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NBA: Live Games & Scores App Comments & Reviews

NBA: Live Games & Scores Positive Reviews

Can’t open the app after new updateI’ve been using the NBA app since Oct 2022 and I’m a big fan! I love this app. However, I just downloaded the update yesterday and now I can’t open the app. The NBA logo pops up but then it goes right back to my Home Screen. I’ve tried deleting the app and re-downloading it multiple times and I’ve powered down my phone and restarted it. I get the same outcome every time. My software version is 14.4.2. Maybe I’m required to download the latest iOS update? I really don’t want to do that because it will slow my phone down. Let me know if there’s something else I can try. Thanks!.Version: 120574.1

Missing a key feature for non US viewersUpdate: it looks like you did it guys, thank yiu for listening to us. However something weird is happening that I can’t figure out, I have my all possessions recap now on my ios device but not on my apple tv where I watch games mostly. The funny thing, if I roll back to last seasons games, I do have the recap, but not on the ongoing games (preseason). Is this a bug or what ? Anyways I’m giving it 4 stars for now until a we have a fix for this. Thanks for the efforts. Following up on my request: with the major overhaul it is crucial that you bring the all possession recap to everyone, it is unfair after claiming unifying the experience for both US and non US league pass subscribers that a must have feature is missing, this is only your will guys and if you want you can do it, if I have the right to watch a full game I think I have the right to watch any kind of game recap. Please do it. Original review: I’m not complaining about the app as long as It allows me to watch my games, however a key feature is missing for non US viewers or it is region locked: the all possessions recap !!! Please unlock this type of condensed game for everybody then I will change my rating, this is the playoffs now, how can a normal person with normal duties watch two or three 2-hours long games !.Version: 120540

Good, but I miss the old layoutHear me out, this new update is mostly good. The Stories feature is really nifty, the videos play without trouble, and it’s easy to access content and interviews from the league. But the thing I used the old app for the most was checking box scores of games the next morning. And that’s my issue. This is my main complaint: When looking at the box scores, I find it really difficult to digest any of the stats. There is a ton of white space spreading everything apart, making it impossible to get a full box score without scrolling and swiping multiple times. There are also no separation lines drawn between categories or players. The box score viewer is clunky, I’ve accidentally swiped it down and hidden it a dozen times when I meant to swipe right to see stats like BLK and FGA. The old box scores seemed to be sorted by position, but now it’s sorted by minutes played. That tends to confuse my brain while quickly flipping through the games to see how players did. I would like an option to choose how to sort. I’d like to see the box score feature become more streamlined and like the old app in that manner. Overall, it’s a great app. I hope this feedback can be used..Version: 2007.3

A step in the right direction...I feel like the devs for this app have grand ideas that are either being bottlenecked or overridden by execs. I like the new UI, but it seems like it’s trying to glitz and glamor us when all we really want is access to data and analytics. The single item I used the most, written recaps of each game published by the Associated Press every night a few hours after the games end, seems to be missing in favor of video recaps. Call me a boomer but I don’t want to watch a video to know how a game unfolded. If I want to see a play or an injury or a highlight, I’ll go look for it elsewhere in the app. Overall, the app performs admirably on my iPhone XS, and seems to be less buggy overall, but there are clear issues that need to be addressed (why do I have to scroll through the entire league of players to access Westbrook’s stats?) and a more cohesive index of the plethora of content needs to be readily available on start-up. And PLEASE tell me whoever was responsible for copy-pasting the AP recaps wasn’t fired or deemed unnecessary; I’m not kidding when I say those recaps were 90% of the reason I open the app every morning. :/.Version: 2007.3

Overall ok, but needs a lot of work.Specifically the player profiles. There should be no reason why I click on a player’s name to find out their info and only their picture and one small line of their current stats shows up and the rest is a random ad + huge list of random NBA videos. I liked the old way where it gave you all of their information: height, age, DOB, school, career stats + current stats. etc. I have to click on Advanced Stats, then find their “Profile”. There is nothing “Advanced Stat” about their height and DOB. I should be able to see that information on the first page. I understand putting their advanced stats on a separate page, but there shouldn’t be a 1 inch section dedicated to their whole profile and the rest is an ad and videos . The second biggest thing is searching for a player. Scrolling through an entire list of 400+ NBA players is exhausting..Version: 2007.3

