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You bring the appetite, we’ll bring the flavor. Our brand-new mobile app makes it easier than ever to satisfy your craving by ordering ahead for delivery or carryout. Choose your made-to-order masterpiece featuring any of our 11 iconic flavors from your favorite Wingstop location.

Download the official Wingstop mobile app to get first-class treatment. No account is needed to order ahead or get delivery. But when you do create one, we promise to remember your favorite orders so you can reorder anytime with a tap of the finger. We got your back.

A few new features:

- Order wings ASAP or up to 7 days in advance with our streamlined quick-n-easy flow for delivery or carryout
- Customize your mix of iconic flavors and protein styles on each order
- Personalize your experience by setting your favorite locations, delivery addresses and in-app payment methods
- Easily get directions and store info for any Wingstop location
- Registered users can save and reorder favorite menu items

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*Ordering functionality is for U.S. residents only

Wingstop App Comments & Reviews

Wingstop Positive Reviews

Options removedWingstop is my wife’s and my treat for the week - every Friday we order Wingstop. The app was great I could order it in just the right time to put my kids to sleep then go pick it up without having to step away. The new app is very good and easy to use, but recently they removed 2 key options that without them don’t allow me to use the app. Making the wings and fries well done and selecting if I want all drums or all flats. I use both those options every time I order but recently those options are not there. I’m going to call my order in today, but without these options that removes the convince of the app and ability to quietly order and time it out. Unfortunately this might lead us to order from somewhere else moving forward. I will def update the review / stars if this gets fixed..Version: 5.0.2

Easy to use but options are scarceIt’s super easy and quick to order from the app but I don’t like that we don’t get a lot of different options. Every time I order I have to call in to the restaurant immediately afterwards to make changes because the app doesn’t have enough options to choose from. I like the hot lemon wings, extra wet. But the app doesn’t give me the option for either of these things. There’s so many different flavours that aren’t available through the app. Another issue is when you select “more options” and it just says “extra well done”. Where’s the option for extra wet wings? Y’all need to give more options to choose from to keep customers from having to call in after using the app. Even the drink menu is scarce. My local Wingstop has a drink machine with so many things to choose from like Powerade, Vitamin Water, or even flavoured Coke. I know not all locations have such a variety but it would be awesome if the app could reflect the options of the store we choose to order from. Aside from these issues, though, the app is great. I just feel some improvements could be made..Version: 6.16.0

App was good just 3rd party was the issueSo I downloaded the app and decided to tú the delivery option this time. Was easy to get done and no problems with navigating the app. So it shows the progress and order time for drop off which was cool. The problem was not with the restaurant but with DoorDash who runs the delivery for them. The app said the people have not picked up my order so 15 mins after my delivery time I called the dasher and she was having issues with her app to pick it up and there is no way to contact door dash by phone so I ended up going To pickup the wings my self now by this time I had been a good while that my wings were there and now they were cold and as I walked in to the store the dasher was just picking up my order about an hour after it was suppose to be at my house. So I stopped the dasher and we talked I took the wings she said she was sorry which it’s not her fault was the app she was using and she went on her way. So I talked to the manager here and she hooked me up with cooking me a new order and making it fresh so app wise was great DoorDash was the fail on this that’s why it got a 3 but in the end yummy wings in my belly.Version: 5.0.4

Issue when ordering bundlesApp is okay - use it to order every time however the one big issue (for those of us who like out wings cooked well done) is when there are specials such as bundles there is never the option to select and add to the order to have the wings cooked well done, only when you order by the piece or the regular combo does the option appear for you to select if you’d like to have the wings cooked well done. The options are always there to have the fries cooked well done but never for the wings! Additionally there is no section where you could add a note or special request. So every time we order wings on the app that are on bundle promotion I have to physically call the store and add this request because I’m unable to select within the app....which somewhat defeats the purpose of ordering online doesn’t it?? So I recommend the developers resolve this and add the wing (WELL DONE) cooking preferences selection options when advertising specials and bundles so the order can be placed correctly and also recommended there be a section where the customer can add a note or special request..Version: 4.11

