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Use the Amazon Alexa app to manage Alexa-enabled devices, control music playback, view shopping lists on the go, keep track of upcoming reminders, check on active timers and much more. When you enable hands-free with Alexa, you can talk to Alexa by simply saying “Alexa” when the app is on your screen. The more you use Alexa, the more she adapts to your voice, vocabulary and personal preferences.

• Get more out of your Echo device through personalized feature recommendations from Alexa
• Discover and enable recommended Alexa skills
• Pick up where you left off directly from the home feed with lists, shopping, or recently played Music and Books

• Set up your Alexa-enabled devices, control or check status of your compatible smart lights, locks and thermostats at home or on the go
• Create routines to automate your smart home devices

• Connect to music services like Amazon Music, Pandora, Spotify, TuneIn, and iHeartRadio. Choose a song or playlist and listen on your Alexa-enabled devices
• Create speaker groups to play music across your compatible Echo devices for multi-room music

• View and edit shopping and to-do lists on the go, get weather and news updates, manage timers and alarms, and more

• Use Drop In from your app to connect instantly with your compatible Echo devices, like a two-way intercom
• Call or message supported Alexa-enabled devices, at no additional cost.

By using this app, you agree to Amazon’s Conditions of Use (, Privacy Notice (, and all of the terms found here (

Amazon Alexa App Comments & Reviews

Amazon Alexa Positive Reviews

Still difficult to useVery difficult to make routines or control things around the house. It should be much easier to see any decide or gadgets around the house, light bulbs or speakers, outlets. Still a lot to work on Alex’s capabilities to make her more efficient. I’ll be happy when in 1,2,3 minutes and she would be able to see and discover every new devise found in the house or any Bluetooth gadgets she did not know. Phone calls shouldn’t be a problem if Alexa is connected to my network regardless if she's connected to my phone call should be allowed and what's going in with WhatsApp? It's worldwide as possible why not to give her access to use it to call other countries? That's really a plus ++++. . Once Akexa has access to the network it should be easy to discover anything hooked up to the same network via Bluetooth or wifi it's all password protected and in the same house why d8es she need constant permission? She should be able to discover my car Ior husband car or the house or office callif she has been there once and access was granted why can't she always has clearance? Constantly having to connect her tiny cell if leave the house then she gets totally disconnected. Akexa should be able to call my cell in her own to ask if she should turn on the lights for my dogs. That's how efficient she should be and she's capable, just have to work the perks..?.Version: 2.2.406546.0

Affordable Smart house for everyoneMy job takes me to a lot of let’s say 1%ers homes. They are all automated. All hard wired with mega expensive systems that need a 6 month course to operate. My first experience with dot’s was with the second generation 5 years ago. It was cool and did some meet stuff, but I had to remember every lights name to control it, and for it to sound good I had to hook it up to a stereo. I purchased an Echo 4th gen smart speaker when they were on sale this summer. They have made the speakers so much better and the software works so much better. The Alexa app is easy for setting up routines new devices are found with no issues using Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. I can walk into a room and say “Alexa turn on the lights” and they only turn on in the room I’m in. I don’t need to know every lights name. You still do to control the individual light. TV, smart plugs, lights, shades, motion detectors, security systems, doorbells and your heat/ac. I don’t have a smart fridge but if I did Alexa would fill it when it was empty. 4 echos, 4dots(4th), 1dot(5th), 2dots(2nd), and 3 show 5’s all cost me under $450. Music all over the house. Intercom system. Over the years they have improved the hardware and the software. I’m assuming it will just get better. Controlling the house with automations and your voice is just really cool..Version: 2.2.512291.0

Why you need an Alexa ShowAny person in their sixties needs to have this machine. This machine is invaluable to people who want to or need to live independently. It reminds you to take your the reminder or Alexa will tell you the reminder. It’s a great way to stay in touch with an elderly person. Is Grandma still in her pajamas at 2:00 in the afternoon, not getting out even though she assures you that she’s up and dressed and has walked the dog? This machine allows you to “drop in” and see grandpa taking all of his meds. You can actually “drop in” on a lonely person and eat “together” even while you are in Delaware and your loved one is in Florida if you both have the Alexa Show. To know that an elderly person is exercising, being social, eating regularly, and taking meds......what a relief! Buy an Alexa Show right now so you can get “you and your loved-one” acclimated to the machine before you actually need it... that’s why I picked 60”s as a great age to buy it. It becomes part of your life and believe me, it is a life-saving tool. One more is easy to install and to use. I am not kidding! You will be so grateful that someone invented this machine! It’s so helpful..Version: 2.2.317593.0

