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Stream a stacked line up of fights year round, featuring Canelo Alvarez, GGG, Anthony Joshua, Ryan Garcia, Devin Haney and more exclusively on DAZN.

All live and on-demand on all your devices, wherever you are.

Extent of available content subject to suspensions or cancellations by applicable authorities/rights holders.

DAZN is an English language service.


•Exclusive access to all fights and original content featuring the likes of Canelo Alvarez, GGG, Devin Haney, Demetrius Andrade, Terri Harper, Ryan Garcia, Amanda Serrano, Daniel Jacobs and more
•All content live and on-demand, available on any device
•A library of classic fights and original programming
•And much more!

•DAZN works on all connected devices, such as smart TVs, smartphones, tablets, computer & gaming consoles.
•Everything streams at the best quality your device can handle, up to HD.
•Watch on up to two devices at the same time.
•Set reminders, pause and rewind live events.

Terms & Conditions: https://www.dazn.com/help/articles/terms-us
Privacy Policy: https://www.dazn.com/help/articles/privacy-us

This content is only available in some countries. Please check the app for availability in your country.

DAZN: Live Sports Streaming App Comments & Reviews

DAZN: Live Sports Streaming Positive Reviews

Worth itOn demand replays of the whole event or individual fights and NO spoiler pop ups when browsing make this worth every penny. No PPV extra cost. As in all of boxing you get some poo poo fights. But the announcers voice same opinion on em as viewers, would never happen on American programs. Announcers will also “lay into” the judges scorecards or bad referees when they are way off, which I like. Their stable keeps getting bigger and better as guys contracts with Showtime and PBC run out. Would like to see em hire Jim Lampley since he is the voice of boxing on this side of pond and would be a great addition (HBO may still have his rights). Even this silly KSI vs Logan Paul thing which I found akin to “celebrity boxing” turned out to be a great event. I signed up the morning of the Ruiz/Joshua fight, and after the match I already felt like Id gotten my $99 worth. I only wish The NFL werent jerks and would let US accounts have same access to the NFL part of package that european accounts get. Overall Im thrilled I sacked up and got DAZN..Version: 2.4.11

Seriously?Ok, so I would consider myself a mild fighting fan. I like to watch mma fights and boxing but I wouldn’t consider myself a huge follower. I do like to watch some of these big fights though. So I downloaded this app thinking you might be able to just pay to watch certain fights or pay for a plan that might let you watch certain fights but no. You either pay 20$ a month or 100$ a year. Outrageous. And you might say well if you’re not a huge fan just watch what’s on tv and shut up. Well that’s the thing some of these I fights I really want to watch aren’t available on regular tv. But really? 100$? No way I’m gonna pay that much to watch maybe the 7 or 8 big fights (that aren’t available anywhere else) a year that I’m gonna watch. Unfortunately with some of these fights I can’t watch them anywhere else. It truly is a shame. I genuinely hope someone starts another company that can compete. Money grabbers..Version: 2.4.11

Dazn is a scamI just payed 20 dollars for 1 fight and I can’t even watch it. This app is a complete scam. I signed up to watch the KSI v. Logan Paul 2 fight and it took my money it’s said something went wrong. This is unbelievable when you pay for new app with a 4.7 star review you don’t expect this and now I find out it takes months to get your money back. This has to be joke this app needs to be taken down I hope theirs millions of people pirating this event and Logan Paul and KSI lose millions of dollars now technically it’s not their fault but still. I was a huge Logan Paul fan until now this is a huge joke. I really do hope that dazn gets taken down forever. I mean seriously now I can’t even watch the fight. If I don’t get a response from dazn, my money back, and a free month I will take this to a new level. Dazn I hope you lose all the money you have taken from people and so much more. This is a total scam..Version: 2.4.11

I LOVE DAZNI absolutely love this app! It helped keep me up to date with everything boxing. Some of my favorite fighters fight on DAZN. Ryan Garcia Virgil Ortiz JR. Canelo Alveraz. But I have a real problem. I of course could predict that the COVID 19 virus would completely shut down all contact sports. I payed $100 for this app and I feel it was worth every penny except for the fact that COVID-19 shut down all of the boxing world for a extended period of time. I was really hoping that I might somehow be credited like maybe half of the year so I could actually enjoy the app that I love so much. I brag to all my friends about how all I had to pay was $100 and I could watch any fight that DAZN was putting on. PLEASE HELP ME DAZN!!!!! Please.Version: 2.5.6

