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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder Customer Service

LinkedIn is the social network for job seekers, professionals, and businesses. Build your network, find business contacts, connect with recruiters, and use your professional profile as an online resume.

LinkedIn’s job search filters help you narrow down from the millions of jobs posted to the job that’s right for you. Use job search alerts to get notified when new positions open up in companies you’re interested in, all the while connecting directly with recruiters or employees in your network. Tap into your network to ask for a referral for companies you’re applying to and get your resume noticed. You can also apply on-the-go to save time and be the first application to the job of your dreams.

Use LinkedIn to navigate your career with confidence--whether you want to find a new job, keep in touch with your network, or stay up-to-date on the latest from your connections and your industry.

Why you’ll love using the LinkedIn app:

1. Job search: Browse on-the-go and set job alerts so that you can be the first to apply
2. Job apply: Apply easily to millions of jobs with your resume, right from the app
3. Industry news: Stay on top of the latest news and conversations happening in your industry
4. Chat with your network: Send messages and get alerted when your contacts reply
5. Business networking: Use Find Nearby and QR code scanner features to easily find and connect to people you meet in the moment

• Find friends, classmates, and colleagues to add to your network
• See updates on their activity and reach out on the app to stay in touch
• Share articles, comments, and knowledge with your network
• Follow hashtags to get updates on topics you care about the most

• Follow companies, influencers, and topics you’re interested in
• Reach out to connections at companies you’re interested in for referrals and advice
• Learn about what’s happening in your industry with curated content

• Search and apply to millions of openings
• Upload and easily submit your resume to jobs that fit
• Save searches and create alerts to be the first to know about new openings

• Use your LinkedIn profile as a virtual resume
• Highlight your accomplishments, responsibilities, and experience
• Add a picture to help people you know and potential employers find you

• Find nearby: allows you to connect to people in your vicinity
• QR code scanner: share your unique code so people can connect with you instantly
• Push notifications: know immediately when someone responds or wants to connect

Whether you want to build your professional reputation, find a new job, share your knowledge, or just need a lightweight way to stay in touch, LinkedIn is the professional social network for you.

Start your job search with the LinkedIn app today.

The LinkedIn app is free to use and download.


Want to make the most of LinkedIn? Upgrade to a Premium subscription for exclusive tools to find a job, grow your business, find sales leads, or hire talent--priced from $29.99 monthly to $119.95 monthly.

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LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder App Comments & Reviews

LinkedIn: Network & Job Finder Positive Reviews

Great app but...I love this app however it frustrates me that the current job title seems to be the only factor that is included when recruiters are delivered search results. As a consultant, my title can be anything and it may be quite different from my functional role and area of expertise. Depending upon the currently listed job title, I’ve noticed a sharp difference in the number contacts I receive from recruiters and the roles they are seeking. I wish that other factors such as education, certifications and skills would be considered when recruiters are delivered search results. Also, LinkedIn should allow subscribers to search by certification or certificate. Currently a search for common certifications returns no results despite the fact that these certifications are listed within job descriptions..Version: 9.1.152

Please add an unlimited word countI love LinkedIn, but would like to see an unlimited word count. There are so many times that I have a post that exceeds the allotted word count and it’s frustrating. I could condense what i need to say most times, but sometimes I need to be able to say more than what LinkedIn allows. If the post is good, people will read it. If not, they don’t have to read it and can just scroll on past. I’m sure if you took a poll from other LinkedIn users, you would find that most of them would agree that LinkedIn needs an unlimited word count. Don’t limit it solely for the purpose of making sure people’s posts are shorter. Give people the opportunity to add as much as they need to their posts. Sometimes you need to be able to add more to your post to properly say what you need to say because tightening your word count doesn’t always cut it..Version: 9.1.176

Option to improve feed needs to be improvedThe app is solid and very easy to use. My complaints are the content in the Feed and that the option “improve my feed” really offers no real options except adding new people to follow. It should be flexible and let you choose what you want to see more of OR less of. For example, in my feed I don't need to see every single time a connection “likes” something. I also remember I always used to see when my current connections connected to new people. I used to see those a lot every day. That was helpful info if a contact connected to someone new in my industry. It worked well in conjunction with the other “people I may know” info. I almost never see those types of updates anymore in my feed. Can you explain why the feed offers me zero flexibility to see the things that are most important to me?.Version: 9.1.61

