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Live sound with its true feelings. Enjoy recording, playback and audio editing with Voice Recorder. We have fine tuned it for your day-to-day activities. Attending something important and want to record it
for later playback, Voice Recorder will allow you to record your meetings, lectures, and other events with codec noise reduction technology. You can record anything within 10-100 meters around you.

Edit the recording as per your need and save it for later playback. Voice Recorder has multiple playback options helping you decide how you want to hear your recording. Developed specially for Apple, it plays just as excellent with Apple EarPods as it plays with our old earphones.

You can auto upload and even share the recording on cloud (Dropbox) in seconds.

Voice Recorder is an easy to use and handy app to record the meeting, lecture, music and many more. The interface is designed to make it quick. With single tap you can record and share the recordings.

Enjoy sound, record, edit, play and listen!

List of Features

# Audio Recorder
- Quality options: (Low:8KHz, Medium:22.05KHz, High:44.1KHz)
- Format options: (WAV, CAF, M4A)
- External input device support : Bluetooth Mic, Other External Mic (Tested with Tascam mic)
- Background recording support

- Continue recording into existing recordings.
- Call Interruption handling - Recording will continue after a call or other interruption.

# Audio Player
- Quick audio player
- Playback controls (Fast backward, Fast backward)
- External output device support (Bluetooth and External speaker devices)
- Background audio playing

# Audio Trimming
- Select a part of recording and trim it.

# Sharing
- Email recordings
- Dropbox sharing (Auto upload recording support)
- Upload to iCloud Drive
- Import recordings to computer with iTunes file sharing
- Airdrop sharing with iOS and Mac devices.

# Universal App
- Support for both iPhone and iPad devices.

English, Español, Français, Deutsch, Português (Br.),Português, Italiano, 中文 (Simplified), Русский, 日本語, 한국어

Voice Recorder - Audio Record App Comments & Reviews

Voice Recorder - Audio Record Positive Reviews

After much experience and research – I'd say take this one!I have been through so many of these recorders that I was relieved to finally find this one. The voice quality is far superior, the UI offers simplicity, and yet there are many options open which the competitors ask us to pay extra for. Here they are included. I see that many of the negative reviews are due to niche options that not many people use on a regular basis. Not fair to downgrade a review for something that nobody else offers either, or charges extra for if they do! Nice app, good quality and easy to use – that's hard to beat!.Version: 8.1

Great memories start here!I personally have used this over the years to record little messages to my grandchildren and it’s just been perfect! I can send them a little messages that they can listen to before they go to school or on their birthday and on special holidays so for me that has been the greatest thing about this and you can share them once you’re done recording they go into your library and you can share them so it’s just been great!.Version: 8.1

Great sound quality!I make musical recordings several times a week. Are used to use the voice memo tool app, but heard feedback from people that sometimes the sound file that I shared was garbled. I decided to find a different app and gave this one a try. The sound was much clearer and I upgraded to the version that allows you to store sound clips in dropbox. It made it much easier for me to share sound files with others in my various musical groups..Version: 3.5

All I can say is "Wow"I found this app to be exactly what I needed. I can read my notes from my iPad and at the same time record my voice. I previously used a digital voice recorder but this app when used on my iPad makes my voice much clearer. I can't vouch for any negative reviews. All I can say is that this app is good. If it doesn't work for a user I would suspect that it is someone who doesn't have adequate computer or phone skills; not a problem with the app!.Version: 3.5

Car Bluetooth bugI’m a journalist and I use your VoiceRecorder app for recording meetings for my job. It’s a great app and I use it almost daily. I do have a serious issue with it though. Every time I get in my car and my phone connects with the Bluetooth it starts a new recording, even if I quit and close the app. If I stop it on the dash or the phone it just starts recording again. I don’t know what to do or why it does it, but it’s terrible. I really like this app, but am considering trying a different one now because of this bug..Version: 3.5

Voice recorderI’ve been using this app for many years to record my novel so I can listen to how it sounds. Although the background hum can be annoying it gives me a very clear and consistent and reliable quality and it picks up audio from 100s of feet away. Plus it offers lots of useful features like importing to iTunes and ability to stop and continue recordings if interrupted..Version: 6.1

Sent a performanceI was asked to send a recording of a piano piece to my son. I’ve been trying to figure out how to do it. Stumbled across this app and tried the freebie. It was easy to use and had good recording quality. Decided to pay for the full app. I sat down at the piano and recorded it a few times before I was satisfied. I emailed it and my son who downloaded it easily. I am simply amazed I did not have to go through hoops to do this. Thank you!!.Version: 5.0

Sound quality is okSound quality is OK but when you try to share it it says recording link is too much and when you try to convert it to other formats we do other things to it so it you can check all the results are it’s too large to be shared please fix converting it to MP3 and tried everything and you cannot share it because the storage capacity is too limited but other apps you can share on.Version: 6.1