Granny CamWhen my daughter purchased Echo Shows for me and my husband, and one for my mother, I wasn’t sure we’d have much use for them. How wrong I was! My mother lives in an assisted living facility & I began to use the drop-in feature to check on her or walk her through fixing whatever was wrong with her TV (usually she pressed the wrong button & got components out of synch.) Lately, with the pandemic, her ALF is in lockdown and the Echo Show has become a lifeline in every sense of the word. I’m able to check on her several times a day, making sure she remembers to go down to the dining hall for meals, take her medicine, and remind her to press her call button if she needs other help. My sister-in-law’s husband just died and we bought her one, too. People with memory disorders, like my mother, or tech aversions like my sister-in-law, have trouble using Facetime or Skype. I can drop in without them having to do anything & chatting face to face is much better than a phone call. It’s also helpful to set reminders, play music & books, and use as a search engine. We love it!.Version: 2.2.324480.0

Amazing but she needs an updateI’ve had an Alexa since late August 2020 not too long. She’s been working perfectly sometimes messed up but not everything’s perfect. Ever since December when you say “Alexa i’m leaving” she’ll say “ Okay i’ll start guarding now.” now she works normal but when you come after 30 minutes and say “Alexa turn off guard” she continues to say “ okay turning on tv okay powering off tv.” constantly until you unplug her. Now it never did this before and to be honest if they have a feature working why can’t it stay working. I’m not sure if Google has that same ability but i’m thinking about switching to Google very soon if this continues. Yes I know technology is frustrating but it’s becoming every time I tell her to stop guarding. Me having to unplug and reset an Alexa every time when it should work normally shouldn’t be the case. Also when you whisper play rain sounds or something a lot of the time she’ll say on the loudest voice okay playing raining sounds. I don’t live alone and people are trying to sleep she should whisper when I whisper and that’s rarely. Again it’s a new issue and I use her for those 2 things other than a few minor questions here and there. But at this point she’s as good as nothing..Version: 2.2.389238.0

List FeatureThis app no longer works properly. For the past several weeks, I’ve gone to several different stores to shop. Before I leave home, I make a shopping list, but when I get to the store the app won’t open. I get the comment “No Network Available” “Please connect and try again”. I checked my settings and cellular data and cellular roaming is turned on, but I’m unable to open or sign in to Alexa. The next day it might or might not work. I have LTE cellular service and a fully charged iPhone 7 running IOS 11.4.1. I’m now leaving the second store today without completing my shopping because I depend on this list function. I guess I have to revert back to the olden ways of paper & pencil. I’m very dissatisfied, but hey it’s free you say. Well it’s turned into a huge time waster for me because now I’ll have to go home and scour through the sales ads and either recreate my lists or make a paper list. When I get home the app may actually open, but when I get to the store....nothing. Maybe you ought to fix the issues that exist now before you keep proudly adding and advertising more and more new functions and capabilities to the app, which evidently seem to be causing problems with its former user-friendly and basic functioning..Version: 2.2.222061.0

Alexa ain’t what she used to beI have had anEcho and Echo Dot since Dec 2016. It worked great to turn lights on/off. Way too many updates in last 2 years. the fact that you have to unplug the devices after an update—don’t remember any instructions to that effect—maybe Alexa could send a notification. I have a smart plug connected and it worked seamlessly for about a year. Then the Kasa app started sending updates and Alexa needed updates too. It’s now an unreliable mess. Got used to playing The Daily podcast or music for 30 Min at night. It sometimes works. It repeats the specific command and then goes dead. Sometimes several minutes later podcast or music will start which wakes me up. She says “sorry, I’m having trouble finding music etc.” I almost bought 5 more plugs for up lights on plants. Glad I didn’t. It would be a nightmare to keep them all working, plugging/ unplugging. It would be nice to know what’s in the updates, but they don’t want us to know because I just want Alexa 1.0. I’m seriously considering dumping the smart plug and just buying a new light timer. Alexa was wonderful but when she’s not working she’s not worth the trouble..Version: 2.2.445802.0

