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The Starbucks® app is a convenient way to order ahead for pickup, scan and pay in-store and customize your favorites. Rewards are built right in, so you’ll earn Stars towards free drinks and food on your purchases.

Mobile Order & Pay
Customize and place your order, then pick up from a nearby participating store without waiting in line. Reorder quickly with Siri.

Pay in Store
Save time and earn Rewards when you pay with the Starbucks® app at many stores in the U.S.

Earn Stars & Redeem Rewards
Join Starbucks® Rewards and unlock exclusive benefits while earning Stars with almost every purchase. Redeem Stars for free drinks, food and more. Starbucks® Rewards members can look forward to a birthday treat plus complimentary coffee and tea refills.*

Earn Stars even quicker with Double Star Days, Bonus Star challenges and Member exclusive games. No matter how you pay, you can earn Stars on your order. Up to 3 Stars/$1 with Starbucks Rewards Visa Card, 2 Stars/$1 with a Starbucks Card, and 1 Star/$1 with cash, credit/debit and PayPal. Some restrictions apply.

Send a Gift
Say thanks with a digital Starbucks Card in the app or iMessage. It’s easy to redeem a digital card from email or in the Starbucks® app.

Manage Starbucks Cards
Check your Starbucks Card balance, add money, view past purchases and transfer balances between cards.

Find a Store
See stores near you, get directions, hours and view store amenities before you make the trip.

Tip Your Barista
Leave a tip on purchases made with the app at many stores in the U.S.

*At participating stores. Restrictions apply. See for details.

Starbucks App Comments & Reviews

Starbucks Positive Reviews

A glorious dayMy friends and I go to our local Starbucks at Target as our town doesn’t have an actual Starbucks store. There is a seating area for the Target Food court where we enjoy sitting down eating a double smoked bacon sandwich or one of the delicious loafs. We also order our normally routine coffee varieties. Depending on the season our drinks will vary. We are a handful of Veterans who work together and just like to get together outside of work each Saturday morning to not talk shop for once. With that said, my experience here at Starbucks is one I look forward to every week. The Baristas are always friendly and they truly know your name. It’s very pleasant to hear your name when walking up to the counter. It makes you want to keep coming back. They also tend to remember what your drink order is. To me that is impressive. Some Baristas even walked around and brought our food and drinks to our table. We know they don’t have to but it was much appreciated. I don’t know what they get paid but probably not enough. This Starbucks gets busy and some days I see one person and mostly two working the entire line of people and they do a great job getting people their drinks and food in a timely manner. We’ve been coming here for years now and will continue to come for great coffee and food and the outstanding customer service that makes out every Saturday Glorious! Thank you!.Version: 6.61

Love the app, but tired of all my fave drinks being taken away!!Love the app and the service for the most part is outstanding!! Just wonder how much longer I’m going to use the app, or go to Starbucks at all?! We used to visit Starbucks on a daily basis, now it’s maybe once a week, and sometimes not at all, and that’s just because my favorite drinks keep getting taken away!!!! It started a couple of summers ago with the cool lime refresher, which was my family’s year round all time favorite drink!! We tried to find another refresher, but none compared!!! There wasn’t another drink even close!! We switched to the hot citrus defender tea, and it’s gone!! We finally settled on white tea lemonade, and now that’s gone too??!! What gives?! What’s more basic than white tea?! We’re running out of things to drink!!! PLEASE bring back just ONE of our favorites!!! There are plenty of over sweet fruity drinks, cold drinks laden with coconut milk, but nothing anymore that’s just light and refreshing-cool lime, white tea lemonade. . . I can’t believe we are the only ones that crave something a little simpler and lighter. . .just tired of going and paying high prices for drinks I don’t really like. . ..Version: 5.19.1

Works 4 MeYeah there’s problems that happen, but nothing that can’t be fixed. Example (My fault): I accidentally ordered from an incorrect location. I was embarrassed but told the barista. All she did was ask to see my order and she fixed it. Example (Starbucks error): hey it happens, it’s a big company. I ordered my drink and picked it up & drove away. Not until I was a good ways I tasted my drink. Blah! It tasted of Mint. Sorry mint lovers, I just don’t like to eat or drink toothpaste flavored stuff. I called Starbucks number listed on the app and I was refunded via the app. Stuff happens but this app is helpful. I’d love to see more Starbucks games- I want to Win! The one thing I want- is to be able to order and buy a cup of water and/or just a cup of ice on the app. I also want to be able to order a drink from RESERVE Stores- it’s very frustrating trying to order multiple drinks and some are Reserve and the others “normal”. I have a shop near my business and I regularly order for my employees but we don’t have the time to wait for a Reserve drink. I was extremely disappointed with Starbucks when I went to the Chicago Roastery and told the entire store does not redeem Stars. My company goes once a year for a week to Chicago and we go to the location a lot while there. We should earn PLANETS there. That was very disappointing we see that location like our Disneyland..Version: 6.48

