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Download the official Pizza Hut app for the easiest way to order your favorite pizza, wings, desserts and more! We’ve added contactless ordering features, so you and your family can get the pizza you love without worry. Our app is designed for pizza lovers, making fast food delivery and takeout even easier. Check out our menu, find deals, save orders and earn free pizza with Hut Rewards®.
• Order contactless delivery, takeout or curbside pickup
• Check in for curbside pickup with one simple click
• Access the full Pizza Hut menu, discover new menu items and view local deals
• Stay up-to-date with your Hut Rewards® points and redeem free pizza, wings and more with ease
• Customize your own pizzas with the easy-to-use Pizza Builder
• Reorder in three easy taps
• Track your order with the Pizza Hut Delivery Tracker
• Place future orders up to 7 days in advance
• Use guest checkout to easily order without an account
• Find Pizza Hut locations near you
• Pay with cash, card or Pizza Hut gift card
• Order within the 50 United States territories and possessions excluding Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands

Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout App Comments & Reviews

Pizza Hut - Delivery & Takeout Positive Reviews

What Happened (Baby Come Back)I remember as a kid loving Pizza Hut. The pan pizza gave the best little crunch to every pie. Then something happened over the last 10 years where the quality just went down. Maybe it’s the fact that for years dominoes was garbage and when they caught up Pizza Hut just didn’t look as good anymore. I still believe that those Pizzas I had as a youth were better and a return to the roots would be nice, ingredient wise. Nowadays I go to Pizza Hut because y’all come up with crazy “pizzas” stuffing your crusts with whatever you can find. I’m surprised there hasn’t been a foray into deep dish or a “Corn Dog Stuffed Crust” (which I’m not asking for, but would be on brand. That’s not even mentioning the app, which would be fine if every other app in the Pizza business weren’t already so much better. Everything feels laggy, the design is fine but the engine on the app just feel like a beaten up Mazda just trying to make it home from Burning Man. It does the job but honestly halfway through my order I second guessed even getting my food from Pizza Hut because the dominoes app would have just been a breeze to work with..Version: 5.7.0

Favorite pizzaPizza Hut is my families favorite pizza and has been for years. Not only the food but the customer service is top tier and that hasn’t changed since I first ate at a Pizza Hut in California when I was a lot younger. With that being said once in awhile the app gives me issues because I’m not technologically savvy lol but whenever I call to our neighborhood Pizza Hut whether a manager or crew member answers the phone 9xs out of 10 they really do go above and beyond to help me figure out whatever I need. I just add that our Pizza Hut on sw29th and May has the friendliest staff possibly ever. Now around 2:40 today my husband went to that Pizza Hut for contactless curbside carry out or whatever it’s called and waited in the car at least 5 minutes and said nobody came out with our order. I asked him if it was busy and he said he only saw employees inside the restaurant. So he had to get out the car and go in and looked and saw his name on the board with order status as ready so I’m wondering why nobody brought the food out? The app even asked me his cars make model color etc and where’s to put the food so I don’t understand if I did something wrong but I know I specifically wanted curbside because his knees bad and I wanted him to walk as little as possible. So I still am team Pizza Hut I’m just wondering what happened. Thank you so much for your time and attention..Version: 5.25.0

Horrible appI have use this app 25 times to order my kids Pizza Hut because that’s the one they prefer, when you’re picking toppings on like the other two main competitors, if you pick pepperoni you can’t put on this half only on that half only on all the pizza, you pick it is on all the pizza, there’s always a problem with something and it doesn’t know what it is the test tells you to go back and check everything, God for bid you re-order one of your previous orders and happens to be on a day where Wednesdays have cheaper wings so the owner can’t go through for literally about a dollar that they don’t wanna “overcharge you”, and don’tForget never combined two deals at the same time. The app is ridiculously glitchy, I have to sign back in every time, and the refurbishment honest with you the service that I received has been more than subpar, my kids basically eat the pepperoni off the pizza and I decided OK why don’t I start getting the pepperoni lovers pizza last week in arrived with two pieces of pepperoni and three slices 2 1/2 to 3 pieces of pepperoni on the rest. So I literally paid five dollars more on the five dollar deal to get the equivalent of what may have been one to two extra pepperonis, I’ve had five dollars for 1 to 2 extra pepperonis, I didn’t expect to get as much pepperoni is the picture showed but this was ridiculous.Version: 5.0.4

