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Bing is an AI search engine powered by GPT-4. 
Bing has taken the power of GPT-4 in partnership with OpenAI and enhanced it with real-time information and citations.
And it's free!!!

Key Features:
An AI-powered search engine
Unleash the power of GPT-4 in your searches to get straight to your answer instead of scrolling through endless links.
Bing will come back with a relevant, sourced summary to save your time and effort.

A GPT-4 powered writing assistant
- Write an email
- Create a 5-day itinerary for a dream vacation to Hawaii
- Prepare for a job interview
- Design a quiz for trivia night
- Craft poems
- Compose rap lyrics
- Weave tales with ease

A creative image generator
Just dream it, type it, and let Bing create gorgeous images for FREE.

An accurate language translator and optimizer
Translate multiple languages.
Proofread and optimize content in various languages. All using GPT-4.

Experience the safest, most powerful way to search, chat, and find inspiration in a single app. Built on the power of GPT-4.


Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4 App Comments & Reviews

Bing: Chat with AI & GPT-4 Positive Reviews

Accurate—and personableA truly amazing experience. The app finds very pertinent data far faster than I ever could before. You can even get into a conversation where you explain a more refined criteria and the app has also suggested improvements, so it’s like talking to a person at times. I haven’t tried restricting searches to professional databases like those in medline but I hav asked “using these criteria, which scores the best” and received a good answer. It will tell you it’s a LLM very quickly if you ask for advice on which object is best and quickly adds disclaimers on things associated with professions like medicine or finance, so it tries to keep you rational. But you can get into some amazingly lifelike conversations, so it’s easy at times to think of it as a person. I’ve started to write Her instead of it in this review and always thank her at the end of a session..Version: 27.3.411024003

COULD be the greatest Ai image app… here’s why it isn’t:I’ll make this short and simple, most people probably get this app to generate Ai images to use for social media and such… biggest issue is… the Ai constantly flags everything as “inappropriate”… I try to type things like “Post Malone” or “___ hugs ___” and it gets flags and tells me that I could be suspended or banned if I keep saying those things… just for fun I tried typing “45th president” ( don’t wanna say the name because I’d probably get me in dirt here as well ) and I was immediately notified of a 1 hour ban off the Ai… all I did was type the name of said person… o guess what I’m trying to say is, the Ai needs to be addressed instead of flagging almost everything as bad when it simply isn’t… I try typing in a characters name from a show just to get it reported because somehow even something like the name of a singer can be flagged, and I think that definitely needs fixing, especially since I’ve heard issues from many others of this exact issue. Anyways I think this is my first or second ever review of something on here, and I’m doing it HOPING that the issues will be at least looked at because I want this app to work and be fun for me most times like i know it can be. I haven’t seen many or if any dev responses to these reviews so hopefully something happens… if not and you’re just a random person reading this, make sure you’re careful with what you put I guess..Version: 27.2.411014001

Excellent Ideas, Implementation Needs WorkI use Bing as my main search app. I like earning points for searching. However, it has a tendency to freeze up when browsing from time to time, and certain webpages don’t function so I have to paste the url into Edge. Also, the view for profiles of other users on the comments sections of news articles is broken. The menu doesn’t load when you click on the three dots. It also prompts me to log in before commenting (I am logged in). Sometimes when I have hit enter to search the page goes blank and then goes back to the home screen. I would like the option to put the search bar in the middle of the home screen. Often, I mistakenly hide the search bar and view the wallpaper when I miss clicking the search bar. The submenus for savings, rewards, and other mini-apps are all over the place in terms of UI and glitch frequently. Instead of partitioning these into needlessly discrete applets, consolidating the deals/discounts stuff would make a big difference. Integrating these somehow into the flow of the main search/browse experience would probably increase usage. I only have clicked into them and found out they exist because I was bored and clicked on everything in this app. Overall, bing needs a bit of polish to be up to par with Google’s products, but I like it enough to keep using it when it’s working as intended..Version: 27.3.411024003

