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Requirement: Apple Music and the Apple Music App.

With Next Batter Up, creating a line up of walk out/walk up song introductions for your team is a breeze!

Just imagine your how your players will feel at the Ballpark walking out to their favorite songs!

Everything about NBU is curated to save time.

- Create Multiple Teams: Do you need to make walk up song intros for multiple teams? No worries, add as many teams as you like, and NBU will keep everything organized and ready.

- Add Players to a Team: Adding players becomes painless with an awesome audio trimming slider, haptic feedback, and pinpoint buttons that let you get to the exact millisecond in the song that your player wants. We also support typing in times for players who tell you their exact start and end times. On the players screen, you can reorder players to match your lineup.

- Add custom recorded player announcements like "Next Batter Up, #10, Rylie Hart!". With the ability to also blend your recorded announcement with the song of your choosing.

- Add custom Text-To-Speech announcements using Apple's Enhanced Voices! Voices include: Ava, Samantha, Tom, Kate, Lee, Daniel, Serena, Allison, or Susan

- Upload your own player introduction and mash it with a song.

- Upload/Record Game Announcements for the Ballpark so that you won't forget later.

- Share your lineup with other parents/friends/coaches/students! We'll even send them your custom introductions!

- Save your lineup configuration for later use.

- Fade in/Fade Out options.

- Bench Players that are not in your lineup for the current game.

- We know your not a professional DJ, you don't have to be! If you run into an issue you can always message us using our in-app support

- Playlists: Create playlists to match your needs. Need one for pregame warmups? No problem! How about ceremonial music? Practice? Just won the championship game? Dad's birthday party?

Supported Music: Next Batter Up requires the use of Apple Music, and those songs must be downloaded to your device in order to utilize them within the app. Apple Subscription Service Compatible. Sorry, because of licensing agreements/data requirements we do not support song integration from 3rd party apps like Spotify, Pandora, Amazon, etc.

Next Batter Up: Walk-Up Music App Comments & Reviews

Next Batter Up: Walk-Up Music Positive Reviews

Great App - for the most partI have found the app easy to use and it has worked well for the most part with a few exceptions. I cannot get the fade in or overlap options to work at all. Also, our team name is changing and I can’t find a way to edit the team name without starting all over. I am also not finding it easy to share the team with someone else..Version: 3.0.0

Great app, easy to use, quick supportWe began using this app after a tough tournament for our 10u softball team. It immediately boosted morale and turned our season around. The kids and parents all love it and other teams’ coaches have asked us about it. This app helps bring some additional FUN to the game for the kids. The app is easy to use if you have basic tech knowledge. The support provided is fantastic. I actually inadvertently found a big and the support team for the app credited my Apple wallet account for helping them improve the app. They also had the bug fixed within an hour or two after I used their text support line - fantastic! Highly recommend!.Version: 4.2.9

Don’t sleep on this amazing walk up app!Can I just say this app is amazing?! Not only is it user friendly, but the customer service is seriously outstanding! I had a small issue with blending the announcement with music & was absolutely blown away by the way my situation was handled & how I was helped though the process. Our team has been so hype this season using this walk-up app & thanks to the incredible team at batter- up, it’s been a dream to navigate. If you are debating what app to get for your team, get this one! If you already have an app, delete it & get this one! You won’t be sorry!.Version: 4.2.9

So easy to use and great support!I love helping DJ the kids games, and this makes it so much easier! I can pull in their songs and have them cues up exactly where they want them. So nice being able to see the names and being able to reorder them for batting line up changes. And the option to have multiple playlists is great! And the app support is so wonderful! I had a question on how to do something and they literally answered me in less than a minute and were able to show me how to do something. Highly recommend!.Version: 4.1.0

Stellar Customer Service & GREAT app!I have used this app for 2 years now and have never had an issue until today - I was trying to add songs for this upcoming season and couldn’t figure out why my songs that I saved weren’t showing. I hit the contact us button and got a return message within minutes (it is Sunday night). My issue was resolved quickly and easily! I HIGHLY recommend this app!!.Version: 3.2.1

Great App and Easy to Use!I took a chance and paid for this app, I have no regrets and it was well worth it! The app is easy to use and the developer also added a feature I suggested in just a few hours, seriously impressed! The boys are so excited about having their name announced with walkup music. As a baseball coach I know confidence is key at the plate so I want them to be fired up when they are up to bat! Thank you for creating such a great app..Version: 2.10

