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"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit", this quote, from Aristotle, goes to the very heart of our philosophy. We believe to flourish good habits are necessary. This is what we seek to do; to get our users to adopt good habits, such as exercising or tidying your room, and consistently repeating those actions until they become habits integrated into your lifestyle. This will enable people to lead a life which is more wholesome and complete.

Of course, it is important we make it accessible; it's for this reason that Me+ now provides a widget for your IOS 16 Lock Screen and your Home Screen, so now you can get started with one simple tap of the thumb.

Once you have tapped in, we provide a self-care schedule which will help you in your daily routine. By repeating good actions every day, you will gain a new outlook, new confidence, and new strength. Obstacles which seemed unpassable will soon be passed, and then forgotten.

Enjoy and make use of our self-care systems:
· Daily Routine Planner
· Mood and Progress Tracker

The systems on our app will make it easier for you to seize the day and begin your self-development.


- Create your own daily routine.
- Track your self-care plan, mood, and progress on a daily basis.
- Create friendly reminders for your to-do list.
- Get thorough and evidence based self-care information.

Potential benefits of Me+:
- Boosts energy: Exercise, healthy eating, and sleep, laid out in Me+, will energize body, and further your enthusiasm for self-care.
- Improves mood: Ease stress and feel happiness.
- Slows aging: Long-term self-care is the best way to preserve your youth.
- Increases concentration: Sleep and nutritious food will improve your focus, productivity, and ambition.

With 100+ self-care schedules you can add to each day, the app will send friendly reminders morning, noon, and night—at whatever time(s) you have set.

Build your own self-care schedule with the ICONS and colors YOU choose! Celebrate your success and growth by recording your aims, your mood, and so much more in your Me+ app!

- Professional planning template: Use the MBTI test to find the routine that fits you best.
- Find a role model: Set a goal and strive to be the person you want to be.

- Yoga: Start with meditation and slowly stretch your body.
- Fitness: Experience a variety of body-shaping classes here.
- Mood Journal: Share your story with your best friend—Me+.

Tens of millions of self-care advocates choose Me+ to improve their physical and mental health, promote weight loss, experience anti-aging benefits, etc. When you fill your days with self-care, you'll meet a better self! Don't wait for tomorrow, begin today!

Subscription Information:
Me+ offers an auto-renewing subscription at $39.99/year and $9.99/month to provide you with unlimited access to the VIP features. Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase. You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase. Your subscription will renew automatically unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in 24 hours prior to the end of the current period. When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded. Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

Terms of service:
Privacy policy:
Feedback email: [email protected]

Me+ Daily Routine Planner App Comments & Reviews

Me+ Daily Routine Planner Positive Reviews

Great app for adhd, ocd, add, ect.I have adhd and struggle with getting things done but this app helps so much. You can plan out your day or you can just make a list of things that you need to get done. It’s free, add free, and you can also pay only 1.70$ a month for premium wich is very affordable. You can also set goals like do this this this many times today and you can create your own step by step checklist. With my adhd I often can’t get things done because I can’t focus or because I don’t know where to start or I’ll get stressed by all the stuff I have to do but with this app I can just do things step by step, little by little. I I’ve had this app for not even two days but my mental health is already improving and I’m genuinely so much happier and more productive. So for anyone looking at the reviews seeing if they should get it or not, this app is a ten out of ten and you should definitely get it. Big thanks to the creators of this app for improving my lifestyle..Version: 1.6.4

PLEASE FIX THISThis app is really great. It’s super organized, color coded, pleasing to to the eyes, and motivating. But there are two things that I really want to be fixed. First, every habit I create shows up under “any time of the day”, and since it specifically says that, I assumed that I could change it to “morning”, “afternoon”, “night”, etc. But when I pressed “edit” on any habit, there’s nowhere for me to change that. So then I looked up a tutorial on how to change that in this app, and on the tutorial person’s screen, there was clearly a section where they could change it to “morning, “afternoon”, or “night”. And in the comments there were a lot of people who couldn’t figure out how to change this either. I would love to be able to put a time of day on my habits! It would just make it easier to complete them, so please fix this because I don’t think I’m the only person who wants this to be fixed. Secondly, after I create a habit, it doesn’t show up. Some of the habits I create just take a second to show up, but some never did. I created the habit “homework” twice. I reloaded the app, I waited, and I created it again and it’s still not there. That’s more of a minor thing, but it’s still pretty significant. If you could change these things I would really appreciate it and it would make the app so much better. Thank you so much! Please fix these, mostly the first one!.Version: 1.7.3

