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The (new and improved) Original Collage & Cloning App with over 50 MILLION satisfied users!

Split Pic divides your camera into several sections with several free layouts to choose from. You can choose to blend these images together creating a flawless looking special effect or make a sharp contrast between the photos to collage multiple images. The possibilities are limitless!


• Select a layout
• Take photos or import images from your Camera Roll. You can now choose the order you take your images and if you’re not feeling the layout no problem just press the random button to check out more layout options!
• To blend or not to blend, it’s up to you! You can blend the images together to look like one photo and fool all your friends or keep the sharp contrast and show off your artistic side. The blend bar is now available immediately so you can test it before moving on to the editing process!
• Adjust your images. Zoom-in or out, move the split bars, move your images around, and choose from various photo editing options like crop, rotate, color adjustments, etc!
• Choose from 14 custom photo filters to get your Split Pic looking fly. You can filter each section separately to switch it up or make the each frame the same filter!
• Save it to your Camera Roll or share it with friends! With our integrated social media posting to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, Email, or SMS is just a click away.


• COLLABORATE with friends anywhere in the world (heck even Mars if they have wifi)! Just take part of a Split Pic and select which of your Facebook friends you want to complete it. Way better than a postcard!
•Beautiful, Exclusive Artwork and Stickers to apply over your edits.
• Any unfinished Split Pics get automatically saved to your in-app LIBRARY! You can save your projects to easily come back and work on it over time or make several combinations and choose your favorite.
• Need some Split Pic-spiration? Check out the HALL OF FAME section to see what amazing images users are creating all around the world...your photo can be featured too just post your creations to Instagram with the hashtag #splitpic to enter your photo!
• Having trouble or want to give us feedback? Go to SETTINGS to send us feedback, ask for help, or to just say Hi!


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• Subscription length: weekly
• Your payment will be charged to your iTunes Account as soon as you confirm your purchase.
• You can manage your subscriptions and turn off auto-renewal from your Account Settings after the purchase.
• Your subscription will renew automatically, unless you turn off auto-renew at least 24 hours before the end of the current period.
• The cost of renewal will be charged to your account in the 24 hours prior to the end of the current period.
• When canceling a subscription, your subscription will stay active until the end of the period. Auto-renewal will be disabled, but the current subscription will not be refunded.
• Any unused portion of a free trial period, if offered, will be forfeited when purchasing a subscription.

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Privacy policy: https://bendingspoons.com/privacy.html?app=570748340

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Split Pic Collage Maker Layout App Comments & Reviews

Split Pic Collage Maker Layout Positive Reviews

Very Good App But One Tiny AnnoyanceI love editing my photos because I ride horses and the pictures I take are so fun to edit. I have enjoyed this simple and easy to app but there is one small problem. I'll be editing my picture and an ad will pop up right there. I understand if you have to have the ads because financial reasons, but if you are putting ads in there just so that people can buy a 'pro' version, I highly consider taking them out. Ads that don't go away make people irritated and they may not want to use the app anymore just because of the ads. But still good quality for a photo app..Version: 5.9.3

Best wallpaper creating app ever!I use this app almost every day whether I have to do a project of before and after or making a photo of me and my friends. I have never spotted anything wrong with this app and I think everyone should use this app because it is free and the controls are really self explanatory/incredible. I will never delete this app and I don’t think that you should either..Version: 5.10

Love this app, but the adsI use split pic all the time. I genuinely enjoyed using it. I paid to have the logo removed. But once I did that ads started appearing. Every time I pick a collage type an ad pops up and sometimes the ad doesnt go away. An “x” never appears. I have to keep opening and closing the app until it finally restarts. And then sometimes I get stuck with another ad. It’s making me not want to use the app anymore. I would give this app 5 stars if it weren’t for the ads and freezing. It used to be 5 stars. But I feel like I wasted my money removing the logo to get stuck with useless ads, and a glitchy app..Version: 5.9.6