It won’t let me click the songIt won’t let me actually pick out the song i want. It takes ke to apple music, I select a song, and it doesn’t load! Please help.Version: 3.0.0

Updating my review - best customer service I’ve seen!The error I reported earlier was a bug and the in-app support functionality was incredible! The developer responded within minutes and was able to find the issue. I’ve never seen response time that fast. Impressive since I think this is just one person! I’d give this app 6 stars if I could. Not only is it great, but you can tell the developer is really passionate about making the best possible product—and given that I’ve tried the other similar apps—I think he’s succeeding! Fork over the $6, you won’t regret it and your team will love it!.Version: 4.0.0

Amazing Customer Service!Love this app for my son’s baseball team’s music! Super user friendly and the customer service was amazing. When Apple Music didn’t have one of the boys songs, they helped me with a workaround to get it to work! Now we have all happy players with their unique song of choice. 🙌🏼.Version: 3.2.1

Absolutely amazing app and quick response in case of issue!!!Never had an issue before now and loved them app so so much. Had a minor issue sharing my playlist tonight and I was in contact with the app owner and had the problem fixed in less than 15 minutes. Cannot recommend this app more!!!!.Version: 2.04

Amazing App!This app is so easy to use, the customer service/support is amazing! I've never had support respond so quickly! And they even pointed us in the direction of a professional announcer to announce our teammates names and numbers that worked great with the app!.Version: 4.2.1

Best thing to happen for baseball since the batAwesome app , easy to use and customize for my teams preferences. Had a question and got a response quickly. I’d recommmend this app to any coaches trying to spice up their teams batting line up !!.Version: 3.2.1

Look no furtherChecked out a few. Best hands down! And the help when needed is accurate and prompt! I’ve never done a review for an app, had to on this one!.Version: 4.1.1

Unbelievably helpful!A super convenient place to put all of the walk up songs, but not only that, you can cut the song at the right moment and fade it in and out! Totally worth the purchase! I highly recommend!.Version: 1.06

Awesome idea works great!We got this for our softball team and everyone loves it! We have a lot of songs and players and it’s super easy to use and set up. The update adds some stuff we actually suggested!.Version: 1.06

Good app for walkout songs!Works great for our baseball teams. Only negative is that I can’t figure out how to fade the songs in and can’t find instruction anywhere..Version: 4.2.9

Highly Recommend!!!Excellent app and AMAZING CUSTOMER SERVICE! The developer Joshua Hart is super responsive and got back to me with answers to my questions almost immediately! Thank you!.Version: 2.05

Beautiful and lightweight!So much easier to use, it doesn’t announce players like the other app, but to be honest, we never used that feature..Version: 1.06

FlawlessThank you for developing this app! Easy to set up, smart design, perfectly compatible with Apple Music..Version: 2.00

Amazing!!!!This app was well thought out works amazing and easy to use!.Version: 1.06

Great appGreat app highly recommend.Version: 1.06

Good app for the most partThe text to speech won’t load.Version: 3.2.1

OkThe app is good but not if you don’t have Apple Music it wil not ad a play without a song FROM APPLE MUSIC.Version: 4.1.0

Perfect!!!This is the best app in the world..Version: 3.2.1

AnnounceHow do u announce players.Version: 2.03

Nice and easyVery slick app. In love with it..Version: 1.06

PerfectThis is perfect for what I needed. I downloaded it for my daughter’s Rec softball team and use it for the walk up music. The fade in/out is cool and I like that I can pinpoint exactly what part of the song I need. The girls thought it was pretty cool and felt like superstars, walking out to their own songs.Version: 1.01

Seems Good. Will update later.So far so good..Version: 1.05

ReviewI like this app although it needs more features. After I enter a players info / song there is no option for me to later change their info / song. I would have to create an entirely new play list. It also won’t allow me to go back and re-cut a different section of the song. I wish there were more editing options..Version: 1.04

Great walk up song app!Love this app. It’s been so helpful organizing my daughter’s softball team’s walk up songs. It’s very easy to use and manage. I’ve used it for the last 3 seasons. Big fan, I would highly recommend it..Version: 4.2.9

Amazing App! Works great!Seamless and works perfectly - all the instructions are extremely well documented I was able to get everything done on my own - had one issue and contacted support and they helped right away. Amazing customer service! Worth every penny - the kids on the team absolutely love that we’re doing this for them this season!.Version: 4.2.3

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