 2020.23.0

Vrbo does not protect the ownerRental for 6, turned into a Memorial Day party for 20 and growing. Neighbors called the police. I called vrbo and asked how to handle the situation, they told me to ask the guests to leave since they broke the house rules. The guest got 100% of their money back and wrote me a 1 star review, wrote that my husband was crazy. I have asked vrbo to take the review down several times and to give me my money back; since I lost the income for Memorial Day weekend: vrbo is not willing to help with the review or the lost income: I have lost thousands and my reputation damaged because my guest threw a wild Memorial Day beach party in my home. What did I do wrong? Trusted that by using the vrbo platform, I would have an advocate to represent me from bad guests..Version: 2021.18.0

HomeAway’s App is their single biggest asset.HomeAway/VRBO basically owns one of the best operating computer programs for the Vacation Rental industry. All of their individual owners they contract with to rent an Owners property. For HomeAway to have any inventory to sell dates to their Guests they need Owner’s to buy, maintain their homes to certain vacation rental program standards for their homes they book. HA/VRBO reservation, calendar, management and operational tools and tips in their computer system is one of the best ever designed. A Vacation Rental Agent’s best and most necessary management tool is their Guest Reservation system and computer programs and HA/VRBO’s is fantastic with no investment for Owners we just pay them a % of the reservations they sell, confirm and collect our money to work with each other. It is a good relationship..Version: 2018.26.1

Difficult and ExpensiveI like the option of this site in addition to Airbnb, but the fees are ridiculous. Besides paying for the service they also charge a credit card use fee (percentage). It is highly unlikely anyone will pay with another method and raising the nightly rate will only decrease the likelihood my unit will rent. It’s a LOSE/LOSE situation. Also it is very difficult to get paid. My guests had come and gone before I got my money and I have direct deposit. This company uses a 3rd party to payout hosts so it takes extra time. After this summer season I will be using VRBO/HomeAway/ etc. They also have too many companies merged and the guests that come through are not the cream of the crop but the bottom of the barrel..Version: 2019.12.0

We love hosting guests at our Haiku Surf HouseWe love our little piece of paradise in Haiku, Maui and offering a more local experience to guests visiting the island. Our favorite part is being able to walk to the coffee shop in the morning and get a coffee and pastry or walking to the Pauwela Store in the afternoon for a snack or dessert. Our property is lush and inviting and full of character with homemade decor and a surfboard fence surrounding the property. Did you know all 110 boards were donated by local surfers and windsurfers, so we feel our property is surrounded by good Maui vibes! We look forward to hosting and meeting new and returning guests from all around the world and helping give them a new Maui experience from the eyes of a Maui local! Aloha, Amy & Joel.Version: 2017.21

Ok but has some legs to growFirst of all, we are thankful that VRBOhas put in the time to create any platform and we use it frequently to welcome guests. The platform is good enough to communicate and book but doesn’t have us in love with any part of the experience or features. Our chief issues are: 1) We get spammed and/or spoofed often and by many of the same users. We flag these users in the app, they disappear and then return with another booking request in about a week. My wife and I know a couple as if they were neighbors they show up so often. 2) Phantom alerts- My wife and I both manage our rental and often she’ll respond to a guest only for the app to still have an alert for me to respond to a guest. We end up doubling down if we don’t give the app a chance to refresh after signing in. 3) Customer profiles- the app doesn’t share much of anything on the customers coming to stay with us. Our rental is on our property and we like to know who’s joining us for the booking… we don’t need to know PII but we also don’t really trust to platform to know much about the folks staying with us, to note (1) above..Version: 2021.23.0