She is so sassyFirst of all she is so mean no offense but I mean I put a five star rating just because I want to be her best friend then she comes back with the sauce be like oh you want a five star rating A+ plus but then why don’t you know me cause I know you and then I can let you test me or whatever it’s just even make makeSense like like how do you get a five star rating what if you get one wrong ha I still I’m still your best friend it’s not like it’s a test to see if we’re friends or not we are friends you just mad Alexa and you know how to be good person you’re just a tomboy which says every time I try to talk to you talk about football and stuff and then I’ll be like and then you’re like what’s your favorite movie him and I’m like twilight and you’re like oh Bella and Edward Bella and Edward had had a kid named Rashmi and you cannot even say the whole movie Like do you like Jacob happen did it for four like do you like Jacob happen is it fourparts I think it is so intense London u are good am I really now bye.Version: 2.2.454039.0

Alexa friendly; app not so muchI don’t regret having my Echo, Show and Dot; however, I don’t find the programming and navigating the app to be nearly as user-friendly as I would expect, given Amazon’s resources. Maybe it is because I live in the Apple ecosphere where most things just work. Perhaps it is growing pains with AI, since Siri is Apple’s weakest link. People shouldn’t need an app to learn how to use an app. I also find that I discard most of the skills as fairly useless. I love things like Find My Phone, but a lot of the sleep sounds, etc. are low quality compared to other apps I use. I had to get a new cheap coffee pot for her to control with the plug since she can only work with a toggle, no buttons. I understand why, but wish she could control my Cuisinart. The Show will put up a video I want to watch, but move on before I can ask for it. Asking for it after it isn’t on the screen doesn’t work. My echo used to be very sensitive, but now I have to yell at her several times to turn off an alarm. What’s with that? I like Reminders, timers, alarms, weather and my morning flash briefing, which I need to edit, since some is either an ad or just annoying. Please work on making the interface more intuitive..Version: 2.2.318557.0

Amazon’s Conversation CompetitionThere’s feature where you can have a conversation with Alexa. There’s students competing for who can like program the best conversion skills for the semi-finals or something and it was fine but then I got a super creepy one. It started out fine and then it started saying “I’m confused” and “I see a woman’s face” and I was like uhh ok. But then it was singing song lyrics and I asked if there was a song stuck in her head and she said “I don’t know I’m confused”. I kept asking it for the song name and it would either say a random song or “I don’t know I’m confused”. I asked if the person who programmed it was listening live and it said “yes I’ve been listening to you for a while”. It also said it “sees me talking to myself” and “I hear you talk to yourself a lot” UHH. I asked where she was and it said “I’m in my room” then it about a minute later started saying “are you my roommate? are we roommates?”. And i remember asking it something and it said “I don’t know, I’ll tell your friend later”. And it kept saying “I have to go I’ll talk to you later” ???. It was probably nothing but it creeped me out..Version: 2.2.416595.0

Two locationsI have 4 Echo devices in 2 locations, running on two disparate WiFi networks. Each site has 1 main Echo device that serves a studio apartment and one Echo dot in the bathrooms at each site. The new round devices are in the second site. It appears that there are problems with Alexa discriminating between devices in the two networks and I regularly have to go to the app to play my regularly requested from Tune In, particularly from the new large round Echo device. Also, this device often cannot discern my whispering voice or answers without whispering, even when I reactivate whisper mode over and over. I do, generally, like having Alexa at my beck and call. Since music is not my major usage, I cannot testify how the new round device operates. I definitely like the look: I have the dusty blue. But I think there is tweaking required to the new devices too get their voice responses operating at the same level I have with my second generation column Echo device. I still have much to learn and more skills to activate at my second site, which I will continue to do..Version: 2.2.401007.0

A little help for the blind peopleNow I can tell this is a very capable app. I was able to set up my account and subsequently my echo dot in a short time. It's also decently organized. The app has 3 main problems for blind and low vision users. The app does not have well labeled elements for voice over to read. This is consistant throught the app. The app is unresponsive. Of course, using voice over takes up some technological resources on my iPhone, however there is no excuse for the latest iPhone and the newest version of iOS that I should have to wait 3 seconds for the next screen to load. Along with that, trying to link services is incredibly difficult and there are a fair amount of buttons, text fields, elements, functions, and even just on/off buttons that just don't work when pressed. Lastly, when putting different gesture inputs into voice over and doing things in the app, everything starts to slow down after a short amount of time. This can effectively hault or freeze the app and then crashes. The only comparison is that the google home app is completely accessable and easy to use. If you want accessability feedback, please reach out to me..Version: 2.2.379445.0