ExcellentVery versatile. I use it for piano practice at sight reading: record one voice and then have to read and play the second part against the recorded one. It's like always having your teacher at home to sight read duets with. One suggestion: would like to be able to re-arrange the sequence of recordings. If I make a mistake and want to re-record the new recording will not be adjacent to other like recordings..Version: 3.5

I was forced to buy this to get the first audio recordingI downloaded the free version and didn’t realize there was no way to get the recording out of the app without upgrading to the full version. I feel this is more like a form of extortion then ethical marketing that’s why I’m giving them three stars because they should either not have the free version or give people one way to get their files out and then if you want anything else you have to pay for the full version...Version: 5.0

All around quality appI have been using this voice recorder app for years and I have to say, it has always delivered. It's easy to use. It's simple to figure out. It has the ability to convert wave files into MP3 files, and you can even share audios on Facebook Messenger if you want to talk for longer than a minute. It's really great. I don't have any complaints. Download it!.Version: 5.0

Upgrade issuesI got the free version to record something important. I was pleased with the recording but needed to transfer it to my PC. Discovered that I needed the Pro version to do that. No problem, I thought, since it is inexpensive, so I “upgraded.” However, I now have the Lite version with my recording in its library and the Pro version without that recording in its library, and no apparent way to transfer the recording to the Pro version..Version: 7.0

It’s great once you buy the appI had recoded a couple of important conversations and come to find out they we’re not saved! It didn’t even give me the option to upgrade and buy the app or immediately play it back to listen to my recording!! It’s like it was lost. But once you buy the app it opens up all the options to save and listen and store your recording’s. So because it works great once you buy the app I gave it 4⭐️.Version: 3.5

Use oftenThis voice recording app comes in super handy. I use it to record meetings, classes, my own thoughts. It helps me stay organized and I can delete as I’m finished or listen to again and again. With the extra features I can turn my recording into an mp3 file and share. Overall awesome app..Version: 6.1

Ugly Interface and no integration with command centerPlacement of buttons is not intuitive. The play speed buttons are where the play/pause button should be. Instead its on the top all the way to the left. Also it should hook into the command center so the audio can be paused and played thru there. E-mailed them feedback about integrating with the command center and got a “we’ll think about it” reply! Overall records well but if they can polish ip those two things, this will be worth the money..Version: 3.5

Best recorder I’ve foundFor songwriters, easy to work with, easy to upload, can use in garage band, great when working out a new song or creating new music. Doesn’t distort, no humming. I’ve tried about 10 different ones, I’m so pleased with this one, been working with it for a year now. Don’t mess it up by “improving” it!!.Version: 6.1

Get you to come home MThe best thing to come out of this world and get to the second time in a while or not so I would come really e the day you were here for a good night to get home home from home and I have a great day and night night out for the day and night and you get home and come home and get you to come home and get home home from home and come.Version: 5.0

LOVE LOVE LOVE this App!I use this app more than any other! Recording affirmations, recording counseling sessions and the ability to change formats and send over different social media have made this a god-send! The only other feature I would like to have is the ability to "loop" the same recording so that it repeats automatically. Otherwise this app is shear perfection!.Version: 3.5

Voice RecorderGreat simple recorder. Guitar adapter plugs in and is accessible after recording a 2-3 second clip. Then you can select the external mic option and record noise free. Also works good just laying it by an amp for keyboards, synth, percussion, or vocals. It’ my ultimate tiny recording studio and uploads to Dropbox to get the files to my laptop for processing. Best $4 I’ve ever spent!.Version: 3.5

Easy to UseI have been using the Voice Recorder for several years. I’ve never had a problem with it. It’s easy to use. In fact, I record my Sunday Sermons every week. Because the Voice Recorder is so easy to use, I am able to easily access all of my Sermons, which have been easily stored by Sermon title. I highly recommend it. Blessings, Dr. Mike Lips.Version: 4.0.1

Must Have Business ToolWith back to back group conference calls I’m unable to keep my notes accurate. By using this recording app I have been able to go back in time, relisten to the calls and meetings for accurately creating notes & follow tasks..Version: 8.1

Easiest App Ever!I was happy with iPhone Voice Memos app until they changed it. Then, editing was just horrible. Why would they ruin something that was good? Anyway, I tried different apps, free or not, and the best one is this one. I had to write a review because I’m just grateful for the pain free experience Voice Recorder by LiveBird offers. Thank you!.Version: 4.0

Down memory Lane….,I have been recording songs on this app for four or five years. It’s wonderful to go back and listen to some of the earlier ones. I record my grand children and I singing songs together. The quality is amazingly good. Thank you !! 🎶.Version: 7.0

