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100% Free for everyone - no Capital One account required! Get free automatic coupons and exclusive savings on the go. Plus, get a free $10 rewards bonus when you download the app and add the free tool to Safari.

- Download the app, create an account and add to Safari
- Redeem a free $10 rewards bonus -- it's that easy
- Bonus will be awarded as Capital One Shopping Rewards

- The free tool works for free in the background to find coupons and promo codes
- The best available deal is automatically applied at checkout

- Earn rewards when you shop at your favorite stores
- Redeem rewards for gift cards!

- It finds the best price available on the items you are searching for
- Includes shipping and handling when finding the best deal

- You'll be notified when items you want go on sale or are found elsewhere for less

- Save on the Web, too!
- Add to Safari and get free automatic coupons and rewards

Over 10 million people save with Capital One Shopping! Join this exclusive club today for free!

Capital One Shopping: Save Now App Comments & Reviews

Capital One Shopping: Save Now Positive Reviews

Cap One Shopping is the BOMBThe best deals, the best coupon hunter, and sometimes the deals are 30% back! The cards you redeem points for would suit any living person who shops! So they are equal to cash as far as convenience for me. I have an account, but you don’t need a Cap One Credit Card to use it! Your purchases are reliably tracked as well. Set up notifications via email/text to be alerted of deals- it’s separate from your Cap One account site. Now I’ve also banked with them since they were ING ( many years) and have always been happy doing so. Cap One shopping is right up there with Ibotta, and far better for online shopping if you shop online at all. Save at so many commonly shipped sites. I use many deal trackers, rewards apps etc. and save a lot of $$$ - it’sa hobby I’m dedicated to and this one would be impossible to give up! Oh- get the Chrome extension as well! If you do these things, it’s impossible to miss a deal/steal/reward if you want it..Version: 2.23.1

So far…LOVE IT!!What I love most is that I don’t have to remember codes, or promos. I also don’t have to remember what places Capital One is with so that I can get the benefits of shopping multiple places. Just another reason I love this card. I’ve had it for a couple years and I have not ever been disappointed. Keep up the good work. I hope this company doesn’t get complacent. All businesses seem to get that way and everything goes downhill. Everything from the benefits to the customer service is wonderful..Version: 2.45.0

Superior back upSince I put Capital One in my search engine (I’m not really sure that’s what it’s called), but I’ve almost always reduced the price I’m paying for an item because Capital One automatically finds coupons & discounts that I never thought of. It saves me significantly above what I would ordinarily save. I just don’t have to search for discounts offered. Capital One finds them and uses them on any purchase I choose. I’m so much better with it than I was without it..Version: 2.18.0

OkayThe app is okay. I like it because they generally have higher cash back percentage compared to Rakuten, and it has coupon codes you can try too. But what I don’t like is it takes a long time to actually get the cash back. Sometimes it takes 5 days or a long as 2-3 months for the cash back to show up. During that time it’ll show as pending. Rakuten is usually pretty quick about it. I don’t mind the gift card redemption, but more options would be nice, or maybe the ability to send the cash back to a capital one account, whether it be a checking or savings, even a credit card..Version: 2.9.0

This just shows up and saves me money!You gotta love it, you gotta use it. It’s so easy. I have it on my iPad Pro which I use when I do most of my online shopping. When I go to an online store it pops up and gives me the best coupons it can find for me. I’ve been using it for several months and I’m always surprised at how much money it saves. It’s fast and I double check when I checkout so I know the discount is really there! Very cool..Version: 2.38.0

It doesn’t work for Apple usersWhat a waste of time, I wish I had read all these reviews before downloading and spending so much time in trying to sign in and contacting the non existent “customer service”. This gives a very bad impression of capital one, I’m very disappointed. All that hype of sending constant emails promoting this app just for the app to waste everyone’s time and not delivering its promises. Capital one you are better than this..Version: 2.9.1

Great AppSo far Capital One gets my vote, we used this to book our trip to Nashville for our Hotel stay. It popped up automatically and showed a fair sizable reward for booking, so I clicked and long story short there must have been a glitch because it didn’t take. Needless to say Nathaly from Capital One shopping made it right for us. So highly recommend this extension to anyone who wants to save some $, put this one your computer or phone and it automatically finds deals or coupons for you..Version: 2.39.0

The best shopping experienceBeing on a fixed budget has been able me to really enjoy the discounts and coupons that this app brings everyone needs to try the app especially if you’re Capital One account holder and the free money and absolutely awesome coupons. I’m not shabby either so please make sure that you check out the app. It’s a great app, and the customer service is absolutely awesome.Version: 2.49.0

Save me thousandsThis app is amazing, when go to any site to make a purchase it will put in the coupon for additional savings. I went to one site to purchase make up for my daughter. I purchased $1600 worth of makeup in addition to the discount that was offered this app found a coupon for an additional 30% off so I was able to purchase, this make up for only $350..Version: 2.40.0