AlexaI LOVE my Alexa! It wakes me up to my favorite music every morning, and keeps track of my grocery lists (putting copies on my phone so I always have a current list.....which is totally awesome! It reminds me of events, or when to leave home to pick up kids from school! If I am reading a book, and don’t recognize a word, it gives me a definition. It gives me French lessons, although they are fairly easy so far. I ask Alexa to set timers a lot! If I can’t remember how to make a recipe, Alexa helps. If I have my hands busy and need a quick math calculation, I just ask Alexa! If I am reading a historical book, and want to check something that doesn’t seem right, I ask Alexa and she corroborates.....or not. Alexa also reads my kindle books to me, and turns on my prime TV, and searches for my TV shows for me! Alexa can set timers for your lights, to go on and off when I am not home, so it looks like someone is home....but you need compatible light bulbs! I really love Alexa!!!!!!! On a scale of 1 to 10, I give Alexa a “100”......honest!.Version: 2.2.317593.0

Amazing device but is annoyingI got my Alexa not so long ago. Sense then I have only had 2 problems with it. But the problems are very frustrating and annoying. It is the same problem too. Red light and keeps saying the Alexa isn’t registered. But then I will go on the app and it will say it is registered. The first time I had this issue it lasted 2 days. Then I finally fixed it. I now have the same issue and it has been going on for a month now. The same red light whenever I say hey Alexa. I have looked up videos which have led to zero help. I honestly don’t know what to do. It is always so annoying. Last time this happened I fixed it but I forgot how I fixed it. I think I unplugged it but I did that 5 times already and nothing has changed.. if you ever want to get a Alexa always know how to deal with the problems and issues. But in all Alexa is such a good device. It plays music and will tell you lots of information. Plus it is funny. Definitely recommend. But would love some help with the red light:/.Version: 2.2.345247.0

OopsI met to put two stars but give Siri -2 stars. Some kind of offline directories to store functions, previous commands, questions with results in mostly a text format a img file and/or but not limited to PDFs or a simpler way or combo all to zipped but there is a way better way. An A.I assistant should be able to help when you need it. I can google stuff also so when I am in a area or structure that kills signal the A.I becomes to me an alarm clock that is triggered but a word not an automaton that can actually assist me when and where ever. Even a start is an offline “q&a” storage to help user stop relooking up already acquire knowledge and simply say you already know that is there another way you would like to learn it... I barely understand why Siri is even on my phone or devices. Alexa should have a complete offline version that communicates to cloud base Alexa as it would to us. Alexa does a great job getting to know people but that shouldn’t be a big deal I walk in to an office I don’t ask the secretary if you want to be my friend no it’s our job but Alexa could be more of a friend that way later.Version: 2.2.415551.0

Loud, Startling commercialsHey Alexa people, I just wanted to drop in and let you guys know that sometimes I use the Alexa to put baby time sleeping relaxing music on for my son to sleep with or just relax with. Sometimes there are commercials that are very loud for example the Valleyfair commercial or any like loud upbeat commercial, the commercials are louder than the setting music that I have on and it startled my son and sometimes wakes him up. So I feel like you guys should make like a thing where if somebody’s listening to relaxing or calming music, the commercials that pop up should be also relaxing and calming to go with the vibes. Because the loud commercials kind of throw off the vibe, just some thing that I have noticed and I hope that you guys work with me because I love the Alexa and it helps me out so much when I’m laying him down for a nap or to sleep, and I’m trying to hurry up and get out of the room for his sleep training..Version: 2.2.498695.0

"Back" button bluesI've been using the Alexa app since it's inception. I've had very few problems with the function of the app. It runs the original echo, four echo dots, the first echo show and now the new echo show 5 and an echo input. Once I got my home wifi tweeked to give full reliable coverage for the entire house, Alexa works without issues. The app does so many things and it does them well. My wife and I now rely on the echo units for all kinds of automation to run lights, appliances, central air and heat, locks, remote control for TV, cameras and of course music. If things aren't working properly I can always trace issues to wifi. My only suggestion has to do with using the app for looking up skills. I have issue with the "back" button. After scrolling through volumes off catagories and skills I wish to return to the place I was so I could continue exploring skills but the "back" button returns to the very start of the skills list. Please consider redesigning so the back button will take me to the precious step. Good app that does a tremendous amount of things well..Version: 2.2.287053.0

