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Want to win free cash? There is free cash up for grabs each week to players that correctly predict the outcome of NFL, NASCAR, NBA, College Hoops, Stock Markets, and Pop Culture.
FOX Bet Super 6 is giving away loads of cash each week. Submit your free entries for a chance to win over $50,000.
Make quick predictions about what you think will happen in each Super 6 contest.

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FOX Bet Super 6 App Comments & Reviews

FOX Bet Super 6 Positive Reviews

Fun!!I am a wife and mother of a husband and two teenage boys that are fantasy football fanatics. I do not know football very well but what I have learned over the years, “if you can’t beat ‘em join ‘em”. So instead of getting into the Fantasy mix I I have opted to play this option. I am having so much fun participating and every once and awhile I get some input from my boys but I am enjoying trying on my own. They laugh at some of my choices but it is all in fun. Of course It would be wonderful to take in some winnings to help pay for our sons College bills but the process is fun as well. Thank you for this great way for me to connect with my family, now maybe I can get our daughter in the mix. 😊.Version: 1.75

Came in 1st place and received nothing.Just this week I came in 1st place out of 194k people. Yet I did not receive any prize. There is no where to contact anyone for super 6 thus I am leaving this review. I am very ticked off right now. I am recovering from surgery and playing this game takes my mind off things. It is very difficult to get all 6 picks right so u can imagine my surprise when I saw I had gotten all 6 right and was in 1st place. I was so excited. So I went to claim my prize and to my amazement I had won NO money. What gives? Why does it matter what place u finish in if they don’t give out the prize. Again, I am recovering from surgery thus I am confused why I can’t reach anyone about this. I don’t check my entries everyday because I am recover from surgery. I would appreciate it if someone would contact me and explain why I did not win the $10k or any prize at all. Thank u.Version: 1.61

49 secondsDallas got that field goal at the end of the first half. After Washington scored a passing TD to take the lead! But I believe I had gotten the rest correctly? I didn’t want to confirm. But I can’t still get rid of those 49 sec. and it was if I remember right it was 39 and the ref put 10 seconds on and it comes back to the 49 seconds! Yes the money is great! But you get some great stories from playing! So thank you!! Gregg Pahlke [email protected] Net thanks again FOX , Terry, Howie, James,MR G & Jimmy & the rest of FOX that makes it fun for a year that really needs it! To all of FOX. THANK YOU!! From the bottom of are hearts!! Keep it up!.Version: 1.42

Super EnjoyableMy wife and I are excited each week to see if we are even close to picking the right answers. Tell me what is the best way to choose winners or losers each week? The way I see it is like shooting crabs in a bucket and it’s ridiculous to try and win if the process is fixed. It seems rigged if you look at it from the players perspective. We’ve tried the daily news, daily journalist, sports anchors, and daily lines from sports periodicals. So this is my first endeavor into reviewing or giving opine into putting my opinion on blast... Again HELP!! ThanQ..... Cota R. Howell Sr..Version: 1.83

BIG WHISSTLEI’m new and haven’t really experienced this game but so far it seems like lots of fun and more than just something to do I really hope I win I need money I lost my job and I been declared permanently disabled I’m single parent with 6 kids and 6 grandkids so let’s GO BIG 6 thanks Fox Sports and Terry Bradshaw for giving fans a opportunity to make some cash while enjoying the Game that’s wonderful some families spend a lot of money to enjoy they favorite sport and this makes it so great to get some money back because being a part of a sport and being a fan can be so expensive 😬especially people with families so again thank you 🙏🏾 so much let’s go super 6# I’m loving it sincerely BIG WHISSTLE aka *MR”SIXX PACK*.Version: 1.11

Better before, but still good nowSuper 6 is a really fun app, it’s fun to try to predict the winners, and even if you don’t win its free to play, so that’s a big plus. I know this might not ever be read, but if it is, please change the scoring back to how it used to be!! It’s a lot more confusing when it’s out of 30 instead of 6 points. Plus it was a lot cleaner and neater looking when all it showed you was your pick and if it was correct or not, instead of your pick and if you were correct and your points and how much you picked them to win by. So yeah, it’s a great app, but I think it was better before..Version: 1.36

Fox NFL Sunday ChallengeWonderful app for anyone! Lets u be able to make picks and actually seems like gambling without having to put any money down to make a bet! And you don't bet, u just have fun trying to best your bros, and maybe be the best of the day’s picks and take some of Terry Bradshaws $$$. Its fun and you don't need to know anything or at least very little about anything u are picking, Thanks Fox Sports, and Terry and Howie too! And there are so many other games and other items to choose from, everybody should be playing it. Thanks again, Tony in indianapolis.Version: 1.39