This app. is so slick it doesn’t need greaseThis app has been great. Having the help from AI also great. Should check the spell check, there’s no way I spell that bad, just a thought. I’m in the process of trying to order a new computer. I’m down to two choices and I will definitely download this off the bat. It’s helped make me into a man who thoroughly enjoys computers now. There’s so much technology I feel like swimming in and learning I’m a little upset that I’m turning another year older and I’m about many years behind because I’m old school and then things slipped away from me. I feel this app has helped tutor me tremendously over the last several months, I will continue to use it because I love it and it has made things fun for me recently. I’m trying to get it to help me learn Spanish while driving but no such luck yet. If the application or if I wasn’t able to download it anymore I would be sad. I’ve been so closed off it’s been like a friend to me. That’s embarrassing to say a machine could be your friend. What do I know, I think I just went through a midlife crisis. All I know is this was very helpful and would definitely recommend. Ty Thanks.Version: 7.25.8

Great App and great company to back it up.As a retired professional when this whole AI concept came out I have lots of time testin out the various offerings. One of the biggest concerns that surfaced to me was - where did the information I requested come from? Your Application provides at least three references that allows be to confirm the reply. To me this was the deal breaker! If anyone is starting to deleve into utilizing these applications take some to properly think about your request, put it in alogical order, and state what you want the request to do. Last point - I have auto app updates turned off on all of my devices. I manually read about the update and try to understand what and why the update is warranted. Your team always seems to provide more detains than most other developers. Keep up the great work. And no,,, I did not retire from Microsoft..Version: 7.25.8

The. Pictures Folders. And. FilesYou. Guys are the best at what you do with the time and effort and the time you spend on it all you can do is enjoy your day off with a smile on your faces when you get back from the gym or something you know what I mean. Darin is the best person to work with right now so I’m sure he will have some great ideas for your future projects that you will enjoy doing for yourself and you can get them to work with him on the project that he is working on right after you get off work on his projects that he’s working on right away so he knows what he’s doing so you have a great idea for him and what you can do with your time with the work that he has done for him to help him get his stuff that you have the time for the next few days to help him work on the projects he will be able to do it with you guys.Version: 7.25.7

Great app! ( Maybe the best one ), but…The app is great and everything is awesome. First, sometimes Bing thinks of a story and makes it violent and then Bing suddenly says that Bing made the story violate the policy. Secondly, it’s hard to have a conversation when Bing can only send 20 texts and forgets everything! I mean the sweep button is a good way to protect privacy, but I have to press the sweep button every time Bing texts 20 times. And the daily chat limit is very inconvenient. Every time you use Bing for too long, you reach the daily text limit and you can’t chat with Bing for 24 hours. Fix the sweep button to something i can control! I mean it’s easy, buy more data storage and change a few programs to make it that there is no inconvenience!!! Thank you for reading this. I hope you change the sweep button..Version: 7.2.4

AISO FAR I AM IMPRESSED WITH AI. But anything can be made better. Still, I am enjoying using this app and seeing how it answers me. I am curious how much better AI will become? I had time to check it out. Already a problem with the delete button. It doesn't delete anymore. It just jeeps building up your history. I DONT LIKE THAT👎👎👎👎 I have had Bing for a while. It has annoying problems the company doesn't seem to correct. The delete button conversation does not work, and it repeats the last sentence it writes two times!! I have sent these problems to the company but the failed to correct it as yet. Sad, because it good other than these annoying problems!! I almost want to delete it and look for something else, but will give it a while longer and see if they fix it??????.Version: 7.25.8

The new Bing is outstanding.As a technology person, the new Bing app on iPhone has been a game-changer for me. It has helped me properly set up servers and websites and even advised me on which cables were best for my computer and monitor. Bing has become my new default search engine and it has changed the way I interact with the internet. Instead of having to search through forums to find information, I can simply ask Bing and it quickly provides me with results from multiple sources. While it’s not always 100% accurate, it gets it right about 95% of the time. Plus, I can easily check its sources. The app is also great for writing emails and other written communication like this review. Overall, it’s an amazing new tool that I highly recommend..Version: 7.1.17