Great ValueMost of the fights feature talent under promotion with Matchroom Boxing, including a fair number of up-and-comer British fighters that you might not otherwise get to see through other broadcast outlets. The cards have had good competitive fights in support of the featured bouts. Buying the full year makes the price about $8.33 per month. The DAZN Boxing Show puts episodes out frequently and is worth a watch to stay current on news that is not just limited to the fighters that appear on DAZN. Ringside announcers and color commentary are well done. Camera work and general event presentation is also high level. Four stars given because I have experienced lag and buffering during live fights and have had to restart. This is likely something that can be fixed with app upgrades..Version: 2.5.2

DAZN is on top of things...I’ve been a DAZN subscriber from Day 1. Am a huge boxing fan, watch essentially everything that is on. In comparison to other broadcasts, DAZN is fantastic in that they will show every fight on the card. Their specials leading up to fights, etc have come a long way as well. The only item I could pick on is their broadcast team for boxing telecast. They have the heavyweight here in Brian Kenny, who has always been spectacular. However, I do feel DAZN needs to surround him w/ comparable talent. But aside from this, DAZN is top notch & you can easily tell they have dumped a ton of resources into their app, as well as their content. I would recommend this to anybody..Version: 2.4.13

Best Value in BoxingOut of all the networks i find DAZN providing the most consistent quality fights at the best value. I was able to watch Canelo fight 3 times within 6 months and thats all included with a $100 per year subscription, not to mention all of the other great cards throughout the year. They also have an amazing catalog of classic fights among other content. Other networks put on amazing cards as well but at $80 a pop for ppv i can’t really justify doing that when i get all of this content for $100 a year. If the other networks switched to this model id definitely get on board with them too..Version: 2.5.5

Decent Match Ups Are ScarceDAZN has plenty of excellent fighters under contract through Golden BOy or based on agreements with other promoters, but they decent fights in terms of competitativeness are few and far between. Fans will enjoy seeing some fighters fight no matter how weak the competition is, but for serious baoxing fans there are few must see fights on the network. And the best fighgters, even the ones a bit past their prime like Triple G fight less than once every nine months. of the primary North American Boxing distribution platforms, Topp Rank through ESPN probably has the most fights per year and not all require subscriptions to ESPN+ and Top Rank also has stinker undercards, but they still typically are better than DAZN’s, where you have to hope for two co-main events..Version: 2.4.37

Impressed!!After HBO dropped boxing, I was scrabbling to find where I should watch. Live broadcasts seemed to be scattered. I started to figure out that Premier Boxing, Showtime, and Fox Sports (? I think that’s correct) were putting on the shows but there was too much continuity to it. I knew DAZN was kinda there so I held off. I finally ordered the Canelo vs Kovalev fight and wow! I am so impressed with the broadcast and programming. All the commentators were excellent, boxers who spoke about the keys to victory were great, and all interviewers were great. I’m keeping my subscription and will probably buy the year long subscription. Great job, DAZN! Picking up where HBO dropped the ball..Version: 2.4.11

GREAT APP, HUGE POTENTIALPersonally I had no issues at all with the streaming service. I watched a fight and had no buffering issues. Its also really simple and easy to understand. For those who had any little problems with the app, it was probably due to the huge amounts of people signing up last minute so please give the app another chance and don’t feel disappointed with it. It’s a new streaming service that is supposed to stream the biggest boxing events in the future for good prices so lets keep supporting them and appreciate them..Version: 2.3.15

Start from beginningYou guys have my money either way so this doesn’t matter much, but as someone who works late and comes back mid-card it would really be nice to be able to start from the beginning. Even just the option after the event has started. I end up having to join live and then rewind a bunch which is fine but there are always streaming issues. I end up having to close out and start over. Whenever I watch live the stream is fine. Anyways I still think it’s money well spent but maybe look into improving the experience of joining late and trying to watch the whole card..Version: 2.4.14