No option for wings sauce on the sideJust like any other restaurant the convenience of ordering thru an app is very helpful and of course quite efficient. The availability of all options in the app compared to when you order while on premise drives my decision on which place to order from. The wingstop app does not give you the option to select the wing sauce on the side. I prefer my wings plain then dipped in the sauce when eating them. Because the amount of sauce you want in your wings depends on the flavor of the sauce. This also preserves the crunchiness especially when you ordered it well done. I sure hope developers make this change ASAP so I can start using this app again. I tried calling in my order one time and despite me asking to have the sauce on the side. They forgot and they had to redo the order which I have to wait for to get done. So for the meantime I order my wings from a local wings place since they do what you requested for..Version: 7.1.6

Wow is all I can start with,,Call Jay even though they were all going through this epidemic and we’re trying to revive ourselves and come to a new living environment and having or locals restaurant owners or just business owners am literally just drowned but still survive than done things that they’ve never done before for employees to continue to be able to survive in this epidemic situation that were in but it was really really nice to see a brand new menu more choice is more more different choices than what it used to be and then the website is a lot more friendlier than what it was so kudos to the webmaster on that but I will net my experience with you guys as always been awesome and now it’s even gotten better thank you so much kudos to you and I’m on my way to pick up my order.Version: 7.1.7

Saves me time...Going and making your order or simply calling in are ways to make your order but it’s time consuming and sometimes they don’t even pick up the phone or take forever for them to get back to me especially when there really busy at times but I get it I can’t hold that against them. This is app gives me better control over my experience and it’s easy and it saves me a lot of time so this app in my opinion is really good and more people need to use this app so they can save a lot of there time cause I know how precious can be but with this app it wasn’t such a problem.Version: 7.1.5

App needs work, get it done!Pro: The wings are great and consistent, the main reason they get my business. Hockey night with the boys, nothing quicker, easier, or better. Con: I use the app to order, but it has a HUGE problem they apparently do not care to resolve. Tap your previous orders, and that come up. You get the price, but you have no way of seeing the orders and what is actually in them, only the price. Question: if I can’t see what ordered previously, exactly how in the hell would I know if I want to order it again?? You have a button that asks to re-order this, but if I don’t know what the order was, why would I want to do that?? It would save both of us time and energy if you would FIX THIS. You get 3 stars because you refuse to fix this problem with your app...and I’m being generous. Franchisers, get corporate to pull their head out and fix it. Your paying them, make them get it done..Version: 4.11

You used to be able to...I was going to complain about certain options no longer available, but I happened to “stumble” across them. It would be better if these options would “show up” either underneath your initial selection, or to the left or right. This way, the user won’t have to “stumble” or accidentally discover that these options are still available. (I’m talking about requesting either all drums or all flats, or requesting to have your wings extra well done.) One last suggestion, when choosing what flavor of sauce, you should have the options of, little sauce, regular, or extra wet, occur below the count number. Again, this way they are in a logical place, and the customer doesn’t have to “stumble” across it way after ordering. ****Also, I’m super disappointed that you no longer have the Teriyaki flavor for wings!!.Version: 6.16.3

Great app butI love using the app to order. Its so much easier than calling and talking through your order and sometimes getting put on hold when you call...but i’ve noticed some small things you CANT do with the app that I hope gets implemented one day. I love ordering my wings with 2 flavors mixed, but that option doesnt exist on the app. I end up having to call the store to place my order to get Lemon Pepper Original Hot flavors on half while getting a different flavor on the other half. Its my go to order so I stopped using the app since I dont get the option to mix two flavors. Still a great app though and works as intended with no bugs..Version: 6.11.0

Horrible Service!!!I placed my order online based on their advertising it was supposed to help eliminate the wait well not in my case! I watched order after order go out the door of people that had come inside and placed their order, even one huge order that was over $134 went out before my little single order!!! No one apologized or offered even an plausible explanation of what the hold up on my order was. I had to request a manager to get my order finally and she was in too big a hurry to even be polite, it was basically hand me my bag and turn around and walk away!! I do not recommend this location at all!!!.Version: 4.11