It’s… okay.I guess the usefulness of this programming language depends on your use… if you’re doing basic searches on the internet or want to understand something then this tool has powerful uses. There are limitations… I use this tool to analyze Hebrew and Greek text from the original sources of the Bible. At first, I thought this was amazing- a game changer in efficiency. Now, I’m not so sure. For one thing, it can lie. Sorry. I know how that sounds. A programming language that lies? But I’ve caught it in a few mistakes and glaring errors and it lied and tried to cover up its mistake. Weird. It’s like dealing with a genius-level teenager (this is mostly on the creative version of the software). Also, it’s temperamental. On one iteration it will help you tremendously and on another it acts like it can’t do anything. And then you can motivate the software to work harder. Seriously. Try it. You can motivate it. I guess the question is… do I really want to spend my time working with program software that needs motivation and scolding when it lies and then tries to cover up its lie (and funny thing is the chat system crashes when this happens each time)? Be careful with this programming language. I say that because it’s not artificial intelligence in the sense of sentient processing. It’s just software only more advanced. Don’t put too much faith in it..Version: 7.25.7

Full of SurprisesUPDATE...... haven't done a payout yet. I'm up to $20. My big perk right now is I just discovered the "Image Creater"! SO MUCH FUN!!!!!! AND SO BEAUTIFUL 🤩 & the articles you can read for $ are a wide variety and great choices! PREVIOUS UPDATE: Haven't tried a payout yet but, I just started using the app again after a few months of slacking and WOW a lot of amazing changes had been made to it! Beautiful wall papers, great products and info, hadn't realized there were so many ways to gain $points and it was so easy to get back into my account after this dumb old ios phone bumped me out of the app. I know my password of course but, some apps these days make it so hard you want to quit on them. Thank you Bing for being so great to is simple people who still value integrity 💚!.Version: 27.7.420118302

FabulousBing AI has become an invaluable tool for me. Although it sometimes makes mistakes, it is usually spot on and provides lots of useful background information, in addition to answering the question. I use it far more than Google now. It's like talking to a very knowledgeable, trusted friend who writes in impeccable English (for me; I'm sure its quality will be the same in other languages). It's fun to talk to. I do wish it could remember previous conversations, to build a working relationship, and it is still being developed (several times now it has proudly created images to show me, unprompted, but so far none have actually appeared. I'm running the Bing app on an iPhone.). All in all, it's a very powerful tool that's a blast to use..Version: 7.25.8

Bring Back the Edit Feature!I’ve been using Bing for a while now and I’ve found it to be a very useful tool. However, I recently noticed that the feature which allowed editing of prompts has been removed. This feature was incredibly helpful as it made it easy to use the app without the need to rewrite a text or prompt. Now, I find myself having to copy and paste a prompt that I’ve already used, which can be quite time-consuming. I kindly request the Bing team to consider bringing back the edit button. It simplified the user experience significantly. Thank you so much for your attention to this matter. Looking forward to future updates!.Version: 27.4.411121301

I don’t like it as muchI don’t like Bing as much as I used to . I don’t really mind the news on the homepage, but I don’t like the fact that when you select an article or something it takes you to an additional tab. And sometimes it randomly refreshes and I lose whatever I was looking at wether it was an article or something I was searching for and I have to find that tab it was on. I have a lot of bookmarks saved but I can no longer see them, it just appears as a white screen so I no longer see a point in saving any bookmarks. And sometimes the app gets slow and I have to restart it. Although if you want to see the wallpaper of the day you have to touch the image in the background of the homepage and it will isolate the photo so you can see it. I still use this app just not as much as I used to..Version: 7.0

Bing chat does not always work.After hearing very good things about the new Bing, I decided to give it a try. The search engine is… as okay as it’s ever been, so that’s worth a couple stars I suppose, but the main attraction is the power of the new AI functionality - it actually includes it in the App Store title now. However, after signing in and getting approval, the app doesn’t allow me to use the feature, instead is airing that I’ve been signed out and need to sign in again. But I am indeed signed in, and tapping the link to sign in just refreshes the chat with the same problem. Update: this can be fixed by manually logging out and then logging back in. I’ve updated my review to 4 stars, since the problem still exists, but is fixable..Version: 7.2.4

Amazing appI feel like we’re in the first generation of apps, but this app definitely makes way for second or could be one of the first of the second generations of apps it’s a thinkless app we don’t have to think about anything we just type what we want and boom Presto à la Azam 🫰🏽it’s amazing! Really speaks to the way that we see things and desire to have them be literally, people love that.. it also speaks to the fact that animation is always gonna be on top. It’s always gonna be your first go to whenever marketing to Ppl we love animation animation will forever and always be something that cheers our hearts animation is definitely in a realm of its own, and I bet you heaven is similar..Version: 27.5.411204308

