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NBA: Live Games & Scores App Comments & Reviews

NBA: Live Games & Scores Positive Reviews

DavidI don’t understand why this app was changed. When you update something it’s usually to add features to make something more user friendly. This update is the opposite. Now the settings icon and exit icon are overlaying the phones header in Portrait mode. Please fix. And I received a response from my first review. Thanks, but my question was never answered. Why are we no longer to see each quarters time in real time? Now it just shows the quarter. Seems to me like someone is focused on visual design more than user-friendly design. Please fix because overall I know people are working hard to design this app, but need to stop fixing something that is not broken.Version: 2007.4

Good, but I miss the old layoutHear me out, this new update is mostly good. The Stories feature is really nifty, the videos play without trouble, and it’s easy to access content and interviews from the league. But the thing I used the old app for the most was checking box scores of games the next morning. And that’s my issue. This is my main complaint: When looking at the box scores, I find it really difficult to digest any of the stats. There is a ton of white space spreading everything apart, making it impossible to get a full box score without scrolling and swiping multiple times. There are also no separation lines drawn between categories or players. The box score viewer is clunky, I’ve accidentally swiped it down and hidden it a dozen times when I meant to swipe right to see stats like BLK and FGA. The old box scores seemed to be sorted by position, but now it’s sorted by minutes played. That tends to confuse my brain while quickly flipping through the games to see how players did. I would like an option to choose how to sort. I’d like to see the box score feature become more streamlined and like the old app in that manner. Overall, it’s a great app. I hope this feedback can be used..Version: 2007.3

A step in the right direction...I feel like the devs for this app have grand ideas that are either being bottlenecked or overridden by execs. I like the new UI, but it seems like it’s trying to glitz and glamor us when all we really want is access to data and analytics. The single item I used the most, written recaps of each game published by the Associated Press every night a few hours after the games end, seems to be missing in favor of video recaps. Call me a boomer but I don’t want to watch a video to know how a game unfolded. If I want to see a play or an injury or a highlight, I’ll go look for it elsewhere in the app. Overall, the app performs admirably on my iPhone XS, and seems to be less buggy overall, but there are clear issues that need to be addressed (why do I have to scroll through the entire league of players to access Westbrook’s stats?) and a more cohesive index of the plethora of content needs to be readily available on start-up. And PLEASE tell me whoever was responsible for copy-pasting the AP recaps wasn’t fired or deemed unnecessary; I’m not kidding when I say those recaps were 90% of the reason I open the app every morning. :/.Version: 2007.3

Overall ok, but needs a lot of work.Specifically the player profiles. There should be no reason why I click on a player’s name to find out their info and only their picture and one small line of their current stats shows up and the rest is a random ad + huge list of random NBA videos. I liked the old way where it gave you all of their information: height, age, DOB, school, career stats + current stats. etc. I have to click on Advanced Stats, then find their “Profile”. There is nothing “Advanced Stat” about their height and DOB. I should be able to see that information on the first page. I understand putting their advanced stats on a separate page, but there shouldn’t be a 1 inch section dedicated to their whole profile and the rest is an ad and videos . The second biggest thing is searching for a player. Scrolling through an entire list of 400+ NBA players is exhausting..Version: 2007.3

Something is wrong with the appMore recently, I have noticed a problem with this app, where it doesn't send me any notifications at all. No score updates or anything. I keep going to settings and turning on all possible notifications, but then they automatically turn off the moment I exit the app. I know this because if I exit the app and go back on again, and go back to settings, notifications show up as being turned off again, despite me having turned it on just moments ago. This is a big and annoying problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. Update: I sent this review a few days ago, and I tried the solution that the Developer Response gave me, which was to delete the app and reinstall it. It didn't work. The notifications still automatically turn off every time I exit the app..Version: 111027