App update lost some helpful featuresThe mobile app is so useful, however, the last update seemed to have gotten rid of some features I found helpful. For one, I don’t like that now when you go Into the history, it no longer shows the date and time of your purchase, so if you need to take a screenshot of your “receipt” it does not include the complete purchase info, which renders it less useful. It shows a receipt number, which is not useful to me, and it is inconvenient to have to screenshot both the history list AND the purchase itself. Why did you get rid of this? Why fix what wasn’t broken? Also, you have removed the date info for the Starbucks cards. It was helpful to have the info on the start dates of my cards to differentiate the cards, especially the similar ones. It used to have that info before. It also is frustrating when the app does not let you choose the store you want and sometimes suggests some faraway store. It would be helpful if it also told you reasons why you are unable to use the app - ie, store shut off mobile orders, store is closing, etc. Otherwise, you think it’s your phone or app and you waste a lot of time. I also would like that the app kept the history details for the “free” items, because just because it’s free, doesn’t mean you don’t want to record WHAT you had. But, for the most part, I like using the app..Version: 5.2.1

One suggestionThis app is mostly useful - I just have one suggestion that I think would help your employees out: only allow orders to be placed in the parts of the store that are currently open (inside vs drive thru) & indicate those hours in the app. My local Starbucks keeps the drive thru open later than the inside of the store (which is fine). However, this is not indicated on the app, which still allows you to place orders for in-store pickup after the store has closed. Because of this, I mistakenly placed an order for the inside of the store and walked over to the Starbucks after the inside had closed to get my drink. The workers were kind enough to see me awkwardly standing outside and unlock the door, and they told me only the drive through was open, but I don’t have a car because I walked (this is a very walkable area). They kindly brought my drink out to me. As I was leaving, I saw another customer show up in the same situation. He had walked to the store which seems open per the mobile app; they explained to him the hours, and let him wait inside while they made his drink. I felt bad for the workers because they kept having to delay closing the inside because of this misunderstanding. Other than that the app is really great :).Version: 6.13

Technical difficulties in the appIt’s frustrating when the app isn’t working properly. I ordered a drink and used 200 stars, then I realized I forgot to order an item so I went back into the app to order it. I had 203 stars leftover after my 1st order, which was just enough for another drink. However, just as I tried submitting the order I got an error message and my order never went through. Now I’m out 200 stars but, I didn’t get to use them! Between the time and money it takes to earn and build up enough stars, (for something I can actually use), is frustrating enough as it is. It’s a Huge disappointment when your stars disappear but you didn’t even get to use them. I even showed the barista my app, (I kept it on the “error” message so she could see that I definitely had the stars and so she could clearly see the error message) but she either wasn’t listening or she just didn’t care- like whatsoever. Or, maybe she thought I was trying to get one over on her?? It definitely felt as though she was questioning my integrity, which I didn’t appreciate in the least bit. I don’t know if she realizes this or not but to question a customer in such a way is very demeaning to my character and was certainly degrading, uncalled for and quite unnecessary- to say the very least..Version: 6.48

Love the app but most stores are slow to make your mobile order!The app is almost perfect. I wish you can customize the mobile orders a little more like put someone else’s name on it when you order for someone else. But that’s not my big gripe and why it only gets 3 stars. There are two reasons. First of all, one less start is due to store locater being slow half the time unless it happens to be your store that you note as a favorite. The 2nd reason, and it’s a big reason, is that most stores are now very slow to process your mobile order. I can expect 5-10 more minutes on top of what they estimate for you. A lot of them just say they have many drinks. Well the system should have factored that in. If you give estimated times then factor in how many drinks just got into the system. I do think many stores just don’t pay attention to the mobile orders as much. I literally see them pull the labels out for those who are at the stores ordering and let the other machine that has the mobile order sit there longer. Starbucks: If you want more people to use mobile order then have your baristas pay attention to the mobile order labels being printed. Those are your most loyal customers and don’t want to wait 10-15 minutes for their drink to be made. It defeats the whole purpose of having mobile orders!.Version: 4.4.6

App is useful but not perfectThere’s tons of great things about the app but I’ll just say why I gave it a 4. Most of us are using the app because we want to grab and go. With that being said, it would be nice if the store information was updated more frequently. I ordered from the app because the store had drive thru pickup and in store pick up. I never do drive thru pick up because it is always so crowded, hence why I use the app. At this particular store, both options were available but when arriving there was a sign at the door saying in store was closed and to pick up mobile orders at drive thru. This pretty much makes the app useless. Please update info for store because I can always go to a different Starbucks to pickup my order. There also needs to be another method for mobile pickup. When arriving to pickup order, you have to wait for a barista to go to that area to be noticed, sometimes waiting for awhile. It’s not there fault at all, but I think there needs to be an efficient way to do this. I notice that when I mobile order ahead of time, the customers that order inside the store get their drinks first. Not sure how that adds up. The app is great though but it’s useless if some of these inefficiencies continue..Version: 6.2.1