Responding to recruiters new feature is terribleIn the past when I was contacted by a recruiter in my message inbox, I could respond directly to the recruiter. Now, the app forces you to respond whether or not you are interested in the job before you have a chance to respond. To me this is a 100% unnecessary feature and is an unprofessional way to contact a recruiter to express interest. The right way to treat a recruiter is to write that person directly and let them know your intentions, perhaps including some background for your decision. This can help keep communication channels open in the future and is a networking opportunity. This new feature is a result of someone “overthinking” the situation. This goes back to the old saying, “If its not broke, don't fix it”.Version: 9.1.127

What is going on !!!!I’m a huge fan of LinkedIn but Im unable to access anything right now!!! I am not unable to respond to my messages, or update anything….as soon as I try I am forced to open the app that at first said I didn’t have an account so I reset my password….. even though I just had it open online…. now the app won’t open because it’s prompting me to fill out a page about my future job hopes and dreams that goes blank when I attempt to response. I don’t understand why I can’t use my online account anymore apps aren’t dependable!! All I wanted to do is update my resume and read some articles! I apologize for my frustration I know it’s an app thing! Please please please fix this issue!!!.Version: 9.1.226

Professional Networking ToolLinkedIn is my preferred way to interact with business professionals. I do, however, wish that the site would allow a longer time to deactivate an account or allow one to restore their account within a year. I deactivated my account for a “spiritual hiatus” and attempted to set my account back up and was unable to retrieve it. I built a great network before and now it seems like I am not getting as many recommendations for people that I knew from college and other businesses. 😏 I’m sure my post sounds like a combination of great things and not so great things, but I do really appreciate the fact that the tool is much more professional than most social media outlets..Version: 9.1.104

ScammersI was new to LinkedIn searching for new leads to jobs as I desperately need to find a new job after 27 years that gave my all. The hospital was bought out by Lahey Health and BI. Long story short I ended up being followed by what I know would turn out to be scams eventually asking for money I’m sure. I deleted one guy cause he made me feel uncomfortable. Then out of the blue 2 more people trying to chat with me. My final straw was when a third person tried to friend me or have conversation. But his profile picture was the person who first chatted with me. Different background picture but it was his face. Freaked me out so I don’t follow LinkedIn like I used to. I just recently had my identity stolen and I’m not going to entertain Catfish type people.Version: 9.1.182

Good appI really like LinkedIn because it’s social media kept professional. A suggestion I’d make that would help recruiters find and connect with talent is to add a salary requirement to the “jobs settings”. I get contacted by so many recruiters and each time they contact me about a position I talk to them for about 30 minutes just to find out they want to offer me a job that pays me 25-50% less than my current salary. It’s a complete waste of my time and the recruiter’s time as well. Another thing I’d recommend is providing recruiters a service that lets them know what is the median salary for the position they are trying to hire for so they understand how much professionals earn in their industry and position..Version: 9.1.101

Generally good, job search alerts brokenI like the app. I recently started trying to use the job alert feature. I searched for a job (“software engineer”) at a mid-sized clothing retailer. I have seen open roles there before, and I know they employ software developers, but they don’t happen to have any open roles right now. I would like to create an alert for when such a role does open up, but the “turn on alerts for this search” toggle only appears for searches that currently produce results. Please add the toggle to all job searches, no matter how specific, since this is the point of these alerts—to let users know if/when a relevant job pops up. Also there’s no obvious “feedback” area in the app, so I had to come here. :(.Version: 9.1.201

A suggestion to the development teamDear Team, The app has been developed nicely and is very user friendly. Everything’s great. There’s one feature that would really help out, I am usually/mostly at work and have less time to watch videos, if there was a feature where I could save it to view later that would be amazing, I could just save the video/video link and go home and watch it instead of scrolling down and search for that post. Just like facebook app has the option to save the videos/video link to a certain ‘watch later’ folder. I really expect the team to work on it. Other than that, it’s good. Kudos to the developers!.Version: 9.1.164

Good app but bad recent changesLinkedIn is a great professional app and I love how I can work on my career and look for opportunities using it! Haven’t had any weird glitches with it yet that downgraded my experience. I do have to deduct some points though for recent changes. The messages button was moved to the upper right and in its place on the bottom middle of the screen is the add a post button. This seems like a worse UI experience because I know I check and respond to messages far more than I post up a message and it’s kinda awkward to move the messages button up there. I also find that I can’t swipe to the right to go back to the last page I was on. Instead, I usually have to tap the back arrow in the upper left, which again, could be improved..Version: 9.1.122