Some few problemsWell, to begin, this app is a great app. I feel like it has helped an amazing amount of people. But, I feel as if there were some things that could’ve been added to reviews and other things such as details in the App Store and an app. First off, I would like to mention that the app age rating is 4+. First off I would really not recommend this for four year old. I also would not recommend this for any body younger than 13 just because if I had a child, I would not want my child to use an app and pay for some thing without me knowing. This but you just can’t trust younger children sometimes. Also, I feel like some of the prices are a little too high. People who are trying to get out of the depths of their despair, or lack of motivation, or anything else, sometimes they don’t have the money and that would just make me feel as if my capability to better myself all depends on if I can afford it if I didn’t have the money to use this app. Although, I understand that you are small business and that you’ll need the money. Even though I do not use this app anymore just because of the prices, that doesn’t mean this app isn’t well. The questions are very simple but also important and greatly affect how this app assists people in life. I hope this app can continue to help people, and help everybody live a better life..Version: 1.6.3

Best App I’ve Downloaded-ADHD Win!Unlike countless other planner apps out there you don’t have to pay to actually be able to use the app. You wont believe how happy it makes me that you don’t need a subscription to be able to plan out your life. I personally find it disgusting and discouraging that loads of other apps take advantage of the challenges neurodivergent people face when they are just trying to make their life a bit easier and more organized. This app offers so many capabilities without having to pay. You can make checklists under activities and events. It gives you suggestions of things to add to your schedule. Events/activities are very customizable. It has a list of routines to try from hot spring to-dos to work out and cleaning routines. You can set alarms, track your sleep, listen to soundscapes and meditations, and check broadcasts. Broadcasts includes a great overview of how you slept including percentages of when you woke up during the night and when you were in light sleep and deep sleep. It also has sound recordings of your night. Weather in your area and fun history facts. They also give out free or discounted membership opportunities. It’s honestly a great experience and I feel more confident and in control of my schedule than ever before!.Version: 1.5.4

Controversial appDon’t get me wrong when I was downloading this app I was super excited to finally get to be myself again instead of being stressed over school. What I was most excited for was finally being able to have a routined schedule and better sleep. When I got into the app and filled out the little intro quiz and then tried to add stuff to my calendar you need a subscription. I think it was kind of annoying because it’s $35 dollars a year which is a lot! There is then the sleep tracker which I used the first night I had the app and I was super excited to hear the noises and stuff in the morning and it makes you believe that you’ll be able to listen to them. I was very disappointed when I could not. The only thing I liked about the app was that I got to listen to rain when I was falling asleep otherwise I wish I could find another app like this that doesn’t need a subscription for every single feature on the app. Would be better if it were cheaper and to have it only be for some features not all of them and not the main ones like the calendar, sleep tracker, meditation, etc. because those are the main ones people use to try to better themselves and having to pay for that it’s outrageous..Version: 1.5.4

Dislike the new updateOk - i LOVE this app. i find it straightforward, helpful, fun, and it has helped me SO much with my productivity, organization, and routine. i love everything about this app EXCEPT — i really don’t like the new feature where when you click on one of the items in the to-do list, it doesn’t just disappear like it used to. now, it flips over, shows some “motivational” or “inspirational” or clever little phrase for 2-3 seconds, then either flips back over and takes another 2-3 seconds to completely disappear or it disappears on the flip. i HATE this. i find it incredibly satisfying when i complete a task and can click on it and POOF! it’s gone. so satisfying. having to wait 4-6 seconds for some silly little phrase robs me of that experience, is irritating, and makes the app less enjoyable to use. i would have given this app 5 stars if it wasn’t for this annoying feature in the update. Hopefully on the next update this goes away. i get that the attempt was to make the app more fun, and it’s a cute idea in theory, but this is not the way. keep it simple!!.Version: 1.6.8