SaphireHi im saphire limardo and the game I wanna play is very good games to play so keep it up and keep marking up game’s that is funny and fun for kids to play with friends and family together and they don’t have kissing in it because you know we are just kids and kids can’t see that kind of stuff like that cause we’ll get in trouble so badly and get time out because we played a game like that.Version: 5.10

Great appThis app is definitely great for editing. I went on and it was easy, I didn’t have to go on press, all these buttons, set up and learn all this crap. All I had to do is go on pick what kind of screen and I was off editing with all the different shades, sliders, texts and stickers, all the settings. It’s fun and great and not stressful. Definitely give this a five..Version: 5.9.10

Great AppI’m loving this app! My only complaint is the watermark. It ruins photos. I would have no problem paying for a full version of the app but $1.99 a week is a little ridiculous in my opinion. I pay $1.99 a year for photo apps with more options. Hopefully the price changes. Thanks for a great app though!.Version: 5.9.10

YassssIt's so amazing I would use this for any photo or video if I could and I can which is basically very resourceful I like it very much five star rating good job guys whoever made this is a genius now I can take as many photos as I want and edit them as much as I can and do a bunch of fun things with them thanks!!☺️😄💗💓💖💘💝❤️💛💚💙💜🖤.Version: 5.9.6

Awesome JobJust know that you should be proud of yourselves. Why you ask? When I want to put several pictures into one photo, I know to go to SplitPic (one of my favorite apps) You have made things easier for people, you have changed the world! I hope this made your day. Have a nice day!.Version: 5.11

.This is one of the most amazing apps because when you have a special event coming up you can easily make that a present and printed out like my dad's birthday came up and it made him cry. And ads are annoying but you just have to suffer for like 30 minutes 😂.Version: 5.9.6

A really good app!This is an awesome app! It comes with a lot of templates with out the pro version and it makes your photos look really artsy! How ever you do have to right a review to get a few more templates but if you don't write one you still get a lot of templates to work with! Defiantly recommend!.Version: 5.9.3

Love SplitPicI’m a retired art teacher for the last 14 years after 33 years of teaching. SplitPic reminded me of the photo montages assignment that I taught the students. But now instead of looking for pics in magazines and cutting them out and gluing them on a poster, I get pics arrange and blend them into a new composition. I like SplitPic Pro better than the free one but I couldn’t get it on my iPhone 8..Version: 5.9.8

Always there for me!Be it Group or Selfie...what an amazingly simple way to make my photos look so completely complex; conversely it is always a grand artistic gesture-an APP that provides so many Complex options to create a Simply Brilliant Picture that becomes your own little Work of Art!.Version: 5.9.10

Cool app but some problemsIt’s a nice app and I just got it today !!! But they should have been a tutorial of how we can take pictures but it’s still nice I also wish we can disable the join pro pop up I am a kid and I only share with friends and family I’m not saying it’s the worst thing ever I still recommend it.Version: 5.9.7

I love this game!!Split pic is a classic when you need to put a few pictures together!! I would recommend split pic to anyone who wants to put all the family fun together in one frame!! I enjoyed and I hope you will too!! - Anonymous.Version: 5.9.7

WonderfulI love this app especially when you can blend the pics into one another but, it look as you guys may have deleted a few of my projects never the less I still enjoy this app..Version: 5.11

Does a good job but ads kill it, even when paid.It does what it says but I am very annoyed that I purchased a license and every time I open the app I am forced to watch a 30 second to 1 min ad before I ever have the option to restore it...And when the app closes I have to do it all over again. Dissatisfied, I did not spend money to be forced to watch ads..Version: 5.9.11

Split picSplit pic is an app that you can customize pictures of your own, it lets you make collages and even blend your pictures, I really recommend this app so you can be creative with your pictures..Version: 5.9.8

Love this picture editorThis is a really professional editor I had a list of fun getting to mix up some of my pictures and they came out amazing! Definitely worth my time and my phone memory lol.Version: 5.9.6