Not enough contentLove that they are getting fighters to sign up to fight on this platform. I just wish there were more fights on it. With the huge number of fights happening around the world that never get aired, it would be awesome if DAZN would start showing us some of the talent that only the hardcore fans usually see. Or if nothing else, throw us some of the tomato can fights that can be picked up for pennies. USA Network used to do that and made heroes out of a few of them like Jimmy Thunder. DAZN needs more if they are going to keep getting my money..Version: 2.3.8

Lots of potential. Not where it should be...yetThe possibilities of an app like this are endless. You’ll get all Canelo Alvarez’s fights for the foreseeable future which makes it worth the price of admission and you’ll enjoy a lot of archival footage of his and other folks great fights, but there should be weekly smaller fights available on the weekends. A lot of boxing’s problems has to do with access to the smaller fights so that fans are educated so that’s where this app can thrive. The production of their shows is lacking as well. That show with the two guys is straight awful. Hopefully they figure that part out. The best is what I hope it becomes. The worst is what it seems to be now..Version: 2.3.8

Hard to watchThe ability to stream, especially when a live event is in process I have to go to the event see what’s currently happening before I can rewind which typically always ruins a boxing event due to the fact that you get too much information by looking at the current fight then rewinding to the beginning is almost pointless because there’s no more suspense, do you think of modern day up-to-date streaming service would have better ability to just start the event at the beginning even though it’s in process, as a lifelong boxing fan I see this as sad.Version: 2.4.12

Ok on Apple, not so much elsewhereI like the content provided and have found the app on Apple devices to work relatively well. However, I find that outside of the Apple environment DAZN many times does not work, or has less than desirable performance. On a Vizio tv the app will run smoothly for about 10 seconds and then only refreshes the video about every two seconds which makes it feel like watching a slide show. Audio works fine, but video does not. On a Roku I have not been able to get DAZN working. On the Apple device itself the video works well; however when trying to stream to a tv the video quality is pretty degraded..Version: 2.5.2

Great Price, Good Content, App Needs WorkSo, the title says it all. The price is GREAT. Watch 1 good fight and you have gotten what PPV would charge you, but you still have the rest of the year to watch more! Aside from the fight, I haven’t seen much else worth watching. I am still poking around though. Now to the App. Rewinding, restarting, fast forward, even pausing for more that a few minutes... it ALL needs work. Now, maybe other platforms are better. Roku is a bit of a mess. Things seem OK on my apple products, but I want to watch things on my TV and that is Roku. So, the App functionality took an easy 4 star review down to a 3. As content and functionality improve... I can see this getting a 4 or even a 5 star review down the road. All in all - worth it. I was going to cancel after the first month. Now, I am not so sure. Give me another 29 days... today I am on the fence..Version: 2.4.12

Great ConnectionAt first I was worried about streaming over the internet (buffering) but to my surprise we started streaming at 3pm the 1st fight all the way until the last fight and there was no Buffering!! At all. It was just like using cable or satellite. I’m so glad there is a new way of watching these fights. The Pay per view has been out of control for many years and this monthly membership is an awesome alternative to watch Boxing and other sports. Great Job DAZN! And all who made this for the working class..Version: 2.3.7

Not bad but lots of bufferingSigned up today for the free month & spent the afternoon watching the bellew usyk fight with all the undercard bouts. I do love the idea of 4-6 undercard fights and these all streamed on home WiFi with no issues... the main event was another story, lots of buffering made a great fight a little less enjoyable. Announcers were obviously not in Manchester... why not just use the SkySports guys already there ? All in all it’s got tremendous potential and the soccer available was a nice plus but the constant main event buffering was a turnoff..Version: 2.3.5

DeplorableClearly, having paid money for a live stream that has more “loading freezes” than a Lifetime Movie’s commercials was a consumer mistake. As a viewer this completely changes the perception of the actual fight. The idea of a sports medium should be to bring an accurate depiction of a sporting event. At the least, the live streaming loading process of Dazn gives us viewers a false perception of actual events. This got a one star rating due to the fact I couldn’t chose zero stars and leave a comment..Version: 2.3.7