Great!! But...I wanna start off by saying this is a great app, but there are a few problems. First of all, it is extremely battery consuming. If you are at a low percentage while using the app your device will die extremely quickly. Now, this isn't a huge problem but it gets super annoying. Another thing, if you set a task for an upcoming day and make a mistake, you CANNOT change/delete it until the day comes. It's super irritating and i see it as a huge issue. I have deleted and redownloaded the app multiple times due to this just so i could change the task. Finally, I dislike how you can only set a goal on a task for one thing, confusing, i know, but let me explain. If I were to set a task on stretching, I can set a goal to do it twice a day, or 10 minutes a day etc. Which is a great feature in itself but you could only choose one or the other. There have been multiple times where i wanted to do a task for 10 minutes, twice a day, but it was not possible! I love this app but these few things really get to me and i would love for these problems to be solved!! Thank you for reading 🩷.Version: 1.7.0

Would be great if only…This app looks beautiful and has lots of routines preset to give you ideas on how to get on track. However, there is no way to go back and edit something unless you are on the day it occurs. Twice I have opened up the app to start planning, and both times I ended up closing it out of frustration. The first time I added a few routines, then recognized the amount of items added would be overwhelming. I tried to erase them, but there was no way to do so. The second I tried adding an item of my own, but accidentally added it to the wrong days. When I tried to edit it, the app kept telling me to focus on today. It would be fantastic if there was a way to: 1)un-add a routine so you could re-add it later instead of getting an error message, 2) edit items listed on future dates, or barring those, 3) be able to reset the whole calendar and start new. The difficulty in setting up a routine and being able to edit afterward is a huge hinderance to what otherwise would be a great app. I paid for it to manage my stress, but thus far, it’s been more stress than help..Version: 1.5.1

Lots to improve.I downloaded and started it up, however when i started my routine, a lot of ones didnt know were added snuck in and there wasnt a way to fix/delete on a bigger scale. The profile is super basic and you cant do much with it other than look at a calendar. I ended up having to delete my app and redownload to get rid of all the unwanted routines. But now i have to restart and rebuild my whole routine. Its also not multi-device friendly. Becuase there is no login or actual personalized profile i have to redo the whole app AGAIN so i can have it on all my devices throughout the house very tedious for someone with ADHD and cant focus very long. Also you can’t visually see the time frames for the routines you set, they send reminders but looking at just a blob of a list with no actual structure is also a turn off for wanting to get things done. The only thing different about this app and my head is the list is physically looking back at me and its just as overwhelming as it would be without it. 3stars because its good at its core but could be better.Version: 1.7.2

Why I love it so much!It keeps me on top of my tasks that I need to do. It will also send me reminders to do the task. I also love how I can set a timer and it will wake me up in the mornings or time reading and different stuff like that. I think this App has gotten me more healthy than any other apps I tried. It would either be to much money [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅ιοο̲̅)̲̅$̲̅], or it would be way to hard and I could most likely get sick from trying what it wanted me to do. I am in way better shape, my attitude is way better, I'm nicer in every way possible, and I think that this app as helped me get back up from when I was down, sad, or depressed. This app is everything I love it, it is very worth it, and nothing cost to much money. I thought this app wouldn't be able to help me in my case, but it actually has helped me a lot. I am glad I found an app like this to help me and stay on top of things that I use to never get finished..Version: 1.7.4

Good App, But There Are Some IssuesThe checklist that this app supplies are very useful since I can use just about all. Having a brief synopsis of the daily news is also very time efficient since I am almost too busy to have hours to read the news. And the sleep music and meditations are also helpful because I love having peaceful music to sleep by. However, I am about to cancel my premium subscription because I want to track my sleep. This part of the app doesn’t appear to be working properly. For one thing, it is stuck on two days ago. Today is April 14, but the data will only show for April 12. I have attempted to reset it on the calendar but the calendar will not allow me to change the date. I am also concerned about the level of accuracy for my sleep tracking. It shows that I was awake for 2 hours the other night (I have no idea about last night or the night before because of the inability to change the date.) I really don’t think that I was awake that much because it isn’t supported by the “sounds” recordings..Version: 1.0.8