Needs Update after Removing Clover®️ MachinesUpdate ✭ ✭ ✭ : Originally gave 5-stars but there needs to be an option to order pour-overs specifically. Since all remaining stores removed Clover machines, whenever I order my Featured Dark roast with shots after 11 am, 70% of the time, baristas don’t know that they need to do a pour-over. So I get there and they say they used pre-brewed Pikes or bitter medium roast from the container and I just spent a whopping $8 - $12 (dep on # of xtra shots) on a coffee I DIDN’T ORDER and they have to dump it and remake it as a pour-over, wasting their time, my time, coffee, etc. So please, there used to be an option to order, let’s say, Verona using the Clover®️ and I could add everything I wanted. But Clover’s are all gone now. So just replace that feature with us being able to select the roast we want as a pour-over so the baristas don’t get confused. It’s such a waste of time. Original Review ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ ✭ Very close to perfect app for my coffee habit. Love ordering ahead or even in the store ordering from app. I feel like there were one or two things I would have suggested changing or adding but I can’t think of it right now :).Version: 5.18.2

It’s good but it could be better…This app is good, it’s user friendly and comes in handy when i want to check if my store has the flavors/syrups or food i want. And i really like that the app tells me the calories… BUT There are a couple of things that could make the app 5 stars… The first thing I wish they would add is if when you customize a drink, the calorie content should update as you add or take away something to the drink (i.e. calorie content updating when you add an extra shot or extra pump of vanilla.) The second and last thing that I wish they could add is to allow you to view the menu in the app even if order ahead isn’t available. Unfortunately when a location turns off it’s order ahead option you can’t even view the menu which is frustrating because you don’t know if the location has what you want, so, you have to waste a trip to drive there to find out and if they don’t have it then you have to go to another starbucks. This whole frustration could be avoided if you could still view the available menu items at said location even though their order ahead is unavailable just adding the option to view only the menu. If they could add these things to the app it would be 5 stars!.Version: 6.28

Anissa Loves Starbucks ⭐️☀️🌞😇Throughout the years, I have been a customer since 2005.. I have met such beautiful people, that had a smile that shined. I have had cups drawn on with special saying. “ like Caterpillar‘s, and butterfly’s. With specials sayings. Even wrote my name, by special sayings to me.”. I’ve grown to be apart of your family.. I have even had tears, by the window. To where I felt they were family. I have gave a lot of special things. “Rocks, cards, and a smile 😊, I even was a customer of the month.” I am a domestic abuse survivor, and survived cancer..We all have been through different walks of life. Little things brought happiness. I felt always special at times.. My grandsons and I go through a lot too. They are even getting to know drinks, and always have smiles.. Just wanted to share little things in Life. At times it’s expensive, but know it’s always a memory with grandsons and family and friends. Thank u 😊 ⭐️Starbucks....♥️😇 I wanted to say, I have always went through Wausau Starbucks , off of 17th street. But moved to Neenah Wisconsin now.. but always go back to Wausau, where my family is.. thank u again Anissa Cleveland.Version: 6.16.1

Amazing And EasyI order on here very often and have for most of the Summer and it is so easy. You just order from the app and then pick up at the Starbucks near you. You don’t have to wait in line to order and instead get a separate line which moves quickly because everyone is picking up. I absolutely love Starbucks and I am obsessed with their refreshers and frappucinos. Overall, the app was well thought out and if something isn’t available I’ve learned all you do is call the store and ask if they have it and they’ll make it available on the app quick. I love the experience and the stars you earn. I end up having enough stars for a breakfast from the bakery the next time I get Starbucks. Thank you for doing such an amazing job and I plan on continuing to go to Starbucks in the future. Please don’t hate on the app. I haven’t had a bad experience and I’m convinced most of you are trolls. I hope this gets to Starbucks customer service because I truly do love the app and Starbucks as a whole. I can’t thank you enough for the quick and easy drinks almost every morning this past Summer!!! Five stars and absolutely amazing!!!.Version: 5.22

Inconsiderate controlsStarbucks really was not thinking when they designed this particular application on the scan function. You need to redo it-Individuals should absolutely retain control of how bright a screen can be made and yet the Starbucks application automatically takes it all the way up to 100% anytime you touch the Scan button. This is particularly uncomfortable if you are looking at your application and you hit that button and you happen to have a light sensitive disorder- this is agony. I realize why Starbucks did this -so that it’s easier to scan it in store- but there was no actual *reason* to do it. Every person who owns a smart phone should know at this point how to raise the brightness on their own. In addition, earning stars is not consistent. I ordered a latte every day of the week and have managed to never get 80 stars when they run that particular promotion because there is some sort of a glitch there. I doubt I’ll continue using the application after this simply because stars are too hard to gain. As I’ve had a scan on the application every time because it’s taking the money out of the Starbucks account to pay for it, there ought to be the expected Stars for it too..Version: 6.7.1