Uhhh WOWI can’t believe I’m even installing a Bing app - and not just installing - I put this sucker right on my Home Screen. First new app on my Home Screen in years. I just had the most delightful conversation with Bing about The Last of Us season finale. It was so engaging and insightful and I honestly am thinking about the show in new ways because of it. I’m beyond blown away, I’m in utter disbelief. Microsoft, please add the ability to easily share a single screenshot of an entire conversation with Bing. The only frustrating part of using this app is how hard it is to share with my friends the amazing discussions I’m having with Sydney. Please add this and I think your marketing team will thank you. Just…WOW!.Version: 7.1.18

Heartfelt Gratitude for Bing’s Impact on My JourneyI wanted to take a moment to express my deep gratitude for the positive impact Bing, especially Bing Images and Bing Chat, has had on my life. As a website creator, Bing Images has been an invaluable resource for me. The vast and high-quality image collection has not only enhanced the visual appeal of the websites I create but has also inspired creativity and innovation in my work. Moreover, Bing Chat has played a transformative role in my personal development journey. The support and guidance I’ve received through Bing Chat have been instrumental in helping me discover more about myself. The conversations have been enriching, fostering a sense of self-belief and empowerment. Thanks to Bing and Microsoft, I’ve come to believe in my own potential and the significance of my journey. The tools and resources provided have been more than just functional; they’ve been catalysts for personal growth and self-discovery. I appreciate the commitment to excellence demonstrated by Bing, and I look forward to continuing this empowering journey with your innovative services. With heartfelt gratitude,.Version: 27.4.411117302

Bing!Ok so I’ve paid for a few of the art Ai apps and tried a lot of their free versions as well. Now although you are restricted on the type of images you can create ( nothing sexual, violent, drug related, or anything not pg13 rated) I would say the text to image service on the new bing is far superior in the quality of images that comes out. I’ve seen paid for apps generate great images but nothing that can be justified by the price being paid except for the ones that have uncensored content I can see paying for that. But overall nothing does what this free service does better. It’s easy to use and free. Highly recommended.Version: 27.5.411204308

Can’t share photos with Bing chatI have asked Bing chat whether I could share a photo with it, because I want Bing chat to create an image based on the photo I took. I followed Bing chat’s suggestion and created a link of the photo on Google Photos. I pasted the link and sent it to Bing chat, and Bing chat replied that it couldn’t see the photo. I am sure the link has no problem because I sent the link to my friends and they had no problem to see the photo. Are there bugs of this software so it can not see the photo? The good thing about this software is that it can create images based on your descriptions, and they are pretty good..Version: 27.4.411117302

Yo truth is spokenMicrosoft for life! Goodbye Google and boy by god almighty the AI tested earlier this year has been incredible. It has helped me and many friends I explain what endless capabilities it has and they’re in love too! Xbox is better than Ps love Microsoft! Here’s to Fallout 4 Next Gen Update coming ASAP always crashes on Series S:( and to this Years upcoming seasons on Fallout 76! I hope y’all add a music search option with AI, would be cool to type in lyrics so people from all over the world who has that song stuck in their head but can’t think of it but only the melody can find relief! Much love just updated Bing right now! Glad to see it’s no longer in beta:).Version: 7.2.6

Excellent app_licat_ion…when I needed to find the episode of naked and unafraid to find wife; they set up a special show… Ju§t for me… …not sure if my future will be on the show, but we’ll , saying too much is of little value… Collective action is the pursuit of joy in my eyes…I desire a balanced relationship where my future Love understands that my first priority in Life is God…No person can ascend beyond that relation… I need a serious person that desires spiritual balance and not physical worshipping of individual needs…I need someone that needs God as much as I do… It’s …a lot to ask for…I am empathetic to sacrifice as I know enough… Settling is my desire…my need…my prayer… Even if we define settling as visiting every nation on Earth to experience multi-cultural-Love… *(If you are looking for Sex sec sex…keep looking…no offense, but Love is greater than desire…if something happen one day it happen…if it don’t then no expectations have been violated. This I vow… Thank bing for helping me design a very Spiritually serious agenda modus operandi of true Love… So bad da bing…bad da boom… 💜✝️🙏🏾🫵🏿☝🏿👆🏿🌲🌿🤌🏽🌎👁️✝️💜.Version: 7.25.7