Some improvements, some downgradesThere are some improvements in the new design. There are some big downgrades too. Most of the reviews have covered the same flaws I have noticed. The one thing I wish you guys would bring back is the paid version. You used to be able to pay 10 bucks to remove ads and get audio to the games. Even if it was 10 bucks to remove ads I would do that in a heart beat. Ads makes the user experience pretty poor and pretty much botch the ux designers efforts to make a nice app. Also instead of overhauling the app every couple of years why don’t you just make the improvements everyone is asking for. I wouldn’t be hard to go through and pick out all the features everyone is requesting. Isn’t the app for US anyway? Not everything is negative, so thanks. Please listen..Version: 2007.3

It’s goodI really like the new layout. I think it looks more polished/modern and runs smoother. I haven’t personally had any of the problems/errors so far that others have mentioned. Everything’s working as it should for me and I enjoy it. The only thing I’m not a big a fan of is the new lead tracker graphic for the games. I like that you can now scroll on it to find the specific plays but I wish that you could also just click on the graphic itself and it show a bigger graphic more similar to the old version. This version doesn’t have the grid lines with the numbers to really show how much a team is leading by. It also doesn’t say what the biggest lead was or how many lead changes and ties there were. In my opinion, it just doesn’t convey the match up between the teams as well as the old app’s “match up” tab did which is a bit disappointing since I really enjoyed viewing that tab every game. I would like to see that aspect get some improvements but overall this seems like a good app.Version: 2007.1

Good I guessThis app is interesting and it keeps me updated with games and stats and extra features which is really cool but I feel like they could make it more fun and you could do stuff like watch games without needing to get a feature and needing to sign in which they want your password to your gmail,I am going to need to check on that with my mom. I love the NBA and I would love to be part of the fam and the stuff that I am able to do is most of the stuff on the app and it is really interesting. I am a new fan of the NBA so I think I heard in some of these reviews that there was a classic version that was a little better so maybe you could add some of the things to this version that there was in the last version.Version: 111027

It would be great if..Love the app - i do have a feature request that would be a great to have: I always have the “hide scores” options on and go in the app at night and watch the last 5 minutes of most games, looking for close ones. It would be great if in the “hide scores” layout there was some sort of visual indication of a close game (ie games that ended within 5 points difference are highlighted in red, or even an asterisk would do it). This would let us avoid having to go through a bunch of blowout games (ad + skipping forward to the actual 4th quarter takes a while..) before getting to the interesting ones (all while adding the actual scores and winners). Would be a real nice to have...Version: 111027

NBA overlay is so annoyingI love the NBA, and I shell out for LP anyways (even though black out rules keep me from watching my Wizards on LP) because I enjoy watching. But my god, the overlay showing recent plays, substitutions and timeouts on the NBA LP stream takes up a third of my screen on my iPhone. The NBA already streams a great product, why add an unmovable overlay to it. The new app is decent, don’t have a strong opinion yet— Except the overlay!! Please allow an option to close it, or better yet get rid of it all together. I feel bad about giving 3 stars, it’s probably closer to 5, but this overlay is driving me insane. Apologies Adam Silver..Version: 2007.7

I liked the old app more, but it has potential.I’m assuming the app is still be tweaked and updated to work 100% smoothly. Every time I open the app I have to sign in, and I’m not receiving any of the notifications I’ve turned on. I turned on notifications for game starts of my favorite teams, but then I go to the game itself and it shows the notifications are turned off. So now I have to go through every game and turn on which ones I want to be notified about (we’ll see if I get the alerts tomorrow). It also took me a while to figure out why my League Pass subscription wasn’t working, and my NBA TV subscription still isn’t showing up. The previous app seemed more streamlined and easier to use..Version: 2007.3

Much fasterI haven’t used it that much so far but I like this one a lot better than the old one already. With the old one my friends and I would always have a running joke about how it was possibly the worst made app of all time (not because the actual app itself was bad) but just because it had probably the slowest and most aggravating loading screens of all time😂😂. Like if I wasn’t on Wi-Fi and I clicked on the app to open it it would take a good 30 seconds sometimes to just open, this does not happen with the new one which is great..Version: 2007.2