No complaints!Let’s not dwell on all the perks I missed out on before I downloaded the app…BECAUSE ALL THAT MATTERS IS THAT WE’RE HERE NOW!! Currently, I can’t think of any suggestions that could enhance our current experience within the StarBucks App (which is a great lol). I personally like how easy to use it is! One of my favorites is how you can view your past orders - you know. When your friend puts you on to some new crazy special drink and you can’t remember what it is? Yeah…me too! Being able to go back and look is super helpful especially because my sister is VERY specific about how she likes her drink lol. You can favorite your drinks with ur customizations which makes ordering again a lot easier! Browsing the menu is always clean, interactive and user friendly imo! Plusssss I love seeing messages on deals (bogo drinks for example) that I might’ve missed because let be honest… ya girl does not check her emails like she should BUT the app reminds me I haven’t missed a beat! And lastly I appreciate seeing the diversity of the lovely staff at my local Starbucks! It really makes me happy! Thank you Starbucks!.Version: 6.47

Does what it saysThere’s not too much to say about the Starbucks app. It does what it is designed to do, and it does it fairly well. Other than the fact it says I joined their rewards program in 2019 (my gold card says “member since 2012” on it, and I opened my account a few years prior to that) there aren’t any significant issues that I’ve noticed. The app helps locate stores (so does any Maps app), you can order easily enough in the app, you can customize and save favorite drinks, manage your Starbucks card(s), view and use rewards, etcetera. It’s difficult to say much about the experience except “does what it says it does, doesn’t ‘wow’ but it doesn’t need to, gets the job done.” That may not be the most stellar review, but not every app can be amazing — perhaps it’s slightly refreshing that the Starbucks app doesn’t try to be, it simply exists and fulfills a purpose. If you go to Starbucks enough to make the space on your device worth it, get this app. Open a free rewards account. Use a Starbucks card to order. If not? Unless you’re hoping to start a new hobby that takes time out of your day and money out of your pocket, move along..Version: 6.15

Muir Station Martinez Ca.Hello: I have been doing she’s a Martinez Muir station Starbucks for a majority of my adult life this is by far my favorite Starbucks. I can’t say this about every merchant I’ve been to but for some reason this Starbucks has the best stuff from morning to evening. I go in there first thing in the morning; all of the morning people are so pleasant friendly, caring, giving, and wonderful. Not once has anyone ever been rude to me my husband or my son. The evening people they are all just as wonderful as we all know in retail or any other type of business all the strong people usually work in the morning but for this place the evening people are just as wonderful I have never had a bad encounter with anyone from the Starbucks. That says a lot because the type of work they do they’re in countering all types of people through this pandemic and it can take a toll on you. If I had money to give each and everyone of them a gift I would but letting them know that I appreciate them all very much. I just want to thank them for taking care of me, my husband, and my son. Kaye, Calvin & Calvin Jr..Version: 6.6

The Best Starbucks in the worldI have been drinking Starbucks every day 3 drinks a day for the past 8yrs now. I have visited quiet a few locations in town and out of state. I use to visit the Walter Reed location for 5yrs until the nee manager decided she didnnot want to make my drink the way i had always had it for the past 5yrs 3 maybe sometimes 4 a day. She stated it was not Starbucks standards and refused to not make my drink. After recording her doing so she said that made her uncomfortable and I was asked to revisit another store. Since then I relocated to Hope Mills, North Carolina, Main Street location. I have thoroughly enjoyed going there every day both the former GN and now the present GM have always been awesome. The staff is wonderful and I love going there every day when you spend $480 a month somewhere you expect to be treated nice.I didn’t get that same niceness at Walter reed location Fayetteville, North Carolina as I do now. So if you could please recognize the dedication and hard work that all the staff at Hope Mills, North Carolina Main Street location presents to their customers every day. Thank you..Version: 6.62

It’s just a great appAs someone who doesn’t drink coffee and only goes every now and again, I find the Starbucks app extremely useful. I think the thing I use it for the most is to check whether a location has what I want to get, which is great because then I don’t go to one that’s out of everything. Design and UI wise, obviously fitting the brand to a T, the UI has gotten increasingly better as it’s been updated. The use of imagery, cards, and a whole bunch of other trendy design tricks is executed honestly perfectly. The interaction is almost seem-less from when you start an order to when you pick it up. Sure there’s small things I would move here and there, or making the games that come around every season integrated into the app rather than being a buggy flash game. Overall it’s an app that gets the job done in style. If you’ve never been to Starbucks it’s a great introduction to the menu and all their items. And if you go constantly, you probably already have it because of the points system. There’s no such thing to me as a perfect product but this does come very close to what could be exactly that..Version: 6.8