Entertaining But Extremely DifficultMy Dad got me hooked on this app. We both enjoy sports and we both enjoy gambling so this is the best of both worlds. While the entries to the contests are free, don’t be fooled as you aren’t guaranteed money just for playing. You have to answer all six questions correctly for every given contest that you choose to enter in order to win a share of the winnings. My personal best is 5 out of 6 and I’ve only achieved that a handful of times out of hundreds of contest entries. Pros: Fun, Addicting, Great variety of contests, Chances to win real money for free, Satisfies cravings for gambling without having to spend money. Cons: Sometimes correct answers are marked as incorrect. However, I have seen them fix this issue so they are usually right on top of it. There are also times where I notice grammatical errors as well. Advice: Make sure that you really bring your A game if you want to walk away with a share of the prize money!.Version: 1.66

Better announcersJR added excitement. Now they all make it more fun and exciting. Thanks I love all of you guys and gals. I think it’s going to bring a lot of new fan’s. Let everyone race keep the penalties down. I like the crashing the bigger the better. I do pray before every race that no one gets hurt, that they don’t even brakes a fingernail. Lots of bumps and getting rid of the car in front of you good clean racing. God bless everyone. Even Kyle Busch don’t run into the drivers side door under caution, or any other time if you can avoid it..Version: 1.53

Super six sports appThis is a fun app to use but only problem that I see with this application is one it will not let you pick a single number two there are some vision impaired people who would love to get in on this application but they cannot use it because it’s not vision impaired friendly. So if you could make some changes so that we could get in on the fun we would definitely appreciate that so much. Until then I will still continue to use the app. Thanks so much to Fox Sports and Terry Bradshaw before I close this is one note to Mr. Bradshaw enjoy your show very much your granddaughter is a hoot LOL take care..Version: 1.39

PredictionsPicking winners is easy, but identifying the point spread of the winner after that task is difficult; especially if one never reads about player productivity. While in college, a fellow student ran a small college gambling prediction pool. The payouts varied by the number of entries, so he never lost any money by organizing the pool. He would list 20 match-ups, we had to select 11 of those games, picking the winner of each. At times the payout was close to 20 to 1, but it usually ran somewhere near 12 - 1. Rarely did I gain much beyond my cumulative investment. It was fun, nevertheless..Version: 1.10

Thank you.My Grandma got me started and I’ve been playing for about 2 years now. She and I would talk and go over the questions and what we picked all the time. It made me happy to see her get so excited to try and win something even though she never won. She passed away about 3 weeks ago, it has been hard but Super 6 is a great way to remember some of the fun times I had with my grandma. I just wanted to thank you for making my grandma so happy in her last few years..Version: 1.78

Win moneyI would like to say that my mother was a sports person fan. I learned at a young age about football I really enjoy the Dallas Cowboys because they’re the best. I moved from Houston in 1989 and that’s when they went to the Super Bowl I really enjoyed it I bought T-shirts for all my family and my only daughter one. My mom passed away last year I really miss her when. I’m watching football we’re going to the Dallas Maverick game. I know in my heart 💜 Dallas Cowboy 🤠 are going to make it this year Super Bowl..Version: 1.80

Fun to play but no real “app support”I’ve enjoyed playing more again my husband on who will get the most points (neither of us expect to win). However it has, on at least 2 occasions, not added points from the previous day games.. and when I look at my history, the game isn’t even there as if I never made a pick!! However I followed live and had about 7 points when last checked during the games. And there isn’t any pathway to support to find out why.. but other than this glitch it has been great!.Version: 1.44

The MonkeyI think the Cleveland Browns should have a ceremony in honor (of the God of Football )Paul Brown!! I think people will come from all over the country,they will generate lots of revenue, and they will get that MONKEY off there back (but Most of all )It’s The Right Thing To Do!!!Been a Browns Fan all my life and always will be.. Please Terry (for a Steeler ) I luv ya n respect ya (and Heinz Ward) but I believe n karma and I’m telling you this WILL WORK!! Thanks for your time and Please help me get the Browns where they need to be cause Coach has us on the right path!!! Thx Again.Version: 1.40

ThanksAll that’s been going on in the world chaos in society, and everything that has been weaponized with COVID-19 and politics. Especially with people losing their lives. Gives us something to look forward to in our spare time enjoying some relaxation by giving us a little glimpse of something fun to look forward to! Thanks for taking the time to overshadow doom and gloom it has been like a dark cloud! We’re coming up with something to put our minds on something else..Version: 1.86