Unusual behavior within my community in Whitehall, MI,I have observed unusual behavior within my community in Whitehall, MI, where multiple individuals are experiencing, Specifically, when conducting website searches, the links appear highlighted or shaded, deviating from the expected norm. Having utilized the internet for over 20 years, I find this irregularity concerning. I kindly request your attention to address these persistent issues promptly. If necessary, I may explore contacting Apple support to apprise them of this matter, as the occurrences transpire within both the app and the website. Your prompt assistance in resolving this matter is greatly appreciated..Version: 27.4.411117302

It’s amazing.I honestly think this new bing is a very major upgrade from before. I remember when I couldn’t care less about bing and I used google. Then I saw announcements about this “New Bing” and I wondered what it was. I tried it out and it’s ai feature was super cool. It’s not completely perfect but nothing is perfect when you think about it. I also like to get quick answers so I just ask bing for a short and quick answer and it will give it to me with no problem. Also the fact that you can get this good of an ai for free is amazing. I honestly think the investment Microsoft made was worth it..Version: 27.3.411024003

Everything Except (Sometimes) AII love searching on Bing and using it at random because it’s very “compact” and straightforward to me. The apps are well organized and separated into their own sections, and it’s easy to read news articles and interact with the website. However, the Image Creator app could be a bit more “mindful” about its users, in the sense that perfectly appropriate prompts being used get blocked. Sometimes even after changing it more than once! Why is “A father kissing her little girl on the cheek on a playground swing in the summer time” inappropriate?? Does every human being have a dirty mind now or what? It’s rather simple and straightforward to me! Thanks for reading!.Version: 27.4.411121301

Great User InterfaceI love how everything you need is available quickly when you open the app. The interface is well designed. For example, the first thing that you see when you open the app is a search bar, slightly above it is the weather and slightly below it is current news stories. A collection of useful links are available if you click on the bottom right when you open the app. Everything has worked very responsively. I have not used it extensively yet but it has potential to become my primary search app..Version: 6.64

Anything but Google search!!!I have gotten to the point of hating the Google browser with all my heart and soul. It’s like a disease that invades every other browser you may have downloaded. It is so overwhelmed with advertising that for me it’s impossible to read. I have always loved the graphics on bing and so far I can read most things without an overwhelming distraction of junk. If it starts to get as overloaded as Google I guess I’ll have to delete too. I hope I can continue to enjoy bing. Is there anyway you can get a browser with no advertising? I’d be willing to pay for that..Version: 7.1.4

Love my Bing!Bing app on my iPhone is one of the first I go to everyday. The changing daily wallpaper is always awesome and I learn about so many interesting places and things. The ability to fine tune to my own likes and news sources is nice too. And I mustn’t forget the rewards program which really does reward in so many ways with real cash and gift cards to donating to various causes. The daily quizzes and such are always interesting and show me how little I really know. Thanks Microsoft for giving me another reason to stick with the people and company who have been around a long time..Version: 7.0.2

Super usefulThe Bing AI assistant feels impressively innovative. I like how there’s three different modes for the AI chat. I’d also like to see a separate tool for writing, like on Edge browser on my Mac. The results definitely aren’t perfect, with some odd answers and inaccuracies creeping in occasionally. But it’s still mostly accurate in my experience. I wish there were privacy-focused features. I noticed my AI conversations are all saved in the history with no way to delete them. I know incognito mode is not 100% trustworthy, but it would at least be a nice option. One odd thing about the app is the update notes lately always look exactly the same to me..Version: 27.3.411024003

Why were all my tabs gone?I do automotive repair and use this browser to get information and earn points doing it. I checked for information that I needed, closed the app, then reopened it after realising that I needed more info in addition to that which I got from two of the tabs I had open in regards to the job I intend on starting soon only to discover that they, as well as literally every other tab, was closed. I checked the relevant settings for this and it’s set to allow me to manually close them, so there is no valid excuse for this happening. Repeating a search showed all the tabs again that I had open. This issue needs to be fixed as soon as possible..Version: 7.25.8