Reloading the Card Needs to be OptionalI would actually choose Starbucks so much more frequently if I was able to pay the total amount of my order instead of having to reload a minimum of $10 every time I order. Which I didn’t even know it was $10, I thought it was $15 because the lowest minimum of $10 isn’t the prompted amount. I want to be able to pay my order total- not give you my money like an ATM at a bank so you can use it at your free will until or if I ever order again. There’s no reason we should not be able to do pay as you go! Every Starbucks near my house and my job are high volume. I have to order on the app to ensure I won’t be late- regardless of how early or how much time I have. Wait time estimations are unreliable, using the app is so much faster and easier, however, I very rarely do because of the lack of pay as you go feature. I almost always choose competitors such as local shops, convenience stores, or Dunkin Donuts because I know I can be in and out of these places, unlike Starbucks. Ive ordered in Starbucks and waited on average 10 mins every time and that doesn’t even include the very busy days. You are taking away an added convenience and because of it losing potential sales!.Version: 5.6

Starbucks app and rewards program .I love the app for most part but it gets frozen or does not always update the purchase at times. Bonus reward is great for most part, only I feel I don't get offers based on my purchase but they want to sell. I have never received any offers to purchase teavana teas which is what I buy most often . I also buy other beverages such as latte, cappuccinos and frappes. I have not gotten any offers for that also . I don't like the fact some offer are time constraint related especially if it before 11am or between 11am to 2 pm. Due to work not possible to get starsbucks between that time or even stop over at one in morning if running late. Also they keep sending me the same offers over and over again of which I don't care of which combo of warm sandwich , protein box and a breakfast sandwich. If I don't use a offer , I don't receive a offer next week so I don't get bonus stars for two weeks. I love to receive the offers based on what I buy , bakery items only offers, teavana teas only offers and breakfast sandwichs only offer and also any purchase offers are good too. I can also deal with any bevearage purchase offers also..Version: 4.4.2

The Starbucks App Rocks!Although i like the app sometimes it drives me crazy. I’d like to be able to order a 1/2 shot of something because the drink I adjust when I ask for a whole extra shot it comes out disgustingly sweet and syrupy but when I do t it doesn’t taste like chai at all but steamed milk. It can be frustrating. And it seems to vary by barista. Some people pump the liquid fast so that barely any flavor gets in the drink. Then others take their time to make the drink correctly and it’s perfect. And other times- they go crazy & it ends up over surypy. Please PLEASE PLEASEPLEASE P L E A S E help me with my dilemma and add a half shot!! Price can be the same,or $.25c or whatever, but I’d like the freaking option since I’m not there when I order ahead to make it clear. Thank you and have a great day. Kailua Starbucks the THE BEST ON THIS ISLAND! I love them all. They rock! The other parts of the app are amazing tho! I love that it updates in real time. I love being able to order and pick it up right away so I don’t have to wait in line. It’s amazing. Starbucks, you’re all amazing. Thank you for being so dope! Xx.Version: 6.57

Works great on iPhone but not on Apple WatchThe app is exceptional at what it advertises to do. I’ve been using it for years and it doesn’t give issues often, at least not often enough to remember. The watch counterpart needs a lot of work though and it saddens me because I like what the Watch app is setting out to do. The problem is the Watch doesn’t accurately update its information regarding your balance in your card or you star total on your rewards. It appears to rely on your phone to do that, so you need to open your phone app to have the Watch refresh and update its info—which defeats the purpose of the Watch! If that wasn’t bad enough, it’s bloody slow at updating as well which makes the experience more cumbersome. Overall, I love the idea of the Watch being able to do everything, from paying with it, to updating its information, reloading from right there, to even having the complication in your watch face to see how your rewards are doing and your balance. I’m still giving it four stars because the iPhone version works great and for most that’s enough but it’s still sad that the other version seems to be ignored from the devs..Version: 4.4.8

I love StarbucksI go to Starbucks all the time. I always have been into it. I used to go with my mom when I was younger and we would drink our drinks, she’d get coffee and I’d get a steamer, and we would draw or do something relaxing. The atmosphere at the Starbucks in my town is amazing. Everyone is SO friendly. They greet me when they see me and if I didn’t order on the app they ask if I want my usual. If I order a different drink on the app, they notice and say something when I go to pick it up. The app is so convenient. I am a teacher now and I get Starbucks in the morning to keep myself awake earlier in the day. I don’t have to wait for it to get made as it’s usually done by the time I get there. I go in, say hello, get my drink, and leave. I also get stars. Stars are the rewards you collect and eventually with enough stars, you can get free things. I was told to get the app from one of the workers as they knew I was here all the time. Might as well get some rewards for it! Bottom line is, the app is a great way to get your morning routine done quicker and easier..Version: 6.62.2