Use APP!!I sometimes find myself ordering just for ease of use the app delivers. Not only do the wings always come out perfectly cooked to my specifications and on time at stone drive in KINGSPORT Tn, they’re correctly assorted and a complete order. I’m never missing anything and the staff is always smiling, I order using the app, super simple quick n very user friendly ! This place fills my happy place. P.S. Cajun fries are loaded with seasoning, to my liking, a little intense so lite is a suggestion if your not searching for that Cajun all in ya mouth feeling. And the ranch... I stuff my mouth with frys and pour the ranch in, but shhhh that’ll be our little secret!.Version: 5.6

Amazing over haul from the ground up!The app has finally gotten a long over due redesign, I think it should’ve been like this two years ago at least. Anyway, the app now actually looks like a lot of effort went into it and it no longer looks like a cheap and generic design. Awesome work! My only suggestions are that we should be able to add a valid payment card in the settings without needing to use it for an order first, especially since it was used and recognized prior to this over haul. And the starting an order button covers up the nearest/favorite location on the home screen so that was a bit confusing at first. Maybe change that around some? Again, awesome design!.Version: 5.0.1

Convenient but....I’ve never had issues with the app. But I really wish the drink options would reflect what’s available in store. I’ve been to many Wing Stops in many states and all of them had the remix machine. The app only gives you basic drink options. I end up having to call the store to ask for an order update. Also the option to make your wings “extra wet” isn’t there. From looking at reviews it seems this has been a common complaint among patrons. I hope the developers make changes. Right now it’s seems like it’s been a documented issue for at least 3 years based on app reviews..Version: 7.1.7

Easy App to use quick email confirmation.The wings are great. The food is a little pricey and I wish they emailed or mailed coupons out more regularly but the food is fantastic. The app is really easy to use and understand. The order process on the app is easy quick and fast. The email confirming your purchase is really fast and it makes the whole thing easier when you arrive at the store front. Also the storefront has priority parking for online orders so there is always a quick easy access parking place to run in and pick up the order and run back out to go home..Version: 4.11

Tonight’s serviceI really like going to Wingstop so I gave you the five stars cause most of the time it’s great. But tonight I put a on line order in and showed up maybe five minutes from the time it gave me but when 30 minuets went by I asked about my order she said they are waiting on fries I’m ok but right when I sat down they called my name so I got my order and ate a fry and it was cold. All she had to say was I’m sorry we forgot your order. We are all human we make mistakes but just be up front. I was just upset cause they weren’t. I will continue to go there cause it’s great food but just be up front. Thank you.Version: 4.11

Great appI gave it 4 stars because while it is great it is still lacking in one thing. Over all it’s super user friendly and easy to navigate. Very straight forward and resembles their website, so ordering was nothing out of the ordinary or challenging. I noticed that on the app page it stated they just incorporated signing in with an Apple ID for Iphone users. This feature was big for me as I sign in with my Apple ID for most of my food ordering apps. However, what it lacked and what made me not give this 5 stars is it is missing the option to use Apple Pay. That is it, and I know with time it can be added. *** I hope Apple Pay can be incorporated sooner than than later. That would make this a perfect 5 star app for me! It’s is still a great app to have and utilize during this COVID-19 pandemic. Definitely recommend ordering ahead of time to minimize wait time in line..Version: 6.19.0

Can't reorder if any part of past order is unavailableDon't know why apps mess this up so much. If a past order has any part that can't be added, or if there's any issue, it doesn't make default decisions, it just throws the whole order away and teleports you to checkout an empty cart. For example, I tried reordering my past order from August. It popped up an error saying I need to make a drink selection, then just plopped me into an empty cart. Had to start from scratch. Still, the ordering process was relatively effortless and went through okay. Only complaint is this wild reordering bug..Version: 8.4.0