I really love this appI really love this app you guys made this app amazing and I love it make more apps like this because if you made this one amazing you will make the others amazing but I really love this app and I use it a lot but I rate this a five 🅿️erioddd pooh I love this app rate it a five🅿️💛😍💍🥵.Version: 5.9.10

Too many ads!Now that I've had for quite awhile ads are driving me crazy! When I'm trying to do photos! Can't even get to settings to see if I can get without ads!.Version: 5.9.3

SplitPic. ProblemI have already paid to have the advertising removed and now you’re charging me again and to have the SplitPic emblem removed?? I have a brand new iPad Pro that’s 30 days old and I purchased just after I had paid to have those removed.Version: 5.9.3

Very Nice App!I've been through a lot of picture frame apps. And this is by far the best one. It's very user friendly and the text option on the photos is a nice touch. Keep up the good work!.Version: 5.9.3

Just download it🙏🏽Iam just now trying it and it’s the best thing ever is so cool they even have another app it’s mirror version and it’s so nice don’t hesitate just download it now I promise you will love it🙏🏽🙏🏽🤍✅😃🥰🤩 👍👍👍 why are u still reading this download it ..Version: 5.10

Cute appThis is a very cute app! I can make stuff for my friends and family! I can’t believe it’s free. If you have nothing to do but your phone is by you just do this it will make you calm and feeling good!.Version: 5.11

Easy to useSimple collages and nice effects, I only wish there were a choice for more than 5 photos, but I'm guessing that it's hard to make out what the images are on social media if there are more than 5 images....Version: 5.9.3

I love this gameThis is the most wonderful and I really wish you were by especially when you have TikTok you can really buy it’s really fun will not type it’s really fun.Version: 5.9.7

Perfect for meI'm no picture editing expert. But this app is simple enough to use and it gives you an illusion of being an expert. On occasion, I've had people to ask me how I was able to blend photos, which further plays into the illusion..Version: 5.9.8

Great appI love the app there is nothing else to say it would have been better if there where no ad every time I try to save the pic it has to show me a ad and also you have to pay for some of the stuff..Version: 5.9.9

Vids plsSo I think It would be cool if you added videos to SplitPic. I like this app because my parents probably (if I asked) would say no that I couldn’t get Pic Collage. And you can do 2 vids at a time on Pic Collage but no vids on SplitPic. If you could add that, I would give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.Version: 5.11

This app is really usefulI had to edit some pics for my photography class and I edit my pictures using this app, recommend.Version: 5.9.6

Just awesomeI am not very much photo editing or photo splitting kinda person but this app is way far better then paid app can do . I recommend to every one . Thanks guys.Version: 5.10

Fun appThis is a fun app me has some cool features that I didn't realize I would want to use. There are a few things on here that just tell me it's another photo app like all the other ones I've down loaded. Still, not bad. I like it.Version: 5.9.3

Not a good apToo many ads takes to long to make collages because of all the pop ups and the ads are super long.Version: 5.9.12

ProblemI purchased this so the watermark would be gone I got a new phone and it won’t let me remove the watermark I already purchased.Version: 5.9.8

Great App and Provides FunFree app starts with some interesting layouts. Just start using this app and it is fun to use. Nice to be able to blend pics together. Makes me look like a wizard with my photos!.Version: 5.10

Awesome possumAwesome photo collage tool, and it's free. What more can you ask from a photo edit app. If you love photo editing and collage work, this app is for you. What are you waiting for? Download it now!.Version: 5.9.3

MalayiaI like it cause when I run out of space and my phone I can but my picture together and the delete the single ones.Version: 5.11

Free Version = Really GoodOf course, like everything, you'll have to pay for all the specialness ... but in regards to the tools that come without cost ... this app is still really good! There is plenty here to make this a fun and handy photo editor..Version: 5.9.3

This app is everything!This app is everything!!! There are so many different layouts to choose from... it's just what I was looking for!.Version: 5.9.3

Love itIt makes your pictures look artsy but one problem is the adds. Please put them somewhere else.Version: 5.9.3