Really good but a couple issuesI feel that in all when your not trying to pay for anything, that the app is pretty good! I just think that there are some things that could be added to make the app better. If any of these are already in the app then sorry. 1. I think that you should be able to choose a different times for a reminder to go off on different days. As someone whose on school I wake up very early, that’s why most of my reminders for the morning go off at about 6 AM. The issue is that I don’t wake up that early on the weekend’s so I never see the reminders. 2. I think there should be an option to show all your reminders, so that you don’t need to search them up by name if you want to edit them. 3. What if there’s an event that I have to go to or a vacation? If I’m away from home I’m not able to do my tasks, so I was thinking that it would be good that you can put events on the calendar and change the tasks for the different days. That’s all.Version: 1.6.5

Updates need to be madeI love certain aspects of this app (sleep tracker is a huge plus for me), however there are some updates that need to be made. First and foremost the reminders DO NOT WORK (with the exception of the daily alarm I have set)! I have tried everything under the sun to get consistent notifications and nothing has worked which has led to me being late for time sensitive tasks. Secondly the ability to edit future dates needs to be added instead of asking to focus on today (most people plan for the week or month all at once and do not have time to edit their schedule daily). Thirdly when editing the details of a task it should not reset the task and erase any previous data related to that task. Fourthly there has been several times I have gotten into the app and all the tasks are gone. Finally maybe there should be a way to set more than 1 reminder for tasks that have a goal of more than once a day. Again the app has potential to be useful and great but it’s lil things that will ruin it..Version: 1.5.3

Awesome App!Having ADD I can truthfully say this is the best productivity app I’ve tried. So many others force you to create your routines, habits and schedules all by yourself. Most productivity apps start in a place of customization. By the time you figure out what schedule you want to choose, when you want to do it and how often you lose momentum it’s so exhausting you want to quit. The beauty of this app is that there are routine templates based on who you are and what you want to achieve and then you just add those goals/routines it to your custom one. Just the right amount of free choice but mixed so much with outlines that are pre-set you don’t have to figure a lot out. Definitely recommend - worth the hype. My only suggestion/request if possible would be to add a goal template that includes pets. When to walk them, spend time with them, take them to the vet, get them groomed. No points taken off though - this is awesome!.Version: 1.5.2

This is a great app butI have been needing to have a schedule and I have been over all over the place lately but ever since I’ve gotten this app I have been more organized this is an AMAZING and easy app that has been helping me on the way but.. you have to pay for almost EVERYTHING you even have to pay for why fruits and vegetables and other foods are good for you.. that’s outrageous also when you make a reminder like on the calendar part and you can make your own goals, when you have a time goal if you go out of the app eve for a second the timer starts like what if you want it to still go on but you lose track and everything! Anyways this is a great app I would highly suggest that you would get this app if you have anxiety or depression issues or you just need a check list or something to keep you on track.Version: 1.5.5

Can’t Honestly EvaluateI left 3 stars just because I will never know what this app is like, since in order to try it I had to commit to a subscription. The market is way too saturated with self-care and motivation these days, and there is just too much out there, to take a risk on purchasing without knowing the quality of what I’m committing to. I have had enough situations where apps charge me needlessly or even dishonestly, that the risk of signing up is too great for me to take a chance on what could be a great app. My advice is to do what a lot of other apps do that are insanely successful now (and I regularly subscribe to), and allow free usage for a few days, perhaps even in a limited fashion, where you only get access to parts of it, and then ask for me to subscribe, after I’ve already been inside the app and know what exactly I’m signing up for. There is zero way of me knowing what this even is. Why on earth would I subscribe to something I’m not even sure what it offers? Okay, rant over. That’s all. :).Version: 1.6.1

One huge flaw. I still love it though.Please allow us to go back into full edit mode so that we can edit all present and future tasks at any time! During setup I didn’t understand it fully and when I try to edit tasks it says “let’s focus on today” so that means in order to edit things that are wrong, I have to wait until the DAY OF to edit and change them. That makes absolutely no sense and it made me want to throw my phone across the room. 😂 Please update the app so that we can have a full tab where we can click and edit EACH AND EVERY active task so it simplifies making changes instead of having to wait for the day of and forgetting it needed edited in the first place by the time that day comes around. It needs its own dedicated tab for “View All Tasks” that are fully editable. Outside of this really frustrating misstep, I love this app for productivity! It’s easier than the built in reminders apps on our phones. I love using Me+.Version: 1.5.6