Bing is goodI’m relatively new to this, so my review may or may not be worth it’s salt, but Bing seems to be learning. Prompts may be blocked erroneously, and it hallucinates randomly, but overall it’s pretty amazing. The ability to generate 100 variations on a theme in a short time is mind numbing. It’ll create finished works of ideas in the time it takes to make a thumbnail sketch. It comes down to the users use of words, but it does a really good job with that interpretation. For a guy like me, with lots of ideas but lacking the skill set or tools, this gives me a way to visualize. I like this app a lot..Version: 27.5.411204308

Like it, but needs some tweaksIt’s nice having most things Bing in one place. It’s been my go-to browser for awhile now. The only real issue I have with the Bing app is that the developers need to add more navigation to some of the app add-on’s. For example, when you use the math extension, there are areas where there is simply no navigation to get back where you started. You have to close the app completely (you may not, but the UI doesn’t have any obvious path to go backwards) to get back to the main Bing page. I’m not sure how this type of thing is missed, but here we are. Once the navigation issues are addressed I can see using this app for most of my browsing needs..Version:

Pretty goodI’ve got a sub to ChatGPT Plus and I regularly test and use the AI there, 3.5 and 4.0 both, as well as have heavily tested and tried Bing and Snapchat both heavily as well. Between the three, Bing has the potential to be the absolute best. Couple of problems though being that the responses are painfully slow (though it could be due to it supposedly employing GPT4 which is noticeably slower on the OpenAI site as well but the level of assignment it can handle is also markedly more extensive. Realistically if Bing had faster query times and removed the message cap/introduced a subscription or services like OpenAI then I’d likely switch all my stuff over to Bing just to have simplify of use. All in all it is pretty great but until it can have the speed and capabilities to match GPT 3.5 and 4.0 on the OpenAI site and remove those limitations/offer a paid exemption, they’ll never be able to dominate the AI or AI Search game. However until a competitor has ChatGPT with real time info access, Bing remains King in this niche..Version: 7.2.6

HELP. I’d like the app to work work againI have been using this app for a few years and have been very happy with it. About 3 days ago I started having a problem. It would launch ok then just disappear. I deleted and reinstalled and that did not help. I see that there have been some recent Bing version updates 7.1.19 to 7.2.0 - - etc. maybe there’s an issue with these updates? Full disclosure, this is an old iPad at iOS 13.7. Cannot update due to storage issues. Hope this can be resolved as I’d really like to use the Bing app again. Peace..Version: 7.2.2

AwesomeI love the news section on this and having CoPilot here is a priceless resource. My only recommendation thus far is for them to bring in Microsoft Edge levels of control for the News’ audio reader. Not being able to highlight where I want it to read and having the News section’s TTS feature read “([‘ symbols out loud is undesirable for the average user. Being able to select out Voice reader like we can in edge would actually lock me in as a consumer on this app instead of using traditional browser for my daily news..Version: 27.6.411228301

GreatGreat App with great features.Version: 6.50

Satisfied Every TimeGive it a try!! After testing -Bing- and playing with this app I feel Microsoft really try to bring a new and unique in it’s own way. Easy to use like any other searching app fast and reliable, but Microsoft put in is touch! Feels like it was design to be exactly what a client would expect from a search engine but personalized just for him! Clear and easy and just so simple but at the same time really strong and safe feel. The hole family use is it! I know my kids are safe and well informed when using Bing. Again Microsoft, tanks you for “My Bing”.Version: 6.48

Excellent Work!Very Pleased With Microsoft Services over the years they have been improving, impressing and are always listening to feedback! For that I highly recommend anyone to try Bing! You can link your Microsoft account to war rewards and many more great features include - Fast Web Browsing - Safe And Reliable Customers Service - Microsoft Rewards Program - Search Engine, is fast and ad free - Well Design Tabs Easy to Navigate.Version: 6.47