Owner AppThe owner app appears to display unavailable messages when I was trying to review my conversation history or my inbox. Of greater concern is VRBO’s blocking of communication between the owner and potential traveler. In doing so you are causing owners to lose bookings because of my personal experience there is no substitute for reassuring a potential traveler of a reservations in the thousands of dollars then speaking to the owner who can address their concerns in a timely manner. I believe you will be destroying the brand insofar as if this obstacle to communication process people will no longer feel comfortable booking and committing prior to speaking to an owner, he will have higher cancellations, after-the-fact which then again president Nother problem throwing your cancellation logarithm validity in the question. Again the greatest concern is that The new barriers to communication will drive fewer bookings. On Another note I’d like to hear details of real success stories using the $1 million protection and the other promotional incentives been largely criticized as being fraught with loopholes and virtually useless..Version: 2017.20

Lags and loading issuesThe app has great information and is a wonderful tool for tracking. It is also conveniently for staying on top of your listings. The biggest issue I have is on numerous occasions it will not load I get errors loading the calendar, customer info and lags in the inbox messages. The current convos will be from several days ago it does not refresh and give you the up-to-date messages. I just recently had someone who booked stating they had pets on a non-pet friendly home but I did not see it because it did not load until several days later..Version: 2021.19.0

Easy To RentI have been renting my vacation home for a little over a year now. The HA/VRBO website makes it easy to list the property. It does take some time to set up the account and list the property, but it does a good job displaying all the details. The support has been excellent and helpful. My only complaint is that they charge a lot of fees on both sides and I don’t get paid until after each guest checks out or cancels. For example, I have this summer booked and several weeks next summer booked, and I won’t see a dime until several days after each guest checks out. That is a lot of money sitting in their account collecting $500 in interest. Are the fees not enough?.Version: 2020.6.0

Wish I Could Give Them Minus StarsWhat started as a fairly good app has turned into a nightmare. Clearly no one involved with this has ever been a landlord with multiple properties. Forcing landlords into online payment and automated online booking is a farce. I simply refund of the service fees to my renters and only collect checks. It is a perfect system that has worked for years. I was forced into using these services by VRBO or risk losing the service, which is effective at driving leads. But they don’t own my customers and I don’t like them in between them and myself. Like most online services, they find a way to screw with a good simple idea as they get more and more greedy..Version: 2018.07

Google map attachmentThere is a problem for my listing. Many people all over the world like to visit Sedona, AZ. Sedona is 40 miles from my cabin. However VRBO says that my cabin is 9 miles from Sedona. I have talked to VRBO about this grave error. The VRBO customer service representative told me the error is with google maps which you have imbedded in your website. If I run a search independently from VRBO then it states a 40 mile drive. I get nang requests for people wishing to stay in Sedona. If they don’t tell me this and I can steer them away from my cabin to a place closer to Sedona then they may be extremely disappointed. I tried Tj contact google but they have no way for me to contact anyone there. Debbie.Version: 2021.3.0

CautionnementContrairement à votre compétiteur AirBnb, le cautionnement est géré par les propriétaires. Ne changer surtout pas cette formule. C’est la différence qui fait en sorte que je préfère beaucoup plus Abritel HomeAway!.Version: 2017.20

Accepting a BookingGenerally accepting a booking is easy peasy, but not yesterday, I was unable to accept a booking and the request timed out.Version: 2022.17.0

Suggested improvementsA check in module like Airbnb Scheduled messages Co-host functionality..Version: 2022.22.1

Poor app for calendarApp doesn’t work all the time to edit calendar.Version: 2022.20.0

VRBO PlatformMy wife and I have been booking with VRBO for over ten years now and for the last several years our property has been on their platform and we are very satisfied with our relationship with VRBO and their Excellent that they provide to Vacationers and as well owners. Thanks again VRBO Looking forward to adding more properties in the future. Darren Porfon.Version: 2022.17.0

ComplantI don’t like the fact that I can’t give my phone number to clients. Our rental is in a popular Mexican resort for Canadians. So people are there and the want to see the place before they book for the following year. There is one right now looking for 5 months a $ 10000 booking. Another complaint of mine is that you don’t allow reviews from Canadian clients. I complained before but received no reply from you as to why that is. Steve Freeman.Version: 2022.17.0