Something is wrong with the appMore recently, I have noticed a problem with this app, where it doesn't send me any notifications at all. No score updates or anything. I keep going to settings and turning on all possible notifications, but then they automatically turn off the moment I exit the app. I know this because if I exit the app and go back on again, and go back to settings, notifications show up as being turned off again, despite me having turned it on just moments ago. This is a big and annoying problem that needs to be fixed ASAP. Update: I sent this review a few days ago, and I tried the solution that the Developer Response gave me, which was to delete the app and reinstall it. It didn't work. The notifications still automatically turn off every time I exit the app..Version: 111027

So much better… but. (DEVS READ)Things I like: Most importantly, video playback just works consistently this year. You can now watch from the beginning without having to wait hours after the game ends to watch. THANK YOU! I love that when you hide scores, the game plays from the beginning instead of live. The dot next to a players name indicating they’re in the game is a nice touch. Much better overall than last year. NEEDS FIXED: Box scores are buggy. When you try to scroll, it takes multiple touches & also resets to the left. Box scores should be the main tab instead of summary. I have to click it every time & never look at summary unless I want to see the score by quarter. (which should be in the box score tab anyway) It’s really annoying clicking on each game & it auto playing before you can do anything. Standings should have a pull to refresh. I have to close the app to update them. There are game spoilers on the “for you” page even with “hide scores” on. It would be cool if there was a way to hide scores before the app fully opens. I have to cover my screen & hope I don’t see the score when I want to watch a game that already started or is over. I can’t pause when ads are playing sometimes..Version: 120548

Good I guessThis app is interesting and it keeps me updated with games and stats and extra features which is really cool but I feel like they could make it more fun and you could do stuff like watch games without needing to get a feature and needing to sign in which they want your password to your gmail,I am going to need to check on that with my mom. I love the NBA and I would love to be part of the fam and the stuff that I am able to do is most of the stuff on the app and it is really interesting. I am a new fan of the NBA so I think I heard in some of these reviews that there was a classic version that was a little better so maybe you could add some of the things to this version that there was in the last version.Version: 111027

It would be great if..Love the app - i do have a feature request that would be a great to have: I always have the “hide scores” options on and go in the app at night and watch the last 5 minutes of most games, looking for close ones. It would be great if in the “hide scores” layout there was some sort of visual indication of a close game (ie games that ended within 5 points difference are highlighted in red, or even an asterisk would do it). This would let us avoid having to go through a bunch of blowout games (ad + skipping forward to the actual 4th quarter takes a while..) before getting to the interesting ones (all while adding the actual scores and winners). Would be a real nice to have...Version: 111027

The 2022 version of this app is not very goodThe previous NBA app left a bit to be desired, but this latest version is almost unusable outside of watching live games. Sounds like the head of Product was told by their boss to “make it like Tik-Tok.” Vertical video may work well for social media but it’s an absolutely awful way to watch basketball highlights. I’m a League Pass customer, but that doesn’t mean that every time I click on a box score, I want to watch or rewatch the game. Also, the box score scroll and snap is so messy that it’s extremely frustrating to read. Plus, it seems like there is no longer any editorial content to read. Only videos and very brief summaries. I’m giving it three stars because the live games do work well, although the previous functionality of defaulting to your favorite team’s feed seems to be broken. I almost always have to switch the feed when watching a live game. I understand that these apps need to make modern-style changes to stay relevant, but I think this app does it at the expense of traditional basketball fans who are likely the ones who pay to use the advanced functions of the app..Version: 120548

Great App, but…Love this app, but it could be better. Last year there was a download feature that I loved but they removed it. If this could be brought back, I would love that. But also, the cost to actually watch games is super high unless you bought the pass the year before. It’s not worth it to just buy one game, especially if you’re a big NBA fan like me. So you’ll probably want the league pass to watch all the games. The league pass is $250 if I remember correctly. I understand why they might put it so high, but if you’re going to give a lower price to people who bought the league pass, at least give others the chance at a lower priced league pass..Version: 120562

Great ExperienceI don’t know why this app has so many negative reviews. I’ve been a league pass subscriber for a couple years now, and this apps new look has made it so much more user friendly (especially on the TV). Games load in smoothly, the new layout makes it easy to transition between them, and I love the fact I can choose which broadcast I want to watch. My only complaint is that while watching a game, I can’t see stats/ change games without leaving the full screen tab. This is an option that was available with the last rendition of the app, but not with this one..Version: 120544