ConvolutedFirst, get rid of the 3 second animation of the Larry O’Brien trophy every time you open the app. I just want some scores and I have to wait this darn thing out. Second, I like the home page but they only put on a select few games so you have to delve into the scores section to find more. I’d be nice if they were all there. The whole thing feels convoluted. It’s like those web graphs they’d make you do in school. Everything is just sprawling around everywhere and you have to chase it. I still give four stars because the app works and it has a lot of stuff, I just wish that trophy would go and it felt more fluid in ease..Version: 2007.7

Great app with very clean layoutOverall I really like this app because it is very easy to use. And if you have notifications on it will basically tell you everything big that has happened. So if you miss a big game I guarantee it will be in the notifications or coming. My favorite thing about the app is that is so easy to use. From the great layout to the customization options it is a very easy app. All in all this is a great app for catching up on any games that you missed and very easy to use..Version: 2007.4

UnresponsiveI expect this app to run a lot smoother considering the prices of subscriptions. Please update the responsiveness, resume game feature, and keeping the app from totally restarting after switching apps for a second. Great app if you’re a big fan of basketball. The only terribly annoying problem is how u responsive the app is when watching a game. It’s takes minutes for me to pause, replay, or go forward because the app doesn’t respond to taps at an efficient rate. Then it will absolutely restart the whole app if you leave it for a second, which means you must go through the slow rate of finding a game again, plus it won’t save your place 9/10 times..Version: 111027

AnnoyedA lot of times, I’m using an app and I get a pop up asking for a review. I typically decline and continue about my business. I didn’t get that prompt from this app but I was so annoyed by it, I went to the App Store and found it to give this review. I’ll try to keep this short; I’d like to search players, not scroll through them. I’d like to see what games are currently on as soon as the app starts up. And when I do tap on “games” I’d like it to show me the current day. Not sure if this is the same developer for Roku but I don’t understand why I’m constantly looking at tomorrow’s date when I’m looking for games. It just doesn’t make sense..Version: 2007.3

AlrightOk, so im new to the app. I have a 13pro max and when i go into picture to picture mode and go back to full screen. The app gives me a ad. I understand why but sometimes i get a ad while a game is going on and the ad is like 1min 30 sec ad. While im watching a game it's unacceptable in my opinion. I would rather pay for a non ad version. Second i tried connecting the app to my vizio tv and omg. The worst i dont know why but the nba app would pause every 2 sec on my tv so i just watched the game on my phone instead. I hope these incidents are isolated because if people are experiencing this, its the worst and makes nba on my tv unwatchable..Version: 120129

FrustratingFor someone who is constantly checking this app, I can appreciate the changes and I understand the intentions, but when checking box scores I want to scroll up and down on players but not have to constantly go back out of the box score and into video. Now I have to scroll slowly back up so it stays. Ith something as simple but important as box scores why can’t it be it’s own screen? PLEASE change it back. Also where did the search player function go?.Version: 2007.4

Cost Benefit AnalysisPROS: - A paid subscription allows you to stream out of market games not featured on national television - once streaming, even with less than optimal internet strength, I have few issues steaming games - the picture looks great CONS: - if TNT, NBA TV, ESPN, et. al have my team’s game, I can’t access my local market announcers. For me, this is a big deal. Others may not care. - like MLB TV and other pay for sports subscription services, you deal with local blackouts (so, if you reside in the market of your team or your team is playing a team within your local market you are also out of luck) - while far from inaccessible, the app is somewhat clunky - THIS is the big one and the reason for my review….to some this may seem nit-picky, but I take major exception with the fact that even after I pay a premium price for limited access to my team (see notes above), I’m still required to watch a 30 second add before my team’s steam..Version: 111027

Great, easy to useLove the nba, this is all things nba, match made in heaven..Version: 1904.1

Great app for out of market gamesGreat subscription service I often enjoy watching games on this more then on the tv with the interactive scoreboard. Only thing missing is being able to download completed games to be able to watch off of a internet connection.Version: 2002.1