I have some suggestions for improvementThere are grammar errors all over the app from the broadcast talking in past tense when it should be present tense, to missing spaces or spelling errors. The app itself is more tedious than I thought it would be. I thought it would start as a guided process to help motivate me such as quizzes to find out what tasks would best for me and where to start based off my needs, but all the willpower had to come from me. The sleep tracking is not very accurate at all compared to others. I am okay with that as I know that wasn’t the main goal, but if you are gonna have it I would compare with Fitbit’s or Apple’s to see what kind of quality people expect. Some past apps I’ve tried allowed 3rd party apps which allowed me to use ones that I know work while still using the their app for everything else. I would love to see a different medal system for each day. As someone with major depression, anxiety and adhd, many days my personal goal of how many to complete is 3 tasks maybe 5 even if have 30 tasks I want to track. It would be nice to be able to see the days I do super well versus the days I do one task. I do plan on getting the subscription as I think it’s a fair deal for other apps I have tried. With this in mind I do hope my review reaches the developers as these things will eventually need to be fixed if they want to keep me for multiple months/years..Version: 1.4.6

Exactly what I was looking forThis app is exactly what I was looking for. There are a bunch of features within the app that are actually useful. I was looking for something to track my progress in making my lifestyle overall healthier and encourage me to keep going, this is it. I do not have ADHD but I have very low motivation the past few months and lack of organization. The reviews that complain about a subscription are hilarious to me. How do you expect an app with premium design such as this one to be developed without earning a cent? The subscription is actually reasonable and for how much I use it, its worth it to me. Great job devs! I hope you make a version of this with a “cute/kawaii” theme 🥹 cute things motivate me more for some reason..Version: 1.6.2

ImprovementsI just got the app and i’m liking it so far, however there’s some small things i wish were better for overall personalization. For checklists and stuff that i can create, i wish i could have text for the description move to the next line without needing to put a bunch of spaces to get it to move down there (hopefully that makes sense) I feel overall i wish there was more i could change around when creating specific tasks. also for recurring tasks - it would be nice if i could say i want the task to recur the second tuesday of every month. right now i’m only able to set it to monthly but as a date. so the 11th of every month i can set it, but what if one month that’s a tuesday and the next it’s a thursday, but i want it to always be on the same day of the week each month. idk if any of this makes sense it’s hard to explain over text 😭.Version: 1.6.3

Great idea, but needs some improvementsI have used the app for 3 days so far, and I really enjoy it. It offers different routines to pick and choose from, you can alter the details and add to do lists within the tasks you select. I also like they provide journals and wellness tutorials like stretches etc. It is very helpful to someone starting out in personal wellness. My suggestions to improve the app: - Allow back dated mood entries. My day typically ends around 10pm/11pm, so when I go to do my daily reflection it may be beyond midnight. This posts for the current day, not the day prior, and there is no way to adjust it, that I know of. - Allow adjustments to future to do lists. I try to edit or adjust chores in the following days, and I get a purple bar that tells me to "focus on today". It is a bit annoying, and I tend to forget things easily (hence why I have this app) and that would be really beneficial to me if I could adjust things as I think about it, whether it be a day or a week from now. If there is a way to do this, it would be helpful to have an easier way of doing it. Thank you for the app, I really appreciate the thoughtfulness that has gone into the apps creation and mood. The app is a very positive space and I look forward to using it as time goes on!.Version: 1.5.6

Some bugs that if fixed could make it better…I like the app…but I can’t seem to find a way to open the app on my iPad and sign into the same account…it just wants to go straight to a quiz and get me set up w/a new account. But I just want to access what I already paid for on both my phone AND my iPad. Also, there’s no way to edit the premade suggestions if I want to change the wording…and even ones I made myself SEEM like they are editable…but then I go back in after editing and they haven’t changed. So far those are the only issues but I have only been using it a couple days so it IS a bit annoying. I use a similar app that gamifies chores into quests for kids and have been able to sign into it on both my iPad and my iPhone…as well as edit…so I know it’s possible for those things to function. I just need them to do so with Me+!!.Version: 1.4.8