Useful but opportunities for improvementLinkedIn is the prime social networking app for professionals. Main avenue for jobs and all that. I think here’s some opportunities for improvement: 1. Make a filter for company size when looking for jobs. 2. A lot of recruiters post contracts as “full-time” as a sneaky way to get more applicants since they consider a full time role 40 hrs/week. Make this differentiation even clearer by saying “Permanent Full-Time.” I don’t know how many contract roles I’ve seen saying it’s Full-Time and luckily I read every description pretty carefully. 3. Make an option for when Looking For Work is turned on, we can put more details for recruiters to see. I get hit up for temp/contracts all the time and have no interest in them. Recruiters don’t bother reading profiles. 4. It would be great to have an option to rate or leave feedback on recruiters when you are communicating with them. Just like you have automatic “Yes/Not interested” responses, there should be a way to leave feedback on recruiter accounts since so many recruiters are rude, ghost candidates, post things unrelated to your field/interests, solicit, etc..Version: 9.1.216

Great but...The app is generally the only way I interact with LinkedIn, and it works well for what I need it. However, while I appreciate the alerts most of the time, ever since this last update I've gotten alerts several times a day. When opening the app, the alert ends up asking me if I know someone... And it's been the same individual every single time. And every time, I dismiss it because I don't know them. It's gotten to the point where I seriously want to turn off alerts for the app, which would significantly decrease it's usefulness. Up until this last update, it was just fine. Now it's begging for attention that I really don't want to give it..Version: 9.1.108

Very buggy appThe app does its job in working the same as desktop. However, the notifications only work 1/10 times. In fact, most times you try to click an external link that will open the app, the app opens on an all black or all white screen and stays there. You have to force close the app to have it load normal again but if you were trying to see what the notification was about, I hope you have good memory. The app also does not hold your place in the feed so clicking anything for example a url will open their in-app window and returning will refresh your feed. Since LinkedIn is built on an algorithm to keep you interested in the app, you most likely won’t ever see that post again as it generates new items it thinks would be of interest. Lastly the other night I had spent 20 minutes writing a long message regarding business with another user. I was on my last sentence when the app suddenly crashed. If you’re wondering, no, the app did not draft my messages and I had to type everything back out again. Overall, it does its job but be prepared for a lot of bugs. And the notifications Never work..Version: 9.1.231

Great app. Unsubscribe from emails before Earth Dies.In all complete honesty, LinkedIn as a great app and it’s net work is good, but seriously, the amount of emails that you get from this company probably emits as much greenhouse gas as mining bitcoin. It’s in my opinion, one of the biggest email cloggers I have yet to experience. I have the rest of my life to see one that is worse, but challenge accepted, I guess. I’ve been on this app since I was under 18 and I’m 27 now. I have spent many an hour clearing these LinkedIn emails, and it’s to the point where I fully understand that it could potentially be causing a detriment of heat to the earth due to the amount of emails they send out to literally anybody who is on planet earth and has an account. You will get carpal tunnel from swiping these emails into archive..Version: 9.1.224

Job searchIssues thus far: * sorting by latest took 2k results to 8 sole results * filtering by just today, lists 8 and says 230 available. * there’s a big blue bar asking me to save my search…I shouldn’t need to lose my UI space for something I’m not going to click very often. * I should be able to filter out contract work and recruiters. * I shouldn’t need to scroll through 100 postings by the same poster for the same job across regions. Why do I have to scroll through 8 “promoted” postings for every one or two real ones…when I am sorted by newest? Why should I keep paying for this when I am treated like a dumb product that shouldn’t be allowed to sort but is expected to land a nice tech job pushing out more advanced features than that?.Version: 9.1.234

Must Have LinkedInI think of LinkedIn as business knowledge career centric Facebook. Unlike Facebook, it tends to be more professional with less negative behavior. The feeds while not as well organized as Facebook, tend to provide more useful or pertinent information. A premium subscription is useful if you're actively looking for a job or you want to make use of LinkedIn Learning to improve your skill sets. The mobile version of LinkedIn is much less cluttered than the desktop version although I noticed I see promoted posts (adverts) even though I have premium; not sure if that's a bug or premium doesn't prevent adverts..Version: 9.1.188

Linkedin App is a must have for anyone in business at any levelWhen Linkedin first introduced an app I’ll admit I was sceptical. I was leery because I’ve experienced many many websites attempting to make life easier with a new app and they fall on their face. This particular app is probably one of the easiest to maneuver and it allows me to stay connected easily with notifications and simple maneuvering around the site. I choose to be a Premier member and the benefits are well worth the money. I love linked in. I’ve become friends worldwide not only for the industry I’m in but also personal friends with multitudes or different interests. Get the app..Version: 9.1.50

Overall it is a great experience, however…Great overall app and stays pretty true to its platform. There are 2 main things that bug me: 1) No dark mode and 2) messages don’t work properly. The messages is not great and you have to jump through hoops when you click on the notification for the message. You still have to go in the app and click on the messages icon and look for the message. Doesn’t have to be that complicated. Just give a notification click on the notification and let me go straight to the message. Also, should be able to respond to the messages from the Lock Screen. Fix those 2 things and I will update my review and will add a star for each of those..Version: 9.1.221