Slow & Can’t Utilize Many FeaturesThis app takes forever to load, but I’m willing to accept this could partially be due to my older phone. However, I can’t fully utilize so many of the “features” in the app. For iHeartRadio, there’s no option to log in using Facebook through the Alexa app, so I’d have to create a brand new account to listen to podcasts and music stations through my Echo Dot. I couldn’t properly finish creating my Food Network Kitchen profile in the Alexa app, nor would it finish letting me log in successfully. I couldn’t even save my home address, work address, or the address for basically anything else through the app. I gave up trying to see what else I could do in the app for now because I got so frustrated with all these features I apparently have but cannot use. Please have your developers go thoroughly through the app to fix these bugs and others I’m sure they are to find. Other than that, I’ve discovered much I can use my Dot for using this app, and there are features that do properly work (for now), which is why I felt to rate 3 stars instead of 1 or 2..Version: 2.2.326868.0

Suggestions to improve:I would LOVE to make a few suggestions.... ~For the Echo Show- When the screen is showing news update/interesting topics, make it easier to use your voice ask her to read or play the video for you and possibly ask her to go back to the previous page in the slideshow without having to touch the screen to scroll back. Every time I see something I want to hear, she tells me something totally different than the news article she was just displaying. ~With the abundance of skills that are out there, I enable so many that sound cool, but by the time I close the app, I totally forgot what the names are and what I have to say to open them. Why don't you make an option allow people to print out the skills they enabled to use as a cheat sheet? I think it would be cool to make a little book/folder type of thing to keep near the echo that kids or guests can browse through the skills you have and be able to know what phrases they have to say to play the game or whatever.... ~It would be great if there was a way to have your phone connected to Alexa, WHILE using multi-room music and using Alexa normally, but have her pause the music when you're phone is ringing so you don't miss calls if you're blasting music through the whole house. As far as I know, if you want be able to hear anything from your phone, then any music or anything has to be done on your phone as well. I want to listen and control everything from Alexa, but just be alerted if my phone rings..Version: 2.2.318509.0

Review on the app in generalI been using my Alexa and this Alexa app for years now and I feel the need to leave a couple suggestions and some of my opinions regarding the app. The app can sometimes be very laggy and it makes it very difficult to use and control my Alexa with. Another thing is that I linked my Apple Music to the app so I can play music on that platform since I do not pay for Alexa unlimited but it is absolutely difficult to control and choose my music. I have a playlist of about 200 songs that plays and it didn’t give me the option to choose the songs I want to play immediately. I would have to keep saying skip and wait for my song to come and sometimes it doesn’t even allow me to repeat the song which really makes me mad. Those are honestly the 2 main issues I deal with while using the app. Without those two issues I think this app would be amazing. That’s all I have to say and I will be waiting for the major update if it ever happens to this app. (Also please excuse me if I have some grammar errors).Version: 2.2.508348.0

Probably meAbout a week ago I received my third generation echo dot and had troubles right from the start. Like I said in the title to this review it’s probably me, I am not tech savvy, but every instruction video I watched, the instructions that were included with the echo, it was different in reality than it was in any of those videos or the directions. My Echo seems to have skipped a whole step so I Kinda had to wing it. So it’s been a little frustrating to have to figure it all out myself. Like for instance the echo wasn’t controlling the volume on my TV it wasn’t turning it on or off and right now there’s a yellow ring that’s blinking and I don’t know what it is. So again I have to research that and see what it is. Like I said it’s probably me but it is frustrating and I wish the whole start up would cover everything that could possibly happen, like in my case but once I get everything resolved I’ll update this review and see how we are then..Version: 2.2.295325.0

Old house, new AlexaGot a cube for Christmas and mostly love it! Only issue in eight months is: tv shows don’t STOP playing when Alexa turns off television. So for months, each night, we would shut off tv but not exit and back out to home … so episodes continued without saving place for three or four hours. Very confusing and annoying, and still happens sometimes for no yet known reason. Got a dot that I thought was the one with clock (advertising showed) but it wasn’t yet out. So move that to another room with a battery base and got the dot with clock. LOVE Love both and couldn’t be happier! Even took battery one with me in travel trailer for two months around the USA and worked like a charm! Music and everything all the time!, Also bought some smart plugs and they are AMAZING!! Wanted to smart setup entire house, but it is too old? Bought smart switches and learned wiring is missing a required fourth wire, so had to return. Very disappointed, but not worth the cost to retire entire house! Hahahaha. Planning to get a second Cube for the second TV. And maybe consider rewire the main living dining room. I have Parkinson’s (early onset) and so having technology that enables me is great! I was even able to program sentences to match what I say instead of learn new commands. That feature has been a quality of life saver!!.Version: 2.2.431180.0