App not working in CanadaApp use to work loved it but now it’s saying can’t view because of the location since I’m in Canada ?.Version: 2007.4

MAKE A WIDGET!!!Great app but make a widget.Version: 2007.2

Amazing 🤩I’ve always wanted to watch the post game press conference and now I can with the NBA app the games are not even glitch at all.Version: 120401

Let’s go Toronto RaptorsLet’s go Toronto Raptors.Version: 120303

Can’t Get NotificationsGreat app but.... My notifications for the app is set to ”Allow” but your app keeps telling me to set them to “Allow” when I try to set notifications for a game..Version: 120401

Make the league pass cost less so i can afford to watch it🥺🥺Please.Version: 120401

GoodDoes what you want, can just be cleaned up. •Cannot open team information from standings •Standings legend should be at the top or in the middle of the two conferences. •Salary cap and Contract length, amount, and FA information should be available through advanced stats or roster..Version: 120401

GreatGood for stats when I need them, same when I need standings.Version: 120215

15s skip please 🙏🙏This is an excellent app, and an amazing way to watch an ad-free archived game in bed to wind down the day. It would be so nice, though, if in the Settings there was an option to change the skip duration from the default 30 seconds. Sometimes you just want to go back 10 seconds to replay a dunk..Version: 120215

5/5I’m really enjoying this app, I love to watch the game statistics while I’m watching it and I really like that there are articles about all that’s happening in the league. My only problem is that because of my location I need to use a vpn to watch some of the games..Version: 120129

NBA AppThis app is very useful for checking things like scores, highlights, standings, and for reading news. These tools are very helpful for knowing what’s going on in the NBA including all teams. The NBA app also has articles to read such as right now All star news and special player achievements such as NBA 75 anniversary and players or coaches of the week or month. Overall as you can see I would rate it a five star and encourage other people interested in the NBA to get it. That way you’ll know what’s happening league wide. Not to mention that this information is ligetitment and not fake and is the official NBA app. Thanks for reading the review! Hope you enjoy the app..Version: 120129

NBA appAwesome awesome awesomeness awesome awesome awesomeness astounding awesome awesomeness awesomeness astounding awesome awesome awesomeness.Version: 120129

1000000%I love this app.Version: 111124

NotificationsNotification is not working on this app. Did everything but the still not sending push notifications..Version: 111124

Great appGives you all the scores and gives u the standings, box scores, and many more epic plays.Version: 111124

Very goodVery good good ye cool guy very good.Version: 110929

Great appThis app is great. I usually purchased my yearly league pass within the app. Be careful when purchasing because it’ll say 7 day trial then charges you right away..Version: 111025

Quite a great app!It’s a bit pricy when it comes to paying to watch the games but once you purchase a subscription it’s great streaming for the whole season!.Version: 110406

Good app Chromecast feature doesn’t work on iPhone which is very frustratingIt’s a good app and the league pass is worth if you love the nba but it’s frustrating that it seems like the app doesn’t work on my Chromecast.Version: 110513

This APP IS AMAZINGIf you LOVE THE NBA LIKE I DO, THEN YOU WILL LOVE THIS! This everything you need for NBA information and you could look at box scores and player stats and a bunch of other important stuff that you might want to know. Personally I love this app and you will love it to if your a true NBA FAN!!!.Version: 2007.5

Great, but why?It's a great app as far as content and layout goes. However, why can it only work in a single landscape orientation? I want to use it stood up using a folding cover, but he app won't rotate in that orientation. Portrait mode support would be great, too..Version: 2007.5

Decent.This app is decent for NBA Enthusiasts. I feel as though some parts of the app become cluttered and seem a bit too packed with information rather than nice colours overlooking little texts and lots of highlights. The NFL app is better, learn from them. Decent nevertheless just needs some improvement and less text, more HIGHLIGHTS!!.Version: 2007.4

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