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The map displays VIIRS/World Atlas/Clouds/Aurora/IAU observatories and the user SQM measurements overlay over Microsoft Bing base layers (road and hybrid Bing maps).

The primary use is to show VIIRS/DMSP data in a friendly manner, but over time it also included some other interesting overlays that concern light pollution like SQM/SQC, World Atlas 2015 zenith brightness, clouds, aurora and IAU observatories. If you have a permanent SQM reader installed you can add it to the map by sending me an e-mail.

If you want an analysis of radiance (VIIRS/DMSP) changes over a period of time, then please use the Lighttrends application (look under Help).

Please send comments and requests for new features via email (look under help)

- VIIRS, Sky Brightness (World Atlas 2015), Cloud coverage and Aurora forecast layers
- VIIRS and Sky Brightness layers can be displayed in color blind friendly colors
- Road & Satellite base maps
- Cloud animation for the last 12 hours
- Get detail radiance and SQM values from layers at a click. For World Atlas 2015, you also get Bortle class estimation.
- SQM, SQM-L, SQC, SQM-LE, SQM readings submitted by users
- Submit your own SQM (L) readings
- Observatories layer
- Save your favorite locations
- Distance measurement tool with azimuth angle report
- Offline mode (Sky brightness map and a base map are saved to your device, so it will be displayed when you are offline)

Light Pollution Map App Comments & Reviews

Light Pollution Map Positive Reviews

Good appI’ve used the web based version for some time but thought I’d try the app. Overall it’s great. Understanding some of the values being listed and what it means for your dark sky experience takes a little leg work. I had to go and actually read part of the paper that goes along with the underlying data set. For me the salient figure would be the ratio listed whenever you click on a point in the map. This ratio is the ratio of the artificial brightness from pollution over the natural brightness of the night sky. Per the paper looking straight up anything 1% or less is about as good as you’re going to get (middle of the ocean would be 0% but 1% is about as good if not looking at the horizon). Haven’t looked at every feature so far but overall app works great but the lag to get stats when you click on a location gets tedious..Version: 1.1.10

Very NiceJurij: Great app! Certainly a very useful tool for all kinds of things. I found it as someone had linked to it from Reddit. People like to know where to go to stargaze, or see the northern lights. Take care!.Version: 1.1.21

Great with some exceptionsI love this app and am optimistic they will update it to be more user-friendly soon. I’d like a user tutorial, and instead of technical labels in the overlay settings, that there were layperson labels. Also on the main map screen there are tools in the top left that have no labels so I don’t know what they do..Version: 1.1.4

More usable for mobileI’v been using the website for a long time and it’s great to finally have a more usable version for mobile. Happy to support the developer more directly too and remove the ads. Thanks to the developer for adding landscape mode on iPad after request. 👍 Now wishing for a lighttrends app and the new contribution tool 😉.Version: 1.1.10

Great, but wish text was larger.I really like the app, but I have trouble seeing the text (location names). When i try to zoom, the landscape zooms but the text remains very small. I would love an option to zoom or set the size of the text..Version: 1.1.6

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Light Pollution Map iPhone Images
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Light Pollution Map iPad Images
  • Light Pollution Map ipad image 1
  • Light Pollution Map ipad image 2
  • Light Pollution Map ipad image 3
  • Light Pollution Map ipad image 4