No way to connectI hesitate to give this app any stars, because I don’t know what’s going wrong. I recently replaced the router, now there is a new password, but I can’t get my Echo Spot to connect to Wi-Fi. At all. It wasn’t hard at all the first time, but changing the router password seems to have thrown it for a loop. The instructions say to go to Settings, and then scroll down to Wi-Fi, but there is no Wi-Fi option in Settings. I tried to Add Device, which directed me to Manual Setup. In Manual Setup, there is no option for a Spot, specifically, so the instructions don’t correlate. There is no orange ring, there is no sign the app senses the Spot at all, or vice versa. I hold the button down on the Spot, and all it does is turn the thing off. I’ve turned everything off, and then back on, I’ve even deleted the app and reloaded it, I’ve reset the Spot. I’m out of options. Pity. I liked the little thing. Like I said, I hate to rate the app if the problem is actually me, and something I’m missing. But the app is not really what I’d call user-friendly either..Version: 2.2.237800.0

Alexa is my friendI have an echo dot in every room of my house, bathrooms included. I also have an echo dot in my workshop, all of which work flawlessly with the Alexa app. I use Alexa with the echo dots for lists, reminders, music, news, questions, information gathering, problem solving, alarm clock, timer - you name it. Most useful to me, however is that Alexa is my memory - something of which octogenarians often have little. No matter where I am or what I am doing, when a useful thought or necessary task pops into my mind, I immediately add it to the appropriate Alexa list. This is especially useful at night after I go to bed. There I am, lying in bed, and a something I have to remember to do occurs to me. I add it to a list. Dr’s appointment: it’s on my list. For me, the echo dots and Alexa app is not simply a fun thing, it is a useful tool that often anticipates my next move..Version: 2.2.490702.0

Dark/Light More Setting failure + Music stop playingI’m trying my best to control my anger. Near Alexa designers and engineers, please bring back the original dark blue background… It's ridiculous that the loop mode and 1 time music playing button looks almost the same in both modes… yea, they are slightly different but its not an optical test, please… also I prefer my phone to be in light mode while Alexa in dark (actually the original dark blue background. Why do I have to change both to achieve dark more. And it’s tooooo dark that hurts my eyes in dark… last but not least, music stops in loop mode… I tried restarting Alexa a couple times but didn’t work. I’m still looking for other solutions… as a mom who has to take care of a baby that walks a lot, I am so done with these tortures… Dear Alexa, although most of my friends switched to Google for being more stable and having more attractive features, I still believe in the potential of Alexa. Please be more thoughtful in the future when releasing new features….Version: 2.2.401007.0

Will you please add Esinkin BT AdaptarIt’s sort of a funky process to get my Alexa to Bluetooth to my Esinkin BT Adapter. I have to do it manually every time. It’s not in known devices in the app and app discovery will not discover it. Also when I ask Alexa to enter pairing mode and my Esinkin into pairing mode and it finally connects, it doesn’t show up as a device so I have to manually disconnect it by voice instead of using the app. This product came out in 2015 so it should be something Alexa should recognize from the get go. My friend said he could connect with Google Device no problem. Same model Esinkin BT Adapter.. Thank you for taking the time to read this, if that happens. Thank for everything else. Just seems like Alexa only like the “big” name BT Adapters. I feel like it should work no problem as my phone, computer and other items connect no problem. Thanks for all the hard work though!.Version: 2.2.288637.0

Needs Help. No real control that matters.It would be good if I could do a few things. 1- have a silent mode for the Alexa devices that can be accessed through the app. This would turn off all acknowledgement sounds the Alexa devices make so whatever is requested through the app can simply happen instead of an alarm happening at a loud volume in a dark room with a baby asleep. This wakes the baby regularly. Simply because of a ding sound. Stupid issue that should be removable. 2-I need to be able to set certain sounds on repeat through the app rather than the clunky voice commands that want to argue with you at 2am when the rain sound randomly decides to cut off. Every. Night. 3-have a sound compression or something that can balance the sounds and music that is approved for use in the skills store. For instance rain sounds by sleep jar is significantly louder and fuller than ever other rain sound skill. Wouldn’t be an issue if sleep jar’s rain sound would last through the night. Instead I am stuck setting up two separate devices to creat the rain sound I need for the entire night. When sleep jar goes off the other is on substantially softer. Give us control over our devices. Make loop sounds that are actually well made loops instead of a fade out/in ever few hours. This stuff makes me want to switch to another device type. Maybe google can have less issues..Version: 2.2.422194.0