Recent woes with the appStarting with the positive, I love the rewards program and the free item notification visible when I open the app. I love mobile ordering and the ability to identify the closest location when I'm ready to submit an order. The woes begin here. Recently I attempt to put in a mobile order and get a message that the store I have selected is out of stock on the items I have chosen so I walk in and order the exact items it said were not available at that store. Today I got a message that this store could not accept mobile orders and walked in to ask why and they said they had been getting them even in the prior few minutes but many people complain about the mobile ordering not working right. Then it looks fine but when I get to the register and click on the pay button it just sits there. I have money on the app but cannot access it and have to return to my car for cash. So frustrated with the app right now. Further, if you want any customization to the order it is definitely not easy or intuitive. Keep working at it developers. We love the concept but the experience leaves something to be desired..Version: 4.4.2

IOS 16 Live Activities functionalityThis apps just works perfectly fine for me, and I have encountered almost no problems at all so far; works as intended. I’m currently use the mobile app for pick up ordering very often, but that’s where I feel the app have been missing something very useful in my opinion. iOS 16 just came out a few months ago, and when I found out about it, the only thing that got my attention was the Live Activities feature. In my opinion I think this feature would perhaps work very good with mobile ordering. Especially since there has been other food delivery apps that had been now slowly integrating this feature, I would like to also see it very soon on the Starbucks app, because to me it seems like a very useful tool in some ways. But other than that, I’m am giving this a 5 star review because like I said, I have no problem whatsoever, but with that in mind, the only thing I think could make this app a little better is that experience with the new Live activities feature..Version: 6.42

Great App - Missing one HUGE elementThe Starbucks app overall is great. It’s easy to add funds, combine gift cards, order mobile, look up drinks, collect stars/pay etc. I use it constantly! The ONE thing I think is absolutely ridiculous it doesn’t have is variable nutrition information. Yes, it has what each drink contains, but if you change anything (different milk, extra pump of syrup, sugar free etc) the nutrition information doesn’t update. I think that’s CRAZY a company this huge doesn’t have that ability in their app. Millions of people drink coffee and desperately want to do so while dieting or eating healthier but you can’t tell what all you’re taking in because you can’t customize on the app. One of the #1 questions I see on health forums is “What coffee can I drink that still tastes good - I normally drink ____?” If people (including myself) could play with different things to try that maybe have less sugar/carbs/fat etc. that can mimic their usually drink they’d try a lot of different things! Look at McDonalds - they can customize down to pickles! Great app Starbucks (genuinely) but pleeeaase add this simple customize function!.Version: 6.13.2

Super convenient app, just have some suggestionsLove this app but I have suggestions to change for the better. 1) When loading multiple gift cards, the amount doesn’t go into a “pool” of what you have on your account already. Pretty annoying honestly cuz there was a point where I had a dollar on one, 12 cents on another, and then money loaded already on my account. Had to scan 3 times because of this. Not a major inconvenience but I just feel like this could be betters. 2) Along the lines of that same issue, now I can’t edit those gift cards that I’ve used up to delete them so I have about 8 cards with no money on them. Once again just an annoyance I have since I use this app all the time. 3) Ya’ll took away the week to use the reward for your birthday down to 24 hrs. Also you have limited to being able to use any rewards to Starbucks specified locations. I use the Starbucks that happens to be at the Marriott in SLC since it’s right next to my school. Would be way nice if I could claim my rewards at that location since I spend majority of my money there and happens to be my most convenient location..Version: 5.4

Favorite mobile ordering app!!Mobile ordering is such a frustrating & confusing experience with most establishments, but the Starbucks app is my all time favorite!! Not only is the app easy to navigate, the options are almost as endless as if you were ordering in person. You can easily rack up rewards from ordering or scanning your purchase from the app. They also have special offers and games for stars/free rewards without any purchase whatsoever. If you have a regular order like I do, they sometimes save it for easy access on the first page you open the app to. I also load money onto gift cards through the app for double stars, and it automatically selects the gift card I use for me at checkout. The staff is so quick to make my order as well. They could have cars wrapped around the building, and I would go inside to pick mine up a minute after ordering through the app & get it immediately. Whether you like coffee or tea or even just cake pops, it’s definitely worth a download!!.Version: 6.1