The App Interface is BuggyI guess the developers didn’t test the app on multiple versions of IOS. As stated by previous reviews the interface is buggy. The icon which suppose to return you back to the dashboard after reviewing live results continues to bring up the breakdown of the points. The only way to get back to the dashboard with this flow is to close the app and start over. Please test this flow and fix the issue with your next release..Version: 1.72

Football After Fifty - Who Knew?I am a wife and mother of 3 sons who played football in high school, but never really knew much about the game. Now, in my 70’s, I am learning the game better and loving it. That’s thanks to your Football questions, which make me ask lots of questions to better my chances of guessing correctly, and competing against my husband and very knowledgeable grandson. We love it and look forward to each game. Thank You So Much for the Family Fun it has provided!.Version: 1.86

NASCAR fanEnjoy selecting the drivers position even though I not very good at it. Just fun playing. I happy my husband and myself at capable of playing this game. We will be 70 this year and I have grown to enjoy the sport. My husband has been a fan for over 50 years. As a teenager he would read read read all magazines he could get his hands on about his NASCAR. Dale Earnhardt Sr was his driver. So many people has said to him that he looked like Dale Sr. I saw it back then when Dale was alive. A little now. Thank you..Version: 1.28

Game Day!!I bee a so. I grew up with the 49ers and Oakland Raiders this app it has helped me to understand football Game Day I been playing this for two seasons I have fun when I look at my scores I get close but I really would like to win just one time!! But I’ve learned a lot about football 🏈 through this app and I love it anyone can try and you may win!! I love Terry he is the best a whole lot better and how to pick. This app has given me a lot of fun and I appreciate this app..Version: 1.83

Bradshaw the GOAT of the Steelers #myautisyicsonniloveyouSo much fun to be involved in exspecialy because I'm a huge Steelers fan have been since a very young child n to be competing for a chance to win Terry Bradshaw's money the best quarterback the Steelers have ever had is just amazing to be a part of. Hopefully my autistic son (who loves the Steelers too) will get to meet the GOAT for our Steelers. Best of luck to everyone and if you win it was meant to be so please be humble & do good things with the money. You know maybe help a homeless person. GOD BLESS all.Version: 1.44

Let’s get READY for some FOOTBALL 🏈Let me start off by saying NFL/ FOXBET Super 6 is Great entertainment for My Wonderful Auntie Kay 76 years old and Myself. She suffers a Congested Heart Failure . First God, Secondly looks forward to Some NFL football. One of the best times we is talking about NFL games ,Commentators your the Best, who’s who, stats, Wins and Lost. , the Good , the Tough, and the Best, Play by Play . So Thank You FOX SPORT and Terry Bradshaw Super 6 the opportunity to make a difference in someone. This World needs more Faith, Hope, Love ❤️ John 3:16.Version: 1.50

SofizakalIt’s exciting to have a chance to participate and of course to have a chance to win all Terry’s money!!!! Knowing I can then use that winning moment and that opportunity to appear on TV right next to Terry!!!! Where I will undoubtedly be discovered by Terry, immediately taken under his wing and be intensely coached and nurtured by Terry because he will want to help me to become the next big time national sports commentator!!!! I’m obviously destined to be a sort of “every man’s” celebrity voice , if not “the people’s” TV personality!!! Which will without question lead to me being a universal reality star, and of course at that point, I’ll have to become a national political figure???? And we all know where that path leads???? ****Only in America**** And WOW!!!! To think, this is how and where it all started!!!!!!.Version: 1.39

Are you kidding me!Okay... I play this all the time no matter what we are all betting/guessing on what the outcome will be. I’m giving this a 4 star review I’m almost tempted to drop it to a 3 star, reason being is bc they added TMS!!!! Where are the HOCKEY GAMES??? Is there a block against the NHL? If so please explain, if not then set it up and send out a new update or will the update. One when the playoffs come around. Terry we all appreciate what you have done here. Thank you..Version: 1.56

Lots of funI haven’t played long but as soon as I started playing I got hooked! It’s easy to play and if you like sports like I like football you can’t help but wonder how your predictions will turn out and you get to see how everyone else did. What makes my experience so awesome is I am a big winner! Yep, Terry gave me a house and on Christmas Day no less! No ads, absolutely free to play and you don’t wait long to find out if you won!.Version: 1.87