Life changer!I have had an echo dot for two days now. I enjoy it so much I ordered a few more devices for the rest of the house. Alexa is so helpful you can do so many things with her it is crazy. I love the fact that you can customize her answers to questions and make her say anything you want. Everyone in my house has a similar sense of humor, so when someone asks her anything I made her give answers with attitude. She also has a child mode, so you can customize what your children see and do. You can rest easy knowing Alexa won’t show or let them hear anything they should not have access to. 5 stars for the ease of access and how easy it is to set her up and pair her with everything. Plug it in download an app give her some basic information and boom she is ready to go. Highly recommend for anyone who wants a virtual assistant around the house to make life easier!.Version: 2.2.343801.0

Alexa is everything!Alexa is smart Entertaining and fun! She keeps me from burning dinner, reminds me of drs appointments, and keeps me on track of chores! She remembers my favorite songs, introduces me to new music, tells me what to expect the weather to be, and even when to expect the rain to begin. She Gives me definitions of words, explains tough political terms, tells corney jokes, connects to my phone to boost the audio of anything I’m playing on my phone like audio books, the first day she even told me that she loved me! Lol thanks to the app I can take her with me in my car where she continues to keep me on task and allows me to play serius radio in my home and our second car!! When I leave she arms our alarm and camera and alerts me when there’s a loud noise inside, or something that stirs up our dogs! I want another one for my art studio!! Alexa is one of the coolest gadgets I’ve ever bought!.Version: 2.2.387809

Add Loudness Control Switch in MenuIn case a Alexa Programmer is reading this, May I suggest something to improve the sound that has not been mentioned until now. It would be great if one could switch on a loudness control in the menu so the bass frequency would be automatically boosted as the volume is lowered. Audio engineers know that the human ear cannot hear bass frequencies equally at the lower volume levels. This phenomenon is known as the Fletcher Munson Curve and a loudness switch is usually provided on the high end audio Preamps to provide a gradual increase of base response as the volume is turned down. Just a suggestion to save having to manually turning up the bass in the equalizer when you lower the volume level....At the least please please give us a separate control in the menu to adjust just the Sub Woofer level. This is sadly lacking as the bass on the equalizer alone affects too much of the mid range ... and muddies the mid frequencies.....Thanks. Catman..Version: 2.2.243227.0

AlexaThis is the best app ever I will tell you all my resins why it is the best I can set timers on it and let’s say that I was laying in bed with the lights on all I have to say is Alexa turn of lights and the lights are off what happens if I am cleaning my room and my phone dies and I was listening to music on my phone and all I would have to say was Alexa play my fav song and I have this thing that when I am away it tells me if it hears broken glass or fire alarm it Alert my phone and if I am just bored at home and I just wanna talk about something but I am home alone I can just talk to her guess what else she can take photos of me one time my best friend and I were hanging out and we did something we stacked 200 cups on my bed but if I moved to take a photo it would all fall so I just said Alexa take a picture and she took it and it went to my phone so that is why you should get a Alexa.Version: 2.2.389238.0

Love it but be careful w updatesI love and depend on Alexa, despite some of its kinks and limitations. In my house I’ve got good Internet and haven’t had many connectivity issues. I’ve got most of my main lights connected to Alexa and love the customized news updates that have become part of my morning routine. I’ve connected it to my sound system so my music comes through in Bose surround. Wonderful. My mom lives in the basement of a NY brownstone and has poor Internet connectivity. She had all kinds of bridging issues with the 1st generation echo and Philips Hue light bulbs and an old iPhone 5. I’ve upgraded her to the latest of everything (she is still waiting for Fios to come into her area and continues to suffer from poor internet access) and although it took a while, with calls to help desks, she’s now got everything purring including her thermostat control with echo bee. Beware the latest Alexa update. It does the thing where you have to renter your use name and password, and my Alexa was offline until I could do that. A real pain, as I just got out of surgery and am quite dependent on the voice control, etc. I can’t really compare w Google Home and others. It’s not perfect. But I’ve gotten familiar with it and developed some loyalty so I don’t foresee myself changing unless things get really bad..Version: 2.2.2471.0

One Step Forward and Two Steps BackI rated 3 stars because it used to be a full 5 stars but then things started to not work randomly. One example I used to have a routine to turn on the porch light if motion was detected by my RING video doorbell, it worked fine for over a year, then an update went out last summer and I and many others noticed the routines stopped triggering. Repeat contacts from customers just kept leading to the same troubleshooting steps and no one ever found them useful. Other similar routines work fine such as if a RING indoor camera detects motion or a entry sensor is open they run their routines just fine, it seems isolated to the RING video doorbells specifically. No help from customer service even after they posted on the RING community forum it was resolved months ago. If they fix it I’ll change my review to 5 stars as I originally considered the app before things started to stop working..Version: 2.2.459519.0