Can’t watch in non DAZN countries - pointless.I just canceled my subscription because I couldn’t watch in Mexico and the Dominican Republic while on vacation. I wanted to watch the GGG fight in the DR this weekend but DAZN is not available there. What’s the point in having DAZN if it’s not available everywhere. Until it’s widely available or in at least accessed by VPN, do not subscribe. The content isn’t worth the limited access. At least make the big fights PPV so I can at least watch in another country. Dumb..Version: 2.4.2

Good Value but Lacks Prime FightsI bought a month to month subscription ($40/mo) before the Anthony VS Ruiz fight and really enjoyed the features of the app. Unfortunately I’m not the biggest Bellator fan, nor do I have time to watch YouTubers boxing. I kept my subscription in hopes of me being able to see big fights in the future as it would pay for itself in the long run. But I quickly learned that DAZN doesn’t have the rights to stream the big matches. So unless you’re ok with streaming 1 maybe 2 big boxing matches per year, with YouTubers sprinkled in between, the membership isn’t worth more than $12/mo..Version: 2.4.15

Good live events but needs a better search featureThe access to live boxing is good but the archives are a pain to search through. You should just be able to type in a fighters name to find an event they competed in but often times you have to find the competition page and then the event and then an individual fight. Combat sports are not like nfl, nba or nhl where you can look up the league, team and player easily. Alot of times its hard to remember what the exact competition a fighter competed in was and it would be much easier to search specific fighters..Version: 2.4.6

FrustratingTried to watch the fights later tonight then live and none of them are read to play ... all I’m getting is catch up is it ready . If I’m forced to watch the fights tomorrow then why am I paying when I an get them free tomorrow . Please fix this issue Also , when I watch the fights late please don’t put a picture of the fights finish or who won on the main link for the fights Defeats the purpose of me clicking on it after seeing who won.Version: 2.3.12

Why it’s not a 5 star appThe app is legit, the only reason I’m not giving it a 5 is because if you search any fighter, it comes up with not results. I’ve made that recommendation to them when they reached out, but the update didn’t change anything. The streaming is great no issues, the short videos are awesome as well. But again, if you search a certain fight between to fighters you’ll come up with no results. You literally have to look for the fight in the app which is time consuming..Version: 2.4.4

Best App Ever!!!Best app ever. Me and my family have always been super boxing fans and we knew that with every great fight came a great price to pay (PPV). This app is amazing, the price is completely reasonable and i can go confidently knowing that i will be able to watch the next super fight with just the opening of the app. Definitely recommend. P.S - You will feel like you are cheating the system or paying an illegal website to be able to watch these great fights so cheap!!.Version: 2.4.13

Would be better if it would not buffer so much in the middle of the fights.I like the app a lot just gets frustrating when your watching the fights and the app is buffering a lot and then some times says there’s an error. I know it’s not my internet because it happens all the time on my phone and other devices as well. Will like this to be fixed if this is happening to anyone else please and thanks a lot ..Version: 2.3.11

Great concept but buffering issuesWatched canelo/fielding. I got the service since HBO is done. As the main event got closer buffering got worse probably cause people signing in at the last minute. I don't have buffering issues with Netflix/YouTube/Hulu/etc. I was very annoyed by the weird camera getting zoomed in at the ring if the first bell for the main event. I dealt with the buffering but that needs to be worked on if expecting people to keep the service. If it was a more competitive fight I would be even more upset having to wait for the stream to catch up..Version: 2.3.7

Ridiculous amount of ads between fightsI’ve been watching Bellator for years, and suddenly it’s on DAZN and DAZN has at least 20-25minutes of ads between fights, and ridiculous ads even between rounds. 5 fights took 3.5 hours last night, and only one fight went to decision! I’m extremely disappointed and probably cancelling my subscription. I’ve never seen so much advertising for a paid site..Version: 2.3.4

Good app, not enough big fightsIn general the app is great. The only issue is that the big fights are almost never on this platform. Maybe I should have done some more research, but I certainly was under the impression that I would be able to see more of the big fights that I wanted to see using this. I’m sure down the line this will be plenty worth the money when they sign more big names..Version: 2.4.7

Much better than I had expected!I was hesitant to subscribe to another streaming service but DAZN is worth it. If you are a fight fan, you will enjoy seeing the entire card which is not available with paying for the main event. Quality of streaming and camera work is outstanding. Except for not having contracts with every fighter you will not be disappointed.Version: 2.4.11