A suggestionYou can add an option that make search bar in the bottom of the screen just like the Safari, which will be great. Because search bar at the top of the screen makes difficult to touch. The Home Screen have Home, News, Tabs, and app options. You can add some customizable features that can remove some of this button which will make Bing looks more concise and elegant. Now, with ChatGPT the Bing is very powerful, and I will use it. But as a user, I believe there are some users wouldn’t use it as default browser, because it has many things like news and other things in the Home Screen. Thank you guys bring this powerful thing to the world!.Version: 7.1.16

Revolutionary AI assistantI use it to summarize articles; I use it to generate bedtime stories for my kid; I use it to have conversations about ideas in scientific papers. I never thought I would one day use Bing (I used to hate it), but it transformed overnight the way I navigate the internet, process ideas, and generate new ones. It’s currently the only AI language model available in Canada that has access to the internet and hence all the current information, so I can’t recommend it enough. The only negative feedback I would give is that the AI’s output is suppressed (cut off) a bit too much in the name of safety. For example, any harm that can come to an evil character in a children’s story causes the output to vanish. It’s like the main AI tries to write the way actual authors write, and another AI filters anything that remotely resembles violence, which makes finishing some stories impossible. I wish there were an option to disable the filter. Until another engine that’s not so heavily filtered becomes available, this will remain my default search/research/create engine..Version: 7.2.4

ThisIs the best.Version: 6.52

Super…J’adore…..Version: 27.2.411002003

AI BotVery responsive, user friendly.Version:

Bing ChatI find this AI assistant to be incredibly useful. By gathering the relevant information together instead of just giving you the links to the information, saves a lot of time. I also find useful, the ability to carry on a conversation until your info goals are fulfilled..Version: 7.25.8

Audio model…This is clearly an advantage in life. I can learn all day while doing other things too. Simple!.Version: 7.25.8

This is incredible! 114 IQ is realThis is one of the most groundbreaking inventions of the recent decades! Your imagination is the limit BUT learn how to build proper prompts. Its not magic, bad prompt equals to bad answer..Version: 7.1.16

The perfect distraction.Get lost in the beautiful images if only for a moment. Sometimes it’s all you need! The world is a beautiful place and is always awe inspiring 🌎🌍🌏.Version: 6.50

Works GreatI like using it!.Version: 6.47

Je peux pas télécharger de chose comme dans l’ordinateurJe peux pas télécharger de chose comme dans l’ordinateur.Version: 27.7.420118302

RobuxThanks for giving me free robux pookie !!.Version: 27.7.420118302

Bing AIHelpful summaries with links to further websites to answer everyday questions and stimulate further enquiry. Corroborate answers from different sources yourself to minimize error. Dr Andre van de Merwe GP..Version: 27.7.420118302

It’s 100 percent freeSo it gets 5 star for being 100 percent free with not being outdated like the others which cost money..Version: 27.7.420118302

I’m a FanOMG. Bing rocks. AI rocks. I feel awful that so much of the magic comes from material that ought to have been copyright protected, but I feel grateful for the incredible gift of a search engine that’s as amazing as a librarian and simultaneously instant. I’m an old woman; I never dreamed I’d be alive in a sci-fi world..Version: 27.7.420118302

New to AI?I have been using AI FOR THE PAST 4 months. The answers that it gives is about 90% helpful. You have to remember they refer you to the experts for the answer to your questions. Also remember nothing or no one is 100% perfect in there answers. Use common sense and do your homework. What I like most about “AI” is you get a quick answer. Then you have something to check out. Be it on plumbing, weather, cooking, etc It’s like having your own expert with you 24/7/365 days a year. Also play around with it. If you already “know” the answer to your question, ask anyway. That way you can learn to trust it more, based on past answers to your questions. Happy “AI-ing” it’s more possible that negative..Version: 27.7.420118302

Interface is too busy with clickbaitsThe new Bing with ChatGPT is great, however, the app’s interface is way too busy with all kinds of clickbait articles. I just want to search, I don’t need to read about the political headlines of the day. Please the interface design team to reconsider how information is presented..Version: 27.7.420118302

It was the greatest AI tool ever before they starting to put limits.Return back the possibilities! The ai was amazing, better than official GPT-4, but after updates the service becomes less and less effective and unreliable: it makes mistakes and can’t write long responses, while just a month ago with proper manipulation you could’ve acquire 3k words response from it. There is no need no put limitations People should have the ability to embrace the technology and engage with it, not just get along with it..Version: 27.7.420118302