The app is great in general, but just a few problems.Okay, don’t get me wrong. I love the app and it has really helped me with my daily routine and schedule. I really like this app I do I really do but a problem I have is that the game is 4+ for age I do not think a five year old, nor a four year old should be using this app. Like if I ever did have a child I would not allow them to use this app, because this app is really more used for being happier in life and having a good routine and so I do not think a four year old or a five year old should be using this app. And my next problem is, is that in this up most of things you do in this app means needing to have a subscription for money. So you can’t really do much things in the app, so yeah that’s all my problems but overall the app is great..Version: 1.6.8

Great app! just one thing…Ok so I just started to use this app yesterday and I think it is pretty cool and effective! I know that you guys are small creators but considering your ratings are at almost five stars (bravo 👏) I think you could change it a little. Ok so don’t get mad at me I know you have to well make money and by what I see there are no adds (which is wonderful) but their is soooooo much that is only for me+ people and I think that it’s unfair people without it should have more access to things in the app. Like it won’t let me get even 1 self care plan! So is that whole discover page just for me+? And I can barely do anything on the sleep tracker page. But hear me out, I do really like this app I just think you guys could make it a little more accessible! Have a good day! 😊.Version: 1.4.6

Hopefully more to comeI think this is a fantastic app concept and I understand you are still in the process of building the app. I just downloaded the app Saturday night and I am in my free trial to become a yearly paid subscription. So as I use the app more I will update my review. Here are first impressions as I have only used a few features so far. (Tasks and alarm/sleep) Things I love -being able to create my own routines/tasks -the ability to change colors and icons of tasks -seeing my daily task list broken up between all day morning afternoon and evening tasks -the alarm wake-up challenge (I have mine set to 3 math problems) -nighttime listening Things I’d like to see added -the ability to set monthly/quarterly/yearly tasks opposed to just weekly -the ability to alter a task set for a future day once it is saved -the ability to rearrange my task list -the ability to see a multi day list or monthly view of tasks -the ability to set different alarm times for different days and in advance -the ability to play nighttime sounds for longer periods, like a repeat 2, 3, or 4 times. -longer recordings of noises while sleeping I look forward to watching this app continue to get better..Version: 1.4.6

PLEASE READ IF YOU ARE ON THE FENCEHaven’t been using the app for very long but it’s been amazing so far. For most a monthly subscription might be a red flag or a turn away but let me tell you how a little really goes a long way. There are endless options to choose from when it comes to customizability, from what time your reminders are, what they should look like, how often you need them, and alarms alone have enough customizations to make your head spin, it’s truly satisfying to complete a to-do list on this app and has truly helped me stay on top of things, can’t wait to see how it helps me during the school year. So if you have the money, I would consider using this app, it really helps a lot ❤️..Version: 1.6.6

A “self-care app” for the middle/upper class.We understand that small developers need to make money, but it's frustrating when they compromise the user experience by aggressively promoting discounts and subscriptions within the app's UI. These methods no longer work for today's generation of users, and it's disappointing to see a self-care app designed to help people grow and reach their full potential blocked by a paywall. It's ironic that the only people who can afford to pay for this app are those who are already relatively stable in life and may only be using the app to maintain their status quo. The developers should consider alternative methods to encourage users to upgrade to the pro version. For example, they could offer purchasable in-app themes to customize the UI and make the app feel more cozy, warm, bubbly, or zen. Locking mundane features that are free in other apps is pointless because users will simply switch to another app. It's time for developers to think outside the box and offer creative ways to enhance the user experience. It's frustrating to see potential wasted when developers continue to rely on outdated tactics. We hope to see more innovative ideas in the future. At least the onboarding walkthrough was cute..Version: 1.4.5

Very good and very cheap!So I downloaded this app because I probably have ADHD. I haven’t been diagnosed yet, and I have a Lotta problems just doing stuff without getting distracted, and I’m always too busy to make schedules on paper and stuff, and this app is really cool because you can set whatever things you want for whatever day, and you can do them when you want and I also has a lot of activities to meditate, stretch, and many other things, ever since I got this app, I have not been that stressed out about stuff, it’s still pretty hard to concentrate, and I still have anxiety a lot, but now I know how to make it less and less, thank you all the wonderful people behind this app. 🩷.Version: 1.7.5