Very user friendlyI am a mom of four kids, but I am a lifelong vegetarian so I personally know nothing about chicken. This app makes it extremely easy to order, down to splitting the seasoning between two flavors even with a small six pack combo. You can order a family pack and customize the wings to everyone’s liking, splitting between several different preferences. The kiddos love this customization feature. As far as food ordering goes, they have aced the concept of “user friendly”..Version: 8.5.2

Great job RubyI went to this Roseville on sunrise Wingstop location for about 5 times. Every time I go here, I’m so impressed with their customer services, food quality and cleanliness. Manager Ruby, always greet me with my first name and a big smile on her face. Other team member also very cheerful when they greet customer. I, myself am in customer service industry. I understand how hard it is to keep a happy face all day. I never write a review in my life. This is my first ever review I wrote. I guess I’m not a review virgin anymore. I just want to say “great job” to Rudy and her team. I very appreciate you..Version: 4.11

Love the update!The app looks so much more appealing than it did before and is still very easy to use. I hadn’t ordered Wingstop in a while due to dieting but I’ve started going again every once in a while, and I was impressed at their new items. Although a little disheartened at the loss of the original lemon pepper flavor, the new lemon pepper is just as good, and not spicy (which was my main concern about the change). Oh, and I was also impressed that they now deliver, and the price is reasonable! I haven’t used delivery yet, but I will try it soon..Version: 5.6

Saves prior orders, allows complete customizationThis app is awesome. Once you login, you can easily select re-order for prior orders, delivery, when you want it delivered, and changes like where do you want more or less seasoning. The fact that you can edit each item however you want it makes it so convenient to order exactly what everyone wants. It definitely helps that the food is always great, and because of this app I know I order more often because they make it so easy!.Version: 5.6

Bad wordingWhen I chose mix and match 10 wings and go to plain I thought that was the sauce and the little fine but print that says boneless is confusing I also thought mix and match meant flats and drums not boneless and bone in especially when I already clicked on the combo for bonein poorly written and should be fixed , because of this there was no point of ordering from the app because when I got to the store I had to wait for them to correct this causing me to still wait and there was no convience.Version: 4.11

Great!I work right by this wing stop I am in there constantly. Used to just walk right in from across the street. I befriended a lot of the staff we all eventually knew each other's names and my order so when I ordered from the app the first time they knew it was me and were on top of it. It's wonderful. Easy to navigate. Not bogged down by unnecessary graphics and special offerings everywhere. Clean and simple. Love using this app. Especially since it saves my two favorite orders to just a simple button!.Version: 4.11

Great use of technology to improve their wing business!Wow, it has been a year or so since I first reviewed this app, a lot has changed. Giving this 5* now due to the continuous improvements that Wingstop has made in their technology, both on the mobile ordering app and in-stores. Everything works as it should, UI is easy to use. One suggestion, in-store I can request flavors as dips, app only allows to specify ranch, blue cheese or no dip. It would be nice if I could order a side of mild or hot sauce in place of my dip selection..Version: 5.6

Repeat customerI love Wingstop in every state I go to. I wish you guys would develop some sort of point system like Buffalo Wild Wings. I spend wayyyy to much money with you guys not to be able to earn some sort of rewards. Not to mention you don’t have one by my house so I have to drive 30 min away to get there ( eat my food out there ) then 30 min back home. My kids and I make it a outside movie night because of the distance. Please expand the Wingstop in Minnesota so more people can have access to them..Version: 8.3.1

Couple things to fix, but it’s still a great appGreat app, but you can’t update your order after you get to the review page. It will open it, but only let’s you change the type of wings, and doesn’t go any farther. Fix that and it’ll be excellent. Love that you can save your favorite order; it’d be useful if you could pull that up and make slight changes (like wing flavor selection ratio) and be done. Other than that, it’s is easy to use and only takes a minute to order. 👍🏼.Version: 4.11