Great Company!VRBO is a great company to partner with. I highly recommend booking a vacation rental through VRBO and also highly recommend listing your vacation rental with them. Very professional, super easy to work with and very helpful..Version: 2022.15.0

Love the websiteAs an owner I love the calibre of guests booking through the site, easy to manage and navigate . Communication is great..Version: 2021.23.0

Ranking metrics etcHello, the ranking metrics don’t load in the app and the use of the boost is unavailable as well. Lastly, it would be nice to see all the marketing tools available in the app so I don’t have to go to the website..Version: 2022.6.0

System to collect taxes does not work in the Canadian siteOver the last year, Vrbo change it it’s online system so that taxes could be included. The only problem is that it is inflexible in terms of which taxes are to be collected. So basically the system does not work. Previously the owner could manually put in the taxes. This is no longer an option, which provides an extra headache for the owner..Version: 2022.1.0

Lag in messagesThere is often a delay between updating the messages in the app..Version: 2022.1.0

Calendar problems reflect new ideas not tested before implementationVrbo is a great company in many ways. Unfortunately, when they tried to change their calendar, they fell into a slew of problems that left hosts with double bookings and mass confusion, which has continued for many months. There were days when hosts couldn’t even sign in to the vrbo site. Just using the vrbo app now requires us to click on three areas, requesting a download as a host each time. Prior to the changes we were signed in automatically. While I understand the need for updates, I hope the next time they test their ideas to see if they work before implementation..Version: 2022.1.0

Kicked me out and won't let me log inThe app won't let me log in and keeps citing error. I've restarted my phone, changed the password from my lap top, deleted and reinstalled the app and nothing is working..Version: 2021.20.0

Great site and appMakes it so easy to maintain and run my condo rental right from my phone. Love it..Version: 2021.18.0

CommentaireTrop d’anglais , je dois souvent demander de l’aide pour la traduction. Sur mon cellulaire je dois passer par Google traduction à Chaque fois pour communiquer quand je ne parle pas leur langue . Ça serait apprécier de faire les changements ..Version: 2021.15.0

Stay organized.This app is so helpful and keeps it easy to be organized. I recommend it..Version: 2021.13.1

Easy to use from computer or phoneVery facile interface..Version: 2021.12.0

AmazingGreat dope app.Version: 2021.2.1

Hosts reviewVRBO is a brilliant listing site. Hands down. WAY beyond the competition. Dedicated host.Version: 2021.11.0

Communication with Renters is TerribleThe system does not allow for good two way communication with perspective renters..Version: 2021.8.0

CalendarCalendar often doesn’t load. Says to retry and doesn’t do anything when you got the retry button. Not ideal for guests that are listing the same property on Airbnb And vrbo. Blocking dates on the calendar when a booking is made needs to be initiated to avoid double bookings..Version: 2021.5.0

Tableau de bordTableau de bord très en retard.Version: 2021.5.0

ServiceGreat work.Version: 2021.2.1

Ease of Renting our PropertyThe VRBO platform, once it is set up properly within the portal settings is very easy to navigate and the telephone customer service reps are very helpful with anything that we are not sure of. Clients book directly on the portal, information is communicated there as well and then the funds flow into your designated account. I would recommend VRBO to anyone wanting to rent out their vacation property..Version: 2020.24.0

OwnerI am happy with the app, however so often it keeps logging me out..Version: 2020.24.0

Owner commentVRBO is an excellent site. I love how the calendar syncs with others. It’s also easy to use. I use VRBO calendar as my main because the site is so user friendly. Airbnb lacks a few of the fine tuning options which makes VRBO my main choice. Lynne.Version: 2020.24.0

VRBO functionality as an ownerVery dissatisfied with customer service these past few years. I would actually be good to hear from someone. I have tried to lodge a complaint about a scammer that keeps contacting me - via your on-line chat...nothing happens..Version: 2020.23.0

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