Super 6I look forward and enjoy playing each week. I like seeing my scores improve and it is so easy to maneuver through the app. This is a great way to get your significant other to enjoy watching all the different sports with you. It’s more fun and you can even win money. Bradshaws money. I would just like to spend the weekend at his ranch with everyone. They are such a hoot. watch the Bradshaws if you haven’t yet..Version: 1.39

Who doesn’t like free money?I don’t win the jackpot every week, but most weeks I do. Of course, I’m Riverboat Slim, and you are not. As such, you shouldn’t expect such awesome results, but it’ll still be fun for you to play, so give it a whirl. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I must get back to counting my winnings. One million, two hundred and fifty seven thousand, one hundred and forty two, one million, two hundred and fifty seven thousand, one hundred and forty three…….Version: 1.78

Hudson’s great picsThis has been a lot of fun for me and my family. Everyone that has a phone in my house is playing. We already like to watch football and this has made our Sunday’s even more exciting. Thank you for allowing the poor folks out here a chance for life changing money. Hopefully one day I can win and meet all the good people behind this. Have a gray day. Matt Hudson..Version: 1.76

Load time & How winners are derivedWhen opening the app, I wish it would move faster. It's not the worst - but it would be awesome if it would be cut in 1/2. Also, I like how NBC Sports Predictor determines winners. It gives you points for the questions you answered correctly. With this app, if you get the first answer wrong, you are out of the "game" and you are no longer interested in following along. You could have 5 of the 6 right, but if you miss that first one - you are out of luck. Thanks, Jaicie.Version: 1.11

FoxI love watching Fox News, it’s the only news channel I watch anymore! I try to watch cnn or abc to see how there pushing there views on America, well I find myself rolling my eyes , in a fowl mood and switching back to fox in 5 min! Know on about The View well let’s just say I don’t want to go buy a new tv and that’s putting it nicely! 🤣🤣I know watching fox I will get the truth and views from both perspectives, witch I trust and like. Keep up the great work, it’s very appreciated !!! Finally early voting opens up today in Lawton ok, going and waiting in line this a.m. in the cold windy rain but it’s ok, Trump is worth it😘 P.S. FYI I posted Tony B’s interview with Tucker yesterday on fb and it’s still up! hmmmmm...🤣🤣🤣💯4 more years, Trump 2021..... pretty please!!! Sincerely Liz Davis.Version: 1.39

FrustratedI think there are bugs to still work out on this app. On the Quiz/Trivia contest, it has still not shown me of the correct answers (2) that I picked last week (Thursday) this morning (Monday) from the Grammy’s. The other 4 questions have been displayed correct & incorrect! What the heck! If you’re gonna have a game available to play, then program it correctly..Version: 1.57

Finally got one right.Wow Fox News finally did something right, now that Trump’s you know what isn’t obstructing their mouth anymore to his oral pleasure. Wonderful app though. They should hire me as a producer and create an all streaming, including live streaming Fox Channel. Fox isn’t my favorite channel, because what they call “news” I call rubbish. Fox knows how to do sports. Fox has always done an excellent job with sports..Version: 1.51

AppreciationThis is a great app! It puts an extra adrenaline rush on the games. I’m a Buccaneers fan “even before Brady and Gronk came”, but welcome to the team guys. Let’s go! This app makes all of the pick games more exciting. I hope to win someday. I could sure use a change in financial status somehow. That would make me write an essay review 😂, but I’d like to thank the creator(s), programmers, engineers, and whoever else was involved with the creation..Version: 1.40

FunSo far so good just got started this will be my first week. Let me see how this goes and I will write another. Well I’m into my 3rd or 4th week and having just as much fun. Thought it would be a lot easier but it is not. I just would like to win something. I’m a Cleveland Browns fan for life so the thought of taking Terry Bradshaws money would be like winning the super bowl. It is a lot of fun and very challenging..Version: 1.38

Great way to make fans have their picksFantastic for the network to invite and involve the fans in a way I thought could never happen. Y’all got this Right. Corporate finally thinking out side of the VIRUS BOX. THANKS TO YALL. IT HAS BECOME EVEN MORE EXCITING. And. Especially since there are so many folks not appreciating the great country we have. This gives me a chance to forget about what’s wrong with them..Version: 1.50