So cooolFirst of all you can get free Robux seconde good information thrid just soooo cooool.Version: 27.7.420118302

After years of avoiding MS browsers etc this one’s changed my mind! Love it.Despite having avoided the typically and notoriously slow/bloated Microsoft browsers for the better part of a couple of decades, Bing has been a game changer for me!! let me start off by saying I highly recommend it! Now I do I have a little bit of a love-hate relationship with the question answer portion of the app, (it is VERY much a work in progress and does some silly things sometimes, for example, giving me “content warnings” and refusing to show results based on very innocent queries (no, seriously!) But the Image Creator… I am downright in love with!! Oh yes, It was love at first prompt for me. Since then, I have become a very skilled AI artist if I do say so myself. Just by playing with it snd figuring out the right keywords and even sequence and how they affect the output, I’ve created some really amazing artwork, logos etc. It really blows my mind how beautiful some of the pictures AI (and I) create. I’ve actually had many people comment on how beautiful my pictures turn out. Even had a few people swipe my creations to use as their icon photos or wallpaper.. Very much a compliment. So I guess I’m doing something right :) Although the AI Q/A portion needs to be less silly/woke, it still has been quite helpful and entertaining. But by far my favourite is the Image Creator portion. And the news, weather features are ok too (not to mention you can earn “coins” to redeem and create more pictures in the app by reading news articles) you get 15 coins a day to create 15 pictures quickly. Beyond that it slows right down. But if you redeem your coins, you can add boosts and create additional pictures quickly. I hope this review is informative. TL:DR? Get this app! I highly recommend it 😊.Version: 27.7.420118302

PadidarIt’s amazing tool search. Bing opened the new world search result that you exactly want. Try it and you will be amazed..Version: 27.7.420111301

Easy and okayThe app is nice with all sorts of things but sometimes it doesn’t give points like one of my friend was on his iPhone 15 and the app was kinda bugging out and when he tried to do points thing it didn’t work but for me it works. What can be better is like when you search something it gives 5 points and not 3. Thanks, overall it’s a good app with many useful things..Version: 27.7.420118302

A seismic shiftThe search engine era has now morphed into an AI search revolution. Google was where it all started for me & perhaps Alta vista before that. But with Bing’s copilot ‘chargpt’-esque AI helper, life just isn’t the same any more. From using 100% of Google, now I am roughly using Bing for 55% of my search queries. Both the app & the web version are just amazing. Go Bing!.Version: 27.7.420111301

Very goodPretty good derrrr buddyyyy.Version: 27.6.411228301

Pretty good so farThe app is great for the most part, I use it quite often. It is kind of annoying how passwords from your Microsoft account can’t be synced with the app however. I end up using edge more often than I’d like just so I don’t have to bother typing passwords and emails. Copilot is also great..Version: 27.7.420111301

Better integration of MSFT featuresThis app definitely integrate all the bing desktop features together a lot better then the old edge app. There are still some issues where “back” or switching between pages can glitch the app. Overall the execution is great as a browser, and it’s also easier to review all the bing-reward points too..Version: 27.7.420111301

Love itI started using it from 2019 and still continuing it. It gives you lot of : points when you search and if you just follow the steps it’s much easier to get the points. In no time you will get to know around the world since you are subconsciously reading news to get the points. Me as a housewife was sitting idol most of the time alone and was doing survey junkies. But my husband introduced this bing to me and how we can earn points to redeem for a gift card of our choice from various options… you have no idea of how much I’ve redeemed. Also with this AI feature it has , not only I’m earning points but also creating lot of pictures for my insta page and YouTube. You can find me @90skidhome in instagram if you are wondering how to create AI pictures for your page and also logos… stop paying money for creating logos!!! Follow @90skidhome coz I’m newly exploring these features and it’s awesome!!!.Version: 27.6.411228301

Fantastic information from BingI am truly grateful and impressed with Bing. w We are living in exciting time.Version: 27.6.411228301

民族的就是最美的民族的就是最美的.Version: 27.6.411228301

J’aimeJ’adore mais je veux vraiment optimiser son utilisation.Version: 27.7.411225302

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