So much better than ordering by phoneI’ve had some terrible experiences ordering over the phone. Long hold times, miss placed orders, and rushed order takers are just a few of the issues. This app solved all of that. Great customization options and even found out new things I could ask for. The only thing that will make this app better is if it accepted apple pay. Really happy with the experience. Great job app developers!!!.Version: 8.3.1

Unhappy customerLet me start by saying I love wingstop especially the garlic Parmesan Wings. My last 2 visits has left a bad taste in my mouth literally. On one visit I ordered my usual garlic Parmesan double fried when I got home the wings not only weren’t double fried but they weren’t completely done I had to recook them I live about 11 miles away from the nearest restaurant. On the last visit I ordered the same this time the wings were so salty I couldn’t eat them. I hate this because it’s my favorite wing place..Version: 4.11

Fast and Responsive- Please ReadThis is a fast and response app-it's very well optimized and the pick up times have been 100% right so far (I've used it around 15-20 times). It's easy to use and the layout is simple and to the point. However, I would like a "Specials" subsection in case I'm interested in a special posted in the store window. Change that (it might be difficult to implement correctly as each store can choose to have a special or not so they have to say so store by store) and I will give this app a perfect rating of 5/5..Version: 4.11

New UI In LoveThe UI looks really nice. Large icons that fill up my screen with images of the chicken so I can see what I’m buying. One thing I would love from this is app is push notifications for when 60 cent wings are going on or if there are any promotions going on. Also it’d be nice if they can send offers through the app as well. Sort of like an app exclusive deal. That would be really nice just to show appreciation for the customers. Other than that everything is perfect..Version: 5.6

Good wings, great service and decent dining roomRecommended for all looking for Wings on the go!!! The space isn’t very big, but if you want a huge dining room then you should go to B-dubs. Takes a while to get the order filled. A way to mitigate this is to order using the app, website or by phone. Otherwise, there are a couple of TVs with good shows on them and a clean dining room. The price is manageable, be ready to spend $50+ when you are ordering for 4 or more people..Version: 6.11.0

Good app but needs some workI’m very happy with how fluid and quick it is, but when it comes to being specific, they need to fix that. For example, when I want to order 15 wings, they only have the two flavor choice. How come there not that extra charge option when I want a third flavor? It’s a little thing, but it’s still annoying that I can’t choose that on the app. You could do that at the store or through phone order..Version: 4.11

Wingstop Rocks!We moved to a new community and discovered the world of Wingstop. My 14-year-old son could live on WS. He loves the mild all flats and brownie. I absolutely love your App. Makes it so easy and convenient to hit reorder. We have even ordered wings to round out our Christmas Eve buffet of snacks. We have turned on lots of friends and family to Wingstop. Just wish there were specials in bone-in wings and not just boneless. The managers and staff at the Lawrence, KS store are really customer-oriented and keep the store clean and inviting. Thanks Wingstop!.Version: 5.0.4

Excellent Service at Wingstop on TualatinI am a customer and a Doordash Driver. The Manager-Drew is someone who leads by example. Whenever we go to pickup an order, he is right in the kitchen working with and helping his crew completing orders. He is very respectful to customers. He has some of the nicest and respectable young people who work for him. As a customer it is one of our favorite restaurants to go to and we have always had great food and a great experience..Version: 7.1.2

Easy for oldiesI am not very tech savvy and I find this app easy to use. It steps you through the process of preserving with no confusion. The reason I was prompted to write the review is because, unlike some other restaurant apps, you get an immediate email confirming your order as soon as you place it. There is no having to wonder whether they received it or calling the store to confirm; or even worse, getting there only to find out they never got it..Version: 4.11

Great experienceOrdering on the app was extremely convenient and I asked for my order to be ready at 7 PM and wouldn’t you know at 7 PM on the dot they were calling my name inside the restaurant. This was absolutely perfect as I had two other restaurant stops for pick ups for a family gathering this evening. Excellent customer service. My hope is the food is as great as the service was. Top-notch job done by the Garner, NC crew..Version: 7.1.6

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