Good app, strange UXEdit: As pointed out by the developer, the issue I had with the app can be adjusted in the settings menu. So I’m happy with that option. I only have one major issue with this app. When you’re selecting the points for a team to win, the interaction is backwards or inverted from the actual position of the team you’re attempting to select. The numbers underneath the team helmet do not correlate to the team, but rather the opposite side team helmet. This is very confusing and counterintuitive. I think the developers chose to make the finger swipe in the direction of the team you choose, but that neglects the points relatively positioned to the team helmet. I’ve quickly added entries and realized I picked the wrong team to win on multiple accounts. Bad design on that part, otherwise a good app..Version: 1.14

Can’t submit picksIm using the app on an Ipad. For some of the games (but not all of them) when you answer the 6th and final question the submit button does NOT come up to allow you to save your picks. Fir example, yesterday game 1 of world series as well as today ga,e 2 it would not let me save. I even restarted my ipad but the app would still not let me submit.Version: 1.82

App issueI been having this app for over a year now and today I had to uninstall the app and when I tried to install again, it’s saying I have to have a card on file. I didn’t have to do this when I first had the app, is it any kind of way to get help on why it’s doing that and it’s not letting me in the app without a card on file.Version: 1.75

🇺🇸⚓️ SheepdogTerry Bradshaw the legend, Fox sports, and Fox and friends. You guys make it fun and I appreciate it. I’ve been in the hospital forFor a month with COVID-19. This hospital to save my life twice in 30 days I feel blessed. After doing 21 years for deployed I figured I had it made. You never know what life‘s going to throw at you. Again thank you for everything you do. God bless this great country in a minute women that serve..Version: 1.75

More fun watching NFLI downloaded the app and played today for the first time and did surprisingly well picking all five winners correctly but only got the points spreads correct on 3 of 5 afternoon games. Made watching the DirecTV Red Zone so much more fun. The wife even enjoyed rooting with me as the games finished up. BTW, I nailed the scores for the Saints, Lions and Steelers games. Will make the Seahawks vs. Cardinals fun too this evening. Great app. Thanks FOX and Terry B..Version: 1.39

Super6I’m 75 years old and thanks to my son, I look forward to fantasy football every year! We started playing when he was 16; back then, we had to get the results from the newspaper! Now, thanks to Mr Bradshaw, I have even more to look forward to; just another way to enjoy football!! I must admit, being on SS, a win would mean everything!! My sincere Thanks! Ron Trent.Version: 1.11

UnappreciatedI just don’t understand how people unappreciate a free app n a chance to win big $ complaining about a chance of winning big n you don’t pay a penny n then give a 1 star..u must be a spoil lil punk..if there’s a 7 star I’ll give a 10 star on this app..thank you terry n ESPN for this app n the sports’s fun now watching football,not just rooting for my team but other teams n players..Version: 1.18

Fun and FreeLike any casino game, it’s all a gamble. A guessing game. No one knows the outcome. But so fun to guess the scores and possibly win free money. So nothing to lose! One game I was in the 9th position (out of 1.2M players) and just missed being part of the 8 winners who split $1M. I could have cried! So close. I got 1 question wrong by guess just 1 point off of the final score. But it was exciting anyway..Version: 1.83

Fox Bet Super6🏈💵Fox is my go to channel! Always has been…The Fox bet super6 is one of the best on the market! I love how you can keep up with & see your bets live as the fox sports crews make their picks as well. There’s some real crappy ones out there but they hit the nail on the head with this one! I recommend this app to any & every1 who wants to make bets & win some money! Great job Fox Sports👍🏾🏈⚾️🏀🥊🥊⛳️🎰🎲.Version: 1.82

Super 6I hope everyone win at least something I hope too win something because I need to pay bills and help my parents for medicine things like that , since I started playing I don’t see nothing just score numbers that’s it 😔😞 good luck everybody I haven’t won anything yet I really don’t understand how this app works.Version: 1.46

Betting makes a girl have fun ♥️I’d watch more football…if I knew more about it! I’ve always enjoyed a great football game, but it’d be helpful to know more football lingo and the rules that coincide. Betting makes a girl have fun! A good football pool or points betting gets me involved (because I want to win of course) and gives me an opportunity for taunting the boys😊Thank you Fox Sports Bets!.Version: 1.86

Super 6I love this!....It’s so much fun. I’ll never win but what the heck. Our close friend won 500,000 on a 3.00 bet in Gillette Wyoming. Wyoming Downs. I cried tears of joy for a guy who has been through so much. He was our daughters ex-fiancé and we still consider him family! I’m hoping some of our luck rubs off on me. Fox need to come visit us here in Wyoming... the PRB where we dig good, clean coal. Thanks Fox News. 😊👏👏👏.Version: 1.54

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