I like the app but I’d change a few thingsI think the app is great. I love that you can order ahead and view what is available at each Starbucks. However, sometimes the order ahead feature isn’t available at times for certain Starbucks. Which is fine, that’s not what the issue is. The issue lies in that when order ahead isn’t available, I’m not able to view what is available at that Starbucks before going there to order, and I’d like to know before going there if they’re out of something I plan on ordering. Another thing is you’re not able to see how much an item costs before adding it to your order. And you can’t add an item to your order if order ahead is not available or if the store is closed. This is a bit annoying because sometimes I want to see how much a drink costs but order ahead isn’t available or the store is closed. Maybe add the prices of the items in their description or let us add things to an order but stop us before checking out if the store is closed. Another thing I don’t like is that I can only reload $10 to the card at a time. I would prefer to add less if possible..Version: 6.17

Update was a failRecent update(s) have not been working. I get logged out and can’t log back in for some reason. It takes too long for the app to start back working, sometimes hours. I haven’t been able to use this app in weeks because it just keeps loading. If I try to order it won’t show the nearest restaurant, previous or my favorites. I just get error messages. If I try to see check my gift card balance I get error messages. I tried to use the app yesterday but the amount of time I spent trying to open the app was so long I sat in the drive thru for way less time. Another thing I hate is the star system. There should be daily offers no matter what. It also makes no sense that I have to spend close to $50 a week just to earn a few stars each time I order. Having to spend 200 stars for a free drink or frozen breakfast sandwich is insane and 300 stars for a not fresh protein lunch box or whatever is robbery. It takes too long to gain enough stars just to get something free or discounted but that only takes a few cents off the total anyway..Version: 6.41

Love ordering aheadI adore being able to order ahead, I time my order so it’s always ready when I get there. The I choose when I see the length of the drive the line to go inside and pick up or grab it thru the drive thru. It makes me happy when things flow nice like that. My only sort of complaint is only a partial complaint because I do still appreciate it. The stars to dollars spent ratio....earning 1 star per one dollar spent and 150 stars to get a free drink. I do however always preload money to the app to scan and pay so i get 2stars per 1 dollar spent. This is my qualm- I spend $8.43 for my preferred drink at least once per day m-f and I earn a free drink every weekish. I enjoy the free drink but the realization that I had to spend $75/ at 2 stars per or $150 at the normal rate to get a free coffee is insane! Maybe it’s just me but I don’t realize how much I spend on coffee until I redeem my stars and it hits me. Maybe a different type or additional loyalty bonus would be nice. Love love love my coffee everyday though... venti cafe vanilla Frappuccino, no whip, triple shot affagatto style.Version: 6.5.1

APP LACKS CUSTOMIZATIONThe app lacks a lot in Customization of drinks. Because my husband is doing Keto and is Diabetic, he needs to avoid Sugar and Milk. He would like to order a Hot Chocolate made primarily with Water & an extra splash of Heavy Cream, and Skinny Mocha Syrup. He can customize with several kinds of Milks, but there is no place to have it mostly made with Water with a extra splash of Heavy Cream. Even though Water is not Milk, couldn’t you add water into that section, so he can make this drink fit Keto? Also, it would be nice to be able to order a Cold Chocolate with ice, Water, extra splash of Heavy Cream, and Mocha, but there is no way to do that either. You recently discontinued the Skinny Mocha Syrup, which worked much better with Keto and Diabetes than your regular sugared Mocha Syrup. Please, consider putting this back on the menu. Also, since Pumpkin Spice is so popular, it would be nice to have a sugar free Pumpkin Spice syrup option. Please don’t forget about your Diabetic customers who need to avoid sugar, and your Keto customers who want to avoid milk..Version: 5.20

Removed drive-through symbol on map for stores.When they forced the update on this app, all the stores that had a drive-through now no longer have the car symbol to indicate it has a drive-through. You must now while driving, tap filter, tap drive-through, tap show stores before it will show you only the stores that have drive-through‘s. They took a fully functioning app and made it into a “I’m going to get into a car accident “app. They also made it so that it shows you all your previous stores while looking at the map. No matter how far away those stores are. How about showing me the closest stores since that’s where I’m located. If you want to see the closest stores, you have to scroll at which point the map is no longer visible. They took a fully functioning app and managed to completely screw up the user interface to make it where I would rather just pull into any other coffee shop I see with a drive-through rather than find a Starbucks. This has to be one of the dumbest updates to an app I have ever seen. They basically make it so you cannot find stores..Version: 4.8.1

Love the app though please update optionsI love and live through this app though now that my daughter is into trying different drinks I find the app challenging to customize an order or when Starbucks is out of one ingredient (every week) they make the entire drink not available to order. For example the strawberry açaí refresher we order without strawberries. The store we order in the morning is always showing this drink out of stock due to the dried strawberries though we don’t order it with the strawberry so then can’t use the app. Frustrating as then we skip the morning Starbucks run or have to wait in the long drive thru line staring at the sign that says download the Starbucks app for faster service. 😂 Our store also says they update to help with app users though sometimes the changes don’t occur on app so they don’t always match the store availability. Otherwise love Starbucks and grateful for all the baristas who have met the challenge to work through this pandemic with a smile!.Version: 6.6