Seems to be just what I needI needed a recorder to record people and move it to my computer to use on my web site I think it will work. The quality of the recording is great both on the phone and tablet. I will let you know how well it works loading it on my computer..Version: 3.5

I finally found the best choice with this app!I love this app! Best ever. Paying the extra for to obtain the full benefits was totally worth it. I love the most the option the continue recording on an existing .wav file. Also- on my laptop anyway, I had no issues converting it into other forms (mainly, Mp3 for a class project). Very convenient app!.Version: 3.5

Search function?I use the app to record traditional music I’m trying to learn, and I appreciate most of the functionality. But I wish it had a search function! I want to be able to rename a tune and then it later, not have to scroll through endlessly, or export it to another app..Version: 7.0

Very good recorderThis is an excellent recorder for simple recording of interviews between two people. I just finished a 1.5 hour interview and transcription. Transcription also works well. Easy to use. Good quality audio. I highly recommend it..Version: 6.1

FairI don’t like how I downloaded the free version and I had to pay in order to permanently save the recordings elsewhere. I also am not happy with the app colors. The are not very discrete and are kinda obvious. I was using it for protection it school or anything... It works but if you don’t neeeedddd!!!! The recordings than ehhh.! Not the lost fabulous thing in the world. Has a hard time picking noise if it is in your pocket or someone from a lil bit of distance..Version: 5.0

Needs Mono OptionDragon says the high quality recording is actually too low quality. Either the rate is less than 16khz or something else is wrong. I suspect it is because Dragon needs a mono option. Otherwise, this is the best app I’ve found in terms of ease of use, etc..Version: 7.0

Almost great appVery good. After griffin’s ITalk pro closed down with the newer iOS, VoiceRecorder that features a dictaphone-like ability to add to a running recording. Thank you!!! If/when they can: 1) simplify the interface for adding to the end of a recording; and, 2) offer an audio monitoring option while recording, this will be a five star app. Nothing else like it..Version: 3.5

Good recorderIt works well but what bothers me is that if you accidentally delete your recording (which seems to happen very easily), you can’t recover it like you can in the apple voice memo app. It would be nice if instead of having to sign up for Dropbox, the app just had a trash that the recordings would go to so that they’d be recoverable. Lost an important recording because I had not set up Dropbox yet..Version: 4.0.1

It’s okayMy head phones don’t control the pause, and the slow button makes the recording person sound like a super slow cartoon - needs a slow that is between this and regular speed. Need to move the pause button away from the edit button, because once you hit edit and back out- your recording is back to zero..Version: 3.5

Lyrical TalentIt helps me keep track of my Lyrics and to keep track of my songs. This app is really helpful for me to keep my own Lyrics of my feelings in a safe place. Also it helps with keeping track of your music videos.Version: 5.0

Have never seen like this beforeI brought this app for converting my old cassette tape recording to mp3. It did an excellent job in digitalizing the audio with mono voice. HD voice with less noise recording. I’ve uploaded this audio files to drop box to save it for further modifications . It Deserves 5 starts . 😀.Version: 3.5

Love this app!This app is awesome. I use it to record our church business meetings since our church secretary is housebound for awhile. It picks up anyone talking wherever they are in the sanctuary and I just email her the file and she transcribes it. Highly recommend!.Version: 5.0

Almost perfectThis is a great little recording app. I’m using it right now to write this review. It was pretty easy to learn how to use. The only reason I didn’t give it five stars is because I wish it had a way to search and to organize the recordings..Version: 8.0

Great sound quality, NEED TO FIX BLUETOOTH BUGI use this app for daily meetings. The sound quality is great and I think this app will continue to improved, but a serious bug needs to be addressed. Bluetooth seems to trigger the app to begin new recordings when I get into my car. The behavior persists even after: 1) closing the app 2) closing and restarting the app 3) closing the app and turning off Bluetooth for a while and then reconnecting bluethtooh (while the app is still closed 🤯) I inadvertently recorder someone in the my car today, it was rather embarrassing. Please fix this bug, it’s annoying..Version: 3.5

I love this appWonderful app and wonderful people behind it. They are always responsive and the app always works. Great sound quality, clean and intuitive interface, dropbox integration, all work just the way I expect them to every time. Love, love, love. Thank you Livebird..Version: 4.0.1

GreatThis is the best app I’ve found for my specific use case, which is playing back voice recordings. I only wish there was an option to advance automatically from one recording to the next..Version: 3.5

Audio recording App is very goodI’ve been using App for personal voice messages, memos & other useful recordings for several months & it’s a great App for ease of use AND consistent recording quality. I recommend it👍.Version: 5.0

My memoryThis app helps me so much, because I often forget things especially like when I go to the doctor, or if someone is explaining to something important..Version: 6.1

Love itNeeded an app to record lectures. Nothing else does as much as this app does you can even put recorded info into several places with one touch. I did purchase the app with out purchase the adds were too distracting..Version: 3.5