No bonusI have tried several times over and over again. I have an apple iPhone 12 and I cannot get the $10 bonus. I’ve added the app I have added Safari. I’ve done everything and I never get the bonus. I’ve had several issues when using this app and I’m learning that because I have an iPhone perhaps things should be updated to be better equipped for an iPhone when majority of people usually have iPhones, but I don’t even use the app anymore because of all the errors..Version: 2.50.0

Capital One shoppingI love this app, I’ve saved sm money I stg, as soon as I’m about to purchase something online, they app will come up automatically comparing all the possible codes until it finds one that gives me the lowest price, especially on something that’s pretty expensive. I don’t understand why so many people have issues with this app bc it’s a heaven sent.Version: 2.52.0

Great App!This is awesome. I have been ordering something and it just pops up to let me know I can sign in and get the discount. It watches discounts for me! Capital One offers amazing perks for having an online account. Credit advise. All of it right on. Worked in that industry 44 years. Recommend the checking and all the free perks, like Credit Wise where you can always see your credit score..Version: 2.27.0

I absolutely love, love, it….I have had so much cash back rewards since signing up for this app… Capital One has bought my grandsons Nike Air Jordan’s for the past 2 yrs… I have also received so many discounts while using this wonderful app… Anyone who shops online a lot like I do needs to download the app and download it on your computer as well… Keep the savings coming Capital One…❤️❤️❤️❤️.Version: 2.29.0

Difficult to get on my iPadI have been hitting the button to get Capitol One Shopping every once in a while when it comes in my email. It keeps telling me it’s not available on my device. It’s a new iPad Pro. This shouldn’t be this hard. I did something different today and it looks like I have to log into an app where my husband just gets offers when he’s shopping online in his laptop. Frustrating..Version: 2.20.0

Easiest app to useThe Capital One Shopping app super easy to use and you practically do nothing except for download it, and forget about it, but when it’s time to check out, it pops up and applies coupons automatically or shows you other stores that carry the same product but for cheaper. The best part is it’s totally free for everyone to use..Version: 2.38.0

Make ends meetCap 1! You’ve evaluated my efforts at struggling to repair my credit, and took a chance on extending credit to me… for that I thank your establishment. I started with $300 now I’m up to $1,800! Wish I’d known my creditworthiness with you first, I wouldn’t have the additional cards before you! Thank you you for giving us of meager means a chance to prove we can be responsible😊.Version: 2.39.0

Life partnerLife partner capital one, I want to say something, that some times life is going up and down, don’t say that, I can’t do it try it again, again until when You get succeed. Sometimes you need money and you don’t have it and someone helps you, it’s could be $100, that $100 can safe your money and your company. Thank you Capital. Bast Regards. Noori Towing Corp..Version: 2.37.0

Capital One Is The BestCapital One is the credit card everyone should have in their wallets if your credit is not to good Capital One will help you rebuild your credit score. And if there’s any purchases on your statement that wasn’t made by you they will handle it immediately. I recommend this card for any and everyone have a blessed day everyone..Version: 2.13.0

It’s a great resourceI do love the shopping discounts. My only complaint is that it can’t be added to the safari browser on my iPad or iPhone. Otherwise, thank you for the discounts. Big savings. I used it around Christmas time when I had some extra money to spend and, with the app, I was able to buy just about every tool from Cricut that I would even want to try out. Huge savings!.Version: 2.25.0

Interesting Concept - Slow to process rewardsStill undecided if this app is legitimate or not - works well with coupon codes and suggesting offers (though sometimes on things I already purchased), but the cash back %s change frequently and take forever to process. So still questioning how legitimate the platform is. Says it takes up to 30 days from order confirmation to crediting of cash back rewards, which imo is incredibly slow..Version: 2.16.1

Love Capital One ShoppingI think this is an amazing service! I love the online platform. I only wish that the app was a little more user friendly and that there was an extension for safari. I’d also love to see the products when you search them in the app and not just the stores that carry the product. Overall great job!.Version: 2.7.6

Life Made Easy with shipping & spendingI enjoy the quick actions allowed by the touch of a finger , always answer my questions day or night , don't complicate my spending or shopping money type of card ! Capital One has all those amazing qualities and Always very effective and very efficiently!! And all at the same time ! I love the real-time alerts ,and all access anytime to my account and has made my life so much easier for spending and keeping track of my money ! Thanks SO MUCH CAPITAL ONE !! No wonder you take #1 spot for cards .... I don't go anywhere without ya - CAPITAL ONE IS ALWAYS IN MY WALLET........ but now ALWAYS IN MY POCKET ! YOU TRULY ARE #1 THANKS FOR EVERYTHING and making my life easier ! Lindsay L.Version: 2.29.0

Deals Deals and CouponsThis is one of the better apps to locate deals and coupons that I would have never been made aware of had it not been for the installation of this app on my phone and tablet. Bottom line capital one saves me money, though I do not use a capital one credit card as the rates are too high!.Version: 2.4.2

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 2.52.0

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