Major Bug.The app is designed very well and the user experience is great. However there is a major bug that doesn’t appear to have been addressed. Occasionally when adding something to the cart an error message is thrown and the item does not appear in the cart. Every subsequent item you attempt to add to the cart will throw the error and none will appear in the cart. Once you go to checkout none of the items appear in the subtotal or anywhere on the cart, BUT when your payment processes all the items that threw the error are on the order, charged on your card, and the items appear on the employee side so they just start making them. I got charged for 5 brownies and a couple other items I added while testing. Luckily I checked the order history immediately when I saw I gained over 100 points for 2 pizzas and called the store to cancel it, but this can cause SERIOUS headaches for customers and should be addressed. Unfortunately I don’t know what causes the initial error, and force closing the app didn’t help..Version: 5.0.6

App Has Some ProblemsFirst, a disclaimer. I am not an expert on using this app so there may have been a way to fix my problem that would have been clearer for someone who has used it more often. If there is, please let me know. Using IPAD app. I was in the app and put a Tastemaker in my cart. Then I tried to order another pizza (not a Tastemaker)and a pizzone but for some reason it would not let me switch from a large pizza 3 top to a medium bbq chicken. I tried going clicking “menu” several times but nothing worked until I cleared the cart and started over completely, put in the pizzone and the bbq pizza first, and then added the Tastemaker pizza. Irritating to say the least. Then, I proceeded to pay for the pizza. I had two gift certificates that I wanted to use. Put in the first no problem but then discovered that the app does not take more than one. I tried a couple of times to “add a gift card” with no success and ended up using a credit card. This results in having several lower balance gift cards sitting around instead of being able to use them up. Other apps have the ability to add two or three gift cards in a transaction, why not Pizza Hut?.Version: 5.20.0

App will not update or download now!!!This is the 7th time, I’ve tried to update the app today! This same thing happened two weeks ago where I ended up calling, and that was another headache, nevertheless, I open my app on my iPhone 8 running iOS 13.4.1. I also have Norton’s VPN on. The app tells me that have to Update Now, without another option. So I hit the button and it goes and opens the App Store, it turns the download icon to a blue bar that says Update Now and when I hit it, it starts twirling in wonderland. After 5 minutes I give up and close the Apple Store and close the app and then I try the whole process again and again. I now turn off all of Norton’s secure features that protect me, thus leaving me exposed to the world and I try this process over and over with no new results. I decided to delete my app and reinstall it again, but after about 3 minutes of twirling it comes back to the download app mode. What do I need to do te give you all some business?.Version: 5.9.0

App is ok but could be better (pizza is great)Please leave more space for delivery instructions. Apartment complex’s can be very difficult for a driver to find the right building and leaving good directions ensures our food arrives hot and fresh. Our complex has horrible building markers and it’s frustrating to always have to walk outside searching for the driver. It’s not their fault we don’t have proper signage. And the app is lacking some basic functions like being able to use your points once you have built the order. It would also be nice to not have to start from scratch to change from delivery to pick up or whatever. And lastly, too many deal options makes it overwhelming!! When there is 20 different ways to enter an order, I find myself trying the same order in different deals to see what is better. And it’s silly. Give me a basic deal and leave it at that because in the end, it’s all about the same price anyways. But overall, the Pizza Hut app is still better than most others. I appreciate that!.Version: 5.26.0

Worst app ever!!This app is terrible!! Takes you forever to trudge through putting together an order to find out that they have your location wrong & they automatically switched the store that you want to pick it up to another store in a different city & then you have to start all over again!! Argh!!!!! Then I tried to pay w Apple Pay which I have used successfully before & it won’t let it go through! So I typed in all my credit card info on 3 different debit/credit cards 4 or 5 times & it still doesn’t take my card!!! Then I get an alert that my card has been used for a Pizza Hut purchase but the app says nothing!! I finally called the store to verbally order the takeout pizza & I’m told I have to come down and order in person to use a credit card!!! I HATE THIS APP!! Even though it has worked before a couple of times, it is always confusing and frustrating!! And I LOVE Pizza Hut pizza!!! Not today! I’m ordering from anyone else than Pizza Hut!!.Version: 5.18.0

Please update the followingSo the app is definitely more user friendly, however, there is no way to add extra toppings. For example, when you select pepperoni as a topping, you can only select it once, there’s no way to change amount. The other thing I’d change is limiting the amount of characters available when instructions. Since you can’t add extra toppings, if you try to request it in additional instructions, you have to limit what you say. Add a feature that allows you to specific certain things for each item or something. The purpose of the app is for convenience and ease, but now you have to call the store after placing the order to update it to what you truly want. Might as well just call in the order. Also, with the update, when you change the amount of sauce on your pizza, it doesn’t show you’ve selected light or extra sauce when confirming your order. As consumers, we want to see what the store will see and we want to be able to order something exactly as we want it without having to jump through extra hoops. Other than that.. Pizza Hut app is great. That’s my 2 cents ✌🏻.Version: 5.0.6