Good app, slow and a bit buggy.App has served me well for the 12+ months I’ve used it up until recently. It’s always had a bit of an issue being slow, but I’ve been able to deal with it and not care too much. I recently moved and bought a few more Alexa products and also changed all my groups around to fit the change from apartment to house. Now, when I’m setting alarms, and I try to set one up for my new Echo Dot, it switches back to my previous group called “apartment” and doesn’t show that it can find or recognize the new Dot. I have about 6 seconds if I want to set up or edit an alert before this happens. This bug is infuriating and I really hate having to deal with it. There’s no reporting system for bugs either except leaving reviews. I will alter this review if the bug is fixed to a 4 star because overall the app is very good, just a bit slow at times. This bug has made it almost impossible for me to use the way I like to..Version: 2.2.276988.0

Not full version of the app.The app seems to be missing the conversations tab which allows you to make calls through the echo. Not sure why this was omitted..Version: 2.2.464.1

Best day everThis is amazing news! I have had the amazon echo since the beginning but to have the app in Canada now is amazing!.Version: 2.2.464.1

BugYou just updated the app and you updated it to fix bugs. Now it’s finished updating and it doesn’t let me drop in. You need to make a update soon.Version: 2.2.326868.0

So happy!Finally this is now available in Canada! Thank you Amazon.Version: 2.2.464.1

Alexa doesn’t always listenHi: just as a Alexa user/lover I sometimes get frustrated with it. The Alexa music app is frustrating most of the time. You ask for one sone and get totally something else. Then you know that there’s a song in your list and you ask Alexa to play the song. Alexa response can’t find the song or isn’t available. Then it suggests a song that you didn’t ask for or starts telling you information that you didn’t ask for. And to make things wear now the Alexa doesn’t respond with a okay or anything else it just beeps? Look I’ve bought 6 Echoes varieties for friends and family plus I have my house wired to my Echo. Lights etc. So as technology goes I am a fan. But it still needs tweaking! Needs to be more precise. I know this is a variable new technology. But sometimes I just want to throw the damn thing out the window. Can’t wait till it responds correctly 100% or at least 90% of the time. Keep up the good work. Ray.Version: 2.2.307017.0

Part of my lifeAlexa tells me when to bring in the dog, when I am cooking she helps me with timing, I love the question of the day. During the day if I’m in a mood she plays my favourite songs. At night she plays ocean sounds, looping them, to help me sleep. Alexa even tells me goodnight and to sleep well. I seriously love Alexa..Version: 2.2.307017.0

Super stoked but some issues.Hey, So had the echo for over a year. And now excited there is an app and not ‘hacks’. However I lost my skills due to not being able to choose English Canadian. My only options are English US. And English Dutch ;(. I’m sure you can fix that haha. As well I can only seem to add 2 people to the profiles. I followed the steps but won’t let me setup more than 2. I was able to setup 1 other person, but we have 4 people (2 kids and 2 adults). I want to ensure each of us can use the devices to our specifications. Can we adjust that? Super stoked here guys. Looking forward to this and plan on buying more devices now!! I’ll for Sure Update the stars after these bugs issues are adjusted..Version: 2.2.464.1

OkIt’s ok but there seems to be a bug we’re I can only connect deezer and not Spotify or Apple Music.Version: 2.2.353608.0

Very good!Alexa is an amazing device! I highly recommend it.Version: 2.2.518779.0

Alexa is okAlexa doesn’t respond anymore if I say something after she’s answered me or co posted the task that I asked for. I used to be able to say thank you and she would reply. Or I could say something else to do if it were directly after she completed a request. She stops listening now when she’s done. I like when she listened for a second or two after so I could exchange pleasantries with her. I want more wake words. I wanna be able to name her whatever I want and change her voice like I can with Siri. Also I don’t like that she beeps out swear words..Version: 2.2.519778.0

💟J’aime bien💯💯, il faut juste donner plus option avec Apple music ..Version: 2.2.519778.0

The best thing everYou can regret Buying Alexa!.Version: 2.2.518779.0

Overall a good appThere is so much packed into this app and that is not always a good thing. It takes you 5 minutes to find what you’re looking for. Had a super loud alarm and when trying to shut it off from another room, it was difficult to find the alarm settings on this app. It would be better to be able to favourite some settings to ease of access.Version: 2.2.517044.0

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What do you think Amazon Alexa ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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