Love this appIt helps collect pictures in on frame and has cool ways to show your pictures. Well worth the 3.99 for everything!.Version: 5.9.3

Why this is so goodI like being able to crop my pictures and this app doesn’t even take up storage.Version: 5.9.8

Split PicMost useful picture collage app i own yet !! Love how it blends my pictures together!! It has SO many different kinds of collages to choose from!.Version: 5.9.8

Worth the spaceMost photo apps aren't even worth the space on my phone but this one definitely earned a forever spot..Version: 5.9.3

Great appSall good.Version: 5.11

Not workingNot working right now.Version: 5.10

GoodI like this app it is so easy to use..Version: 5.11

Ease of UseGreat for Family Pics.Version: 5.11

Use it all the timeTwo thumbs up 👍🏻👍🏻.Version: 5.11

Handy and efficientI am enjoying this app Easy to use.Version: 5.11

LoveEasy, lovely app. Thank you!!!.Version: 5.11

GreatGood app.Version: 5.11

BravoJe suis satisfaite.Version: 5.11

Creative outlet.• please make it easier to delete projects • please add white and black pallet on top of the selecting colour wheel.Version: 5.11

LOVE IT❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️Rly rly rly rly good app!.Version: 5.11

It’s fineBut u need to put more options.Version: 5.10

4*Nice aap.Version: 5.10

CoolSo cool I just wish you would not have to pay for some stuff I can only use free.Version: 5.10

AndyloffNice.Version: 5.10

LolaAllô je m’appelle Mariola j’aime beaucoup prendre des photos.Version: 5.10

Works Perfect For Before and After Pics. Thanks!Awesome!.Version: 5.10

CoolNot bad.Version: 5.9.12

Fun!So much fun to create with!.Version: 5.10

Great appLove.Version: 5.10

Perfect😘love it.Version: 5.10

CoolCool.Version: 5.10

Works wellFree app works amazingly!!.Version: 5.9.13

OkOk so far.Version: 5.9.13

ExcelenteMe encanta la aplicación 😜👍🏽.Version: 5.9.12

Split pic perfectlyAwesome app always liked it especially with my writing and poetry and masterpiece odyssey of humanity.Version: 5.9.12

LoveSo far so good.Version: 5.9.12

Nice appKeep the updated going!.Version: 5.9.12

💕Love this app.Version: 5.9.12

CoolLove ❤️.Version: 5.9.9

Paying to see advertisementsFrustrating. Ads popping up constantly even though I paid for the app. Forces you to watch it before you can continue your project. Will delete..Version: 5.9.11

Best appLove it.Version: 5.9.10

MeaGreat app..Version: 5.9.10

Thanks for making the appAmazing app♥️.Version: 5.9.10

Awesome app!!!!I love this app!! If you are reading this...then get.the.app. P.s.It’s great for making wallpaper!!.Version: 5.9.8

LOVEMy GO to App even but wish it didn’t crash so much..Version: 5.9.9

BoiI love this blah blah.Version: 5.9.9

La vieCool.Version: 5.9.8

Best of bestIt's aight.Version: 5.9.8

Great appIt’s a great app! No adds and works really well. I made amazing things with it without having to pay but obviously you have mor variety if you buy. It’s easy to understand. I searched a lot for apps that that could do what this one does and the ones I found weren’t very great but this one I loved. The only thing I would change is more variety in the placement of the pictures..Version: 5.9.8

GreatLove the blend pic feature.Version: 5.9.8

This appCette application est géniale😍 , essayez.Version: 5.9.8

TannerArrête de me l’envoyer à toute les mois.Version: 5.9.8

Luv this appVery cool app.Version: 5.9.7

AwesomeWorks great..Version: 5.9.7

Jamais vue une appAussi spectaculaire.Version: 5.9.7

Love the blending toolI’ve only started using it today & I find it fun & easy. The only thing it needs is a reverse/back button. I hit the wrong button & it totally changed my college..Version: 5.9.7

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