First time user, bad experience.I was at the checkout screen and it kept saying my zipcode was invalid. It asked me to find a Pizza Hut when I started and it did so I continued through the process. So how was it wrong? I go back to edit the address. Turns out you can’t. You get a window that says changing the order might cancel it. So okay. I went back and added my primary address directly in the profile tab. I go back to checkout and it lets me select the address I added. Cool. Then I try to finish and now it said I don’t have any items?? So the pizzas count as nothing? And the $35+ came from nowhere? So I tried to delete an item and it said an error occurred and the entire order was empty. I had to restart all over again. PLEASE make the text fields show the autocomplete. It’s annoying having to type all the fields especially the card number when it’s already saved in iOS (picture wasn’t working on Citi Double Cash card). Bad user experience..Version: 5.0.3

Nearly FlawlessThis app is probably one of the slickest food ordering apps around. From start to end, the ordering is seem less, and easy. However, the only major gripe that I have is about adjusting the pickup/delivery time. Now, I will admit, that it is more operator error, than a flaw, because most of the time when I order, I make sure that the time I selected is right. The first time that I could’ve sworn that I adjusted the time, it was for about 2 hours before pickup. Even though I had noticed immediately after I had placed the order, I still had to call the store, and which they said that they weren’t able to change the time in the computer, but instead just manually set it for the time that I wanted. I felt bad for them. Now, again, yesterday, I had ordered, and the time that I selected didn’t get accepted, either. Since it was about 30 minutes before I had requested, I went to pick the pizza up, instead of calling to have them adjust the time, again. So, as far as suggestions, I don’t know if there is a way to make sure to verify the pickup/delivery time before finalizing the order? Or maybe make the time selection on its own separate screen that everybody has to enter for every order, and then ask them to verify that the time they selected is correct? Other than this request, the app is very nice, and it makes ordering easy! Thanks!.Version: 5.17.0

App has too many bugs and doesn’t work at all!I have an account and can log in through the website without issue, but using the same credentials in the app always results in an error. The app doesn’t allow you to enter an email address or select any of the options to redeem points or see account settings. In order to order online, I have to place an order as a guest-which means I don’t earn any points for my order. If I try to sign in just before checkout, it repeatedly gives me a Login error. I’m using the most current version of the mobile app and have the same problems on my phone and iPad. They either don’t know how to correctly build a bug-free app or are just trying to prevent you from earning points for your orders. Either way, the app is crap and if there were another pizza company nearby that delivered, I wouldn’t even bother ordering Pizza Hut..Version: 5.10.0

GREAT app, but...This app works great when you have a huge family gathering and everyone is trying to figure out what they want. You don’t have to annoy the person on the other line with all the waiting on people to decide and figure out their orders. However, I would love to be able to change my credit card info. The first time using this app I had to use another persons card because they were paying. Now every time I place an order their credit card info immediately for the default pay. No where in the app can you change this, you are forced to have to type in your information every time if it’s not the default and it can get a little tedious. This app has great potential and could go a lot deeper in depth than it already has. An example would be having toppings on a quarter of the pizza as an option. There is a half option, but no quarter. Now would that be nice? Overall the app is super useful and it gets the job done..Version: 5.8.0

Takes foreverMy family and I truly love Pizza Hut food. The Corinth location takes longer than an hour to deliver 100% of the time. If we’re ever starving and can’t wait to eat, we just have to order from somewhere else. If we want the delicious food from Pizza Hut, we have to be sure we’re not too hungry and we have to order it way ahead of time. We stopped ordering from Pizza Hut about a year ago because of delivery times, but we received an email a few months later with a coupon, asking us to come back and that delivery times had improved. This was not the case. That was a few months ago. Now that Pizza Hut has these new deals, we wanted to give them another try. A couple of weeks ago, it took an hour and a half to get our food. I ordered them again today because my kids begged me to, and it’s already been over half an hour, and according to the app and online, not only is their estimated delivery time over an hour, they haven’t even started cooking the food yet..Version: 4.7.2