Update fixed nothingI had high hopes that Starbucks would fix their mistakes when this update came out, but I was disappointed. The layout is still horrible. I dislike that the photos of items are huge, but the area you have to touch to choose an item is tiny. Then, when you touch it, there is a significant lag, where you can’t tell if the item is added, and the only indication is a tiny number on the bottom right. To add a second item you have to notice the tiny x at the top right and touch it. Then there are too many redundant acknowledgements when ordering. One out of ever four times I mobile order, I end up waiting a long time and finally asking about my order, only to find out the long pause before the final acknowledgement combined with the fact the final ack button is a black bar at the bottom, causes me to fail to order. Really, agreeing to pay should be the last thing I have to do. The app even has my GPS location so it knows I went to the store and waited 12 mins while it refused to send in my order because it is afraid I might go to the wrong store..Version: 4.10

Almost great!What I loooove about the Starbucks app is that you can put in an order and the store will start preparing it so that it’s ready when you arrive! No checking in from 100 feet away etc and then waiting around almost as long as if you had just ordered in person (looking at you McDonald’s). But what the app needs is a map that is clickable versus a list of stores close-by. (Yes there is a map but it doesn’t do anything). About 20% of the time it can’t find my store, sometimes the store I want won’t even show up on that un-clickable map. Plus there are so many Starbucks in some areas that it’s easy to pick the wrong one from the list. It’s a little infuriating scrolling to find the right store while sitting at a stop light, then the next stop light, then the next stop light, and oh -I’m already at the store (and no you should not app and drive, but most of us need to get to work on time let’s be real here). Maybe at least create a favorites list that includes up to 5 stores at a glance? That would be extremely helpful..Version: 5.5

VERY CONVENIENTIt’s easy to navigate, very informative for offers and new menu items. The convenience of having the app function across devices (I love the app on my watch!) and with your card is awesome, and the instant balance makes it great!! I don’t like how it changes the screen brightness. I understand that having a bright screen is useful for the scanner, but too often the screen snaps back to being too dark after I close the app and it’s extremely difficult for me to see it in direct sunlight to readjust the brightness back up to where I need it. My sister has the opposite problem, she’s light sensitive and gets blinded by the app switching to the scanner screen. This is something that needs to have a setting rather than being automatic. I am happy to brighten or dim my phone for the sake of the reader, but having my phone sabotaged by the oscillating brightness is very difficult for people like me who struggle with seeing devices. That’s why I try to only scan my watch at the register, I avoid using the app in harsh light, or bright sunshine because of the effect it has on my phone settings..Version: 6.4.1

Mobil ordersI love the app. It is super convenient. I must admit that I have a slight addiction to it. However, when it comes to ordering food, I’m very hesitant. On numerous occasions my food order was not prepared or correctly, like when I ordered things without meat. I’m not sure if the process of how it prints out, do they not see it or realize I have a drink order to. My last experience was the it... I ordered bagel bites and they happened to be out I was not informed of that until I asked where my food was. The employee said Oh we don’t carry them anymore. Really...that’s not what the app said. She didn’t offer to refund me or offer me something else. I had to finally ask how I get my money back. She asked how I paid for it, did you pay through the app? Yes I did. I’ll need to see app to scan it and refund you. I had to go back out to my car to get my phone. I was in a hurry that day so what would have been an in and out thing ended up taking 10 minutes. No more food orders. If they were out, the app should have been updated. That’s my issue..Version: 5.15

Love tracking rewardsI just love being able to track all of my rewards and the games are fun when they have them..Version: 4.4.2

YummyI enjoy partaking in the human activity of consuming roasted bean water.Version: 6.12

StarsI love Starbucks but because it is quite expensive I can only allow myself 1-2 drinks per pay. By the time I would get any amount of stars built up to redeem they would be expired. Why do they have to expire??? If they could build up like every other store/reward program you would be getting 5 star ratings all around!.Version: 5.19

Can’t login to app but can on websiteDon’t download this app... I’ve tried multiple times. I can download the app no problem and sign in no problem on the website but cannot sign in on the app at all.. please fix this problem..Version: 5.10

Point expirationI dont think points should expire every month that so dumb. I cant afford to go every month and like to save my points to redeem them when im broke to treat myself, if you need to make them expire do it like every 6 months or once a year!.Version: 6.46

Free International Money Transfer 💸Enjoy high maximum transfers into more than 20 currencies while saving up to 90% over local banks! The cheap, fast way to send money abroad. Free transfer up to 500 USD!AdvertorialVersion: 6.64

What do you think Starbucks ios app? Can you share your thoughts and app experiences with other peoples?

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