I love this APPThere are so many professionals at your fingertips like for example, I am a professional singer and I have access to contacting via messenger or adding them people like CEO of universal studio recording studio label and def jam’Atlantic records and there are DJ’s and producers and a lot more then this. I also want to mention the groups you can be added to like universal artist group,where you can post your music for all executives all 33,000 in the group to see your stuff and also work with top professionals if your serious about getting a foot in the door at any company this app is the place to be ....much love LinkedIn.Version: 9.1.195

Love the app minus the constant crashing!LinkedIn is wonderful and I’ve loved the website for almost two decades and I’ve loved the app for years. Well, that is until recently. Over the past few months, it does nothing but crash, crash, crash! Every time I do anything more than browse through newsfeeds or search for profiles/jobs, it crashes. Try to write an article on the app...crash! Try to apply to a job...almost always crashes! Try to download or save something from the app....I can guarantee it will crash! Please get this fixed so everyone from baby boomers to millennials and today’s college kiddos can utilize LinkedIn where they need it most....on their mobile device. Many thanks!.Version: 9.1.131

Feedback complainAlthough a majority of the individuals I have connected with through this app respect the Proper use of the app to connect with others that wish to be connected with. There are a select few that feel this tool is best used for making cold sales calls. My issue is this there is no way in this app to report they are using your email address and emailing you separate of the LinkedIn app in an effort to get you to buy or purchase one of their products. The way they behave on LinkedIn may not violate the terms and conditions but there is no way to identify The problem of a separate email from your connection to the folks at Linkedin so they can’t go about dealing with them appropriately..Version: 9.1.79

What Happened?????I lived LinkedIn until a few weeks ago when I started getting notifications and solicitation from them via my work email asking if I wanted to join our network. After joining, it didn’t make sense to me to have two professional LinkedIn accounts. Of course my personal account was more prominent with a complete profile and a vast network. Once I merged the accounts, that all disappeared!!! I was left with the account attached to my work email and no profile. I’ve been looking on the website to see if I can get this corrected, but as in most cases there isn’t a was to get “LinkedIn” to a real person!!! Not sure if I even want to re-build another profile and network!.Version: 9.1.84

Please FixI am trying to connect to a lot of fitness professionals and it takes 10+ minutes for the requests to send after I clicked on it. Then if I switch screens it stops sending them. So I have to resend requests over and over. It also covers up the search bar so I can’t do anything else. Then when clicking the little circles to add someone it always will jump to their page because my fingers are too fat maybe making it less sensitive around the circle or making it a bigger button would be better. It just is a nuisance and I can’t get back because the back button is covered up by the requests being sent pop up. Fix those problems and I’d say 5 star..Version: 9.1.46

LinkedinLinkedin provided me with a great resource for career searching when I was laid off with Finning, even after I was rehired 8 months later I kept my options open. A recruiter from Teck resources found my profile on Linkedin and reached out to me. I now work for Teck resources and love it, LinkedIn will be at my side going forward..Version: 9.1.45

Great AppAn easy way to stay on trend and get the latest industry news & articles! A good way to relate with professional contacts..Version: 9.1.45

Great App for easy access to Networking!When you're prospecting for investments and career advancement, the app makes it so much easier especially when you are in a large network..Version: 9.1.45

LinkedIn App is easy to useI appreciate the ease of use in the LinkedIn app and actually prefer its functionality over the web format. I access it in my iPhone daily. Highly recommend this app!.Version: 9.1.50

Awesome appIt is an awesome app for networking.Version: 9.1.45

Recent update glitchThe most recent update (I always do all updates for all apps as they become available, and updated LinkedIn 3 days ago) has caused the app to automatically log me out each time I try to access the app after having closed it. I now have to sign in every single time I launch the app! Very frustrating..Version: 9.1.200

Location update FailureDespite many updates, the location update section to improve profile strength has still a problem..Version: 9.1.182

Easy to useTitle says it all.Version: 9.1.51

Great app! But...Linkedin is a great app for networking, but we should really be able to change the language on the app. Thank you!.Version: 9.1.119

Whatever the job...It doesn’t matter whether you’re a custodian, health care provider, or government worker, you’ll find value in collective professional knowledge and networking on LinkedIn..Version: 9.1.114

Tis BrokenI like how the recent update states that the application is now more reliable than ever, meanwhile the update broke mine. My feeds won’t load anymore. I also want to take this opportunity to beg for dark mode ! ! !.Version: 9.1.236

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