Was perfect, now it’s annoyingI shouldn’t be forced to open a web page to order because the mobile app isn’t functioning right. Just to be clear, I LOVED the app. It was handy, I found all the good deals very easily, and it was so convenient sometimes I just ordered pizza to order pizza. Now, everything has drastically changed because the app doesn’t recognize my login. I even changed my password to see if I was in the wrong, in which I wasn’t. The website worked just fine, but the app acted like I didn’t even register. Until this issue is fixed, I’m rating this app 3 stars. Also, this isn’t a one time problem. For months this has happened, hence my fast of Pizza Hut pizza. Now, I about had it with this unrecognized login. Update: Customer service did little to nothing. I’m questioning Pizza Hut’s value of customers since my issues are obviously not prioritized. What was a great app is now deleted. Im keeping the 3-star review because the app is useful, but beware when you develop a problem! It’s going to be a good minute before you get a response..Version: 5.5.2

Awesome for frequent customersI have been using the Pizza Hut app now and we order about 2-3 times per month. It’s a great way to get their best deals, order from your favorite location, and save your favorite items for a quick reorder the next time you’re having a “Hut Craving”! On average, the wait times the app has given me are about 2 minutes earlier than average. My favorite part is that it tracks my purchases and saves my points so that when I get enough for a free item, it will populate that first so I can save money on my order. It’s one of the best ordering apps I have used. We have consistently accurate orders, quick pick-up/delivery times, and the best deals coming up every time we order (or reorder). Give it a try. Most “big corp” apps are really not as user friendly as this one is. I will continue to use it as long as the user interface stays as useful as it has been..Version: 5.4.5

Great Pizza, Glitching ServiceDownload the app a couple weeks ago, earn enough for an “Any Large Pizza”. Had continuous great service and the Pizza is in my opinion, the current best of the big name brand pizza places. However, when I redeemed my order, would not let me redeem my points for the first half of the day and kept telling me to try again later, then found out you need to have a $11 minimum order for delivery. You can’t just pay delivery fee for a free pizza. The app said it would take about 27-31 minutes to make and deliver. It took them an hour and a half and some how the app glitched and turned banana peppers into pineapple. Called the store to have it fixed and they said the problem was my fault and kept implying that there’s nothing they can do. I had several great orders from this company over the last two weeks, so I say be careful with the app..Version: 5.19.0

Need to empower managersI tried for over 30 minutes to order pizza online & kept getting the message, “uh-oh something went wrong.” By this time I would have just forgotten about it but I promised my grandson I’d get him Pizza Hut pizza for dinner. Totally frustrated, I tried calling the store. Of course, the ‘deal’ I was trying to order was an online only deal so I was put on hold 3-4 times while the manager was consulted. He couldn’t ‘find’ the deal online & I finally had to get them to pull up my order history to see that I had ordered the same deal the past several times. Then the mgr had to ‘call the GM’ to check w/ them. FINALLY, they agreed to take my order & discount it down to the online price. Meanwhile, this whole ordeal has taken almost an hour & now it’s going to be another 45-50 minutes before it is delivered. We will be eating dinner at bedtime. Totally disgusted at this point..Version: 5.0.4

Good app, except for one issue…I have been using this app occasionally for the last nine months. It’s convenient to order via the app, not only for potential discounts, but you don’t have to call and be asked “can you please hold?”. The issue I encountered today was that I ordered a pizza tonight (I always use the ‘continue as guest’ part of the app), and I decided to use contact-less curbside to pick up my pizza; however this means using Apple Pay (which I think would be OK). Unfortunately after I got my pizza, I was “overcharged” - I didn’t get the discount I was hoping for. (I also went to a different P.H. location). While I will continue to use this app, I will NOT use Apple Pay-I will pay inside instead (so in the unlikely event of another issue, maybe I can “fix it”, so this won’t happen again. I am uncertain if it was the store or this app that had a ‘glitch’). Still, four out of five stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ isn’t bad..Version: 5.26.0

Disappointed customerWe ordered the $7.99 two pizza special some wings and desert for delivery. Because of the extreme high delivery orders I received a call from the manager Caesar asking me if we would prefer to come and pickup the order instead and he would remove the delivery surcharge, now this wasn’t the issue... the issue started when the my spouse went to pickup the order. Because my spouse wasn’t aware of the complete order the female employee handed her only half the order prompting me to have to contact the establishment again. Upon returning back to the store the same female associate again appeared to be confused and unsure of our order nor what I was there for after I told her the name on the order. After it was all said and done they still failed to give us all of our order. I highly suggest if your planning on visiting this establishment to check your order throughly because the employees don’t seem to care..Version: 4.6.1

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