Best app for boxingI like DAZN a lot! I have become a bigger boxing fan because of DAZN. I like being able to replay every fights over and over. You never miss a fight because you can watch them anywhere you go on your TV, phone, tablet, computer etc.. or watch it later when you get a chance. They also have a bunch of great fights from the past available. The Netflix of boxing, it’s awesome!.Version: 2.4.10

ScamThis app is horrible! They took my money and won’t let me sign in, reset password never received link to reset password! Tried calling and emailing company, all they said is to wait for an email in 24 hours, been days and still no response! Then the website said customer service is unavailable. Don’t download this crap app, I rather spend the money per fight being hassle free!.Version: 2.3.16

5 out of 5This app is amazing. Thanks for changing the game forever in Canada. No more paying sportnet 20 dollars just to watch one game on sportnet world and just being ripped off. Quality is amazing and I love the preview shows..Version: 2.4.6

DAZN for me is best of the bestEverything on DAZN is awesome....no comments.Version: 2.4.7

Netflix 4K near flawless - DAZN 720p flawed.Apparent frame drops and what appears to be compression related artifact-ing. The price and portability is great though, still good value but much room for improvement. Fingers crossed!.Version: 2.3.7

Great content but need to improve interfaceI love DAZN but a couple of things irritate me. The first is that if you come into a game which has already started there is no option to start from the beginning.- if you try to rewind you inevitably see the score. Also, Second with my remote to rewind I need to press the rewind button each time for 10 seconds of rewind - this is a pain. But love their European football coverage and the ability to watch two games at once. FIFA and Euro coverage would be a great addition..Version: 2.5.6

CritiqueToo many Nissan commercials Too many old athletes sayings/quotes. Many times it is difficult to acquire the requested clip..Version: 2.5.1

Application keeps on crashingGood app but it keeps on crashing at startup. You have to close the app and relaunch it every now and then which is annoying..Version: 2.4.21

Fix your bugsI gave this app 3 stars because it bugs all the time. I got the app on my tv and during the game I have to press the button go back to live several time during the match making me miss some play of football. I have the app of my iPad and iPhone too often it takes several minutes after choosing a game for the quality of the image to get auto fix. Writing this review I.cant see the message I’m writing come on DAZN we paying for this.Version: 2.4.10

ReviewSeems to be a good service but the feed is often blurry.Version: 2.4.10

Could be worse, could be better.Disclaimer: this is from a soccer (football) fans perspective. As a user since Premier League was DAZN exclusive the app experience for me has been OK. Easiest thing to do is pro and con it. Pro: Highlights, pause and rewind live games, good older content (CL rewatches/highlights), turn off and on spoilers, interviews with ex pros (Soccerbox is great), tonnes of other footage. Love the ability to watch the weekend review and analysis show. Overall, the content is top notch. Cons: Most of them are tech issues and mainly relate to chromecast. Streams can buffer/change visual quality to catch up occasionally and even when watching non live shows (I have top tier internet). Chrome cast compatibility is there but has severe connection issues and times out (DAZN just shuts down when trying to connect). Can’t skip to highlights while chrome casting (see talking points, goals etc while live). App will play audio x2 on occasion and requires an exit out of app. Occasionally shows don’t have audio. Only other off related issue is the Shootout snippets that play during half time or before a game drive me crazy and I actually have to mute it. The American guy hasn’t a clue what’s going on and I’d rather look at the DAZN logo or the same highlight package for 2 mins. Should also be able to set up a home page so that I don’t need to select my sport each load up. Final thoughts. Overall, the content is great and being football (Prem, Serie A, Champions League, Europa League) is all there it gets a thumbs up. This review would be 5 stars if the tech issues were fixed because for the price you pay for a subscription the quality on that end is quite average. I give it 3 simply because if you’re going to monopolize the EPL, CL, EL etc in Canada you need to make sure the tech can match the demand which right now it’s mediocre at best. If chromecast issues were fixed (was TSNs sorest point) then overall opinion would increase..Version: 2.4.37

Pause and play seem to be broken after updateAfter update videos do not pause or play once started on iPhone app. The DAZN service has been quite good overall otherwise. I've been happy with the quality of streaming..Version: 2.0.7

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