It’s goodI really like the new layout. I think it looks more polished/modern and runs smoother. I haven’t personally had any of the problems/errors so far that others have mentioned. Everything’s working as it should for me and I enjoy it. The only thing I’m not a big a fan of is the new lead tracker graphic for the games. I like that you can now scroll on it to find the specific plays but I wish that you could also just click on the graphic itself and it show a bigger graphic more similar to the old version. This version doesn’t have the grid lines with the numbers to really show how much a team is leading by. It also doesn’t say what the biggest lead was or how many lead changes and ties there were. In my opinion, it just doesn’t convey the match up between the teams as well as the old app’s “match up” tab did which is a bit disappointing since I really enjoyed viewing that tab every game. I would like to see that aspect get some improvements but overall this seems like a good app.Version: 2007.1

Horrible update - no longer an issueUpdated the app. Looking at player game stats is extremely buggy. What’s worse is when watching a game a banner will pop up on full screen showing the team names and wasting screen space. Not sure how they pushed this update through. Do the have a QA team? *** Updated app again and both are fixed. App works very well. While looking at stats it still seems like it refreshes at times. No longer the banner at the top while watching full screen on a phone. These issues were fixed quickly. Thanks.Version: 120550

ImprovementsThe app is amazing, it is very detailed and the game options are multiple so you can watch games in whatever way you want. I love the app and really recommend it. Still, there are some things that could improve. For example it keeps asking me to pay again and again if I do not watch a day like for 3 days then if I wanna watch one again I have to pay 100 dollars. Another important detail is that sometimes you want to see some videos of the app to see shortages of a game, when I want to change it just takes me to the home page and have to do it 3 times so I can finally see 3 shortages! Except for this important details the app is great and I recommend it..Version: 120580

Great, easy to useLove the nba, this is all things nba, match made in heaven..Version: 1904.1

Great app for out of market gamesGreat subscription service I often enjoy watching games on this more then on the tv with the interactive scoreboard. Only thing missing is being able to download completed games to be able to watch off of a internet connection.Version: 2002.1

App not working in CanadaApp use to work loved it but now it’s saying can’t view because of the location since I’m in Canada ?.Version: 2007.4

MAKE A WIDGET!!!Great app but make a widget.Version: 2007.2

Great appUseful notifications always up-to date.Version: 120584

GoodGood app to track ur fav NBA team/player!.Version: 120582.1

So sad I can’t watch the playoff game live!!!I wanted to catch up for this year’s playoff I subscribed to this app, but unfortunately I discovered it doesn’t stream the live game in Canada… plus, even if I wait for the replay, I can’t hide the final score, so it is quite disappointing since I’ve downloaded just for the playoff live….Version: 120586

3I can’t watch any games but I can see the score if the games.Version: 120582.1

Review of nba appI love this app because it keeps me up to date with everything! Also the give you so much stuff without you paying for example, article about everything, all the highlights, all the stats, lets you see your favourite players stories, interviews, best plays, and behind the scenes workouts/ walk in’s! I recommend to people who are passionate about basketball. I didn’t give the NBA app a 5 stars because it can be hard to understand at the beginning, but you get used to it..Version: 120582.1

NBA AppThis app is really fun to use. Very user friendly and easy to use. I get all my updates from one app. Great 👍 job for this app..Version: 120580

Good😪😀.Version: 120582

LebronLebron.Version: 120580

Very goodThis app lets me know when every game is on and lets me know what time it’s on.Version: 120580

ReviewLove the aesthetics of the app.Version: 120580

W app frThere’s nothing much to say it’s just amazing I love the nba :).Version: 120580

Top starDeserved.Version: 120580

NbaIt’s good.Version: 120580

Lebron sucksWest brick is the goat Michael Jordan is terrible.Version: 120576

Remove the series score along with the game scoreThat seems to be the problem on Chromecast. When you choose “hide score”, the info about who leads in the Playoff series. Please take it off! Otherwise you might as well show the score too, because before pressing on the game I can already see who won the game. Seems such a simple thing.Version: 120580

BestBest.Version: 120576

YahYah.Version: 120576

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