Alarm doesn’t always work!!!For a free app I would expect these type of bugs but for a paid program I do expect more The things that this app does well it does very well. I like the puzzles and news that help me to become awake when I need to wake up. However the alarm doesn’t always work at the correct time!!!!! My weekday alarm is set for 6:11 am. Twice, it has woken me up at 5:49 even though it is set for 6:11 AM. The first time this happened I thought it was a mistake but then two weeks later the same thing happened again. For a free app I would expect these type of bugs but for a paid program I do expect more. It would also be nice if they would fix how the first thing in the morning broadcast wording is incorrect. As in “it was 95° today. “ Does it mean yesterday, or currently, or it will be?.Version: 1.0.8

Super helpful, and EXACTLY what i was looking for.This app came in an ad on tiktok. And i am delighted that it did. All the other apps i tried made me set a time for everything, and i dont function like that, so the apps were not useful, i love that me+ allows me to set a reminder if i *want* to but doesnt force me to. I havent been using it for very long but im already in love and will be getting the subscription as soon as my trial ends. I also sent an email of a feature id like added and they emailed back saying they would consider it! I love that they responded. (The feature i suggested to them was a priority button you can use to set the priority like low medium or high) cant wait to see what improvements they make!.Version: 1.4.7

Worth it!I like this app for keeping my routines in check! I’ve learned how to break down my routines and then chunk them into a checklist, making it a gradual growth. The app is user friendly and offers a great variety of pictures, create your own routines, as well as offering ideas. A few things I think would help would be some way to track or remove an item if it’s not applicable for that day. Some days the step doesn’t apply, and then I hate that it just sits there. Like my husband already set out the coffee, or we have plans to go out for coffee but I can’t check it because I’m not doing it. Or alternatively, even a way to remove it when it ain’t going to happen. I’m not going to be able to work out, so I just want the icon gone!.Version: 1.6.8

Way too many technical issuesI want to love this app so much because I absolutely need help with organizing my life right now. But there are so many issues within this app that make it not user friendly. They have you go through this long questionnaire only for you to have go add/edit all of your schedule from scratch. The most frustrating part is that it will not save any edits to my schedule. If I try to edit anything and save it, the app says “habit already exists!”….yeah I know I’m just trying to change a simple time/date/reminder and it never saves it no matter what I do. It’s so frustrating because I just signed up to pay $40 for a app that doesn’t even work properly. Three stars because I really do believe in the concept of this app, they just absolutely have to fix these issues..Version: 1.5.4

Love this 😍I’m absolutely obsessed 😍! This was a total game changer, this is by far the best daily routine app that I have had so far. It has help me stay on track and it has a variety of different options and tasks for you to pick from! It has helped me keep a good schedule and definitely helped me develop healthy habits for every day. It’s helped me keep a healthy sleep schedule and wake up schedule, witch I need for school. This app also has the option of sending you reminders through out the day, like for example: take out the dog, change the cat litter, drink water and so much more to choose from! I would definitely get this app if I didn’t already! 😊.Version: 1.1.8

What I think about me+I think that me+ is an awesome app, because it helps you with ADHD and planning and reminders of what you’re supposed to do, which is great, but, and I think that it shouldn’t cost money to help with those issues because if you think about how sometimes other people may not be able to pay for apps like these, that it will just cause more stress. After all this app does say that you will be stress-free if you sort out your planning and stuff to do daily because it takes stress off your shoulders. But although we think that it is stress free, it’s not. because, people have to worry about paying for the app. I hope that this helps you in anyway possible for your company’s and other people’s job.Version: 1.6.5

Angela’s first wordsGood morning! my husband suggested that I try this app on Saturday. I had time to set a few things on course. I’ve already enjoyed it very much. I love the beautiful picture that greets me in the morning and God bless you I get to read. it wakes me up in a very sweet way …. Along with shaking. My phone shaking is kind of a new concept and I get tickled at it.😉so that’s a good thing …. starting my day off with a chuckle 😜. I want to set more things on course and yes, I’ve already taken a morning walk, which was the first in many years! Thank You for this suggestion. I’m excited to be a part of this excellent way to make some changes in my life with help and support!.Version: 1.5.8