Been using for 2 years.The main thing it’s missing is the ability to upload to Google drive. They made a new app and make me have to pay for the ability instead of updating this app with the the same capability. Why not add Google drive to this app??.Version: 7.0

The best recording app on the marketThe audio quality of this app is amazing! I can send unedited recordings through E-mail, Text, social media, and the quality remains the same. 10/10 would recommend..Version: 5.0

Good AppWhile this app let you continually add recoding which what I need to stop and start again continue recording, but it is not flexible enough in editing and trimming. When you try to trimming the recording by removing a part and keep the rest, this app doesn’t let you..Version: 3.5

GreatGreat.Version: 3.5

Works wellWorks well.Version: 8.1

Super coolI love this thing so good.Version: 8.0

FeedbackI thought this App would be the best work but I figured out that it is useless.Version: 7.0

Good quality and easy to useWell designed app! Very straightforward to record and edit sounds. I often record urban and nature sounds and use them in recordings I make using Logic Pro X..Version: 8.0

Great recorder !Great sound quality and easy to use ..Version: 7.0

ReviewI paid the one time fee. It’s a great app but would like to have the option of either sorting my recordings or be able to create a folder and compile similar ones..Version: 7.0

Good recorder but . . .Seems like a high quality recorder. Unfortunately I cannot record my phone calls..Version: 7.0

The best out of the lotThe audio recorders available are terribly basic, but I tried the free version of this despite major league limitations and was impressed to purchase it..Version: 7.0

Amazing and clear recordingsI love this app. Clear and easy to use I love the upload to Dropbox feature..Version: 7.0

WowWow its the best thing and it saves if ther was a rating of 1 to 20 stars i wold give it a 20.Version: 6.1

Needs some improvementI love using this app to record however the only thing that’s lacking with this app is the support of split screen. Whenever I’m recording lines I have to use a different screen to read my dialogue whilst recording. It’s annoying at times and if split screen were supported it would make recording so much easier..Version: 6.1

Very SatisfiedI have been using for approximately six months and find it powerful enough to record the range of situations I need it for. I recommend as a recorder..Version: 6.1

Voice recorder rocksAmazing app no live this.Version: 6.1

Wonderful appsEverything is perfect with this app’s.Version: 6.1

Why I like itI use the app to record song on ideas on the fly , it’s amazing !.Version: 6.1

Love itThank you.Version: 5.0

Send by emailUpgraded to PRO already, how to send the record by email ? It asked to set up the email but cannot find the email setting. ?.Version: 5.0

OkkkOkkk.Version: 5.0

BestThis is the best recording program ever.Version: 5.0

Love itPaid app, small fee, no stupid subscription! :).Version: 5.0

Awesome app!The app works perfectly for me without any issues..Version: 5.0

Great AppI use this for all my recordings on my YouTube channel and on my website.Version: 5.0

Like itExcellent quality.Version: 5.0

A great appThis is a great app. Good clear sound! Try it out..Version: 5.0

Not easyNot easy to send files..Version: 5.0

ReviewMy recordings get lost or cut out or speed up for unknown reasons..Version: 4.0.1

RecordingGood app.Version: 5.0

I LOVE this appIt's working perfectly for what I need it to do...totally worth the pro price!!.Version: 3.5

Great but...Great but difficult to transfer recorded voice onto computor for safekeeping. Will not download to send by e-mail.Version: 4.0.1

Not badIt’s and ok app that requires only a single payment of less then 5$. The file sharing is a little tricky and/or annoying but it’s useful nonetheless..Version: 4.0.1

User Friendly and Easily Exported to DropboxI use it to record oral presentations in my classroom..Version: 3.5

Great for in-person & speakerphone meetingsUsed it so far on two meetings at work and works great. I went straight to paid version (no lite) as I was in a hurry to download with no hassles. Best part? I was able to capture both in-person audio and conference call audio. I had a seperate speakerphone (&ppl dialing in) in a room along with people next to me. Captured both quite well!.Version: 3.5

ExcellentTried the free version and although perfectly adequate for recording did not have the facility for sharing and sending so bought the app. Totally worth the money with all the added features and the snipping tool for sending large files is a huge bonus..Version: 3.5

Tea-53So-So.Version: 3.5

Good sound but bad stoppingThis is a good recorder, the sound was very good at playing back. However, I found it frustrating when I wanted to stop the recording: the app closed before the recording stopped and I had to re-open my iPhone to press the stop button..Version: 3.5

Efficient and helpfulGreat for lectures. Really helps if you want to use your time in lecture to simply absorb the information. Can simply go through recording later to then write notes and further dissect what was discussed..Version: 3.5

So Easy to use!I am really loving this app. Amazingly easy to use Use it to record affirmations to play back to myself and client appointments..Version: 3.5

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