What’s the point of the horoscope?I do appreciate the alarm aspect of this app. It helps me wake up with a decent sounding alarm and puzzles. But I saw the horoscope option and I love astrology and looked forward to utilizing it. Well it only portrays part of a sentence and won’t open when I Click on it. What’s the point of a partial horoscope? It’s pretty useless the way it is now. If the app was free I wouldn’t complain but I’ve paid for this so I’d appreciate if it worked. I’ve emailed customer service twice in the last three months and haven’t received a response and nothing has changed. I also noticed the price has gone up. I’m considering not renewing next year because I’m not sure the app is worth 50 bucks a year..Version: 1.1.5

Amazing!I absolutely love this app! One suggestion though would be to make you cross off the tasks directly from the widget. Again, this app is incredible! 😊.Version: 1.6.7

I love this appIt is so good tojust have that wine down moment that’s exactly what this app does not. Do you have a line down.Version: 1.5.0

GUYS GET THIS APPIt has made me so less depressed and sad gives me smth to do.Version: 1.7.6

Why you should use me+This app is THE best self care app I’ve used out of the 8 I’ve tried! Most of them Forced you to pay but me+ has a pay part but only for my exclusive stuff! I have really bad ADHD and THIS APP IS MY NO.1 SO FAR! I LOVE ME+!.Version: 1.7.6

PerfectIt verything you need to feel good about your selfie.Version: 1.7.5

10/10 recommendationsI have a hard time putting my phone down for things or drinking water this app helps with that so 100% get the app and you don’t need the money version just use the free one it’s way more interactive and you remember more.Version: 1.7.5

Love app!I love this app and highly recommend it! There are minimal adds and it is easy to use.❤️ This app is a fun way to start off my day lol.Version: 1.7.5

MeLove it but I don’t wanna pay for it.Version: 1.7.5

Me+It is the best planner ever.Version: 1.7.5

A great appI think.Version: 1.7.5

GoodJgje.Version: 1.7.5

Awesome!!!!!I love this app!!! Only thing is you have to pay for it, but I don’t and I’m perfectly happy!! Definitely a keep! Thanks!.Version: 1.7.5

Good appI like this app a lot but its supposed to help with ADHD but for me it’s hard to remember to lo in everyday and stuff. Also they try to get you by saying you hit the jackpot on the wheel and stuff but it’s just that you would pay for the subscription because you think it’s free or on sale..Version: 1.7.5

Me+ is awesomeMe+ is a great organization app with alarms reminders to do something’s download me+ if u need help organizing or if u need planners me+ is a free app there is just a in app pay fee for me plus (it’s like a premium subscription or whatever).Version: 1.7.5

Awesome app!!! 😁☺️This is a great app it helps with stress and people that feel unorganized. Recommended!!.Version: 1.7.5

GooooodThis app is everything.Version: 1.7.4

I love it!As a teen I’m very un-organized but downloading this app was a very good idea! My parents are a lot happier with me then they were before.Version: 1.7.4

Best app!!It helped me a lot for organizing etc…🆂🆃🅰🆁🆂⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 1.7.4

Love itLove the app but is there a one time payment plan.Version: 1.7.4

FiveStarsHelped me sm.Version: 1.7.4

Love itIt was so hard to get up in the morning bit now it’s easy.Version: 1.7.4

What I think of me+I hate the fact that it asks me to pay my money. I hope they take that out of it. I wish there was more emojis other than I will love it..Version: 1.7.4

This app is so good cuz it is free and im in health now cuz of the app tyLove it.Version: 1.7.4

Love itNo words…<3.Version: 1.7.4

I love this appThis app is so good to help me with my schedule.Version: 1.7.4

Amazing gameSome people complain just because they gotta pay for more but if you just don’t it is just a good and still the best I recommend this game..Version: 1.7.4

Great appIt is a great app to help remind and keep you accountable. You can add as many things to your to do list as you want but you also can just start at a few..Version: 1.7.4

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What do you think Me+ Daily Routine Planner ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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